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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Standard summoner spells for bottom lane; take these 99% of the time. Heal + movement speed is extremely strong for escaping; the free movement speed is just really good for kiting. As an added bonus, it also heals your lane partner, and the movement speed buff acts like a mini-Shurelia's to help you make plays. This is the go-to summoner for the current patch.


This is a strong summoner if you plan to burst down the enemy carry or support before they can retaliate, but leaves you very vulnerable to enemy all-ins as well. In the bottom lane, this spell is rare, as a defensive summoner is just too strong on the AD Carry due to the prevalence of assassins and powerful bruisers that can chunk you mid and late game. If you want an ignite in your lane, it's standard to have the Support take it, while you take Heal - this is very strong in an all-in 2v2 situation against the enemy bottom laner. It gives the support extra damage potential (and this zoning power and focus priority), while making the person they should be targeting (you) more difficult to kill. Against certain bottom lane compositions it can be higher kill potential to run exhaust instead (such as against a Vayne). If you want an ignite in your 2v2 lane, you should probably just have your support take it, but this requires your support to sacrifice Exhaust, which is extremely strong in the current meta, and the primary reason that bottom lanes will go Heal/Exhaust for their summoners. 

Ignite is much more viable in a 1v1 situation due to the fact that your increased level will mitigate your squishiness and offer you high kill potential, as Corki is extremely powerful in lane. You would run Ignite in a 1v1 situation if you are not afraid of burst, can use Valkyrie to dodge a large portion of the opponent's damage, or you want to punish an enemy's weak early game (some champions I would run Ignite against in a 1v1 lane include Lux, Swain, and Kassadin).


Pretty straightforward; take cleanse if you need to counter enemy crowd control, and are willing to sacrifice Heal. In most cases I would just purchase a Quicksilver Sash because Cleanse does not eliminate all CC (such Malzahar and Warwick ultimates) and because Quicksilver Sash has a short enough cooldown that it should be up for every single teamfight, unlike Cleanse. QSS is also pretty cheap. You should not take Cleanse if your mechanics are not good enough to cancel CC in a timely manner. Cleanse is pretty good when the enemy has a Twisted Fate mid, since Cleanse and Gate have about the same cooldown, and you can both walk out of his stun and also dodge his main source of damage (Q), assuming the enemy has not chained CC together.

The main upside of Cleanse is that it not only breaks CC, but also reduces the effect of subsequent CC as well. If the enemy has way too much CC you should consider cleanse (Rammus/Sejuani/Amumu/Veigar/Ahri/Morgana all have strong CC). 


Take Exhaust/Flash as a last resort if your support refuses to take exhaust and you really, really need it (for example, against a Zed/Akali where you have no peel and you are the only squishy target). This is an extremely good summoner, but in general, Heal is better for you personally in most situations. 


Barrier has been mostly replaced by Heal, although in some cases Barrier is a little stronger. I would almost always run Heal as the movement speed buff (and ability to heal an extra target) is simply too good.

New Runes Back to Top

The current meta is all about surviving early game with sustain; as a result, the best options are Fleet Footwork with Overheal, and generally a Doran's Shield start. This is not bad for Corki, who has a typically weak laning phase until level 6 and first back. Bloodline is important so that you can skip purchasing lifesteal (straight from Trinity Force into critical damage), and Coup de Grace is interchangeable with Cut Down.

The second tree is a bit more flexible: standard is Celerity (Manaflow Band feels really nice in lane too), which gains some damage from your movement speed items, and Gathering Storm as an insurance policy. If you're facing a hard lane you can also go Resolve, or Inspiration for biscuits and boots/stopwatch. 

Masteries Back to Top

As Corki you can either go deep into Cunning or deep into Ferocity. Warlord's is currently the strongest option.

Cunning is more damage early game and better trading with Thunderlord's. This is good for snowballing. You can go 12 Ferocity (more damage) or 12 Resolve for a more defensive set-up (Recovery/Tough Skin/Insight). 

Alternatively, you can go deep into Ferocity, picking up either Fervor of Battle or Warlord's Bloodlust with Piercing Thoughts. Due to Corki's underwhelming pre-6 laning, it's best to grab Warlord's Bloodlust unless you have a free lane and then go 12 into Resolve for the aforementioned tank stats. Combined with Doran's Shield, this lets you survive lane well, then roll into your midgame spike. The RFC "Energizer" passive speeds up your Shiv and Bloodlust procs as well.

Cunning is better versus squishy enemies or if you have an easy lane to bully. 

Ferocity is better versus tanky enemies (as Piercing Thoughts is better than Precision here, and because you can go for Fervor of Battle for tank-shredding) as well as versus difficult lanes (with Warlord's Bloodlust).

Abilities Back to Top


Your skill priority is R>Q>E>W. 

Phosphorus Bomb phosphorusbomb.png

Phosphorus Bomb is an AoE magic damage nuke and your main source of harass in lane. Generally, you will trade in lane by Q+auto attacking the enemy AD Carry and backing off before they can retaliate. It's pretty high damage and its main weakness is its high mana cost, so some Corkis will run 9 points in utility so they can spam it more. After you get your Sheen, though, you should not really be limited by mana any longer. You should not spam this skill at level 1 because you will run out of mana; wait until you put 2 or 3 ranks in your Q before using it to trade extensively. 

The secondary strength of this ability is that you can use it to push the wave effectively; a Q and a rocket should clear the ranged creep line instantly. If an enemy walks up to punish you for CSing, you can (rather than take free poke) instead Q the creep and the enemy champion at the same time, followed by an auto attack on the enemy. Thus, you do not have to choose between taking free harass or missing a CS; you can trade damage while still earning gold. 

The last strength of Phosphorus Bomb is that it reveals the area and champions hit by the blast for 6 seconds. You can use it to check unwarded brushes for junglers as well as temporarily pressure an enemy support if they are camping a brush. This will generally force them to back off, potentially giving you and your support an opportunity to reestablish brush control. Keep in mind that Phosphorus Bomb does not reveal stealthed champions and thus will not cancel Twitch's Q or Vayne's ultimate. 

Valkyrie carpetbomb.png

Valkyrie is your primary escape ability, the other being your high-cooldown Flash summoner. It costs 100 mana, so only use it for escaping or all-ins. The primary benefit you get from ranking it is a lower cooldown; enemies will likely not stand around in the fire trail it leaves behind, and you are not AP so it will not deal much damage anyway. As a result, save this ability for last, behind Gatling Gun. 

Keep in mind that unlike Ezreal's Arcane Shift, and similar to Tristana's Rocket Jump, Corki's Valkyrie is a dash, and not a blink. This has the important implication that it can actually be cancelled by enemy abilities. Skilled support players will try to cancel your Valkyrie animation just after it begins, rendering you in nearly the same location and without an escape for up to 26 seconds. Abilities that can cancel your Valkyrie animation include Thresh's Flay, Janna's Howling Gale, and Blitzcrank's Power Fist. 

In general you'll get this at level 4, but I would hold onto my skill points at level 2/3 until I need to skill up for an all-in/trade because having W up at level 2/3 if the enemy jungler ganks you will make it almost impossible for them to kill you. (If the enemy jungler started his top side buff, expect him to visit you at about ~3:30.)

Gatling Gun ggun.png
Your 3rd priority after Missile Barrage and Phosphorus Bomb, Gatling Gun deals damage in a cone in front of Corki for 4 seconds as well as shreds armor each tick. In reality, Gatling Gun is stronger in an all-in than Phosphorus Bomb, but its high cooldown, predictability, and uselessness in a short duration trade means that you should max Phosphorus Bomb first. Each tick applies a stack of Black Cleaver, meaning you can stack it to full in about 2 seconds, although you probably shouldn't buy one.

A trick you can use to last hit under your turret is to toggle your E for a second on the ranged creeps, and then turn around. This makes it so you can easily auto the caster creeps after 1 turret shot for the last hit.

Missile Barrage missilebarrage.png

An amazing ultimate that gives you a relatively spammable nuke. This is the main reason Trinity Force is so good on Corki; you can proc the Sheen effect nearly non-stop in team fights with this spell. It's a very powerful poke ability, especially if you go a more poke-oriented build with Sorcs/Luden's Echo. Like Akali, when you rank up this spell, you have to build up charges, but they build up pretty quickly if you're not spamming them. Post-6, this gives you strong poke as well as great all-in potential. You should generally look to poke with Missiles and Sheen procs before all-ining; you can also use it chase off fleeing enemies or check brushes/map objectives (they will explode on impact with any enemy). In lane, if the enemy is standing too close to the creep wave you can R the wave and it will explode on the enemy for free harass.

If possible, try to hit 6 right before you back, so that once you return to lane you have max charges available and can lay down some strong harass. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    Poke Corki
    Crit/AA build. TF>Shiv>IE
    BotRK build; TF>BotRK>IE>RFC
    "Energizer" build: TF>Shiv and/or RFC>IE with Warlord's Bloodlust

Situational Items

    Defensive items
    Extremely situational

General Item Build - AD Carry (7.11)

First Item: 
Second Item: 
3087.png / 3153.png
Third Item:  3031.png
Fourth Item:
Fifth Item: 

Do not buy:  3008_32.png

Trinity Force into Statikk Shiv sounds weird but it actually feels pretty strong, although you can do BotRK instead. (Keep in mind you'll have Shyv+BF at the same time as you'd have BotRK or Gunblade, and you have a stronger 3 item spike as well.) After that, IE is strong to beef up your attack speed with AD, synergizing especially well with crit, OR you can go Guardian Angel for extra survivability, as it's a strong early game item. Void is now strong if the enemy is building a lot of MR, although it's a little harder for tanks to stack MR when Armor is so important to overall tankiness.

Apdo Mid Build

3078.png > 3094.png ; 3031.png spikes hard after RFC; 3155.png>3156.png when/if needed, whenever you need it. (Finish Hex into Maw after TF if needed). 

You want to abuse the poke damage from R+ Sheen proc + RFC-empowered auto for high poke damage, especially when ahead. The added range will generally keep you relatively safe from enemy mid retaliation.

This boasts high poke damage in the mid-game without sacrificing the high sustained damage that picks such as Varus/Jhin have to give up through their lethality builds. 

General Item Build - Poke Build

First Item: 3078_32.png  (for lane potency, get 3020_32.png after or slightly before finishing)
Second Item: 3285_32.png (for dat poke)
Third Item: 3151_32.png
Fourth Item: 3135_32.png
Fifth Item: 3102_32.png (because poking relies on you not getting caught out, and Banshee's is best for this... but you can go 3157_32.png or another DPS item if necessary)
Standard poke build, 2139_32.png is quite good here. If you're going full late game you can sell 3078_32.png for something else, such as 3089_32.png.

The poke build is not in a great spot at the moment after the Corki rework, but it's an option.

ADC Build Overview

Strongest Build Options: 

TF > GB > IE > RFC.  Currently feels like the strongest option. TF gives enough attack speed to make the AD from GB and IE solid, with crit coming directly after for IE synergy.
TF > IE > RFC. Trinity Force first item is a must. Then Infinity Edge because you have enough attack speed from TF, so you want the higher AD. Next your crit item for the IE synergy.
TF > BoTRK > IE. Still good if you need the peel or chase from the active. Gunblade is actually solid here instead of BotRK, particularly versus weaker frontlines or teams where you can get your poke off.

Why no LW/LDR? Half of your damage is magic so this not optimal. In addition, you will usually pick Corki as your main source of magic damage, so there is little sense in increasing your physical damage.

Defensive item is situational; Mercurial Scimitar is the highest DPS defensive option, so if you can afford to use it, do so!

Starting Items
You will want to start 1055_32.png in essentially every lane; this item gives you sustain against poke lanes, health for all-in lanes, and attack damage for last hitting/fighting. The one downside to this item is that you must auto the creep line to sustain, and if you get zoned out you cannot auto. If you are afraid getting poked out early (for example, by a Cait/Lulu lane), you can start boots+pots or cloth armor+pots. 

You and your support should always back at the same time so that the other is not zoned from experience and last hits. A 2043_32.png is fantastic if you are winning your lane or you are on Blue side to add pressure to your lane. If you're winning (red), you can pink the river brush to deny vision, and if you're blue, pink the tri.  

Offensive Items

First Item

You should rush TF and then go into Gunblade.

Examples early build path: 


Benefits of 3078_32.png: Provides health, damage, poke, burst, and movement speed. One of its greatest strengths is that the build path is very flexible; you should be able to at least purchase a component every time you back. It also provides early tankiness/mobility to help you stay alive against certain lanes.

As for components, you should rush 
3044_32.png > 3057_32.png > 3086_32.png; Phage makes you extremely difficult to all-in with the tankiness it provides, and Sheen gives you burst, poke, and enough mana to use your abilities, plus CDR. If you're already winning the lane or rely on bursting the opponent for lane pressure you can go Sheen first for the damage. For raw combat stats, Ruby into Longsword into Sheen as about as strong as you can get! Stinger is last because attack speed is weak when your AD is low (you rely on spells anyway). 

Sorcerer's Shoes or Berserker's Greaves?
Overall, Sorceror's Shoes are the stronger option, so go with these most games.

Situational Items

3285_32.png: If you buy this item, you should have Sorcerer's Shoes. This is a situational item in that it's a good pickup a fraction of the time as ADC. For example, if the enemy will not team fight you because you're ahead, but you can't push a turret due to their wave clear (or you're being threatened when you do due to your low range), you can purchase this in order to try to push them off the turret. If they're low you can just walk up and take a turret, since they'll be afraid of you diving them. Of course, this requires you to be ahead of the enemy team but not so ahead that you can simply dive them, or for you to be a part of a siege composition where you never want to fully 5v5. That said, it's still very strong in niche situations.

3046_32.png3046.png: Situationally powerful if you need the passive for extra dueling power.

3087_32.png: You do not really need the wave clear that Shyv provides because your Q/E+Ult clears waves so quickly. 

3153_32.png: Strong if you're snowballing really hard and don't want anybody to ever ever escape you. Or if the enemy built 5 Warmog's and no armor items. BotRK is better EARLY (before IE) and BT is better later (after you have IE). You should not get both BT and BotRK unless you for some reason need a ton of lifesteal for very extended teamfights against burst that can't 100-0 you. Note that due to the active, BotRK is effectively a minor/situational defensive item as well. At the moment, Gunblade just tends to be better overall. 

3142_32.png: Okay for snowballing, but between your 3078_32.png and extremely high range Valkyrie you shouldn't have trouble catching your opponents anyway, so I don't recommend it.

Defensive Items

In most games, as far as defensive items go, you will generally go for:

3140.png/3139.png: Very cheap and very effective against magic damage, particularly against deadly CC.
3102.png: When you can't QSS the CC (ie 54.png R) or you need the extra health to survive burst.
3026.png: When the enemy team is diving you hard AND your team can clean-up around the revival passive. This doesn't help when you're literally 1v5ing and the enemy team just ignores your team to stand around your corpse and kill you again.
3053.png: General anti-burst with a bit of extra damage.

These will encompass your buys in most games, but the other items can be situationally useful as well.

3140_32.png: Potentially the strongest defensive item for ADs in the game, and also the highest damage defensive item if you can upgrade to Mercurial Scimitar. Mandatory if the enemy will not stop throwing certain CCs on you; this item, unlike Cleanse, can actually dispel Suppress effects, such as 19_64.png90_64.png72_64.png ultimates. Also very effective against 45_64.png4_64.png stuns, 98_64.png33_64.png taunts, and 25_64.png89_64.png69_64.png 3_64.png32_64.pngultimates, among other abilities (6_64.png ulti, 17_64.png blind, 75_64.png whither, etc.).

Note that while QSS's primary function is to dispel critical CCs, it actually dispels every debuff on your champion. This means that you can use it to cleanse yourself of 8_64.png ulti's damage increase, or troll 122_64.png by dispelling his passive stacks just before he ultis, minimizing the true damage of his ultimate. Also useful if 82_64.png won't stop ulting you. 

QSS counters 238_64.png as well. If Zed keeps trying to assassinate you, I would suggest buying QSS in lieu of a different defensive item because you can cleanse his ultimate, making it significantly more difficult for him to 1-shot you (if he's bad or didn't notice you bought QSS, you can actually dispel both his ulti as well as his 14.png with a single use).

You cannot use QSS to stop 254_64.png from ulting your face, BUT if you QSS and Flash at the same time you can manage to escape the knockup! I am currently unsure if you can QSS+W at the same time as you can with Lucian/Graves.

Make sure you place QSS on a comfortable keybind! If you have to click on this item with your mouse, you might as well not buy it at all. Timing is critical, so you if you have poor reflexes I would not suggest it either. Proper use of this item requires good game sense, fight awareness, and quick fingers.

3053.png: This is a go-to anti-burst item when you're playing against mixed damage. Gives you a shield and some extra damage to boot. Good if the enemy is diving you.

3143_32.png: The best defensive item against physical damage, especially if the enemy relies on attack speed. You can purchase this if, say, 64_64.png/24_64.png keep killing you.

3102_32.png: The best all-around defensive item against magical damage due to the health buff it got. The shield is extremely powerful if the enemy doesn't pop it with some random poke spell. If the enemy relies on all of their spells to burst you down, this is really powerful. 

3026_32.png: Not bad if your team can finish off the enemy while you respawn, but if the enemy camps your corpse you'll just die instantly due to your low health pool. For this reason I would not suggest this item when you're trying to hard carry your team; the enemy will just ignore them, kill you, camp your corpse, kill you again, and then ace your team. If your team is not too far behind, though, they can clean up while you're reviving, and the bonus AD means it doesn't even set you behind much in terms of damage.

This item does not give any health and thus is not very strong against true damage from champions such as 31_64.pngand 122_64.png

This item is also very good for denying champions such as 55_64.png and 121_64.png their reset abilities, allowing your team to kill them before they can snowball a reset into a pentakill.

Late game, if you have tons of cash, sell this once the revive passive is down, it's not worth it for the stats alone and the 5 minute cooldown is painful. 

3022_32.png: Great if you need to kite somebody, especially if they have no gap closers, such as 122_64.png or 77_64.png. Also gives you a good chunk of health, but remember that it no longer gives you a slow until you finish the complete item, since it doesn't build from Phage anymore. 

3047.png: Item is OP at the moment and can really swing lane momentum to your favor in terms if 1v1ing the enemy AD if that's what you need in the game (or vs full AA champs), although Sorcs are generally preferred. The enemy ADC has a hard time matching your tabis with his own, as you deal primarily magic damage (so the armor is wasted, although the passive is not) and use plenty of spells.

3111_32.png: Great if you need tenacity. Corki doesn't rely on attack speed too much, so this is very viable.

3211_32.png: An early Cowl is good if you're worried midgame about AP Carry damage; cheap and effective.

3083_32.png: More HP and cheaper than 3022_32.png, but not as strong, in my opinion. If for some reason you need the small amount of extra health, go for it.

3156_32.png: Actually not bad, the finished item+Lifeline is pretty decent. If you need a tad of MR with some damage, it's not bad, though the pen generally goes to waste.

3157_32.png: If you're ever in a situation where you only need to survive for 2.5 seconds, this is fine considering Corki also scales off of AP. Very situational - but in niche situations it might be exactly the item you need to win the game. In addition, it works well versus Rengar's burst if you Zhonya's right as he jumps on you.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Miss Fortune
  • Nami
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Xayah
  • Zyra



  • Pre-6, Alistar is squishy because he doesn't have any defensive steroids like Leona does. You can capitalize on this by forcing him into an unfavorable position and then all-ining him, as he has no escapes. For example, shove the lane to level 2, and if he has not backed off, you can all-in him with your support. He is seen as a counter to Leona, but doing this can net you a kill, allowing you to snowball.
  • Your true damage actually bypasses his ultimate, so he might not be as tanky as he seems! If he is high health and ultis, though, don't bother attacking him.
  • His Q and W can interrupt your Valkyrie animation, so be careful. 
  • You can't really harass him under turret when his Flash is up and allied minions are near death because he can Flash+Q you and Headbutt you under turret. If his Flash is down, though, you can be pretty aggressive. 
  • If you're trying to poke this lane down, focus on their AD Carry because Alistar's heal is halved on allied targets. Remember that his heal pushes the lane! If he spams his heal, he won't have enough mana to Q+W combo you. 
  • If you're running an all-in lane, try to hit an early level 2 and kill him or his AD. 
  • If you're running a poke/support lane, forcing him to use his heal will minimize his ability to all-in you, so keep your poke up on the enemy AD!
  • In general, he will try to W you away from his AD, but your Valkyrie has such a long range that you can catch up to his AD if he did not back off immediately. 
  • If he W+Q combos your support, he is overlapping his Trample passive, and you can potentially make a play on his AD Carry (or him, if he is low).



  • She outranges you and her Volley is strong poke. For the most part, you can block her volley by standing behind creeps, and if she walks up to auto you, you can lob a Q at her to mitigate her range advantage. 
  • Try not to get poked too hard! If you can hit levels 3~5 safely, and your support catches Ashe out of position, she's not likely to survive because of her frailty, low sustained early game damage, and lack of an escape, but beware of creep damage.
  • Her level 6 is scary because it allows her to give her jungler or mid an easy gank. Fortunately, it doesn't last too long at short range, and if she shoots it at long range, you can W out of it (or even away from it, towards your own turret, if you don't think you can dodge it). 
  • You can outpoke her at 6 with your ultimate, and should start winning the lane from here.
  • When you get your Trinity Force, you have a power spike on her; she has little sustained damage to cut through your bonus HP, and you can burst her down. Ideally you run your E before she lands her arrow on you since it'll keep shooting through the stun, and leave her squishier by the time you're no longer stunned. 
  • Definitely look to 1v1 her once you have Trinity Force; new Ashe passive means you won't even have to worry about her killing you with a lucky string of IE crits. 
  • Ideally you'll all-in her before she's stacked up her Focus. She needs to stack it to 5 to maximize its effectiveness, so if you can jump her when she's still at 0, you're golden.



  • Bard is first and foremost a roam support. Treat him as you would a Twisted Fate; when he leaves, watch out for vulnerable locations (namely your mid lane, and maybe your jungle if your jungler is low) and ping his disappearance. 
  • Make sure to ward entrances to mid lane. This serves two purposes: suppressing his roam potential, as well as making sure he doesn't loop back with his jungler to gank you when you try to punish the lone ADC. 
  • As for his lane, he's not terribly powerful. He's particularly weak to all-in lanes such as with 89_64.png, as long as you don't line up for a double stun.
  • He has some sustain to help his AD farm, but it's not as strong as 37_64.png or 267_64.png
  • He can run back behind the turret and portal through the wall if he's on Purple with his jungler, so watch out if he suddenly leaves.
  • Similarly, he can do this on Blue side through the big wall by Tri, although it's a little less effective.
  • He can ulti the turret in order to disable it for a dive.



  • If you can safely stand behind the creep line, Blitzcrank can't land his grab unless he runs at you and punches you. This will only work in his favor if you have an extremely weak lane; he is squishy, so he will take a lot of damage using this tactic.
  • Unless he's a god, Blitzcrank's main pressure comes from the threat of his grab, rather than the grab itself. If he manages to camp an unwarded brush, you're in trouble; your Q reveal won't help too much against that. If necessary, help your support with 2043_32.png - if Blitz can obtain bush pressure he will zone you from creeps.
  • Be careful harassing him under turret; if he lands a good grab on you, you will likely burn summoners, die, or both. If his grab is down, though, you're clear to harass for ~16-20 seconds. 
  • Blitzcrank is actually not that powerful in lane, but his potential to snowball is immense, and he's very strong with ganks. Try not to die early!
  • Blitzcrank can interrupt your Valkyrie with Power First if he's good, so be careful holding onto your W for too long. He can also attempt to grab you after you Valkyrie, so don't be too predictable. 
  • If Blitzcrank can run at you and kill you (i.e., he's ahead in lane), he's very strong because you have to back out immediately or risk death. If Blitzcrank can't kill you when he grabs you, though, he's pretty much useless, and all he can do is pray for ganks while you bully him and his AD out of lane repeatedly.
  • Corki's a decent pick versus Blitzcrank because of his long-range escape and the tankiness provided by 3078_32.png.



  • With Braum's recent nerfs he has become much more manageable in lane, but is still pretty strong.
  • Treat his Stand Behind Me and Unbreakable as you would something like a Janna E or Soraka Heal - while they are active you will have a nearly impossible time diving onto the enemy AD Carry, even if your Leona/Thresh land a good engage. Optimally, you would engage when these are down. 
  • Braum's shield will block your Q as well as your rockets, so keep this in mind when you harass. 
  • Fortunately, your auto attack passive works even when Braum's defenses are boosted, so auto attack harass is not completely wasted. 
  • Dodge his Q, especially if he's with Lucian/Cait! You'll get chunked pretty hard if you get stunned and take harass from the enemy AD. Fortunately, you can W away if you really need to. 
  • Stand farther away from him if he has ulti threat, as he knocks up the nearest target furthest, and also slows you. 
  • Braum is very strong at keeping his AD alive, but consistent poke will eventually wear his defenses thin enough for an all-in.



  • Really annoying matchup. She has a huge range advantage on you, and her E+Q combo is good for escaping/harassing. 
  • If you're worried about being zoned immediately at level 1, such as against the 51_64.png117_64.png duo, you can start with potions and longsword/boots/cloth armor. Keep in mind that starting without AD will make it harder to CS when she inevitably shoves you under turret.
  • She will likely shove you under turret, place traps at annoying locations, and poke you down whenever you go in for a CS. Make sure you're comfortable CSing under turret. 
  • A tip for CSing under turret with low AD: You can channel your Gatling Gun slightly onto the wave and then turn around to make it so you only have to auto the creeps once after the turret shot.
  • Your W is a dash, not a blink, so you can't use it to "fly over" her traps. They will stun you mid-flight.
  • If she gets too close to you, you can trade with her using your standard Q+Auto combo.
  • At level 6, you can match her poke from afar with your missiles.
  • Caitlyn's main weakness is her low power in all-in fights. If she gets too close, your support can initiate on her and allow you to Valkyrie in and destroy her. 
  • She can't really kill you unless you screw up badly, but her consistent shoving can make it easy for her mid laner or jungler to dive you under turret, so make sure you watch the map carefully in between bouts your crying. Back if you need to! She will try to take the turret early, so there's no use in giving her an extra 300 gold, too.
  • Caitlyn doesn't really lose lane to anyone if played properly, but you have a midgame power spike on her, so try to use that to your advantage.
  • If you get ahead of Caitlyn, you can kill a creep to get your Trinity Force proc and then just run at her. Caitlyn  is weak when she is behind because you zone her from poking you and sustain off the creep wave, but you can't really deny her too well due to her long range. You can poke her under turret and then dive her with your high burst.
  • If she mis-uses her E/Q combo, she becomes very vulnerable.



  • Draven's high damage means you shouldn't trade with him early game, when your Phosphorus Bomb pales in comparison to his Spinning Axe. 
  • Pre-6, your goal is just to farm as best you can against Draven. 
  • After 6, you can outpoke him if you're careful and don't let him E you, chase you down with W, and drop Q after Q on you. 
  • Draven is high damage, but very weak against CC because he has no hard escapes and can't catch his Spinning Axe if he is immobile. If you have a high-CC support such as Leona, you can burst him down at level 6. Try to dodge his ultimate with your Valkyrie, but if you need to, you can flash it and then catch up to him with your W when he flashes out. (Keep in mind this will burn both of your flashes, but Draven is weaker without flash since he has no innate escape.)
  • Draven's E, Stand Aside, will interrupt your Valkyrie if you're not careful, rendering you unable to chase/escape him, so be careful when you use it!
  • Draven will generally rush 3072_32.png  which is cheaper than 3078_32.png  so try not to fight if he gets BT and you don't have TF yet.
  • Most importantly, Draven's new passive weakens his power, but rewards him heavily for actually getting a kill, allowing him to snowball very well. Whatever you do, try not to die against him!



  • In most scenarios, Ezreal is actually very weak in lane. Corki in lane is better than Ezreal in pretty much every aspect, so this is a very easy matchup.
  • You can stand in the creep wave to avoid getting hit by his Qs. If he can't hit you with Mystic Shot, he has no chance of defeating you.
  • You can poke with Q+Auto while he can't hit you with his Q, rendering him unable to trade with you. 
  • Your all-in is also much stronger than his, your Gatling Gun being much more effective than his W/E. 
  • You are one of the few AD Carries that can catch up to Ezreal when he Es away, so you shouldn't have too much trouble chasing him.
  • Your only worry is at level 6, when a lane comp such as 81_64.png/89_64.png or 81_64.png/37_64.pngcan burst you down at level 6 with their combos. If you avoid Ezreal's ultimate, with either your Valkyrie or Flash, he has no hope of defeating you in an all-in situation due to your higher sustained damage with E and Rockets. 
  • If for some godforsaken reason he goes Blue Build, whether he starts Tear or Sheen or Glacial Shroud, you should win lane immediately. The best he can do is lose the farm war against you - Tear gives 0 combat stats (and he can't Q you anyway), Sheen is useless because he can't Q you, and Glacial Shroud is weak because your burst is magic damage anyway. 



  • Really annoying champion in lane; his level 1/2 is really strong because he can bounce his E between you and your support if you're not in the creep line. 
  • His fear duration is 3 seconds long. Don't be fooled, though; everyone will tell you it lasts somewhere between "freakin' forever" and "an eternity." If you get hit by a Q near his turret, prepare to get worked by Fiddles and his ADC. 
  • You probably shouldn't dive Fiddles under turret by yourself. Fear actually lasts 69 seconds under turret, so unless you're REALLY sure you'll kill him, don't try it without your mid/jungler. 
  • Fiddles can drain off the wave, but it's likely level 1 since he'll max his fear. Still, CC supports are very strong against him due to his innate squishiness. A Leona or Blitzcrank can destroy him in lane with a well-placed engage. 
  • Don't you dare walk into lane all nonchalant post-6 and expect not to get ultied on by Fiddlesticks. If he gets a free ulti+fear on you, you will die. Make sure you have vision control so that you can see him at all times or he will channel his ulti in the fog of war.
  • On that note, once you have vision of him, a variety of supports can interrupt his ultimate's channel time. As a result champions with multiple CCs, such as 12_64.png412_64.png53_64.png, or 267_64.png are very effective against him.
  • 40_64.png ultimate can knock him away when he ultis you.
  • Late-game, if he insists on fearing you EVERY team fight, make sure you purchase 3140_32.png, or if you trust your support, beg them to buy you 3222_32.png.
  • If you can outlast his Fear duration, you can easily burst him down with your support. 



  • Graves and Corki are very similar in their toolkits; you will both trade with Q+Auto, and both of these deal about the same damage. Graves will most likely try to push the wave with Buckshot, since he can outpush you.
  • He can't auto you through creeps, so as long as you stay behind the wave and dodge his Q before it explodes he can't harass you by himself.
  • You will out-DPS him slightly if you get your full Gatling Gun off of him, but you should wait until 6 before trying to beat him in lane.
  • Once you get your ultimate, you can outtrade Graves easily. Keep in mind that Graves' ultimate gives him tremendous burst, so you want to poke him down before you all-in. 
  • Graves can't escape you with his E because of your longer Valkyrie range, so you can chase him down easily.
  • Watch out for ganks if he randomly drops a smokescreen on you, as he is probably trying to deny you vision to buy his team time. 
  • Heal and Trinity Force make it hard for him to burst you, so you should win lane at 6 with superior poke. 
  • Do not fight him if he has managed to get 3-4 stacks of his passive up, since this will make him extremely tanky. He must spend a lot of mana and auto you consistently for this so it's very preventable. You can check his debuff stacks by clicking on his character and looking at his status.



  • A straightforward matchup, Janna augments her AD Carry moreso than poses a threat to you herself. She's not incredibly strong in lane, but has great teamfight utility and peel.
  • Her Q will interrupt your Valkyrie, so be careful when you're chasing her.
  • Back off when she uses her shield, and then re-engage to poke when it's down. The shield makes it very hard to win trades.
  • Her ultimate will also interrupt your Valkyrie. 
  • Try to burn her ultimate before chasing; don't waste your flash chasing unless it's down because she has incredible peel even without her ultimate. 



  • You are both pretty weak 1-5, and she will likely try to shove you in. Try to poke her with Q while standing outside of your creep range to force her to choose between reciprocating harass or shoving in the creep wave.
  • If you get a gank, you can chase her down easily with your W. Similarly, if you're snowballing against her, she won't be able to escape your mobility as long as you don't step on chompers.
  • Once you have Trinity Force, you should be able to all-in her if she missteps. If she misuses her E, you can punish her hard.
  • If she ultis another lane to try to snipe down a teammate, you have considerably more pressure on her, as she will be unable to all-in you.
  • Post-6 you should be able to all-in her easily with your support. If you can, save your Valkyrie, because her ulti has a wind-up time, allowing you to easily dodge it (or Flash it if necessary, as she has no escape). Her ulti also deals more damage the longer it travels, so both of you fighting and then running away at low health gives her the opportunity to finish you off with her ultimate's execute component.
  • As of patch 5.8, her ultimate now does pitiful damage at melee range, assuming you're not in execute range. Try to stay right next to her and she has no hope of winning a duel. (Of course, don't misposition according to your 2v2 matchup just to get in her face!)



  • Very annoying to play against, as she can dodge your spells with her hopping around, and if you make a poor engage she can stack her Rend and kill you.
  • Trading with her is like a ticking time bomb - if you stay too long, she will eventually 1-shot you with E.
  • Your best bet is to try and poke lightly, but avoid exchanging more than an auto or two with her.
  • She is very vulnerable to lock-down, CC, and burst, since her damage is negligible if she can't stack up her spears. 
  • If she misuses her E without getting a kill on a creep, you should try to engage on her immediately; she has no hope of fighting you without being able to stack up her spears from the beginning.



  • Never fight Kog'Maw when his W is up. You know when he activates W cause he makes a GJRGRLHRR sound and his skin changes color. His W makes him do too much damage, and it doesn't have very high uptime, so you should just engage on him when it's down. He can't hope to fight you without his W. 
  • At ranks 4/5 of his W, when his W is up, treat him like Caitlyn and back off. When his W falls off, you have extreme lane dominance. You have to be able to swap between aggressive and passive behavior every ~8 seconds of the lane.
  • Your best chance to kill him is early game; level 5 you are very strong against him. He is slow and has no escapes, and you can just Valkyrie his void ooze, so don't be afraid to engage if your support goes in. However, keep in mind his passive; if you trade 1 for 1 it's better for Kog'Maw since he is a hypercarry. Flash it if you must. 
  • At level 6, his poke is even better than yours, but it is less spammable. Try not to get hit by his ultimate, but if you can bait him into spamming it by trading with him extensively afterwards, you can empty his mana pool, as his R costs more mana with subsequent uses. 
  • Overall, this is a skill matchup. Your best opportunity to win this lane is to pair up with a high CC carry such as a Leona and burst him down before he can retaliate. 



  • Leona has extreme kill potential, but she doesn't get strong until level 3.
  • You can poke her out of lane at levels 1/2; if she engages on you without her W, she is very squishy, like Alistar. She can't do anything to you at 1 (aside from walking up to you and Qing you), so try to have you and your support force her out and establish lane dominance and brush control early.
  • If you can get her low enough or build up a large enough minion wave pre-3, she will be unable to all-in you and forced to suffer your poke.
  • Beware of her all-in potential post-3 and especially post-6. You can Valkyrie (or flash) her Ulti and then try to juke her E, but this leaves you vulnerable to her flash+Q. 
  • Leona can do nothing except for all-in, or harass with her EWQ combo. This means that she is extremely easy to gank, as she has no escapes and must dash to you to do damage. If you can convince your jungler or mid to wait until she Es in and then kill her, you can stifle her aggression significantly. 
  • If Leona is behind, she can not do anything because she has no harass or shield/heal for her AD. The only thing Leona can do once behind is capitalize on your positioning errors and stun you under turret.
  • You don't want to be under her turret, since when she engages her AD has turret cover and you do not.
  • If possible, freeze the lane just outside your own turret, just close enough so that you can CS. If you do this right, she can't engage on you without getting hit by your turret, which will render her unable to threaten you.
  • Leona is extremely powerful with champions such as 18_64.png119_64.png104_64.png due to their high burst, leaving you vulnerable to being 100-0'd. Take particular care after level 6, when you want to poke but not all-in since their burst can kill you very quickly. 
  • If Leona engages on your support improperly, she leaves her AD Carry vulnerable to a counter-engage. Your support, if they survived the burst, can Exhaust and counter-CC so that you can kill her ADC, and finish her off afterwards. 
  • This matchup is extremely dependent on lane control. You should push/punish her 1-2, and then freeze the lane outside your own turret the rest of the time.
  • Supports such as 117_64.png143_64.png, and 40_64.png can make it extremely difficult for her to kill you. 
  • If you're really man mode, you can go 1055_32.png1055_32.png into 1028_32.png (then Phage>TF) to make yourself stupidly tanky and hard to kill.



  • His Q harass is a "targeted skillshot" - this means that you if you can juke it consistently, he will be forced to miss because he cannot alter his skill's targeting mechanism to account for your juking. (The ability has recently been buffed so that it now "leads" your movements, meaning you have to be actively trying to dodge it.) This also means that you can Flash the ability as well if necessary.
  • If he moves up to fight you, you can therefore move side to side in between auto cancels to juke his Q (for an example, watch ; do keep in mind that he manages to dodge it because he has the Heal speed buff, as he is auto attacking at the beginning of Lucian's Q animation).
  • His ultimate is not as good as yours if you can stay on him. In addition, he cannot change the direction of his ulti, so you can just Valkyrie to the side and he will be forced to E/Flash to compensate. Your Valkyrie has a much longer range than his E so it's not too hard to avoid his ulti.
  • Your all-in power, especially with 3078_32.png, is stronger than his, so don't be afraid to fight him post-6. His true power comes from his double-auto passive giving him strong harass, which is easily manageable post-6 with your rockets. If all things are even and you land your full E on him, he cannot hope to win an all-in.
  • He is pretty good in lane, mostly due to his extremely powerful harass abilities (Q+double AA combo is strong, and if you're already under high pressure, he can Q a minion to land the skillshot on you from even further away).
  • Overall, I would consider this a skill matchup.



  • Lulu has a very strong lane phase between her high damage autos, crowd control, and powerful Glitterlance. She can punish you easily due to your 550 range, but post-6 you will have a much easier time trading.
  • If she constantly E+Qs you, she will run out of mana. This means that in many scenarios, her Glitterlance will actually be a skillshot, so you can dodge it and avoid her harass. (You can dodge her Q after she Es you, but it will be extremely difficult and rely more on her missing.)
  • You should always keep in mind Pix's position, especially if you are low HP. She can shoot Glitterlance off of Pix, giving it a deceptively high range.
  • If you force her to spam E with your trades she will likely run low on mana, as the spell at rank 1 is very inefficient. 
  • The easiest way to beat Lulu in lane is actually to run a strong sustain support such as 37_64.png or 267_64.png. Do not all-in her, and instead trade with her and sustain back up with your support's help. These are considered lane counters to Lulu, but you will not always have the ability to counterpick her.
  • Post-6, Lulu is very difficult to all-in due to her ultimate. If you have an all-in comp, I would suggest trying to make an opening at level 5 for the greatest chance at success.



  • Not very common as support, but some people play her.
  • All of Lux's abilities are skillshots, so if you can juke them out or dodge them with Valkyrie, she is an easy kill due to her low survivability. Try not to stand in your creep wave so that she doesn't push the wave and harass you with a single E. 
  • If she lands a Q on you post-6 as a lane comp such as 81_64.png/99_64.png or 110_64.png/99_64.png, you should probably just pray your early Phage will keep you from certain death.
  • She snowballs both ways; if you get kills on her early you can ignore her damage and keep killing her, but if she can 100-0 you you're in trouble.
  • Like 37_64.png, Lux's lack of mobility means that she is easy to gank if she is pushed up too hard in the long lane. 
  • When her Q is down, she is very vulnerable to an all-in. To beat Lux I would recommend an all-in comp or 117_64.png to counter her burst.
  • She can't outtrade your Q+Auto by herself, so she will generally play far back and throw Es at you from behind the creep line. 
  • Lux is very mana hungry; if her mana ever runs low you can just Valkyrie onto her and kill her or her ADC.


Miss Fortune

  • MF is a lane bully, but has low mobility in-combat. 
  • Her burst trading with Q is strong, as is her sustained trading with her W. In addition, she has very high base health, which makes it hard to all-in her early.
  • If she forces a trade on you, which she likely will with her passive, you should just try to mitigate your losses with a Q+Auto in retaliation.
  • She will try to either Auto+Q+Auto you, or if you're behind your creep line she can Q the creep and bounce onto you. Remember that the Q travels in an arc behind the minion, and will prioritize enemies in a circular arc directly behind the minion. 
  • Do not stand behind low health creeps because she'll Q onto them and hit you for the extra Q damage+her passive, which will chunk you stupid hard.
  • You can outtrade her through burst trading when you have your ultimate, and you outdamage her even then assuming she doesn't land ulti on you; Valkyrie can help significantly with dodging her Bullet Time.
  • If you get a lead you can snowball it hard on her due to your mobility and the fact that her passive breaks when you are fighting her, allowing you to easily chase.



  • Nami received small buff after buff some quite some time until she became one of the strongest supports. While she's not a god, she is still good; landing her Q is critical to her all-ins, so if you can avoid that you're golden.
  • With that in mind, you can dodge her Q with your Valkyrie, but you have to have good timing. If you W and can't escape the range of her bubble in time, you'll have your W animation cancelled, be suspended in mid-air, and feel really stupid.
  • Likewise, Nami's ultimate will also cancel your Valkyrie, but it's really slow, so you can just go around it if you want to.
  • Nami is a more defensive-oriented Sona - she has decent (but inferior) poke and sustain with her W, but it is a little expensive to spam. She surpasses Sona in her skirmish capabilities, able to consistently slow enemies and provide non-ulti CC with her bubble. 
  • If she has a long-range AD Carry such as 51_64.png, back off when she Es her, as her autos will apply a slow and allow her to continuously auto you as you retreat, forcing you to W out. 
  • Nami has strong disengage if she lands her abilities. If you can avoid them, all-ining her is not too difficult, and she is fairly squishy.
  • Unfortunately, there aren't really any surefire ways to beat Nami in lane. She's a pretty well-rounded champion, and she is skill-based, so you're just going to have to outplay her and hope she misses all of her skillshots. 



  • This is a pretty standard matchup until level 6, but your trading power gives you the advantage, and your all-in is stronger pre-6. 
  • If she maxes her Q, you can dodge it or stand at a distance behind creeps to avoid damage (her Q is AoE damage).
  • If she maxes E, you can't really avoid her damage. She will E then auto you with a harrier proc to trade; you can trade back with your Q+AA combo, and your support might be able to take advantage of her "jumping in" to you. If she Es you for harass, that means she has no escapes available to her, and you can capitalize by all-ining or ganking her.
  • At 6, you should win the lane. You can outtrade her easily when Q/Ulti/Sheen procs and autos. She will kill you if she ultis and jumps onto you, but you can just Valkyrie out after she Es you and kite her (along with support CC/exhaust). 
  • Be careful if she tries to 1v1 you with BotRK, as she will have high sticking potential with her ulti and unexpectedly high execute damage.
  • You're stronger in teamfights, as she is only really strong at cleaning up stragglers after fights. She is also a strong splitpusher so you should be wary of that, too. 
  • If you can propel your mid game strength into a team advantage, Quinn shouldn't pose too much of a problem for your team.
  • She may try to roam and gank other lanes, so if you don't see her for a bit, make sure to ping missing and shove hard to make her miss CS.



  • This matchup depends almost entirely on your ability to dodge her Boomerang Blade. You have a lot of spammable spells, which means she will likely take mana from her spellshield at some point, but it also means that her spellshield is not a big deal in an all-in, since a single spell is a minor portion of your damage (unlike, say, a Graves or Tristana ulti). 
  • You have 50 range on her, so you can pick up a free auto attack on her here and there. 
  • Your Q is hard to react to, but can be easy to predict. Try to bait out her spellshield, and then hit her with Q when it is down to minimize her mana. 
  • You have strong poke post-6, but your ulti is very easy to spellshield, so her poke is strong too. Avoid her Q and you win lane. 
  • You generally have a stronger all-in post-6, assuming you can use Valkyrie to dodge her Q or your support has enough lockdown to keep Sivir's ult from having too much effect.
  • Moreso than other matchups, this is a skill matchup that depends primarily on your supports.



  • A squishy champion, Sona excels at poke and sustain, as well as teamfighting. Her short range means you can take advantage of her poking by trading back.
  • If she moves up to Q you without her ADC, Q+Auto her and win the trade. 
  • If you manage to chunk her, you can burst her down without too much issue.
  • Her poke is minimized at 6 because your trading power is so strong. 
  • If your support takes 14.png, it can be easy to burst her down before the enemy ADC can react.
  • She has a powerful ulti, but it comes out of her model somewhat slowly. This means that you can predict when she will use Crescendo, and Valkyrie out of that location, potentially dodging it completely. If she doesn't land Crescendo, her lane becomes extremely vulnerable.
  • Sona's slow "projectile speed" means that you can Flash her ulti reactively if it means you will secure a kill (which isn't too unlikely because Sona has no escapes, and you can W afterwards). 
  • Crescendo has a decently long cooldown, so you can engage with a support champion that has a low-CD ulti such as 53_64.png or 89_64.png while her ulti is down and yours are up. 
  • Her sustain is a pain pre-6, but post-6 you should pose enough of a threat that she will be afraid to poke you, and you should be able to burst her down.



  • Soraka lanes generally go 1 of 2 ways: either her sustain and light poke weaken you until you can no longer all-in her, or you kill her lane and snowball your advantage. 
  • If you can never all-in her, the lane is difficult because she is free to trade damage and poke you, then heal up while you remain weakened. 
  • I would suggest bringing a high damage burst support such as 89_64.png or 53_64.png to provide kill pressure onto Soraka or even her AD.
  • Alternatively, you can match her sustain with a support such as 37_64.png. Sona brings more healing over time than Soraka, but lacks the latter's ability to burst heal. This is more likely to lead to a farm lane.
  • A champion like 267.png gives you sustain to maintain farm, but also offers kill pressure with a well-placed bubble/ulti. 
  • The new Soraka has very binary, boring gameplay where she will just stand max range and spam heal her ADC. If you can get a good trade off on Soraka, do it, but otherwise, don't trade too heavily with the AD.
  • If she burns her global ultimate saving one of her allies, she is extremely vulnerable to an all-in from your lane.



  • Taric's rework has revitalized his role in the bottom lane, giving him a lot of outplay ability and an AoE delayed invulnerability.
  • Corki has a better time dealing with Taric than most AD Carries because Taric's high armor values and aura are bypassed by Corki's true damage and magic damage.
  • Taric needs to be in the fray and weaving autos with his spells for maximum effectiveness, so try to kite away from him with your support's help.
  • His stun, Dazzle, is fairly telegraphed, so you can easily Valkyrie out of it if you feel the need to. If his AD is not nearby, you can tank it freely.
  • If you can pressure him to spam his heal, you can render him OoM and mitigate his all-in pressure. 
  • He will generally combo together his Bastion/Dazzle skills. They share a 15s cooldown, so if he wastes them try to punish him.
  • His ultimate is delayed, so you should try to either catch him off-guard with your burst to get a kill (difficult between heal+exhaust), or try to bait him to use it early and then back off while it runs.



  • Be careful of Thresh's early game - if he takes Flay first, he can engage on you and is also very strong with high-powered autos. 
  • If he takes his Death Sentence (hook) first and misses, you can punish him until it's back up. 
  • Thresh's range is pretty low at 475, so as long as you don't get Flayed and can dodge or stand behind minions for Death Sentence, you can harass him for free every time he moves up on you. 
  • Thresh has no defensive steroids early,  so before he accumulates any souls he is pretty squishy; if he messes up or you hit 2 before his lane you can kill him/his ADC for aggressive positioning.



  • Tristana does not have your raw trading power, but she has very high burst.
  • Watch out for her level 2! A strong tactic for her is to shove the wave slightly, and then WE on top of you or your support the instant they hit level 2. If she's with a strong support like 53_64.png89_64.png, or 412_64.png, this will likely burn your summoners or your lives. To prevent this, back off slightly when she's about to hit 2; your turret should not be very far if she's pushing. 
  • Tristana has high pushing power, but she is extremely poor at CSing under turret. If you can manage to shove her under tower, do it! She will likely miss a lot of CS trying to farm effectively, and you can poke her for free.
  • Tristana's E is strong, but it has a long cooldown (16 seconds). This means you can trade evenly, and then easily outtrade her when her E is down and your Q comes back up. 
  • Her level 6 burst is powerful, especially when combined with a high burst support such as 37_64.png or 89_64.png. Be careful not to get 100-0'd; you have much better poke and trading potential than she does once you get your rockets.
  • Tristana has high burst, but if she can't burst you down, your sustained damage with Q/E/R/Sheen is higher. Trinity Force should make it difficult to burst you down, making for an easy lane.
  • Capitalize on her awful mid-game by propelling yourself into team fights before she grows too powerful. You will make much more of an impact than she does. If she maxes Q second, she won't have it maxed until level 13. If she maxes W second for more burst in lane, she won't have her Q maxed until level 18.
  • An easy lane for you. By the time she gains a significant range advantage you should have already crushed her or have entered team fights. If she can't burst you down, you win lane.



  • Twitch at excels at long, drawn-out trades due to the stacking nature of his passive and his Expunge. Fortunately, you can outtrade him with Q+AA, since he will only get the chance to auto you once in a short-duration trade. 
  • Never let Twitch build up 3-4 stacks of his passive or he will Poison Cask you and Expunge you for huge damage.
  • Don't all-in Twitch early (levels 1-2); Twitch's all-in is extremely potent until you have the burst to kill him before he can stack up his passive on you. 
  • Twitch is extremely squishy and relies on autos, so a burst/lockdown support such as 89_64.png or 53_64.png can snowball the lane heavily in your favor.
  • Beware of Twitch's stealth - he will often try to catch you offguard when you are low health or he is returning from base. Fortunately he can't really catch you due to your W unless he stealths between you and your turret - unlikely since he should max his Expunge first. 
  • Your Q does not reveal Twitch's stealth, so carry a pink if you think it'll net you a kill or save your life.
  • Try not to 1v1 him if he gets 3142.png before you have your 3078_32.png, since he does a lot of damage if you can't burst him down. 
  • Twitch's ult makes his auto attacks become targetted skill shots, so you can W them at long range to dodge them, or reactively Flash them if needed.
  • 3078_32.png will benefit you twofold in that it makes you tanky enough to survive Twitch's high damage and also gives you the burst needed to shut down the squishy rat. Twitch is a hypercarry so try to crush him midgame or he will be very hard to deal with if your team lacks an assassin or strong bruiser.
  • If he tries to Q away from you, keep hitting him; this'll delay his stealth for 6 seconds, which should be plenty of time to finish him off. Your Gatling Gun is perfect for this!



  • You have similar power spikes in that your early lane isn't very powerful, but gain strength at 6+. 
  • Against Urgot, be very careful of ganks, as his CC can be very deadly combined with his team's. 
  • If he buys an early tear, you can look to abuse this by engaging on him with your support. He will be squishier and deal less damage, so he will look to poke you out while stacking his tear.
  • You're not too bad against him because he can't buy early armor or MR as you deal both damage types. 
  • You can beat him once you have your Trinity Force, but beware of his poke. It is critical to dodge his E, which enables the Q lock-on. If he gets 2 or 3 good Es on you, you'll have to back or give up farm. However, if he misses his E, you can walk up behind creeps and force him to back or suffer your harass.
  • Pushing him in early will mitigate his harass, as he'll either be forced to give up mana to counter-push or have to deal with last hitting under turret while you and your support lob spells at him.



  • Varus is one of Corki's harder matchups, but if you get ahead it will snowball highly in your favor due to his lack of an escape.
  • Varus is stronger early game due to his higher range and poke. He'll generally try to auto you 2-3 times and pop his blight stacks with a Q or E. 
  • His Chain of Corruption at level 6 is really strong; try to W to either dodge or be snared closer to him (if you think you can kill him) if he all-ins you with it. His range is higher so you won't be able to AA him for the duration of his ult if he stays at max range.
  • Varus' poke is better than yours until you can match it at 6, but your all-in is stronger, especially if you play with a burst/lockdown support such as 53_64.png or 89_64.png because Varus is squishy and relies on stacking up his passive for optimal damage.
  • You shouldn't have much trouble once you get 3078_32.png, and he can't really run from you because you can just Valkyrie over his Hail of Arrows and negate the slow. 
  • As with 51_64.png, the general strategy here is just to survive the early game until you can all-in him. 



  • Vayne is notorious for her weak early game. In reality, it is not that weak; her levels 1 and 2 in particular are quite powerful for all-ins. The stigma of her poor early game stems from the fact that her harass is her tumbled auto-attack, and therefore is limited to her poor range, unlike carries such as 104_64.png or 110_64.png who have abilities with higher ranges than their auto attacks. 
  • While carries such as you or 104_64.png can CS with abilities while simultaneously autoing Vayne for bonus harass, she is forced to give up CS in order to trade damage. And because you know where she is going to be when she moves in to CS, you can easily force her to choose between CSing or trading damage.
  • Similarly, if she tries to auto attack you when you CS and she is nearby a minion, you can farm with your Q  (preferably hitting her too in the process) followed by an auto attack on her. 
  • Obviously, if you allow yourself to be out of position near a wall, expect to get condemned and then engaged on by her support.
  • Vayne has a huge power spike at level 6, especially after she purchases Blade of the Ruined King. Fortunately, you gain your rockets at 6, allowing you to harass her from extremely far away. After 6 - especially after you have Phage+Sheen - she can no longer hope to trade with you, but be wary of her full health all-in powers.
  • Corki's all-in is actually very powerful, so even if she all-ins you at 6 you have a solid chance of beating her anyway (depending on supports of course). 
  • If your support does not have a pink ward for Vayne post-6, buy one yourself and drop it when she ults (your Q does not reveal her). This will make defeating her significantly easier.
  • Try to aim your rockets at her after she tumbles to have an easier time landing your skillshots. 
  • If you're playing against Vayne, try to secure 117_64.png as your support - Lulu is extremely good against Vayne as well as with Vayne, so this can help considerably. Lulu's Glitterlance and strong autos make it extremely hard for Vayne to farm and very difficult to retaliate through the Q slow, and her E can reveal Vayne's stealth!
  • Be more careful once Vayne completes 3153_32.png if you do not yet have 3078_32.png; she can kill you if she gets the jump on you with a good stun.



  • She'll likely shove you under turret with superior wave clear. Move up to trade after dodging her feathers, while her spells are on cooldown from pushing.
  • She will generally push you in and beat you with lane pressure before your first back.
  • After level 6, you have superior trading potential, but don't let her ultimate catch you off-guard. Remember that even if move out of her feathers, she can Flash to reposition herself and catch you that way!
  • Once you have Trinity Force and Sorceror's Shoes, you should be able to handily duel her. Open with Gatling Gun and Missiles for Sheen procs so that she can't dodge your Phosphorus Bomb damage with her ultimate.
  • If she starts Essence Reaver, you have a big 1 item spike on her.
  • Your midgame is more powerful than hers, but her late game and utility will beat you out eventually. Go for the snowball!
  • Chasing her down with Package gives you a free engage, with your additional Valkyrie allowing for repositioning against her feathers.



  • Zyra is strong early game and she outranges you slightly with her AA so expect to get poked. 
  • Her E is on a pretty long cooldown (12s), and her plants only slow you if she spawns her seeds with her root, so you can punish her for a missed snare.
  • Her ulti does damage immediately, but you can easily avoid the knockup with your snare. 
  • This matchup is much easier at level 6 because you can easily outtrade her with your missiles. 
  • Not much to say about this matchup that you can't learn from reading her abilities. Zyra is strong - high damage, high CC, great at peeling. She doesn't have sustain but her high damage will generally let her all-in squishy sustain champs, and her immense peel, disengage, and damage means she also does pretty well against champions like 89_64.png who must engage to do anything yet have no ability to escape.

Supports Back to Top

The versatility of Corki's kit means that he's not bad with any support. As such, the best lane partners for him tend to be the strongest supports in general. He has high mobility, decent poke (great poke at 6), and a strong all-in. 

Top Tier

267_64.png Great support, provides early pressure which Corki lacks, as well as disengage and decent all-in potential.
89_64.png Classic kill lane. Can pressure early as 2, although 3/4 and 6 are your definite power spikes.
37_64.png Carries you through early lane, high damage, high sustain. At 6 your all-in is very strong.
412_64.png Prince support. An amazing Thresh will always find a way to win lane. Great all-in, though lacks poke/sustain.

44.png Provides early sustain to carry your weak pre-6, good kill pressure, and high range stun with package.

High Tier

25_64.png You both have weak early lanes so be wary. If she lands a good Q 3/4+ you can go in. Level 6 is very powerful. 
201_64.png Great midgame support but you both have weak early lanes and will likely get bullied. Great all-in at 6.

Mid Tier

12_64.png You're both weak early, but his heal can alleviate some pressure. Strong turret zone and a good all-in. Okay 6.
53_64.png Blitzcrank is pretty useless unless he lands a good Q, but if he does it's a near-guaranteed kill. You can chase down and finish off hook targets very well.
432_64.png You don't have any particular synergy, and you're liable to get bullied early. Post-6, though, the enemy will have a hard time denying you CS when he roams due to your high R range.
143_64.png Your synergy's not that strong but Zyra's high damage with your mobility causes pressure alone.
117_64.png She'll carry your early but your synergy at 6 isn't that great. Your W + her ulti means long range engages are possible though.

Low Tier
43_64.png She pokes. You can't poke effectively until 6 - when she has no ulti. Lane bully, but falls off quickly.
16_64.png Soraka has no inherent synergy with Corki but she's very powerful right now, so she's strong enough to pick regardless.

Early Game Back to Top

Trading phosphorusbomb.png

Corki is not particularly powerful 1-5. Your hefty mana costs mean that you will mainly look to trade with the enemy using your auto+Q+auto combo, followed by backing up a bit until your Q comes back up. This means that your  early trading will mainly revolve around your Phosphorus Bomb (Q), while avoiding using your other spells unless you are ready for an all-in engagement. Effective use of your Q and autos to deal damage and proc Thunderlord's Decree will allow you to farm up safely until you begin to grow into your power spikes.

Wave Control 4.png

Your placement of the wave is dependent not only on the lane match-ups, but the jungler match-ups as well. In general, pushing the wave in hard will allow you to farm easily and then poke the enemy under turret as they try to match your CS. Pushing the wave in immediately as you get to lane for your level 2 spike is almost always the correct choice, so encourage your support to help you shove. You will each hit 2 as soon as the melee creeps of the second wave have died, so look to engage or trade hard as soon as you hit 2, while the enemy is still 1. Overall, pushing in will apply the most pressure and allow you to most easily win the lane, but opens you up to enemy all-ins, particularly ganks from the enemy jungler, mid, and top. 

You want to push in when:
  • You have a dominant lane match-up, and you can poke the enemy under turret to gain a CS advantage. 
  • You have a poke support, and you are playing against a poke lane. You have superior poke potential when the enemy is pre-occupied with farming.
  • You have a poke support, and you are playing against a lane that can no longer all-in you because you have poked them down enough to deter an all-in, or are confident that you can avoid the all-in.
  • The enemy jungler has low kill potential or has shown elsewhere on the map, and you want creep advantage for pressure.
  • The enemy top laner doesn't have Teleport, or you've pinked your side brushes to deter easy lane ganks.
You want to keep the wave roughly in the middle when:
  • You have a dominant lane match-up with all-in pressure against the enemy lane.
  • You have an all-in support, and you are playing against a poke lane with low disengage (meaning, you can kill/injure them without having to overextend near their turret). 
  • You are playing semi-aggressively, and are unsure of the enemy jungler's presence, but still want to apply pressure in the lane.
  • Both lanes have all-in pressure, and you don't want to lose creep advantage.
You want to keep the wave frozen outside of your turret when:
  • You are winning the lane so hard that you are choosing to deny the enemy from creeps and experience, but are unable to transfer your lane power to overall map pressure for whatever reason.
  • You have an all-in support, and the enemy has a poke support. Pushing in with an all-in support such as Leona will mean she can't do anything besides dive, whereas keeping the lane towards your tower allows the freedom to all-in the opponent, which applies pressure that deters poke.
  • You have stronger all-in power than your opponent, and are wanting to all-in rather than poke.
  • The enemy jungler is nearby or has strong presence on the map (a fed Lee, for example). 
Farming ggun.png

Your focus should be on farming as much as possible. Think of it this way: denying CS to the enemy makes you stronger relative to them, but getting as many last hits as possible makes you stronger relative to everybody on the enemy team, which increases your capability to carry the game. Of course you will have to weigh the benefits of getting a good trade versus farming, or attempting to grab some kills, but in general your priority is to farm.

One trick to help you last hit under turret if your support is not prepping creeps for you is to toggle your E onto the casters for a little bit and then facing away from the backline. This makes it so that you can easily last hit casters with a single auto after a turret shot.

Level 6 Power Spike missilebarrage.png

Corki gains immense trading power at level 6. Ideally, you will get a good back off right after you hit level 6, because this will allow your rockets to stockpile up on the way to lane, as the recharge rate is low at rank 1 (one every 12 seconds). You want a good back so that you can return to lane with strong items and then bully the lane with the additional help of your rockets.

You will want to continue poking with Qs and Rs until the enemy lane is low enough to kill. Corki's ability to rush Trinity Force gives him powerful all-in potential at 6, as Phage and Sheen offer him the tankiness and damage to kill the enemy before he himself dies. 

Trinity Force Power Spike 3078.png

Once you have Trinity Force you are extremely powerful and have 1v1 kill pressure on every enemy AD carry as long as you play well. You want to look to apply your strength to the map through objectives, primarily turrets and dragon. Whether you want to force your lane advantage further or try to win the map through teamfighting depends on each individual game.

Mid Game Back to Top

Power Spike 42.png

The mid game is Corki's most powerful point in the game. You want at least Trinity Force and Sorcerer's Shoes by this point, and hopefully your Essence Reaver as well. Keep in mind your role in the game as the attack damage carry: your powerful sustained damage allows you to put immense pressure on high-health objectives such as turrets and dragon. In addition, you want to utilize Corki's kit and his powerful poke to whittle down enemies and siege. Corki's Special Delivery will allow you to speedily shove a wave in before an objective, and also provide a zoning tool for the fight itself.

Map Rotations 3020.png

You want to apply pressure throughout the map to allow you to take objectives. In order to do this, take advantage of Corki's excellent wave clear. Before you have Essence Reaver, you'll want to clear waves using your Gatling Gun and Missile Barrage to preserve your mana pool. You can clear a wave or take jungle camps extremely quickly with just these 2 spells.

Sieging 3056.png

Once you have pressure on a sidelane you'll want to shove down enemy turrets. You can take turrets very quickly with Trinity Force procs, as well as clear waves and poke the enemy off with your ultimate. Take as many turrets as you can to transfer your champion's unique strengths to a teamwide gold advantage.

Objectives corkipassive.png

Objectives include enemy turrets, the dragon, the rift herald, baron buff, red and blue buffs, and even vision control. Make sure you arrive to objectives early: your goal as Corki is to poke down the enemy team, particularly squishies, to make sure you start fights at a health advantage. You should poke the enemy down before starting an objective, and if the enemy team starts an objective your missiles are a great way to force them off of it. If you're not poking mid game as Corki, you are wasting one of your biggest assets. If you have Corki's Special Delivery, you can use it as a potent zoning tool as well.

Late Game Back to Top

Teamfighting 3031.png

Late game is where Corki falls off a bit, but he is still quite strong. Your goal as Corki is to put out as much sustained damage as possible while staying alive. You should be quite slippery with your Valkyrie due to the CDR on your build, as well as the fact that you can still provide long-range damage with your ultimate if things are too dangerous. Stay back and whittle down the tanks, only going in for kills if you know you can get away with it. Corki generally does less damage to tanks and more to squishies in comparison to other ADCs because his mixed damage renders armor and magic penetration less effective, so he prefers high damage crits. Keep this in mind as you fight!

Remember to continue poking before fights to garner your team a health advantage. If the enemy has high threat champions you may need to pick up a defensive item such as Banshee's Veil.

Most importantly, do not get caught out! A late game pick will almost surely result in a loss for your team, or at least a major swing in the momentum of the game. 

Maximizing Your Physical Damage Back to Top

Corki in an All-AP Composition

There may be games where you ate stuck playing Corki with an all-AP composition (Rumble top, AP mid, Nidalee jungle, for example). Look to fight at dragon if the enemy did not rush an early Aegis/Locket, while your team's spells are strongest, and try to snowball from there. While sub-optimal, there are some ways to increase your physical damage to help force the enemy to buy armor, making your allies stronger.

Blade of the Ruined King  3153.png
Blade of the Ruined King will be your go-to item to increase your physical damage. Normally, Corki's auto-attacks are half physical and half magical, but the Blade of the Ruined King effect is purely physical. Thus, your autos will do proportionately more physical than magical damage, particularly if the enemy is employing the strategy of "stack magic resistance with health to negate magic damage entirely and absorb the physical damage with a larger health pool," as the passive punishes high-HP, low armor targets. 

Fervor of Battle renektoncleave.png
The Fervor of Battle mastery will add compounding physical damage to each of your auto attacks. While not strong in lane, this will help allow you to punish enemies who are neglecting armor, and make you a more potent threat. 

Making Your Autos Stronger 3006.png
You can increase your physical damage by focusing on your auto attacks themselves, rather than your spells. This is sub-optimal because only half of your auto attack damage is physical, but is nonetheless available as an option under dire circumstances.

Neglect Armor Penetration 3035.png
The Last Whisper effect not only affects bonus armor, so you should avoid purchasing an item such as Lord Dominik's Regards. The Giant Slayer, however, may be useful depending on how much health the opponent is stacking, as it will increase your physical damage to the target.

Corki's Special Delivery Back to Top

The Package

The package spawns at 8 minutes into the game, approximately when you hit level 6, and respawns 5 minutes after you use it. The package takes 1 second to procure, and immediately grants you the homeguard effect, as well as 40% movement speed while you're out of combat until either Special Delivery is casted or 60 seconds have passed. 

Special Delivery
Special Delivery is an upgraded form of Valkyrie, Corki's escape, that essentially leaves a Rumble ultimate in its wake. After using it, your normal Valkyrie remains available. It has an extremely long distance, able to carry you from one of the buffs all the way to the river. It knocks enemies aside, so you have to position it well to force them to step on it. Due to your squishy nature, if you think of it as a Rumble ultimate exactly, you will leave yourself in a vulnerable position and likely die.

Using Special Delivery
Because Corki is a Marksman, squishy by definition, you will rarely have the opportunity to flank and split enemies akin to a Rumble ultimate. Instead, your primary uses of Special Delivery will be to zone the enemy team from a specific location and to impact the map through roaming, similar to Quinn or Twitch.

Roaming and Ganking
While you can use your Special Delivery to reach your lane more quickly in order to accrue a CS advantage or go for a kill on the enemy laner, you will normally have a higher game impact by attempting to roam through mid or top lane in order to secure a kill for your team, or by quickly reaching a skirmish and giving your team the numbers advantage. Remember that you will be squishy during this process, so I do not recommend dropping the Package directly on or behind the enemy laner unless they are unable to kill you for whatever reason (low mana, key spells on cooldown, very low health). This is especially crucial during a mid lane gank: approaching a full health Syndra while she has her spells up, for example, is an easy way to blow your advantage. I recommend lane ganking and landing at a safe distance (similarly to Twitch), or cutting off the enemy's escape to force them into your laner while remaining safe yourself.

An example of cutting the midlane off and forcing them to take the river path; make sure to remain safe:

Zoning With Special Delivery

You can use Special Delivery to zone the enemy away from an objective that your team is taking. I recommend starting dragon or baron after poking with rockets, and while remaining safe, W away from the enemy team in a manner that will cut off their entry path, buying you precious seconds to secure an objective.

An example of cutting off the blue team's entryway to the dragon pit:

An example of cutting off the blue team's entryway to the Baron pit:

If you're on the opposite team, simply reverse the locations of your Special Delivery. Keep in mind that this does leave you vulnerable to an enemy team engage, so try to use it in advance; 5 seconds is a long time when you're pounding away at an objective!

During Teamfights

If you're holding The Package before a teamfight, you will generally want to W away from the enemy team, with your entire team disengaging in the same direction. This will force the enemy to either back off, allowing you to poke with rockets, or run through the bomb field, which puts you at a great advantage, especially if you're in the tight corridors of the jungle.

Alternatively, if you're very far ahead, you may use to to chase down stragglers, dive the backline or low enemies, or split/catch the enemy team when they misposition. Be careful and remember that even with your extra W charge, you are very vulnerable!

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