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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Draven Summoner Spells.png

7.png is standard for ADCS in botlane. It can be used offensively as it gives 30%movement speed for 1 second, so you can chase, escape, dodge or even save your support. It can be swapped out for 21.png if your support takes 7.png. Although with 119.png you want your support with an aggressive summoner spell.


4.png is the best summoner spell in the game and almost no champion goes without it in. It provides gap close or to escape from bad situations.

New Runes Back to Top

Draven New Runes.png



13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=64- Since this keystone came out it has been the standard keystone for draven. The true damage and extra ad it gives helps Draven to burst targets once it is ready. Draven is a lane bully and this rune helps him do just that.

Triumph.png?width=64- Good rune to survive those close fights and turn bad situations into multi kills to snowball your lead. Once Draven is in the game expect a lot of kills and this rune is perfect for that.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64- Take this rune 99% of the time. It makes you deal more damage to low health targets to finish them off. Then it gives bonus ad after a takedown to help get multi - kills. Cut%20Down.png?width=32 may be viable if they have a pure tank team and then should be taken instead.


Sorcery - 

Celerity.png?width=64 - This rune gives moment speed and bonus ad based off your bonus movement speed. This means when you use your w you get more ad because of this rune.

Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64 - This rune is good for long games. You get bonus Ad every 10 mintues making you stronger the longer the game goes.

Abilities Back to Top


Draven Abilities .png

                                          Passive - League of Draven dravenpassive.png

Your passive can be very useful or it can be completely useless. His passive is what allows him to snowball so hard in games. You can generate a lot of gold off it. Remember 300 gold is = to 1 kill so if you have 150 stacks you basically get 2 kills for 1. Because of this passive 119.png tends to attract a lot of attention from both teams to help or kill him. Every death means you lose 75% of your current stacks.



                                                       Q -Spinning Axe dravenspinning.png

This ability is what 119.png is known for. It is what attracts or repel players from him. While it makes him deal insane damage it is what makes him more difficult to play. The dravenspinning.png mechanics takes awhile to get used to and mastering it is another question.



                                                          W - Blood Rush dravenfury.png

This ability is very useful because it gives movement speed and attack speed. It also resets every time you catch an dravenspinning.png. Which makes 119.png able to chase down champions and get Kleptomancy.png?width=32 procs easily.



                                                        E - Stand Aside dravendoubleshot.png

This ability can be used in many ways. It can be used to slow your opponent to chase them down or escape. It can be used to interrupt many abilities in the game.


                                                     R - Whirling Death dravenrcast.png

This is 119.png’s ultimate ability. It is a global skill shot that returns to once 1 of the conditions are met. You recast it. It hits an champion. It reaches the outer edge of the map. This means you can do some cross map sniping with this ability. You can also just use it just to get off as much dps as possible which I will explain more in the Team Fight section.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is a standard adc starting items. A bit of lifesteal from doran’s blade with a pot.
    This start is to have more sustain against a heavy poke matchup.

Core Items

    With the cost reduction on this item it has become more appealing as first buy. Then build stormrazer next for more ad and some attack speed. With a crit to help your burst damage.
    You will take 1 based off what you need. If you need wave clear and higher burst go shiv. Rapidfire cannon if they have high range champions and you will benefit a lot from the extra range. Phantom dancer if there are champions on you and you need to survive and kite them.
    Go either 1 of these based off what you need. Because you are building heavy AD Berserker greaves gives the attack speed you need early.
    Full build example

Situational Items

    Go this item instead of guardian angel if there are annoy cc spells you need to remove.
    Go this instead of Guardian angel if they have heavy burst magic damage.
    This item is good if the enemy team has a lot of burst damage you need to survive. But most times Bloodthirster is better.

Draven items.png

Start the game off with 1055.png start. On your first back, you want to buy a 1038.png or a 1053.png. Buying boots during the mix of building 3072.png is recommend. The movement speed will go a long way. 119.png is immobile and only has his dravenfury.png to help give him a burst of movement speed.

If you have enough gold to buy another 1038.png on your second back you should buy it. At this point you are quite strong and should pick up some kills in lane. After 3072.png is finished you want to finish your boots if you haven’t already. Then use the 1038.png you have(if you have it) and build 3095.png. Next is a zeal item ( 3087.png3094.png). Rapidfire has the edge right now so most times you should build that. Follow up with3031.png and a last item of your choice. This will be 3026.png or 3139.png usually.

Matchups Back to Top

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22.png is fairly weak right now so you can bully her hard during the laning phase. Hide behind minions to prevent her volley.png from hitting you when she uses it. Her range is 600 and yours is range is 550. This means she can auto attack before you in a trade. For optimal trading, you can wait for asheq.png stacks to low then go in for a long trade. At level 6 her enchantedcrystalarrow.png becomes a problem. It can be used to lock you down if they are ganking you. Position yourself so you can dodge it with your dravenfury.png.




51.png has 650 range while yours is 550. She can harass you in lane because of this. Her caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png allows her to poke and push the lane creating more pressure on you so you cannot trade easily with her. Try to get to lane first and start pushing it. Use your caitlynyordletrap.png to close the range gap to trade with her. With your dravenspinning.png you should out trade her. Watch out for her caitlynentrapment.png - caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png combo. This can negate the distance you closed while also tipping the trade way in her favor. It's best to step to the side after the first auto attack to dodge her caitlynentrapment.png. When her caitlynentrapment.png is down she is vulnerable. Watch out for potential caitlynyordletrap.png hiding behind turrets and in brushes. Remember to go for trades when her headshot count is low to reduce the damage she trades back on you.




Even though 119.png can bully him, 81.png has tools to keep himself safe from you. Most of his damage is his ezrealmysticshot.png so stand behind behinds to avoid it. Trade with him whenever his ezrealmysticshot.png is on cd especially if he misses it completely. It reduces the cooldown of all his abilities by 1.5 seconds if it hits an target. So if he misses it he is vulnerable. Try to force his ezrealarcaneshift.png early. It cost 90 mana and will leave him oom if he uses it too much. At level 6 his ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png is quite easy to dodge if you aren’t cc'd. Just use your dravenfury.png to walk out of it because of it’s long cast time.




202.png needs time to get off his 4 bullets while you can auto as many times as you want. Your dravenspinning.png makes sure you win almost any trade him. He can push the wave fast while harassing you. Stay away from low health minions as he can jhinq.png them to bounce to you for high damage. His jhinw.png is easy to dodge if you are ready for it. You can use your dravenfury.png to help run out of it easily. Try not to get too low. His 4th shot does missing hp damage. When he is level 6, again do not be too low. His jhinr.png can pick you up under your turret or even set up dives with his jungler.




222.png is weak right now. Bully her all you want during the laning phase. Watch out for jinxe.png as it can bait you into bad spots. Her range in mini gun is 525 and in rockets 600 up to 700 at rank 5, Yours is 550. She can do some poke to you if you’re not careful. Watch out for her jinxr.png when you are low, it does missing hp damage.




I put this matchup as medium because of 145.png's crazy scaling. In lane you can for sure bully her, especially with her short range. So you must try to shut her down get a huge lead for yourself. At level 6 watch out for her kaisar.png, she can use it to dodge your dravenrcast.png.




429.png's strength relies in being able to dodge skillshots with her kalistapassive.png and long fights to stack up her kalistaexpungewrapper.png. Since your main damage source is your dravenspinning.png, you have a significant advantage. Her strength in trades is her kalistaexpungewrapper.png. She can stack spears in a minion then stack spears in you to use kalistaexpungewrapper.png to damage you. Since it will kill the minion she had stacks in, the cooldown resets. Try to watch out for this so she cannot do any trades with you. At level 6 becareful of her ult. They can force engages onto you especially if they are setting up for a gank. When she is alone she is vulnerable. She loses her kalistaw.png’s passive if her soul bound partner is not with her. Remember to play around vision against her. If she cannot see her target when her auto attack is about to land it will miss.




Even though people think 119.png just beats the small little 96.png. It is usually the other way around. 96.png may not be able to run from 119.png but he has the damage to stand up to him during laning phase. Yes, you can beat him but supports are usually the ones that determine how this matchup goes. If he has a 117.png or 40.png he becomes really strong in a 2v2. But if you have all in support you can win.


You want to be careful of trading with him. His range with kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png is 630-710 however, without kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png his range is 500. It is his main damage source. So you want to trade with him when it is down. When chasing him watch out for his kogmawq.png and kogmawvoidooze.png. His kogmawq.png reduces your resistances making you squishier. His kogmawvoidooze.png creates a slow field making it difficult to chase him down. Try not to get too low when he is level 6. His kogmawlivingartillery.png damage does more the lower your hp gets. Try to bully him early before he starts to get levels and scale. 96.png outscales you and becomes a monster in the late game. Try to end the game before it reaches this point.




His range is 500 and while you have 550. 236.png win trades by getting his luciane.png - auto - lucianq.png- auto combo off. If the trades last too long he starts to lose the trade. Bully him level 1 while he doesn’t have his luciane.png. Your dravendoubleshot.png can interrupt his luciane.png(if you time it right) and lucianr.png.


Miss Fortune


21.png strength comes from her ability to poke. You can win this matchup easily if you get onto her and start trading with her because her sustain damage is quite low. Avoid taking too much poke from her. Use your dravendoubleshot.png to interrupt her missfortunebullettime.png or run out of it with dravenfury.png. To beat her just wait for her missfortunescattershot.png to be on cooldown so she cannot slow you and run away. Once you hit her it drops her missfortuneviciousstrikes.png passive. She then can restore it by activating missfortuneviciousstrikes.png so just hit her again to drop it.




A great deal of 15.png’s trading power lies in her sivire.png. Your damage source is your dravenspinning.png so she cannot block it. Her range is also 500 so you outrange her by 50. Just bully her in lane whenever you can. Be careful though, she can hard push the wave to prevent you from trading with her. That is her only survival tactic so just get to lane first to prevent this and zone her off the minion wave.

Dodge her sivirq.png and stay away from minions when she uses her sivirw.png on them. At level 6 and in team fights watch out for her sivirr.png. She can speed up allies to force engages on you.




You beat her in short trades and can bully her easily. Her damage is really low in short trades. If she places her tristanae.png on you just back away to prevent her from stacking the damage up on it. The only reason I have this matchup as Medium is because 18.png with the right support can win lane vs you. Her tristanaw.png makes it more difficult for you to catch her unless you can time your dravendoubleshot.png to interrupt it mid air. Her range scales with level so she outscales you later in the game.




Even though 29.png outscales you really hard you can bully him really hard in lane. There is little he can do if you go to trade with him. Bully and shut him down to prevent him from getting out of the laning phase. 29.png win rate late game is the highest of all adcs. Try to warn your teammates if he is missing for a while. He may roam to mid and pick up a kill then force mid turret with his team to escape laning against you.




Varus can be annoying to lane against. Generally, they will just farm lane and throw out varuse.png occasionally. They max varuse.png and just use it to poke and zone you off from them. Try not to get poke out by this and engage on him once this is on cooldown. If he doesn’t use it just bait out by engaging on him then turn back. At level 6 he becomes scary. His varusr.png is really good for engages and setting up ganks. When he is level 6 try to not be too close to him without knowing where his jungler.Before you know it you are having a party with their jungler and midlaner.




On paper 119.png beats 67.png easily. You can punish her right throughout the laning phase. Right now vayne is really strong because of the 3302.png,  Overheal.png?width=32 and Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 start. This allows her to survive hard matchups. If you can manage to shut her down early the game will be way easier. She outscales you so try to abuse her in laning phase.




498.png can manage to trade with you because of her xayahw.png and xayahe.png. Try to bait out her xayahw.png then back off. Wait for it to be down then you can start to do longer trades. If she has it up still just go for short trades she is weak at short trades. Position yourself so that she cannot xayahe.png her feathers and do damage while rooting you. If she has 497.png with her be careful of the level 1 combo with their xayahw.png - rakanw.png. They can kill you with it. Her xayahr.png can dodge your dravenspinning.png and yourdravenrcast.png. Remember this when you are doing an all in.

Trading Back to Top

Draven Trading.png

When trading with you want to throw 1-2 dravenspinning.png  to poke the enemy. You can either have 1 dravenspinning.png spinning then go for a trade by pressing dravenspinning.png after the first auto attack is released. Then press dravenfury.png to decrease the lockout time before you can throw the next auto attack because of your attack speed. At this point, you can repeat this process if the conditions are in your favour. Otherwise just stick to 1-2 autos on the enemy champion.

With 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32make sure to get it ready vs by getting into combat for 4 seconds then start your trade.


 During longer trades use your dravendoubleshot.png to interrupt the enemy while slowing them. If they have any channeling abilities save it to interrupt that. It can also interrupt dashing abilities like tristanaw.png,  luciane.pngcarpetbomb.png, etc. Once you get used to their dash timing you will start to interrupt these from time to time.


Once level 6 your dravenrcast.png can be used to burst targets down in lane. When you’re going in for a kill once the enemy hp is around little below half(depending on how strong you are) throw it during your auto attacks. You can guarantee the first hit and force a flash if the enemy has no other way to escape the second hit. Spam R key to bring your dravenrcast.png back sooner. If you don’t it will hit them first then attempt to come back to you. Because the dravenrcast.png has a delay time before it starts to return you want to set it to start slowing down to turn back by the time it reaches your target.

Lane Phase - Mid Game - Late Game Back to Top

Draven phases.png

Lane Phase

During the lane phase you want to take advantage of your high damage with dravenspinning.png. You out trade any adc level 1 because of this. Once you hit level 2 take dravenfury.png and start going for longer trades. Keep catching your dravenspinning.png to reset your dravenfury.png. Once you get level 3 you can for sure get some lane kills if you have been harassing enough earlier. dravendoubleshot.png slows them so you can chase them down for more damage. Once you get to level 6, you should be able to get some lane kills. dravenrcast.png gives you more burst damage to take down your opponent.


Mid Game

During Mid Game you want to play around objectives. This means you want to take fights to win over objectives. For instance, you do a team fight at dragon and win. Not only would you have gotten kills you will also get a dragon. Then you do another fight at Top. You get kills and a top turret. It is so much better to get kills and an objective rather than just kills. Objectives are what will make you win the game.

Since you are 119.png if things have gone fine during laning phase you will be ahead. Try to force fights while you are ahead of the enemy team and get objectives.


Late Game

119.png’s late game isn't the best of the adcs. His low range, little aoe and no percentage hp damage make it more difficult for him in late game team fights. Tankier targets can become hard for you to kill especially with how used to you are to your high damage in the early game. So you want to end the game before you reach this.

But if you are in the late game it is basically the same as the Mid Game. Play around objectives and vision. You don’t want to get flanked by high threat targets.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Draven Team Fighting.png

When Team Fighting you want to manage your axes. If there are things there to hit, start juggling 1 - 2 dravenspinning.png. Once the fight has started you will have dravenspinning.pngs to use. If however there are no targets to juggle your dravenspinning.png off. Watch every player's movement. When you think the fight is about to start in the next 5 seconds or so press dravenspinning.png. By time the fight starts you will have 1 axe to use. After some more seconds, your dravenspinning.png will be back up to Spin another Axe.


Once the fight has started you want to position yourself to have your axes drop in favorable positions. If you are chasing click the enemy then once the axe has start flying move your cursor to move forward. The axe will drop ahead of you so you can keep chasing and catch axes. If you need to kite it is the same process just click backwards instead.


Every time you catch an axe you want to use your dravenfury.png to keep up movement speed and attack speed. However, If your mana is low its best to not spam this and just use it to keep up the attack speed buff.


Your dravenrcast.png can be more useful to just do damage instead of waiting to use it to finish off someone. What I mean is during the middle of the fight you can just throw your dravenrcast.png to deal some aoe damage to get the enemy lower hp. The reason we do this is because if you can get to hit around 3-5 targets you’re getting a significant aoe damage done. Some fights can be won because an enemy gets zoned out because of low health. Another benefit of doing this is to get the enemy hp low enough for your teammates to do something about it. For example, you have a 238.png on your team, and he is looking to engage in a team fight. If the targets hp are about 70% and more he will hesitate to go in. But if they were at 50% he would then look to engage burning all his sums in the process to pick up a kill.

Support Pair Ups Back to Top

Draven Supports.png

119.png is an aggressive lane bully adc. So he would prefer supports that can support this style of his. 89.png12.png412.png53.png are examples of supports that can lock down targets for you to finish off. These also deal a good amount of damage so once they engage you should be sure to pick up some kills. Just remember to position yourself so you can follow up on their engages. These supports can snowball really hard allowing you to take control of the game early.


There are some range supports that can help 119.png to bully out your laners then pick up kills. 40.png117.png26.png and 267.png and example of supports that enchant you and poke out laners. These supports can save your life and turn around ganks. They can also be really aggressive to chunk away enemy health bars in lane. Position yourself to help them out when they are going for trades. If the enemy are using spells on them then you are free to dps. These supports scale well in the late game with you as they can protect you from dangerous targets with their enchantments.

Strengths and Weaknesses Back to Top

Draven Strengths.png


High damage early

Can snowball the game with just 1 kill

Has a global ultimate

Biggest lane bully in bot lane

Can almost 1 shot players because of dravenspinning.png

Big plays Champion

You get to play Draaaven





Can fall off late game

Gets ganked often because of passive

No dashing abilities

Difficult to play because of the dravenspinning.png mechanics

More vulnerable to cc than others because you will drop dravenspinning.pngs

Falling behind makes things really difficult

People expect a lot from you during the game

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Draven Tips.png

Good csing is more important on 119.png than others because of his passive. You get a stack for killing minions and if you 6 minions in a row without any dying nearby you get 2 stacks.


Do not catch every dravenspinning.png. Sometimes these axes can drop in bad spots and if you go for it. You will run up into a morg bind Lux ult Sejuani ult, jinx rocket, Gankplank barrel.


The secret to catching dravenspinning.png is to….. sorry there are no secrets. To tell the truth, all you need to do is practice. Once you understand that the axe will drop where you are moving to when the axe is flying mid air. It's all about practice from there. Play many games till you don’t have to be focusing on catching them anymore. That's the point you wanna reach.


Draven’s dravenfury.png makes him ghosted(ignore unit collision). This means if you are ever gonna get minion blocked just press dravenfury.png to run through them.


Your dravendoubleshot.png can interrupt many things. Other than just interrupting channeling abilities it can work on mid air dashing abilities. That means when that annoying 80.png is using pantheonw.png on you, just knock him away mid air with your dravendoubleshot.png. You will have to time it correctly so practice to do it. It can also interrupt attack commands if timed correctly.


Be careful how you use your dravendoubleshot.png. It can knock the target out of your dravenrcast.png. But with enough practice you can knock them back into your dravenrcast.png if they try to run out of it.


Well, normally you wouldn’t be playing against another 119.png unless it is blind pick but you can catch the opposing 119.png’s dravenspinning.png.

About Me Back to Top

Draven About me.png

Hey, there I go by the name Raveydemon. I have been playing league of legends for about 5 years now. I am an Adc main with my main champion being Sivir. I also can play all roles in league mostly top/jg/support.
I have been diamond/masters for about 3 years now. Here is a link to my most recent ranked finish.
Season 7 Masters.

Recently I have been playing more top lane than ADC and I have peeked challenger on my account CLG Ravey.

I have a youtube channel where I made some highlights/montages.

Link to my twitter if you want to contact me

Please leave comments below asking questions about anything I would more than happy to reply to any feedback/questions

Changelog Back to Top


June 26, 2018

Updates :
New Runes - ( 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32added, Kleptomancy.png?width=32 Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 removed) updates to rune page overall.
Items - Build updated. 3095.png added. Build path updated,
Matchups - 145.png added.

Trading - Updated.

Lane phase, Mid game, Late game - Updated

About me - Updated.

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