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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Smite is required on any jungler it lets you:
  • Clear Jungle camps faster
  • Heal & deal true damage to Jungle camps, minions, Dragon & Baron.
  • Lets you buy Jungle items (1402.png1041.png1039.png)


Flash is standard on most champions, Elise is no exception use it to escape or engage on enemies.

Some basic plays for Elise to do with flash is:

4.png dot-pattern.png elisehumane.png 
4.png dot-pattern.png elisehumanq.png

New Runes Back to Top

Electrocute.png?width=64 Elise has 4 damaging abilities, auto attacks, and her spiderlings so it's very easy to proc 3 separate attacks for Electrocute's damage, this keystone also gives you more burst damage on a higher cooldown compared to keystones, so it's definitely the best option for a Jungler. Also scales well with AP which Elise builds a good amount of.
cheap%20shot1.png?width=64 Can be proc'd off elisehumane.png stun. Simply gives you more damage for landing cocoon. 
Zombie%20Ward.png?width=64 Gives you more value from your wards and makes them last longer, which Elise can get tons of very good wards early - mid game in the enemy jungle or in the river., and the value of having vision on the map longer is unfathomable especially in low elo.
Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=64 More movement speed, Elise loves to move around the map at all stages of the game, so being faster makes ganks quicker, and gives enemies less time to run away, the more kills you get the faster you become as well.

Celerity.png?width=64 Like I just mentioned before, Elise benefits greatly from movement speed, it helps her move around the map, gank quicker, and being more mobile in fights is just better to be able to move in and out, Celerity not only gives you movement speed but gives Elise small amounts of AP for her bonus movement speed.
Scorch.png?width=64 More damage on 1 champion from an ability on a long cooldown (30 seconds), the cooldown doesn't matter much since you are jungler and aren't in lane all the time, but having this extra damage during ganks is simply free damage from running the rune vs not having it.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

eliser.png dot-pattern.png elisehumanq.png dot-pattern.png elisehumanw.png dot-pattern.png elisehumane.png 

elisepassive.png Passive

HUMAN FORM - When Elise's abilities hits a target she gains one Spiderling

SPIDER FORM - Elise's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and heal her on-hit.
  • Making sure you have spiderlings before switching to Spider form is very important for DPS, but the way the passive works it pretty much happens without you having to put much thought into it.
  • When clearing camps you should move backwards away from the Jungle monster you are hitting and let the Spiderlings tank the Jungle camp so you don't take damage.

elisehumanq.png Human Form Q 

Deals magic damage + percentage health damage to a single target on a short 6 second cooldown

846.png Spider Form Q

Elise dashes to a target enemy and bites them dealing magic damage and bonus damage based on their amount of missing health

Both Melee & Ranged Q are Elise's primary damaging abilities and should be spammed a lot, they are both on shot cooldowns and should be cast multiple times during fights.

elisehumanw.png Human Form W

Elise shots a spider ina target direction, exploding on the first target hit dealing magic damage around the target hit, if it doesn't hit anything it stays in the targeted direction, then explodes. 
Gives vision of where it walks to.
  • Stand in side of jungle camps such as the Raptor camp then cast W elisehumanw.png to get the explosion damage on all small raptors / small jungle minions.
  • Cast into bushes to spot out enemies 

847.pngSpider Form W 

Passive: Elise's Spiderlings gain bonus attack speed ( based on levels in W elisehumanw.png)
Active: Resets Elise's auto attack, Elise also gains bonus attack pseed for 3 seconds
  • Use this once you are in range to auto attack an enemy champion, or any time it is up while clearing jungle camps to simply get more auto attacks and kill the camp faster.

elisehumane.png Human Form E 

Elise shoots a thin Cocoon, stunning the first target hit also gaining vision of them.
The more levels you have in E elisehumane.png the longer the stun last.
  • Shoot from the fog of war to stun unexpecting targets 
  • When ganking try to get as close to the enemy before shooting E elisehumane.png the closer you get to them the harder it is for you to miss, and the harder it is for them to dodge
  • You should also try to angle the E so that it will hit them where they are, where they are going, and where they can flash to.

848.pngSpider Form E

Elise repels up, becoming untargetable, and can recast to come back down on an enemy around the area she repeled from.
Can be cast on the ground to simply go up, or can be cast on an enemy champion to instantly go up then repel down on to them.
  • Can be used to close the gap onto an enemy during a gank
  • Can be used to dodge crucial abilities from the enemy
  • Can be used to dodge a tower shot while diving
  • Can be used to reposition in a fight

eliser.png R - Transform

Switches between Human & Spider form.
  • Human Form Elise: has Ranged auto attacks
  • Spider Form Elise: has Melee auto attacks , gains 25 bonus movement speed, and gains elisepassive.png spiderlings that follow her. 

Damage Combo

Elise's basic damage combo is:

It's easy to waste time using Human form ranged auto attacks, but you should prioritize spamming Elise's spells to maximize her damage, her spells are on very short cooldowns, and when approaching for a gank if you are right clicking the enemy Elise will stop to auto attack, then the enemy will get further away while Elise stands in the same spot, so it's better to not lose that distance on the target.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting items

1041.png even though Elise cast lots of abilities, she isn't very mana hungry on her first 2 camps if she has to start red, so before she gets blue buff, and having multiple attack speed buffs in her kit, Hunter's Machete make auto attacks deal more damage to jungle camps, so you clear the jungle camps faster with 1041.png Hunter's Machete vs 1039.png Hunter's talisman. 

Without blue buff you may have to be mindful of how you spend mana on jungle camps before you get 1039.png & 1402.png
2031.png Free health regen, every time you back the potion refills it's 2 stacks, lets you stay sustain after small fights or during them, and while clearing the jungle.

3340.png Free ward on cooldown, the warding trinket also gets more value since you are running Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 Zombie Ward.

Example Build path 

1041.png dot-pattern.png 3117.png dot-pattern.png 1402.png dot-pattern.png 3151.png dot-pattern.png 3116.png dot-pattern.png 3135.png dot-pattern.png 3193.png

Elise can run Mobility boots if you have enough gold before the first back, Elise can really cause lots of problems in all lanes if she is moving around the map with Mobility boots around 5 minutes, you should attempt multiple ganks then go back to the jungle when you are to low on health to gank again.

If you don't have enough gold for mobility boots on your first back you could buy 3113.png which gives you AP and movement speed, which is better for controlling one side of the map, or if you have very little gold you could get 3706.png which is better for just clearing the jungle or countering ganking.

1402.png Runic Echo's gives you AP, Movement speed, and mana regen when clearing jungle camps

3116.png Rylai's makes Elise abilities and Spiderlings elisepassive.png slow enemies hit, Rylais also gives Elise AP & Health.

3151.png  Getting Magic pen early in 3136.png  make Elise's mid game very good, and getting huge amounts of percentage health damage hen finishing Liandry's is very strong. ( When you finish Rylai's 3116.png all abilities will get the full proc of Liandry's passive.

3117.png Elise gets huge value from being able to move faster when not in combat, and mobility boots are very cheap.

3020.png If you don't buy mobility boots early you can buy Sorc pen boots and have more damage instead of more ability around the map.

3157.png Zhonya's gives you Armor, AP, CDR, and the active to become untargetable, Zhonyas can be good as a 4th or last item in the build, it's utility isn't hugely impactful on Elise compared to most champions, but still works fine.

3152.png Protobelt is ok on Elise, it's a very cheap AP + health item, and the active can be good, but I think that elise benefits a lot more from Rylai's or liandry's over it.

3193.png Gargoyle's is a good last item, making you tankier in team fights and giving you Amor & Magic Resist.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Jarvan IV
  • Kayn
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Nidalee
  • Rammus
  • Sejuani
  • Shyvana
  • Warwick
  • Xin Zhao


Jarvan IV


If J4 hits a knock up onto you jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png you won't have time to repel any other burst damage, so either flash it or repel before he lands it.

You can also repel out of a J4 ULT jarvanivcataclysm.png if there are any enemies nearby.




Elise is all about early game, Kayn isn't he is very weak until he transforms so you can abuse him for a very long time from the moment the game starts.

Elise can also repel to avoid a lot of his damage, can cocoon him to CC and have you and your team burst him down, he's really easy to deal with unless he has like 15 kills.


Lee Sin


Elise can block Lee Sin's Q with her Spiderlings if you move around him during 1v1's.

Elise also does a lot of damage to lee sin, Lee sin has to ULT you to do an equal amount of damage with a full trade.

Building 3157.png will make the matchup even harder for Lee sin to win.


Master Yi


Elise beats down master yi in the early game, if you ever find him in the jungle you can easily kill him by flashing on him and using all your damaging abilities.

Master Yi takes a very long time to scale into the late game and Elise accelerates games very quickly, even if master yi gets fed elise can still deal with him by stunning him with E elisehumane.png




Nidalee clears very quickly just like Elise.

Elise gains a huge advantage from waiting in bushes and catching nidalee out then bursting her.

Nidalee might look to invade you on your first clear so watch out for that. 

You also get pretty easy E elisehumane.png setup when she jumps onto you or one of your allies.




Invade Rammus on his 2nd buff he will always be low on health on his 2nd buff.

Spiderlings can break his spin powerball.png

You should also use all your burst on him when his W defensiveballcurl.png is down.




Sejuani wants to AFK farm during the Early game and most of the Mid game, it gives you lots of freedom in the early game to gank without much threat of a counter gank.

After Sejuani is level 6 she can ULT sejuanir.png but her ULT is on a high cooldown so you can go for fights around it's cooldown.




In her current state, Shyvana wins the game through AFK farming, taking Dragons, and scaling super hard into the Mid - Late game.

Even if you get ganks off on the enemies snowballing a game in solo queue takes a lot from everyone to close out a game quickly, and it's very unlikely that everything falls into place perfectly across multiple games, the longer the game extended the more likely shyvana is to win , that's why this matchup is hard.

Try to catch Shyvana at the Dragon early game and kill / disrupt her from while she is doing it.




Warwick becomes very tanky for Elise, and after he is 6 he can 1v1 you easily without you being able to do much, you have to dodge his E warwicke.png or ULT warwickr.png to have a chance of winning a fight.

Try to kill him at his 2nd buff during the first clear.

If you gank a lane and don't kill an enemy and stay in the lane for a long time expect Warwick to show up. his W lets him move around the map very quickly when there is a low health target.


Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao becomes very strong if he gets a lot of kills in the early - mid game, if you can impact lanes while avoiding him in the early game that is usually the best.

You can use repel to avoid his xinzhaow.png damage, Xin has lots of burst but the longer the fight goes the more it goes in Elise's favor.

Spam abilities on him and kite away from him.

Early Game Back to Top

First every everything about Elise's kit gears her to be a more impactful champion in the early game, being able to put 1 point in an ability then get damage from 2 abilities in Human and Spider form of Q & W is unmatched by any non-transformation jungler. So it's not just a playstyle thing for Elise it's the numbers behind her champion that make her very strong in the Early Game.

Level 1 Elise can check river bushes with her W elisehumanw.png for enemies, or have a good 5 man invade and take E elisehumane.png

You want to start a either Red or Blue Buff, starting on the bot side of the map will let you receive a leash from your Bot Lane which will make you clear the jungle way faster, most the time you will look to clear a buff > Wolves > then 2nd buff, then look for a gank.

If you are looking for an invade on the enemy jungler 2nd buff, you would skip clearing your 2nd buff then go into their jungle and catch them on their 2nd buff most likely at low HP and either start attacking them, or wait for them to get the buff low enough for you to smite away then attack them.

After attempting a gank you can go back into your jungle and clear as many camps as you have HP for, then hopefully have enough gold for 3117.png 

After your 2nd back regardless of the items you can get at that time you should still be looking for fights / ganks over full clearing your jungle, doing raptors & Golems takes a lot of time, time that you can spend affecting the map.

Mid Game Back to Top

Going into the Mid game Elise hits a bigger power spike if you are even or ahead in gold & experience, once you Max out levels in Q elisehumanq.png you start doing huge amounts of burst damage, and any fight that you take you should try to spam Q elisehumanq.png in both human and spider form as much as possible. 

Elise can solo dragon after finishing 1402.png , if there is nothing for you to do on the map you can look to sneak a dragon take, just make sure you check for vision before starting it 3341.png2055.png 

Any lane that you have gotten a lead it you should look to keep pushing that lead, lets say you've made the top laner 0/3/0 coming into the mid game, just keep on ganking him, especially in solo queue players will lose their mind and not only will you game an in game advantage, but that player will be in a very bad mental state. Also you don't have to gank every single lane, it you can gain advantages in one side of the map look to play towards your ally champions that have a lead rather than the ones that don't.

During the Mid game both ally and enemy champions will start to move around the map, supports will roam, top laners will look to make TP plays, so be watching the mini map and lanes to make sure you know what is going on, and react to things happening as fast as possible. Staying on a jungle camp while a team fight is happening will make you look really stupid.

But like I said coming into the Mid game Elise does a TON of damage, so look to surprise enemies and burst them down, you can execute tower dives with Elise Repel, or take fights in the enemy jungle, just be looking to make a play, then move onto the next thing.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game Elise's effectiveness varies depending on her current itemization, if you are even or behind in items you lose a lot of value, since most the game comes down to your ability to burst either the enemy Mid laner, ADC, or squishy Support, and if Elise is behind in items you most likely won't be able to burst down a carry with any sort of defensive shields or heals. But Elise doesn't become entirely useless since you always have E elisehumane.png to CC key targets during fights, you can also spam spells on the enemy front line and kite backwards with your team during fights.

But if you are ahead then the late game can play out somewhat like the early - mid game for Elise where you catch out enemy carries from the fog of war 2055.png3341.png and burst them with a full damage combo (see abilities for damage combo)

A lot of the Late game will probably be both teams moving around the Baron, so carry lots of Control Wards 2055.png and deny the enemy vision of the Baron and bushes around it, so they will be forced to come and ward, and then you and your team can attack them. 

You should also be looking to 4.png dot-pattern.png elisehumane.png enemy carries that are out of position, Elise is very quick and this type of play will not only surprise enemies, but start fights on your team's terms forcing the enemy to react.

When doing Baron / Elder Dragon Elise's Spiderlings die pretty quickly, so make sure you are transforming and using elisehumanq.pngelisehumanw.png to not only get more DPS but get back Elise's Spiderlings elisepassive.png 

If the enemy is sieging onto you in the Mid game hide in the fog of war and throw E elisehumane.pngs , you don't assist in wave clear at all.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • One of the strongest early games of any Jungler
  • High burst damage
  • Very high mobility 


  • Scales poorly without items
  • Have to land E elisehumane.png on crucial targets to win mid - late game fights
  • Tanks, Shielding, and heals disarm Elise.

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 21, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Once I hit Diamond for the first time I knew that I would have to take it all the way with this game, luckily for me the deeper I go into the game the deeper it gets. I will always be focused and dedicated to improving my play and hopefully reach a point of sustainability from playing the game, I want to make an example of what I think eSports should and can be about. 

 Here are some places you can find me! 

Esport Arsenal 

 Find out what the best League of Legends Pros use for their Mouse, Keyboard, Mousepad, Etc!

  • Twitter - @SawyerGG - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitter Account
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