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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Always, no discussion.
14.png Easy matchups, feeling confident in agression.
3.png Hard matchups or if you need it to survive in tfs.
1.png Versus hard cc mid laner/jungler (elise for example)
21.pngIs situational versus long rage mages where none of the above sumonners is useful (Lux,Xerath or Ziggs for example)
6.png It's worth considering , it is very unlikely to see a team full of tanks/bruisers but if there are no assasins in their team or high burst carries like Lucian or Graves it is a viable choice, while its up you are a master of kiting.

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Fury vs Sorcery: I prefer the attack speed to poke with autos while laning as you will be doing it a lot, helps last hiting and enables faster sheen combos.

Double Edged Sword vs Feast: I don't like DES on ranged champs, i think it's only worth for champions that have a safe range like Caitlyn, this is not corki's case so better take feast, the sustain is helpful in lane.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent: Since you will use both autos and spells often you get like free Quints of Lifesteal/Spellvamp while Natural Talent isn't very helpful in lane and by level 18 10ad-15ap isn't noticeable. In mid lane most mages lack of sustain so you can bully them out of lane trading. There is a consensus that Natural Talent is a weak mastery, but at the same time corki is one of the few champions that can make it work so, your choice.

Bounty Hunter: You will be roaming a lot with your delivery so it's easy to get 4-5 stacks + you've no CC.

-------------------- Cunning------------------

Savagery : Helps last hiting/shoving.
Secret Stash: Safest option, the buff to pots can save you in all-ins/ganks.
Merciless: For damage
Dangerous Game: This prevents you from dieing from ignite/creep damage, saved me countless times.
Precision: Border line op mastery and Corki gets 100% benefit from it.
Thunderlord's Decree: It's not only that is the best keystone mastery, it has good sinergy with Corki as he can proc it with auto+Q/R+Auto very fast, but specially with his E it procs instantly.

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Not much to explain here, the reason corki works mid lane is because it deals mixed damage ad/ap so it's hard to itemize against.

Start Q and as soon you feel you can land a Q on the enemy do it so you are not wasting mana regeneration, try to hit minions too and start pushing to get level 2. Look at your experience bar or count the minions, when you are about to get level 2 start moving towards him, skill up E and harass him (retreat before entering the second minion wave or you'll lose the trade). This will cost him 50%+ his hp and will set a dominant tone in lane.

You Q the minion wave on first cast so you can punish his last hiting while not losing the "pushing advantage to level 2" 

Corki mid is meant to be played agressively:

-Trade everytime the other guy last hits a minion (if you won't lose one of your own)

-If he commits into the minion wave use Q and E, harder to miss thanks to minion block and he will take tons of damage + aggro the creeps if he trades back.

-When he is low use your W offensively to jump on his face and finish him/bully out of lane, do this only if you know where the enemy jungler is or have both sides warded.

-Use 3057.png3078.png procs, everytime you use a spell auto attack him.

THE PACKAGEcorkipassive.png

This new feature its a good addition to corki mid lane, it means a free roam that they normally don't expect as you'll come from base. I tell my jungler to gank bot with me, the 4v2 often ends in 2 kills + drake, cut their escape and knock them back to your team.

Late game save it to contest baron-inhibitor, you can also engage if you see some of their members split , hopefully your team will follow and you'll be able to contest an objetive being 5v3.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Common start, gives you damage and sustain.
    Need to dodge dangerous skillshots
    Need sustain and mana to answer wave push
    Test: I quite like the idea of this start, if you think there will be a lot of trading this helps, you can rush hexdrinker and the refillable potion is amazing if you won't get blues, i clear raptors/wolves/scuttler to get a charge.

Core Items

    This represents the 3 power spikes you get, corki benefits 100% from their stats.
    You deal mostly magic damage
    Full Build:You normally replace Dominik for Void Staff/BOTRK/Scimitar or a defensive item
    Patch 6.12 update: After trinity changes you no longer have enough crit to get the cdr from passive. Replacements: Phantom Dancer or RFC

Situational Items

    You can get this as a 3rd item instead of infinity edge if you need lifesteal
    They are all stacking hp and the active will help you kite tanks.
    Get this vs ad assasins such as rengar, with bloodthirster they won't be able to kill you, see them rage.
    If you are dieing to ap burst
    First one if they stack armor/hp, second one vs Mundo,Vladimir,Swain... or if all of them bought lifesteal.
    Not trolling, you deal a lot of AP damage, get this if they stack MR
    Vs full ad comps, helps kiting & surviving.
    Assasins focus you
    If you need to get rid off hard CC
    normally i upgrade to farsight at level 12 or so, yellow is more efficient early, blue is for late game.

Pretty much is all explained if you feel they have AP threats build 3140.png and later 3139.png i don't recommend 3102.png because the passive has been nerfed and normally it blocks not essential spells so it's better to have a scimitar that blocks the CC on demand and gives better stats, it can work vs fed 7.png131.png

RAPID FIRE CANNON (RFC) vs Phantom Dancer (PD)

After the trinity changes no longer providing crit chance the Essence Reaver build is no longer a viable path as the synergy has been reduced, you'd need 3 items to get the cdr from essence reaver and 3 costly items to have enough crit to consider Infinity Edge effective. 

Instead the logical replacement is what competitive has been showing us:

Either RFC, PD, or Statik Shiv.

RFC pros: 

  1. Empowered auto attack from long distance, helpful for a champion whose base range isn't high.
  2. Empowered trinity auto attack, this safe auto attack if used after a spell will deal a lot of damage increasing burst and poke.
PD pros:

  1. Gives more survivality
  2. Better dueling potential due to damage reduction.
Im personally a fan of PD because i like to be ahead and duel everyone in the game, corki has pretty good playmaking potential, specially when you have exhaust is hard to win a duel versus corki.

However with the current meta i normally build RFC as you normally need to stay grouped.

Statikk shiv isn't really an option because corki already has good waveclear and deals magic damage which are the traits you look when building this item.

3157.png on corki? You serious bro? Well Corki builds ad because he has AD scalings but mostly because of the sinergy he has with Trinity Force and the empowered auto attacks. If you have a game with a Zed, a fiora or any other key debuff you should cleanse 3139.png is the best choice as long as they have some CC to justify it or some ap threat where magic resist is useful.

The best thing of 3140.png is that it is cheap and you can buy it for the active and complete the item later, this is by no means an item you should rush versus zed or fiora because the useful stats it provides in the early phase of the game are close to 0 versus them, you get rid of the ultimate debuffs but the damage is still there and you'll lose trades and eventually fall behind.

Zhonya however can be built in this situations:

-They are full AD comp (so the extra Armor is welcome!)
-They lack of important CC that could kill you.

Zhonya is an item that has been nerfed a lot because it had a place in 90% of builds not being situational as it is now, on the other hand Mercurial Scimitar has been buffed and now it happens that its built 90% of the time.

Mind this situation, an example of against which composition you could buy zhonya is:

48.png157.png107.png236.png12.png not that uncommon right?


3065.png this is another item that is powerful in some situations, it must be built after you have built 3072.png It has been my choice some games instead of 3156.png which by the way  is getting a nerf on patch 6.7 (apparently, not confirmed as i write this lines) Malmortius is great against ap burst and gives you offensive stats but imagine they have an ap composition that isn't that bursty but has loads of sustained ap damage, this kind of champions:

13.png25.png10.png84.png(top lane)69.png161.png268.png115.png68.png you get the idea, some of them have some form of hard CC and maybe you need Scimitar but imagine for a second they have a rumble top lane and an azir mid lane with a Kayle jungle the CC is negligible but they stack loads of ap damage, with this visage your dueling power and survivality are increased by a ton because you can heal more than the damage you are receiving from them!

If you have questions ask.

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Dodge ahriseduce.png pre 6 you win trades from distance as his Q doesn't hurt much. At 6 she has good kill potential with ahritumble.png, if you are overextended get into the minion wave so you can block charm.




Apparently 14.png still unstealth her so if you are confident in snowballing take this and ignite before the all in so she can't escape.

If not 3.png and tell your jungler to shut down her, intelligent enemy jungler will probably babysit her. If she gets a lead you will feed, don't overextend and mind she steps at your back everytime she akalishadowdance.png so don't miss spells.




Anivia counters short range mages, and is countered by either long range mages or assasins, corki sadly falls in the first group but his kit has counterplay options.

It is mandatory to dodge flashfrost.png deals good damage and stuns meaning you get double damage from frostbite.png.

Good anivias will try to freeze you with crystallize.png + flashfrost.pngglacialstorm.png, her Q isa defensive tool that they rarely waste (if they're good) it's relatively easy to dodge (hitbox is a bit misleading) but a well placed wall with minion block will force this.

Use carpetbomb.png if this happens.

You can engage on her when he has wasted Q, and valkyrie over the wall to unload all the damage on her, you win sustained fights but anivia will be happy to proc an E and retreat so ideally you should be agressive when glacialstorm.png is on cd (6 seconds) as the Q can be dodged time this cd and play around it.




Pre 6 you can trade if she has no stun (look at the cycle, if she has 3 charges she can get 4th with moltenshield.png

Post 6 don't trade and abuse range with missilebarrage.png instead. You die to her all in.

Mind 4.pnginfernalguardian.png and ward because she will follow a gank this way, respect the initiation range.


Aurelion Sol


I have not played the matchup very much. I have been seeing Aurelion played in all lanes which suggests he is quite strong so i add the medium difficulty as the champion is new and Aurelion players/Us need to adapt to him properly.

His range is short, something that normally benefits corki because  he is range of all the spells and the thunderlord's proc, but at the same time you won't be very far from the starts from his passive which are the main damage tool.

aurelionsolQ.png must be dodged at any cost because if not you will be in range of the starts for a long time, if this happens your choice is to escape with carpetbomb.png or go for the kill. Aurelion gains speed when moving in the same direction so normally the best way to dodge is step left/right.

When looking to all in him stay out of the stars range and when he aurelionsolW.png to expand the ratio use your W +E in his face, he won't deal you much damage at this point, notice that he can use the stun aurelionsolQ.png from really short range but he can aurelionsolR.png+aurelionsolQ.png so be cautious. Ultimate deals a lot of damage when he gets Ap (0.7 scaling) .

When he retreats use missilebarrage.png and be careful because i have seen they like to bait it and suddenly turn around with the ultimate or stun.

Very important to warn the team when he is missing, specially after he has gone shopping because they will try to gank lanes that are pussed through walls and terrain using aurelionsolE.png  




Azir hates when people jump on top of him. If he has positioned his soliders far away jump through them and kill him.

You can't carpetbomb.png his azirR.png




You have to dodge skillshots, trade only if he has missed W and Q as getting stunned post 6 means you die, farm and roam.




She is getting a rework soon right now so i'll update. All you have to do is wait for 6 and poke, unlike most match ups jumping on her face is not a good idea due to cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png ultimate, if you have god like reflexes (animation cast time is around 0.25 seconds) you can bait the ult and avoid the stun but most of the times i fail to predict, maybe with a very low latency it's easier.

Anyway, dodge poison and poke with missilebarrage.png because its the safest way, if you get hit by poison use W because it will follow  2-3 cassiopeiatwinfang.png




Respect the range of rupture.pngferalscream.png, at level 6 you can die to a full combo. Pressure csing.

You should definitely build 3153.png at some point (unless top and jungler doesn't stack hp).

Cho ap damage is crazy early but doesn't scale too well, in mid to late game teamfights botrk will peel him and auto attacks on him will hurt and he will be exposed due to his melee range.




Very snowbally lane, avoid geting hit by dianaQ.png at all costs as she won't be afraid to jump if that happens, post level 6 she is probably deadly even if she miss that, don't get in range.

Take exhaust and be very agressive pre level 6 trying to get a kill or a good experience/cs lead she is only weak at this point.




Relatively easy to bully just be careful with his ultimate and abuse your range.




AD ezreal is easy.

AP ezreal can be hard. This is one of those matchups where you might need to build either  x21055.png or 1053.png early. This way you will prevent being too low.

If you are low he will ezrealarcaneshift.png on top of you and the full combo is deadly unless you are full hp.




Avoid fizzmarinerdoom.png at all cost, consider getting 3140.png sash after 3057.png in order to survive. Harass him very hard level 1-2 so he is afraid, focus on cs fizz farms poorly and if you push he will waste mana in order to do it.




Uncommon matchup, build trinity as usual and a void staff you should focus on your auto attacks the hybrid penetration marks here are very useful.

Post 6 stay out of his range to avoid galioidolofdurand.png which is deadly.




You should pressure him a lot, watch for chained raisemorale.png combo. You can carpetbomb.png in his face when he misses it and should not be able to trade back early.

Focus on denying the last hit of the kegs, gives some gold but mostly you deny his pushing potential and gold income.




Priority is to kill the turrets, don't all in him when he has ultimate because the upgraded turret deals absurd damage and it can backfire. Poke with missilebarrage.png while ensuring he has no turrets (your area damage kit is good to prevent this) and be cautious of said all in because there are high chances that you kill him but that he also kills you with empowered turret.




Not a match up that you will see often but this is a skill match up as Jayce's kit is in some ways very similar to yours, with long rage poke and good all in potential.

Your poke goes through minions while his not so as long as you can stay behind them to block the damage you're fine.

I'd play this lane passively until level 6 when you get your ultimate, pre 6 his all ins are stronger, use your carpetbomb.png when he engages and trade back from safe distance. He out damages you on hammer form.




Jhin is extremely weak to champions like Corki that can jump on top of you at any point, best moment to engage is when he is reloading so you have 2 seconds of free damage, he shoots very slowly so there is no way he can trade (specially post 6), a missposition and he is forced to 4.png backwards.

His strenghts over you are:

-Bigger auto attack range.
-The 4th shot that is a guaranted crit.

Don't stay low hp (you've to leave lane shortly after he has backed because jhinR.png ult has such a range, if you happen to be in range move to the sides, not to your turret as it is easier to get out of the range this way.

jhinE.png should be used in the bushes so when you roam be careful because it will be easy to follow with jhinW.png and then a full combo, but this is all his danger.




Karma mid is a thing again, easy lane if you can dodge poke (which is not difficult) just be careful of the ganks because she is good at assisting them with the extra speed, slows and snares.




Some people picked kassadin vs me but i found it easy, a bit frustrating at first because passive mitigates a lot of damage but when you have 3078.png he dies very fast.

Punish his melee range




Melee Range punish hard her csing and don't let her shumpoo if she hits with bouncingblades.png. Free trades after that.

Patch 6.4 i think the buff is significant, but thunderlord's decree hurts her a lot as she loses trades so often due to this.




I have only seen 2 kog ap mids, i really doubt its a thing again but the poke is relatively easy to dodge and when he misses it she is dead with 0 escapes and 0 damage left. Kog adc is in a pretty bad spot right now with the lowest adc winrate so either in ap or ad version you should stomp this lane.




Good le blanc will destroy you but you are not queued with Febiven often. You'll notice that if you react quick to her leblancslide.png and aim towards her initial position you can trade evenly, this way she gets hit even if she fast w back (which most le blancs do automatically)

If you get hit by leblancchaosorb.png step back, dont let her make easy combos on you




Lissandra is very strong versus assasins due to the inability to burst her, at the same time she is able to burst you if you are low enough. Corki has a similar range as her and both poke tools they own trespass through minion waves so this is a skill matchup until 6, at level 6 you can put some extra pressure with the rockets and she can't do much.

Tips for this matchup:

Avoid lissandraE.png (E) it is strange that they use this spell to farm or to poke, if you see her using it probably a gank is coming so don't hesitate to Wcarpetbomb.png backwards if needed.

Lissandra naturally pushes due to the Q going through minions and since they have a free spell in terms of mana every ~18 seconds they normally shove the lane, keep in mind this when trying to freeze the wave as she will probably push harder so you need to auto attack minions more often than her. Don't push too much because lissandra is great at assisting ganks and this can put you very behind.

I don't like delaying the 3078.png powerspike but as a starting item or just after Trinity build 3155.png she has the damage to burst you, this will save you a lot of times from it.

In teamfights the idea is that she uses ultimate lissandraR.png on herself instead of bursting you or someone in your team, lissandra top does this to initiate but if a lissandra mid does this all the time they'll lose kill potential in teamfights. Don't stay in the area of the ultimate and if she is constantly initiating on you buy 3140.png, you can replace 3155.png with it if you feel she is not able to burst you but the chain CC of their composition is the problem.

Overall the matchup is not hard for corki because lissandra's kit design is better versus melee champs and assasins.




Try to bait the shield poking, you can fire missilebarrage.png from the sides for better aim, you can engage while her luluw.png is in cooldown if she uses it for speed.




Similar to brand, don't get hit by Q and don't trade unless she misses it (bait) if you get hit plan your next shopping.




Relatively hard to deal with early on. Malzahar is godlike in 1v1 duels, think you are playing vs a zed (less movility) , whenever you are under 50% hp you are risking, mind the 4.pngalzaharnethergrasp.png initiation.

Keys for the matchup are:

-Avoid poke from Q + E everything is dodgeable, completely up to you, if he walks to E on yourself be sure to punish him accordingly (good malz only will do this if he has a voidling available, this fuckers deal a ton of dmg, only way he can win an upfront trade with you.

-Try to deny E stacking, i normally max E on malzahar but there are people that prefer to max Q, different playstyles but if you manage to prevent the alzaharmaleficvisions.png jumping on minions he will run out of mana.

-Definitely you have to get 3140.png at some point, evaluate how is the lane going, get 3057.png and then QSS, complete trinity and get QSS after... 2nd item should be QSS mid game corki surely is dealing more damage than your adc so you'll be the focus of his ultimate. Cleanse it and get out of range or finish him depending on his HP.

-If you manage to freeze the wave in your turret you are relatively safe, he can't ult you there because he will get hit by the tower himself. Beg for blues as most malzahars like to push very hard.




Her Lvl 1 is stronger with orianaredactcommand.png afterwards you should get free trades, try to save  carpetbomb.png in order to dodge the orianadetonatecommand.png knockup, she should not be able to burst you until she has items.




Some pros playing her mid lane so this will grab attention in SoloQ.

She esentially does what you do, less range but better roam, she is ad so another ap carry is needed.

The new blind sucks its an OP mechanic but can be dodged, post 6 you should out trade her but it is very important to ward side lanes and follow her quinnR.png.

Unlike with the package there is no sound when Quinn is roaming so it's esential to warn your team and follow the roam.

Your waveclear is better so if she likes to roam (there are better picks than Quinn to stay in lane forever) push the waves so she has to think twice if roaming it's that worth.




Since mage update this is a hard matchup because he is overall better and has more waveclear which was one of his weakneses. Try to farm and when he has swainbeam.png on CD which is the maxed spell now go agressive.

Post 6 don't try to all in because you'll die the missilebarrage.png poke can be futile since he has so much sustain but if he is low on mana you can try to dry his mana and force him out of lane.




Skill matchup where you have to dodge the skillshots, don't die because if she snowballs she will be agressive and insta kill you.

You have to dodge and trade back so she becomes scaried of your own burst.

I'd recommend rushing 3155.png, it will delay your trinity power spike a bit but this way you are a lot safer while laning.




I put this medium because in my opinion Taliyah is a very strong champion that is underrated.

Think of her as Twisted Fate matchup, but she has better disengage tools and engaging frontally means taking full taliyahQ.png(Q) damage and posibly a full spell combo so be careful.

The real advantage comes post 6 when her ult doesn't provide damage but yours is useful, just be very very careful and vocal about her roams, keep side bushes warded so your team can spot her.

2033.png2032.png are needed because good taliyah will push the lane after 6 and roam non stop when she has ultiamte available. Is nice to kill the scuttler to provide vision to the lanes you foresee that can be ganked by her, this way you also get a charge of the hunter's potion and can use the mana to push the lane.

Since the buffs she pushes a full minion wave with negligible mana cost so the best playstyle is push & roam, yet many people try to win 1v1 when she is not the best at it.




Some people figured out this would be a good pick vs an adc but corki isn't an aa based carry but an Ad Caster so he counters him in a similar fashion as pantheon does.


Twisted Fate


All in when he has card on cd. pickacard.png




Vel'Koz playstyle since patch 6.9 should have been altered, Riot wants them to max Q instead of W, this lane used to be a farm fest.

You can stay close to him and punish with E and autos as long as you can dodge his EvelkozE.png, normally the Velkoz combo is hit a Q,follow with an E and W + R this is like the easiest as E is relatively easy to dodge unless you are slowed. So this is the must in the matchup.

Velkoz is incredibly weak so everytime he wastes E go for him W is easy to dodge (at least the first part) and maybe you can get hit by Q but he will get so much damage.

Past level 6 however NEVER engage Vel'Koz frontally, ultimate velkozR.png will deconstruct you and it has a built in slow so you'll get full damage from range and it will follow a full combo meaning you die.

Items wise i'd build x21055.png to get sustain and freeze the lane, Vel'Koz pushed is one of the favourite lanes to gank for a jungler.




Medium to hard depending on his skills. Abuse the range and dodge yasuoR.png don't push or you are dead.

Ask for jungler help because this matchup can easily go both ways and Yasuo's normally push + have poor escape if there are no minions around.

You have to think the way he thinks, look at your minions to see if he has an easy path to get to you and avoid it.




Zed is melee, punish his csing be careful at level 6. Use 3.png if he ults, they underestimate how much it fucks them and you can maybe kill them instead.

Be very careful when you haven't got exhaust and you are half health or less as he can easily kill you. 

Read about zhonya in this guide.

Zed mains are very scary i often ban him because the average zed player is manageable but people that have thousands of games with him can easily snowball a game with this champion, he is banned very often but there are a lot of zed mains.

Right now there are like 2-3 priority bans like Ekko or Graves, nobody will complain if you ban Zed.




Zilean has only a damage ability: timebomb.png(Q) but can use it twice to get a stun.

Compared to pre-rework zilean he isn't very dangerous for the first levels (old zilean could easily kill you at level 2 with ignite) but base damage is pretty high and so is the scaling. Be careful level 7-9 because at this point bombs start to hurt, when he gains ap 2 bombs deal a lot of damage, get some MR glyphs.

I don't recommend to rush 3155.png on this matchup but if they have 2-3 ap dmg dealers in the team definitely go for it as 100% of his damage (excluding aas) come from his burst so if you get hit by the full combo you will survive and have reaction time.

Zilean is very very weak the first levels (1-3) when he misses a bomb go for him as he has lost the chance to stun you and half of the damage, don't chase him for long (specially after grabbing minion aggro) because it's imposible to catch a zilean when he uses his E, has 0 sustain so poke him post 6.

Things to be careful:

  • Zilean can plant bombs on minions and they can run to you.
  • Zilean is good at assisting ganks with a massive movement speed buff for the jungler (works very well with junglers like udyr, shyvana or yi which are often seen in soloQ)
  • Don't dive zilean, remember he can revive himself after 5 seconds (starts when you see bells around him) my advice is change the focus, in a 1v1, if you kill him at this point he will revive with more health, play around like if it is a Kayle ult, hopefully he deals less damage.
  • In teamfights force ultimate on himself as his ult feels more wasted than if put on an hypercarry.
Zilean is good in compositions that peel for an hypercarry (jinx,kog'maw,twitch) or high damage bruisers like Jax or Shyvana. Also counters assasins but as corki you should split damage a lot making his kit less useful.

Early Game Back to Top

-Focus on csing-deny cs

-Get Sheen and use procs to harass
-Be agressive on matchups where you have the advantage or need to be agressive not to get outscaled.

Build paths for the early game:

-Versus AP assasins you might consider building 3155.png as a first item, it is cheap and increases your safety in lane a lot. Delays your power spike like 5 minutes or so though. Better safe than sorry, a good midlaner should not die in the 1v1, this lane is very snowbally, if you feed an assasin he will kill you on repeat and will roam to other lanes being a nightmare for your team. This is always an option you should consider unless you get an early lead and can ignore it.

-Versus AD assasins you can start building 3191.png, as a hexdrinker substitute (Read "Comments & questions section where i explain the particular situations where you might need to build Zhonya's)

-Normally you would build 3078.png as first item. 3057.png-->3044.png-->3086.png if you can't afford 3057.png on first back (early fight at level 2 where you get a kill/get killed and need to back) don't buy the mana gem, buy 1036.png + 1028.png instead and try to get Sheen + Phage on next back.

Every time you back you need to buy something, specially when you get a kill push the lane and back,  on high elo you snowball with little advantages if you are 3-0 but you have 2500 gold in the pocket probably the enemy laner has more items than you, so he can kill you and get a good bounty of gold  making a comeback to the game.

Mid Game Back to Top

Use "The Package" to gank lanes this is when you are stronger. Pressure everywhere and force teamfights if you can (and your team isn't behind), exception is when your team has a good teamfight wombo combo that aims for late game (malphite supp + yasuo top + twitch adc + shyvana jungle + Braum supp) maybe your team still needs some items to fight effectively, in this case keep farming and try to roam and get kills from isolated targets. Corki is good on late game compositions because is a good laner than can farm safely and waveclear and his roaming to help lanes is good (specially with package)-

You should have this items:

3078.png3508.png3020.png + finished or not 3031.png

Late Game Back to Top

This is when corki can fall off a bit. Not in terms of damage because he can do as much damage as Jinx,Tristana or Vayne. But his range is short so you'll normally won't be free dpsing like Jinx or Tristana from a safer range, vayne does more damage to tanks and in common situations you won't be able to deal as much damage as them.

Compared to other mid laners you are probably more useful than Le Blanc at this point, but champions like Viktor,Cassiopea,Ryze,Veigar,Anivia,Karthus... to name a few provide more damage and CC. Corki has 0 CC and CC is very powerful late game because if you kill someone when the death timer lasts for over 60 seconds it means you have a free baron, a free turret or you force a team to fight 4v5 which could mean the anihilation and a won game.

This is why just damage isn't ideal at this point, a good anivia wall followed by a stun + an area slow on priority targets wins a teamfight itself.

The Package is still a game changing ability so use it wisely.

Strenghts and Weaknesses Back to Top


-Hybrid Damage
-Good Waveclear & Csing
-Good Roam
-Sieges objetives nicely, can poke enemy team out of them.


-Glass Canon
-Needs good positioning
-Mana Hungry until you get essence reaver.
-Skillshot based
-People think you troll.

Changes, incoming buffs & nerfs. 6.12 updated Back to Top

Corki will get a minor nerf on patch 6.3 most likely:

  • Phosphorus Bomb (Q) damage lowered to 70/115/160/205/250 from 80/130/180/230/280
  • Missile Barrage (R) [recharge time increased to 12/11/10 from 12/10/8]

The Q nerf isn't that big as you can think, corki deals his damage through trinity auto attack procs, this nerfs his wave clear a bit but corki will still be top tier and worth pick/ban.

The Missile Barrage nerf is oriented to late game so it becomes harder to keep poking a team under they turret for what seems forever, now you'll have to fire the missiles wisely as it is more likely to get out of them at some point,  but you'll only notice this nerf in this specific situation.

Patch 6.4

No changes for Corki and the mid lane meta remains pretty much the same, the items corki builds werent significantly changed (Sterak's Gage was a niche option you rarely needed).

Im not seeing a swift in the meta game at the moment, assasins will remain popular, so do double or triple adc compositions and corki's strenghts remain useful, still worth playing him.

The ahri match up gets a bit easier, right now people spam either ahri or lux so it's worth mentioning that his ahriseduce.png no longer interrupts your W, it's a minor change when escaping you'll most likely be hit by her full combo but if you decide to go agressive on her know your W + E combo in the face is more reliable as the dash won't be interrupted.

I add the Quinn matchup because Faker and other pros are starting to play her so she may land in SoloQ soon.

Patch 6.5

The meta game remains the same regarding mid lane, i expect more fizz & katarina as ahri and lux are still very popular and this 2 are relatively strong vs them and geting buffs/counters being nerfed , corki does well versus katarina, fizz is a bit trickier but hexdrinker has been proved to be a very good and cheap item to get as first item in difficult match ups.

During worlds i saw Febiven using different masteries versus Faker's Zed, i'm exploring new paths but thunderlords and hybrid penetration still seem the best option.

Patch 6.7

Passive - Hextech Munitions

RATO ON BASIC ATTACKS1.1 total attack damage  1.0 total attack damage

This means corki's auto attacks now deal 10% less damage, not a big deal if you consider they dealt 10% extra damage than other champions, so now it is line with other champions.
The auto attack war still benefits corki because specially with the doran blade start the base ad should be higher than all mid lane champions.
I have yet to see if the Trinity passive is affected in a noticeable way but during patch 6.6 corki was considered the highest influence mid laner by the stats page, let's see if he stills retains the crown, he is a consistent pick in the LCS and seems to work great in soloQ.

11-04-2016 Update: This nerf has surprisingly hit corki's winrate a lot. I have played some games with him and i still feel it's a top tier pick, statistics are a bit unclear as i feel corki is not as strong as an adc. When you are playing mid lane he is slippery and if you use too much resources to kill him the team adc is free dpsing, 2 ad carry comps have been very strong the whole season, i think the nerf hits adc corki harder as he hasn't got beneficial trades anymore while laning, and Jhin & lucian outclass him as a burst ad caster.

Patch 6.11 &12

Corki has been buffed 2 patches in a row meaning that his rockets are doing more damage, W has a shorter cooldown and E now is more reliable granting the resistance shred easier.

After like 6 patches were Corki statistically speaking wasn't top tier i think he might come to a balanced/slightly op status again. As an adc isn't very realiable because the CC in bot lane can hurt him and is mana dependent but after the buffs corki has more traits of a mid laner than adc.

About 3078.png synergy well, crit was useful. Attack speed isn't that bad but has a diminished synergy. The biggest change is that 3508.png has no longer a place since you won't stack enough crit. My suggested change is 3046.png or 3094.png i loved Essence Reaver Crit CDR and mana were useful, in addition is buffed this patch but you won't get the cdr with the core build anymore.

Patch 6.13-6.15

Corki received some buffs to E functionality and passive. After a period where he seemed underpowered winrate wise he looks balanced now. Has counters but is a nice blind pick that can carry games.

About the mage update (Patch 6.9) Back to Top

I will be revising the rating and playstyle (if changed) against the reworked mages, a short opinion so far:

-Malzahar: seems overpowered, most likely nerfed soon.
-Brand: remains the same, i'll maybe tone down the difficulty to moderate as his single target damage is less and passive has been nerfed.
-Vel'Koz: Slightly worse (maybe)
-Veigar: definitely harder matchup than before for ads.
-Zyra: I see she is weaker than before, now just kind of heimerdinger inside, don't mess with her when she is surrounded by plants, if caught isolated she is dead, same weakneses as before.

The rest remain pretty much the same, annie still revolves around flash tibbers (but now there is an item to do it more often (gj rito)), nothing has changed that much. I'll just mention Viktor. Definitely seems way stronger than before.

Trash tier champions:


Another noticeable change is that rageblade champions have all dropped significatively their winrates, in the case of junglers the drop is double as devourer no longer exists and the new item seems much more balanced. Its time for riot to revert some of the nerfs the devourer junglers have.

The jungle meta is going to change for sure, tanks are probably still stronger than the assasin type jungler, hard to tell which one is better for corki mid, guess tanks are better since corki has more sustained damage than the average mid laner + a resistance shredder on E and tank meta means safer lane phase than with assasins on the jungle.

Comments and questions Back to Top

Why no 3094.png??

If you follow LCS you are probably noticing that corki mid doesn't build 3508.png and instead builds RFC or Statikk, well this is most probably because you have guaranted blues in competitive while in soloQ is hard to get them because jungler refuses to let them, i have even seen champions like Rengar or Lee Sin that get low benefit from blue buff still taking it so since the stats are not bad (bot corki still builds it) i think this is the safest option, you don't know if you will get the buff or your shyvana top decides she needs blue buff more, not to mention it can be stolen.

RFC adds more movement speed and poke due to the empowered auto that has extreme range but the item has been silently nerfed to a point that probably has the worst stats compared to similar options.

Statikk is not that good on corki because you already have plenty of magic damage and waveclear is pretty good, better take mana and cdr this translates in waveclear too if that is the reason to choose it.

I will be adding more match ups and information, if you have any question i will try to ask them as soon as posible.

I hope you found this instructive and entertaining.

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