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Summoner Spells Back to Top

The Flash and Smite Show

4.png Flash

Flash is a required summoner on Elise. It's used in the early game to guarantee landing a cuccoon, or used to get one more auto for a kill. Nothing else can realistically be considered, flash is just too good.


Smite is also a required summoner on Elise. In past seasons she could be played as a pocket pick mid or top laner, but her Human Q elisehumanq.pngNeurotoxin costs so much mana now that she can only live in the jungle.

New Runes Back to Top

Movespeed OP

The Movespeed page is the refined page for players who are experienced on Elise and can efficiently push every little scrap of a lead you can get. Here is the reasoning behind the runes on this specific page:

Discussed Below

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact gives you burst damage to follow up your cocoon. Your Spider Q and E both trigger this, so you can proc it in the middle of your combo, and again if you need a little bit of follow up damage after they flash away.

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32Zombie Ward Is just too strong to pass up right now. Elise requires knowledge of the enemy jungler to successfully impact the map. If you drop wards in places the enemy won't walk through in standard pathing, one ward can give you information for up to 6 minutes, which is bonkers. 

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32Relentless Hunter, Celerity.png?width=32Celerity, and Waterwalking.png?width=32Waterwalking Are all picked for the same reason. To give you insane pressure on the map before you can even get boots. The end result of these 3 are +18MS everywhere, and +44MS in the river at level 1. For reference, Boots1 give you 25MS and Mobis give you +115MS out of combat. This rune setup gives you half of mobis at level 1 in the river, and almost a free set of tier1 boots everywhere.

Brawler Setup

The Brawler Setup is the page for people just picking up the champion. It is optimized for dealing damage, and surviving 1v1 and 2v2 fights in the early game. It will mean you can pick fewer fights, but will be more effective in those fights. If you are having trouble turning early fights in your favor, this is the page for you. The main differences from the Movespeed OP page are summed up below.

Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32Ravenous Hunter instead of Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32Relentless Hunter. This mastery gives you increased healing from all of your abilities. It means healthier clears, and you are less likely to get bursted down when you force ganks. The vamp effect applies to everything you do, including the bonus magic damage on your spider form auto attacks. Bonus Tip: With this mastery, hitting the Eye on Rift Herald heals you for up to 15% of the true damage dealt. This means you can solo rift herald any time you want, and finish it with full HP. It just takes ages.

Triumph.png?width=32Triumph allows you to get away with more dives and risky plays than the added movespeed. This heal is often the difference in dying to the enemy's red buff or ignite after you've killed them. It can often change 1 for 1 fights into 1 for 0 fights.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32Coup De Grace helps you get that kill to get the triumph proc in the first place. It doesn't seem like a lot of damage on its own, but it adds up. It especially synergizes with the elisehumanq.pngSpider Form Q. The Q does more damage the lower the enemy's health is. If you hit it when their HP is below 40%, you get the bonus damage from the spell amplified by Coup DeGrace and it ends up hitting like a truck.

Reasoning Behind Keystones on Elise:

Main Contenders: 

Electrocute.png?width=32Electrocute is the go to keystone for early game assassins and burst mages like Elise. The amount of burst it supplies is insane. It's like Thunderlord's Decree on steroids. Elise is an assassin that depends heavily on the first 5 minutes to have a successful game. The burst falls off in the late game, but Elise thrives in making games avoid the late game. It is the strongest 1v1 keystone in the game as of preseason.

Predator.png?width=32Predator can be a situational pick on elise. The problem with predator is that it does nothing for elise until she can get her first back and get boots. This effectively makes her lose 1v1 and 2v2 to anyone who is running a combat keystone like Electrocute, Press the Attack, or even keystones like Aery or Arcane Comet. If you are running Predator, Elise's window of power shifts from levels 1-9 to levels 5-11. She loses all her early game power, but she gets 2 to 3 extremely powerful ganks after she gets her boots and before laning ends. The times Predator would be strong is if your laners all have CC for you. If you can pop it on cooldown and run to your nautilus top at level 6, that's a nearly guaranteed kill into all top laners.

Dark%20Harvest.png?width=32Dark Harvest is not good on elise. Dark harvest is strongest on champions that don't need to be active in the early game to be successful in the late game. Since Elise needs to win the game in the first 10 minutes, Dark Harvest does nothing for her.

Theory crafter picks:

Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32Arcane Comet and Aery. These are both poke based masteries. Since Elise is a burst mage, she will only get one Comet proc and max of 2 Aery procs in each fight. The damage on Electrocute far out performs either of these.

Phase%20Rush.png?width=32Phase Rush is one that I need to experiment with before I can commit to it being good or bad. It would shine in the follow up to your cocoon. In your typical combo, you will auto once as a human, once as a spider, then auto reset with your w for a third auto. This would proc phase rush and allow you to do more damage as a spider. This would be more effective as a tank elise mastery, as she is prone to getting bursted down before she can get many spider autos off.

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleet Footwork is similar to always ganking with red buff. You walk into the lane, auto them once, then use the speed boost to try to guarantee a hit from your cocoon. This pick could work as the opposite of Predator I talked about above. You would pick this if none of your laners have CC to help with the gank. If your laner has plenty of damage and all he needs from you is the cc, this mastery could pay off.

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32Aftershock.png?width=32Guardian.png?width=32 Resolve Keystones. In past seasons, Elise could be played as a full on cinderhulk tank. In this preseason, you can't get away with that as easily. None of the keystones synergize well with her kit. She won't get enough procs to take advantage of the infinite stacking on grasp. Since her only CC is ranged, she isn't as likely to get easy procs of Aftershock. Perhaps the most workable option would be Guardian, but I haven't experimented enough with it to recommend it.

TL;DR: Electrocute is the best keystone for Elise by a mile. There are some experimental keystones that might be worth trying.

Abilities Back to Top


Abilities Summary:

Elise is one of the champions in the game with a transformation mechanic. This means that she has 6 basic abilities, but no ultimate ability. Whenever she presses her Ultimate key, she swap between her Human Form and her Spider Form. I will describe each of her abilities in each form below, with a combos section and a tips and tricks section.

elisepassive.png Passive-Spider Queen

Elise's passive defines her two states as a human and as a spider. As a human, Elise gains a ranged auto attack and hitting a target with her abilities will store a spiderling to be used in Spider Form. 

When Elise transforms into a spider, three things happen. 
  1. Any spiderlings she has stored are spawned. At level 1, she can store and spawn up to 2 spiderlings. With each rank in her R, that number increases by 1, up to 5. 
  2. She trades her ranged auto attack for a melee attack that deals bonus damage and heals her. 
  3. She gains bonus movement speed. This means that anytime you aren't fighting, you want to be moving around the map in spider form.

elisehumanq.png Q-Neurotoxin/Venemous Bite


Elise's Q is about the range of her auto attacks. It is a point and click spell that does a flat amount, plus %currentHp damage. This means it will do more damage when the enemy is at full health, and less damage when they are at low health. Generally you want this to be your first damage ability that you hit to maximize damage. This is also the ability you max first.


Elise's Q is a gap closer that is longer range than her spider autos, but shorter ranger than her human autos. It does a flat amount of damage, plus %missingHP damage. This means it will do more damage when the enemy is low on health, and less when the enemy is full health. This ability is low cooldown, so you can usually use it as soon as you transform into spider form as a gap closer, then use it again as an execute after a couple of auto attacks. Her Spider Form Q also has an interaction with her Human Form W, which I will talk about below.

elisehumanw.png W-Volatile Spiderling/Skittering Frenzy


Elise's W releases a spider that will run to a target location and blow up after either 3 seconds, or it hits an enemy. At the target location, it has an Aggro Range where it will chase after any enemy it can see. When you use Q-Venemous Bite as spider form, the Volatile Spider will stop what it is doing and jump to the target of the venemous bite. This can be used to increase your burst damage if you use Volatile Spiderling into Fog of War, then use your basic combo on your enemy.


Elise's w gives both her and her spiderlings increased attack speed for a few seconds. This ability also acts as an auto attack reset, so timing it correctly can increase you damage output.



Elise's E shoots a linear skillshot that stuns the first thing it hits for 1.6 seconds. This ability is Elise's bread and butter. This is the ability that makes her a viable champion. The problem is, it is not an easy skillshot to hit. It's slow, it's narrow, and it has a cast time. I would recommend that you go into the practice tool against a bot, and just practice hitting your e. Practice judging where the enemy will be. Practice weaving it around minions. Practice Flashing and hitting it. If Elise doesn't hit her Coccon, she can't realistically do anything to anyone. This is the number 1 thing to learn and practice on this champion. You MUST be able to consistently hit this skillshot.


Elise's E makes her rappel into the air where she is untargettable for the duration. Key points on this, 
  • It is a ground targetted ability. If your mouse pointer is outside of its range, pressing E won't make you rappel. This cost me many deaths while I was learning Elise. 
  • It can be targetted on enemies. If you Press E while hovering an enemy or monster, Elise will rappel up and immediately back down on the target. This is often used as a follow up to a gank after the enemy laner flashed away. 
  • If you Pressed E while hovering the ground, you can Reactivate E while hovering an attackable target. This has the same effect as pressing e on them initially, but you can stay untargettable for a longer duration. 
  • If you ground target E, but there is nothing to reactivate it on, you will be stuck in the air for the full 2 seconds and fall down exactly where you came from. Misclicking this has also killed me many times.

eliser.png R-Human Form/Spider Form

This ability just toggles between human and spider form. Note that there is a cooldown on it, so you can't freely swap between human and spider form in your combos. You generally have to pick one to start the combo, and one to end the combo. Typically this is to start as a human, then end as a spider. This takes advantage of both halves of the Q bonus damage. Putting points in this ability increases the number of spiderlings you can store/use and it also increases the bonus damage and healing her auto attacks do in spider form.

Abilities TL;DR: Her Q and W do damage, max Q then W. Her E is the all-important long range stun skillshot; practice this until you are good with it.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Jungle Item and Mobis

Situational Items

    Tankier/teamfight oriented

Starting Items

Always start with a 2031.pngrefillable pot and 1041.pnghunter's machete. 

Hunter's Machete is better than hunters talisman because elise has auto attack synergy in her kit. She has an attack speed boost on her spider w, so she will get more healing from the machete than the talisman. Plus the machete gives attack speed when you hit a monster, so she gets increased healing and damage from her spider form passive as well. Machete is a must buy.

Core Items

These are the only two items you will buy every single game. Mobi boots, and a completed Runic Echos.

The choice of upgraded smite is up to your personal preference. 
1402.pngBlue Smite gives you a slow and a little burst damage. The slow can be handy for helping to land your cocoon.
1414.pngRed Smite gives you pure dueling potential. This can be good if you are against someone who can one-shot you in a 1v1 like a Xin Zhao or a Kha'Zix, since it offers damage reduction.
1410.pngWarding Enchantment is for games when you either don't need the bonus damage, or you will always lose 1v1. This is for when your job is to avoid the enemy jungler and get your lanes far enough ahead to carry you.

Runic Echoes is the obvious jungle item for Elise, but it synergizes better for her than nearly any other AP jungler, the exception being Nidalee. Beyond the AP, Runic gives 3 things: Movespeed, Burst proc, Mana regen. Elise loves movespeed more than every champ who isn't named Hecarim or Rammus. Elise is also a burst mage, so an extra on-ability proc is always welcome. Lastly, the mana regen can be proc'd with Elise's spider Q elisehumanq.pngVenemous Bite. This means she can replenish her mana even when she's too low on mana to use her human abilities. 

3117.pngBoots of Mobility are Elise's bread and butter. She wants to be everywhere, all the time. Mobi's allow her to do that. Her kit is strong enough on its own that she can get away with picking up mobility boots before even upgrading her smite. One of the few junglers that will do that.

Situational Items:

These items will depend heavily on how the game is progressing. Generally, you want to build as much of the first set as you can get away with, but you need as much of the second set as possible the longer the game goes. Here is when you build each of these items:

OP Components:

3145.pngHextech Revolver and 3136.pngHaunting Guide are the AP components you buy when you are ahead. They are both incredibly efficient on Elise. I'll often buy one of these then sit on it until I've finished 3 other items. Elise is looking to fight often, but not constantly. That means she'll get the Revolver proc in every fight she gets an Electrocute proc. Those two alone is an incredible amount of burst. The flat magic pen and health on Guise goes a long way too. The flat MPen on Guise increases her damage by more than the AP from Revolver, but revolver has the on-hit damage. The extra health from guise is always nice too.

AP Items:

3151.pngLiandry's Torment is the go to item if your team has a sieging comp. If you have a Caitlyn adc and a Xerath mid, this is the item you want to pick up. It makes your Volatile Spiderling hit like a truck when you get to just sit back and toss them. It offers OK burst potential, but not as good as the Hextech Protobelt.

3152.pngHextech Protobelt is great for creating pick potential. It can be used to get into range for your cocoon, or it can used for sheer damage after you use your Venemous Bite for gap close. Elise doesn't benefit a huge amount from the CDR it gives, but it never hurts. Typically this will be the last item you finish if you've purchased a Hextech Revolver early in the game.

3116.pngRylai's Crystal Scepter is a very situational item. It can be picked up when what you really need is to peel for your backline, but you don't want to sacrifice your damage potential either. I rarely pick this item up after the slow for single target spells was nerfed, but it can be situational still work.

3157.pngZhonya's Hourglass is good if the only job you have to do is assassinate the enemy carries. In the current meta, this often is not the case. It's nearly impossible to assassinate an adc through a Karma or a Braum, so it's generally better to protect your carries than try to assassinate theirs.

Tank/Team Items:

3742.pngDeadman's Plate is an item that I pick up nearly every game. It gives almost everything elise wants. It gives the movement speed to make more plays happen, it gives up-front burst potential, and it gives a ton of survivability. If I am behind, and the enemy team isn't just 5 mages, this is the item I build after boots and Runic Echos. If I am ahead, I generally build this after buying a Hextech Revolver, and Haunting Guise, or both.

3190.pngLocket of the Iron Solari is the go-to pickup if my team has drafted a teamfighting comp, or I have a hypercarry adc. If I have a twitch in botlane, keeping him alive is all I need to do to win teamfights and the game. This item is strongest once your team has started grouping, and when you have an HP item already. Because of that, I generally don't build this until I have either a Deadman's Plate or a Liandry's Torment completed.

3109.pngKnight's Vow is an item I'll buy as a 6th item if I have a teamfighting comp. Elise is extremely weak in the late game, so you want to do everything in your power to keep your carries alive. This is one way to protect them from burst champions and assassins.

3143.pngRanduin's Omen is a surprisingly efficient and effective tank item for elise. This will be another tool to help keep divers off your carries while giving you a decent health pool and amount of armor. It also gives you the option of repelling into the enemy and getting a slow on their backline to help your carries get damage onto them. Not that that is usually a great plan, but it at least gives you the option.

Vision and Trinket Items:

You always want to start with 3340.pngYellow Trinket and upgrade it to the 3364.pngOracle Alteration at level 9. This allows you to get deep vision in the early game, then take vision control in the early game. 

Generally you want to buy at least one 2055.pngControl Ward every single time you base until you have 6 items. It's usually better to buy a control ward than buying an Amp Tome or a Cloth Armor. 

Most games I will either have a 1410.pngWarding Enchantment or a 2301.pngSightstone in my final build. I like upgrading the sightstone to Eye of the Watchers as it gives more relevant stats to Elise than the Ruby Sightstone. Vision is too important to just leave it to your support to do all the hard work. 

TL:DR: You want Mobis and Runic Echos every game. You want Hextech Revolver and Haunting Guise if you're winning. You want Deadman's plate after those, or before if you're even or behind. Then you want to buy whatever items can keep your ADC alive.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Jarvan IV
  • Kayn
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Rammus
  • Rengar
  • Sejuani
  • Shyvana


Jarvan IV


Pre-game and early game

Jarvan 4 is one of the hardest matchups for elise in the current meta. Level 3-5 you can 1v1 him, but it's always a close fight. If you can dodge the damage from 1 of his q's, you have the fight. If you are looking to fight him early, make sure you ping your mid and top laner for help before going into their jungle. These early fights are generally decided more by which laner gets there first than which champion is stronger.

Mid Game

After level 6, he can fight and kill you whenever he wants if you're not a mile ahead of him. After he gets a 3044.pngPhage, you can't one shot him anymore, but he can still one shot you. I would recommend building runic echos into Deadman's plate in this matchup. He also wins 2v2's from this point on, since he has the AOE from his Q jarvanivdragonstrike.pngas well as his Ultimatejarvanivcataclysm.png.

The counter play to him at this point is to pick up a 1410.pngWarding Enchantment or a Sightstone and light his Jungle up like it's Christmas. If you can turn him into a farming jungler, you're doing well. Once you know where he is, you show up everywhere he isn't. If he's trying to gank bot, you gank top or mid. You want to be on the other half of the map as much as possible, and ping the hell out of your teammates any time he tries to make a play. 

The exception is if he's looking to dive your botlane and take first turret down there. If you let him snowball off your bot lane, the game is over. Keeping them alive is worth ignoring just about everything else on the map.

Special Itemization

A Warding Enchantment is a must. You will typically want Deadman's, Locket, and one other tank item of your choosing. J4 cannot be assassinated by you unless he's a genuine monkey, so do what it takes to get your team ahead.




Early Game

Kayn is weak early and you are strong early. Until he gets his Transformation, he has no hope of fighting you. Go and live in his jungle. Make him scared to take his chickens. This is a matchup you can absolutely run over as Elise. If you can out-path him, you can make him irelevant until 35 minutes. This is a matchup where you don't even necessarily have to out gank him. You can just push him out of his own jungle, then help your lanes when you can.

Mid Game

Until he has a finished Black Cleaver, you can one-shot him any time you please. Unless you fall very behind early, I would recommend getting at least 2 damage items before starting into tank items. If you can kill him during your cocoon stun duration, you don't need to be tanky. If he goes for Shadow Assassin, you can continue to smash him for the rest of the game. If he builds smart and gets Merc Treads and a HexDrinker, then you need to switch to a more supportive play style.

Special Itemization

You can build more damage into kayn than most other junglers. I would recommend a protobelt, and either a Liandy's or a Zhonya's.




Early Game

Kha'zix is a matchup that can run you over if you aren't careful. You can fight him 1v1 pre-6, but there's a fairly narrow margin of error in the first fight. One thing in your favor is that your spiders count as allies for Isolation damage, so his q damage will be reduced until he kills your spiderlings. After that first fight the game will snowball for whoever won that fight. 

If a Kha doesn't get ahead by level 11, he has a hard time making anything happen until 6 items. His early clears leave him on low health, so try to get deep wards and catch him in his own jungle. 

Mid Game

If you get early kills on him, you can bully him mercilessly. Move into his jungle and make his laners come kick you out. Gank when you can, but you can apply just as much pressure by making the enemy laners chase you around their own jungle. Just make sure you don't get caught. Take Scuttle crab on the way in, then keep track of which plants are and aren't up.

If you catch Kha'zix with a cocoon before he can ult, you can probably one shot him for most of the game. This is one matchup that it's fine to build a little more AP than just Runic Echos. Red Smite can go a long way in this matchup as well. It won't give vision during his ult, but it will help prevent him from one shotting you.

Special Itemization

Red Smite is recommended, as it can reduce his burst potential significantly. You can get away with building a decent amount of AP if you get ahead in this matchup.


Lee Sin


Early Game

Lee sin is one of the easier matchups for Elise. She wins the 1v1 and 2v2 fights up until level 6. After that, you can still take the fight but he has more outplay potential than you do. One trick to fighting him is to let him hit the first part of Qblindmonkqone.png before you use your cocoon. When he reactivates his Q to jump to you, you have a guaranteed stun from your elisehumane.pngcocoon. You have a healthier first clear, so if you do buff/camp/buff you can generally fight him at scuttle crab and make him miss his first gank window. 

Mid Game

After level 6, try to always be in spider form when he gets into his Kickblindmonkrkick.png range. If he kicks you while you have spiderlings out, he can't guarantee hitting his Qblindmonkqone.png because your spiderlings will be in the way. 

In the late game, all you have to do is out smite him, and stop him from being able to Insec your carries. Your sieging is better than his, and your teamfighting is better than his. You both fall off, but you have more ways to help your team in fights than he does.

Special Itemization

One key thing to beating lee sin is establishing vision control, and denying his. Often he will have tons of wards out just from using his trinket and jungle item to ward hop. Upgrading to a sweeper3341.png early can pay off.


Master Yi


Early Game

Master Yi is a champion you can crush in the early game. Bait out his alphastrike.pngAlpha Strike before you use your elisehumane.pngcocoon and you will be able to bully him until at least level 6. Even at level 6, you can easily one shot him if you catch him unaware. Not only CAN you bully him in the early game, but you HAVE to bully him in the early game. If you get to 15 minutes and he's even with you in gold and XP, you've lost that early game badly. 

Mid Game

Once mid game rolls around, you either one shot him or you die in every fight he shows up to. If you've stomped him in the early game, the mid game will be a breeze. However, one good teamfight is all it takes to get him rolling, and you don't have many tools to stop him once he's ahead. He is a champ that is greedy for farm, so if you can get your team to help push him out of the jungle in the mid game, you can keep him off his late game for quite a while. If you fall behind yi, you're essentially just out of the game. He is one of the easier champions for you to snowball off of, but he can also win the game nearly by himself if he gets out of hand.

Special Itemization

Ninja Tabis are an appealing item against Master Yi, but the tradeoff from losing mobis is too big. Stick to your Mobis and out pressure him.




Early Game

The key to beating Rammus is counterganking. You might be able to kill him in his jungle, but if you can counter gank him 2 or 3 times, he has a hard time coming back from it. His early clears are pretty weak, so he depends on a couple of successful ganks to get rolling. His ganks are very telegraphed, so if you put a control ward in the river brush and have your top or bot lane bait, it's almost guaranteed he'll walk right into you for a free pick.

If you can stun him during him Defensive Curl and wait it out, he's actually pretty squishy. Save your burst until that wears off. Barring huge misplays, you should win 1v1 and 2v2 until level 11. At that point he can kind of just run past you and do his thing. 

Mid Game

For teamfighting, you can wait until he's about to hit his powerball then throw your stun at him. The instant he hits his powerball acts as sort of a self-root, so you know where he'll be for about a quarter of a second. That stun can be enough for your adc to get out of his taunt range. Don't try to hit him with your stun while he's running 1000mph with powerball.pngPowerball and 3800.pngRighteous Glory. Even if your aim is good he can dodge it in a heartbeat.

Special Itemization

Picking up Mobis is still the correct call for the early game, but after you're both at 3 items it is probably worth selling them for Merc Treads. Getting taunted in a 3v3 bot lane can mean death preeeetty quickly. 




Early Game

Rengar into Elise is a skill matchup. If he outplays you early, he can just run over the game and there isn't much you can do to stop it. If you put him far enough behind that he can't oneshot your adc at 25 minutes, he scales about as poorly as you do. His main methods of outplaying you would be using bushes to dodge your abilities, and using his rengarw.pngw and empowered w to heal your burst or cleanse your cc.

Mid Game

Your elisehumane.pngcocoon is hard cc, but it isn't a displacement. This means if he rengarr.pngults, you can't just stand on your carries and interrupt him when he jumps out. Your main avenue of defense against his ults will be vision control. Knowing where he was when he stealthed, and where he's likely to jump out from. 

Special Itemization

There are several different builds and playstyles for rengar right now, so itemization will depend on the game. If he's building pure assassin, you need to build enough team items from earlier in the guide to keep your carries standing. If he's building tankier, you might be able to get away with building damage and bullying him or his laners.





Sejuani is an interesting matchup because she will outscale you quickly no matter how fed you get. If you don't end the game by 25 minutes, she will just win every fight from then on. She's fairly easy to bully in the early game, but don't underestimate her damage from her Esejuanie.png and Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock. You win 1v1 and 2v2 until about level 12. 

Mid Game

Her mis game starts when she has Cinderhulk and 1 tank item completed. You could still 1v1 her at that point if you can get her to stand and fight you, but she is completely unburstable without help from your teammates. Especially if she is just coming back from base or a gank and has her passive up. Your best bet is to get your adc fed enough that he can chew through her before their adc chews up you and your top laner. 

As far as teamfighting goes, you want to keep her from sejuanir.pngulting your carries. Doing this is a combination of vision control and positioning. It's a very fine line between getting caught and dying, and eating the cooldown for your adc. This is a very hard thing to practice, but is essential to winning the matchup. If she's allowed to just sit on your carries and CC them to death, you're never winning those fights.

Special Itemization

3190.pngLocket of the Iron Solari goes a Very long way against a sejuani. It's not great as a rush item, but after you get an HP item it is very strong.




Early and Mid Game

Shyvana is a very difficult matchup for Elise. She is tanky enough early that you can't 1 shot her, and does enough consistent damage that she can burn through you. She has an incredibly healthy clear, so you can't really fight her in her own jungle unless you have red buff and she doesn't. She will outscale you remarkably fast. Once she has 1419.pngBloodrazor and 3022.pngFrozen Mallet, she is unkillable and will kill you in one rotation. She is one of the champs that you avoid for most of the game. If you find her low, or trying to sneak a dragon, go ahead and fight her. If it's 1v1, and you both start at full HP, she will probably win that fight at every stage of the game. 

The counterplay to this is to light up the enemy jungle so you know where she is, then apply pressure everywhere she isn't. Your ganks are significantly stronger than her for the entire game, so make use of it. Get your teammates far enough ahead that it doesn't matter how big she is. 

Special Itemization

Build items to help your team. Pick up a 2049.pngSightstone, and a 3143.pngRanduin's Omen. Randuin's is especially good against Shyvana because she depends on the speed boost from her shyvanaimmolationaura.pngW to get onto your carries. If you cancel that speed boost, your carries get some extra time to DPS her down. Randuin's is a better pick up than 3190.pngLocket most of the time because Shyvana does sustained damage, and slows on her auto attacks with 3022.pngFrozen Mallet. Keeping her from getting an auto attack on your carries is more important than stopping the damage from the auto attack.

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Elise has essentially 2 basic combos, with small variations of those two.

Ganking Combos

The typical combo for Elise depends on whether or not she has red buff, and starts by her just walking into the lane in Human Form. Preferably from behind the enemy, but gank paths are beyond the scope of this guide. 

With Red Buff:
Q-AA-walk as close as you can-E-W-R(to Spider Form)-Q-AA-W-AA then E if they flash away, or you need to dodge spells.
The idea behind this combo is to maximize human q damage, then apply the slow from red buff to help you hit your Cocoon, then maximize burst damage with your Human W, and Spider Q and W. If you have blue smite, replace the first Auto Attack with smite and the combo is the same.

Without Red Buff:
Get as close as you can in FoW, then E-AA-Q-W-R(to Spider Form)-Q-AA-W-AA then E if you need it.
The idea behind this combo is to hit your cocoon before they react to you, since you have no other slows. Then reasoning is similar to the other combo, but using Human Q to cancel an auto attack animation. 

Low Damage, guaranteed CC:
Start this combo in Spider form, walk into lane and Rappel onto the enemy champ.
Spider form E-Q-AA-R(to Human Form)-E-AA-Q-W-AA
This combo is to rappel to them, Q and auto them as a spider, then transform into a human. Then you cocoon as soon as you can, then use your combos as normal. You can opt to not use the spider form Q and Auto if you want the CC sooner in the combo. Just remember that you won't have access to your spider abilities for 6 seconds after transforming, and your Rappel will be on cooldown so you can't dodge abilities or drop turret aggro with it.

Assassination Combo

This combo is what you use when you're in the enemy jungle in a bush you know isn't warded, and someone is walking towards you. Essentially, they're walking right into your web.

Start as Human, Q-E-AA-W-R(to Spider Form)-Q-AA-W-AA. 
This combo is similar to the Ganking Combos, but you use Q before E. The animation is slightly faster if you do them in this order, so you have more of the stun duration to auto in spider form.

Early Game Pathing Back to Top

The First Clear

Elise is pretty dependent on having her elisehumane.pngE-Cocoon before she can gank effectively, but she can't clear well unless she takes her elisehumanw.pngW first and elisehumanq.pngQ second. This means that she can't gank effectively until she hits level 3, or she will gimp her ability to clear her camps. Because of this, the best routes to take on your first clear are the ones that give you the fastest level 3. Most games you will start on whichever buff is closer to your botlane. If you are Blue Side(the South spawn), that means starting on Red Buff. If you are Red Side(the North spawn), that means starting on Blue Buff. I will talk about when to switch this up lower down.

Bot Side Starts


This route is the classic level 3 route. It can be done on both Blue side(the South spawn) and Red side(the North spawn). This route is slightly inefficient on Elise because it requires killing 3 creeps at wolves, and she only has one AOE ability, her elisehumanw.pngW-Volatile Spiderling. Because of this, it is technically more efficient to do the other level 3 route, Buff-Buff-Gromp.


This route is only really effective on Blue side(the South spawn). The reason this is more efficient for Blue side boils down to pathing. The blast plant behind wolves is guaranteed to spawn by the time you get to it. This allows you to take a much shorter path from Red Buff straight to your blue, without walking past wolves at all. On red side(the North spawn), you HAVE to walk past wolves to get from your Blue buff to your Red buff, so pathing to gromp just adds on to the total distance you have to walk. On Blue side, since you can get to Blue Buff without walking past wolves, walking to Gromp is the fastest way to get level 3.

Top Side Starts

Red side(the North Spawn) Your Red-Their Blue-Camp

This is used when you are facing someone with a weak clear, and you getting their blue buff will significantly set them back. This also leads to level 2 cheeses. This is effective against champions like Amumu, Rammus, or Fiddlesticks that have a really hard time clearing without mana regen. It's worth noting that sometimes these champs will start on this camp, at which point this strat doesn't work. You can tell which camp the enemy jungler started on by watching when the enemy bot lane gets to lane. If they show up at 1:45 when the minions meet, the enemy jungler started top side. If this is the case, skip walking to the enemy jungle and do the Buff-Buff-Gromp clear in your own jungle. If the enemy bot lane gets to lane closer to 1:55, right before the first melee creeps die, then you are free to do this strat. This strat is really only good on Red side because a level 2 Elise with red buff is about 1000 times scarier than a level 2 Elise with blue buff.

Buff-Buff-Gromp and Buff-Wolves-Buff

Elise is an independent spider who don't need no leash, so you are free to start top side any time you feel that bot needs more attention than top. The downside to this is that you will most likely be splitting the map with the enemy jungler. They will be going top and you will be going bot. Elise is one of the stronger champions in the game for early 1v1 and 2v2 fights, so not trying to fight the enemy jungler early is missing one of your power windows. That said, the trade-off is sometimes worth it. That decision is mostly down to team comps and lane matchups. These routes are the same as if you had started bot side, but mirrored. Buff-Buff-Gromp is most efficient if you are Red side, and Buff-Wolves-Buff is most efficient if you are Blue side.

Picking and Choosing Fights

Elise is one of the strongest early game duelists and skirmishers in the game. Because of that, you want to hit your level 3 then come out hot. If you are against a jungler you can bully, path directly into their jungle and take the fight to them. If one of the enemy laners is overextended, make them pay for it with a gank. You have to play this stage of the game aggressive and confident. This is where your champion shines. 

Common Opportunities levels 3-7

The enemy Gromp

This strat applies to Red side, Botlane starts(starting your blue buff). If both of your laners are playing safe, many junglers will do buff-wolves-buff then run straight to their gromp. Generally, they will have smited blue buff and be between 1/3 and 3/4 HP. How much health they have depends heavily on the champion they are playing. This means that often you can run straight to them, smite away the gromp, and chase them out of their jungle. If they are greedy, they might try and fight you. You should be able to win this fight easily. The key to this strat is making sure the enemy laners aren't collapsing on you. If you see them leave lane, get out of the jungle as fast as you can. You can't afford to get caught and donate level 3 double buffs to an enemy laner. The enemy laners will almost always be able to respond before yours can.

The Scuttle Fight

This strat applies to both red and blue side, botlane lane starts. This fight happens most often against other early game junglers like Lee Sin or Jarvan 4 who are trying to get the game rolling for them. My go to strat for this is to start autoing scuttle and make them either give it up, or force a fight with you over it. Your cocoon is much easier to land if the enemy is trying to force a fight with you. This is the stage of the game where you can generally win against just about everybody. The two junglers I'm personally scared to do this against are Shyvana and Xin Zhao. Every else I can take this fight.

The Top Lane Countergank

Elise has an insanely fast clear speed, so you will generally be able to set up and position for a countergank shortly before the enemy jungler finishes their buff-wolves-buff route. This strat is used when your top laner is pressuring the enemy top laner hard. Pushing them into turret, and standing well past the mid point of the lane. This tells you two things. The enemy top laner has probably been too pressured to ward the river brush, and the enemy jungler will probably come to help them out. If you put yourself right in the corner of the river brush, closest to scuttle crab, there's a pretty good chance the enemy jungler will walk right into you. Then you can either one shot them, or chunk them and force a flash.

The Top Lane "Caught Warding"

Very similar to the top lane countergank, this strat works because Elise has such a fast clear speed. Most top laners in an even lane will drop a ward in the river brush about the time they are hitting level 3. If you get a good leash and clear well, you can be in that bush by the time they go to ward it. Then you get a free cocoon from Fog of War and a successful gank.

Mid and Late Game Mindset Back to Top

Mid Game Mindset Levels 7-15

The mid game is one of the hardest parts of Elise's gameplay. You spent the first 15 minutes running around the map forcing plays and getting kills. Now the enemy is starting to scale up and make you work for everything you get. Learning Elise made me change a lot of things about how I approached the mid game.


Farm is much less important than on many other champions, but it can't be ignored entirely. My policy in mid game is to get my buffs when they spawn, and get my camps when my team is clearing side waves. This generally lets me keep even in levels, but fall slightly behind in gold. The worst thing you can do on Elise is be stuck farming a camp while your team is fighting. Your job is to be at every fight you possibly can be. That's why such an insane amount of movespeed is purchased, or brought in runes. You have to be there for every fight, and every skirmish.

Fighting and Skirmishing

Elise transitions from being a burst mage, to a kite mage, to a peel bot as the game goes on. In the early game, you can throw yourself into fights and make them happen, and still come out on top. You stop being able to one shot everyone, and have to be more selective. You will still be able to kill enemy carries and squishies if you catch them alone, but if they have any peel you will be out of luck. This is the stage of game for buying tons of pinks, hiding in the enemy jungle, and trying to catch carries going to clear side waves. You will be squishy enough here that you can't soak damage in 2v2 skirmishes anymore. Two champs focusing you will burst you down in a heart beat. You will want to play skirmishes by hitting your combo, then backing out. Hitting your combo, then backing out. Sitting and auto attacking in Spider Form is nearly out of the question. You want to do your damage, then make the enemy chase you. It takes a little practice, but it becomes fairly intuitive. Your job in this stage of the game is to do as much damage as possible without dying. You are looking to give all kills that you possibly can to your carries at this point, since they will make much better use of the gold in the long run.

Late Game Mindset Levels 15-18

At this point, you have fallen off entirely. Your damage is going to be nearly negligible. You become a ward, cocoon, and smite bot. I like picking up a Sightstone as a 5th item and keeping my 6 item free for Control Wards for as long as I can. This lets your team be more selective in when they want to fight, and when they see 5 people coming and need to bail. In teamfights, your job is to cocoon whoever is jumping on your carries. If the enemy carries overstep, you can still try for a catch on them, but you will never be able to one shot them no matter what items you've built. One magic resist item like QSS, and a shield from their supports locket and they will be unkillable. At this point, you want to be doing whatever you possibly can to let your carries carry. Farming is basically never worth it. Your blue buff will be better on your mid laner, and your red buff will be better on your ADC. If you play League because your enjoy late game teamfights, Elise is not the champion for you. At this point, this game is out of your hands and you missed your window to carry the game.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Tips and Tricks:

  • Elise can throw her Human W in any direction, then use Spider Q to make it hit her target. This lets you hit your Human W even through minions.
  • Standing right beside the enemy Red Buff as it respawns the second time at about 6 minutes is a perfect time to use the Assassination combo, as it is rarely warded that early.
  • Learn common warding spots and how to avoid them. If the enemy knows you're in their jungle, they can make your life miserable.
  • You can use Spider Form E-Rappel to jump to plants in the jungle without using them. With this, you can jump over baron/dragon wall to a blast plant and from Krugs to behind Red Buff. This allows you to get around the jungle much faster
  • Rappel gives you vision of the area in the circle. You can use this to check over walls without warding, and to jump over walls to jungle camps.
  • Rappelling to a jungle creatures won't aggro it. You can jump to dragon or baron as an escape without making them attack you.
  • Elise can animation cancel her auto attacks with all of her human abilities and her Spider Q and W.
  • If you are in a fight and low on health, keep auto attacking in spider form. You get a flat heal on every auto attack. It can be enough to let you survive close fights.

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12/18 Introduced the Pathing and Mindset sections. Added formatting to the Matchups section.

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