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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png Ignite

Range: 600
Cooldown: 210 Seconds

Targets an enemy champion dealing 70 - 410 true damage [50 + (20 x level)] over 5 seconds. Reduces the target's healing and regeneration by 50%. Grants vision of the target.

Ignite is the go-to offensive summoner spell for AP Casters and Assassins. Useful in all stages of the game, it helps secure kills early on and helps assassinate targets in the late game that rely on lifesteal or health regeneration to 
stay alive.

I like ignite over teleport at the moment simply because snowballing and getting the early advantage is crucial in the fast meta of preseason 6.


11.png Smite

Range: 760
Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Deals 390 - 1000 true damage, based on champion level, to a monster or enemy minion.

Smite is a must in the jungle, without it you lose your ability to secure red and blue buff and the river objectives of Baron, Dragon and Patrick (the scuttle crab). Additionally, in order to buy jungle items you must have smite. And you want jungle items right?


4.png Flash

Range: 400
Cooldown: 300 Seconds

Teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor.

Mandatory on almost all champions, Flash allows you to make quick and unexpected plays that can catch your opponents off-guard. Dodging a key CC skillshot or escaping over a wall are some of the many reasons why flash is the most picked summoner spell.

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Skill Order

                       Lunar_Rush.jpg > Crescent_Strike.jpg > Pale_Cascade.jpg > Moonfall.jpg                     


  • If you do not anticipate your jungler ganking around level 3, feel free to put a second point in Q and then leveling E at level 4.
  • Leveling W at level 1 can be an effective way of mitigating harass against certain champions ( 55_64.png , 61_64.png ).
  • Putting additional points in W is great against all-in champions ( 238_64.png ) and soaking up harass.
  • E is the definition of a one-point wonder. Always always max it last.
  • Using W early on to push your opponent's tower can give you a level and CS advantage. Watch out for ganks!


Jungle Diana Abilities


I would pretty much always follow this route. Unlike lane Diana there is a definite way to level skills in the jungle. If your going farm heavy then maybe more points in shield would be okay. But honestly post-6 Diana ganks have great crowd control and damage so it would be a waste to farm away in the jungle.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Item Set 1
    Item Set 2
    Item Set 3

Core Items

    Core 1
    Core 2
    Core 3
    Example Full Build vs AD
    Example Full Build vs AP
    Machete Upgrades

Situational Items


Starting Item Sets

Item Set 1 ( 1056.png + 2x 2010.png ): 
  • Doran's Ring - This is for when you think you'll have an easier time in lane or if you would like to snowball in order to reach your items faster. That means one less ring to buy when you back. Immediate combat stats are great for early game. Don't underestimate it!

Item Set 2 ( 1029_32.png + 4x 2010.png ): 
  • Cloth Armor - This item is a great pick up against AD casters and AD assassins. It builds into our core item Seeker's Armorguard. I would argue that either Flask or Cloth Armor are good, but that Cloth is the more situational pick. Feel free to swap the pots around to your preference, I just like this setup.

Item Set 3 ( 1082.png + 2031.png ):
  • The Dark Seal - This is a snowballing item. I only take it in super easy matchups when I want to press an advantage. I find this item difficult to utilize to it's fullest extent since Diana doesn't have great kill potential till level 6. Buying a  1056.png  when you back is helpful. 


Core Items

Core 1 ( 2x 1056_32.png + 3020_32.png ):
  • Doran's Rings - Having extra ring gives immediate combat stats and a helpful stacking passive. I would buy no more then two just because otherwise they would take up too many item slots.
  • Sorcerer's Shoes - Movement speed is an essential stat on champion and Diana is no exception. Sorc Shoes are used above all else because of the damage amplification against squishier champions. All ranged champs (Therefore most Mages and Marksman) have 30 Magic Resist that does not scale with level. +15 Magic Penetration is a significant increase in damage output. 
  • Note: Always, always get two Doran's rings. 
Core 2 ( 3001_32.png , 3157_32.png ):
  • Abyssal Scepter - Ability Power, Magic Resist, Cooldown Reduction and an AP amplification aura, this item has a lot of stuff going for it. Really good in conjunction with Sorcerer's Shoes to do true damage to ADC's during the mid game. 
  • Zhonyas's Hourglass - I cannot emphasize how important an item this is on Diana. Because you have no escapes it is essential that once you go in you can survive burst/cooldowns from enemy champs. It gives you time for your Q and W to come off cooldown and the Armor and Ability Power are nothing to scoff at. 
  • Note: Zhonya's Hourglass used to be core but with the changes in the mage update it isn't as slot efficient. You're an assassin so having as much ability power as possible is in important. Forgo Zhonya's unless absolutely necessary.
Core 3 ( 3089_32.png + 3135_32.png ):
  • Rabadon's Deathcap - This is where you get a large chunk of your ability power. I would hold off buying this until you have either Zhonya's or Abyssal. Not much else to say.
  • Void Staff - Such a great item that allows you to deal significant damage to tanks by ignoring a portion of their Magic Resistance. This should be bought as your fifth or sixth item: either before or after you buy your defensive item depending on the situation. Typically speaking, you would want to buy a defensive item when you are ahead to minimize mistakes and a offensive item when you are head and rely on your mechanics and positioning to not mess up.
Secondary ( 3100_32.png ):
  • Lich Bane - Some consider Lich Bane to be a very lackluster item on Diana but I would have to disagree. It provides mana, movement speed, ability power and an extremely power passive that compliments your kit. Don't kid yourself, Moonsilver Blade + Lich Bane Proc will do upwards of 1000 damage lategame. Nothing to to scoff at.
Defensive ( 3026_32.png , 3102_32.png ):
  • Guardian Angel - I think Guardian Angel is a bit overrated on some champions but I think it works really well with Diana. Besides the revive passive, the extra armor and magic resist are strong when combined with the two shields on your W. If the passive gets popped sell it for a Banshee's Veil until the passive comes off cooldown. 
  • Banshee's Veil - A little bit unexpected but Banshee's is a strong item on Assassins who rely on not getting CC'ed before reaching their target. The health and magic resist are great padding and work well with both the stats and the active of Zhonya's. I like the magic resist alot and can be a really good rush before the enemy APC gets Void Staff. Spell Shield is always relevant!


Machete Upgrades

Machete Upgrades ( 3706_32.png -> 1402.png):
  • Stalker's Blade - I prefer this item over Ranger's Trailblazer simply because the 20% slow steal suits Diana's role as a jungler better. She has to do a lot of farming before she gets level 6 but it is best to capitalize on her ganking strengths as soon as she gets her ultimate. The slow not only does damage but makes landing your Q easier. After blowing your combo it allows you to catch up and get your Moonsilver Blade passive off.


Situational Items

Elixirs ( 2138_32.png , 2139_32.png ):
  • Elixir of Iron - This is a great buy in the late game for team fighting. The slow reduction and tenacity are paramount to staying alive in teamfights after you go in. The captain-esque ability is fine for initiating. This Elixir is fine, but I only get it if I am going slightly tankier, which isn't that often.
  • Elixir of Sorcery - This is the best elixir for Assassin Diana by far. Extra ability power for free is nice, but I am more interested in the extra mana regen because Diana has troubles managing mana for extended teamfights in the midgame. Plus, the true damage passive is nice for a small amount of extra burst. Take this almost always if you've reached five or six items because the temporary stats are invaluable.
Situational ( 3115_32.png ):
  • Nashor's Tooth - Another great item that has its uses on Diana. The increased CDR and passive on hit damage is great and have good synergy with her passive. It combines well with sheen items such as Lichbane. Many people like to claim that it is an absolute necessity on Diana and have done the math. A lot of them have said that Nashor's Tooth provides more damage but this is an ideal situation where you can continuously auto attack. I would focus more on raw AP damage which is why I prefer a more AP focused build with resistances. I also think that you get more mileage out of your passive with more AP which can do upwards of 1000 damage late game.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Zilean



103_64.png - Difficulty: 3.5/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png):

Recommended Items: 1033_32.png -> 3001_32.png , 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: I would get a Null-Magic Mantle only if you are having a bit of trouble in lane. Upgrade to Abyssal if loosing horribly. Otherwise I would get D-Rings and Boots and the Large Rod if you have enough gold to turn into Zhonya's.
  2. Match Notes: This matchup is dependent entirely on Ahri hiting her charm. Even though she has three separate dashes, their is a short period of time where she cannot reactivate the ability. You can interrupt one of her dashes if you time your Moonfall (E) correctly. You should be able to roam more frequently due to your low cooldown ultimate. Be wary, getting tagged by the charm almost guarantees your death if she has Deathfire Grasp.



84_64.png Difficulty - 2/10
Item Set 2 ( 1076_32.png + 2x 2003_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 1033_32.png , 3157_32.png , 3364_32.png , 2043_32.png
  1. Item Notes: You should be okay with just a null-mantle and some rings for early tankiness. Zhonya's is nice when she tries to dive you under tower. Feel free to upgrade to Abyssal if you are losing otherwise I would skip it entirely.
  2. Match Notes: Akali will be able to poke you down with her Q but you can prevent some of the damage with W. Both of you have big power spikes at 6 but I would argue that yours is better since she'll only have one charge when she levels up so you can take immediate advantage of that. Ask for ganks pre-6 to get the lane rolling in your favor. You should be able to burst her down late-game if you upgrade your sweeper in order to negate her shroud.






268_64.png Difficulty - 8/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3001_32.png , 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Itemizing for Magic Resistance is really important in this matchup. He does such consistent DPS and burst damage later in the game that it would be unwise not to buy abyssal. Zhonya's negates the damage and knockback from his ultimate and saves you a couple of seconds in order to jump out of range. You can compare Azir to Syndra, another long rage mage with high sustained and burst damage. What makes these champs so difficult to play against is that they can sit safely from a distance and wave clear and harass without any form of retaliation. The meta seems to be stagnating towards these kind of champ pics. Be warry, Diana has a lot of trouble with them.
  2. Match Notes: Azir gives Diana so much trouble. She is melee and his ult counters your gap closer so you have to bait that out first. It's unlikely you'll get a kill so roaming to side lanes is your best option in getting ahead. Laning is difficult even though Azir doesn't have high early game power. Soldiers provide zoning and he can shift them around in order to harass you. Call for jungler ganks pre-six and try to sit outside of range of his soldiers.






105_64.png Difficulty - 5/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Zhonya's is a nice counter to Fizz's burst. I'm not really a big fan of Abyssal in this matchup just because Fizz's burst comes really hard, really fast.
  2. Match Notes: I think this lane is pretty evenly matched. Fizz is slippery and can use both his Q and his E to dodge your Crescent Strike. It's hard to gank Fizz but have your jungle pressure midlane as much as they can. Lategame his burst is unrivaled so be wary.






126_64.png Difficulty - 5.5/10
Starting Item Set ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Getting at least a Seeker's is great in this matchup. Get two rings and then work on your boots if you're winning. Rush that Zhonya's and then get some more AP. Jayce is primarily physical damage and he builds lots of Armor penetration therefore it is essential to get Zhonya's.
  2. Match Notes: With the rise of my favorite champion in midlane (yay?) you need to be vigilant when playing against him. He'll zone you with his auto attacks and has fairly good disengage. Specifically, he can use his E to knock you away from him and put your ultimate on cooldown without consuming the moonlight debuff. Sadboys :(


















117_64.png Difficulty - 2/10
Item Set 2 ( 1056_32.png , 2x 2003_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3020_32.png , 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Lulu is a relatively easy matchup in that she wont have a lot of kill pressure in lane, but you also won't be able to kill her that much. I pick these items so I can roam bot and be there for every Dragon fight. Rabadons or Deathfire Grasp seem fine if you feel that you can outplay and burst Lulu down fast enough (which you probably can't).
  2. Match Notes: Lulu will shove you under tower so take some points in W to reduce poke damage and shove back. Neither of you will have much kill pressure so your best bet in getting ahead is to assist your jungler in ganking side lanes. 












61_64.png Difficulty - 7/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 3x 2003_32.png ): 

Recommended Items: 3211_32.png , 3001_32.png , 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Orianna has always been a consistent midlaner and her damage and burst is severely underrated. I prefer Specter's Cowl over Abyssal Scepter because it is hard to dive her. Zhonya's is nice to negate the damage and CC from her R and W.
  2. Match Notes: She'll bully you hard during laning phase, her passive Clockwork Windup gives her an additional AP scaling on her auto attacks so they sting. She can leave her ball in the minion wave in order to deny you CS by zoning you or by having the ball over her own minions so you can click them. She has additional armor and magic resist if she has the ball on her and her shield can negate some of your burst. Diving her is difficult because she has an AOE slow and knock up that do significant burst damage, be careful!






134_64.png Difficulty - 9/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3102_32.png , 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: I prefer a Zhonya's rush and then a Banshee's Veil. Zhonya's to negate her ult and Banshee's so you don't get hit by her stun. I don't like Abyssal Scepter in this matchup and I would instead try and avoid her in 1v1.
  2. Match Notes: Laning is hard against Syndra, she out-ranges and out-damages you hard. She'll rush either a Morello's or an Athene's which will make laning significantly harder. Ask for jungler ganks and roam to get ahead.



91_64.png Difficulty - 3.5/10
Item Set 2 ( 1056_32.png + 2x 2003_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 2x 1056_32.png , 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Rings provide a bit of extra health, I would suggest rushing a Seeker's and if you are behind focus on farming and getting Zhonya's to negate his burst.
  2. Match Notes: This got a lot easier with the nerf to his E, the silence wrecked Diana. Focus on farming pre-6 and harass him down post-6 until you can all in him fast enough that he won't be able to react with his ultimate as an escape. Both of you have fantastic roams so try and match him or shove hard and head bot.


Twisted Fate













101_64.png Difficulty 7.5/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3001_32.png , 3211_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Magic Resistance is essential against Xerath. His burst is unrivaled as a poke mage and its hard to dodge as well. Zhonya's could be useful is their ADC is fed as well.
  2. Match Notes: Laning is hard against him especially once he gets his mana regen item. Ask your jungler for ganks. All of his spells have exceedingly long range and getting stunned or slowed almost guarentees that he hits more spells. Stay out of auto attack range so he can't proc his passive. Xerath is an immobile mage so ask your jungler to keep an eye on your lane. Ward properly to watch his roams, he brings a lot of damage and CC. Dragon fights can be a problem because he can zone you with his poke.



157_64.png Difficulty - 5.5/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3020_32.png , 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Armor is important as well as movement speed to juke his Q projectile. Yasuo will do magic damage with his dash and static shiv. Not much else besides that.
  2. Match Notes: You should be able to win an all if he doesn't have his knock up available. Try to bait out his Wind Wall so you can get the reset on your ult. If you can use ult to dash to a minion or monster, use zhonyas to dodge his knock up. He is very mobile in lane so pop your W when he comes in to trade. Remember that your Q travels faster the closer it is to you and is much harder to dodge.



238_64.png Difficulty - 7/10
Item Set 1 ( 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png + 2044_32.png ):

Recommended Items: 3157_32.png
  1. Item Notes: Zhonya's counters his ult and armor really helps mitigate his damage. Timing is crucial. Remember that Zed's ult tick last three seconds and Zhonya's stasis lasts for 2.5 seconds. 
  2. Match Notes: He will harass you hard in lane so putting an additional point in W can be helpful. His all in and mobility are unmatched as an assassin. He will split-push and can duel you 1v1. Guardian Angel could be a useful buy but I still insist on buying Zhonya's. If Zed splitpushes attempt to engage on a 4v5 teamfight and take objectives. Otherwise send more then one person to stop him and see if you can hold positions under a turret. Zed has the potential to be one of your hardest matchups depending on the skill level of the user.







Pros and Cons Back to Top

20.png Pros

  • Strong laning versus Assassins pre- and post-6
  • Fantastic roaming
  • Shield that scales with AP
  • Only 1 skillshot
  • Passive has large AP scaling
  • Easy jungle clear early game
  • Potential infinite gap closers
  • Strong itemization paths
  • Strong Burst

3.png Cons

  • Get's bullied by poke and long-range mages pre-6
  • Situational escapes
  • Skillshot is curved and easy to juke
  • Only one form of CC on a long cooldown

Early Game Back to Top

Early game is where Diana struggles the most. She is melee, has no innate sustain, and has only one ranged ability with which to farm from a distance. Your decision making during this stage of the game is absolutely vital. You want to dodge and mitigate harass as much as you can, but you also want farm in order to create an advantage over your opponents. Balancing these two things is what can separate a mediocre player from a good one. Another thing you need to learn in order to truly master any champion is not only how they interact with other champions, but when and how you can press your advantage. This section will attempt to cover this in a succinct and relatable way.

Your job in the first few minutes of the game is to determine how the lane will play out? Are they harassing me constantly with spells and auto attacks or are they using their spells to farm? When do they play aggressive and when are they passive? How do they move around and through the minions waves? Taking into consideration these things can make laning easier for not only Diana but for all champions. Let's start with midlane basic.

The minion wave reaches each other in the middle of midlane at exactly 1:55. I like to arrive promptly to make sure I don't miss the death of the first minion not because of gold but because of the XP. Securing the level 2 advantage before your midlaner can determine how the laning phase plays out. Champions such as Syndra, Cassiopeia and Jayce have large spikes at level 2 and will look to push their advantage. Unfortunately, Diana isn't one of them. With only one long range ability pre-6, Diana doesn't have much kill pressure without your jungler. Your job is to secure the level advantage over your opponent before they do. Thankfully, Diana is fantastic at pushing waves early levels thanks to her passive, Q or W being AOE spells. However, if your opposing laner gets level 2 before you do (on the death of the 7th creep) then you need to back up. Diana cannot trade well against long range mages with her kit until she has a few points in Q and a point in R. Play safe! Don't make trades that will give your laner an advantage. Secure as much CS as possible while dodging harass or using your shield to soak some of the damage. Make sure that if your jungler is playing on ganking your lane that you put a point in your E in order to bring a form of CC to the gank.

For Diana, I would classify her Early Game as levels 1 through 5 where she is almost completely on her own. She should back either before she hits level 6 or soon afterwards and buy at least 2 doran's rings and some sight wards. Level 6 is such a dramatic power spike for Diana that she can duel and burst just about any midlaner in the game.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game is where Diana hits her stride. Ideally you would like to have taken Mid tower and secured a Dragon with your jungler. Your job as an AP assassin is to roam, maintain vision control to create picks and to grab more objectives. Diana has consistent marks on all three of these key game elements. How you choose to proceed determines the outcome whether it be a close-out or a fifty minute game.

Laning is a more mechanical aspect of the game while midgame requires game knowledge and good decision making. What you need to be looking for is opportunities to assist your teammates. Perhaps they are losing botlane and are pushed to tower. Coordinate a gank with your jungler and make it a 4v2. This is easily attainable with proper vision control. Securing the scuttle crab is an essential step to maintaining Dragon control. By helping botlane and taking bot tower, you instantly gain an advantage by taking away vision and security for the opposing team. That is why it is crucial to take towers which are the most important mid game objectives. Other things you can do to secure your teams lead is to help your jungler steal enemy jungler buffs to get the timers. This is especially important in the new season without spirit stone and a nerf to mana regen items, mid laners and junglers need blue buff to stay on the field as long as possible.

Read the Warding section to learn how to maintain vision control during the mid game.

Picks seem like such a simple thing but midgame they provide a period of time where people aren't present to defend towers. Picks lead to towers which lead to global goal that snowballs your advantage. Diana can make picks well with good CC, high burst, and potential infinite gap closers. Mastering Diana's midgame and pressing the advantage can vastly improve your win rate with her. After all, she is one of the best midgame champions.

Late Game Back to Top

The transition from Mid to Late game is hard to recognize but generally occurs when the majority of your team reaches level 16-18. What you and your team should be focusing on is securing vision around the river objectives of Dragon and Baron.

Inhibitors and inhibitor turrets are essential. Having a wave of two or three super minions draws enemies away from defending other towers. This bonus is amplified with Baron and Dragon buffs that allow you to push lanes extremely quickly.

Again, getting picks are tantamount to getting objectives. During teamfights you generally want to be diving in on the AP or AD carry. If you team has good follow up CC then generally you would want to Q -> R -> E -> Zhonya's.

Ability Combinations Back to Top

Harass Combo

Crescent_Strike.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg > Pale_Cascade.jpg > Moonsilver_Blade.jpg

  • Use this ability sequence in order to whittle down your opponents health in lane (Generally should do around 45 - 50% of their Health bar).
  • If you can, auto attack the enemy champion twice in order to get your Moonsilver Blade passive active.
  • Hit them with your Q to get the reset on your ultimate.
  • Activate R, there is a small window where one can activate other abilities while dashing, then use your W to pop all three orbs at once to get a refresh on your shield.
  • Proc your Moonsilver Blade passive.

Standard Combo

Crescent_Strike.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg > Pale_Cascade.jpg > Moonfall.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg > Moonsilver_Blade.jpg

  • I am not gonna lie, this is always fun to pull off. This will usually kill them if they are around 55 - 60% health.
  • Hit your Q and dash to them using your ultimate. W during the animation or when you land to pop the orbs and shield your self. R places you slightly behind the target so auto attack until they move or flash away from you then E them back towards you. If E is out of range dash to them again using R and finish them off with your passive proc.

Initiating Combo

Crescent_Strike.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg > Pale_Cascade.jpg > Moonfall.jpg > zhonyas biatch.png

  • If you want to start a team fight, this is how you do it.
  • Land your Q on multiple enemy champs and dash to the one in the center of the group (hopefully a carry). Pop W to soak some damage and drag and slow all of them towards you. Smash your face against the keyboard hoping to activate Zhonya's and chill will your team obliterates them. GG EZ.

Escape / Quick Dash Combo

Crescent_Strike.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg

  • This is used as a way to escape ganks or other unfavorable positions while you are in or around the jungle. Q provides sight to all non-stealthed enemy champions, minions, monsters and pets thanks to the Moonlight debuff. Gaining vision of a jungle monster allows you to use your target dash ult in order to move towards them.
  • The second part of this combo is that if you have vision of an enemy you can Q and before it lands use R to dash to them and still get the reset. Just make sure you hit Q in the first place >.<

Reverse Positions Combo 

Moonfall.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg

  • This combo requires a small amount of practice in order to learn the timing so go hop into a custom!
  • Activate E and then quickly dash to the target before they are pulled towards you. If you time it correctly, the target is pulled close to your originally position and you dash to their pre-displacement position. This creates good distance between you and the target and slows them.

Inverse Combo

Lunar_Rush.jpg > Crescent_Strike.jpg

  • This trick takes a lot of practice in order to perfect but is very rewarding. 
  • The advantage of it is that your opponent has less time to react and to dodge the Q skillshot because you are dashing to them first.
  • As with the Q -> R -> W combo, you are going to cast your Q during the small window of opportunity during the dash animation. This practically guarantees an R reset. Very useful, learn it! 

Reset Combo

Crescent_Strike.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg > Pale_Cascade.jpg > Moonfall.jpg > Crescent_Strike.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg > Lunar_Rush.jpg

  • This requires a fair amount of cooldown reduction and five points into your Q in order to pull off.
  • Use this in extended chases where it is necessary to dash to the slippery target multiple times in order to kill them. Honestly the pattern is slightly different every time so it would be impractical to say where exactly in the chain you would proc your Moonlight Blade passive. It is possible to proc it two and even three times. It is important to remember your passive is a large part of your burst so auto attack as often as you can.

Warding Back to Top


Besides her ultimate, all of her abilities (including her passive) are area of effect. This means that Diana will naturally shove the lane. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is important that you have enough information to not get caught with your pants down by the enemy jungler. Here are some key warding spots to keep you safe while you lane. Most of the time I ward the ramps on either side between the river and the jungle and I pink the push above or below red buff. Wraith ward is good because it provides vision and information to the rest of your team about the enemy jungler.

Warding Purple.jpg


Objective Control

There are two places that are essential pinking spots for objective control. Dragon and Baron, and the bushes directly in front of each red buff. A lot of people don't know about this spot but it is the most helpful warding spot for split-pushing in the entire game. People never check this bush allowing you to get so much mileage out of one pink. The same goes for the crossroads ward right outside of blue buff. So good for splitting! The other wards are there to provide vision control of large areas of the jungle. Use those at your own discretion and as a case-by-case basis.

objective control.jpg

Jungle Route Back to Top

Final Map.jpg

Note: This is mirrored for each side. Sorry for the visibility of numbers in the river.

FrompSquare.png > Alue_SentinelSquare 64px.png > Freater_Murk_WolfSquare.png > Qed_BramblebackSquare.png > JrugSquare.png > Dlder_RazorbeakSquare 64px.png > 64px-Rift_ScuttlerSquare.png

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These changes are nice but I don't think they will push Diana into competitive play. I'm just glad they are paying attention to my champion <3.

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November 2016
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My IGN is Hey Man Come On and I play on the North American servers. I am currently Gold IV and am excited to start climbing when Season 7 begins. I do not play Diana in ranked currently but am looking to introducing her into my ranked pool. I have played somewhere close to 500 games as Diana and would consider her to be my best champion. Use this guide as reference but do what feel most comfortable for you. 

Questions, comments and concerns are all appreciated. Don't forget to give this guide a thumbs up if you liked it!

If you are wondering about the guide title it is from Daylight's End, Diana's login theme music. Here it is!

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