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Summoner Spells Back to Top

12.png - Enables Diana to have an easier laning phase and gain advantages through TP'ing to other lanes as fights break out across the map.

14.png - Lets you have stronger all ins, and burst in the later stages of the game.

4.png - Flash is standard on most champions, Diana is no exception. Flash away from danger, and Flash into enemies to kill them.

4.png dot-pattern.png dianaarc.png dot-pattern.png dianateleport.png

New Runes Back to Top

Electrocute.png?width=64Reward of bonus damage when you hit the enemy with 3 separate attacks, which Diana can easily do in multiple different ways.
Sudden%20Impact.png?width=64 Get Free Armor Pen and Magic Pen when you ULT dianateleport.png or Flash 4.png onto someone, so more damage especially agains't squishy targets, and with a 4 second cooldown can be proc'd basically for the entire duration of a fight.
Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=64 Earn Ability Power for killing champions and wards.
Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=64 Healing of abilites, Daiana is a fighter and will be damaging multiple enmies pretty consistantly throughout fights, so you will heal a good amount with this.

Triumph.png?width=64 Lots of sustain during fights if you or your team kills an enemy. ( Can switch for Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 extra attack speed is also good for splitting or into melee matchups)
Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 More damage against lower health targets

Compared to the old Storm Raiders mastery page, you lose out on the speed boost, but get more damage and some healing with this new rune setup.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

dianateleport.png dot-pattern.png dianaarc.png dot-pattern.png dianaorbs.png dot-pattern.png dianavortex.png

dianapassive.png Passive

  • After casting an Ability Diana gains attack speed for the next 3 Basic Attacks 
  • Every 3rd basic attack cleaves in a small AOE around the target hit dealing magic damage to all targets hit
  • Great for clearing waves and damaging multiple enemies at once

dianaarc.png Crescent Strike

  • Shoots an Arc shaped projective damaging all enemies hit.
  • You can start Q instead of W if you are in a Melee matchup such as 238.png3.png etc
  • Aim directly over your mouse, with the weird angle it takes it’s easy to misclick trying to Arc the skillshot in a certain way
  • Cast time is slightly faster if you cast it short range, but is way less likely to hit
  • Throw this at the enemy, but try to make the arc part hit the minion wave as well

dianaorbs.png Pale Cascade

  • Diana shields herself and surrounds 3 balls, when those balls, every ball that hits an enemy will damage them and give Diana a bigger shield.
  • Use this any time you ULT dianateleport.png onto the enemy for more free damage

dianavortex.png Moonfall

  • Increases the attack speed gained from Diana's Passive dianapassive.png
  • Draws enemies in a small AOE around you, and slows
  • Diana's only CC
  • Cast this on enemies to asssit with ganks, or during early fights when you want to get multiple auto attacks onto them.

dianateleport.png Lunar Rush

  • Diana dashes to a target enemy
  • If you land a dianaarc.png on an enemy and then ULT dianateleport.png onto them, the ULT cooldown is instantly restored dianateleport.png
  • You can also use this ability on Minions and jungle camps to manure around fights or to run away, that being said, make sure not to cast it on minions when fighting enemies you want to hit with it.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting items

1082.png2031.png - Starting Dark Seal and Refillable Potion is ok into melee matchups since you will be spamming Q then TP back to lane around level 4-5, and having constant sustain throughout the game with Refillable potion.

1056.png2003.png2003.png Small amount of health and mana regen you get from doran's ring over dark seal.


3115.png As a first item lets you clear waves quicker, and get off multiple dianapassive.png passive procs and auto attacks on targets you get onto, also deals TONS of damage to towers.
3157.png Being able to become untargetable gives you a lot of stall time for your cooldowns and your team to position around you, and lets you dodge key damage abilities, and bonus armor makes you even harder for ADC's to deal with.
3111.png Gives you a small amount of magic resist that goes a long away against any AP mid. Tenacity + Zhonya's gives makes you hard to deal with. (3047.png & 3020.png are your other boot options)
3100.png Lich Bane is easy to proc and adds a lot of burst
3089.png Unless you get very fed in the mid game you should probably get Void Staff 3135.png first, but if you do get deathcap at an accelerated rate it packs a HUGE PUNCH 
3135.png Once the enemy carries get any magic resist 3111.png3102.png3139.png Void Staff will negate a good amount of their attempt at building defensive stats against you.

3152.png Protobelt is ok, you can build this first item instead of nashor's 3115.png if you run ignite and are in a matchup that you can easier burst your lane opponent.
3151.png is a good void staff replacement if the enemy carries don't build any Magic Resist, also gives you some way to deal with super tanks.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Anivia
  • Azir
  • Corki
  • Fizz
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Malzahar
  • Orianna
  • Veigar
  • Zoe




Anivia will always shove the wave into you, and be very tank, and very hard to actally get onto and stay onto.

3111.png help, unless you catch her from the fog of war, or when she is out of mana than you might as well stay on your tower and wait for waves to come into you

If you stay in the middle of the lane she can simply crystallize.pngglacialstorm.png you and the enemy jungler has the easiest setup to gank, Diana has not escape abilities so your only way out would be to go onto Anivia.



dianaorbs.pngUse W to block his poke in lane, and try to keep your farm up until olevel 6
Once you are level 6 be looking to land dianaarc.png and ULT dianateleport.png onto Azir, he will then try to flash or ULT azirr.png you away, you should try to flash past his ULT and continue to chase him until he is dead.




Corki does mixed but mostly magic damage, but building 3111.png only gives you a small amount of magic resist, and the tenacity doesn't do much against him. 

Corki will most likely run Exhaust 3.png as well, so when you go in on him expect him to exhaust, you can wait it out then cast the rest of your abilities.

A completed Zhonyas is very good against Corki, since you can use the active to deal with his Exhaust and burst, but the armor doesn't help out much against him.

Split pushing against his team late game is probably your best bet.



  • but an early 1033.png 
  • try to flash his shark fizzr.png when he throws it
  • don't use abilities when he is in fizze.png 




Kassadin's passive gives him % magic resist, and his Q nulllance.png gives him a magic damage shield. So trading with him is very very hard unless you have a significant item advantage.

Trying to out split push him later into the game.

3111.png help deal with his damage and his gank setup w/ riftwalk.pngforcepulse.png



  • Land Q on her and minions so you can ULT to one or the other to avoid her katarinaw.png spins
  • dianavortex.png interrupts her ULT katarinar.png
  • Who ever gets an item advantage has a lot of more kill threat on the other.
  • If you don't have the item advantage wait for the wave to be pushed into you



  • Leblanc is strong at laning, but she will move into the minon wave to try and damage you, cast a Q dianaarc.png and walk away
  • When she dash onto you leblancw.png get a quick dianaarc.pngdianaorbs.pngdianateleport.png off on her for max damage before she jumps back, then try to chase with dianateleport.pngdianavortex.png



dianaorbs.png will kill his minions even when he ults you malzaharw.pngmalzaharr.png
dianaarc.png to break his shield then go in after you land another Q dianaarc.png
malzaharq.png Q silence doesn't hurt you that much since you can cast abilties before being hit by it
3111.png help alot




Run TP 12.png and understand that you are in a farm lane, try to damage her and the wave with Qs dianaarc.png if you land enough poke you can go in after level 6 for small trades like: 

dianaarc.png dianateleport.png dianaorbs.png Auto attack dianateleport.png walk away, and she will be significantly chunked or in kill range.




Veigar will play very safe in lane, and trying to kill him under tower in his veigareventhorizon.png box as hes damaging you with all his abilities is probably not going to work

consider the lane a farm lane, and try to make plays with TP or roaming.

You can hide in one of the bushes left or right of the mid lane and ward over, and try to catch him out 




Any time she comes close to you dianateleport.pngdianavortex.png her, also your base damage will deal a ton of damage to her, just avoid her zoee.png by standing around minions.

Early Game Back to Top

Early game Diana is trying to survive the laning phase, and get to level 6. Being an immobile Melee mid laner leaves you vulnerable to ganks and most mid lane matchups will have a lot of poke you will have to avoid.

A good diana will wait for the wave to come to him, if you hit the minions with the enemy laner standing on their minions waiting to hit you, you will sustain to much damage and either be pushed out of lane or die. Any time you have the way significantly pushed towards the enemy tower without it going into the tower early game will put you in such a bad position to be ganked, and to push the wave completely requires use of your mana and multiple auto attacks on the wave which is very unlikely that the enemy laner won't be pushing you at that time.

If your lane opponent is really bad and you land multiple Q's dianaarc.png levels 1 - 4 you can attempt an all in but only if the Enemy laner is practically killing themselves, if you over force it will leave you with a health and mana disadvantage and in an awkward spot, potentially losing you a lot of CS and EXP

When you are running TP 12.png you can use most of your mana spamming Q's dianaarc.png and before you would recall try to trade some of your health for CS, then recall and TP back to lane and spam even more Q's dianaarc.png until you for the enemy laner out of lane and you can then push a wave into his tower to deny him gold and XP.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game on Diana is where you make it or break it, you an start taking fights, and trades in lane since you will have access to Diana's ULT dianateleport.png which makes her a way more versatile champion.  So now when you land a Q dianaarc.png in lane it can lead to a lot more damage with a full combo of:

dianaarc.png dot-pattern.png dianaorbs.png dot-pattern.png dianateleport.png dot-pattern.png Auto Attack dot-pattern.png dianateleport.png dot-pattern.png auto dot-pattern.png auto dot-pattern.png dianaarc.png which will chunk or kill most enemy laners. 

Diana's Q dianaarc.png will also deal much more damage and you will be able to clear waves very quickly allowing your to roam or look for TP 12.png plays into other lanes. But you have to have your eyes glued to the minimap and not only be watching for enemy ganks but be watching your team and see if they are fighting, very rarely will bot or top lane expect you to TP in once they start fighting so you should up as a surprise and can have huge game change impact with a good TP, but if you channel a TP and see that a fight isn't going to work out cancel it and stay in your lane to farm, it has to be a very very good fight for you to take to invest your time and lose minion waves to your tower and leave the enemy mid laner to farm waves, push them into your tower, and damage your tower.

If you can fight your lane or make plays around the map that's fine, keep on farming and survive and don't take uncalculated risk.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game Diana has a harder time team fighting, she does objectives very quickly, and is very good at split pushing. 

But how you allocate your time late game will be different almost every single game. You have to make a definite decision on rather or not you will commit to split pushing, moving with your team and looking for fights around objectives, or trying to just take objectives ( Baron / Dragon).


Diana has a ton of single target burst, then a good amount of AOE damage, her goal most fights is to single out the enemy ADC / Mid / Support and instantly burst them, you can do this by hiding in the fog of war w/3341.png2055.png or flanking the enemy once a fight starts, or waiting for a fight to start and try to get them while they are distract / have spent their abilities on someone else on your team. After you get your burst off you most likely 3157.png so you can avoid the enemy teams damage around you and your team can get closer to you, but even if you die after you should be able to get a lot of damage on multiple enemies before going down.

Split Pushing:

When you are split pushing it's better if you have TP 12.png up, but even if you don't you can still split push, it's just a more all in attempt, when the game boils down to both teams dancing around Baron and pretty much doing nothing, you can take advantage of this by entering the bot lane and pushing down as many towers as you can, backing off it to many enemies show up, or trying to kill who ever stands in your way, once you get onto towers you kill them so quickly with 3115.png so if the enemy team is indecisive you can take their inhibitor while they are still dancing at baron.  Be watching the minimap so you have an idea of who is where so you can make decision on your split push based around that, rather than just reacting when a champion shows up on your locked screen.


Ideally before you start Baron / Elder Dragon, the enemy team is either all dead, or no where near, and you have a 2055.png control ward in the pit, and many wards showing where the enemies would come from, and then when you start the objective it's important that everyone on your team is on the same page to hit the Baron / Dragon, and if the enemies show up and the Baron / Dragon is no where close to dying then you should probably run away, you're not going to burst a Baron at 6k friend, leaving it and recall if you are to low, then go back sweep vision and try it again.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • High Burst
  • Great Split Pusher
  • Very durable and hard for the enemy team to deal with in fights


  • Weak laning phase Pre-6
  • Not the best teamfighting when behind
  • Can become useless when against multiple Tanks, Heals, and Shields.

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3.

 Here are some places you can find me! 

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