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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Standard ADC.

Heal for better dueling and survivability in a duo lane.

Flash to fix positioning, avoid CC, escape, chase.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

[DEPRECATED] Fervor if you think you can get a lot of auto attacks during fights easily. Warlord's Bloodlust if you need to kite in an out of fights due to high amount of zoning tools and cc on enemy team.

Abilities Back to Top


Start Q always, unless you get caught level 1 and need to get W or E to escape. You want Q early to start stacking Adoration, push the lane better, and trade better level 1.

Level 2:

Blood Rush (W):
  • Get this when you in a farm lane
  • Get this if you are doing extensive level 2 trading or need to fight for an extended period for a kill
  • Get this if you don't get level 2 spike
Stand Aside (E):
  • Get this if you get level 2 advantage and need the extra burst or CC to complement your support's kill potential
  • Get this if enemy has a gapcloser and can CC you, and you are confident in being able to shoot this out fast enough to cancel the enemy gapcloser.
  • Usually you will shoot this out as you see the enemy gapcloser starting its animation, or you predict based on the range of the gapcloser. This is an animation, so you have to shoot it early a number of times.
Level 3:

Get whatever skill you didn't get level 2. This will help you survive ganks that are very likely to happen soon. If you know you aren't getting ganked and have the advantage in lane, you can opt for a 2nd point in Q.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start. Increase effective HP. Trade better. Ok sustain. Good when not against poke lanes.
    Build if you are a wuss. Good against ranged supports and other marksmen with poke.

Core Items

    Standard AD Carry. Attack speed makes Draven feel less clunky. Movespeed helps catch axes.
    Generally your first item. His axes, armor penetration, blood rush, and high AD build allow him to deal the necessary damage. You just need to live to deal damage.
    Get this second item most of the time. It gives both attack speed and a crit poke.

Situational Items

    Get this if you really need survivability. The passive synergizes well with Death's Dance. The movement speed helps a lot with kiting. The attack speed make your axe throwing animation much smoother, allowing for better kiting as well. Also synergizes well with chasing down kills.
    Only get this item if enemy has multiple armor stacking tanks or dealing 0 damage to enemy bruisers. This is only effective against bonus armor.
    Get this item if the enemy has MULTIPLE health and armor stacking tank.
    Get this item if you need a cleanse. If the enemy has too many stuns, you may be CC'ed after you cleanse. Use wisely. You'll only get this later in the game after your core.
    Consider executioner's calling early if enemy team has a lot of healing, like Soraka or Sona.
    Get this item if your team is lacking waveclear. Your don't build infinity edge very early to synergize with this item often, but the overall stats allow for much smoother kiting.
    You might build this item if your team is going for poke and tower sieging. This item alows you to sneak in auto attacks on the tower or poke out squishies. Use blood rush to charge at out of position squishies from 800+ range away.
    You might build this late game if the enemy isn't stacking heavy armor. You might build this 5th or 6th item. You will build one of the zeal upgrades before this. Get this item if you really need to carry your team.
    Get this item if the enemy has plenty of magic damage. Both components are very gold efficient. Get either one depending on the situation.
    Get this item early if you need to cleanse a stun. Don't buy this if you are behind. You need to buy damage when behind.
Bloodthirster most of the time is your first item.

After that, your build is situational. I prefer going for survivability over raw damage. You already have high base damages for shredding even tanky champions.

Most common build path: BT -> (Boots of Speed) -> Stormrazor -> Berserker's Greaves -> PD/SS/RFC -> IE -> Situational survivability/armor penetration

Matchups Back to Top

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She can kite you easily, so go for short trades. You'll get poked down if you aren't careful with your positioning. Be careful of her extremely potent level 6. You likely won't get a kill in this lane.
If you get a kill pre-6, she may be boned if you position well and go for short trades.



She pokes hard early game if she starts Q. She has superior wave manipulation if she starts Q, so you will be pressured and pushed in early. If she starts W, you can look for a good trade.
Try to go for cs when she can't hit you. You may give up cs from her headshot.

Don't give up kills from getting poked down. Be alert for her Q animation, so you can dodge.

You may have to opt for sustain if you get pushed back early.

Your midgame is stronger if you don't get behind.

Her traps aren't too much of a problem until she has levels in the ability in the mid/late game.



Dodge his Q. He can push harder than you to get the minion advantage. He trades you efficiently. Harass when you can. His level 6 small rockets are weak, but the Big One is strong. When his ammo bar turns red, he has a big rocket prepared. Avoid standing your minions if he has a big rocket. Don't take collateral damage from rockets if you can.

He has strong trades throughout the game. The magic damage hurts. Be careful about overextending when Corki has the package.



Watch out for his Q. Dodge it if you can. Usually you will dodge it by positioning correctly around minions. Go for harass when he goes for CS. You'll win trades pretty much all lane. You can outdamage him and kill easily after your first back. Watch our for his level 6, as the burst is very high.
If he builds Tear of the Goddess 3070.png, you can chunk him for 3/4ths of his hp at any point in lane.



His Q damage is backloaded, so avoid the return damage and walls. When fighting him, do not move axes forward. Instead, move your axes sideways (orthogonal to the axis between you and Graves). It may poke you down if you aren't careful. You should look to abuse his 425 range and harass when he is out of position. You want to push for level 2 advantage to further abuse his short range. He has a strong mid game like you.
If Graves tries to hit your turret, stand next to it. Graves will also hit you, causing tower to hit him. Don't stand between him and the tower though, because his Q will bounce off the turret instantly and deal a lot of damage to you.




You generally want to try to get level 2 before Jhin. If you have a level 2 advantage, you can charge at Jhin usually and burn at least 1 summoner spell.

Otherwise, try to do the standard harassing in lane. Don't get hit by his 4th shot. If you do, your auto attack is near equivalent to his 4th shot, so it's not a big deal. Just make sure you hit him when he hits you. A good Jhin will use the movespeed of the 4th shot to run away, so you don't get extra auto attacks on him.



Try not to take free damage from her rocket form CSing. Her W is easy to dodge. Be ready to dodge it. Be aware of her support, because her traps can set up kills easily. Go for harass when she is CSing or out of position.

If she stays in rocket form for more than 1 auto attack, you can try trading with her with more auto attacks. You can get a few extra hits before she can trade back. She can no longer poke very effectively from far away with rocket form, due to the .5 attack speed.



Strong laner. May be hard if she gets a kill. Watch our for her spear stacks and W passive. Try to farm it out and go for trades if you can. If you lose a kill, try to play passive.



His Q hurts. Try not to line up with minions that are about to die. His trades are strong if he gets his passive hits off. Avoid hitting him when he has his passive shots up. Avoid hitting him when he has Q up. You can trade very well when he goes to CS with his low range or has his Q down.
His mid game is strong. Your duels will be even.


Miss Fortune

Her E Make It Rain missfortunescattershot.png harass is strong with Thunderlord's. Go for harass when she is CSing or has Q on cooldown. If you get low in lane, be careful of a cheeky MF ultimate. Her ultimate does a lot of damage, especially when she gets some more critical chance.

Don't fight her in lane when she has W on.

Watch out for your low hp minions. Don't stand behind them when she has her Q up.

She falls off a bit late game, because her ultimate roots her; she has no escapes or reliable speed boost.



She has low range and can't outdamage you nor spellshield most your damage. If she pushes you in, just farm under tower. You can harass her easily if you aren't pushed in, due to your higher range and damage. Dodging her Q is essential for trading.



Don't trade her when she has her Explosive Charge (E) on you. You'll lose the trade. Watch your positioning, so you don't get hit too many times with her Explosive Charge on you. Watch for her jump animation, so you can use your E to stop it. Don't take collateral damage from her CSing. Go for harass when you can.
She will likely win all in's with her Explosive Charge on you.



He can't trade you. You do more damage. You win this lane. Dodge his W when you can. Be careful mid game for his stealth.



He has high range. He can outtrade you in early levels. His poke is strong in mid game. You can kill him if he wastes his cooldowns. 
If he builds damage, such as BF Sword 1038.png, in lane, it will be a tough lane, because he can poke you hard and trade you well.

If he builds Tear of the Goddess 3070.png, you win the lane. He can't trade you.



When trading, auto her and back off. Don't let her hit silver bolts. Punish her when she gets out of position. You are stronger early game and most of the game. You power spikes are stronger than her power spikes. If you don't majorly misplay, you win every duel almost all game.




Weak laner. Mainly got for poke in lane. Do extended trades when her E is down. Mid game, watch for her Q-->Q snare combo.

Judging Item Choices Back to Top

This comes with experience, so I will list factors that you should keep in mind throughout the game.

General Advice:

Try to base as little as possible. Try to base only when you have a major item purchase, such as BF Sword. Generally, a major item purchase involves buying an item that puts you at a significant advantage over the enemy or puts you on par with an enemy who is quite ahead of you if you don't make a purchase. In doing so, you will notice a rise in your CS numbers, and increase in pressure on the map.

You may base if you need to get out of a sticky situation, such as when the enemy team is converging on your location, but you don't have time to run. Use your best judgment.

When buying items, always try to buy them while walking out of base, so you spend the least amount of time standing still in base.

Judging 2v2 Matchup Back to Top

I will not tell you how every matchup goes, but I will pose questions that I ask myself before every game during champion select and in loading screen. You should also be thinking about these question in game. As you get into the habit of thinking about these questions, you will gradually notice improvements in the way you think about the game and your overall game knowledge.

Questions to ask yourself:
  • How should I play to win this lane?
  • How will my enemy play to win this lane, knowing how I will play?
  • How should I play to counter my enemy's counterplay?
  • Who will hit level 2 first?
Support Synergy:
  • Is my support a kill support?
  • If my support is a kill support, should we push for level 2 advantage?
  • When is my kill support strong?
  • Is my support a sustain support?
  • If my support is a sustain support, should I go for a heavy level 1 trade?
  • Is my support a poke support?
  • Is my support a passive support?
  • How does my lane partner utilize that support?
  • Does my support know how to do a jungle camp? Does my support know what to do in lane if we do a jungle camp?
Enemy Support:
  • Same questions as for my support, but in a different context.
  • If the enemy has a strong level 2, how do I counteract that? Should I push for level 2 first? Should I counteract their push?
  • Did enemy bottom lane start a camp? How should I counteract that?
Enemy AD Carry:
  • When is enemy ADC strong?
  • Does enemy ADC have poke?
  • What items does the enemy ADC have? Can I trade against that?
  • What abilities will they use to trade with me? How will I win trades against that? Can I trade against that?
Example Matchup:
Draven Soraka vs Jinx Thresh
Early matchup:
WATCH IF THEY DID A CAMP. If so, you may be at a huge disadvantage. Don't get cheesed by their level 2.
My support is not a strong level 2 support. Thresh is strong level 2. Jinx Thresh is strong level 2 with the trap hook flay combo. 
What will they try to do level 1? Look for some hook. Push the lane. Get level 2 first.
What does Soraka do level 1? What will we do level 1?
Soraka can heal level 1. Bottom lane trading favors our lane, because we can heal up by level 2 while they can't. Trade heavily, so they can't aggress level 2. Make sure you position to not get hooked or take too much damage for Soraka to heal fast enough.
Position around minions. Fight in my minion wave. Push the lane to prevent their getting level 2 first. Go for trades, because you will win if Soraka doesn't get caught. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WATCH YOUR POSITIONING.

Support Synergies Back to Top

1.png Annie: Strong level 2. Good poke. Good damage and CC. Usually squishy, so she may get killed easily by enemy bottom lane if she mispositions. Depending on build, may not scale well into late game due to her only CC being a short range stun.

432.png Bard: Does good damage. Heal is ok, but it may save you from ganks. His stun is good for setting up kills.

53.png Blitzcrank:  Good for getting picks. Laning is decent, depending on hooks and how strong enemy support is. Good level 6. Hit or miss. Sometimes they'll provide no pressure and allow enemy to walk all over you. Other times, they'll fight and help you secure kills.

201.png Braum: Strong support with Draven. Winter's Bite (Q) does good damage. His stun is very good for getting kills. Has good engage and disengage. Peels well for you in teamfights.

40.png Janna: Passive support. Doesn't set up kills too well. Can set up kills from ganks. Good disengage and peeling in teamfights and in splitpush comps, but Draven isn't the most amazing in splitpush comps unless ahead. If you get a shield from her, try to run into the enemy and get a few hits in. You'll win the trade unless you misposition yourself.

43.png Karma: Good poke support. Good mantra Inner Flame damage with root can secure kills for you. Can peel well for you. May speed you past your axes, so be careful of that.

25.png Morgana: Can be good for kills if she hits binds. Overall safe support. Good level 6. Helps against teams with a lot of CC in teamfights. Vi counterpick.

267.png Nami: Good sustain. Can make trades quite efficient for you. Can be bad if she misses important bubbles. Doesn't scale too well in late game, due to volatility of bubbles.

111.png Nautilus: Extremely tanky with a lot of CC and pick potential. Strong laning support. Push for level 2 and you will very likely get kills.

497.png Rakan: Not a good laner. Strong gank and initiation setup after level 6.

16.png Soraka: Not the best support for getting you kills. Lets you survive ganks and if you get caught due to bad positioning.

223.png Tahm Kench: OK support. His Q poke is decent. Laning with him highly depends the skill of your support. A good Kench can set up kills decently with his slow and devour. Otherwise, he won't provide much presence, so the enemy may walk all over you.

412.png Thresh: Strong support at all stages of game. Strong kill pressure. Fits most team comps. Good disengage and pick potential.

Judging Team Composition and Win Condition Back to Top

At every point in every game, you should always be thinking of your win condition. Team composition plays a large role in judging your win condition. At every point in the game, you should have an idea on what your win condition is and how to accomplish it.

Your teamcomp has snowbally champions, likely assassins. You might not have a tank, waveclear, engage, nor disengage. You'll want to win lanes to win game. Otherwise, it can be tough. This is much more viable this season. Winning lane impacts the game much more. Picking winning lanes can easily snowball wins.

You have a fed top laner or mid laner who can duel anyone. You have poke/waveclear/disengage among the 4 people who are grouped.

You have good disengage, waveclear in the 3 grouped. You have 2 decent splitpushers who can take towers quite well. Your support needs to ward the flanks.

Your team has good aoe or CC. You or your teammates likely hit powerspikes within the last minute. Your team has a tankline or some sort of peel. You might have an assassin to round out the comp. You can set up vision around dragon or baron and look for teamfights by baiting objectives. Be sure to clear out enemy wards and set up your own. Buy pinks. After winning a teamfight your team can easily get baron and siege. If your tanks have armor, you can even dive. Draven is a strong teamfighter. He can wait until assassins blow combos while still dealing damage through the enormous aoe damage of his ultimate.

Your team doesn't have much aoe, but you have decent amount of single target CC. If you set up vision in key areas and clear out enemy vision, you can get picks easily and win the game off of that. Buy pinks. This may work as a last resort when your team is behind and can't win 5v5 teamfights. Be sure to push out nearby lanes as this may split up the enemy team.

Your team may have bad waveclear or siege. If you try to siege, your team may just get destroyed. Draven is not the best sieging ADC, due to his lack of escape and 550 range. In this case, your team's best bet may be to bait baron. Use the strategies of a pick/teamfight composition to bait a fight near baron as described above. If you are in gold/plat elo, you'll usually get the baron for free due to the enemy's lack of map awareness. Draven is a strong baron killer when he is even somewhat ahead. You can look for baron anytime after it spawns. PUSH OUT NEARBY/ACROSS MAP LANES. You should have someone clear out mid lane whenever the minions come, so enemy has to choose between mid pressure or baron. When hitting baron to bait the enemy, you should keep in mind that a number of times you should be positioning inside the baron pit, so you are behind your tanks when the enemy team joins the fight.

The rare 5th dragon scenario sometimes may be your only option to win a game. The stats and true damage give a huge boost in the late game. This is usually the case if your team can't close out a game nor siege effectively. You can use 5th dragon pressure to get a pick or win a teamfight by baiting enemy out of position. You don't necessarily need the buff. Simply baiting it may get you the win. PUSH OUT NEARBY/ACROSS MAP LANES. You should have someone clear out mid lane whenever the minions come, so enemy has to choose between mid pressure or baron.

Early Game Back to Top

First, take a look at the "Judging 2v2 Matchup" section above. That will affect a lot of how the early game should be played out.

General Level 1 Tips
  • In the first minion wave, you will usually try to keep the minions evenly balanced at all times. If the enemy has 3 minions you must make sure you have 3 minions as well. Don't let them get a minion advantage, but don't push it yet.
  • When the second wave arrives, you will can choose to kill the 3 melee minions as fast as possible to get a level 2 advantage. Using that level 2 advantage, you can zone the enemy if they are smart and back away. Otherwise, simply use your blood rush and attack them until they are pushed back to turret. If the enemy tries to fight, they will die 95% of the time if you don't misplay massively.

General Tips
  • To get 2 axes by the time you enter the lane, you should start your axes at 1:36 and hit a jungle monster at least twice. You can start your second axe as the first is about to expire, so you will have two axes when you get to lane.
  • You hit level 2 upon the death of the 3rd melee creep of the 2nd minion wave.
  • You hit level 2 upon death of the first melee creep of the 2nd minion wave if you lose 1 melee creep after doing a level 1 camp.
  • You're fairly strong at level 5 compared to a lot of ADC's.
  • If you get pushed back early, you may get a second Doran's Blade 1055.png with potions.
  • If your support doesn't know how to do krugs and you are blue side, you can simply do the small krug for a small xp advantage to level 2.
  • Be wary of minion damage. If the champion you are hitting is near minions which are in range to switch target to you, you will take a large amount of damage. Caster minions especially hurt, because they deal twice the damage than that of melee minions.
  • You may get 5 man ganked when you hit level 5, because teleports will be up.
  • You may get ganked at around 3:30 if enemy jungler started top side.
  • You may get ganked at around 2:45 if enemy jungler is doing a level 2 gank.
  • If you find yourself getting hit by skillshots often, you should look to position yourself around the edge of your minions. This way, you somewhat expose yourself to bait the enemy's skillshot, while being able to quickly hide behind your minions to block the skillshot. Pay attention to your position around minions at all times. Dodging skillshots is 80% positioning. 10% is mouse positioning. 5% is reaction time. 5% is prediction.
  • In addition to positioning to avoid skillshots, consider pre-positioning. If you know your minion is going to die soon, start moving to prepare for a better position a few seconds in the future. For example, if you see that the enemy wave is pushing, the enemy has a Thresh 412.png, and you have 3 allied minions remaining, you should start positioning to be as far away from the hook as possible and behind your support.
  • When choosing which minion to last hit when multiple are dying simultaneously, pick cannon over melee over caster. You will gain more gold this way.
Minion Wave Control
  • If you are ahead or have support/jungler pressure, consider freezing the lane. Freezing can allow you to take advantage of the enemy's mistake of overextending. As a rule of thumb, you will need 4 enemy caster minions alive after each wave of minions.
  • To break the enemy's freeze, you need to push your minions into the enemy tower. You can ask your jungler to show himself in your lane for a brief moment. You can do one of the following two methods. Always be sure to ward and know whether you can win a 2v2 before attempting these methods. The enemy may try to hit you while you are focused on hitting minions.
  • If you want the enemy minions to slowpush toward you, you can push the wave slowly so that when your minions hit the tower, the enemy minions are arriving at their tower.
  • If you want to reset the wave when the enemy is trying to freeze, try to hit the minion wave as soon as it arrives. Ask your support to hit the minions if he/she can. You want the tower to kill your minions so that nothing obstructs the next minion wave. This way, by the time the next minion wave arrives, both minion waves will arrive in the middle of the lane, thus resetting the lane.
  • After securing a kill, you generally want to push the lane. This ensures the enemy laner misses the xp and gold from your minions. If you decide to base and shop, by the time you get back to lane, the minion wave will be pushing back toward you. It will either slow push if the enemy doesn't push, or the lane will be near your tower. Because the wave will be near you, you can either freeze or look for a kill on the enemy to snowball your lead. If you cannot push the wave fast enough, ask your jungler to push with you if he/she just ganked for you. Otherwise ask your support.
  • You may look to push the wave instead of freezing sometimes. By pushing the wave, you can trade more efficiently, because you will have more minions than the enemy. Furthermore, because your are pushing, you will hit level power spikes slightly ahead of the enemy. You may also look to poke the enemy under tower, forcing them to miss cs. Pushing may also be a good idea when you are looking to get a level 2 or level 6 advantage.
Farming under Tower
  • Learn how much damage towers deal to melee minions and caster minions. To last hit under tower, you may need to set up the creeps before they reach tower. You should learn when the minions are at critical health and should be hit before the creeps reach tower.
  • Under tower, you generally farm casters by waiting for a tower shot, then hitting the caster with a spinning axe. To farm melees, you let the tower hit the creep twice, then hit the melee.
  • Sometimes, when farming under tower, the tower shots may not synchronize correctly with your allied minions' damage. You may want to allow the tower shots to hit as stated in the previous point. Then, allow the next tower shot to fly midair. You then kill the minion before that extra tower shot lands.
  • Sometimes, under tower, you may want to stand point blank on top of the minion you want to hit. This may compensate for low attack speed due lower particle travel time. Under some circumstances, multiple minions may be about to in quick succession. This trick may mean the difference in getting all of them vs missing some.
  • You should position yourself to take as little poke from the enemy as possible while under tower. If you are killing melee minions, you should stand 550 range (auto attack range) away from the melee minion and enemy champion (200-300 range behind your turret). When killing caster minions, stand near the wall between your tower and the edge of the map (the small gap between tower and the wall). This way, the enemy champion must walk as far into the tower range as possible in order to hit you. The hitting zone of the tower is a circle around the tower. Because you are standing as close as possible to the center of the tower, the enemy must walk as close as possible to the tower to hit you.
  • There are 2 disadvantages to the position mentioned above. The first is that a good enemy Thresh may throw a lantern on top of you, forcing your character to walk forward toward him, because his lantern will block your path from moving backward in that tiny gap. You make yourself somewhat vulnerable here. The other disadvantage of this position is that you may get hit by skillshots here, because you have few places to dodge. If the enemy has skillshots, also consider positioning behind minions (opposite side of previous position, while hugging tower).  These minions will counteract the enemy's auto attacks somewhat when they switch targets to the enemy champion who auto attacks you. They will also mitigate skillshot damage.
  • Situationally, the enemy may dive you while you are farming under turret. Sometimes you may outplay the enemy by forcing the turret to body-block your character model. If the enemy doesn't use the Attack Champions Only hotkey (~ key by default), they will likely hit the tower instead. The tower can also help you kite melee champions by bodyblocking for you as you run around the tower.

Playing from Behind Back to Top

There are two situations of being behind. You yourself are behind your opposing laner, or your teammates are behind their counterparts.

You are behind
  • If the enemy laner has pushed the lane into your tower after killing you or forcing you to base, you will get back to lane with the lane just outside your tower. As a result, your minions will reach the lane first, focus firing the enemy minions and pushing the lane. In this scenario, you should last hit as long as you can to build up a slow push into the enemy. In some cases, these minions will help you trade with the enemy enough for you to win a fight and get back in the game. You should not walk up with your minions unless you have a support, because even the slowpushed minions might not save you against 2 champions.
  • If you can push the slowpushed minions into tower, you will be able to reset the minion wave, allowing you to farm more safely once the lane is reset close to your tower. While the minions are dying under tower, you might go for some hits on the tower of trade the enemy. Make sure you have wards to be careful of ganks. Make sure you don't take tower shots. If the enemy support has strong cc zoning abilities to kill you, you should back off and farm Krugs/Gromp as the lane resets.
  • If you and your support cannot force the slowpushed minions into tower in the previous bullet point, you should not stay in the lane. The minions are frozen and you are in a bad position to get ganked or die running to your tower. Ask your jungler to come show his/herself so you can push the minions into tower and reset the lane.
  • If you are behind almost to the point of the enemy snowballing, you should look to group with your team, so you can get potential picks with your team. This may prevent the enemy laner who is ahead from basing on a large amount of gold, because their team may get picked.
TLDR: Play safe and be efficient

Your teammates are behind
  • You may opt to keep your yellow trinket if your teammates aren't warding. Be sure to drop wards as you move around the map. I recommend having a pink ward in your inventory whenever you have money. You can drop it to keep your jungle safe or immediately replace a pink ward you had dropped earlier.
  • Once you hit an item powerspike, you may look to group with your team, so your team doesn't continue losing to their lane counterparts. This will help prevent snowballing.
  • Sometimes, if you are snowballed, you may look to split push instead of grouping, because the enemy team's solo laners may be strong teamfighters (strong AOE or CC abilities).

Mid Game Back to Top

At this point, you will have 1 or 2 major items completed. You will outdamage the enemy ADC most of the time at this point. Take a look at the "Judging Team Composition and Win Condition" option to see what you should be doing.

General Advice:
  • Draven is a strong teamfighter.
  • Draven has weak sieging.
  • Be aware of what CC is a threat to you in a teamfight.
  • Be aware of what damage is a threat to you in a teamfight.
  • It may be wise to not join a teamfight with autoattacks until you know the key cooldowns of the enemy.
  • You want vision of flanks wherever you decide to go.
  • Don't facecheck. Don't get picked.
  • After taking an objective, try to take the enemy jungle camps on your way out. The red and blue buffs are the important ones to take.
  • If you get control of the enemy jungle (kill enemy wards, drop your own wards at their chokepoints), you can often hide in a bush to get a pick.
  • Spend as little time in bottom lane as possible when the timer hits 20 minutes. Only go bottom to farm super waves, though your top laner will usually be farming it because of teleport. You will lose a lot of pressure at baron if you show yourself bottom. You can sneak a baron if the enemy shows 2 people bottom at 20 minutes.
  • A general rule of thumb is that you can baron whenever 2 people on the enemy team are dead or bottomside and your team has 5 members, sometimes 4 is enough.
  • Grab dragons when you can't get a turret after a major fight. Turrets generally matter more than dragons.

Late Game Back to Top

Take a look at Judging Team Composition and Win Condition. This point of the game comes much earlier. Inner and inhibitor turrets are much weaker. Oftentimes, the game will likely be snowballed in 1 team's favor at this point. Winning will be extremely hard if you are losing.

General Advice
  • VISION - Get it with your team, get it away from the enemy team.
  • DO NOT GET PICKED - Stick with your team most of the time, only go where there is vision, don't let teammates go out to ward solo - warding is a team effort.
  • PRESSURE - Push out side lanes before you start pressuring areas of the map.
  • Look at barons and dragons for teamfights and picks.
  • If 1 side of the map is getting pressured by enemy, you had better be pressuring somewhere else or stopping that pressure. This comes with experience.
  • After taking an objective, try to take the enemy jungle camps on your way out. The red and blue buffs are the important ones to take.
  • When you know an enemy is going to clear a large minion wave, you can try hiding in a bush and ambushing the enemy for a pick. If you are on the other side of the map, and your minion wave is pushing on the other side, you can grab control (clear enemy wards, drop your own wards, drop your own pinks) of the opposite side of the map  and dance around an objective until the enemy sends one to clear the super wave.
  • Sometimes people will make a dumb mistake trying to clear minions in bot lane. If you react quickly, you can potentially get picks or a baron.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

  • The time to control axes depends on the travel time between your axe and the target. You can control your axes during the time that your axe is midair. The closer you are to your target, the less time you have to control the direction of its landing position.
  • When kiting someone who is on top of you, you should turn on Blood Rush (W) and perhaps Stand Aside (E) the enemy and run away a short distance before throwing axes. This will increase the travel distance of your axes, so you can actually control axes.
  • If the enemy on top of you is too fast (Udyr, Master Yi), and you are too slowed (Darius, blue smite+exhaust Shyvana with BOTRK), you can either flash to gain distance, or you can hit S to stand still. If you decide to hit S, you will deal more DPS, because you can fully utilize your attack speed. You may die, but you likely weren't going to escape anyway. You have a chance of living with the increased DPS of hitting S. Hitting S is very effective if you are ahead in the mid game, because you will usually outdps the enemy diver.
  • You can use flash to control your close range Whirling Death (R) and secure a kill when the enemy tries to flash or dash the return damage of the R.
  • If the enemy is close, don't E before you R. This may knock the enemy aside from your R.
  • Learn the range of various gapclosers and hooks, so you can position and use your E better.
  • You can use your E on most gapclosers, but keep in mind that your E has an animation time before it casts. You should preempt your E based on range of the gapcloser or cast it as the gapclosing skillshot animation starts, such as Leona's 89.png Zenith Blade (E).
  • You can E->Flash for an instantaneous surprise Stand Aside.
  • When killing objectives or buffs, you can stand next to a wall to make axe catching easier. The axes will now land either to 1 side of you or on top of you, because you eliminated one of the places that the axes can land. This makes more axes land on top of you.
  • When trying to dodge skillshots or move more accurately, you should bring your mouse close to your character model. This way, you can change directions much more quickly, giving you that extra time to dodge a skillshot.
  • You should learn the cast animations of champions, such as champion hand movement. When you are afraid of enemy aoe, cc, or pick spells, you can dodge with higher success rate. For example, Annie's 1.pnghands move differently depending on her spell, which gives you an indicator of whether she may be using her ultimate.
  • You can react to dangerous enemy CC, aoe, or pick spells more quickly if you turn up the volume, wear earphones, or a headset. You naturally react faster to sound, so learn the sounds that occur when a champion starts certain spells, such as Malphite's ultimate.
  • When chasing people while using W, you will notice that you outrun your axes. To continue to catch axes while chasing, you have 3 options. First, you may stutter step with the stop (S) key. If you tap the S key twice in quick succession while clicking forward the while time, you will move slightly slower due to stuttering. You should do this when you're walking above your axes. You will end up catching axes near the edge of the circle, allowing for maximum movement speed while maintaining axes. This is my most used method. Second, you can, instead of stutter stepping, click backward a bit to cause your character to walk backward. Then you can continue forward again. This method is good if you need to dodge an enemy CC skillshot while chasing, because your mouse is positioned closer to your model. You may be more prone to misclicking with this method. Lastly, if you have another axe ready to be started, you may opt to drop one of your axes, catch the other one, and start a new one, allowing you to gain that extra little distance to net a kill.
  • When you need to kite someone in an intense fight, I sometimes recommend holding down spacebar (lock screen). This allows you keep track of your character more easily and lowers your chance of misclicking. When the enemy is near your character, the time to control axes decreases, as explained earlier. Using right clicks allows you to click to control your axes and target selection more effectively, because pressing A key + left click + right click is slower. Right clicks back and forth between moving your character and clicking the enemy can cause you to misclick. Holding spacebar keeps enemies close to a constant distance around your character, so you can get more rhythmic mouse movement and reduce the amount of mouse movement you need to make.

  • Baron Rule of 3: If the enemy has at most 3 members on top side of map, start baron. If enemy has 2 members dead, 3 members alive, start baron. If baron is above 3k health, peel off baron. If baron is below 3k health, finish baron.

Draven Patch Updates Back to Top

Patch 5.22:
ATTACK FRAME 0.32 ⇒ 0.23
  • Lowering projectile speed increases the travel time of the axe before it bounces back to produce a mark on the ground. As explained in Tips and Tricks section, the travel time determines the time you have to control the axe landing location. This will make kiting slightly easier.
  • Lower travel speed may mean that sometimes your auto attack might not connect on the enemy before you die.
  • Shorter attack frame means that grabbing attack speed is less needed, because your animation is now naturally less clunky. You'll be less likely to cancel auto attacks due to the long animation. This should compensate for the lower projectile speed.
  • Overall a nice buff. Inexperienced Draven players can learn the animation timing and axe catching more easily. Experienced Draven players can now kite better when targets are near them.

About This Guide Back to Top

How to Use This Guide:
  • Know the basic concepts of the game - objectives, vision, last hitting, zoning, champion abilities, mechanics, animation canceling / "orbwalking". After learning the basic concepts of the game, you can better understand this guide.
  • Always think about how to improve.
  • Don't blame teammates. You can always play better. You probably made a mistake that made your teammate make a mistake, or you made a mistake and made your teammate's play look bad.
  • Accept losses as ways for you to improve. Everyone loses. You lose because you could have played better.

To Do:
  • Add more supports to support synergies
  • Support rankings
  • Support matchups
  • Include example item builds at different stages of game with explanation
  • Improve Playing from Behind section
  • Organize Tips and Tricks section into categories
  • Add Minion Wave Control subsection to Mid Game section and Late Game section
  • Improve Minion Wave Control subsection in Early Game section - Creep Denying, Tower Denying/Pushing
  • Add Flash Control tips
  • 9/21/2015 - Trinity Force item and explanation added. Nautilus support synergy added
  • 9/28/2015 - Added skillshot dodging and E->Flash to Tips and Tricks section, Added Farming under Turret tips under Early Game section
  • 10/19/2015 - Added basic Playing from Behind section
  • 10/21/2015 - Added comment about high AD, low AS build in Judging Item Choices section
  • 10/26/2015 - Early Game Section: Added Minion Wave Control section. Name change: Extensive Draven Guide -> Beautiful Draven Guide
  • 10/27/2015 - Early Game Section: Added more general tips, and more farming under tower tips. Added TLDR
  • 10/28/2015 - Early Game Section: Added more farming under tower tips - proper positioning, general tips
  • 11/10/2015 - Added Baron Rule of 3 to Tips and Tricks section
  • 11/11/2015 - Added Patch Updates Section
  • 11/12/2015 - Update Items, Masteries Sections
  • 11/27/2015 - Added spacebar usage tip in Tips and Tricks section
  • 4/5/2016 - Updated items and masteries to patch 6.6
  • 7/20/2018 - Updated runes and items.

TLDR Back to Top

  • Control axe drop location by clicking in the direction you want them to drop.
  • Position well at all times: laning phase, mid game, late game.
  • Objectives and baron win games.
  • Be efficient.

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