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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png and 7.png  are probably the best summoners you can start with.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Important Note: This is the mastery page I'm currently using on my main accounts. 

Ferocity 18

Fury 5 - Well I hope I don't have to explain why this and not Sorcery. Attack speed is better for ADC. Period.

Grab feast for some lane sustain

( (Optional)  Fresh Blood - Fresh Blood (new) - This mastery boost your 1st Auto-Attack a little bit. Since I like to play agressive during laning phase and poke my enemy from time to time I believe that this is a good mastery for me personally. It is also interesting that it scales with level: Higher level means more bonus damage. 

Vampirm - combined with Runic Armor from resolve tree will give you more HP back from auto-attacks. 

Battle Trance - Pick it up instead of double-edged sword (I mean more damage is nice from double-edged sword, but as ADC you're already to squishy on this patch. It's not worth it to get blown up even faster)

Battering Blows - Well I hope I don't have to explain why this and not Piercing Thoughts. You're Draven, you deal PURE AD damage which means you need armor pen. Period.

Fervor of Battle - After changes I think fervor suits Draven more. 

Resolve 12 

12 points in resolve is optional and also quite good. I like to get 12 resolve points while i'm playing with: 267.png40.png16.png.

Recovery - Better lane sustain.

Tough Skin - Well always 2 damage less from your enemies. Not much, but always something. 

Runic Armor -  Just too good not to get. Optional: Veteran scars for high burst damage lanes like Brand, Zyra + some annoying ADC like Caitlyn.

Insight - This mastery is super helpful for Draven. Summoner spell lowered by 15% gives you: 

7.png  on 204 second cooldown.
4.png on 255 second cooldown.


Cunning 12

Savagery - Before 5.22 Savagery used to give you 2 points. Now it's 5. It's pretty good to have it. It helps you last hit minions A LOT. I'm not really sure about 'Wanderer' i mean movement speed is good, but it only procs when you're out of combat. I guess if you're good at last-hitting and don't have problems with it you can replace Savagery with Wanderer (but why would u since you gonna hit minions entire game)

Secret Stash - Ever seen a biscuit on ADC? No? Me too, but guess what? It's pretty awesome.

Merciiless - 5% damage to champions below 40%? Thank you i will take it.

Dangerous Game - We all know Dangerous game. Now it's 5% of mana and HP. It's good to have it.

Abilities Back to Top

You still max: dravenspinning.png 1st, dravenfury.png 2nd, dravendoubleshot.png 3rd and dravenrcast.png on level 6, 11, 16.

Few words of introduction:

Draven have a really unique-snowbally passive that works in both ways. I have noticed that it's probably the only ad carry that will fall too much behind if you don't get an early kill on the lane. However if you do get a kill and receive that extra free gold from passive you will usually be always ahead in items then the opposite ad carry. 
Passive works quite simple and i believe it doesn't require much to explain. Just make sure to catch your axes after they bounce. When you kill a minion or catch an axe you will get 1 stack. A lane kill  will usually give you a lot of gold, because it's basic 300 + (amount of stacks reduced by 2) + 50. Early kills will usually give you a huge advantage over opposite ad carry. You might end up in having very early bf-sword when the opposite carry will have just 2 dorans swords. 


119.png Passive: When Draves catches a dravenspinning.png Spinning Axe, kills a non-champion or destroys a turret, he gain a stack of Adoration, In addition, Draven generates 2 bonus Adoration stacks if he kills 6 non-champions (minions)  in a row without dropping an dravenspinning.png Spinning Axe.

When Draven kills an enemy champion, he consumes all of his Adoration stacks and gain 50 + (2x stacks) Bonus Gold. Draven loses half of his Adoration stacks upon death.

Additional information about 119.png passive:

1. This was implemented on patch 5.17:  Upon reaching 150 stacks, league of draven notifies Draven's team every 100 stacks (100, 250, 350, etc) and every time he cashes in on a kill of at least 150 stacks.

2. Draven will gain Adoration stacks on hitting/kills wards.

3. Draven will gain Adoration on hitting bantamtrap.png and killing 83.png ghouls.

4. You can also stacks Adoration on 'monsters' coming out from 3512.png.

########################################### ABILITIES ########################################

dravenspinning.png  - COST: 45 Mana Points  Cooldown 12/11/10/9/8  65/75/85/95/105% BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE.

BASE DAMAGE: 30/35/40/45/50

The Spinning Axe ricochets off the target high up into the air, landing 2 seconds later at determined by Draven's current movement. If Draven catches an axe, Spinning axe is  applied for no additonal cost on his next basic attack.

Draven can hold up two Spinning Axes in his hands at once. 

Additional information about 119.png Spinning axes  dravenspinning.png:

dravenspinning.png  is an on-hit effect.
The triggering attack will apply on-hit effects like: Critical strike, Life Steal, Slow  (if you have 3022.png)
Attacks against structures will refresh the timer on active dravenspinning.png but will not deal bonus damage or cause the axe to bounce.
The bonus damage will be negated in certain situations. For example: 24.png , counter strikejaxcounterstrike.png80.png Aegis Protectionpantheonpassive.png114.png riposte fiorariposte.png however the axe will still bounce off.

Important Note :3085.png will not trigger the bonus damage or spawn extra axes.

Additional Information about dravenspinning.png "control"

  1. The landing location is determined by 119.png direction of movement at the time of Spinning Axe's impact on the target.
  2. If 119.png is not moving at this time the dravenspinning.png   will bounce back towards his current location, either landing directly on him or to his sides.
  3. If 119.png  is actually moving the dravenspinning.pngwill bounce ahead of him, either directly in his path or slightly off to the sides.
  4. dravenspinning.png   that bounces off a target will remain in the air for 1.5 seconds regardless of the distance between the target and the axe's destination.
  5. dravenspinning.png will place a visual cue on the ground where it will land. This visual cue is visible to both player teams, although 119.png himself will see a more prominent marker.
  6. Catching an enemy dravenspinning.png will have the same effect as catching an own, even if it wasn't cast beforehand.
  7. By juggling Draven can have a third dravenspinning.png . This is accomplished by casting the ability while having the second axe still in the air and keeping it there.
  8. 119.png dravenspinning.png may optically bypass 157.png  yasuoW.png  but will be destroyed upon impact.
  9. 201.png braumE.pngwill block the attack from hitting Braum's ally behind him, yet the axe will bounce off as 

dravenfury.png COST: 40/35/30/25/20 MANA COOLDOWN: 12                      BONUS ATTACK SPEED: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
MOVEMENT SPEED: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%

ACTIVE: Draven gains bonus attack speed for 3 seconds and bonus movement speed which decays over 1.5 seconds. 

Blood rush: Amazing skill that gives you what you need the most. Attack speed and movement this. This ability makes draven deadly on lvl 2. You deal quite nice damage already on level 2. and you can spam W every time you catch an axe. Technically if you're good enough you can use that skill to your advatange chasing down opponents. 

 dravendoubleshot.png - RANGE: 1050 SPEED: 1400 COST: 70 MANA COOLDOWN: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+ 50% bonus AD)

SLOW: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%

Stand aside: Nice tool to slow down your opponents. You can also use this skill too stop certain champions reaching you; for example whenever leona is dashing on you, good E will save you and prevent from getting stuned. In other situations in almost works the same. Key issue is how you gonna use quickly you can react. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: In some situations it's sometimes better to get this skill on level E. I'm talking here about the lanes that have the extreme potencial of all-in on level 2, eg; 18.png89.png.

dravenrcast.png -  RANGE: Global SPEED: 2000 COST: 100 MANA COOLDOWN: 120 / 100 / 80

ACTIVE: Draven hurls two massive axes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies struck.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 175 / 275 / 375 (+ 110% bonus AD)

Upon reaching the edge of the map, striking an enemy champion, or upon the Whirling Death 2 reactivation of Whirling Death, the axes slowly come to a stop before changing direction and returning to Draven, dealing the same physical damage to every enemy struck on the way back. Whirling Death deals 8% less damage for each unit hit, down to a minimum of 40%. This reduction resets when the axes' reverse direction.

MINIMUM PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 110 / 150 (+ 44% bonus AD)

dravenrcast.png:  Nice execution tool, but in my opinion it's quite weak with just 1 BF and easy to escape. True power this skill gain when you start stacking AD  and add to that 3142.png Remember that it's a global skil, so always observe map and execute enemy kills if you see them recalling on low hp after fights. In teamfights, it provides nice damage, but like i said previously not that much without atleast 2 bf swords.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Grab Cull if you did fall behind on lane due to bad trades or getting babysited by enemy jungler.
    This start might look a little bit trollish but it gives you a really nice sustain during laning phase. While you play as Draven you usually want to poke enemies and they poke you back. Shield helps you get some of that HP back.
    i find this item extremely helpful against most utility type of adc's like: Varus or Ashe. Cleanse is super useful to get rid of that CC so you can keep fighting without any problems.
    This is usually a 1st item of most of Draven players. It's quite strong and nice to have, Eventually you will have to decide what kind of item you want to start with.
    This item is a must on Draven if you want to deal damage. Sooner then better.

Core Items

    챌린저1000점까지 BUILD ORDER EXAMPLE: IE -> Tabi -> Rapidfire -> ER -> FM -> GA CHECK OP.GG FOR OTHER BUILD PATHS.
    'CLASSIC', MOST POPULAR BUILD ORDER ON 7.13 BY MOST OF LCS/EX-LCS ADC PLAYERS Death Dance -> Berseker/tabi -> Static Shiv -> IE -> LD -> GA
    One of my own build paths: IE -> Tabi -> Rapidfire -< ER -> MS -> LD

Situational Items

    Not the Best Choice for Draven. Maybe against zed players? But how often do you see zed on this patch?
    Randuin's omen is quite useful against 3 adcs team comps.
    Frozen Mallet - EXTRA HP + Nice Kiting tool
    MAW OF MALMORTIUS - Against heavy AP burst champions. Quite effective against syndra, akali, zyra, brand.
Final build order for Draven. Season 7. Will keep updating if something major will be implemented into the game.

Note: I am no longer interested in going for armor penetration build,  since Armor pen items/runes are in a bad spot. They need a buff.

For that reasons we are going back to the season 4 when critical chance strike was the most popular build and imo most succesful.

As I typed above your build should looks like this: 



(core is always the same: Death dance into boots followed by shiv and IE and then you decide what you need more)

3812.png -> 3047.png -> 3087.png -> 3031.png ->  3139.png ->  3036.png

Against HEAVY/ANNOYING sources of CC:

3139.png -> 3047.png - > 3031.png -> 3094.png -> 3036.png -> 3026.png

infinite mana build/high Crit Chance

3031.png > 3047.png > 3094.png  -> 3508.png -> 3139.png -> 3036.png or mortal reminder


3031.png > 3006.png > 3094.png > 3036.png  > 3072.png  -> 6th item is always situational. 

OR YOU CAN TRY 80% Critical Chance Strike Draven

3031.png > 3006.png > 3094.png3036.png >  3072.png - -> 3508.png 

(replace duskblade with dominic if you're playing against tanks)

OR you can try one of the newest Korean builds with some Armor shred:

3072.png -> 3006.png -> 3147.png -> 3094.png -> 3031.png -> 3036.png


3142.png -> 3071.png -> 3094.png ->3031.png-> 3072.png

The difference between build #1 and build #2 is quite simple. Build #1 allows you to play more agressive since you have more lifesteal. 

Core is always the same on 'my' build:   Infity Edge -> Boots -> RapidFire Cannon then you decide what you want more.

Note #1 3094.png   can be replaced (even should in some scenarios) with 3046.png.

Note #2 3072.png  can/should be replaced with 3139.png if you need CC removal.

Note #3   3036.png  Can be replaced with  3033.png  if you need to apply grevious wound to champions like: 36.png50.png16.png8.png.

For starters: 

3340.png2003.png1055.png  in most scenarios this is your start. 

Some details:

Your 1st purchase should be in my opinion 3031.png

3094.png - This item is super fun to get. Your basic Auto-Attack Range is 550. If you add this item you will have 700 range. In mid-late game you will be able to poke enemy team much easier. Some might it's just 1 auto-attack. Yes it's just 1 aa, but if you manage a crit on enemy ADC or APC you're having a better a chance of winning the teamfight.

3156.png - This item won my heart. With the recent changes done to mages in 6.9 patch mages are now usually harder to deal with.  I like to get this item, because it gives you Attack Damage, Resist Active passive is quite strong too. Shield + Lifesteal. 

3139.png- Scimitar received a huge nerf, but it's a still item to go for. CC removal, lifesteal, magic resist and attack damage. Very much needed against hard CC engages like leo, seju, ashe.

3036.png - Get this item for tanks that don't benefit much from lifestealing, or health regen. It provides a really nice power spike.

3033.png- Sadly this item is a must if nobody from your team bought a morelo.

Situational items for ADC:

3046.png - Since we are going into "assasin" meta this item might  help you out. 

3053.png- Sterak receives some changes too and it's not that effective as it used to be. However it's still a good pick against AD assasins like, talon, rengar.  It helps you survive random teamfights, or 1vs1 fights or getting dunked by those pesky assasins like: zed, rengar or talon.

3102.png - Solid MR item that works wonders against team-comps with hard engages, like: leona ult, vi.

3143.png- Solid Armor/HP item that you wanna grab whenever you're up against AD team comps that strongly rely on attack speed: Irelia, other ADC carries.

3022.png- This item seems kinda troll too many people, but i cant count games which it allowed me to win. Generally you wanna pick it up against high mobility champions like: trundle, garen. Some might say that you have a support to help you peal, but even a good support won't stop super-high mobility champions from rolling over you. This item offers only Pure HP and Attack Damage (no resists), but i really like the fact that it helps you peal a lot of easier. 

3026.png- I really dislike this item. It gives you some MR/Armor, but it's not what AD carry needs. This item passive works really well in late game when you have 50-80 secs CD on fountain deaths. That being said i guess it's ok, it gives you another "chance", but if you're caught in the middle of no where it's not gonna help much. 

Always build accordingly to your needs and opposite team-comp damage and you will do just fine. They aren't that many items for ad carry, so it's always a matter what suits your needs the most. Remember also that going for glass cannon builds (by glass cannon build I mean 100% offensive items and no defensive ones) is very risky, since you're just too squishy as ad carry and if you get focused in team-fights you won't even have a chance to use any of the items you bought so far.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Malzahar
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Xayah



After the rework on her kit she's quite diffcult to deal with. Her auto-attacks hurts a lot and stun-lock from arrow usually ends up in you getting yourself killed. I know it's hard, but if you manage to get a kill on level 2 or 3 you shouldn't have a problems with her. If that doesnt happend it's a 50-50% scenario. Either you kill her or she kills you. I used to ignore ashe as a champion simply because she lacked mobility and damage over all, but right now she's quite annoying to deal with. Experienced ashe players won't go for typical trades with draven and will usually wait for supports to engage for them. I know it's very standard and typical in most case scenarios.

Level 2 all-in should set your lane. Start with dravenspinning.png and get dravendoubleshot.png on level 2.

I highly recommend start opening with  1055_32.png2003_32.png and go for 4.png , 1.png. Cleanse will help you a lot during those 2vs2 fights. You can skip that 1.png if your support will build quick mikael.

If you don't trust a person supporting you go for HEAL: 7.png




I used to underestimate the Bard and his Kit when he came out. Not that many people knew how to play and roam with Bard.

However right now: This champion is super annoying to deal with. His auto-attacks deals a lot of damage and his bardQ.png can determine the out-come of 2vs2 fights. Try not to get caught with bardQ.png: don't stick to closely to your support, walls, minions.

Bard is generally weak against all typical all-in.




Caitlyn received a brand new kit after 5.22.

For me personally it's a hard matchup since Caitlyn usually will try to bully you from lane, by auto-attack harass or damaging you with caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png.
If you get pushed to the turret she will make your life more miserable since she can put caitlynyordletrap.png around your turret and just deny you any farm.
#1 - Try not get pushed to the turret. If you don't have a choice then fine farm under the turret.

#2  - Caitlyn isn't the best 1vs1 champion. She doesn't do well in typical 1vs1 fights without items. 119.png shine in 1vs1 fights. Look for chances to go in with your  support. 

I give this match-up a medium diffculty, however it can go to hard if you're facing a premade bottom.




Corki, corki... why are you're so damn strong mate?

This champion received a small update to his kit and I would say he's a dangerous opponent for Draven. The only opening window i see in this match-up is: Early levels. 

When Corki get his 3078.png it's pretty much game over for you on bottom lane. It doesn't honestly matter what you will do, because he will most of the time win the trades with you.

#1 Tip - Corki is weak early on. Try to abuse that fact.

#2 Tip - his carpetbomb.png cost 100 mana, which is a lot. Try to abuse his lack of mana to win 2vs2 fights.

#3 Tip - never engage by your own if his phosphorusbomb.png is not on CD. You will simply get destroyed

#4 Tip - pay respect to his package passive. Don't over-extend and wait it out.

Over-all: I think this match is 50-50%. Either he snowball hard or you snowball hard.




Very annoying match up from Draven, since Ezreal will be most of time to get away cause of his Arcane Shift E'. He's gonna gonna be able to trade with you until level 6. Make sure too avoid as much poke you can get from him. Ezreal is all about the poke,  if you poke you down to certain HP level he will most likely go all-in and win any given 2vs2.

My advice? You can try to deny his farm by poking him down with your axes if he over-extend. Make a good usage from your W, and he might fall a little bit behind. Its' needed to be said that this match-up strongly favors Draven, however a good ezreal player will never go 1vs1 against draven, simply because he can out-damage ezreal.

After 3025.png it's really, really hard to cath and kill ezreal.

Focus on the CS, watch for the enemy jungler and wait for the kill chances. 

This match-up is easy/medium. I would never say it's hard. It's just super annoying where he get his: 3025.png.




I have played a little bit against "new" graves and it's not fun. His Q deal incredible amount of damage (especially if you're close to wall). Good thing is that they removed "Free" armor/mr from his passive so he's a little bit weaker then before in regards to stats.

In regards to damage... i think he outdamage Draven. Easily. His sustain with Warlords keystone is just too damn broken. I have never seen a champion that benefited so much from Warlords.

The only advantage Draven got it's the AA range.

Keep in mind: Stay away from walls. Walls are not cool man.




To be honest I feel like Jhin is the new "lucian" of league of legends. He hits quite hard early on, got stun and in general is just annoying to deal with.

Pre-level 6 you have the advatange. After level 6 if you go all-in and fail he will probably just kill you with his ult.

#1 Tip - Try to generate some advatange pre level 6.
#2 Tip - Take a closer look when he reload his gun (he's quite vunerable then)
#3  Tip - Don't get anywhere around him when he has his 4th auto-attack ready (it always crit)
#4 Tip - If he over-extend and you got your 3031.png completed just all-in him all kill him.

This lane is 50-50 in my opinio. Either you win and snowball or you will die and he will snowball.

I give this lane a hard diffculty, because of his damage, stun (W) and jhinR.png.



I have played considerable amount of games against jinx and I have few conclusions:

1) Her snowballing potencial is a equally strong as Draven's. Her level 9 is just too damn strong. 700 Range, Aoe Crit + Damage i just too much for Draven. (Rapidfire 800+)
2) Her mid-late needs to be respected. Her passive makes her extremely hard to catch.
3) Laning phase should go in your favor early on, however keep in mind that good jinx will never let away the any advantage is given to her.
4) For a while i thought that this matchup is good for Draven - however it can go 50-50%. Either you stomp or get stomped.

I give her medium hard - but it could be medium/easy diffculty at lower elo. 




This champion shouldn't be a problem for you to duel 1vs1.

However her mechanics and mobility are serious issue. She reminds me of Caitlyn. Alone she's not capable to do much, but with right type of a support she's annoying to deal with. Her poke with Q is super strong and correctly used ultimate will probably get you killed.  If you're not sure about your support and going into 2vs2, just ask your jungler for a gank and try to work out somekind of advatange over them.

Note 1: Kalista passive is currently bugged and no one really play her.  Easy match-up for Draven.




Riot reverted changes to kog'maw and truth to be told I don't know what kind of tips I could give you guys, since no one really plays on kog'maw these days.

He used to be this super ultra carry in mid/late if he managed to get farmed, but right now I believe he's in a bad spot.  

I will keep this section updated if something changes. 



Current item path: 3153.png => 3047.png => 3071.png makes him actually quite strong.

He will probably kill you 1vs1 if he manage to complete 3153.png.

If you're laning against lucian try to abuse your auto-attack range and poke him with your dravenspinning.png. If he over-extend just all-in him and kill him.

Try not to fall behind on this lane.

With the recent changes done to his ability casting (much more smoother), changes to fervor of battle and changes to 3153.png I personally give this match-up a medium diffculty. 




This champion is absolute joke. He deal a lot of damage alredy on level 3 his with combo  Q/W/E.

After level 6 I would rather avoid fighting against him. malzaharr.png Can easily pin you down and you won't be able to react at all. Everything also depends from your support (if  he's going to react or not)

3140.png - removes his ult. I usually get it after 1038.png so i can fight against him.

Some tips? 

1) Let him use his combo on your laning parther - this will  give you some room to deal damage

2)  Be careful when he uses malzahare.png and malzaharw.png are currently spawning. They will agro you so dont soak any free damage.

3) If you're un-certain/not sure about your support wait for the jungler to give you a gank. If you manage to get a stack reset and get 3140.png you should be OK. Should, because he will still deal incredible amount of damage.


Miss Fortune


A little bit pesky ADC to deal with. Probably one of the stronger adc's on 6.22

Most of the Miss Fortune players tend to max missfortunescattershot.png for slow you do.
Her missfortunericochetshot.png can hurt a bit if you're not paying attention to minions that are on low HP.

General tip: She doesn't do well in 1vs1 fights, all-ins. She has no escape abilities aside 4.png.  This lane is pretty much determined by support rather then Miss Fortune herself.




Hard to tell how this match-up is gonna work on the newest 5.22 patch. I will keep you guys updated. I don't think  it's gonna be any fun. My prediction? Hard/medium diffculty. 




Until level 6 this match-up strongly favors Draven. After level 6 it might be problematic to engage on sivir, since she either might run away from you, or engage really hard on you while having jungler around her. 

Same ground rule i would have given to anyone: Focus on the CS, try to poke her and avoid getting hit by her Q'. If you have a aggressive support you might  win your lane already on level 2 if she doesn't add a point to her spell-shield. 

I usually don't have problems playing on this lane; she hurts - yes, but it's not a terrible match-up for draven. 

Standard doran sword opening, with 4.png ,7.png

Note: For those of you that asked: Her spell-shield does not block Draven auto-attacks.




Whenever im supposed to play against draven i really like to pick tristana. She probably have everything to shutdown draven even very early on. She have a very strong enage and disengage considering her rocket jump and ult. 

A good tristana player will avoid any form of fights against draven. She will most likely "poke you down" with her E' followed up by few auto-attacks if you're not that careful.  She' gonna probably just farm until level 6 and then go all-in into you. 

My advice against tristana? Well it's pretty much all up to your support how the lane goes.  Good 412_64.png player might win this lane for you since he can always hook tristana, while she's even in the air. Engaging with  119_64.png on tristana will never probably work, simply cause she will either rocket jump away from ult you away. It's really hard to get close to her.

Whenever you see tristana engaging on you: make sure you use your E properly. You can always actually hit her in the air with that skill, so she's not gonna land on you. Be adviced and beware of that tristana W, because it takes so much movement speed away from you.

Focus on the farm, you might actually want to poke support in this scenario since tristana is not gonna deal that much damage early on + she's always gonna get away with her W. Wait and see how the laning phase goes - for me it's probably even harder then going against graves. 

Standard doran opening . Flash + heal.




Twitch received a lot of weird buffs that I don't really approve.

Technically you should dominate this lane early on. You will hit harder then twitch by any time.

However... however... his Q might catch you multiple times off guard while you try to push, while you try to farm or do anything else in this matter. His 1vs1 is quite strong and dangerous.

His ult is pain in the ass too.

#1 Tip Twitch doesn't do well in typical all-in. Benefit from that.

#2 Tip Don't over-extend after prelonged fights. He will sneak up on you and kill you.

#3 Tip getting  2055.png might help you out a little bit. It's just 75 gold.

I give this match-up a medium diffculty down from hard mainly because of changes done to twitch stealth ability.




Some might say that varus is the best counter for draven. I disagree and agree to be honest. He's ok against draven, but once he get caught with draven he will probably just die. Draven just deal too much damage for varus early on. 

From the other side Varus deals a lot of damage from varusq.png so if you're not juking good, he will just poke you down and force a recall. Not to mention his varuse.png makes your Warlord's bloolust esentially useless.  And on top of all of that he got a varusr.png that just locks you down in place. 

Varus is also very hard to fight against if you add up to this bottom lane, support like 89_64.png412_64.png267_64.png. You will usually end up being chained, stunned by the opposite support while varus will keep on attacking you and eventually killing you.

I would say that generally you will always do more damage then varus, but this battle isn't yours. I would it's rather up to your support to create kill chances.

Like it's been said before: Focus on the CS, don't overextend with poke or don't greed on farm if you're not aware where the opposite support is. It's always better to lose some cs, rather then falling behind.

1055_32.png2003_32.png - your standard opening. As goes for summoners i recommend: 4.png and 7.png  or 1.png if you're up against any wombo-combo shit.




Early on this lane favors draven strongly. You will be always able  to poke vayne most of the time for free. She might avoid fighting you until level 6 or getting  her 1st big item. However if you or your support missplays she's not gonna have any problems to secure a kill despite having no damage early on. 

Generally you wanna try to catch her out of position, chase only when it's advantageous. Vayne's only form of CC is vaynecondemn.png 

Focus on the farm, don't overextend with poke/farming and never chase her if you can't secure a kill.

Standard open: 1055_32.png 2003_32.png4.png7.png. You might try getting exhaust 3.png since it's kinda op against vayne. 

Note 1: 2055.png  no longer detects vayne on her ult. It's useless.
Note 2: 3147.png beware of this item on vayne. It deals crap lot in addition to vayne entire kit. 




This match-up shouldn't be a problem for experienced Draven.

Watch out for her feather lying on the ground so you won't get rooted. 

Xayah don't do well against all-ins. 

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The best 1vs1 skirmisher in game.
Relatively high damage output from spinning axes.
Can snowball the game if given advantage early on.
Relatively strong laning phase thanks to his Blood Rush skill.
Global ultimate that can secure various kills, objectives or clear minion waves.
Strong lane bully (maybe somewhere around renekton)
If played properly it's almost impossible to kill draven.
Fits into early-mid snowballing meta.
Amazing tank destroyer (if played with armor penetration runes)

Learning how spinning axes works might take some time.
no escape abilities
Spamming skills might ruin your laning phase
Needs help early on from jungler, or a good support too carry him through laning phase. Draven passive requires a kill, losing stacks on draven is not an option and will cause him to fall behind.
Vunerable and fragile to any source of CC.
Deals pure physical damage, which can be countered with severe amount of armor (I hate 33.png)
Absolutely useless in current meta picks. 
Mana hungry 

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This section is about my personal point of view on supports that I have played with since season 3.

40.png- synergy 3 -  This is a good pick for draven if played properly. Her new shield is quite amazing and extra Attack damage for draven is always welcome early on. The only thing I'm missing on janna is stronger CC. Her tornado and monsum ult are better for a counter-engaging rather then being a potencial threat engager. She's ok given the current 6.14 patch situation however it's not my  desired pick simply cause she's not my meant to be play aggressive. And this is pretty much people tend to do with that champion: Play passive-play safe, where I think you need to be taking risk in order to snowball the game with Draven. 

267.png- synergy 3 - I really dont know why nami fell off so hard from current meta champion setup. I guess it's because of high mana costs and her "squishy-ness". She has probably everything Draven needs. Nice slow + damage from E' that makes chasing even easier, bubles to secure kills, heals and amazing ult. I used to play nami a lot in season 3, but currently she's getting wrecked by 89_64.png or 412_64.png or just simply counterplayed by 25_64.png. Not to mention it's hard to land good bubles. 

412.png - synergy 5 - Probably the best support in current meta right now. Hooked followed up by flay usually ends up with a kill for a draven. No to mention his lantern is very, very annoying and can be real life savior. He's not gaining anymore armor each level, but he's still very tanky and can hit a lot with auto-attacks. 

53.png - Synergy 3 - Not the best pick. If a person can't land a hook you're generally dependable on ganks from your jungler. If your jungler fail to provide ganks you won't probably get any kills and therefore lose the game since you won't be able to snowball it. I have given 3, because it's hard to land a good hook, can be easily countered by sivir shield for example and in later stages in the game doesn't provide no help. I think i would rather see 412.png  then 53.png

12.png- synergy 3 -I'm not really happy with this support. Usually 12.png- get kited before you will even make any attempts to make any plays. I find him next to janna - as a counter to certain champions to save you and your team. You can easily W 9.png whenever he's on ult, W 85.png and any other champion that deals tons of AoE damage. With some AP runes his Q + W  12.png-  will deal nice amount of damage, but not everyone is capable to land a successful combo.

89.png- synergy 5 - pretty straight forward tanky support. Works almost the same as draven. She can sit on enemy carry for quite a long time and deal tons of damage from W + R. The only downside is she's quite slow and can get easily poked. Another downside is if you play careless you will end up dead, or if you go in wrong time and carry won't follow you will also end up dead. This support has a a lot cons, but she's extremely strong. I like to pick leona whenever im duo with someone.

111.png - Synergy 4/5 - Original support idea brough from China from what i know.  A lot of CC (Passive, Q, slow from E and amazing ult). Annoying tank and real life threat on bottom lane. Can be passive or agressive, but I think being passive it's just a waste. It's not my favorite pick, but i feel comfortable whenever i have to play with naut.

36.png - Synergy 3-  Seen this champion on SaintVicious stream and i would say it's rather good. All what you do generally do is land as much poke as you can and then try to all-in. Because of his general lack on CC aside Q i wouldn't recommend this pick for Draven.

25.png - synergy 5 - Original support idea brough from Korea from what i remember. She's extremely strong if she can land her Q + W. Her black shield makes every possible support pretty much useless. I don't know if RIOT plans to nerf her Q, but i personally believe that she's too strong right now even after the nerfs on W. The most devastating skill on bottom lane is her ultimate. Not only it deals tons of AP damage, but also stuns. So you can technically use your ult, while being shieled and being immune to every effect,  wait for your opponent to get stuned and then use your Q + W which usually is a free kill for draven. Amazing, amazing support that actually require some practice with her Q. Her kit, damage overall remind me kinds of leona - but here that burst damage takes a  little longer to kick in. 

43.png- synergy 3 - Very specific support. I'm not sure if it's the best support for draven, but considering her current skill kit, she deals a lot of magic damage even without items. Fine champion, but i dont feel comfortable with that pick on bottom lane. 

63.png- synergy 4 - Despite his lack of mobility his passive and "spell-kit" is super strong.  Basic combo: W + Q + E usually chunks a lot of HP from opposite bottom lane. Downside of this lane is that his stun can be blocked by minions and it's usually a free lane to  gank. Aside that I think that it's a good-burst-combo with Draven. 

201.png- synergy 1/2 - somebody asked me recently about Braum. I don't feel this lane. Braum doesnt exa-ctly have a hard "All-in" (it's possible, but diffcult to execute). I believe that Braum would work with AD carries that engage for him - then he simply jump and then combo. Draven is all about all-in, and I don't see Braum fitting the role as a hard engager. I wouldn't recommend this lane at any circumstances. 

20.png- synergy 2/3 - Used to be a popular support during season 3 when people played with lf runes. He's not a play-maker, aside snowballs and ultimate no real damage. Blood-boil is a great thing, but do you really need more attack speed when you're running 16%? He's fun to play with, but nobody plays with that champion on bottom anymore. Support role is too way to important to derp around with nunu.

37.png- synergy 2 -  I never liked this champion whenever i decided to pick Draven. Damage wise everything is alright. The main problem there is? People dont want to use passive + E to slow people down. Ultimate? Takes a little bit too long to get it back. No CC makes this champion a little bit useless for Draven. She's a little bit to squishy to be a play-maker too. And i think that she would fit on the typical poke lane with: 51.png81.png, Terrible pick for Draven.

16.png- synergy 0/1 - Please don't pick this champion for Draven. This lane doesn't have a right to work unless Draven gets a kill very early on. Healing is amazing, but thats pretty much it where Soraka contribute to the lane. If you want to all-in that pretty much fall on your shoulders. if you decide to all-in u might get a kill... I don't feel comfortable on Soraka lane. Generally it's taking away all the potencial that Draven got: turning lane bully into passive lane bully and trust me you dont want that. You need somekind of engage from your support. 

412.png53.png25.png, , 89.png,   63.png  - 5 big picks, most desired picks in my opinion for Draven.

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Hey guys it's Saarebas!

This is actually my 1st guide i ever made for league of legends. I hope you will find it useful. I'm playing draven since the start of the season 3 and overall i got more then 2500 games on him. I peaked master on Nordic & East and d1 on Europe West.  If you have any questions regarding what i have said in the guide just let me know. 

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A lot of could have been said about Draven. Personally i got inspired to play him by players like: DragonBorns- Hosan, Destiny, DiG - ImaQtpie and others. I have put a lof of practive and effort to master this  champion and believe me guys it's worth. His snowballing potencial is just too big and it's probably one of the most entertaining champions i ever played. 

Not being cocky but i managed to get my smurf account from silver 4 to gold 5 in 3 days playing just draven. As we speak now my smurf is in diamond 5 on Nordic & East thanks to draven.  If you ever needed a champion that can snowball a game really hard it's probably your pick. I tend to play draven very aggressive - there is no gain without risking, but i know that there is also a lot of to lose if you don't play careful in same time. 

Does it require much to play draven? I don't think so. You just need  to understand how spinning axes works. I believe you need to play 20-30 games then you can move to the soloq to improve your gameplay in general. Just don't overextend in mid/late game and you will probably carry most of your games!

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