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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png is clearly a must for any jungle champion, and 4.png is a much better mobility option than ghost for Elise as it opens up her ability to hit a Flash-Cocoon and catch people in her web before they can even react!

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Thunderlord's Decree is my personal preference for the extra damage it provides - your full combo in the early game, when ambushing or ganking a target, will be supercharged by a proc of thunderlords - and the damage will remain relevant throughout the game no matter what you build. Opting into the cunning tree also lets us get other useful abilities such as the extra 5% CDR and buff timer increase. 

Strength of the Ages

Also consider opting deep into the resolve tree to pick up Strength of the Ages. The extra health it provides Elise early on is a great buff to the black widow. This mastery path has been gaining some traction recently and it is at least as viable, if not better than Thunderlord's Decree. 

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Spider_Swarm.png Passive Spider_Swarm.png 

Elise's Passive is Spider Swarm. 
When Human Form Elise hits an enemy with a spell, she readies a Spiderling.
When Elise transforms into Spider form she summons Spiderlings to attack nearby foes. The maximum number of Spiderlings increases with the level of Spider Form.  
These Spiderlings are vital to Elise's dueling potential and sustain in the jungle. She can position them inbetween herself and jungle camps for them to take the hits instead of her, letting her clear the jungle without losing much health.

Neurotoxin.png Q Venomous_Bite.png

Elise's Human Form Q, Neurotoxin launches a blast of corrosive poison at a target enemy unit, dealing magic damage equal to a base amount plus (+ 8% (+ 3% per 100 AP) of target's current health). 
Elise's Spider Form Q, Venomous Bite lunges at a target enemy with a poisonous bite, dealing magic damage equal to a base amount plus 8% (+ 3% per 100 AP) of target's missing health. 
Elise always wants to max Q first, as it is her primary damage spell, giving her excellent single target burst damage in the early game, and later it still has significant damage, and is especially useful for shredding tanks or executing low health enemies.
Ranking up Q increases your damage for both Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite, as well as increasing the mana cost on Neurotoxin. 

Volatile_Spiderling.png W ffs.png

Elise's Human Form W, Volatile Spiderling summons a venom-gorged Spiderling for 3 seconds, moving towards a target location. The Spiderling explodes upon contact with an enemy unit, or at the end of the duration, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. If the Spiderling does not hit an enemy before reaching the target location it will re-target and chase down a nearby enemy, prioritizing champions. 
Elise's Spider Form W, Skittering Frenzy increases the attack speed of Elise and her Spiderlings for 3 seconds. While active, Elise heals 4 (+ 4% AP) health when she or her spiderlings attack.
Elise wants to max W second. Elise, for a long time, was better off maxing E second. However with the recent buff to her E, it functions as a "one point wonder" - a skill extremely powerful with one point in it, so we can rank up W instead, and benefit from the extra damage we can deal. 
Ranking up W gives us increased damage and mana cost to Volatile Spiderling, as well as increased passive attack speed and attack speed on activation of Skittering Frenzy for Elise's spiderlings - bumping up her sustain. 

Cocoon.png E Rappel.png

Elise's Human Form E, Cocoon is a line skill shot which stuns the first enemy hit. 
Elise's Spider Form E, Rappel raises Elise up in the air for up to 2 seconds. During this time she is untargetable. She can come down on any minion or enemy in a range around her, if she chooses.
We max E last as it offers an incredible amount of utility. These two abilities are great, however, now that this ability is powerful at rank 1 again, with the large 1.6 second stun duration, we can max this last.  During the mid game, as Elise starts to transition from a high damage character, to a more tanky spider, this spell becomes invaluable, as it lets us stun priority targets for 2 seconds with Cocoon, which is usually enough time for your team to kill them. We are also granted a low cooldown free gap closer or Zhonya's by Rappel, which is great for ganking, dropping turret aggro, or just stalling if you are being too focused in a team fight.
 4.png-Cocoon is great for ensuring you land that vital cocoon onto a priority target during a gank or team fight.
Rappel will cause you to drop turret aggro!!
Rappel also gives you vision around the area you can drop down to. You can use this to get over to razorbeaks very easily from mid lane for example.
Hitting Cocoon will give you vision of the target while they are stunned. 
Ranking up E gives you a reduced cooldown and increased stun duration on Cocoon, and also reduces the cooldown on Rappel.

Spider_Form.png R Spider_Form.png

Elise's Human Form R transforms into a menacing spider, summoning her readied Spiderlings and granting access to arachnid abilities. While in Spider Form, Elise becomes melee and loses 425 range (125 total range), her basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and gains 10 movement speed.
Elise's Spider Form R transforms Elise back into Human form.
We put points into R at levels 6, 11 and 16. 
Ranking up R increases the amount of spiderlings you can have out at once, and increases the on-hit damage of spider form. Our spider form abilities have no mana cost. 
We rank this up whenever possible, as the extra spiderlings greatly increase our clear speed, and reduce our damage taken from the jungle to close to none. The added on-hit damage also helps us wear targets down in duels in conjunction with our Spider Form W, Skittering Frenzy, to enough health that they can be executed by Venomous Bite. 

Early Skill Order Explanation (Levels 1-3)

Starting W, Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy at level 1 is crucial on Elise. You can use your Human Form W, Volatile Spiderling to scout into bushes or the fog of war during invades or while wandering into the enemy jungle yourself. When starting your first camp, cast Volatile Spiderling where the camp will spawn 2 seconds before it spawns, and change to spider form. Your spiderling will explode as the camp spawns, and you can then activate your Skittering Frenzy to finish the camp off while gaining back health. Remember to let your spiderlings tank for you, by moving close to the camp and then away again, positioning your spiderlings between you and the camp you are attacking. 
Once you have secured level 2, place a point into your Q, Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite, as this gives you more damage when killing your first buff. The best combo for clearing this buff is (starting in human form) to W-AA-Q-R-Q-W-Q. Usually you will manage to get off two Venomous Bites onto your first buff, and it is worth noting that Neurotoxin is an auto attack reset, which is why we get in an auto attack before casting it. 
At level 3, we take E, Cocoon / Rappel, as we should be looking for a gank as soon as we have secured both of our teams buffs. Elise's level 3 ganks are brutal, and we should be looking for a first blood as soon as possible. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the basic jungle start for elise. Make sure you use your ward early to either protect your buffs, or donate it to a lane to keep them safe.
    Usually you want to get a Stalker's blade on your first back. Its smite slows enemies, and makes it much easier to hit your cocoon and secure a kill. Also pick up boots and wards early - and don't forget to swap out your Warding Totem for an Oracle Alteration once you hit level 9!

Core Items

    Rush your Runic Echos and Sorcerer's Shoes in most of your games. Elise is the queen of early game pressure, and these two items provide good ganking due to their mobility and the magic penetration on your boots. After that you can start building a haunting guise and start getting the components for a Rylai's Crystal Sceptre.
    Here you must choose how to flex the rest of you build. If you're an experienced Elise player, I think the above is the preferred build for the spider queen. You are a glass cannon like this, however you will always have assassination and one shot potential on the enemy's vulenerable carries. If the enemy doesn't have viable magic damage threats, don't build the Abyssal Sceptre, and vice-versa for Zhonya's Hourglass. Replace either of these with a Void Staff. In the late game, you may also choose to replace your jungle item (or another item) for a Void Staff.
    Make sure to continually buy wards throughout the game for placing around objectives. Pink wards are especially valuable as they can go undetected for entire games. Oracle's Lens is great for clearing out massive areas, such as the entire baron pit and the surrounding river, but this is only worth buying later in the game - 25 minutes and onwards.

Situational Items

    ~~~~~~Boot options~~~~~~ Ionian Boots of lucidity can be a good pickup in the early game if you're looking to max out CDR as soon as possible to be always getting cocoons off. Ninja Tabi are effective vs heavy AD teams, but you're sacrificing damage for those extra tank stats. Now that the jungle item no longer provides tenacity, Mercury's Threads can be bought for that stat, and some Magic Resistance. Finally Mobis can help you put even more pressure out early game.
    ~~~Jungle Item Options~~~ All 3 of these items are good on Elise, however I would highly recommend maximising your early pressure with Stalker's Blade. Hit them with the smite before launching cocoon to make it infinitely easier to hit. Skirmisher's Sabre is another jungle option. When you smite an enemy, you reduce their damage dealt to you by 20%, as well as increasing your auto-attack damage onto them. This item can be good if you're constantly scrapping with the enemy jungler. Tracker's Knife is also viable for the more support-style Elise players who want to provide vision for their team, but they will be forgoing ganking prowess by not choosing Stalker's Blade.
    ~~Magic Resistance Options~~ Going up against double AP? Locket is VERY effective VS Double AP team compositions (such as a Lissandra top and a Le Blanc Mid). It offers an aura which provides nearby allies +20% magic resist, and an active shield for your team. It also gives you Health and CDR, which Elise craves! Abyssal Sceptre is a great item on Elise now. Combining the flat penetration from Sorcs and Guise with this item and you'll be dealing close to true damage to most squishies. The magic resist and CDR it provides are also wonderful for Elise.
    ~~~~~~Armour options~~~~~ Going up against full AD? Thornmail and Randuin's Omen are great versus teams relying on autoattacks (Think Yasuo-Caitlyn-Shyvana), but not quite as effective versus AD casters (pantheon). Randuins Omen is in general a great buy if you need more armour than just your frozen heart. Sunfire Cape is not an option, as the passives from Sunfire and Cinderhulk are unique, and do not stack.
    Welcome to the late game. If you believe the next team fight will decide the outcome of the game, buy a Guardian's Angel.
    Snowballing Heavily? Zhonyas provides a huge amount of AP, as well as some armour and an active effect that is very very useful on Elise if you're going in for a Spider Form Execute. Void staff is another good choice as in the late game you can shred tanks using your percentage health damage and this item. If your team is overall low on damage, you can pick up the Magus enchantment onto your Stalker's Blade.
    Elixir of Sorcery can greatly increase your damage output, as well as mana regeneration, even as a heavily tanky spiderqueen. Iron gives you increased size and tenacity, which is very valuable on Elise. Elixir of Ruin can be bought when you are pushing to try and end the game.

End Game Builds


I currently believe this to be the best end game build for Elise. This build will provide you with a tonne of Ability power and magic penetration to enable you to be a real damage threat in every stage of the game. You are also afforded a good chunk of health, a little armour and magic resistance to ensure you won't get completely blown up should you be out of position slightly. The Zhonya's is a key item here, as it's active when combined with your Rappel can let you take huge risks that most other champions could not, due to the two invulnerability's you have. Rylai's and Liandries have immense synergy when paired up. 
With all that said, you are vulnerable with this build should you not know how to play and position as Elise properly. If you are new to Elise you may choose a slightly tankier and more forgiving build by implementing some tank items rather than, say, the Abyssal and Zhonyas.

Special note here for the late game: Often in the late game it is worth swapping out either your jungle item, or Abyssal for a Void Staff 3135.png

Alternate End Game Builds:
The following are legacy end game builds which can be great situationally but I wouldn't currently recommend for most matches.



This is your perfect, well rounded end game build. It provides you with everything. Tank shredding ability with Liandry's. High damage against squishy targets due to magic penetration. Resistances against both attack damage and magic resistance while boasting a tonne of health from Cinderhulk. Close to the cap of cooldown reduction from Frozen Heart, runes and masteries. It is the ideal build for any Spider-Queen. 
Building these items will let you weave in and out of team fights, tanking some hits, dealing good damage, diving their carries, protecting your own. 




These items will let you kill most targets in the game in one full spell rotation (as long as they are not mega tanks).
Play on the outside of fights constantly with this build, spraying out Neurotoxin and Volatile Spiderlings - and ONLY use spider form when you are safe, or you have Rappel and Zhonya's Hourglass available and you are sure your team will follow up. Guardian's angel is a nice insurance policy with this build. 




These items will make you incredibly tanky and will also put you close to the CDR cap. 
Build these items if you always want to be in the front line as a huge spidertank. DO NOT go for this build in solo queue as it is not reliable enough for you to carry whilst dealing no damage, I would suggest this build in a ranked 5s environment. 


Jungle Items

Which Jungle Item Should I Choose?


In a general game, Elise will want to a rush a Stalker's Blade 3706_32.png. This item provides you with the ability to smite enemy champions and steals 20% of their movement speed for 2 seconds. This item is fantastic for the Spiderlady, as it allows her ganks to become even more potent. Elise is all about snowballing the early game, and this item can help you close the gap for that vital cocoon or a tasty Venomous Bite. 

Elise can also purchase a Ranger's Trailblazer 3713_32.png but it is not as effective as a Stalker's Blade. This gives you an area of effect clear which stuns jungle monsters, and is designed to make your clear of the jungle easier. You shouldn't go for this item as you already have great clear and sustain in the jungle. However if you feel you can power farm and be a force in the mid-late game, then go for it. 

Skirmisher's Sabre 3715_32.png can be a good item if you are constantly engaged in duels with the enemy jungler. You can smite enemies with this item and you reduce their damage to you by 20% for 3 seconds, also dealing some true damage on auto attack. Only buy this item if the enemy jungler is also scrapping with you. If they are simply trying to flee a Stalker's Blade is more effective to catch up to them. If you do go for this item, when you dive onto a carry in a team fight smite them to decrease their damage to you by a considerable margin.

Poacher's Knife 3711_32.png is pretty worthless, let's be real. It's a great idea but not useful enough 90% of the time. Get this item if you want to troll the enemy jungler, and are farming their jungle constantly. 

Which Jungle Item ENCHANTMENT Should I Choose?

3709_32.png vs 3708_32.png
These items are both viable on Elise, but at the moment I believe Runic Echoes to be superior to Cinderhulk. 

The Runic Echoes enchantment 3708_32.png gives you 60 Ability Power, 7% movement speed increase, and a Luden's-esque passive that will cause your next ability to deal extra damage, which will splash onto targets around it.
This is a great option on Elise. The damage  afforded to Elise by this item's passive and AP can really help you snowball early on in the game. Your jungle clear will become a breeze. The extra movement speed is also wonderful on Elise, especially once you have this item and upgraded boots. If you are able to gank by walking up and not having to initiate via Rappel, you can then follow the target if they flash or use a dash with your Rappel. Elise's movement speed is key early to getting kills on the enemy laners. 
Buy this item if your team lacks damage, or you are just the manliest spider known to man, or if you're going for full AP Elise.
With how squishy this item makes you I wouldn't recommend it to beginners. 

 The Cinderhulk enchantment 3709_32.png provides Elise with 400 health, 15% bonus health, and immolate passive, which damages nearby opponents with magic damage. 
This is very very valuable on Elise. Having this tankiness means that you can build items such as haunting guise and sorcerers shoes and suddenly be walking around with a giant health bar in the early-mid game while also crushing people with your strong magic penetration. 
Go for Cinderhulk if your team needs a tank.
In the general case I would buy this item. I also highly recommend this enchantment for new players as it is more forgiving to have some tank statistics than damage gave by Magus.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Gragas
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Karthus
  • Kayle
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Master Yi
  • Nasus
  • Nautilus
  • Nidalee
  • Nocturne
  • Nunu
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Poppy
  • Rammus
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Sejuani
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Sion
  • Skarner
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




This match up is rather easy.

  • You can duel him through most of the early and mid game. 
  • Chunk him out with your ranged form before you go in for the execute, as if you don't manage to execute him, he can use his extreme built in lifesteal to gain his health back and kill you.
  • Try to dodge his mini-54_64.png ultimate and you should easily win any fights with him.




This is a match up that is about utilising your strong early game. 

  • Amumu is an easy champion to invade and kill in the early levels.
  • You can instead try and have constant ganks and pressure to snowball your lanes.
  • Eventually Amumu will out scale you, so you must use your power spikes to secure kills and objectives before he becomes a massive team fight threat. 



This matchup is one of the easiest.
  • His giant size makes hitting cocoons on him a breeze. 
  • You can also duel him very easily at all stages of the game, but be wary at level 6, as with his ult he can have a surprising amount of burst
  • You can gank better and deal more damage doing it than he does, so out-gank him. 
  • Be careful when contesting neutral objectives. While Elise is normally great for securing a dragon or baron, Cho'Gath's Feast-Smite combo can easily steal those buffs from right under your nose. Or from under your spider legs. 




Not a common one in the jungle, but one Elise can deal with quite easily. 

  • Kite him until you can execute, as if you let him hook you and melee him, you can be in a lot of trouble.
  • Use red buff auto attacks as well as your human form QWE to kite him in the early game until he is low enough for you to go in for the execute. 
  • His ganks are nothing stellar, his sustain in the jungle is very poor, and he doesn't scale well. 
  • You can look for an early invade at his buffs because he won't be high health in the jungle, especially in early levels. 
  • Out gank him and out duel him. 


Dr. Mundo

  • Mundo is probably one of the worst gankers in the game. He has no hard CC, no gap closer, and not much damage, so expect him to hard farm for the early-mid game. 
  • You will have free reigns of the lane, as he can't match Elise's ganking prowess and pressure.
  • He is very easy to invade His jungle sustain is very poor before level 6, and he can't escape the mobility of Elise, so look to ward his jungle camps and kill him. 




You're in a mirror match. MAY THE BEST 60_64.png WIN! Which should be you, because you read this guide. 



  • Evelynn has a similar power curve to Elise, where she is very strong early, and then tapers off the long the game continues. 
  • Her strength lies in her ganking however, not her dueling, so you can quite easily duel her.
  • It is VERY VERY important to ward the jungle of an Evelynn, as if you see her doing Razorbeaks and moving towards Krugs, you can hover around the lane she might gank next to set up a counter gank, or just to let your lanes know who is and isn't safe. 
  • Look to duel her whenever you can.
  • Use pink wards constantly. Encourage team mates to get them too. 
  • Watch out for her flank-engages in the late game.




Fiddlesticks can be a difficult match up. 

  • In a duel you are able to interrupt his drain with your cocoon.
  • If he casts Dark Wind onto you while you're in spider form, he can wipe out all of your spiderlings while silencing you. This is a big problem.
  •  If you can't kill him in one rotation of your cooldowns, he will most likely just drain back up to full health as you slowly die. 
  • Rappelling will not cancel his drain. 
  • To win the match up, you have to make the most of anytime where Fiddle does not have access to his ultimate, as your ganking is much more lethal when his ultimate is down, both pre-6 and post-6. 
  • When Fiddle's Ultimate is up though, beware. He can easily destroy entire teams with it. 
  • Keep Dragon warded for the early-mid game, as with the immense healing offered by Fiddle's drain, he can easily solo it. 
  • If you have another AP champion on your team, and there is another AP champion on Fiddlestick's team, consider buying an 3001_32.png.
  • 3102_32.png3105_32.png and 3190_32.pngare very effective to build vs Fiddlesticks. 



  • Early, you should beat Fizz. You have much better ganks and much better jungle sustain.
  • However, when Fizz gets his ultimate, be careful of him murdering you. He can still be a great assassin even out of the jungle. He can snowball out of control, so make sure you out-pressure him early. 
  • If you duel him, make sure he cannot dodge your spells with his e (always hold cocoon until he has used playful trickster).
  • Try to dodge his shark hooking onto you with your Rappel. 




Gragas gives Elise a really tough time.

His innate tankiness, combined with his good damage and multiple forms of crowd control make Gragas difficult to cope with. 
  • You can duel Gragas at most stages of the game, but beware, he usually has the tankiness and disruption to escape, or stall for one of his team mates to assist him. 
  • Try and kite him heavily. 
  • You can dodge his Q, E and R with your rappel, if you're fast enough.
  • Try and outpressure him early. 




Hecarim can be a difficult match up for Elise. 

  • Cocoon him as he charges towards you, then release your Neurotoxin and Volatile spider before jumping into spider form for the execute
  • He has a surprising amount of damage, especially when he has the warrior enchantment and sheen, so don't try dueling him if you're low.
  • He has decent sustain, decent ganks early, and even better ganks past level 6, however he is a very gold dependent champion. Counter jungling is very effective against Hecarim. 
  • Be careful for his engages in the team fight stage of the game.


Jarvan IV

  • His sustain on his very first clear is not amazing, so consider shutting him down by invading him or looking to just steal his second buff.
  • You can duel him easily if you are able to dodge his E-Q combo with Rappel or 4.png.
  • He can put an equal amount of pressure down early game, doing great damage and having a tonne of crowd control for amazing ganks. 
  • He scales much better than you do. In team fights his E-Q knock up combo can hit multiple targets, and his cataclysm can trap you and your allies inside for his team to pepper with auto attacks and skill shots. 




This should be quite an easy matchup for Elise. 

  • Another champion you can exploit the sustain of early. You can easily invade him at his buff.
  • Like Hecarim, he needs gold to be effective. Look to counter jungle him when possible. 
  • In the early-mid game you can very, very easily duel him. 
  • Dodge his E with your Rappel
  • In the late game, Jax CAN grow into a monster, however with a jungler's income, it's unlikely he will get there unless he snowballs out of control.



  • Karthus boasts a very fast clear speed, but has poor sustain.
  • Look to invade him whenever possible, you will destroy him.
  • Karthus has okay ganks but will typically look to farm heavily and assist his team mates with his power ultimate, which deals damage to your entire team.
  • Do not stand near the body of a dead Karthus or you will take alot of damage from him in his passive form.
  • In team fights, look to hit a cocoon onto him as he tries to get into your team.



  • Kayle is very easy to duel as Elise. Dodge her Q with your Rappel. 
  • Out pressure lanes before she gets items. 
  • If you hit a stun on her and have fast fingers, you should be able to get a full human form spell rotation off, switch forms and Q execute before she can cast her ultimate on herself.
  • If you miss your stun, you can often bait her into ulting early by turning into spider form for the Venomous Bite execute. If she ults, use your rappel to stall out her ult, land on her, and execute her. 
  • She is a very gold dependent carry. Look to counter jungle her. 
  • She outscales you by far, but it's fairly easy to shut her down.



  • He does not have amazing sustain throughout the jungle, find him and kill him.
  • Spiderlings stop him gaining his isolation damage bonus onto you. 
  • He will eventually outscale you. Do not duel him past level 11 unless he has been set behind or you are fed.


Lee Sin


This is one of the most even jungle match ups in the game.

  • Both champions have great early game damage and transition into tanks later.
  • Both are very mobile. 
  • He usually builds a sightstone, so smite Razorbeaks as often as possible to discover wards that he has placed.
  • Both champions have good neutral objective control via an execute. 
  • Dodge his Q using Rappel, Flash, or turning into spiderform and turning your back on him. The spiderlings will take the hit for you!
  • You can duel him 3-5, but be careful at level 6, his ultimate deals significant damage and can let him hit an easy Sonic Wave into Resonating Strike.
  • In the late game you out scale him in terms of damage and utility UNLESS HE HITS A HEROIC INSEC KICK. If he hits a Q on a vulnerable ally, position yourself to hit an easy cocoon if he follows up. 



  • Your ganks are much more lethal early, use this time to snowball the game.
  • At level 6 he gains a great ganking power spike.
  • Malphite scales incredibly well with armour, so either you should be able to do amazing damage to him with your magic penetration, or he will itemize magic resistance, which is a giant win for you and your team.
  • Do not group up in team fights when he has ultimate (especially if he has a yasuo on his team). 




This matchup is winnable, but Maokai can pose a lot of problems. 

  • His ganks early are good with his crowd control, however he does not offer much damage. You should win skirmishes. 
  • You can duel him early, but he can shrug off quite alot of your damage and probably escape with his life. 
  • Maokai will become a massive team fight presence with his crowd control, tankiness and damage nullification for his team. 


Master Yi


Master Yi is a pain. 

  • He will farm his jungle heavily. Ward his camps and you may be able to pick up a kill on him when he is low. 
  • You can interupt his Meditating heal with your Cocoon.
  • Gank lanes early and snowball them before Yi can get strong, otherwise he can wreck your entire team.
  • It is very hard to hit a cocoon on a Master Yi that has used highlander. He is very fast, and can also dodge them with his Q, Alpha Strike. Aim to position yourself behind a carry as he comes in to hit the Cocoon. If you hit it, he will die. 
  • If he manages to get ahead obtain a 3075_32.png and a 3110_32.png.




Nasus is easy to deal with.

  • He will try and farm to increase his damage on siphoning strike for a large portion of the Early and Mid game. During this time, gank constantly.
  • Ward dragon once he reaches 6 as he can solo it easily.
  • In team fights shred him with your Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite, and peel him from your carries with ease with your Cocoon.
  • Counter jungling is very effective as you are denying him stacks for his Q. 



  • The Anchor God is a crowd control machine but is incredibly vulnerable to invasion early. He has low damage and not much mobility. Make his jungle your own. 
  • If you rappel while his ult is locked onto you, it won't hit you. 
  • Another tank who doesn't do much early but will eventually out scale you. Gank lanes before he becomes powerful.




Nidalee and Elise are very similar champions in the jungle. A human form which is ranged, and a creature form that's melee. She also possesses a long range gap closer and very powerful execute. Both champions fall off towards the late game, providing some utility later through either stuns (Elise) or heals (Nidalee). 

  • If Nidalee hits you with a spear, retreat as she dives onto you in cougar form, and prepare your cocoon. Her execute does a ridiculous amount of damage. Try to do all you can not to get tagged with her spear.
  • Beware her invade. She remains quite healthy in the jungle due to her heal, can scout with her traps, and if she finds you at low health, she can easily kill you.
  • Whoever gets the jump on their opposite number should win this duel. 
  • You out scale Nidalee if you are able to consistently hit cocoons. She has a lot of difficulty hitting her Q onto priority targets due to its thin spell width, and relatively slow travel time when threw from max range.
  • She has decent objective control. Smite wars will most likely go in her favour, as her execute will generally out-damage yours. 




Nocturne is a tough opponent for Elise. 

  • His fear will not detach when you Rappel. 
  • His spell shield means that you cannot really duel him. It can also protect him from getting picked off by your team, by spell shielding your cocoon. 
  • You can out gank Nocturne before level 6, try and get snowballs in motion before he gains his ultimate.
  • Ward Nocturne's jungle camps so you can warn team mates of which lanes he is near. You can also choose to countergank him with this information.
  • In the late game he can easily become a big damage threat, try to peel him off your carries. 



  • Keep wards at your jungle entrances as Nunu will likely try to counter jungle you.
  • Nunu has amazing neutral objective control. Don't even think about doing dragon or baron unless you know he is EXTREMELY DEAD. 
  • Interrupt the channel of his ultimate with your stun, Cocoon. 
  • He will stick with his ADC in team fights, providing an increase to their attack speed and peeling for them with his slows. Hitting a cocoon on that carry will prove difficult, but if you manage it you will win the team fight. 



  • Dueling him is extremely dangerous, only do it if you feel you can kill him from his current health with one spell rotation - his damage increases the lower his health is, so if you can't kill him quickly, just avoid him entirely. 
  • Out-ganking him is your best bet, you have better ganks due to your cc and gap closer, but be wary of his counter ganks.
  • He can ignore your Cocoon using his ultimate, Ragnarok. Try and use your Rappel to wait out a portion of the effects of Ragnarok. 
  • Olaf outscales Elise.



  • Be wary of pantheon's free crit when you are under 15% health. 
  • His auto attack blocking passive is not a huge deal for Elise, with most of your damage coming from spells, but it's worth keeping it in mind. 
  • Ward his jungle camps to warn allies about his ganks when he goes past level 6. 
  • His level 2-3 ganks can be lethal. 2v2ing him with other laners is also dangerous, as he can easily focus someone down with his stun. 



  • Poppy is a very gold dependent carry. Try and counter jungle her if possible.
  • She also has poor sustain, and a pretty bad clear. Punish her by killing her early on.
  • If she scales up she will completely wreck one or more of your carries in team fights. 
  • Try and peel her off your carries in fights. Try your hardest. 



  • He can easily be invaded as he does not do much damage, and can't really escape. Body block his Q if he tries to roll away from you.
  • He can put out an IMMENSE amount of pressure in the early to mid game, but you offer more damage with your ganks. 
  • Some Rammuses like to take teleport instead of Flash or Ghost. Beware deadly Rammus TP-homeguard ganks, and make sure you punish him by invading him if he has not taken flash.
  • If he is looking to initiate on your team in the late game, nail him with your cocoon as he comes him and shred him with Neurotoxin. 



  • Rek'Sai will try to set up a network of tunnels in her jungle and can farm it very well with alot of sustain.
  • Try to destroy Rek'Sai's tunnels whenever you can, but be sure you are safe doing so - it is not worth dying to kill one. 
  • Rek'Sai's tremor sense is a very powerful scouting tool, and will also pick up the movements of your spiderlings. 
  • Dueling Rek'Sai can be dangerous. If you dodge her knockup however, you should be able to kill her in the early-mid game. 



  • He has rather poor sustain, so you can choose to invade him.
  • Ward his jungle camps once he has his ultimate. He can gank by simply running through the lane, so knowing roughly where he is on the map is very effective. 
  • Pink wards are very effective versus Rengar. If you see that little exclamation mark pop above your head, drop a pink ward and hit him with a Cocoon. 
  • Be careful of Rengar ball delivery system when he is partnered with 61_64.png which can start and end a teamfight very quickly.



  • This match up relies on you making the most of your early game strengths, and getting yourself or your team mates snowballing. If you go even with Sejuani, she will have a much higher game impact than you, due to her strong teamfighting based kit. 
  • Elise can choose to invade the jungle of a Sejuani in the early game. She usually has a predictable jungle route, beginning Gromp, then picking up Blue Buff and Red buff. 
  • If you do try to invade, look for the first blood rather than just counterjungling her. If she has used her only escape, Q on a camp, as you find her, you can get an easy kill. If you just for example, take her red buff away, she is not set far enough behind.
  • Get your penetration items and look to force SKIRMISHES with Sejuani throughout the early-mid game. TEAMFIGHTS are likely not in your favour. 
  • In the late game if you see a Sejuani about to engage onto your carries, try and position yourself between her and them, and let her blow all her mounds of crowd control on you instead, then retreat with Rappel. 



  • Shaco can invade your buffs at level 2 easily due to his very fast kill on first jungle camp. If he gets the jump on you, he will kill you. 
  • Be especially way of a Shaco with 14.png! You should not duel him!
  • He can dodge your cocoon with his Q, try to use it once he has came out of stealth.
  • Keep 2043_32.png littered around the map. 3364_32.png is very useful for detecting Shaco too. 
  • When Shaco uses his ultimate to clone himself, the real shaco will be the one with a buff!
  • You are much more useful in teamfights later in the game if you are hitting your cocoon.



  • Shyvana has a fast clear speed and alot of mobility, however she lacks crowd control needed for ganks.
  • Shyvana will try and power farm her jungle and have a big impact in later team fights
  • Try and ward entrances to your jungle for shyvana, as she is likely to invade you to steal camps or to duel you
  • Her innate tankiness and high sustained damage means that you cannot duel a Shyvana unless you can kill her in one full spell rotation
  • She may take the summoner spells 11.png3.png. If she does, try and avoid her.
  • Out gank the Shyvana early before she gets strong, to win this match up. 



  • Try and Dodge his channeled Decimating Smash with your Rappel, or tag him with your Cocoon to halt the giant undead beast. 
  • Ward a Sion's jungle camps once he reaches level 6, like you would do when playing vs Evelynn, Pantheon or Rengar, as he has deadly ganks that go through the lane. 
  • Sion will usually go full tank, so 3151_32.png3135_32.png can be effective against him.
  • CAUTION WHEN PLAYING AGAINST TOP LANE SION. Ward your camps early! He may try and use his passive to kill the camp and gain level 2 before teleporting to top lane. If you spot him, he is a free kill, but make sure you burst down whatever camp he is killing when he revives from his passive, as he can still end up hitting level 2, giving him a sizable advantage over your top laner, and denying you a camp. 



  • You can duel Skarner by kiting him hard. Do not melee him however until you are confident you can get the execute down using Venomous Bite.
  • Skarner's ultimate gives him powerful ganks, but without it he does not have great ganks.
  • Shred him later in the game with Neurotoxin, and peel him off of your carries with your Cocoon. 



  • Trundle's ganking is nothing spectacular unless he is able to trap an immobile target between his pillar and terrain. Elise has much more ganking prowess.
  • If Trundle casts his ultimate, subjugate, on you in a team fight, retreat and stay in human form behind the front line until he dies or the ultimate times out, as it steals your armour and magic resist. 
  • Kite him in duels and beware of facechecking him. He will destroy you in a melee duel.



  • 23_64.png works in a similar manner to 11_64.png in the jungle - but he is significantly worse than the Wuju swordsman.
  • He will aim to power farm his jungle and split push.
  • You will be able to gank lanes whenever you want, as Tryndamere does not offer much ganking pressure.
  • Count to 5 after he uses his ultimate and execute him with Venomous Bite as soon as it runs out. 
  • If he reaches the late game, his split push will pose a powerful threat. Impact the early-mid game heavily to gain your team a lead and stop him getting to that point. 
  • 3075_32.png is a very good buy against him if he does manage to get fed, and 3110_32.png is also a great buy. 



  • Try and figure out which stance Udyr is maxing as early as possible. Tiger stance improves his single target damage and likely means he will be aiming to kill you over and over in your jungle. Phoenix stance provides more of a farming and pressure style. 
  • Udyr will most likely look to power farm his jungle in the early game to obtain his 3078_32.png and tank items. You can use this time to gank and influence lanes before he gets to them. 
  • He can also invade you with ease and will most likely look to take as many of your camps as possible. 
  • If Udyr gets on top of you, he will probably kill you. Nail him with your Cocoon to escape. If he invades into your jungle, look for a jungle camp for you to Rappel away to. 
  • Do not duel Udyr. His shield prevents him dying to your burst, his stun will lock you up, and he will massively out damage you in a sustained fight. 
  • Udyr will pose a massive split push threat later in the game. Look to force team fights by grouping as 5 and pushing down towers.



  • If you hit Vi with a cocoon as she charges up her Q, Vault Breaker, you will put it on a 3 second cooldown. Utilise this time to devour her. 
  • You can dodge Vi's ultimate, Assault and Battery with your Rappel. 
  • Elise has an easy time dueling Vi, especially if you can manage to evade her Q.
  • You have better ganks early - but she gets a bonus when she gains her ultimate. Look to get lanes ahead before that point, and try to counter gank her when she has access to her ultimate. 



  • You can easily kite Volibear in a duel. If he tries to close the gap hold him down with your Cocoon while peppering him with your Volatile Spiderling and Neurotoxin. Move in for the execute when he is low enough.
  • Beware Volibear's passive. If you do not burst him down with Venomous Bite, and he is <30% health, he will regenerate massively. He will most likely kill you if this happens.
  • You have better ganks than him at all stages of the game. Abuse that.
  • In team fights he will become quite tanky, but he is very easily kited. Shred him with Neurotoxin and peel him away from your carries so that he doesn't flip them back into his team. 



  • Warwick's ganks are some of the worst in the game until he hits level 6. Gank at will.
  • Make sure to stick next to your allies in team fights. If he uses his ultimate, Infinite Duress, on an ally nail him with a Cocoon to interrupt the channel. 
  • If he gets ahead, advise your carries to build a 3140_32.png. If you are full AP Elise, consider building one yourself in the late game. 



  • Wukong has very poor sustain in the early game. I highly recommend invading him and killing the monkey in his own jungle. 
  • Wukong can block your Cocoon with his W, Decoy. Try and hold your Cocoon until he is locked up by another crowd control, or his Decoy is on cooldown. 
  • Wukong will become a big threat in late game team fights. He outputs good damage and crowd control whilst also being very slippery due to his Decoy.
  • Hold a 2043_32.png for a team fight with Wukong and drop it when he goes in to deny him an initiation or an escape via Decoy. 
  • Hit him with a Cocoon during the channel of his ultimate to halt him in his tracks and reduce his combat effectiveness highly. 


Xin Zhao

  • Elise typically wins duels by kiting her opponent until she can lunge in for the kill. Xin Zhao makes this hard with his gap closer and single target crowd control. Hit him with a Cocoon to regain the distance while poisoning him with Neurotoxin and damaging him with a Volatile Spiderling until he is low enough that you can finally pounce with Venomous Bite for the kill.
  • Xin Zhao has great ganks early - look to match his pressure in the early game.
  • You will out damage Xin Zhao in team fights and provide better utility with constant Cocoon output. Do not be afraid to team fight vs him. 
  • Xin's ultimate can separate you from your team. If you are isolated, use rappel and wait out its duration while your team follows up, or rappel onto the enemy closest to your team in an attempt to regroup. 



  • Zac's strengths lie in his good crowd control, tankiness and mobility, however his damage is extremely lacking.
  • Dueling Zac is a breeze - but not something he will let happen. Interrupt his E with your Cocoon to prevent Flubber leaping away from you. 
  • Zac can have some very interesting gank paths as his E is a very long gap closer. Ward near his raptors to prevent an unforeseen gank for your mid laner. 
  • Later in the game he will become close to unkillable while also locking down your entire team. Pressure early will prevent him getting to that point. 

Clearing the Jungle Back to Top


How to Clear the Jungle and Spiderling Tank

Here is a video showing you the best jungle pathing for Elise, and how you can clear the jungle without taking much damage using your spiderlings:

Note: I forgot to mention it in this video, but another reason for rushing Stalker's Blade is because it gives +30 additional gold for each jungle camp you kill, including the crab! 

And also, a text explanation of the clear in case you're deaf or just hate the sound of my voice :3 

Elise can start either Gromp or Krugs (RIP Double Golems) with ease. Personally I prefer to start whichever camp is closest to my bottom laners, as they provide the best leash. 
Spiderwoman is best starting W, Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy at level 1. You can use your Human Form W, Volatile Spiderling to scout into bushes or the fog of war during invades or while wandering into the enemy jungle yourself. When starting your first camp, cast Volatile Spiderling where the camp will spawn 2 seconds before it spawns, and change to spider form. Your spiderling will explode as the camp spawns, and you can then activate your Skittering Frenzy to finish the camp off while gaining back health. You can allow your spiderlings to tank for you by moving close to the camp and then away again, positioning your spiderlings between you and the camp you are attacking. The camp will aggro onto the nearest target (spiderlings) keeping you quite untouched. 
You should smite your first camp to either secure the Gift of the Toadstool (poison armour) buff from Gromp, or the Gift of Heavy Hands (stun on every 4th auto attack) buff from Krugs. Either of these will MASSIVELY enhance your clear.  

Once you have secured level 2, place a point into your Q, Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite, and go to the nearest buff. Stay in spiderform as you walk there, as your spider form is faster than your human form.

The best combo for clearing the jungle once you have Q and W ranked up is (starting in human form) to 

If you have recently came out of spider form and cannot switch back into it straight away, kite the jungle camp in human form until you can switch again. 
Usually you will manage to get off two Venomous Bites onto your first buff, and it is worth noting that Neurotoxin is an auto attack reset, which is why we get in an auto attack before casting it. 
After taking our buff, we should walk to the next camp and kill it, whether it is Razorbeaks (WRAITHS FO LIFE) or Wolves. If you are doing razorbeaks, walk into the middle of the camp before attacking and use W, Volatile Spiderling to ensure you hit all 4 of the razorbeaks. Then, q the big monster and switch into spider form. Prioritise killing the small razorbeaks first, as they have a small health pool but deal a good chunk of damage. 

Killing this camp will secure our level 3. We now take E, Cocoon / Rappel, and recall. If you have used your spiderlings properly to tank the jungle, you should NOT HAVE USED ANY OF YOUR POTIONS. Recall, buy your Stalker's Blade (or jungle item of your choice) and go and take your other buff using the same techniques as earlier. Once you have both of your buffs, look to gank a lane, invade, or take the scuttle crab nearest to you. 

Alternative Starts?

Should you ever start Q? 
If you are purple side and planning to invade, you may choose to start Q. You shred down Gromp very quickly using your heavy single target damage Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite, and combined with a good leash, this can secure a very quick level 2 so that you can invade the enemy red buff to hopefully secure first blood, or their red. 

Should you ever start E?
If you are invading the enemy jungle with your entire team at level 1, you may choose to level up your E. DO NOT LEVEL ANYTHING UP UNTIL YOU SEE YOU CAN HIT A COCOON THOUGH. 
In my opinion if your bot lane is willing to give you a strong leash it can be worth it to start Cocoon at level 1, but only if you manage to secure first blood for your team with it at level 1. Taking E will make your first clear be a struggle, and can nullify some of Elise's early game strengths - but it is a risk you can decide to take.

Ganking Back to Top


How to Gank as the SpiderQueen

Always try and gank from behind. Ganking from behind means that you do not have to use your gap closer on the enemy unless they decide to blow a flash - and then if they do you can easily follow up. It also allows you to remain in range to attack your gank target longer, as they will have to walk past you to escape. 

You typically want to walk into lane in spider form as it gives you increased movement speed, but you should switch to human form to use your high current health damage (Neurotoxin, Q), area of effect suicide spider (Volatile Spiderling, W), and crucially, your stun (Cocoon, E), in that order. 

Once you have popped these spider-spells onto whoever you are ganking and perhaps mixing a few autoattacks, you will want to switch into spider form. Activate your W, Skittering Frenzy to increase your attack speed, and keep auto attacking until you can use your extremely powerful Q, Venomous Bite for the execute. Only use your spider form E, Rappel if the opponent gets away from you, to close the gap! Do not waste your Rappel if you don't need to close the gap. If your gank turns into a dive and you the turret focuses you, rappel will drop turret aggro from you.

If you cannot get behind your opponent, but can walk up to them in spider form and reach them with your Rappel, you can gank by Rappelling down onto them and activate skittering frenzy (W) and use venomous bite (Q). Switch into your human form and try and hit your Cocoon, E. You can choose to use your Q before you throw your Cocoon, as this can sometimes cause an enemy to flash, believing it to be your cocoon. Assuming you have hit your cocoon, cast your Q and W and land autoattacks until you can switch back into spider form, to attempt to finish off the kill with your Q. 

With that said, here is a basic example of how to gank the top lane as the most lovely arachnid on the rift, picking up a kill on the enemy Pantheon with ease. 


Ganking Tips and Tricks

If you have picked up a Stalker's Blade 3706_32.png, smite your gank target before you throw your E to make your Cocoon significantly easier to hit.
4.png into cocoon is a very good combo for making sure your cocoon connects.
If your gank target is playing far back at their turret, Rappel onto their minions, switch to human form, and throw a cocoon at them to start the gank.
If your target is retreating behind his minion line, throw your cocoon at them anyway and then 11.png the minion it would normally collide with to land a surprising stun onto your opponent. 

Giving over kills?

Whether to give kills to your lane opponent is a big choice to make as Elise. You possess a powerful execute for securing kills, and you can easily take them when you gank, or if confident they will get the final blow, leave it for another team mate.

You should give over the kill if:
  • You can get the kill onto one of your carries, whether it be your mid lane or bottom lane.
  • The lane is snowbally either way. In a matchup of, for example, Akali vs Katarina, giving a kill over to one of these champions will likely swing the matchup HEAVILY in the favour of whoever gets the kill. One successful kill onto them will likely mean they can destroy lane, and the game.
  • Your laner is a little behind, and could really use the kill to catch up. 
  • You don't intend on ganking for that lane again for whatever reason. Set them up with an advantage, and let them press it while you apply pressure to the rest of the map (usually this is for top lane).
  • Once the kill is secured by your team mate, you can heavily tax for experience and gold. 
You should take the kill yourself if: 
  • The gank target might escape. Even if it's a kill on the enemy 5-0 Riven that will give a huge bounty gold that one of your laners desperately needs, it's still better to secure the kill than risk not getting it whatsoever. 
  • The support will get the kill. 
  • You are behind and need it to get back into the game.
  • Your team mate already has kills. If there is a 3v3 in bot lane, and our ADC has already got two kills, I have no problem taking the third for myself. It's good to have gold on your carries, but it's better to have gold split between your entire team as well as on your carries. 

Invasion Back to Top


Murdering the Enemy Jungler

Elise is an extremely strong invader. It’s a breeze to pick up first blood on the Spider Queen due to the amount of damage she brings at level 2 and 3. Elise boasts a stun, a gap closer, an area of effect spell, a shred for high health opponents, an execute, empowered auto attacks and attack speed, and of course a mini army of spiderlings. 
Here is an example of an invade onto the enemy Xin Zhao 5_64.png, a champion Elise 60_64.png usually would not usually like to duel, but because of his low health from battling the buff, it is an extremely easy kill. I highly recommend invades such as this one when playing as Elise! Contesting buffs once you are level 2 or level 3 is very easy.

Should I Invade? Should I not?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you’re looking to invade the enemy.
  1. Can I kill the enemy jungler? This is fairly self explanatory...
  2. How fast is the enemy jungler's clear? If the enemy jungler's clear is extremely fast, you might get there too late, if the enemy jungler's clear is extremely slow, you might have to camp in a bush for a few seconds before they turn up.
  3. Does the enemy team have wards? Is it likely they will have wards? If they see you waltz into their jungle, you're highly likely to die.
  4. Does the enemy jungler have much sustain? If they have low sustain, all the better. Killing a low health Wukong who is struggling to down his own red buff is much easier than walking up to a full health Warwick with a ridiculous amount of lifesteal. 
  5. What does the 2v2 / 3v3 look like if people roam from the lanes? Can your laners even respond? Don't complain if you die because your top lane Nasus does not follow their top lane Riven. 
  6. What summoner spells are available? Do we both have flash? Do we both have smite?
Typically it's best to invade champions with low sustain and dueling power early game such as Wukong, Amumu, Nautilus - however you CAN invade strong duelers also such as Lee Sin, Jarvan IV (as shown in my invading Xin Zhao video). If you find them as they have used their cooldowns on a jungle camp or buff you can easily kill them. 

Here is a youtube video showing an invade onto the enemy 28_64.png at the time of second buff spawn, where I consider all the points above. 

Teamfighting Back to Top


The Secret of Team Fighting as Elise

Most people do not recognize how to team fight most effectively as Elise, and I believe it's usually due to them not fully understanding their role once the late game rolls around.
 In the team fight phase of the game, Elise can be utilized in a number of ways, and recognizing the correct way to use her based on your build, your team's strength, team comp, and the strength of the enemy team is the key to success.


What is peeling?: Peeling is protecting your ally by keeping threats to them off them using your damage and crowd control. 
When to be a peeler: Your carries are ahead of the enemy carries, and keeping them alive is an equal or bigger priority than killing the enemy carries. There is an ally who can output higher or similar damage to you. You are built as an AP bruiser
Elise's strengths as a peeler: Elise is an extremely strong peeler for her carries due to her percentage health shred, which is very effective against tanks and bruisers, and her cocoon which can provide 2 second stuns in the late game for anyone trying to dive onto your AD carry or AP carry. 

How to be an effective peeler as Elise: Try to keep yourself next to your carry, and hit the nearest potential threat to your carry with your human spells, and then change into spider form and continue the onslaught. The fact that the enemy divers are not aiming to jump onto you, but onto your carries, means that hitting cocoons should be relatively easy. Try and position yourself in a straight line behind your ADC if you see one enemy about to jump onto your carry, and then throw a cocoon through them. This way you are very likely to hit the cocoon, as most enemies will be looking at your carry and not you, and they are already travelling forward, so the cocoon has to travel less distance before it hits them, meaning they have less of an opportunity to juke. If instead you see more than one enemy about to dive your carry, you cannot leave them exposed by positioning behind them, so instead try to stand in front of them, as a spider meat shield. Once you have broke through the front line, transition to being a diver by using your rappel to advance onto the enemy carries and trying to lock them down for either you or your team mates to kill. If you are playing a peeling role and your carry dies, you should try to transition to peel for another HIGH value team mate. If your ADC dies, peel for your APC. If your ADC dies and you do not have another high damage target who needs peel, (such as a zed who will dive the back line), transition to being a dive buddy with your highest damage team mate (zed in this scenario).  

Champions to peel for: 119_64.png61_64.png110_64.png51_64.png99_64.png268_64.png134_64.png67_64.png69_64.png, and many many more (usually attack damage carries or long ranged ability power mid lane carries).


What is diving? Diving is jumping solely onto the enemy carry/carries to try and kill them. 
When to be a diver: The enemy carries are a greater threat than your carries, and will kill your team if left untouched. You have built a decent mixture of tankiness and damage. You have a team mate who can also dive with you who can also provide lots of damage, or some damage and some crowd control, or you yourself are fed enough to take out a carry single handed. 
Elise's strengths as a diver: Elise is also strong in fights when she is trying to murder the opposition carries. Her stun can lock carries down for an extremely long time, she has a free 3157_32.png and escape built into her Rappel for when she is receiving too much focus, and with the magic penetration she normally builds, she has a large amount of single target damage to squishy targets. 

How to be an effective diver as Elise: When diving a carry, try to use your human form spells on them once. Look for a flank and aim your cocoon - if it hits follow up with your Q, Neurotoxin and your W, Volatile Spider, and switch into spider form. From there use Venomous Bite and skittering frenzy. If they are focusing you too much, Rappel into the air. If the enemy carry is low enough to be finished by another Venomous Bite, drop down on top of them and execute them, and try to get out until your cooldowns come back up again. If the enemy carry isn't low enough to be finished off when you Rappel, drop onto a nearby minion, jungle camp, or enemy front liner and try to regroup with the rest of your team. Assume the role of a Peeler for now, until you have your cooldowns back, and try and dive the carry again. 
I highly recommend having a "dive buddy" to go with Elise onto the back line. Typically the items the Spider Queen will have at this stage of the game will prevent her from killing the enemy carry 1v1, and you'll have a much harder time if they have allies peeling for them also. However if you have another team mate who can provide a lot of damage, or a mixture of damage and crowd control, you can form a great duo for squashing carries like a little spider. Wait...

Great Dive Buddies with Elise: 24_64.png105_64.png11_64.png62_64.png55_64.png266_64.png121_64.png102_64.png103_64.png, and many others (that provide either extremely high damage, or a mix of crowd control and damage). 


What is it to be a carry?: Dealing the most damage in a fight while trying to remain as safe as possible. Taking out priority targets with your extremely high damage. Not putting yourself at too much risk or trying to take on too many enemies at once.
When to be a carry: You have built a lot of damage to enable you to be a sustained damage threat. Your team has an established front line to tank for you. No one on your team provides a higher damage output (if someone does, just stay with them and peel for them, your combined damage will easily win team fights). You are confident in your ability as an Elise player, and feel you have a mastery of when to stay on the outskirts of a fight, and when to dive in and rack up the kills.
Elise's strengths as a carry: Elise offers extreme tank shredding capabilities due to her Neurotoxin, area of effect damage from her Volatile Spiderling, a stun for great self peel, strong auto attacking with some sustain from Skittering Frenzy, a built in 3157_32.png for dealing with divers, and a high damage execute. 

How to be an effective carry as Elise: Playing as an ability damage carry whilst dealing high damage output and being useful for your team is the hardest role for Elise. To do it effectively requires a mastery and knowledge of the both the peeler and diver roles. You have to play as a self-peeler for large parts of the fight, until you can jump in for your powerful execute. You need to be able to be hitting constant Neurotoxins on high health targets, and Volatile Spiders on as many targets as possible. Use your cocoon only when you yourself (or another high priority target) are threatened, or you can use it to lock down an enemy carry. Switch into spider form when you can secure a kill with your execute, or need to make use of that sweet sweet Rappel-3157_32.png. If you manage to nail an opponent carry with a cocoon and have fast enough fingers to get off your burst combo E-Q-W-R-Q, you can likely kill them. If not, use Rappel or Zhonya's Hourglass (you should really build one if you're going for this style), and try and land back onto them for another Venomous Bite, Cocoon, Neurotoxin and Volatile Spider and hopefully pick up the kill. Keep in mind that you are very squishy if you have built enough damage to be a carry.
Playing Elise as a carry is very similar to playing tank Elise, as weird as that sounds. Both carry and tank Elise should be utilised as both a peeler or a diver - the difference is carry Elise should be playing very selfishly and doing whatever suits her at the time, and tank Elise should be playing as a support, looking to aid team mates whenever she can. 

Essential items for carry style Elise: 3255_32.png3708_32.png3157_32.png3089_32.png3135_32.png3026_32.png2139_32.png


What is it to be a tank?: Being in the frontline of a team fight. Being durable whilst taking focus and outputting crowd control onto priority targets.
When to be a tank: You have built mostly as a tank. You want to be as supportive to your team as you can by drawing aggro. Your team has enough damage threats already. 
Elise's strengths as a tank: Elise offers a 2 second stun on a 6 second cooldown with 40% cooldown reduction, this provides alot of sustained crowd control in a team fight. She has her Rappel if she becomes TOO focused. She outputs okay damage as a tank.

How to be an effective tank as Elise: Being a tank as Elise is predominantly about hitting cocoons on high value targets. Usually it's best to be front lining for your team, protecting your carries. Build auras such as Frozen Heart and Locket of the Iron Solari to protect your team mates further. Before a team fight, use your cocoons to try and single out targets for your team to focus. Once the team fight has started, try and peel for your allies with your cocoons first and foremost, and aim to hit their carries with them when possible if you can follow up, and other members of your team can. You might have locked them down, but you simply don't have the damage to pose much of a threat - however if you jump on them, they will focus you and you will be able to soak up a lot of damage and cooldowns. Use Rappel to regroup with allies or to dive onto the enemy, depending on whether your carries have a threat posed to them. Aid allies however possible - if you see an ally beelining for the enemy adc, follow them and try to assist in the kill, if you see an enemy going for one of your carries, protect them with your masses of cocoons and your enormous tanky spiderbody. 

Essential items for tank style Elise: 3260_32.png3709_32.png3110_32.png3143_32.png3190_32.png3102_32.png2138_32.png

Champion Synergies Back to Top

Designing a Team Composition Around Elise


If I were to design a team comp around Elise, I would choose a team with strong solo lane bullies who can win lane and roam well. That way, Elise can pair up with these strong solo laners to force skirmishes throughout the early-mid game. You can also utilise her strong ability to tower dive to create a snowball. Now to the bottom lane. Elise goes very well with strong hyper carries as she transitions to a supportive role later in the game, as she can provide strong peel to an immobile hyper carry with her continuous stuns. This hyper carry also does a great job of filling the late game weakness of a team featuring Elise. Finally, a support who can provide high single target crowd control, and assist in peel for your hyper carry.

Top Laners


Top laners will synergise well with Elise if they are lane bullies. This will mean that through the early to mid game, Elise can force 2v2s with the enemy jungler and top laner, and win them due to her great skirmish potential. If the enemy jungler does not respond, she can make use of her supreme diving ability to truly take the enemy top laner out of the game. Additionally, they synergise well if they can become a great dive buddy in the late game (Jax, Aatrox), or assist her in the protection of her carries in the late game (Lulu, Maokai). Champions with excellent roam and crowd control (Lissandra, Gnar). also fit in very well with Elise, as the area of effect crowd control they bring to the table can help Elise both peel for her carries, and hit easy cocoons on already stunned enemies. Elise synergises very well with a large amount of top laners, but the more of the qualities they bring as mentioned above, the better. 

Mid Laners


To synergise well with Elise as a mid laner, you must bring strong skirmishing and roaming (Zed, Le Blanc, Ahri, Katarina), especially in the mid game. Elise roaming around with one of these champions will be an incredibly deadly duo - getting ahead by roaming and invading effectively with your mid laner is a great way to win games as Elise. Elise also synergises well with immobile mages who scale incredibly well (Cassiopeia, Orianna, Kayle) and benefit from her magnificent peeling ability. Similarily, if they have supportive capabilities (Orianna, Kayle, Lulu), so that they can even further boost a protect the AD-carry composition, then you will go very well with them, and targeting your peel and protection will make the most fed member of your team near unkillable. 

AD Carry


Elise transitions into a very supportive role late in the game, and who benefits the most from having an extra support around? Hypercarries. Having a champion that scales amazingly well into the late game (all of the above) covers up the weakness of Elise's late game, while you can provide them with lots of protection and peel in the team fight stage of the game. Bonus team synergy if you have a champion such as Kayle, Orianna, Lulu in the mid or top lane. 



Elise synergises best with support champions that can provide insane pick potential through single target crowd control and additionally can provide good peel to the AD or AP carry. Elise has the most synergy with Morgana, Thresh and Nami, as they not only have heavy crowd control, but they also have great protection for their carry. She still has good synergy with supports like Janna, who have a tough time making picks, but can give your carries an immense amount of protection, and good synergy with roaming supports like Annie and Blitzcrank, supports who let you invade the enemy jungle to get wards down, or to kill the enemy jungler. 

Why didn't you say Elise synergises well with X champion? 

I did not include every single champion who has good synergy with Elise. I included a select few for each position, and defined a set of criteria that makes Elise a good fit with those types of champions. For example, Elise does have good synergy with Irelia despite me not mentioning it, because she has strong skirmishing and proves to be a strong dive buddy later in the game to pair up with. 
Relax if i didn't include your favourite Elise-Poppy combination! :D

Why Play Elise? Back to Top

When is the best time to pick the Spider Queen? 

Small history lesson. Towards the end of Season 3, Elise was easily the single most dominant jungler in the game. She offered too much utility and damage, meaning she outclassed all of the other junglers. This saw her hit with a round of nerfs. In season 4 she was still a great - one of the "holy trinity" of early game junglers. Elise, Lee Sin, and Evelynn were by far the best picks on the rift, but riot wanted more jungle diversity, and kept the nerfing spree going. I personally believe they went much too far with her nerfs, and that she is due some buffs in the near future.

This leaves Elise in an unfamiliar spot. She is relatively hard to play, unlike recent overpowered junglers Jarvan and Sejuani, but sometimes the reward isn't worth the difficulty. Even playing Elise at maximum potential, she can be outshone by current meta junglers. 

With that said, you should consider Elise if:
  • You want a jungler who can offer high early game pressure and dueling potential. Elise's early game is still fantastic. She can duel most champions in the game throughout the early levels, has high sustain and fantastic ganks pre level 6.
  • You are building a composition around creating picks. A 2 second Cocoon stun makes it very very easily to kill isolated targets.
  • You are building a "protect the AD Carry" composition. Elise provides great peel later in the game. 
  • Certain other meta junglers are banned, and you have a good matchup. For example, if Jarvan and Reksai are banned, and the enemy team has picked Vi, Elise can be a great pick. You could pick Lee Sin, but his matchup against Vi is not as favourable in my opinion, as she can easily interrupt his resonating strike Q, with her Q. 
  • You are looking to siege. Elise is one of the few ranged junglers in the game, and can help knock down towers with her team from a distance, as well as being able to hit stuns onto target for a massive amount of poke, and easily tower dive. 
  • You are against a jungler who is a weak duelist, or has weak sustain early. Picking Elise vs a Nautilus or Wukong means you can consistently invade onto them for kills. 
  • You are in ranked 5s or a competitive setting. A problem with Elise in solo queue is sometimes you can do extremely well early game, but you can't trust your team to win with the lead you have built them, and you don't do enough damage yourself to solo carry the game. Conversely, in a competitive environment, you can trust those team mates to carry you later if you provide them with a lead. Also Elise is fantastic if you're playing a lane swap meta due to the ease with which she can turret dive in the early game. 

Escapes Back to Top

Elise can pull off some sweet escapes using her rappel and increased spiderform movement speed. Here is an example of a sick juke that the amazing spiderbitch can do! 

When trying to pull off an escape as Elise, your main goal is finding something to Rappel away to that will create a large distance between you, and your pursuers. In the clip above, I manage to lead them around mid turret, and Rappel back over the wall to create the distance needed to make my escape. 

While escaping, remain in Spider Form for the extra movespeed it gives you, which should hopefully give you the advantage. Switch into Human form to nail people with Cocoons. If you have more than one chaser, you must decide who is the biggest threat. Usually, this means anyone who is fast enough to catch you and A) has enough damage to kill you themselves, or B) that they have enough crowd control, other people can catch up to you to finish you off. Being chased by Leona and Graves? If graves can't one shot you, fire your Cocoon at Leona so that she can't pin you down for her ADC to finish you off. While skittering away and firing cocoons, you need to find a suitable Rappel target. Scan your minimap for jungle camps and enemy minions, and start heading for that - using your Rappel to jump over a wall should ensure your escape. Two great spots for this would be Razorbeaks, or Drake. 

Who am I? Back to Top

Hey there, I'm FrozenNeon. That one dude with that one Elise guide. I play on EUW! If you have any questions to ask me, comment on the guide, on one of my Elise youtube video tutorials, or add me! 

Lolking pages: 

My Main: FrozenNeon
My Smurf: MeltedNeon

Did you enjoy this guide? Read my Rek'Sai guide.


This is kinda a long explanation of how i got into playing Elise... You have been warned.

League of Legends is my first moba (and really my first pc game I've been seriously into other than Runescape (can i trim ur armor plz)), and I started in early Season 3, when a friend of mine told me about the game and introduced me to the champion spotlights.

I downloaded the game and quickly looked up a tier list to see what champions were good and in my price range - the 450IP price range. Weighing in as an upper B tier at the time was Kayle. I spammed Kayle all the way through the road to level 30, and then in ranked. She carried me to a finish of Gold 2 in my first season of League.

Finishing in gold at season 3 meant that I unlocked Victorious Elise (and the Spider Queen herself), and i instantly fell in love. She felt so much more complex than Kayle, it felt like there were so many more options open to me. I dabbled with top and mid lane Elise, but then settled into jungling her alot. Like, a LOT. Previously I didn't know too much about jungling (yeah, it's possible to get gold with only one champion, especially if that champion can play multiple roles like Kayle can) - I knew the basics, I'd played quite a bit of Vi in the jungle, but with mixed results. From there I played and played Elise until the new season rolled around, using her frequently in solo queue whenever I couldn't get my hands on Mid lane or Top lane to play Kayle (I still felt much more confident on Kayle, so Elise was my backup). I did my placements and managed to get Platinum 5 after going 8-2.

I only started truly maining Elise when I started looking for a ranked 5s team. I looked around for a team with a mid lane slot available, but they were few and far between. Eventually found one I liked that had an opening in the Jungle position - Team Ravage. This was a team of people that had been together a long time, were predominantly from the UK, and seemed up for a laugh. Filling the jungle slot meant that I was going to pick up more junglers, and from there onward I've mainly being jungling, typically as everyone's friendly neighbourhood Spiderwoman. 

I managed to play as Elise against Unicorns of Love in a Go4Lol tournament (before they qualified for the LCS), and I did really well - though I can't say the same for my team :P


In Season 4 I managed to climb to Diamond 5! And once I got there, I didn't play another game of solo queue until Season 5! Originally my goal for season 4 was to get to platinum, but i managed to do that after my placement games, so after a long solo queue hiatus, I decided to climb to diamond, and honestly, it was really easy! 


I was recently awarded the great team mate ribbon, which was quite an honour! 


I went 7-3 in my Season 5 solo queue placements, and managed to get the highest possible rank of Platinum 1! Team Ravage's Ranked 5's placements have gone equally well, going 4-1 and getting back into Platinum 2. 

Playing in season 5, I managed to get into my diamond promo, and eventually failed it 2-3, which was quite disheartening. However, I got back into them immediately, and managed to succeed 3-1 after losing the first game! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!



Thank you so much for reading my Elise guide, I hope it was useful for you, and I'll see you on the rift! 

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I'm very committed to improving it over its current state. I want this to be the best and most thorough Elise guide in existence!  

Update History

Guide released. 

Added Champion Synergies section, added Elise vs Nidalee matchup, added picture of my great team mate badge :3

Added Why Play Elise? added this update history.
Added the Splash Art titles for ganking, invasion, teamfighting and clearing the jungle. 
Got featured! YEEEEAH.
Added matchup for Sejuani. Added information for numerous other matchups.
Added URF section!
Matchups improved, typos removed, URF section removed.

Escapes section, escape video added. Gragas matchup added, Runes changed a bit to add CDR. 

Escapes Section fleshed out with a written guide on how to escape. 

guide cleaned up a lot, itemization altered a little bit. 
itemisation fixed. thoughts on runeglaive added.
Changed skill order after buff to E.
itemisation changed agaaain. runeglaive is better now that W max second is the norm. 

So I've been pretty busy recently - got a full time job after finishing uni, so the guide hasn't been updated in a while. Well here it is for S6! More updates to come! 

Happy 2 Million views! 
Updated the itemisation section heavily to reflect current patch, as well as runes and masteries. 

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