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Summoner Spells Back to Top

There really is currently nothing better than 4.png+12.png.
 4.png is a given, it gives you the possibilities of escaping, gap closing, dodgind, and outplaying in general.

12.pngTeleport is right now the best summoner spell on most top laners, it gives you the comfort of being able to back, heal and return to lane without loosing much cs at all. It also makes it possible to tp gank bot lane, join teamfights pretty much immedietly after they break out, splitpush without risk and so on.

14.pngCould be taken vs certain matchups, but the spell becomes pretty useless lategame anyway considering the fact that your ult is going to execute most of the kills you get. On the other hand it is really powerful in the laning phase duo to opponents not realising the damage potential of 14.png and your passive together.
The other summoner spells could possibly have viable uses but honestly those scenarios probably don't occur more than once in 1000 games, so it doesn't really matter anyway.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are the masteries I run. I'm a little torn on whether to use the explorer or tough skin mastery in the resolve tree. Both are viable choices. I don't think either of them do much good as the total damage blocked from though skin wont be anything remarkable, and the movement speed isn't great for laning phase anyway. Either way it doesn't really impact the game too much.

Grasp of the undying is amazing for trades throughout the whole game, so this is a given, especially since Darius uses alot of AAs.

Swiftness in resolve is great since Darius usually has problems with getting CCd and kited.

I take vampirism and feast for the early sustain and lane dominance.

Sorcery > Fury since the higher attack speed isn't anything that Darius really benefits alot from.

The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Abilities Back to Top


If you don't know what his abilities do, I suggest you look his wiki up.
Max Q because of the CD reduction it gets per level, the higher damage for waveclear and easy trading.

We max E second because it gives alot of useful armor pen, especially against tankier opponents, and also because of the lowered CD per lvl.

W lvl 2 for easy last hitting with attack reset and no cost if you kill a unit. Other than that the ability doesn't really improve much with lvl, the slow percentage stays the same, the damage gained is usually less than with E due to armor pen, and also the W requires you to be in melee range, with E allows you to get into more often.

Get ult whenever possible of course.

Tl;Dr R>Q>E>W but get W lvl 2 for csing.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    If vs a bursty melee or ranged champ. Riven/Graves etc.
    If vs a tanky melee champ
    Some people like this start, I really don't however, see text section for further comments.

Core Items

    See text section for build order.
    Elexir for late game. Pink wards all game all the time!
    Merc vs alot of hard CC which is targeted at you, swifties vs alot of slows. Swifties is prefered if equal amounts of slows and hard CC. Move speed helps alot on Darius.

Situational Items

    Again, see text section.
2043.pngIm gonna start with discussing this item. If you're leaving base with more than 75 gold, buy as many of these as you can. It's not a waste as long as you remember to place them. There are alot of videos and everyone is saying how wards are really worth their gold value, so I don't think I need to explain that. It is however genuinly amazing if you're winning lane blue side to pink the river bush. Unlimited vision, the enemy laner can't kill it because then you kill them, and also denies their laner vision in river. Just buy this item. Seriously.

3065.pngGet this if you're vs an annoying AP who you can kill no problem but they keep kiting you, i.e Teemo. Also get this mid game if the enemy team has any ap at all worth building vs. Great 10% CDR and also 500 HP. Also makes you heal more with your Q which is ridiculous already.
3155.pngGet this if you're vs a strong AP who fights you 1v1 and wins, i.e Zac
3071.pngThis item synergizes so freaking well with Darius. It gives you move speed on autos to make you harder to kite, it gives you 30% armor shred from ONE auto attack because of youre passive. Also the 20% CDR is great. Just great item. So get this every game, unless the enemy team has no armor runes, no purchased armor and are all playing Orianna. Now the question is just, when do I get it?

Get BC whenever you're winning lane vs someone who is building armor, i.e. Rammus and malphite usually do that shit. Otherwhise in lane, unless you're crushing your lane opponent, get either3065.png or 3143.png depending on if your opponent is ad or ap.

3143.png>3742.png? Randuins is gives alot more value than dead mans plate does. They give the same amount of HP, randuins gives more armor AND dmg reduction vs crits which is great when ADCs start critting 70% of the time and shit. Also the slow from dead mans is close to useless since you already have w, and also you need to be in melee already to use it. Randuins slow has range, is an AOE and slows for longer. And also they both cost 2900.

3053.pngGreat vs executes and high burst teams. Not so great as first tanky item or vs really tanky teams.

3512.pngVery high value for 2700. Get this if the enemy team has mixed damage and you already have 2.5k+ hp. Great for splitpushing without even being there.

3083.pngGreat vs poke comps as you can just eat some poke for your team, wait 15 sec and be back to full health. Also good if you're already high as hell on resistances and need to bulk up even more.

3748.pngI rarely get this, but it's a great item for when you need more damage to kill their squishies, if you feel like you can get to them. Usually you can't get to them, but if their adc is Ashe or Jinx you can flash E them and insta burst them with this item.

2031.pngThis item honestly has great value in matchups where you are likely to win. Since your Q heals you up alot at lower HP you generally don't need as much potions as most top laners anyway.

2033.pngI don't like this item because it doesn't give any stats. The bleed is hardly noticable, especially when you already have your passive. I just feel like it's lacking stats.

Matchups Back to Top

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Your ult deals more damge.

Get swifties early to dodge his Q more easily.

If he is dumb enough to let you walk up to him lvl 1, just straight up all in him lvl 1, he cant win unless you dive. Don't dive lvl 1.

Start 2031.png1036.png. Take the ap matchup rune page.




Get the AP mathup page.

You are just stronger than her in melee. Get3155.png first item, then spirit visage and cleaver.

Start 1036.png2031.png.


Dr. Mundo


Annoying as hell cleavers. You can't really zone the guy because of them.

Get the AD matchup page and start3065.png.

Easy to get 5 stacks on, he has no dash/escape.

Alot of Mundos ulti too late. It costs 20% of their current HP, so if you dariusexecute.png precisely after he sadism.png, you can usually kill him before he heals up.




Skill matchup. If fiora is good you're pretty fucked.

You are always stronger lvl 1 if you can stay on top of her.

Try to bait out her fiorariposte.png before you ult, otherwise she might just block the whole thing and then you're fucked.

Start 1036.png2031.png, go for 3143.png first item and then cleaver.

3053.png works great vs her.

AD matchup page.




You're stronger in melee range all game.

Get randuins early, his crits hurt.

Try to dariusaxegrabcone.png him, then auto but dont dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png until he uses removescurvy.png.

Killing his barrels is easy if you auto dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png for reset. At least early game.

Start 1036.png2031.png and take the the ad mathcup page.




He is like you but you're stronger 1v1. Your passive counters his passive pretty badly.

Try to harass him constantly so his passive doesn't start regening for him.

Be careful of his ult, as a rule of tumb, it oneshots you if you have 30% hp or less left.

Start 1036.png2031.png and take ad matchup page.




Fuck this rat.

Be scared of him when he's small, fuck his shit up when he's big.

Good Gnars will ruin your day. Kite you to death and just hop around being Teemo except viable.

Start 1036.png2031.png. Ad matchup page.




Dodge his gravesclustershot.png as often as possible, especially the second part.

Stay behind your minions if you dont want to trade, his autos don't go throguh units.

Pretty easy to dariusaxegrabcone.png this guy because he has short range.
You are always stronger in melee range.

Get the AD matchup runes.

Start 1029.png and 4 potions. Also rush 3143.png and then go for cleaver.




Tell your jungler to gank early, 3155.png and 3065.png will win you the lane easily.
Take the ap matchup page, don't take unecesary dmg from his turrets and once you're winning freeze and zone his ass all day. He can't roam anyway.




Dodge her illaoiQ.png. As soon as she ults, get out. It is never worth risking to fight her in her ult.

If you get hit by her illaoiE.png, either back away immedietly or fight her/force her away from your soul.

Don't ask for jungler ganks of you are behind, just build amrmor and hope for the late game.

Start 1036.png2031.png and use AD matchup page.




Her ireliagatotsu.png makes her dodge your dariuscleave.png edge.

Her ireliaequilibriumstrike.png stuns you after you heal with dariuscleave.png

Don't dive her unless you have 5k hp and she has 200.

You are still a lot stronger 1v1 in prolonged fights early game. But if she is good, she will just trade with Q and E until she can kill you.

Just build armor and focus her in teamfights.

Start 1036.png1006.png and ad matchup page.


Jarvan IV


Start 1029.png and potions.

Dodge his EQ as often as you can, same with Q. Ask for jungler ganks. This guy really can destroy you. You cannot hit Q on the edge in his ultimate, which is annoying as hell.

You outscale him lategame if he builds dmg and you win lane if he builds tank.

Get 3143.png first item.




Gets very tough if he gets the advtantage. If you dariuscleave.png and he jaxleapstrike.png on to you, you miss with the blade.

The one thing you can do is zone him earlygame and try to stay ahead for as long as possbile. Get black cleaver as first item in this matchup if you're ahead in order to stay ahead for longer.

Start 1036.png2031.png and take the ad matchp page.




Don't pick Darius into Kayle, even if she is not in the top lane.

Her kayleR.png will mess your dariusexecute.png up all game, which is very annoying.

Go with the ap matchup page, ask for junle ganks and let her push into turret so you can lasthit there.

Once you have your 3 you can look to all in her.

Start 1036.png1006.png and build 3155.png3065.png.




Kennen can kite you to infinity with of his stuns.

Take the AP matchup page, build 3065.png first item and farm as well as you can.

If you feel like you can catch him out and fight him 1v1 it's worth buying 3155.png to be able to 1v1 him. This is only if he doesn't kite you super hard.

Start 1036.png2031.png




She can kite you to hell with her Q slow.

At 6 her ult kinda counters yours, not that badly though.

Possible to win this matchup if you get jungler ganks.

Get 3065.png first item and farm. Ap matchup page.

Start 1036.png2031.png




Your passive is great against his passive. He doesn't really deal alot of damage early game so it's easy to snowball before he has 700 armor and is unkillable.

I would suggest getting 3071.png first item in this matchup, however, if you do, you need to be very careful of jungle ganks since you'll be squishy.

Start 1036.png2031.png and go with the ad matchup page.




You are unquestionably stronger 1v1, but he has some seriously reliable CC with his W so he can easily pull off jungle ganks.

If you are getting engaged on, don't use dariuscleave.png before you are not snared anymore. That way you have a higher chance of hitting.

Ap matchup page and start 1036.png2031.png.




Easy win. Don't fight when he ults unless you're already winning really hard. Most Nasus players overestimate the value of their stacks and stay top way too long before grouping. Use this to your advantage by grouping fairly early and trying to get an inhib with your team.

Ad matcup page, start 1036.png2031.png




1v1 he has no chance what so ever. Break his shield as soon as possible then continue to trade with him.

You can cancel his nautilusanchordrag.png with your dariusaxegrabcone.png.

Be sure to ward up and know where their jungler is, he has craze amounts of CC to set up ganks with.

Start 1036.png2031.png, don't bother taking the mr rune page, he doesn't deal enough dmg to worry about, unless he goes full AP, which never happens.




Your ultimate counters his passive and his ultimate does nothing vs you.

This is one of the few matchups where you are not stronger at lvl 1. His passive makes him insanely strong at early levels, so play passively until lvl 6 when you can kill him immidietly once he gets low enough for his passive to get ridiculous.

Ad matchup page, start 1036.png2031.png




Avoid dariuscleave.png before he pantheon_leapbash.png since he will land on top of you. ALWAYS auto before useing dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png so it doesn't get blocked.

Don't die until lvl 6 and then kill him, his ult is useless 1v1.

Ad matchup page and 1036.png2031.png.




For some reason I have never managed to dariusaxegrabcone.png in her quinnE.png. But I have seen it done so it must be possible. If you manage to pull this off 100% of the time this matchup is medium.

She is squishy as hell so if you can get in melee of her she is dead.

Get ad matchup page and start 1029.pngpots and first item randuins.




True damage anyone?

Ward and watch the map for junglers. Other than that this matchup is izipizi.

3071.pngfirst item, be careful when doing this as you will be squisy. 3065.png second item. Ap matchup page. Start 1036.png2031.png.




This is a skill matchup. Ad matchup page, start 1029.png pots and play safe unless he uses an ability to farm, in which case you want to trade before it is up again.

If he uses his E to initiate a trade with you, instantly walk away from him while activating Q just before he lands W. This will put him in the outer range of your Q.

Don't fight while he has ultimate up unless you're winning by a mile.

Build 3143.png first item then cleaver/zzrot/spirit visage depending on how you are doing.

You ARE stronger 1v1 in PROLONGED fights, but he can easily disengage with his E and stuns.




This is really hard if Riven knows her shit.

She wins trades 1v1 if she is smart enough to riventricleave.png/rivenfeint.png into you when you dariuscleave.png.

Usually very easy to bait.

Get the AD matchup rune page obviously.

Start 1029.pngand potions. Rush 3143.png and go for zzrot or BC depending on how strong you feel.




If you can dariusaxegrabcone.png him he is dead. He has no escape so it's easy to stick to him.
If you cannot dariusaxegrabcone.png him for the entire laning phase, he becomes really annoying, poking you down with his rumbleflamethrower.png.

Don't stand around in his ultimate, build 3155.png if you didn't kill him before you can afford it. If you did, go for 3065.png into 3071.png

Ap matchup page, start 1036.png2031.png.




All in him before lvl 3 if you can, since his passive wont work.

If you push him under turret before he has tear, he will miss alot of CS/loose all his mana.

After lvl 3 he becomes a beast if he has mana, get 3155.png first item then 3065.png. Once you have 3155.png he can't 1v1 you IF you are able to dariusaxegrabcone.png him.




Your dariusaxegrabcone.png cancels his shenstandunited.png. Don't dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png under his shenfeint.png.

He cannot outtrade you if you slow him with dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png and dariusaxegrabcone.png him if he taunts out.

Easy matchup overall.

Ad matchup page, start 1036.png2031.png. Build cleaver first if you're a man, otherwise go for 3143.png if their team is AD heavy, and 3065.png if their team is AP heavy. You don't need to itemize vs Shen's damage because it isn't that high, and the 500 HP you get from either item will be enouhg to keep you alive.



dariusaxegrabcone.png him while he charges crypticgaze.png.

Ad matchup page, start 1036.png2031.png and build 3143.png first item.

Be careful of his early lvl 2 if he takes a camp with his passive and Tp's to lane.


Tahm Kench


Don't pick Darius into Tahm.

He can remove your stacks with tahmkenchW.png and his tahmkenchE.png fucks your ultiate up.

Really bad matchup over all.

Never won this matchup, so I don't feel as if I have any valid tips lol.




Always some cunt who picks teemo lol.

Take the AP matchup page.

Start 1036.png2031.png

Rush 3211.png and his poision will heal you. Almost xD

Just farm until you are able to hit dariusaxegrabcone.png, then fuck his shit up. Be sure not to dariusaxegrabcone.png during his blindingdart.png.




A matchup in which you loose after 6.

Don't fight during his ultimate and you should be good.

Build 3143.png first item, ad matchup page and start 1036.png2031.png.




You HAVE to win this earlygame and try to zone him as much as possible.

Once, or if, he get's ahead you are fucked. That's it basically.

AD matchup page, first item 3143.png. Start 1036.png2031.png




He has no actual escape.

In this matchup getting 3742.png is worth it because of the movement speed in lane. Get this and swiftness first. Then go for3071.png if you killed him once or twice, otherwise go for 3065.png.

Don't be afraid of his pool cancelling your ultimate setting it on CD, it will only go on CD after the damage is dealt.

Ap matchup page, start 1036.png2031.png.

Abilitiy usage Back to Top

This section is dedicated to the diffrent combos, and other ways to use Darius' abilities.

Decimate (Q)
You need to hit this on the outer area for it to be effective. If you hit with the handle, you miss out on half of the damage, the missing hp heal and a passive stack. This is a very basic mechanic which must be understood and mastered in order to do well on Darius.

You can use Q to one hit the caster minions in a wave at some points in the game, especially if you get 3071.png as first item. With his Q you can 2v1 alot of jungle ganks, especially if your lane oponnent is already low and the jungler does not have CC and/or burst damage. The heal is completely insane late game in teamfights.

Crippling Strike (W)

This is an auto attack reset, and a 90% slow. Use this whenever you E someone, but use an AA first and then reset the animation ASAP.

Apprehend (E)
Great vs melees to engage/re-engage fights, also alot of people underestimate this abilty's range, so it can usually be used in lane vs ranged champions to get into melee range.

Noxian Guillotine (R)
The most satisfying ability in the game. And also the most annoying some times when you press it and your team kills the enemy before it finishes. This wont put it on CD, but it still is hella frustratig.

Can often be used to 2v1 jungler ganks if you manage to get 5 stacks and just ult kill both of them. This actually happens alot. If you are fighting someone 1v1 you don't have to wait with using this ability until when it will kill them 100%. Often times people will hesitate and get scared if they have 200 hp left after an ultimate, letting you auto once and then winning you the fight.

A rule of thumb of how much damage this deals at 5 stacks of your passive is 300 at rank 1, 700 at rank 2 and 1000 at rank 3.

At rank 3 this ability becomes even more beast when it "Unlocks" and has 0 mana cost and no CD at all if you kill an enemy with it.


Basic trading combo
- Start with E if you aren't already in melee range. AA, reset with W, Q and position yourself so it hits with the blade, back off.

Basic all in - Start with E if you aren't already in melee range. If you E then walk ahead of them for just a fraction of a second before AA them, reseting with W and then Qing, poistioning so it hits with the blade, while also walking forward to stay ahead of them. After this continue auto attacking and staying ahead of them by cancelling auto animations after the damage is already dealt and walking while the auto is on CD. Use Q and W as often as you can, but make sure to always auto reset with W. Don't worry about getting too far behind them from auto reseting as your W has extra range and also slows by 90% so it is easy to catch up afterwards. Of course finish them off with your ultimate IF NEEDED or if you just really wanna show him who's boss in this lane. If you tryhard only use ultimate when you have too.

Fancy Q flash - This is actually really hard to pull of well, so practice in normals/customs before you try to pull it off in a risky situation in ranked.

Start by chargin Q, walking towards the enemy you want to hit, then as soon as Q is about to spin around, flash in range of the enemy so that you hit them with your blade.

This isn't useful in every game you play, but in some rare situations it is good to know this.

Farming under turret with Q and W - This is mostly useful when there are only caster minions left.

Scenario: There are 5 caster minions lined up in front of your turret, all at full hp.

Note which minion the turret is going to hit, use you AA to hit ANY other caster minion. Immedietly after your AA hits, charge your Q. Line your Q up so it hits all 5 of the caster minions. Now the turret will cancel it's second shot at the minion which you just killed with Q. Now use autos to finish the remaining minions, but watch out for which one the turret targets. If it targets once which you wont be able to AA before it's dead, use W to reset auto and kill that minion off.

Teamfighting Back to Top

Teamfighting as Darius is very straight forward: Get 5 stacks on someone, dunk their entire team to death.
This is your main goal. Getting that 5 stacks is HUGE. not only will it give you a whopping 200+ dmg at lvl 18, but it also puts a rather high dmg bleed on everyone you hit with autos or Q blade.

Your secondary goal is to peel for your ADC, unless your adc is AFK or completely useless, in which case you should just get 5 stacks on who ever is easiest. If however it is worth peeling for your ADC, for mid for that matter, you should go ahead and get 5 stacks ASAP on whoever is trying to kill them.

Another neat trick in teamfights is to get 5 stacks, flash auto W R their ADC and they're usually dead from that. This is useful vs immobile ADCs such as Ashe, vayne with no ult, Jinx, kogmaw etc. It also works vs Graves and  people with short dashes if you have your E up. Don't try this on Ezreal, it never works out well. Also if the enemy has Kayle/Lulu or something, don't do this.

Early Game Back to Top

In the early game, you are a lot of times stronger than your opponent, and in order to win the laning phase as hard as possible, you should try to get an early advtange, ward your lane and then position yourself infront of your opponents caster minions, while backing off in order to get cs on the melee creeps from time to time.

This will send the message "If you want cs, you have to go thorugh me first" to your opponent, and if you're ahead enough, your opponent wont fight you, and instead just zone themselfes from csing.

Also, this approach gives another advantage. If your opponent has been playing safe all the time, not fighting you while you zone them, and then suddenly go aggressive out of nowhere, you back out as soon as possible, since there probably is a gank coming.

This method is not without it's risks however, as you can easily get ganked while standing in such an aggressive position, but as long as you keep your lane warded, preferably with a pink ward, you should be safe from ganks.

Pros and Cons Back to Top

+Very strong early game, especially vs melees
+Very strong in prolonged fights due to his passive
+Annoying laugh
+Exremly good at fighting low mobility tanky enemies due to those fights always being prolonged and his ult having true dmg
+Satisfying ult

-Easily kited
-Don't do well vs high mobility high dmg teams
-Considered a noob champ by many, which you shouldn't care about really, but still
-Sometimes too easy to carry with, takes the fun out of it

Who am I? Back to Top

I'm Lordoflingonsylt on EUW. Reached diamond about a week before writing this with Darius. Have about 100 games on him.

Don't wanna brag really, just in case you wanna look me up.

More matchups coming soon. Back to Top

I'm gonna be working out more matchups soon. In the meantime, feel free to ask anything in the comments!

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