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All Guides Draven Guides [Indepth ADC role] Draven 6.7 - The Real Carry

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Standard Masteries this way because Phreak.
More info clicking HERE

If you are an experienced Draven Main in need of trying something new, I suggest you to check above for "Vincent Runepage", and then set the masteries this way:


This is what could happen:

ONE AXE2.jpg

Abilities Back to Top

1st point:
Q - because damage and lasthitting.

2nd point:
E - if your support will all-in at lvl.2
W - if your support will all-in at lvl.3

3rd point:
the one you didn't pick yet.
you need both W and E to escape a gank.

Max Q first:
At lvl.5 gives you +85% AD every empowered autoattack.
Almost doubling the damage looks like a good reason to me to max it out first.

Max W second:
When you have such a big damage from Q, you will totally love that 60% Movement speed to hunt people down.

Max E last:
You don't need the slow that much, plus this skill is not spammable or it will drain your mana pretty hard.
You just have to learn when and how to use it properly.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Spare golds
    1300 First back.
    875 first back
    If behind

Core Items

    1. Pick one
    2. Pick one
    3. Pick one
    Spare golds

Situational Items

    If fed
    AP bursts you
    Hard CC
    Need to kite
    Blitz Grab
    AD bursts you
The "I-Will-Carry-Hard" buildpath I use when i'm fed:

--- BF -> Pickaxe -> Zeal -> IE -> Sheen -> Trinity Force -> Vampiric -> BT -> LW -> Dominik -> Death Dance

3031.png3078.png1301.png3072.png3036.png + 3812.png or 3156.png or 3139.png

If you are able to get fed, this build will let you face almost every other fed champ in the game, providing:
  • Absurd damage. 
    IE passive + Sheen + Q

  • Huge Lifesteal and Dmg. reduction.
    BT + Last item + Warlord Bloodlust

  • Awesome Mov.Speed
    W + Phage + Alacrity
If your support can get a Zeke for the crit, it's GG.

If you like more a "Standard-adc" build, read below.

------- NOTE ------- 
Redditors matematicians sustains that rushing a complete IE as first item at the moment (5.23) is not efficient, so, it would be better to delay it.
More info HERE

The right buildpath looks like this:
  • BF + Pickaxe
  • Zeal
  • T2 boot
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Infinity Edge
-------  END of the NOTE ------- 

Draven's Builds, (Especially in S6) are pretty adaptable to the situation;
So, I can't really tell you "THE BUILD" but I can teach you how to build him.

Let's start.
You have 6 spot.

0. Starting Items

1. Damage
2. Atk.Speed
3. Armor pen
4. Sustain / Survive
5. Shoes
6. "Defensive"

0. Starting items

1055.png Doran Sword:
That's the only item worth starting now.
Do not ask questions, just buy it, and go.

1083.png Cull:
This item is a bit weak at the moment.
BUT...but...if you invaded, and you got kills and money, than I suggest you to back fast and buy it.
It's like having another draven passive, and some more lifesteal.

1. Damage

3031.png Infinity Edge:
Most of the time, you want the Infinity edge as first mayor item.
It will give you a huge powerspike, and the crits will HURT like hell.

Get this if you are ahead, or if you have not many troubles against your laner.

3072.png Bloodthirster:

If you are playing against a poke lane, you will probably have to pick up a BT first.
(if you don't know what a poke lane is, see section. "Botlane Triangle")

If you think you are not gonna get kills in lane, go for a Bloodthirster.
The lifesteal will help you survive (Not losing stacks) and sustain.

3508.png Essence Reaver:
In all honesty, it's not a really good item on Draven.
(Q should always be up, W costs are low, E shouldn't be spammed, R cdr do not justify the buy)
I would buy this in just a couple of occasions:
  • I go OOM for spamming E way too much.
    (In cases where you can engage, but you do not have enough burst to kill the other laner)

  • I get zoned hard, and I find myself losing axes too often.
    (It happens frequently against Annie support)
    With enough CDR, you will be able to refresh your axes even without using them on minions.

2. Attack Speed

3046.png Phantom Dancer:
Item oriented at Chasing/Kiting people.
12% mov.speed and 12% damage reduction are awesome.
Pick this up if you are against a strong skirmisher, or more often if you are uncertain on what to get.
(Lucian, Graves, Miss Fortune)

3087.png Statikk Shiv:
Item oriented at clearing waves.
(Draven doesn't clear waves very fast)

Pick this up if they clear wave faster than you, of if their minions push harder than yours.
(in 5.22 if they have level/tower advantages, creeps become stronger)
I occasionally buy this against fast pusher.
(Sivir, Jinx, Cait)

3094.png Rapid Firecannon:
Item oriented at sieging.
(Draven's range is medium)

I rarely buy this item, but if you often find yourself under enemy turret, could be useful.
The passive load fast enough because you always keep moving, and throwing a powered axes at the enemy from far, while sieging, could really force him to back.
(Especially with squishy midlaners)

3085.png Runaan's Hurricane:
A teamfight oriented item.
I didn't tried it on Draven yet, but I think it sucks on him.
I think is more suited for attack speed based champ.
(Jinx, Kog'Maw, Kalista)

3142.png Youmuu's Ghostblade:
I buy this if I need Early ArmorPen, usually against tanky supports.
(Leona, Thresh, Nautilus)
The active helps you more than you would think, either in chasing, either in running away from ganks or traps.

Someone get this as first item in a non-crit build.
I tried it, and it's not that bad:
Youmuu - BT - Trinity - Berserker - Dominik

3. Armor Penetration

3033.png Mortal Reminder:
I like this item. I missed Grevious Wounds so much!
You can buy this in many occasions:
  • Enemy ADC have high lifesteal.
    (Kalista, Every Adc with a double lifesteal items)
  • They have someone with high HPregen or lifesteal.
    (Mundo, Vladimir, Swain, ...)

    Grevious wound ONLY works on Self-healing, so, it won't help you killing the adc if he's getting healed from a Soraka.

3036.png Lord Domink's Regards:
Buy this if their tanks are stacking HP.
(Warmog, Righteus glory, RoA, ...)

4. Sustain / Survive

3072.png Bloodthirster:
If you didn't buy it before, this is the standard choice.
Lifesteal is always good, especially in teamfights, and the shield is good aswell to help if you find yourself in a bad spot.

3139.png Mercurial Scimitar:

If you have trouble with CC's, you probably have already bought a quicksilver slash.
(If not, do it!)
It's a must buy against Suppression, and hard CC, especially if you have no mobility.
(Malzahar, Warwick, Urgot, Ashe, Leona, Zed's ult, Vi's ult, ...)

3153.png Blade of the Ruined King:
I honestly dislike this item on Draven, but sometimes I need more selfpeel because of...well...not so smart ally.
  • Buy it if you have someone keep sticking and killing you every teamfight
    (Yes, i'm talking about you Tryndamere)
  • If their tank is so tanky that you cannot kill him.
    (A fed Maokai, for example)
3156.png Maw of Malmortius:
Buy this, if their ap is bursting you down everytime.
Seriously, Hexdrinker and This one can really turn the tides of a battle, especially on Draven!
Have you ever had that game, where their LeBlanc was 5/0 in the first 10 minutes, and she proceeded to roam and kill you everytime from behind the fucking walls?
Let's not repeat it.
(LeBlanc, Ziggs, Annie, Every bursty AP)

3812.png Death's Dance:
On theory, this item reduces the damage that you take, putting it in form of bleeding, so you should have time to survive thanks to your lifesteal.
It should have the same purpose of Hexdrinker, but mostly for AD or "Bursty-but-not-so-bursty" champ.
(In compination with Phantom Dancer, the damage reduction is pretty high)

It has saved my life more than once.
(Talon, Garen's ult, Darius ult, ecc.. )

5. Shoes

3006.png Standard for every AA-based ADC.

1301.png Alacrity:
  • Buy this if you have to avoid skillshots.
  • Buy if you went Trinity Force Route
1300.png Furor:
  • Buy this if you have to chase someone with movspeed bonus.
    (Nami's passive, Janna's passive, ...)
  • Buy this if you need more kiting potential.
    (Stahp Tryndamere, STAHP!)
  • If you bought Rapid Firecannon, hit them from the empowered range, and start to chase them

3111.png Mercury's Treads:
Only  If you really, really, really need that extra Mres/Tenacity.

6. Defensive

3102.png Banshee's Vail:
Buy this if you can't really avoid that deadly skillshot.
(Blitz Grab, Nautilus Grab, Thresh grab, Vi's ult, Nocturne's Ult, ...)

3143.png Randuin's Omen:
You finally understand that GA sucks, but you don't know what to buy?
That Tryndamere is still sticking at you?
This. And remember to use the active.
Their team is full AD?

3026.png Guardian Angel:
Ok, i have to admit, sometimes this item could be useful.
Basically, to prevent every champ that would kill you to get resets.
(Master Yi, Kata, Master Yi, Jinx, Master Yi, ... )

3053.png Sterak Gage:
Sterak gage it's pretty good. Why?
His +25%/+50% base damage, scales with sheen. (If you went trinity force route, Yay!)
When passive pop, you gain 50% base damage, and a shield.

I recomment to buy this against sneaky assassins.
Talon, Shaco, ...
You will survive they burst, and you will be able to kill them while they have their skill on cd.

7. Extra

3078.png If you got that lvl.2 kill, and you started to snowball (and you know what you are doing) you can try this build:


Spam W even more than ever to refresh Spellblade. 

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  • Vel'Koz



  1. He won't let you all-in the other adc.
    He will heal the poke.
    He will engage on you.
    He will let you lose your axes.
    He will throw you under their turret.
    He will be a nightmare.

  2. Stay far from him, poke him early to let him drain his mana

  3. Stay safe, don't let him engage.

  4. Build up stacks, and engage when he is oom, or when your jungler will gank.

  5. Engage if he fail his QW combo.




1. The bitch will zone you pretty hard, but if she fail a stun, you can kill her easily.

2. Push, and poke her pre.6

3. If they have a kill lane, play very carfully, wait for her to waste her stun on your support, and then kill her.

4. After lvl.6 she will Flash + Tibbers everytime she can.
Do not stay in range with less than 70% hp.

5. After lvl.6 let them push under your turret and farm safely.
She can't flash dive, and if she does, you will kill her.
(Keeping the heal for the dive is highly recommended)




1. Stand behing minions to avoid her  asheW.png

2. Push her under turret pre.6. 

3. You will probably want a Quicksilver 3140.png to avoid her ult.

4. If she gets you with AA while retreating, trade with her.
You can't escape her slow, but you can outdamage her pretty badly.
(Her damage is very low)

5. Trade with her anytime you can, kill her, and conquer the freljord.




1. Do not play too near to the creeps or your support, his Q (stun) is pretty annoying.

2. If he mistep, you can punish him pretty hard.

3. Do not push if he's not in lane. He could send you in a magical journey to hell.
He will appear from the wall with a big bad jungler to beat your ass.

4. Use W to escape his ult. Or flash, just escape that shit.

5. Remember, he could ult your tower to dive you if you are low hp.

6. Immediatly engage on the ADC when he leaves to get chimes.
(A good bard will almost never do that tho)




1. Play behind minions to avoid his grab.

2. He will aim his rocket grab where your axes will land. 

3. if he miss his grab, punish him as hard as you can. BEEP BOOP!

4. Try to slowpush.
Your biggest chance to win this lane, is by growing a big wave, and fight behind/around it.

5. If he grabs you, just start hitting his carry.
If you are lucky enough you could end up getting a kill and cashing in stacks before dying.

6. Do not push too hard, or he will activate his W + Talisman, and he will anal-fist...erm, rocket grab you.

7. Squishier than you think

8. do NOT dive if he has his passive up.




1. He hurts. a lot. but get hurt aswell!

2. Do not fear him!
If you fear him, he will Pillar you forever!
Always retaliate!
brand hurts, but is squishy!

3. Use W to avoid pillar, get shoes soon.

4. Pre.6 engage on him if you have the chance.

5. Try to mantain the wave halfway.
If he pushes you under your turret, he will harass badly.




1. Avoid his Q.
seriously, avoid it.
That slow is annoying, and if he proc the stun, goodbye axes, goodbye damage.

2. His shield blocks your axes, and destroy your ult.
Let him waste it before you all-in, or you are fucked.

3. You have the better mustache.




1. Do NOT trade before lvl.6

2. After lvl.6 al-in her when you can.
(If your support doesn't, do not have fear to 4.png + dravendoubleshot.png on her face)

3. Step back when she has a loaded Headhshot.

4. Do not let her push you under turret, or she will trap + harass for days.

5. A Cait must have a lead of at least 25/30 creeps to "win" the lane. So, don't get nervous if you are behind in CS, it's fine. 

6. Your dravendoubleshot.png interrupts her caitlynentrapment.png and probably puts in cooldown her ult.

7. You probably want a 1053.png as soon as possible to counter her poke.




1. Push him under tower. He has a bad waveclear and won't be able to poke back while you harass him.

2. Stand behind creeps to avoid Q damage.
his W damage is non existent.

3. Poke him harder everytime he goes for a creep with his AA

4. do NOT understimate his all-in.
If they manage to stun/snare you, he can throw you off all his stuff and burst you down.




1. Stand behind creeps and laugh while he try to get you with his new AA. Throw him an axe when he goes for creeps.

2. Do NOT try to outpush him. He clear waves faster than you with his gravesclustershot.png, and doesn't looks like he suffer very much of mana problems.

3. His Q hurts more on the return, be carful at it.

4. If you have to all-in, do it after he used his smokescreen. 
(It has 26/24/22/20/18 seconds cooldown.)

5. Fight inside minion waves, or behind corners, so he can't use AA and Q properly.
Abuse this if you have to flash for escape.
Flashing linearly can get you killed with his Q ordash + AAs, flashing behind a corner/tower/something won't.

6. If you have a squishy melee jungler, is it better to tell him not to gank.




1. She is very squishy. Target her early on.

2. Tornadoes can let you fall axes, but they are difficult to aim.
- She must AIM where to throw the tornado.
- She charged it, and then she throw it WITHOUT CHANGING DIRECTION.

This means that, if you are in a spot, and she charged the tornado, you just have to run into the opposite direction. et voila.

Really, go in custom, pick janna, look how tornado works, you will now avoid all the tornadoes from here to eternity.

3. When she shield someone, he gains bonus AD!
do NOT trade with someone shielded.
Wait for the shield to finish, and then throw axes.

4. She will rarely be able to engage on you, the worse it could happen, is that you won't cash in stacks without the help of a jungler.
She is pretty good at disengaging.




1. Try to direct you axes behind the minion wave, or she will abuse her jinxW.png where they will land.

2. Try fight her when she has her Q's passive down.

3. She has no mobility, so if you manage to get close to her, you will kill her pretty easily.
(If your support doesn't engage, do not have fear to 4.png + dravendoubleshot.png on her face)

3. Step back when she switch to Fishbone, because she will likely to come poking you.

4. She will probably outpush you under turret, in that case, safely farm.
You shouldn't have many problem farming under turret with your Q.

5. Her ults doesn't do high damage anymore in close range skirmishes, still, W sidestep or flashing it is still a good idea.
(Her ult animation is pretty easy to notice. she also screm "BYE BYE")

6. If she is poking hard without draining her mana, you probably want a 1053.png as soon as possible.

7. Her traps roots you, but do not stun. Keep throwing axes in her face if she gets you.
(If she is far, press S to stop autoattacking minions, so you won't lose axes)




1. A good kalista will be a pain in the ass.

She will easily dodge your E and Ult, and her slow is annoying.

Little tip that require a bit of practice:
Shoot skillshot during her "landing" animation.
When throwing skillshots at kalista, wait for her jump, check where she's landing and throw it there.
She won't have time to AA and jump again from that spot.

2. She's weak early game, so abuse your dominance pre.6

3. She farm pretty good under turret because of her E, so try to poke her as hard as you can, without pushing the lane.

4. When she hits lvl.6, let her push to prevend her ult to screw you up.
She can't ult her support into your turret.

5. Her AA's doesn't do much damage, but rend does.
If you are fighting her to death, use heal preventively when you are 50/60% hp.

6. Do NOT stand behind a creep full of spears. If she Q into him, the spears will go on into your face, and believe me...they will hurt.




1. Ouch.

2. Early she is squishy, but she hurts a lot!
Her empowered Q will hurt and slow you.
Her stun is stupid, but the movement speed will screw up your mind.

3. Try to farm safely, wait for her to waste her Q (or going oom) and all-in the bitch!

4. Kill her before she will become a nightmare.




1. He has no escape early. Abuse it. If you get him, chase him throwing axes in his back.

2. Stand behind minions to avoid his kogmawcausticspittle.png, so he won't reduce your armor.

3. Step back when he activates his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png. His AA gain a lot of range.
(You can tell when he activate it by the changing colors on his back)

4. After killing him, remember his passive.

5. If you are low hp and want to back, get away from his ult range. He can snipe pretty badly.




1. If she gets you, you are pretty much fucked.

2. Push lvl.1 before her, and try to harass her carry.

3. At lvl.2 she WILL engage on you. stay carful!

4. Your E could stop her zenith blade, you need good reflexes 

5. After 6, let her push.
If you push, she will ult behind, and jump on you.
If you LET her push, she won't be able to engage without towerdiving.
So, farm under turret as much as you can.
If she fail an engage, punish her carry pretty hard.




1. Try not to get pushed out of lane, or he will harass you hard under tower.

2. do NOT play behind minions. try to stay on their side to avoid his lucianQ.png.

3. Your dravendoubleshot.png can stop his ult.

4. If you manage to avoid his Q, you will win the trade.




1. She will poke you.
She will slow you, and axes will fall.
She will polymorph you, and axes will fall.
She will shield her carry.
She will chase you.
She will let her adc escape faster.
She will ult her carry, and won't let you kill him.

2. I don't really know how to play against a lulu...i'm sorry bro.

3. Farm stacks, and ask for jungler help.




1. She's squishy.

2. Avoid her root, and beat her up.
Not much more to say.

3. Focus her pre.6.


Miss Fortune


1. do NOT stand behind a dying creep. Her Q hurts a LOT. 

2. She has not a real escape, if you manage to get her, you will outdamage and kill her .

3. Her ult deals a pretty good amount of damage, but you can stop it with your dravendoubleshot.png.

4. Her ult can crit! Do not understimate his damage. 




1. She's another lux. Avoid her bind, and you will have no trouble killing her.

2. Focus her early on.

3. After lvl.6 be carful at her ult.
Do not stand too close to her, and if you do, flash outside the ult.
If you have no flash, you should be able to kill her anyway before her ult will stun you.




1. Squishy.

2. Focus her early, and you shouldn't have many problems.

3. Avoid bubbles with W, and keep beating the carry.

4. Really, she's usually a good disengager, but your damage is too high for her, and you also run faster.

5. Feel free to push.




1. he's a big meatball, but honestly, if you don't go close to him, and you don't get hit from Q, everything will be fine.

2. he's slow as hell, just poke him down, and let him waste his mana on shield.

3. When he auto, he roots you.
press S to stop attacking and avoiding dropping axes.

4. When he ults you, pop W and run as far as you can.




1. You can W to outrun his dash.

2. You can use E to stop is dash.

3. If he dash and taunt you early, he will get a lot of damage.

4. If he waste a dash, he has nothing else to offer. Turn and beat him and the enemy adc.

5. Just be carful at his lvl.6 shield.
Except for that, you shouldn't have many troubles.

6. When he uses his ult to save any other laner (And he will do it) immediately engage on the adc if you can, or use E to stop his teleport.




1. Stay away from minions when she uses W.

(If your bush isn't warded, hide into it to prevent boomerang to bounce on you)
(If your bush is warded, sweep it, or put a pink on it)

2. Dodge her Q, or stay behind minions to get reduced damage.

3. You outdamage her a lot, just be carful at her W that resets her AA.

4. Her spellshield is not a problem, she can't spellshield your autos.

5. If you need to blow her shield, throw E.
She will either spellshield, or will get all-inned.

6. Sivir pushes a lot, but she can't really harass you very much under tower.
Farm and call the jungler, or engage on her after she wastes her abilities.

7. The problem with sivir, is that she will keep shoving lanes while you roam in midgame.
You will probably want to get a 3087.png to prevent her to splitpush the shiv out of you.

8. Do not overextend alone. Her ult can catch you off guard.
(She will die anyway against you, but if someone is with her they could get you)




1. Like karma, she urts.

2. her Q range is huge, and damage is high, but after that he has nothing.
so, ALWAYS retaliate when she hit you with Q.

3. Focus her early, don't let her see you are scared!
She's squishy as hell, E + Q and laugh on her corpse!

4. After lvl.6, stay away of her ult range.
Stay ready to flash in case she flash to ult you.
Play under your turret, and all-in her if you can.




Kill. Her. First.

Seriously, this lane is only hard if you focus the carry.

Focus soraka first, and everything will be fine.


Tahm Kench


1. He's tanky.

2. That shield is...gross.

3. You can freely push and farm, just paying attention at his tongue.
(Is a short skillshot, and you should be able to dodge it with W)

4. If he get you with the tongue, just run.
If he eat you, you're pretty much fucked.

5. He will eat the carry when he's about to die, but hey...happens.

6. Wait for him to eat a creep before going all-in on the adc.
That skill has a big Cooldown.
If he eat a minion, he can't eat his carry for a while.

7. If they get advantage, stop pushing.
He could ult behind you, and you will be fucked again.

8. If he's not on lane, do not push too hard, or it could pop behind you with the jungler in his belly.




1. do not throw axes when he launch his stun, or they will fall.

2. When you see his stun, press W and run as far as you can.

3. Just safely farm. He will be useless later.

4. If you want to all-in, do it after he wasted his stun.




1. You hate CC do hate them.
clearly stay safe from his threshQ.png
(It can't hit you behind minions)

2. If he step closer to you, he could threshE.png. be carful.

3. If you are under his tower, he WILL threshE.png you under tower!
I got killed this way like an idiot way to often.

4. If you're inside his ult, do not touch walls.
If you have some chance of surviving, they will be reduced to 0 once you hit that HUGE slow.
side-note: They deal damage, and if you are about to die, suicide on them instead of giving the kill to the opposite Carry.

5. Retaliate once he poked, but avoid going for him.
He has 3 pots, and as every tanky support, he want you to focus him while his carry deal free damage to you.

6. If your support engage the carry, WAIT!
Thresh will throw his hook at you 100% of the time.
When your support engage on the adc, the first thing you have to do is avoid thresh's Q, then you can get the kill.
(Same principle with Nami / Leona / Blitz / ...)

7. You can prevent the enemies from getting the lamp by standing on it, OR by simply put your trinket over it. (Hehehe)

If you put a ward on the top of the lamp, they will often click the ward hitbox insted of the lamp.
(I don't know if this has changed, but it worked until 5.18. They also did at Worlds Championship)




1. She pushes hard, but you can farm under tower. Plus, she's unable to freeze a lane.

2. If you are under turret, stay away from the tower. She will likely bomb it and you will get splash damage.

3. Your dravendoubleshot.png can block her jump.
4. You outdamage her, but her ult is a pain in the ass because she will let you lose axes.

5. do NOT push hard under her turret after lvl.6.
She can jump behind you, and ult to set you under their tower.
(Many tristanas don't do that trick tho)

6. You only have to be care at her burst. 
Fully stacked bomb + W + Ult will do MUCH damage.
If she put a bomb on you, hide in bush, hide somewhere, and all-in her after.
She will have no way to kill you without the initial burst.




1. He has no hp early game.

Throw and axe at him, chase for another, and then he's dead.

2. His twitchW.png has a large radius, and you won't probably be able to avoid it, but he won't do much damage if he only get 2 stacks on you.
(Plus, he will drain his mana really fast)

3. 3+ stacks starts to hurt, get off the range to prevent him to E you.

4. do NOT understimate his ambushes in the early stages of the game.
(His lvl.4, lvl.5)
Stealth gives him Atk.speed.
If he pops up onto your face + W + AA + E he can kill you, especially if you have your axes down.
When you don't see him, keep your E ready, your axes up, and your support close to you.

5. He has an horrible waveclear. Push him under turret and poke him.

6. Pinks. Alweays have one in the bush, and one with you. If he go invis to run away, put in on the ground and kill him.

7. If their support is running straight at you, alone, there is a stealthed twitch ready to kill you. Step back. 




1. The bad news, is that he's your only counter. 
- He is a poke champ

- His R will let your axes fall.
- His Q hurts, and he will throw it where you axe will land.
- His Q will push lanes faster than you
- His E will prevent you to catch axes properly, and will reduce your lifesteal.
- His W will explode and burst you.

2. The good news, is that there is no good varus out there.
(And mostly of them plays him Mid, so. Don't worry)

3. If you have to catch axes, stand on the side of the mark. He will aim in the center, and that narrow Arrow won't get you.

4. You probably want to buy a 3140.png and a 1053.png.

5. Just focus on farming as much as you can and protect your stacks, try not to get pushed under turret.

6. He has no escape, if he does a mistake or comes too close, abuse it and kill him.




1. Vayne is super-weak early game. Everytime she goes for a creep, hit her, and chase her.

2. You will outdamage vayne all the game long.
She can only kill you if she condemn you into a wall, or if you have no pink/trinket to see her in ult.

3. Always bring a Pink.

4. Switch your trinket with the red one.
do NOT trust you support. he will never use it.

5. Seriously, pick the red trinket! do NOT trust your support I said!
I don't care he's your premade, your bestfriend, or your husband.

6. Avoid standing near walls.

7. do NOT check, facecheck side lanes bushes in midgame.
Vayne uses to do this trick:
- Wait you inside a bush
- When you are about to enter that bush, she will ult, tumble behind you, condemn into a wall.
- proceed to kill you.
So, If vayne is not on the map, pretend she is in the bush next to you.

8. Vayne is pretty easy to chunk down early, too bad she will ALWAYS vaynecondemn.png you away, and save herself with 10hp.

9. She use to farm good under tower, bot not in early stages of the game, so shove that lane pre.6.




1. He is pretty squishy, but he has a nice burst at lvl.6!

Do not stand in lane with less than 50% hp if he's about to hit lvl.6

2. DODGE his E  (The aoe knockup) or he and the adc will unload their full combo on you.

3. Just farm safely, until your support engage on him, than you will be able to easily kill him and eat sushi for dinner.

[Draven] - Support Synergy Back to Top


I HIGHLY suggest you to read the "Botlane Triangle" section, for a better understanding of botlane synergies.

Draven is an All-In champ, so, let's start with the better All-In support to be paired with.

  • 89.png Leona
    Beautiful CC machine, with a passive that will let you amplificate damage.
    This is one of the best support you could be paired with.
    She stuns the shit out of them, while you kill them and cash in your stacks.

    The beauty of a stun instead of a root, is that even if the opposite carry is ahead, you can still manage to kill him, because he can't retaliate back while stunned.

  • 412.png Thresh
    Another beautiful one.
    Tons of CC + a lantern that can help you get out from sticky situations.

  • 111.png Nautilus
    Well, we should have understood that we love big, tanky initiator.

Sometimes, you won't be allowed to play an all-in botlane, and you must choose a Poke Support.
Oh well, shit happens, let's see who could work anyway. 

  • 143.png Zyra
    This is the true definition of "Obnoxious Lane".
    She can poke hard with plants, engage with roots or her ult.
    Early game the enemy will have really hard times getting farm.

  • 37.png Sona
    She pokes the shit out of them.
    You beat the shit out of them.
    You are a couple of lane bullies capable of chunking the carry who wants to come close to lasthit.

  • 63.png Brand
    Well, his pillar burn quite a lot early, plus he has a "relatively" reliable stun.
    The problem is that he often get (steal) the kills, and he'll go full damage, with no support items.

Sustain / Disengage:
You are not a lategame carry if not fed enough in early, so I usually dislike being paired with a "healing" support who try to keep me alive.
I don't want to stay alive! I want to kil the others!!!
Anyway, sometimes you have to play this stuff, maybe against a strong pokelane.

  • 16.png Soraka
    If you are paired with soraka, is not that can charge 1v2, like, Draven stuff, and that goat will keep you fullHP for the duration of a fight.
    To win the trade, they should kill her first, but if you focus a Soraka while a draven is throwing axes at you...well, Rest In Pieces.

  • 267.png Nami
    Ok, nami is my second choice, an Axe with an empowered bubble can really hurt.
    Plus the healing and the ulti aren't bad.
    You can still pick up some kills.

  • 40.png Janna
    Her shield gives you AD.
    Your Q gives more damage.
    Get the shield, Trade, Look at the health they do not have anymore!

    You have not a high kill potential, but you could hit the 20 minute mark with 0 kills and full of stacks.
    And the moment your axe will last-hit a champ, you will get so much money that they will instasurrend.
    (Or, at least, they should)

Ootay ~ ootay ootay ~

  • 432.png Bard
    Seriously, Bard is awesome!
    But only if he's a good bard!
    (There are not many out there)

    What tells you if that bard is a good bard:
    1. He start with Q. As soon as the carry (or the support) goes for the first creep, he Q his + AA (Thunderlord proc + Meep + stun)
    Now you can freely massacre him!
    He can stun everytime his Q is up, and you love stunned carry, ready to eat, especially in early!

    2. He uses his ult to engage!
    He just stop them, giving you the time to go close to them, Ult, E, kill them both.

    3. He gives you free medipack, so you can keep going ham.

    He's basically a CC machine (Like Thresh and Leona) but also a Healer and a disengager.
    He has a bit of everything, and he can fed you really well.
    The only problem, is that I've rarely seen good bard out there.
    (Really bardos, stop starting with W when you are matched with a draven!)

[Draven] - Abilities Back to Top

At the moment, you will find in this section the same things written on THIS WIKI

(I may change this section in future, clearing the text, and focusing on explain when/how to use his spells efficently, instead of just listing numbers and general info).

League of Draven - (Passive)

When Draven catches a Spinning Axe, kills a minion or monster or destroys a turret, he gains a stack of Adoration.
In addition, Draven generates 2 bonus Adoration stacks if he kills 6 minions in a row without dropping an axe.
When Draven kills an enemy champion, he consumes all of his Adoration stacks and gains 50 + (2 × stacks) gold. Draven loses half of his Adoration stacks upon death.

Additional Information:
  • Upon reaching 150 Adoration stacks, and every 100 stacks thereafter, as well as when he cashes at least 150 stacks in, Draven automatically sends a chat message notifying his team.
  • The on-kill effect will stack additively with similar effects (such as the old Avarice Blade).
  • Draven will gain Adoration on ward kills.
  • Draven will gain Adoration on Teemo's Noxious Trap and Yorick's ghouls kills as well.

Spinning Axe - Q

COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8

ACTIVE: Draven starts spinning his axe, causing his next basic attack within 5.8 seconds to deal bonus physical damage. 
BONUS PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 / 85% AD

The spinning axe ricochets off the target high up into the air, landing 2 seconds later at a location determined by Draven's current movement.
If Draven catches an axe, Spinning Axe is applied for no additional cost on his next basic attack.
Draven can hold up to two Spinning Axes in his hands at once.

Ability Details
  • Spinning Axe is an on-hit effect.
  • The triggering attack will apply other on-hit effects and can critically strike as normal.
  • As with most on-hit physical damage, the bonus damage from Spinning Axe will apply life steal.
  • Critical strikes will not interact with Spinning Axe's bonus damage.
  • Attacks against structures will refresh the timer on active Spinning Axes, but will not deal bonus damage or cause the axe to bounce.
  • The bonus damage will be negated if the auto attack is dodged, blocked, parried, or if the attack misses. However, the axe will still bounce off.
  • Catching a Spinning Axe will not refresh Spellblade on catch.

Additional Information:
  • Spinning Axe's landing location is determined by Draven's direction of movement at the time of Spinning Axe's impact on the target.
    If Draven is not moving at this time, the Spinning Axe will bounce back towards his current location, either landing directly on him or to his sides.
    On the other hand if Draven is moving, the Spinning Axe will bounce ahead of him, either directly in his path or slightly off to the sides.
  • A Spinning Axe that bounces off a target will remain in the air for 1.5 seconds, regardless of the distance between the target and the axe's destination.
  • Spinning Axe will place a visual cue on the ground where it will land. This visual cue is visible to both player teams, although Draven himself will see a more prominent marker (a golden sigil, or a microphone symbol in Primetime Draven's case).
  • If there is another Draven on the enemy team, he will be able to catch your axes and you will be able to catch his. Catching the enemy's Spinning Axes will have the same effect as if you caught one of your own, even if you had not cast Spinning Axe beforehand.
  • While Draven can only carry two axes at once, it is possible to have a three axes running at the same time by keeping at least one Spinning Axe in the air at all times, a.k.a. juggling.
  • Spinning Axes may optically pass Yasuo's Wind Wall, but will be destroyed upon impact.
  • Braum's Unbreakable will block the attack from hitting someone behind Braum, and will cause the axe to bounce off of Braum instead.

Blood Rush - (W)


ACTIVE: Draven gains bonus attack speed for 3 seconds and bonus movement speed which decays over 1.5 seconds.
MOVEMENT SPEED: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%
ATTACK SPEED: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%

Catching a Spinning Axe resets Blood Rush's cooldown.

Ability Details
  • Blood Rush is a self-targeted offensive buff.

Additional Information:
  • Activating Blood Rush while the effect is already active will refresh the bonus stats.
  • Draven ignores unit collision while the movement speed buff is active.

Stand Aside - (E)

RANGE: 1050 
SPEED: 1400 
COOLDOWN: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14

ACTIVE: Draven throws his axes in a line, knocking aside enemies hit, slowing them for 2 seconds and dealing physical damage.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+ 50% bonus AD)
SLOW: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%

Ability Details
  • Stand Aside is a linear, pass-through skill shot.
  • Applies spell effects as an area of effect ability.
  • Spell vamp is reduced to one-third effectiveness.
  • Will of the Ancients will heal you for 5% of the raw damage dealt.
  •  Rylai's Crystal Scepter will apply a 40% Slow icon slow for 1 second.
  • Spell shields will block the damage, knock-aside and slow.
  • This ability is considered to be a projectile for Unbreakable (Braum) and Wind Wall (Yasuo).
Additional Information:
  • Airborne crowd control effects, such as knock-aside, will interrupt dash abilities without allowing them to complete their path. This is unlike other forms of crowd control, which will merely affect the target when they arrive.
  • You can find a list of DASHES here

Whirling Death- (R)

RANGE: Global 
SPEED: 2000 
COOLDOWN: 110 / 100 / 90

ACTIVE: Draven hurls Whirling Death Minimap two massive axes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies struck.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 175 / 275 / 375 (+ 110% bonus AD)

Upon reaching the edge of the map, striking an enemy champion or upon the reactivation of Whirling Death, the axes slowly come to a stop before changing direction and returning to Draven, dealing the same physical damage to every enemy struck on the way back.

Whirling Death deals 8% less damage for each unit hit, down to a minimum of 40% damage. This damage reduction resets when the axes reverse direction.

MINIMUM PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 110 / 150 (+ 44% bonus AD)

Ability Details:
  • Whirling Death is a global linear, pass-through skill shot that returns to Draven upon reaching the edge of the map or colliding with an enemy champion.
  • Applies spell effects as an area of effect ability.
  • Spell vamp is reduced to one-third effectiveness.
  • Will of the Ancients will heal you for 5% of the raw damage dealt.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter will apply a 40% Slow icon slow for 1 second.
  • Spell shields will block one instance of the damage.
  • This ability is considered to be a projectile for Unbreakable and Wind Wall.
Additional Information:
  • Whirling Death grants sight along its path.
  • "Changing direction" does not occur instantly. Rather, the axes will decelerate and come to complete stop before turning around. With careful timing, it is possible to reactivate the ability and cause an enemy to take two instances of damage instantly.
  • Upon changing direction, Whirling Death's damage will reset to the full amount. This is unlike a similar ability, Boomerang Blade, which continues to diminish throughout.
  • If Draven dies before the axe changes direction, it will fizzle upon reaching the edge of the map or striking an enemy champion. If the axe is already in the process of decelerating, it will still fizzle upon coming to a complete stop.

[Draven] - Axes 101 Back to Top

So, before trying Draven in a regular match, I suggest you to join a custom and learn how to drive axes first.

1. Driving axes.
This is the basic thing to learn, so you will be able to applicate points 2 and 3.

Here's what you have to do to "drive" your axes, and decide where they will fall.

A. Click on the target

B. AFTER the projectile started, but BEFORE it hit the target, you must click in the direction where you want your axe to fall.

C. Keep walking in that direction.
D. press S when you are over the mark.

Point D is optional clearly, but is more helpful than you think.
Pressing S when you are over a mark, Draven will stop attacking, avoiding to automatically launch a not-empowered AA.

Being able to timing axes, and not throwing basical AA, will improve the overall DPS, and the amount of stacks that you will get.

Basically, with Draven, you would only throw Empowered AA.

Sometime, if you are too close to a target (or you are being creep-blocked), you will have trouble driving properly the axe.
Feel free to use the W to adjust your trajectory, and don't let the axe fall.
(W gives Mov.speed and remove unit collision)

You do not have to be in the perfect center of the mark to catch the axe.
You can also stand on the edge of it, and this is even BETTER, because in many matchups, the enemy will aim his skillshot at the center of your mark (Varus' Q);
You can dodge them by simply catching the axe at the edge of the mark.

2. Horizontal / Farm

The real problem with Draven, is the fact that if your mind is busy with "catching-random-axes minigame" you won't think about other stuff like "Blitz grab", "Jungler gank", "Expired Wards", etc...

That's why you need to learn how to "Horizontal farming" with Draven.
Once this has become natural, you will be able to safely farm without overthinking at axe management.

This is pretty easy, you just have to try it out until it becomes natural.

Sample Video:

3. Vertical / Harass

This third exercise is similiar to the point 2, except you move in vertical.
you want to use THIS playstile in 2 cases:

A- You are playing against a POKE LANE, and you want to minimize the damage taken while farming.

B- You are playing Aggressive, and you want to trade and punish the enemy everytime you can.

Sample video (Defensive + Offensive):

4. Drake / Baron

When doing Drake and Baron, you want to positionate in one of this spots:


(Sorry for Low Quality Pic)


Standing there, the axe will fall exactly over you 90% of the time.
You can stand still, activate 3 axes, and spamming W to get that drake/baron really fast.

5. Chasing / Kiting

With Draven it's pretty easy, just use the "Vertical" technique both for Chasing and Harassing.
remember to refresh W everytime you catch an axe to gain some gap.

[Video coming soon...]

[Draven] - Early Back to Top

Pre-Lane Trick:

  • If you have to help your jungler, load up your axe at 1:35.
  • Gromp/Golem will spawn at 1:40
  • You give 2 or 3 AA then start walking to the lane.
  • When AXE is about to fall, refresh Q.
  • Hit the closer creep to refresh axes before they fall.
  • Now you are in lane, at lvl.1, with 2 axes up.
  • Have fun.

General Rule:
  • in an EVEN situation. (No advantage in Items / Levels)
    If their support has Ignite, and your has Exhaust, don't expect an all-in to go well.

Level 1:
  • Hit the caster creeps, this way you can rush the lvl.2 without pushing the wave too much.
  • If the enemy comes to farm, throw a couple of axes into his face.
  • be carful at minion aggro! you want that HP for lvl.2 all-in

Level 2:
  • If your support can all-in at lvl.2 (Leona <3) then get a point in E.
  • Let your support engage on her, throw a couple of axes, and throw the E at them
    this way, as soon as Leona's stun ends, they will also be knocked-up/slowed from your stand-aside.

  • If your support cannot all-in at lvl.2, then get a point in W and poke them with autos.
  • The right way to poke them, is, when they come close, run toward them, when you are close to their AA range:
    - Pop W
    - Enter in range
    - AA
    - Leave from the range
  • With practice, most of the time you will be able to enter/hit/leave fast enough to not get retaliation damage.
    (From carry with your same range, clearly not a Caitlyn)

Level 3:
  • You now have all the skills. I hope your support is ready to engage now.
  • if your support is not engage-oriented (Why did you pick it up?) you will have to do by yourself.
    - W to run at them
    - E to knock them up
    - Q into their faces.
    - if they run back without retaliation, chase with W and keep throwing axes.
    - If they retaliate, just step back.

  • Gank could happen.
    Just be prepared, and say to your support that, in case of a gank, both focus the jungler.
    Throw the E at him if when he's about to use his gapcloser (Jax leap, Pantheon leap, Vi's dash, ...) and start kiting him back.
    You deal a lot of damage, and most of the time i got a nice kills from the jungler.

    anyway, if you see in trouble, just step back.
    Saving your stacks is the most important thing.

Level 4:
  • If you start from upper side, keep tribush warded.
  • if you started from bottom side, keep the river bush warded.
  • Keep them pushed under their turret, and harass them with Q without getting tower aggro.
    Do it as much as you can, until you're about to hit lvl.6

Level 5:
  • If you picked up a Kill or a couple, good.
    If not, but you have the money for a BF, back.
    You want to hit the lvl.6 and engage with a BF to be sure to get the kill.

Level 6:
  • You should already have backed with a BF (Or a pickaxe).
  • Now you are ready.
  • As soon as you (and your support) hit the level.6, go for the kill.
  • Engage on the most squishy with your E
    Throw your R at the start of the fight, and proceed throwing axes at them.
  • DON'T be scared to die!
    The most important thing, is that you GET the kill.
    even if you die after, you cashed in the stacks, and those are worth a lot!

Keep playing aggressive, delay shoes as much as you can.
Invest your money in raw AD stats, buy them when you have 300 spare golds.

[Draven] - Mid Back to Top

Ok, it's midgame, there isn't any in particular to do with draven that you can't do with other adc.

Read the section "Rotations" and "Adc, the Big Picture" for more info.

About MidGame Draven, you only have to remember:
  • If you're not behind, you can 1v1 every carry.
    (Vayne too, but bring a pink with you)
    (Jinx too, but be carful at her Q stacks)

  • If teamfight happens, you shouldn't stay in front of everyone (You are the ADC, remember?) anyway, if you are a bit fed and confident, you can go for risky plays, and W + throw an axe or two are the enemy.
    those axes hurts, and many times I won many matches by literally 2-shotting the enemy APC who went too close to me.

  • If drake happens, keep fighting the drake, put a ward behind the wall, or near the entrance (depends on your side) and if you see someone trying to dive into the pit to steal, throw your E to stop them.
    (Your E stops a lot of dashes, Seju, Heca, Leona, Fiora, Shen, Pantheon, Jax, etc...)

  • Try NOT to fight in the jungle.
    You need space to move properly, and the jungle is a bit tricky.

  • use your R at the start of the fight not at the end. it hurts a lot, and your fellow teammates will more likely stay in the fight instead of running aways like scared pussies.

  • HEAL!
    I can't tell how many times i saw lost teamfights because of the carry not using heal for the teammates!
    Heal is not just for you!
    If you are shooting axes full hp, but your teammates are dying, press that button! heal them! 
    Keep them alive, and they will keep you safe!

  • Farm the jungle, farm other lanes, farm everything you can, try to keep your axes always up, the more stacks you gain, more rich you will be as soon as you kill someone.

  • If you see a lone squishy stealing some buff, or recalling where he shouldn't, don't be afraid of Flash + E in their face
    That shit always work.
    (Clearly, you need vision. Don't flash into the bush just to meet their whole team having a pic-nic in there)

  • Spam W in teamfights.
    You do not need mana for other skills, if you don't know the timing, just blindly spam W everytime you can.

[Botlane] - Adc, the Big Picture Back to Top

I got this piece of gold from HERE.
I would like to say thanks to xFelo, if he will ever read this.

Money makes the Nexus go down
  • Everything in League is about gold

  • Dragons give free stats (That are worth gold), Baron gives free stats (That are worth gold) and allows you to push for more objectives that are worth gold (Which is worth gold)

  • Killing someone makes you level up faster (which in turn gives you free stats which, you might have guessed it, is worth more gold) and gives them less time on the map to earn gold

  • The whole game is pretty much just a buildup for the deciding fight(s). You're trying to make sure that you go into that fight as prepared and as rich as possible. Play accordingly.

Your Role

  • You provide sustained damage. You are no Zed that goes in, unloads his combo and then are done with your job. Every second that you are alive, you deal the most sustained damage for your team. You have to stay alive.

  • Be patient. There's no use in stepping up, getting two shots of and then beig picked off by a Vi ult to die miserably. Wait for the big ultimates to be gone. With more experience you'll be able to time things around more cooldowns.

  • Fight and retreat. When the fight starts then you normally want to fight backwards. Shoot - walk a step back - shoot - walk a step back - .... You get the idea. The idea of this is to take down the people that are trying to dive you before you go in and start the real fight.

  • Kill objectives. Have you ever seen one of those clutch baron attempts where the enemy approaches and then one or two from your team break off to try and intercept them, while the baron is at 20%? YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM! These people leave so YOU have more time to shoot down baron since you probably are the biggest source of damage on Baron anyway (There are some junglers who deal more damage to monsters but you are at least in the top two). Same goes for turrets. Your team will keep them busy, just shoot the damn Turret while keeping allies between you and the enemy.


  • Your Auto Attacks are a Cooldown. Imagine a ranged ability with a cooldown of 1 second and no mana cost that deals 80 damage at a range of about 500+. Pretty strong, right? This ability is called your auto attacks. If we assume (for the sake of simplicity) that you have an attack speed of 1 second then you can shoot out ~80 damage every second. And whenever you do not shoot you just wasted a cooldown and 80 damage that could be applied to somewhere. Keep that in mind since it is important for the other concepts in this category.

  • Play around the cooldowns of your enemy. Ever wondered why the Blitzcranks in the pro/challenger streams hold their Hook so long? Because as soon as the hook is gone you can dash in on their Caitlyn and start to shoot her in the face since her support has nothing left to help her anymore except for a motivating "Beep Boop". If the enemy uses cooldowns like Rocket Grab/Zenith Blade/Death Sentence/Falcon Punch you can use the breather of fresh air to safely apply some pressure.

  • Money > Pressure. You only apply pressure to your opponent to make him miss out on gold. This is made totally worthless when you start to lose gold over your own pressure attempts. Remember how auto attacks are basically a cooldown? Only use your cooldown on the enemies when no minion has to be killed. (Disclaimer: I'm not responsible when you let your support die over this advice. If there's a straight up fight then you probably want to defend yourself).

------------------ NOTE ------------------
There was a very valid concern posted in the comments that I did not think about and I've learned something for myself out of it. Please read it for further information: (Courtesy of /u/MisterBlack8)

But, some of your advice is a little disconcerting, and it'll be a long while before you and your readers recognize it's wrong by themselves. Also, that it'll hold back their growth a few divisions down the line. 
Specifically, it's the idea that money > pressure. In fact, you tell your readers to opt out of trading while a minion's dying, and be sure not to miss the gold.
This is going to lose you lanes high up. The problem is that the other team can see your minions low, and they have an idea when you're going to autoing a minion. This is a great time for them to get some burst off, and if they guessed right and you committed to the minion, you just lost a third of your health for ~20g. If your smaller life bar makes you choose to let a single creep go later, you broke even, and if you let the second go, this decision has cost you. And, it'll only get worse from there, unless you can literally CS perfectly.
Conversely, generating pressure on the enemy ADC and coercing him to let CS go is a great boon for you and your team. You should be willing to walk past a CS on your side to land some damage. If the other guy lets one go later, it was worth it. He lets two go, you came out ahead.
If you happen to get ahead and the other team is visibly scared of you, don't take out the casters. His caster minions kill yours, stealing his CS from him. You want to be ahead of the wave, but in "zeropush", no damage to the wave unless it's to CS. You'll only lose a trade if you land precisely one AA auto and let the casters beat on you for three seconds. Even then, you can defeat that in the following ways:
  • Land more than one auto of damage. Press a key.
  • Use the bush to shake minion aggro if it's not warded.
If you're ahead of their casters, you may not even aggro the ranged minions if you land a jab. The minions have to be close enough to the victim to notice, and if they're too far behind, you can harass them without worrying about minions.
In a nutshell, realize that you're not competing against yourself for gold; there's no benchmark to hit and no standard to follow. However, you ARE competing against your opponent. Hindering and limiting him go even further then making sure you don't miss anything. In other words, which would you rather be on 10 minutes? 80-70 up, or 65-30 up? I hope you picked the latter.

------------------ End of the Note ------------------

  • PUSH FOR LEVEL TWO. DO IT. NO EXCUSES. It matters not who your enemy is. When you get level two first then you have 4 abilities and a bunch of free stats against them. When I still played a lot of team ranked I often met bot lanes from a diverse cast of ELOs and this was one of the easiest ways to win a lane almost immediately. As soon as you get to lane you start to auto attack those minions to get them down as soon as possible so you can cash out on experience earlier than your enemy. I know that this takes a bit of practice to make sure that you do not miss too many CS but trust me, it is worth it.

  • Kill ranged minions first when you dominate the lane. When you got an advantage and are at the point where you are so far ahead that you can zone the enemy completely away from his minions then it is vital that you always kill their ranged minions first. This ensures that you can auto attack them freely without taking too much damage in return from their minions.

  • STICK AROUND WHEN THEIR OUTER TURRET DROPS. An outer turret splits 150 gold between every champion that is close on top of the 125 gold per player that is given out globally. If nobody is close while the turret is destroyed then those 150 gold are gone without any refund possibilities. Don't miss it.

Mid  / Lategame

  • Your sidelanes dictate where to go. After laning is over (Probably after you killed their outer turret) you are free to walk around the map and help out your team. You still have to keep an eye on your lane though. You want to be there whenever a huge wave pushes into your turret so you can clear it out. Otherwise a couple hundred gold will be shot from the map by the turret - you'll never get that gold back! (But if a fight is imminent and you know that your team has the tendency to just go in then please stick with them. 4 Kills and an objective for the enemy team are worth more than one huge wave. Same goes for a situation where the enemy has a crazy initiator like Malphite and your team has no disengage like Nami. Always take care of your team first).

  • Try to pick up as much gold as you can get. Standing somewhere waiting for something to happen? Get those CS. Walking through the jungle to get to a lane that needs pushing? Pick up a jungle camp while walking (Shoot - walk - Kite them so you still move almost as fast. Bonus points when you make sure that your jungler is far away first since he gets a lot more gold from jungle camps). Passing by a lane to get somewhere? Pick up the current wave.

  • Don't facecheck anything ever. If you are not 100% sure that a brush is safe then don't go in there. If your blue trinket is on cooldown then you shouldn't go in that brush. If you know that every enemy is far away thanks to your minimap then sure, go for it, but don't blame me if you missed Zed and meet him for a very short but extremely passionate tête-à-tête.

  • Don't waveclear while you get sieged. We all know the situation. 50 minutes of intense fighting, everybody is decked out in his full build and the enemy team approaches. This last fight will decide the fate of middle earth, and you are ready to dish out the pain. The enemies minions storm your turret, you step up to clear them real quick. Flash. Charm. Ahri got you. You are dead. GG. -25 lp. Report this noob ADC. Chat Restriction. No Mystery Gift for good behaviour next time around. You quit league. You fill the void it left with drugs. You get into selling it a bit on the side. You overdo it. You get killed by angry mobsters. Don't let this happen. Stay behind your allies and your turret, everybody can waveclear at this point in time.

  • Don't get Guardian Angel. This is actually something I picked up from watching Sneakys stream. Guardian Angel isn't really all that great in most circumstances. The resistances are only mediocre and mixed on top of that and the revive passive is ... well ... most of the time pretty useless. In most games you'll have figured out the biggest threat in teamfights. (That Vi is always diving me, leblenk is always murdering me, that Riven always flashes on top of me). Itemize against that Threat. Randuins works wonders against any AD champion and gives you another slow. The resistances, the bonus health and the spell shield of banshees will keep you more safe than a GA ever will. Remember, most of the time you only have to survive for a couple of seconds while you kill them and accomplishing that without relying on GA will allow you to deal constant damage during that time instead of being caught in a respawning animation that will probably leave you vulnerable in a very bad spot. If you think you need GA then at least sell it for something else while the 5 minute cooldown is active and you can spare the money.

  • You are the biggest pushing factor for objectives in your team. Ever had a teamfight where you won very clutch with death timers of about 45 seconds? You are all pumped that you did it and your lone survivor starts pushing. It's Ahri. She barely manages to get down the inhibitor turret and then had to leave. Ever had a teamfight where the enemy won and you were dead for 45 seconds? You try to calm down your team that you haven't lost anything important from it but then have to watch their lone survivor - Jinx - tear down an inhib turret, the inhibitor, a nexus turret and then retreat safely before you can come back. Just let this point be an important reminder as to why it is so important that you do not die.

[Botlane] - SPK Triangle Back to Top

SPK Triangle

Before talking about triangle, we must explain the "rule-0":

There is poor synergy between Support and ADC of different type.

("Cait - Leona" for example, is a lane with poor synergy.
Cait wants to poke, and leona has nothing to offer to help her poke better.
Leona wants to all-in, but cait "burst" damage is almost non-existent)

So, you should always try to get 2 "similiar" champ to have great sinergy.

Now, the main rule of this topic, says that:
  • All-in beat Sustain
  • Sustain beat Poke
  • Poke beat All-in


All-in (Also called "Kill Lane"):

As the name suggests, it's a lane where you want a long trade, or, long enough to kill the enemy.

it is made with:
Support Iniziator/Tanky with various CCs
Marksman with a good burst, or, generically, High damage.

Leona, Thresh, Nautilus, ...
Draven, Graves, Lucian, ...

How to play them:
Rush del lvl.2 to try an all-in.
Zoning of the enemy, farm denying.
If the enemy botlaner doesn't respect our support range, he should engage immediately.
With this lane, you want to go all-in everytime you can.

Win against: Sustain
- This is a great lane against sustain, going all-in, you have such a burst to istantly kill the enemy carry, without time for the opposite support to heal him.

Lose against: Poke
- This lane suffers a lot against poke.
Usually all-in ADCs get a low range. On the contrary, poke ones, have a great range.
Is it hard for an all-in to reach the close combat without getting poked hard, and in that case, it have low remaining health to engage properly.
Plus, you will get poked hard wile farming, losing Hp, and being forced to back often.


This is a low kill-potential lane, where you want to do sustained damage as much as possible everytime the enemy goes for a creep, without retaliation, thanks to the high range.
This way, you keep chunking HP away from the other carry, until he will be forced to back, or lose many CS.

it is made with:
Support with poke spells, or spell to enchant adc's AA.
Marksman with long range spell and/or AA.

Sona, Karma, Lulu, ...
Caitlyn, Ashe, Varus, ...

How to play them:
You want to position, as often as you can, on an ally dying creep, this way the enemy adc will be force into a lose/lose choice: 
  • He come close to farm it, and got hit from two AA (One when he close to him, and another while he run away) without hitting you (Because his AA is on "cooldown").

  • He come close to hit you, and he loses the creep. (If this is the case, you will hit him back, so you will have done the same amount of damage, but he missed the CS)

Another way, if we know where the jungler is, or if we have a strong disengaging support, is to push hard under their tower, forcing the enemy, once again, to do a lose/lose choice:
  • He uses his spells and AA to farm under turret.
    (And he will get harassed for free)
  • He uses his spells to trade back some damage to you.
    (And he'll lose minions, because of tower killing them)
Being pushed under their turret will push their jungler to come and gank you.
If you are confident of your survival skill, you can do this to alleviate the jungler pressure on other lanes.
(Very useful if top is getting camped)

Win against: All-in
This lane doesn't permit to the other to go all-in for 2 reasons:
  1. You are almost out of all-in range.
  2. Being perma-poked, the opposite adc will rarely have enough hp to sustain a fight.
This will force him to go back often, losing exp and gold, or, at least, denying his earlygame snowballing intentions.

Lose against: Sustain
The enemy ADC can happily farm, giving 0 fucks about your poke, since his support will keep healing him.
Usually in a sustain lane there is a lategame carry, so he will just farm until he outscale you.

Sustain (Also called Farm Lane):

The purpose of this lane, is protect the weak carry, healing him as much as you can, and letting him farm until he reached his powerspikes, or the lategame.

it is made with:
Support with some sort of shield or healing.
Marksman hypercarry, or lategame monsters.

Soraka, Nami, Taric
Vayne, Kog'Maw, Twitch

Howe to play them:
You just want your carry to farm as much as possible without dying, giving him shield or hp to avoid poke, or disengaging.
Just farm until lategame.

Win against: Poke
As I said earlier, the healer will easily heal the poke, so the adc can quietly farm.

Lose against: All-in
- Hypercarry as usually weak early, and, despite having a healer nearby, they will rarely survive a burst combo right onto their face.

(Just imagine what happens when a graves shoot AA+Q+R right at a Twitch)

[Botlane] - Powerspikes Back to Top

So, as the name suggest, a Powerspike is a Spike in power.

Why is this important?
Because it let you know when to engage, when not to engage, and when you should be carful because they could engage you.

Powerspikes are usually hit from Items and Levels.
(That's why is important to TAB, especially after every back, and check what the opponent has)

Ex.1 - When to engage
The most typical example, is the lvl.2 rush.
You have the same items. (Usually)
You and your Support hit the level.2 before the opposite laners.
You have a total of 4 skills (They have a total of 2) plus some extra stats in Damage, hp, and stuff.

ex.2 - When not to engage:
First back, he has a BF and is lvl.4, you have 2 dorans and are lvl.3.
Clearly is not the best time to go all-in.

ex.3 - When carful is needed:
In lane, both you and the opponent are lvl.2
But they have Leona/Draven.
They have a huge powerspike at lvl.2, so you should be very carful, because they will totally try to engage you.

Those examples were pretty obvious powerspikes, but there are many of them.

Here, you will find a list of (almost) all the powerspikes.


The chart has been created/edited from KARUAAN
I found it on THIS reddit thread.

[General] - CS training Back to Top

Image picked from HERE

CS training.png

[General] - Trades Back to Top

I initially tought about writing something on how to trade, but then I remembered that someone did it in the best possible way, so I'll just put his videos here.

[General] - Push/Freeze/Slowpush Back to Top

Most of this guide has been taken from THIS and THAT reddit post.

Understanding creep waves is a truly hidden gem that is not utilized to its fullest by the vast majority of players. 
Creep waves follow a set of rules that allow you to predict their movement with just a glance and we know when something becomes predictable it can be used to our advantage. 

This series of articles will cover the two rules that govern all minion movement and how you can manipulate them for your benefit. 
In order to dive deep into this topic a baseline level of knowledge must be known so I will quickly go over some of the basics and terminology to catch those who need it up to speed.

Let’s go over the basics first, to start:
  • creep waves spawn every 30 seconds with six minions three of whom are caster and the other three melee. 
  • Every 3rd creep wave that spawns will have a cannon minion added to it. 
  • Minion waves mirror each other so if your incoming creep wave is at your 2nd tower, your opponents incoming creep wave is at his 2nd tower. 
Wave Reset: The incoming creep wave will meet in the middle of the lane as if it was the first wave of the game. 

Even Wave: Refers to the number of minions for each side being the same in terms of both health, number, and type (caster, melee, cannon).

Formed Wave or a wave in formation: A wave that is already in battle formation with 3 melee minions in a line up front and the 3 caster minions in a line behind as opposed to a minion wave coming in a single file to lane.

Reinforcement Wave: The next incoming creep wave, the creep wave that will “reinforce” your current creep wave.

Push / Freeze / Slowpush

This video will explain all the stuff written below.

Push (Shoving):

means killing all the minions as fast as you can.
You usually want to do this as soon as the other laners back, or when you kill them.
This way, your creeps will run into their tower (They will lose exp and golds), and the lane will reset.
If you do not shove, despite the fact that they won't lose those minions, they could freeze in front of their tower, and zone you.

In many matchups, you will want to push also while enemies are alive; this can lead you to many pros and cons.

Pushing pros:
  • You can deny your opponent farm if you manage to push to their tower
  • Good meat shield against skill shots.
  • Better trading potential.
  • You remove their meat shield granting you an easy chance to poke/harass.
  • Due to 'wave momentum' if you are able to create a large enough wave, you can dictate the engages.

Pushing cons:
  • It requires good warding.
  • Risky to be so far away from your tower, which leaves you prone to ganks.
  • Getting ganks from your own jungler isn't likely.
  • You have to push all the way to their tower, if you do not, they get free farm.

You usually want to push when you are a strong early laner, or a Poke champ.

For example, if you are Caitlyn, you can push under their turret, set 3 traps, and harassing with Q and AA from outside the tower range.
The enemy will now be put in a lose/lose situation, he will have to choose between poking back (The tower will eat their minions) or farming (and getting free poke).


To manipulate the minions to fight in the same place, again and again, and again.
The easiest way to do it, is simply to ensure that their wave is at least 3 caster minions (roughly) bigger than yours at all times. When there are no more friendly minions you step in and act as a punching bag, until your minions show up again.

Freezing pros:
  • It is very safe, you can essentially hug the tower, and hold them off tower diving.
  • Their jungler will have a low risk of succeeding unless they're exceedingly tanky, and you are low on health.
  • Farm fest
  • Good chance of surviving or escaping ganks.
  • if you can manage to freeze the wave just outside of your towers range you will have free farm, and they will have to overextend to get farm.

Freezing cons:

  • Bad against poking comps, since you have little room to dodge, and not a lot of minions to hide behind.
  • If they decide to tower dive, not much will deter them. (Good bait if you have 'Heal' ready)
  • If you recall the tower will take a beating
  • The tower will take some cs if you aren't careful.
  • If their minion wave grow too big you will be in big trouble.


You usually want to slowpush as soon as you arrive in lane, to hit lvl.2 first without pushing the lane hard into their turret.
If this happens, you couldn't all-in them.

Another use of the slowpush is to grow a big wave;
This way, if the enemy engage you into your wave, they will lose the trade getting hit hard from minions.
If they do not engage, or stop your slowpush, the wave will eventually hit the tower, and they will have hard time farming all those minions under tower.

The most important use of the Slowpush tho, is after the laning phase.

Baron will spawn in one minute.
You set botlane to slowpush, and go near baron.
The wave will grow bigger, and start pushing toward their bot turret.
Now the opposite team, will have to choose between:
  1. coming as 5 contesting your baron (And losing the bot tower because of the huge wave)
  2. Send someone to depush the botlane. (While you engage 5v4 near baron, or somewhere else)
The slowpush is a strong tactic that can help winning fights even when behind.
It's like having a 6th champ pushing constantly that lane, while your team fight somewhere else, or get objectives.

In the following 2 sections, there will be a comprehensive explaination on how to set a lane to slowpush in different situation, during the midgame.

You will find more info, in the "Pressure & Map Control" Section

[General] - Waves (Even) Back to Top

This guide has been found HERE
and has been written from HIM

There are really only two types of creep waves, there are waves that are even and there are waves that are uneven in favor of one side or the other. 
Each type, even and uneven have their own specific rule that they follow.
 The first rule is the Even Minion Rule which is the easier of the two to explain and understand.

The Even Minion Rule states that whenever there is an even creep wave whichever side of the map it is on will push to the opposing side.

Picture the first creep wave of the game in top lane, right when the minions start fighting draw a line right between each teams melee minions; that is the middle or halfway point of the lane. So any even wave on the purple side of the lane will push toward the blue while any even wave on the blue side of the lane will push toward the purple side.


Now you might be wondering how one wave can push against another when they are even waves containing the same number of minions. This is where reinforcements come into play, now we learned earlier that minion waves mirror each other so both reinforcements will be at the same place on the map at the same time. But things have changed we are no longer meeting in the middle of the lane we are now meeting closer to one of the team’s reinforcements. 
The even minion wave being on one side allows that sides reinforcements to get there first which causes that lane to kill off the current wave while some of that initial force survive to fight the next wave. This leads to an uneven creep wave which will begin to push until stopped by either a champion or a tower.






Now that we understand the basics of the Even Minion Rule and the reason behind it being reinforcements we can draw more conclusions. Due to travel distance of reinforcements the farther away from the half way line the creep wave meets the faster the wave will push to the opposite side. 
This is pretty straight forward the farther away from the halfway line the shorter distance reinforcements have to travel for one team while the others travel distance increases drastically. Inversely the closer to the halfway point the creep waves meet the slower the push will be for either side because the reinforcement travel time difference is so small.


Now let’s talk about the exact halfway point which can be a little funky. The closer the wave is to the exact halfway point the smaller the reinforcement advantage is for either side. There is an area from the halfway line plus two Teemo’s to either side that is often too close to call which way it will push and can often be swayed by poor minion AI especially with cannon minions. An example would be one of the minion waves targets the others cannon minion first and kills it first creating an uneven wave that will push hard where it otherwise shouldn't.


You should now be able to identify which way an even minion wave will push, this is a glimpse a few minutes into the future and will allow you to play off of what the creep wave is giving you. 
This Even Minion Rule opens up tons of opportunities for abuse to gain advantages which range from setting up freezes, to denying ganks, to zoning and denying the enemy precious minions, even allowing you to set a plan for the first 7 minutes of the game. 
In addition there will be another article coming out detailing the Uneven Minion Rule which is much more complex but will round out the two rules that define all creep movement.

[General] - Waves (Uneven) Back to Top

In our last article we discussed the Even Minion Rule now we will be moving on to the second and final rule that defines all creep movement, the Uneven Minion Rule.
Now I would strongly encourage you to read though the Even Minion Rule article if you haven’t as this one will build on the base of knowledge acquired from that article. The Uneven Minion Rule is not as straight forward as the Even Minion Rule and requires that some conditions be met. 
Do not worry if you don’t understand the rule at first glance as I don’t expect you too. I will be explaining what each part means and the underline reasoning behind the rule along with pictures that you can use as a quick reference.

The Uneven Minion Rule states that the larger minion wave will always push when the following is true:
  • Any number of creep lead while creep wave is on its own side
    (ex. purple uneven wave on purple side will always push)
  • To continue pushing must have a 1 creep lead from the halfway point + 2.5 seconds
  • To continue pushing must have a 2 creep lead from the halfway point + 5 seconds
  • To continue pushing must have a 3 creep or 2 with a cannon lead from the halfway point + 8 seconds (pushing wave must contain at least 7 minions)
  • A creep wave with a 4 minion lead will push anywhere
Now the first part of the rule should seem pretty logical, if one wave is larger than another it will deal more damage and have more total health than the opposing wave causing it to push. 
Now that would seem like it should work 100% of the time but think back to the Even Minion Wave article and remember the reinforcing minions and the role they played. 
Once past the halfway line the waves will be reinforced at different times as it takes the uneven pushing wave longer to be reinforced due to travel distance while taking less time to reinforce the losing side. 
So the uneven pushing wave must have a large enough number advantage to withstand the extra up time the opposing reinforcement wave will have while its own reinforcement wave continues to travel the extra distance required.


The creep lead and distance from the halfway line are simply the break points at which anything less will cause the wave to push back in the opposite direction. So essentially as the waves meet further past the halfway line the pushing wave must be increasingly larger to combat the advantage in reinforcement travel time for the opposing wave. The time listed in the rules refers to minion travel time, it takes 8 seconds for minions to travel from the halfway line to either first tower. Below will be a map that shows where each one of these time hit and the creep lead needed in each area.


Now let’s talk about each condition that must be met as you should understand the reasoning behind them now. 

The first condition should be pretty obvious, if purple’s wave is the larger of the two uneven waves while on the purple side of the map the wave will push. In addition to having the minion advantage this condition also allows for the wave that is already pushing to also have the reinforcement advantage. These are the wave that build really large as they have tons of time (distance) to stack up.

The second condition applies from the halfway line to about 2.5 seconds of minion travel time past it (Green area). 
If the uneven wave has at least 1 minion advantage the wave will push and not stop until a tower or champion is reached. 
This simply means that a 1 minion advantage is enough to deal with a 5 second difference in minion reinforcement travel time. The difference is 5 seconds because the pushing wave has an extra 2.5 seconds to travel while the non-pushing wave has 2.5 seconds less to travel. Now if the wave did not have a 1 minion advantage at this point the wave would no longer be uneven and we would default back to the Even Minion Rule and the wave would push the opposite direction.

The third condition applies from the halfway line to about 5 seconds of minion travel time past it (Green +Yellow area). Now each new condition will work in the previous area, the second condition requires a 1 minion lead so obviously 2 minion lead would work as well. In this area a 2 minion advantage must be had in order to counter act the increased differential in reinforcement travel time which is now 10 seconds (+5 seconds for the pushing wave and -5 seconds for the defending wave). If there is only a 1 minion advantage in this area then the smaller wave will push as there is not a large enough minion advantage to withstand the increase in reinforcement travel time differential.

The fourth condition works the same way the others have. The fourth condition deals with the area from the halfway line to the first tower obviously the tower is dead or it would just push the wave back (Green + Yellow + Blue area). The larger minion wave will continue to push through this area as long as it has at least a 3 minion lead or 2 minion lead if there is a cannon minion with the wave. 
The other key thing for this area and on is the pushing wave must contain at least 7 minions. So even though a 6 vs 3 should work according to our rules it doesn't because at this point the travel time difference is huge. This leads to the wave needing to be large enough to survive the extra 16 seconds the enemy wave will be hitting yours for, but when the waves contain less than 7 minions they can’t last the extra time and the wave ends up pushing the opposite way.

The fifth and final condition is the critical mass of creep advantage. Once the uneven wave has a 4 minion advantage (with a cannon) or more it reaches a critical mass and no matter where on the map the wave is it will continue to push until stopped by a champion or tower. These are the waves you see late game that can take out towers by themselves.

[General] - Warding Back to Top

THIS and THIS should teach you how to ward properly.

You can find some more useful informations about warding, in section "Pressure & Control 2/3"

[General] - Rotations Back to Top

Have you ever had that game, where you were superfed, but you still lost?
That's because winning your lane, is the first step, but many things can occurr.

Understanding when, how and where to rotate, will help you winning even more games.

Laning Phase:

- You killed the opposite botlane.
What do you do now?

Standing in botlane without doing nothing is dangerous for various reasons:
- Enemy will come back with better items, and you have a disadvantage trading with them
- Jungler could come and kill you if you are low health, or if you blew summoners in the last fight

So, you should back and buy stuff, but first, there are some things that you could do:

1. Shove the lane to tower.
  • Their tower will kill the minions, denying money and exp to opposite botlaners.
  • You don't risk them to freeze the wave under their turret, putting you in a very bad situation.
    (If they freeze under their turret, you will have to overextend to get farm, and probably will get ganked or zoned hard)
2. Drake.
  • If your jungler is close, do it. their botlane is dead, you can easily 3v1 their jungler if he comes.
  • If your jungler isn't close, you can still do the drake, if you know their jungler is top/back, and their midlaner is in lane.
    (It's a bit risky, so evaluate the possibilities)

3. Go farm your Gromp and/or Wolves.
(Farm everything you can to get exp and money before backing.)

When to destroy the turret?

Destroying the first turret is not always good, you should always have a plan to do this.
Here's the possibilities:

IF your other lanes are fine, do NOT destroy the bot tower.

  • The tower will keep destroying minions, so they will have hard time farming.
  • The tower will keep destroying minions, resetting the wave, and giving you to kill their botlane more and more. Giving you a higher advantage.
  • You can shove and rotate Drake/Mid, without the risk of them freezing somewhere else.
  • Often their teamfight could be better than your. As long as you can gain an advantage by staying in lane, stay there.
  • Their jungler will come to your lane, alleviating pressure on other lanes.
    (And if you're fed, you can get a triple from a gank)

IF your MID is suffering, you have a choice.

  • Destroy the tower, rotate and SIEGE mid, if the enemy midlaners have a poor waveclear.
  • do NOT destroy the tower, shove and GANK mid until you kill him, then get tower, if they have good waveclear.

If the enemy midlaner have a good waveclear (Anivia) and you get the bot tower, here's what will happen:
- You get the bot, and rotate mid.
- Their botlane will freeze under t2 turret and will gain farm back.
- You are now sieging an anivia, without success, because she fucking clear all the waves instantly, plus you are splitting exp and cs with your midlaner and your support.
- Soon their botlane will have gained back all the farm, while you are still sitting mid masturbating.

Instead, if you do NOT get the bot tower, you can just shove, gank mid, if you get a kill proceed to destroy the tower, if you don't get a kill, go back bot.
This way you alleviated pressure on the midlane, they could have blown some summoner, and you can go bot, shove again and repeat, until you kill that bird, and proceed to get mid tower without sieging.

IF your TOP is suffering, destroy the tower.

Top is way too far for you to gank, the only thing you can do at the moment, is getting the tower, giving him some global golds, and send your support to help him if needed, while you do other stuff.
Your top is losing, but could be more useful than their top in teamfights, so you want the laning phase to end as soon as possible.

Their 1st bot turret down:

So, you destroyed their first bot turret. what to do now?

  1. Go Drake
    As always, when you killed or have an advantage on the opposite botlane, check if you can do the drake with the previous rules.
    Alone if their jungler/mid is far.
    With your jungler, if he's nearby. 

  2. Go farm THEIR golem / gromp
    If you are ahead, you have lifesteal, and you're pretty sure you won't die, remember to always steal their jungle.
    This is VERY important!
    Their jungler will suffer a lot from this, you will gain more exp and money, and you will snowball harder.

  3. Steal/Trap their Red/Blue
    Is their buff up?
    - If so, shove the botlane to t2 tower, and steal their blue/red.
    - If not, but it's about to spawn, enter the buff bush. Drop a pink or sweep it, and wait a second for someone to come, then proceed to kill the poor bastard, steal the buff, laugh like a motherfucker.
    - if not, and you don't know where it will spawn, why haven't you deepwarded that buff?

    Anyway, the first buff will be get at around minute 2.
    And then, every 5 minutes.
    so, calculating that every jungler get the buff as soon as it spawn, there is a high chance that buff will be up if the minute counter end in 2 or 7.

    (minute 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, and so on.)

  4. Siege the mid
    if their midlaner have not a good waveclear, you can go mid, push, and try to get the tower.
    if their midlaner have a good waveclear, and you can't kill him, just keep pushing the bot.

  5. Keep pushing
    You want to keep pushing your lane:
    - if their midlane has a good waveclear and you can't siege.
    - if they have a very good teamfight wombocombo that you can't handle.
    (Ori, Malphite, Yasuo, Leona, MF

    So, ward here, and keep pushing the botlane.


    push blue2.jpg

    You are now under their t2 turret, and you WILL get ganked, so you REALLY need those wards.
    With those 3 wards, you can basically see not only ALL of their jungle, but also the path they are following.

    ok, you can't see TP's, or someone coming from the river, but if they waste tp, or so much time coming from river, your other teammates should have AT LEAST got some towers.
    so, worth.
    (Remember to write it in /all chat, or it won't be really worth)


So, a couple of turrets have fallen, you are around lvl.9 or more, people start grouping.
What to do now?

  1. if some t1 tower is still up, go with your support to get it
    is it about time to earn those free golds, plus, you will need the t1 turrets to be down to set a slowpush in that lane.

  2. TAB
    Seriously, press TAB and check the timers in case drake/baron are about to spawn.

  3. Set a Slowpush top or bot and Fight 5v4.
    After you set it, group mid.
    - Tell everyone to wait and engage 5v4 as soon as someone of them shows up clearing that top/bot wave. Win the fight, and proceed to get an objective.
    - If nobody shows up to clear that wave, just wait mid WITHOUT engage! Minions will get the tower by themselves, and you will have gained an objectives by simply NOT fighting.

    In order of importance:
    Inhibitor > free tower > Baron > Tower > Drake > Jungle buff

    (Note: You want the 5th drake more than a baron. But you can trade the 2nd,3rd,4th drake for some other objective)

  4. Set a Slowpush BOT and stay ready to Baron.
    - If you have enough damage for baron, just set the botlane to slowpush, back, and go pinkwarding the baron area.
    - As soon as someone shows up botlane, do that baron REALLY FAST.
    - If someone popsup contesting it, STOP doing baron, and start a 5v4 fight.
    - if nobody shows up bot, just stand near the baron without starting it AND without engaging. Minions will eventually get the bot tower without you doing nothing.

For more stuff to do, check the "Ending game" section.

[General] - Ending Games Back to Top

Honestly, there is nothing I could say, that it's not explained in this video.

This serie really change the way you see the game.

[General] - Pressure & Control 1/3 Back to Top

The guide will explain how to gain a full map control, and win games.

Anyway, for a better understanding, we have to split this in 3 parts:

  1. Deny Map Control
    (Destroying Towers)
  2. Gaining Map Control
    (Warding/Dewarding the Neutral Zone)
  3. Pressure
    (Generating big minions wave, or sending a splitpusher)


Chapter 1 – Deny Map Control

During a game, we always have to create a “Mental Map” of which area is under control of a certain team, and which area is neutral;
To do so:

  • Link with a Blue line the outer turrets of the blue team.
  • Link with a Red line,the outer turrets of the red team.
  • The space outside the lines is the “Neutral Zone”

So, when the match start, this should be the situation:


The first thing to do, is to deprive the enemy team of Map control, by destroying turret.
This will give you a strategical advantage;

(For simplicity, we’ll pretend there are no wards. The vision will be discussed in next chapters.)

For example, if red team destroys the T1 bot turret, they have an advantage on drake, because if a teamfight happens there:
1. The blue team won’t have enough vision to see who could come from botlane.
2. The blue team have not a close tower where to hide or stay safe.

The same kind of advantage are true for other lanes and Objectives.

Tier 1:

  • T1 General: Gives to the laner the ability to free roaming while the enemy is busy pushing back to your tower without possibility to follow.
    (If he try to follow anyway, he should lose more CS and maybe another tower).
  • Bot: Drake
  • Top: Rift Herald / Baron
  • Mid: Wraith camp, and a bit of both Drake and Baron control.

Tier 2:

  • T2 General: Gives to laner the ability to counterjungle the Buff camps WITHOUT the need of leaving a monster to prevent them to spawn.
    (That part of jungle should now be YOURS, and you do want those buff to respawn, because probably you will be the one who will get them again)
  • Bot: Red/Blue buff
  • Top: Blue/Red buff
  • Mid: Wolves camp, and a bit of both Red and Blue Buff control.

Tier 3 & Inhibitors:
  • T3 General: Open Inhibitor
  • Top Inhib: Inability to contest Drake.
    (Superminions pushing top, means that someone should clear them, and that one won’t be able to follow a drake call on the other side of the map. If he does, superminions could get a Nexus Tower by themselves)
  • Bot Inhib: Inability to contest Baron.
    (Same as before. Superminions pushing bot, means that someone should clear them, and that one won’t be able to follow a Baron call on the other side of the map. If he does, superminions could get a Nexus Tower by themselves)
  • Mid Inhib: Heavier Global Pressure.
    (It's the shorter lane, reinforce will come earlier, superminions will agglomerate faster and push harder)

Tier 4 & Nexus:

  • T4 General: Open Nexus
    (Gives the possibility to Backdoor)
  • Nexus: Lost game.

Some Visual samples:

T1 bot destroyed.


T1 mid destroyed.


T1 top destroyed.


All T1 Destroyed.


All T2 destroyed


As you can see, more turret you destroy, more of the enemy zone will become “Neutral Zone”.
Anyway, Neutral zone doesn’t mean that it’s already your zone, blindly facecheck a bush in the neutral zone could easily get you killed, and give to enemy the possibility to comeback.

35 minute mark, you walk to their blue because you want it, and you find a Vi and a Vayne, hidden in the bush, ready to get your anus.
Now you are dead, and they can force a baron fight 5v4, or simply take it.
Suddenly, their team is back in the game because you tought that their blue was your domain instead of a neutral zone.

Neutral zone is neutral, and we should “Conquer” it before feeling safe in it.

[General] - Pressure & Control 2/3 Back to Top

Chapter 2 – Gaining map Control

“Gaining map control, means “Conquer” the neutral zone, thanks to wards.
Imagine a ward like the Flag of your kingdom!
You go to the neutral zone, you drop a ward, and you shout: “That’s my kingdom now!” and then it will.”

Now, clearly you can put a ward in a swamp, and claim that place, the fact is…how many fucks do people gives about that swamp?


You should aim to conquer strategical points in the neutral zone, according to the strenght of your team.

So, as a first point, you should remember:
“It only takes 3 wards to fully see a Quadrant of the jungle”

By warding strategical bushes.
In the map below, are crossed all the bush that, if warded, will show NOT ONLY WHEN someone is passing by, but also WHERE IS HE GOING, and WHAT BUFF HAS SPAWNED.

This map is intended for the mid/late game. It should be obvious that at the start of a match, the most important neutral zones to conquer are tribushes (To prevent ganks) and river bushes (Prevent ganks, and control Jungle entrances),

Strategical Bushes:


Strategical bushes, drawn lines are the path that every ward can let you see.
This way, as stated before, you can see NOT ONLY where a jungler is, but also where is he going, and if he's coming toward you.


Now, you don’t always have to ward all those bushes, but

  • The more you deny them Map Control, the deeper you want to Ward/Deward.
  • The more you lose Map Control, the closer you want to Ward/Deward.

Conquering the neutral zone, is MUCH important, because it let you safely walk in neutral zones without danger!

If an entire quadrant is warded, you can safely SplitPush in the relative side lane, until T2.

Example, if you are RED TEAM, and you’re trying to push:

Ward_Red Overextend.jpg

Example, if you are BLUE TEAM, and you’re trying to push:


Example 1:
35 minutes mark.
A Jax is joining your realm to try soloing a “sneaky baron”.
If 5 of your team disappear, he could understand he has been spotted.
You just keep doing your business, while 2 of your team go there and “Sneaky kill the jax”.
Their jungler is dead, you can proceed to get baron, and win the game. Yay!

Example 2:
36 minutes mark.
You are ezreal, fighting a nidalee, and she manage to dodge your last skillshot!
You stare yourselves in the eye, then she start running into the jungle.
You start chasing her, and she enter in a bush.
Your E is almost out of cooldown, you are gonna kill her for sure!
Your team is following you to kill the goddamn cat, E into the bush, shouting “THIS WAY” like a real leader!
Leona’s ult, MF ult, ACE, you lost.

Why did you pick ezreal?
(I like blonde guys)

Why are you chasing a nidalee?

Why did you use you gapcloser to enter the fight?
(She was...dead! Cmon! Bloodlust!)

Why in the goddamn hell was that bush unwarded? 

Not only wards, but also minions gives vision, and Map control, but most important, they are used to gain pressure, and this lead us to the most interesting chapter of this guide.

[General] - Pressure & Control 3/3 Back to Top

Chapter 3 - Pressure

Ok, so, we are at the main topic of the guide.
Denying the map control, is something you do even if you don’t know, because if you want to win a match, you have to destroy towers anyway.

Gaining map control, is something you (Or your support) do, once you understood how useful wards are.

Pressure is a concept slightly different, that you should fully understand, or you risk to use it against you.

Have you ever seen those huge waves coming against you?
Sometimes the other team generated them, sometime you pushed the lane in a wrong way, and that wave pressure turned against you.

Have you ever been that mundo, splitpushing hard, and all of a sudden 3 of them went to gank you?
You tought: “Good, someone will get a turret elsewhere”
But it didn’t happen.
Bad team?
Not always, sometimes you just splitpushed while there were no pressure on other lanes, and your teammates didn’t had the time to push fast enough.

So, let’s go, drawing a “Pushing Graph”.

  1. Link, with a WHITE line, the outer minion waves of your team.
  2. In every lane WITHOUT ally:

a.       draw a +1 if your minions are pushing,

b.      draw a -1 if they are getting pushed

c.       draw a 0 if the lane is frozen

(If you don’t know how to tell if a lane is pushing or getting pushed, check the "Waves" section in this guide.)

(Red and blue lines are the one explained in chapter 1.)


“Perfect pressure” is when, in every lane, you have a big wave pushing against enemy towers.

In the example below, the Red Side is having "Perfect Pressure"


In this situation, you can

Go Drake/Baron:

The enemy will now find themselves in a Lose/Lose situation:

  • If they come as 5 to contest, your minions will get towers for free
  • If they do not come, you will get a Drake/Baron for free
  • If 1 or 2 of them comes, you should be able to easily kill them in a 5v2 fight.
Go siege a Tower:

Once again, the enemy will now find themselves in a Lose/Lose situation:

  • If they come as 5 to save that tower, your minions will get the other towers for free.
  • If they do not come, or they come in 1, 2, 3, you can easily get the tower, or dive them in an easy 5v1, 5v2, 5v3 fight.

When you achieve the perfect pressure, it’s like if you are playing a 8v5 game, so, you should ALWAYS try to obtain it.

This is the best tactic you can use against “Wombo Combo” compositions, or, more generally, when you can’t win a straight 5v5 fight!

Most of the time, your teammates won't know how to generate big minion waves through slowpush, and you can’t set all 3 lanes to slowpush (Unless you are a tanky support with “Banner of command” and “ZZ’rot” ehehe), so, you will rarely achieve the “Perfect Pressure”.

Anyway, everytime you set a lane to slowpush, is like if you summon another champion pushing and pressuring that lane!

a 6v5 is still good.

Example 1:
Baron is going to spawn in 1 minute.
You set the botlane to slowpush, back, and go near Baron.
Now, just check the minimap and wait.
If noone appears, minions will get that tower for free. (Yay!)
If you are lucky enough (7 times on 10 at plat elo) you will see their ADC&Support popping up botlane to clear that wave.
NOW is your moment! Go rush that baron!
You will get it before their botlane will have time to come to contest.
If someone else appear, remember that they can’t be more than 3!
Fight that 5v3 fight, get Baron, enjoy money, exp and buff!
You gained a baron by simply putting pressure on botlane, Without the need to stay there!

Example 2:
They have a wombocombo composition, and you fear (For a good reason) to fight them.
Slowpush top and bot, back, and group mid with the others as 5.
This is important, you just want to see the enemies, without risking to get too close.
Avoid trying to poke them, it’s not important at the moment.
Check the minimap. Top and bot waves are about to hit their tower.
All of a sudden, you see an enemy depushing one sidelane, or even better, 1 of them is depushing top, and one of them is depushing bot!
It’s your time to shine malphite! Flash R! Engage those motherfuckers in a 5v3 teamfight!
(Clearly, if none of them is going to clear sidelanes, just keep stalling mid without getting engaged. Minions will eventually take down those towers for free.)

Anyway, having a mental pressure graph will help you to decide what choice is the best to do.

Let's take a look at this situation:


In this example, let’s pretend you are the Red Team.
Botlane is frozen. It won’t push anywhere.
Toplane is pushing in your favour.
Midlane is pushing against you.

What would you do?

Going toplane is useless, that lane is already pushing, going all 5 there means losing pressure somewhere else.

You could go 5 mid, to depush and pressure, while your toplane minions will act as a champ, turning the tide in a 6v5 match.

Or even better!

Let the top push by himself!
Go 4 pushing midlane.
Send your splitpusher (Or someone with TP) in botlane.


  • if all of them shows up mid, you can stall while Top Wave, and bot splitpusher get towers.
  • If they manage to engage on you, the splitpusher can TP in for a 5v5, (And your toplane is still pushing)
  • If they send 1 top to depush, and 1 bot to stop the splitpusher, you can engage mid 4v3.

As you can see, you should always try to pressure as much as possible, maximizing your resources, manipulating the waves, and playing smart.

Remember that "Champion Pressure" is a costant, so, most of the time, if you try to gain pressure in a lane, you will lose pressure somewhere else.
Always try to:
  • Pressure a lane near an objective, if he's spawned or about to spawn
  • Pressure the most far lane from the objective you want to get, if he's about to spawn.

[General] - Choke Points Back to Top

As the name suggests, choke points are points in which the terrain is narrow, and usually, a single skill, could block the path entirely.

Why is this important?
Because it can let you win / lose an entire match.
Not kidding.

As example, if 5 enemies are chasing you in the mid lane, and Azir uses his ult, they can simply walk around and keep chasing you.

Same situation, bit in the jungle.
Azir's ult is wide enough to block ALL the jungle path, blocking the enemies.

A visual example will let you better understand:

This is NOT a chokepoint:


This IS a chokepoint:


That's a simple example, but shit like this usually happens.
I don't believe you have never lost a match because you got stuck in the enemy jungle with a MissFortune shooting her ult right in your face, melting you and all your team.

As a rule of thumb:
  • if your team have a good AoE you really want to ward and try to fight in the jungle.
  • Same, you want to fight in the jungle if your team have abilities that got improved with the terrain.
    (Vayne's condemn, Poppy's dash, ecc...)
  • Once again, you want to fight in the jungle, if your team is very mobile, and possibly able to dash through walls.
    (Lucian dash, tristana, Vi, Sejuani, ...)

Well, we have just said that in chokepoints, people can't move properly, and can't avoid skillshots and stuff.
So, if you have AoE, you'll hit the more easily than in wide spaces like lanes.
If you have abilities that interfere with terrain, you will easily hit them thanks to the various walls.
And last, if you have high mobility, you can jump here and there, hitting the enemy without retaliation.

There isn't much more to say about chokepoints, it's pretty easy stuff, that will greatly improve your playstile once you started to notice it in game.

In case you didn't understand, I'll add 2 videos.

The first, is a short video that will talk about space and chokepoint.

The second is an example of how exploiting choke points can turn the tides of the battle, even at pro level.
(Check orianna)

[General] - 10 Typical Throw Back to Top

This is another piece of gold found on reddit.

You can see it HERE

  1. Learn to get carried
    I used to think if I lost my lane, my team would lose the game, because I'm clearly the best player on the team. If I fell behind, or lost the first kill, I would try to outplay my lane opponent to come back, 9/10 times I would die again and fall further behind and continue to feed blaming my jungler for not ganking.

    SOLUTION - I now turtle in my lane. If I died 1v1 to the enemy laner. I just farm passively. If he freezes lane and I can't farm, I go farm jungle. I stop my feeding and hope my team can carry me out of lane phase. I will leave the lane at worst 0-1 and still be able to contribute in team fights. This prevents my opponent from being able to 1shot all my teammates.

  2. The Baron throw
    I used to think if we're ahead, we should take the most important objective, which is baron. We can fight them 5v5 while taking baron no problem. Then we end up getting outsmited, or half of us are fighting baron while half of us are fighting the enemy team, or we just get bursted down after getting baron.

    SOLUTION - There is never a good reason to risk baron if the enemy team has more than 3 alive. Or if their jungler is alive. If you have the lead, you should take a turret/inhibitor instead. If you believe you're strong enough to take baron while 5v5ing the enemy team, you're definitely strong enough to take an inhib turret 5v5.

  3. The Hubris Turret Dive
    I used to think, if I'm a 5-0 renekton and I'm super tanky and ahead, then my team can easily turret dive. I see that squishy adc, I'm gonna kill that mofo underneath his turret no problem. I dive him, there's miscommunication, my team doesn't follow, and I die. Then my team gets chased down 5v4 and we get aced. They get baron and take inhib turret and even though we're ahead 25-15 in kills. We lose the game.

    SOLUTION - Learn to zone the enemy team away from turret so your team can take it. Sometimes when you're a fed assassin or bruiser, all it takes is your presence to scare their team away and give your team a free objective. Rather than dive, just flex your alligator muscles and give the enemy team a reason to back off that outter turret so that your team can take it for free.

  4. The Inhibitor throw
    I used to think, if I don't make a play, we're going to lose. They're pushing our inhibitor if we don't stop them it's game over. So I engage 3v5 to stop the inhibitor from dying. I die. My teammate dies. And they take inhibitor anyways. Now it's still 5v3 and they take my nexus turrets and kill another two teammates. We respawn and desperately try to defend nexus, but again, it's still 3v5 because two people died trying to defend nexus turrets.

    SOLUTION - losing an inhibitor is not the end of the world (game). It's smarter to wait for your teammates to respawn and fight full strength 5v5. Let the inhibitor go, it too will respawn in four minutes. The only thing you should die defending is your nexus and maybe your nexus turrets.

  5. If I can't see them, they can't see me
    I used to think if they were just top, it's safe for me to keep pushing and steal this enemy red buff. OMG there were three of them in this bush and they killed me. Now my team tries to contest baron 4v5 and they get aced and we lose the game.

    SOLUTION - We are not three year olds. If you can't see the enemy, it does not mean they are not there. Always assume they could be hiding in that bush you're walking towards. If you can't drop a Caitlyn trap to check or throw a Ziggs satchel to check, back the F off. Those 2 minions are not worth dying and losing the game for. Unless you can see for sure they're somewhere else on the map.

  6. The Numba One Duelist
    I used to think when I was ahead and I could 1v1 anyone that the enemy was so stupid for walking in to lane to fight me. Wow this Caitlyn is so stupid. I'm 3-0 vayne with bork, she's trying to 1v1 me. We fight. Leona ults me and cc locks me. I die. My advantage has shrunk a little as Caitlyn now has shutdown gold and takes my turret.

    SOLUTION - Give your enemies credit. They are at the same elo as you, so assume they are as intelligent as you are. If you know you can 1v1, they probably know that you can 1v1 them, so they won't 1v1 you. If they are engaging, Leona is probably sitting in that unwarded bush waiting to totally bone you.

  7. The IDGAF Attitude
    I used to think I could carry the game with or without my teammates liking me. So I didn't really care if they got pissed. I was good enough I could just carry the game by myself. So I would trash talk or point out their mistakes to "help them improve".

    SOLUTION - Realize this is a team game. It takes five people to win. A positive attitude can go a long way. Commenting on others mistakes only makes them play worse, do you really think they don't know they shouldn't have face checked that bush? Also if someone on your team is raging, don't talk back. Maybe he's having a bad day. Maybe his last three games ended because his teammates dc'd. Maybe he's just a legit douchebag. Either way, mute him and play. He's distracting you.

  8. Mid or Feed Pro
    I used to think I was faker. That I'm so good at mid, my role, that I can carry the game if I'm mid. So I would force my role and take mid, and force the other guy to play support. I win my lane 1-0 but bot feeds 0-6. I fucking knew it. I knew that kid was bad, we lost the game but good thing I didn't give him mid.

    SOLUTION - If you're good at multiple roles, be willing to fill them. Just cause someone sucks at support, doesn't mean they suck at mid. Knowing matchups is half the battle, and forcing someone to go to a lane they're unfamiliar with could cause them to feed. Learn as many roles as possible and be willing to fill the roles you're proficient with. If there are two mid mains, the person who's better at support should fill. Because chances are the person who's better at mid isn't that much better, but one of you could seriously suck at support.

  9. The Doublelift King
    I used to think man I'm owning. We got this game. I just need to finish this one last item. I would ping my team to back so I could farm an extra 10 cs. I would keep farming until I'm 6 items. Then fight and take objectives. Somehow, the enemy team has caught up, and I get focused during the fight and we lose the game. How did we lose when we were ahead on kills?

    SOLUTION - Objectives win games. Not creep score. Not kills. Objectives. Just because you can finish your IE in 1200 gold, does not mean you should avoid objectives until you get it. If you have a lead, group and take objectives so you can push your advantage. The longer the game goes, the less impact a 5,000 gold advantage actually matters.

  10. Prophet
    I used to think counter picks were the only thing that mattered. It doesn't matter if I'm unfamiliar with the champion. It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit my team comp. said ryze counters ahri, so I'm going to first time ryze in ranked. I proceed to feed my lane, and become useless and lose team fights because the rest of my team is a poke comp.

    SOLUTION - Play who you are comfortable with and let your teammates play who they're comfortable with. Counter picks don't mean anything if the player is not proficient with that champion. Telling someone to go Leona because she's op or good for the comp doesn't mean she'll do well as Leona, e.g. Timing her skills to give the adc time to proc her passive. You should play who you KNOW how to play and let your teammates do the same.

[General] - Objectives Back to Top


So, let's talk a bit about objectives.

When I was in low elo, I found myself carrying a game just by doing the right call at the right moment, that by merely mechanical skill.

Now, since you are an adc, you are the main (only) source of sustained damage of your team, so, you have to be there, to get the right objective.

How many time you had a teamfight, you killed 4 of them, and then you (or your teammates) proceeded to chase that alistar to get the kill?
(It happened a lot to me)

Because...a kill...ehm, uhm, a kill it's 350 gold mate! 

Yeah, how many gold is a drake? or a baron? or a tower?

If you don't know, it's time to aquire that knowledge.
This will lead to better shootcalling skills.
so, let's start:


- 600 global Experience Points (given to each person on the team)
- 800 local Experience Points (shared between nearby allies)
- 300 Gold to each team member plus 25 Gold to the slayer of Baron Nashor.

This means that getting a baron, it's almost like ace the enemy team!
Who the hell care about that alistar running scared alone toward home!
Let him go crying in a corner, and get the goddamn baron!

But wait, there is more!
The baron buff!

- Grants up to 40 attack damage and ability power (scales with game time)
That's like having an extra B.F.SWORD (1300 golds) for 3 minutes!
Jesus christ! Isn't it awesome?!

Anyway, baron is risky, and sometime you could throw the game while trying to do it, so, here some note to help you get that lovely buff:

Usually, those are the cases in which I shootcall a baron after a fight:

  • you have 3 man alive more than them. (5v2, 4v1, 3v1)
  • Your Jungler is alive, their jungler is dead.
  • You have one more man alive than them.
  • You have one more man alive than them (Supports doesn't count)
  • They have not many CCs
  • you jungler is a higher level than them. (His smite does more damage)
  • You have enough damage to slain it "relatively" fast
  • 2 or more enemies are shoving up botlane.

In ALL of those cases, if enemies show up while baron has more that 25% hp, turn and fight 5v4 (or 4v3, or 3v2).
NEVER do the mistake to split, with some doing baron and some fighting!
(Write in chat: "If they shows up, stop baron and fight them" this will save many games)

The last thing to note, is that baron debuff you, and you have to take it into account:
- Baron Nashor's basic attacks apply a stacking debuff that reduces the target's armor and magic resistance by 0.5, stacking up to 100 times for a total of 50 reduction.
- Baron Nashor periodically deals ? (+5% AD) magic damage and applies a stack of corrosion to a nearby champion with the least amount of corrosion stacks.

So, if the enemies come, remember that you are more weaker than usual...and that's why you need more people than them to fight.


Drake is important...but not that much.

Slaying Dragon grants experience to killer and nearby allies.
So, help the goddamn jungler to get that drake, some extra exp is useful, especially in laning phase!
- (If you hit lvl.6 before the enemies, you can all-in them and kill them most of the time, since you (and support) have your ults!)
- (If you hit lvl.11 before the enemies, you can all-in them, since you (and support) have 2 points in your ults!)

Anyway, at low elo, many people will back, lose experience here and there so often, that drake exp won't matter that much.
What matters, are his permanent bonuses.

The FIRST drake, is important.
+6% attack damage and ability power

It's important, but never risk too much to take it.

The SECOND and THIRD drake are not so important.
If they are doing it, don't force a contest if you cannot.
Do not run alone there, or in numeric inferiority.
Let. it. go.

The FOURTH drake, is strategical.
Is not about the buff it gives, but the fact than, in 6 minutes, the enemies will either do DRAKE or BARON.
If you go baron, they will get 5th drake.
If you go drake, they will get baron.
In both cases, they will force a deadly fight.

The FIFTH drake, is huge.
- Doubles all previous bonuses and your attacks burn for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. This stack only lasts 180 seconds or until death.

This means they will have:
+ 12% AD and AP
+ 30% damage on buildings.
+ 10% movement speed
+ 30% damage on minions and monsters.
+ 150 DoT on basic attacks.

With the 5th drake, they can either get baron, fight you, siege towers, they can do wathever the fuck they want.
If they have 5th drake, you should just turtle under some tower and hope for the best.

Note to remember:
Drake respawns every 6 minutes.
If both team have taken, say, 2 or 3 drakes, and it's 40 minute mark...

...who. the hell. cares.

They would need to hit the 52 or the 58 minute mark to get the 5th drake, and matches are rarely so long.

Do not try a "lcs play" at 40 minutes mark in an unwarded area to get/steal the drake.
You will probably die and lose the game...for what?
5% movement speed?

[coming soon] - RIFT HERALD, TOWERS, INHIBITORS - [coming soon...]

[Extra] - More Resources Back to Top

In this section I will just link the better guides / resources I found, relative to the game (And not a single champ).

I hope they could be useful to someone.  :)

The best series of guides.
I've learn so much with those, that I always be grateful.

Check the playlist: "Become a better LoL player"
There also are pretty good tricks in other sections.

Replays of many ProPlayer

Awesome subreddit about LoL.
I've learnd a LOT by this.
(Sadly, I didn't learn enough grammar...)


[Extra] - Updates & To Do Back to Top

------------------------------------ INFO: -----------------------------------

If you think I missed something on this guide, or something is wrong, or you want me to talk about a specific topic not covered here, or you wrote a good guide that you think could be good in here, just leave a comment.

I'll try to look for stuff and edit/add it.

--------------------------------- UPDATES: ---------------------------------

Added "Axes 101" section.

Added Support Synergy" section.

Added "Pressure & Control" Section.
(Not completed yet)

Completed: "Pressure & Control" part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Added: "Powerspikes"
(Not completed yet)

Added: "Choke Points"

Added: "More Resources"

Added: "10 ways to stop throwing"

Added: "Objectives"
Not completed yet.

-------------------------- TO DO (First or later) : -------------------------

- To complete "Objectives" section (Turret range, Turret global money)
- Adjust "Warding" section
- You and your jungler:
- How to better hit skillshot

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