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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png Ignite

Ignite is OP, since it does good amount of damage.*70-410 damage depending on your lvl
If you have ignite up and the opponent has it on cool-down, you are basically one ability ahead and
you will come ahead if you don't chicken out.
Because Diana is very strong after hitting lvl 6, Ignite almost guarantee's a kill if you are even with the champ you are trying to all in. ( you can be a little bit down in cs and kills and consider even- 20/30 cs down, 1-2 kills down at 20 min)

4.png Flash

Very easy pick up for almost all champions.
It lets you HARD engage, escape, jump walls, and dodge spells to come ahead.



New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top



Vamp over Natural talent.

Althought natural talent gives u a bit of ap, Diana doesn't need that much ap to kill the enemy adc/mid which are the primary targets that you have to go for.
Vamp will make it so that you can sustain in the early laning phase a little bit so you can farm.


Secret stash/ Assassin

You can choose between these two depending on what you like more.
I'd say you can take the secret stash if you think you will have harder time in lane against your opponent.

Thunderlords = OP


Abilities Back to Top


Diana5.png > Diana2.png > Diana3.png > Diana4.png

diana1.png Moonsilver Blade

- Every 3rd auto attack Diana deals more damage and Cleave in small area in a shape of crescent moon as an AOE.

* You can hit minions 2 times and ( W+ flash + auto + ignite + Q ) enemy champ at lvl 2-3 to burst them down*
they will not expect it and they will die if they were 60-65% hp.

all you have to do is harass them with Q 2-3 times to make them around the 60~65% hp.
If it fails for some reason, they will still burn flash and live with like 1 hp which will make you win lane because they have to base.

* not recommended if you think enemy jungler will gank you 24/7 *

Diana2.png Crescent Strike

- Fast minion clear and it reveals targets when hit for 3 seconds ( not for invisible targets )

- Good poke early/mid/late game

- Must practice to hit this spell atleast 90% of the time in order to do the wombo combo

*** Try not to hit targets with the circle at the end point of this spell rather hit them with the LINE animation which comes out before the circle *** Enemies will dodge your Q easier if u are trying to hit them with the circle thing at the end.

*** I don't use smart cast with Q because i want to be 100% sure if it's going to hit.
Q is too important to miss and 1 missed Q can potentially lose you the entire game when it's 40 min + 

Diana3.png Pale Cascade

- This will protect diana from harass by negating good amount of damage in the early game

- 3 orbs revolve around you and if it hits a target, they explode and you also gain a magic shield.
each of the orbs do a good amount of ap damage and when the 3rd one pops, you gain a little more shield.

This spell allows you to do damage to the enemy and have a shield that scales off of your ability power, which can make you tanky and aggro enough to dive towers 1v5 with Zhonyas hourglass.

Diana4.png Moonfall

- Pull enemies towards you and slow them for 2 seconds + have a short knock-up effect

- range is not that long after the nerfs ( 350 range )  so use it when you are close to the enemies.

- You can decide to take moonfall before lvl 8 depending on the situation.
if your jungler is near and they are ganking for you,  take E at lvl 3~4

Diana5.png Lunar Rush

- you rush to the enemy really really fast and deal damage.

- if you hit Q, you get to use Lunar Rush 2 times on the target(s)

- you can use R to escape by using minions as a escape route.
hit Q on the jungle minion, get the vision of them and use R to escape.

------------------------          Examples of Basic and expert Diana combos        -----------------------------

Q + R + R

Q + W + R + R

Q + W + R + E + R

Q + W + R + E + Auto + Auto + Q + R

Q + W + R/Ignite + E + Auto + Auto + Q + R + Auto

Flash + Q + W + R/ignite + E + Auto + Auto + Q + R + Auto

Flash + Q + W + R/ignite + E + Zhonyas hourglass + wait for your team to do something + Q + R + Auto

* you can Auto before E if u know the target doesn't have flash 1v1*
example:    Q + W + R + Auto + E + Auto + Auto + Q + R

* you can also ignore hitting Q and just go  W + R + E + Q + Auto.
it will lose the 2nd R but it still does a good amount of damage and you can still burst enemy adc with just
W + R + E + Q/ignite   if u are fed.

These cover almost all examples and there will be few other variables depending on the situations u are in


WER = Smart cast         Q  =  none smart cast      T = Smartcast Q



Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Basic start
    lay back farm option- for hard opponent

Core Items

    Full Item #1
    If the Enemy team has 2-3 AP champs Example : Ap mid/top/jg
    VS ad mid or if the enemy team have 1 ap mid/ top

Situational Items

Starting items.



- doran + 2 pots + trinket

standard start for diana. 
Unless you have no interest in killing the opponent and want to sustain in lane, this is the best starting item.
If u have hard time because you get harassed too much, you can choose the option 2 below.


Doran shield + pot

- you can maybe think about this if you are facing really hard opponent like darius and olaf if you end up playing top lane.


- trinket.

when u start the game you can run out and ward for potential invade.
it will refresh and u can use it later when you need it to see enemy jungle ganks.

After clearing 2 waves the time will probably be 2:45~ + ish and the enemy jungler will gank around 2:55- 3 min
if they decided to gank mid.

Know where the enemy jungler started his first buff and ward after clearing 2 waves.
you can ward the route where the jungler will gank after clearing the 2nd buff golems.

Example picture :


Core items for mid game.

* note : i buy 3 dorans about 80% of the time because i don't like having mana problems and sometimes in solo queue, your team jungler doesn't give you the 2nd blue buff. I don't like crying over blue and i hate lacking mana.
If you can deal with having 2 doran rings, it's much better in gold efficiency.
You can choose to buy 2 or 3 depending on what you like.


- 2-3 dorans + abyssal + pen boots.

Get abyssal if the enemy team is Heavy AP damage ( ex. AP mid/top/jg )    or  if they have mid AP and top AP
and you feel u need magic resist.

if enemy team have only 1 AP, but its a mid laner and you are having hard time in lane, you can just get the negatron cloak and work on getting your zhonyas.
* AP mid laners that you will have hard time will be Heavy AP damage dealers which are ......
                                Veigar, Annie, Syndra, Leblanc. - the ones that can 100-0 you.


- 2-3 dorans + zhonya's + pen boots.

Very standard for diana.
Zhonya's hourglass is the 1st most needed item for diana because her ulti is hard engage that teleports you to the enemy target.
Every game, as a diana you will hard engage 1v5 or dive towers etc.
this item helps you go in and be invincible for 2.5 seconds when u activate.
If you hit Q on squishy target(s) and you are grouped with your team, you can just All in on that target and activate zhonya's. 


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
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  • Jayce
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
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  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Xerath
  • Zed
  • Ziggs




Ahri will poke you and auto you in lane early game because of her ranged advantage.

Try to dodge her Q by side stepping.
Unless you get hit by every Q, you will not take that much damage since you get 2 HP back from last hitting minions from your masteries.

When she comes to harass you with her auto, try to harass her back with your Q
she is very squishy so if you hit Q 2-3 times, she will be really low in health.

At lvl 6, Diana can kill her with ease.
You can dodge Ahri's E by side stepping after you initiate with R and kill her.




Akali is not very hard to face, but her Roam can make her out scale.

Early level, akali will harass you with her Q

at lvl 1, you dont take much damage from her Q so just try pushing the wave and kill minions to get health back.

at lvl 2-5 you can use your W when she throws her Q and block her damage.

Dont be afraid of her just use your W and attack her back, she will lose trade.

At lvl 6, you have 2 charges on your ult but akali has to wait some time for her ult to have full 3 charges.

Try to hit akali and the minion that you will hit 6 off with, and go all in on her right away if possible.

She can't beat you at lvl 6 if you initiate fast.

** it's not that good to waste money on pink early game to kill akali, try to save money for your other items and ask for gank if u need, to win lane

** akali can roam after lvl 6 so warn your team and ping them back + ward the route that she can roam on bot river side so you can negate roam.




Anivia difficulty from my perspective is really hard.

I find any champ that i can't kill when ever i want is really hard match up.
Her passive " EGG " is too powerful to get through.

Diana can kill anivia, but diana does not have enough attack left to kill off the egg afterwards.

Ask jungler to gank so it can make lane easier.


Early lvl, anivia will harass you with her Q and auto.
Anivia Q hurts a lot so try to not get hit by it.
Her Q animation is kind of slow, so you can sidestep it to try and evade.

after lvl 2, she will have Q and E

try to use W when ever she throws her E

* this will be a passive lane where anivia will just farm cs later on, which can make her scale for late game. Your job is to have your junlger camp mid so anivia does not get the chance to scale by csing too much *




only reason annie is considered medium difficulty is because of her lvl 6 all in potential.

annie's Q gives her full mana back when she kills a unit with it, so she will
use Q to last hit which will make her cs really easy.

try to push lane at lvl 1 and hit her with your Q if she comes to auto you.
you push the lane, so she to focus on getting the minions instead of harassing you.

at lvl 2-5 every time she throws a Q at you, u just have to use W and negate her damage.

you can have easier time in lane if you hit your Q every time.

at level 6 she has potential to kill you with ignite.

try to buy before lvl 6 and you either want to have 3 doran rings or 1 doran + negatron cloak to not die to her lvl 6.

It is possible to just stay in lane forever and kill her at lvl 6 if you had a easy time in lane and hit her with your Q several times.

Annie has no escaping ability other than flash, so asking for gank early game can
put her behind.

If she gets fed, try to complete the abyssal scepter and you wont die to her burst 




Very good Azir main, if there are any, can be insane.

right as of now, there are not that many people that can play azir to 
his full potential. 

in theory, azir can zone diana lvl 1-5 and make her lose a lot of her cs.

at lvl 1 azir will get W (because thats the only thing he can get )

which are the soldiers and those soldiers can auto you to zone you from csing.

in order to farm as much as you can without getting too much harass, you have to farm between the soldiers auto attacks.

You can time your csing when the soldier has already attacked, they pretty much have low attack speed early.

at lvl 6, azir's ult can cancle diana's ult.

* azir is very squishy, but it's a bit hard to kill him because of his ult that negates all
of diana's R damage.

Try to out play him with flashing his ult, or just all in when he doesn't expect and maybe you can beat him.

* if you got to hit your 1st R without azir having reaction time to use R, he will use it right after you hit him with R, so dont use your 2nd R charge right away. After he uses R and try to escape with W+E or W+Q+E, you can choose to chase him with flash, or just back off and kill him next time since he has no more ulti.

-------- ganking azir is little tricky cuz he can escape quite easy, just try to hang on and farm.

****** for beginners, i dont recommend picking diana into azir.
****** not alot of ppl can play azir super well, so right now if u play well, you can always win




Cass difficulty ranges from " very easy to very hard " depending on the enemy skills.

Cass will harass you early game with her Q

you have to move consistently move around to avoid getting hit by her Q and
harass her back with your own Q.

She is very squishy so if u hit your Q 2-3 times, she will be really low hp and unable to
stay in lane.

Try to hit your Q and cs + dodging her Q, if you've done that well, this lane was won already.

At lvl 6 her ulti is pretty much easy to dodge.

You can all in at lvl 6 and she will ult you, but u can dodge it by flashing  to her back, or just simply walking behind her after you hit your R.
You can right click behind her after you got your R on her and dodge her ult.

**** she is very strong if she keeps hitting her Q + E on you, so be careful to not get hit by every single one of them ****

**** she is very easy to gank because she has no escape, so ask for gank and let her waste flash and hp ******* 




I know it's a bit weird for some people to think chogath is hard match up,

but as a good chogath player, diana is not that threatening.

early lvl diana will try to harass chogath with auto and Q, but chogath can heal it off
by simply killing minions.

It's pretty easy to dodge chogath's Q, but he doesn't need to hit Q he just needs to farm and sustain health.

Unless you hit him multiple times with your spells and autos, he will pretty much always be full hp because of his health regen.

At 6, if you ult chogath, he can simply use W + ignite + ulti  and probably kill you.
he does not even need to hit Q, because he does enough damage already to 1 shot you.

*********** this was for good chogath players only *************

******** but ........ not alot of players play chogath + there are not many people who has mastered the chogath.

Most cho-gath players are really easy to vs and only few can actaully kill you.
Don't be afraid of chogath, you should be fine 80% of the time.




Fizz is easy.

fizz will get E or W lvl 1.
he will W and walk to you to hit you and all u have to do is just back off a little, 
and he will just go and attack the minion for last hit.
You can just hit him with your Q if he walks up to u.

At lvl 2 he will get Q.
fizz will W+Q you or E+W you.
Just use your W when he uses Q on you and you should negate all of his damage.
Don't be afraid to trade back, you will not lose no matter what.

at lvl 3 -5 do the same thing , just use W and trade back when he Q's you.
You can use Q every time u get the chance.

At lvl 6 fizz will try to all in you.
You can't die to him if u played right until lvl 6.
If you played lvl 1-5 right, he will have less hp then you, which means you can just all in him back and win.
Try to dodge his E with flash and you will win 1v1 at high percentage.

********** fizz can snowball really hard with help from gank and his great roaming ability

********** be careful of his roam, he will pick up kills from bot lane and outscale you really hard. you have to ward the route where he can roam bot, and warm your teammates when he is missing.




Galio's Ulti counters Diana's all-in really hard.

galio have a lot of magic resist from his kit and W.

early lvl it won't be so hard, u just have to dodge his Q as much as you can and farm +
harass him with your Q.

* ask junlger to gank him so he cant get fed late game *

at lvl 6, you do have damage to kill him, but u cant really kill easy because he might be near at his tower, or his jungler might help him out.

If he is near his tower and you try to kill him, he will simply use ult and taunt you so you take tower damage + his ult damage and die.

* best way to kill galio is just kill him when he is not near tower, or ask for gank.

**** this difficulty vary on the player that is playing galio, but most likely it won't be ezpz to win vs galio.




it is not easy to kill heimerdinger.

As sad as it sounds, heimerdinger is actually a strong solo laner.

if he plays heimer well, you might be in trouble.

heimer lvl 6 burst is actually really strong so watch out.

- early game, he will try to zone you with his turrets, but u can just farm with your Q and auto if needed.
 You cant really walk in on him and try to auto him and kill, because he can do more damage than you with his turrets. Just try to cs as much as you can while not getting hit by turrets too much.

At lvl 6 you can all in him with ignite and *** dodge his ult with flash ***
His burst can 100-0 you if u don't dodge his combo with flash, so be care full.

** it's always good to just ask for gank and make game easier, so just ask for gank.

*** watch out~ heimer might not be a troll champ ~




Jayce does a lot of damage with his E + Q combo.

If you get hit by every one of his combo, you will lose.
Atleast dodge 50% of them and you will be fine.

Early lvl, he has the advantage, because he can hit you from range.

You can choose to get W lvl 1 and negate harass, or just take W lvl 2 and harass him back with your Q at lvl 1.

When ever he hits his E+Q combo, he will change his form and jump on you melee.
You can time your W when he jumps on you and trade back.
you will not take that much damage from him and he will just E " knock you back "
and go back to ranged form.

* Time your W when jayce jumps on you *

That's all you need to know about vsing jayce and you should be fine.
After you get seekers armguard, you will not lose to jayce if you were not that far behind in cs. 

Diana can always kill any match up at lvl 6 if she had harassed her opponent with
Q 2-3 times.
Have jayce around 60-70% hp and you can burst him down at lvl 6 




Karthus is pretty much easy in lane, but he will outscale really hard late-game.

he will try his best to hit you with his Q
and you have to consistently move around to dodge his Q.

At lvl 2-5 when you get W, you can pretty much use W when you think you are getting hit by Q and farm at your best.

lvl 6 karthus ult can be cancelled by diana's E.

* ask jungler to gank karthus pre 6 and ask them to keep ganking *
Karthus is REALLY HARD out scale champ, you have to kill him MANY times so he cant
get good items.




Time your W when kass throws Q

That is all you have to know for lvl 1-5.

Kass is really weak early game because of his item build which will be 
1st item Tear , or 1st item ROA.

Because he is getting mana item, he will lack AP early game.

Try to hit your Q when he is trying to last hit cs with his Auto attack.

Don't be afraid to trade with him, he will do less damage than you.

Push the wave as fast as you can, so he has a hard time farming under tower.

**** ask for gank pre 6 because he has no escape ability and he is very weak ***

after 6, he can roam bot, or top so warm your team that he is missing and ward where he can possibly roam.
Kass can get really fed by picking up kills roaming, so you have to really have an eye on him.




Katarina is only scary when she gets random kills by roaming bot.

* WARN YOUR TEAM when she is missing, and ward so you know where she is at all time *

early lvl u have to use W when she throws her Q at you.

At lvl 6 when kat ulties, use your E to cancel her ult.
* Don't use E unless she channels her ult, you need to save it *

* when katarina is picked, try telling your team in champ select to pick champs with CC
( crowdcontrol "STUN" )

----- you won't lose unless she gets random kills, or you use E carelessly so have your eyes on her roam -- --




Kayle's ult can counter your combo late game when there is 5v5 team fight.

Try to not use your 2nd R and Change to a different target for All- in when it's late game
and kayle uses ult.

Early game, kayle gets E lvl 1 and she has range advantage over you.

You can't really farm when she has E running, so stay back until it runs out.

Her Q+ E // auto you combo is really strong, so be careful.

Try to negate her Q damage with your W and stay far away and cs at your best ability.

* ask for gank if it gets too rought, I dont recommend you picking diana after kayle in champ select unless you are really good at diana *

* there is always a way to win if u hit all your Q and trade better early game *
* you can still kill her at lvl 6 if she doesn't have full hp, just have to all in and back off for a short time when she has ult on, and go back on her again with your 2nd R  *




Good leblanc is hard, and most leblanc is at medium difficulty.

you can choose to get W at lvl 1 if you want to block her Q damage at lvl 1.

Every time she throws a Q, use W to negate damage and farm from far back.

At lvl 6, you can burst her.

She is very squishy so it will be easy to burst her down.

She has a passive that will make a clone of her when she gets to low hp.

Not a lot of leblanc is good enough to utilize the clone when they are not ready.

* you can just kill the clone and her at the same time it doesnt really matter. Hit her with your Q when it comes off of cool down and kill her.
* Clones can't have buffs on them, so if she had a blue buff, the one that has the buff is the real leblanc

* it's not easy to gank leblanc because of her W escape.
Try to ask for a counter gank, or just farm safely til 6 and you can beat her. 

**** her burst is really high, so having a negatron cloak first item is good for you.
Try having 3 doran rings , or 1 doran + negatron at lvl 6




Oriana = Easy early game / Hard late game.

Oriana is pretty easy to deal with if you go aggro, but she will outscale really hard if she gets decent cs.

She will do more for the team 50 min + than you at a 5v5 team fight.

You and your team have to pick people off before doing a team fight so you don't have to deal with the 5v5 if you can.

Late game when oriana and her team sits at the inhib tower and just wave clear, its hard to engage.

Only way to break it is to hard engage + zhonyas hourglass, so you have to figure out when it's the best time to go all-in. Try going hard if you hit enemy team's squishy target.


early game, Oriana can get Q and Q+auto you or get W and harass you with auto.
It's not easy to dodge ori's Q but try your best and cs as much as you can.
Try to be more agro then far back, because she will just zone you if you chicken out.

Ask for gank since she has no escape ability.




Use W when he throws Q

You can even get W first lvl 1 if you want to.

Harass with your Q and don't be afraid to trade back when he Jumps you with W
Dodge his E channel by moving behind him, and auto.

Rush seekers armguard to secure victory.
ask for gank to ease your lane.

warn botlane when pant is missing since it's likely he will ult bot when he hits 6.




Syndra's Difficulty is Medium, but right now there are lot's of syndra players that uses

" Script "   and difficulty can raise to >>>>>    Extra Hard.   <<<<

It will be really hard to vs syndra script, but if it's not // it will be skill based match up.

Try to dodge her Q and hit your Q

Her E can negate your ulti, so you can either save your ult until she uses E or just all in whenever you hit 6, and try again later.

Her lvl 6 burst is really strong so i recommend that you have 3 doran rings , or
1 doran ring + negatron cloak.

** she can get snowballed and you can lose control of your lane if she get's kills, so ask for gank if you feel that you need help.




Talon 1v1 is really easy early game, but he can always roam to snowball.

Warn your team when he hits 6 and missing.
Ward where he can roam and keep an eye on him after 6.
If he goes to buy after hitting 6, there is high chance that he will run bot after buying, 
so be careful and warn your team that he could be coming.

Early lvl use W to negate his W/ or Q damage.

You will always win trade if u use W correctly

rush seekers armguard or have 3 doran rings and u will be tanky for the 1v1 and never lose.

Don't waste money on pink ward to kill him early game, because it's not worth it.

At lvl 6, if u all- in on him, your burst is higher than his so don't be afraid.

***** 1v1 he is easy enough to win, but when he gets going with kills from roaming, he will be unstoppable.


Twisted Fate


TF is easy in lane but his lvl 6 ulti roam is really strong.

Be aware of his ult Roam and ping your Bot/top lane back when he is missing.

Having 2 wards for top and bot side where tf can roam is very useful to see where he is going.

When he goes back to base after hitting 6, he will likely ulti and roam bot.
Tell your bot lane that he can ulti bot and ping them and say he can ult.


Early game, he is pretty easy.

You can side step his Q cards pretty easily and time your W when he throws his W at you. You can even know when he will throw the W because he has the animation on top of his head.

your lvl 6 all in is really strong and can kill him at full hp if u wanted to, so dont be afraid to all- in.

**** he can win lane if you die because of a gank, so be careful for enemy jungle gank*
**also your jungler can feed him kills with a fail gank, so be careful !




Veigar changes diana's build if he gets fed, and he is  the only champ that does that to diana.

Veigar can 1 shot you at lvl 6 if u dont have negatron cloak or 3 doran rings.

Try having negatron cloak atleast, and you can decide if you need abyssal scepter too.


Early game, you want to push the lane as fast as you can with hitting Q on him.

He will try to stack up AP with his Q by last hitting minions, so he will try to not use Q on you too much.

Early lvl, it's really hard to cs under tower and if you push waves as fast as you can, he will have hard time gathering AP stacks.

At lvl 6 you can all - in him if you had decent lane - phase and put him down to 60-70% hp with your Q harass.

Try to not stay in lane at 6 if u haven't bought and he has full hp + ignite

**  he can have great synergy with his jungler ganking you because he has great CC **

Try to be careful when u run out of wards and care for jungle gank.

*** when veigar gets fed late game, he can 1 shot you every time he sees you or when you fight 5v5. **

you might have to change your build to - abyssal,zhonyas,deathcap,banshees,void,penboots. ( take out lichbane)




xerath is pretty easy once you get to practice and doge his Q.

when he channels his Q, keep moving to left or right to dodge his Q
if he just uses Q right away, it'll be a little difficult to dodge but you wont take that much damage.
You can always use your W to block the Q damage.

Important thing to do when vsing xerath is to dodge his E which is his stun.

At lvl 6 you can all in him and right click behind him after you hit R so u can dodge his in-coming E.

you can cancel xerath's ulti channel animation by using your E.
Try to ward where he can roam bot, so u can follow him and cancle his ult when he tries to pick up low health targets bot.

* he is really squishy, so ask for gank early *

* to counter his wave clear late game, Try to HARD engage and zhonyas before he gets too much poke on your teammates *




Diana has an easy time vsing Melee ad champs mid.

rush seekers armguard and you will not take fatal damage.
When you get your zhonyas hourglass, you can use it when zed's ult will pop
and you will not lose to him 1v1.

Early lvl, you can side step zeds Q if you time it right.
It takes some practice, but it will be easy once you know when he will throw the Q.

Don't back out when he is trying to trade you, unless he hit double Q.

Time your W when you are getting attacked.

Your lvl 6 all- in will beat zed's lvl 6 all in as long as you save you hit your Q for the double R.




Ziggs poke is annoying to deal with early game and his passive gives him

Strong auto attack to harass.

Try to cs when his passive is down, you can know when it's down by looking at his Bomb on his hand. ( it also has a bomb lit sound when it's up and you can click on his character to see if it's up )

Doding his Q is not hard, but not easy//  try to side step zigg's Q 
Zigg's Q will bounce really far, much more than you would expect, so dont run in a straight line when you are trying to dodge. - sidestep is the best way-

at lvl 6, just like always, diana can burst him down if your Q hits him.
* Try saving your 2nd R for when he tries to flash / or jump away with his W

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- Can burst about any champ when diana hits 6 1v1.
- Can turn the game around with one good initiate on the enemy squishes. 
- Her E can cancel channeling.
- Have good amount of defense for a ap mid laner because of her W scaling off of AP she is pretty tanky.
- Great champ to play with Zhonyas hourglass, very effective item.


- can throw the game with bad initiate.
- can be zoned by ranged midlaner early game and lose cs.
- Don't really have an escape for jungle ganks early game after burning flash, if jungler comes and ganks again it's hard to survive.
- not the best champ, but any champ can be good if you know how to play well.

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im      S Diana 2, S Diana 2 NA      in NA server

i've played  league in season 2 for 1 year and did not play on season 3 that much because i did some other stuff.
I'm back in season 4 and decided to play on my smurf account which was Sdiana2 and tried to play diana only.
Turns out, someone told me that i was ranked 3 in the world and after that i tried to cs better and got the
rank 1 world Diana.
I think i got it pretty easy, but maybe it's because not a lot of players play diana.
I wrote this guide so there can be more people that knows what diana can do, or learn something about diana.
I'm not sure if it helps a lot but as a diana player i think it can help some people.

Highest rank i got so far was challenger 980 lp in season 5.

A lot of people think i'm 1 trick pony, but i had 4 other accounts and i've played many other champs 
hundreds of times. I used to mainly play adc ezreal and graves.

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