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14.png + 11.png  This is can be really good on Evelynn, it gives you alot of Early kill potential when ganking and nobody expects you to have it. It's very high risk high reward though so don't take it if you feel you will be invaded early or if you're going to be needing flash.

4.png + 11.png Flash is a must have, you are very squishy when you do not have your tank items yet so you need that quick escape when being invaded. Also very good to open teamfights with Agony's Embrace.

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Sorcery 5/5: Pretty self explanatory, more damage on abilities is always good, especially on Evelynn since her Hate Spike has such low cooldown. Fury is not that bad, just not optimal for Evelynn, it helps her clear a bit but other than that it's not better than Sorcery. So in the end Sorcery just puts out way more damage than Fury.

Fresh Blood 1/1: Because you're an assassin and all you want is more damage. Expose Weakness is alright, but i personally always get Fresh Blood. Feast is not needed on Evelynn imo. It helps her first clears but after that it gets quite useless unlike Fresh Blood which scales with your level.

Natural Talent 5/5: This talent is actually quite usefull for Evelynn, both Hate Spike and Ravage have ad and ap scalings so it works really well. Vampirism is imo not needed for Evelynn. Damage > Sustain. Natural Talent is just too good to not take on her.

Double Edged Sword 1/1: My personal preference in this tier and i'll tell you why. Bounty Hunter is also a viable pick, but not as reliant because you never know how many kills you're going to get in a game unless you're smurfing ofcourse. The reason i get Double Edged Sword over Battle Trance is because i just want the straight up extra 5% dmg without waiting 5 seconds. Evelynn is an assassin which means you want to deal as much damage in as little time as possible and waiting 5 seconds for a 5% damage boost is not an option for me


Wanderer 5/5: This choice is made by what u prefer. Are you still new to Evelynn in the jungle, take Savagery just to help you clear. Or do just want to move around the map faster and prioritize on alot of ganking, then take Wanderer. 

Runic Affinity 1/1: I think buffs are very important for Evelynn, thus taking Runic Affinity. However, Assassin is just as viable. Personally i like to swap around Runic Affinity and Assassin for some games. Also, don't forget that you shouldn't get Secret Stash if you start out with the Refillable Potion. Just be sure that if you take Assassin that u make the most use out of it. Catch squishies off-guard farming alone or invade their jungle for example.

Merciless 5/5: Like many more talents, This choice is just way too good on Evelynn to not pick. And you dont need the mana regen since your passive already gives that

Greenfather's Gift 1/1:A very nice pick for Evelynn. It gives her better clear and more damage overall. Dangerous Game is also viable just not as needed but can help her in big fights to survive

Precision 5/5: Like i said before, Evelynn has 2 skills with hybrid scaling, so getting Letahlity and Magic Penetration is never bad to help her out with more damage. Intelligence is not bad, but it's only usefull when u actually reach 45% cdr imo.

Thunderlord's Decree 1/1: Very good choice for her to help out with more burst damage. It also scales with both AD and AP which is also nice. Stormraider's Surge is not bad, just make sure that if you use this keystone that you build enough damage to be dealing 30% of someone's hp in a time window to proc this keystone.

Abilities Back to Top

Q: Maxing Hate Spike first for faster clear speed and overall damage.

W: Maxing Dark Frenzy last because you need the extra power from Ravage first.

E: Maxing Ravage second because the ratios on it are so high, it also gives you more dps and a nice attack speed steroid.

R: Just put a point in your ultimate when you can at levels 6/11/16.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start

Core Items

    full ap core
    standard ap bruiser core (or randuin's, it's what you prefer)
    standard ad core
    I don't get this item often, i'm stealth anyway so normal wards don't need to be cleared for me. I only get this trinket if they have stealth champions or if no one else on my team has it
    Good choice considering every stat on it is very useful for evelynn. highly recommended for ap builds
    a must have for Evelynn. Good stats + a very good unique active that gives evelynn alot more power for ganking

Situational Items

    End build #1: full ap vs all
    End build #2: ap tank vs ad
    End build #3: ap tank vs ap
    End build #4: ad bruiser vs all

Situational items explained.

Jungle items explained

3706_32.png: The cc on this item is really good for Evelynn and the movement speed works really well with Dark Frenzy. It basically helps you throughout the early game with ganking alot. Also good vs high movement speed targets like Hecarim or Nunu.

3711.png: Decent choice in some situations. I'd still prefer Stalker's over this but this can help you and you're team out alot throughout the game. I think it's just what you prefer. Do you want to carry games with kills? Get Stalker's. Do you want to win the game with better objective control? Get this.

3715_32.png: Not as good on Evelynn as it used to be, only get this if your laners have enough cc for ganks making you not need Stalker's or if you just prefer this over Stalker's. But even then this item is not nearly as usefull on Evelynn than Stalker's

Jungle enchants

3707_32.png: Right now there are not many people going AD Evelynn, only get this when you're obviously going AD, otherwise always go for Runic Echoes

3709_32.png: If you don't need any damage, you're team is doing good and you don't have a tanky person in the team, build this. I would also get this if you're dealing with strong early ad bruisers or fighters like Riven or Zed for example. I rarely buy this item though since i prefer early damage.

3708_32.png: The best choice out of the 3 atm. Pretty much all the stats on this item are good for Evelynn and help her throughout the game.

Boots choices explained

3117_32.png: Really good if you just want to gank 24/7 and get your lanes rolling (or yourself). Sell it once you reach late game and get tabi or merc treads instead because mobi boots don't do much in teamfights.

3020_32.png: Get it if you or your team need(s) more damage for ganks and/or fights. Also, good if their team is late game based making you not need mercs or tabi yet. Obvious choice for the full ap builds ofcourse.

3047_32.png: vs strong bruisers/assassins/fighters.

3111_32.png: vs hard cc/ap casters/magic damage based opponents.

AD Damage item choices explained

3078_32.png: Not as usefull anymore because it doesn't give ap anymore, but still a decent choice to pickup for dmg and if you feel like your tankyness can wait, it helps you with dueling and team fighting alot.

3155_32.png: A cheap good item with good stats, it helps you dealing with ap's and their burst. It's recommended to buy when they at least have 2 ap's.

3153_32.png: Altough it doesn't give you much AD, it gives some nice cc, movement speed and it's going to be the only item dealing with tanks if you don't get any armor or magic penetration. This item active combined with the Skirmisher's Sabre smite + ult is going to do alot of damage against anyone. The only problem is that it can be very expensive and the item build is very annoying taking alot of space, just get this if you feel you're doing ok and want more damage in general or for tanks. Also, wait with buying it for later if you don't have the money yet and get cheaper/tankier items first like Hexdrinker or Randuins.

3025_32.png: This item helps you alot on Evelynn, if you want a decent defensive item with cc, go for this. Recommended with the Warrior enchant. The mana also helps if you don't know how to manage your mana yet with her passive or if you just prefer more mana to carelessly spam abilities. I really like getting this almost every game if i'm going AD just because the passive is so strong on her.

3071_32.png: This item is only  good in certain situations, the base stats are quite good on eve and the 20% cdr helps alot. The Rage passive also work really well on her. The problem is though that if no one on your team makes use of the armor shred you're applying on the enemy then it's kinda useless.

I would only get this item if my team exists of assassins/fighters who are up against armor stacking enemies to help them out or else this item wouldn't be the best to take. Also it's recommended to get if your adc is an high priority target for the enemy and you need to peel for him/her, getting this item will make it easier for your adc dealing with the tanks because of the armor shred.

3156_32.png: This item is really good on Eve, the Hexdrinker alone is a good item purchase for her since it's cheap and the stats it gives for her. The upgrade is even better for Eve it helps her just in any way in the game.

AP Damage item choices explained

3089_32.png: Obviously get this if you want more ap, be careful though, this can be a noob trap for alot of people, always make sure you don't need an defensive item or magicpenetration yet otherwise get this later because this item is very expensive, especially late game.

3285_32.png: Not very useful anymore since Runic Echoes gives you the passive already.

3135_32.png: Necessary if you have alot of ap and your opponents are stacking mr.

3001.png: Good defensive item against ap's if you still want some damage to go with it.

3116.png: Extremely strong on Evelynn right now, think about it, a 40% slow every Hate Spike for 1 second. Also, you can literally perma slow someone with this when you got max cdr because the cd on your Hate Spike will be 0,9 seconds. Recommended to get this every time you're going full AP.

3157_32.png: A situational choice to buy in my opinion, it's very expensive to completely finish but gives alot of ap in return. Good if going full ap and you need a defensive item against their ad champs and/or if you're getting focussed by their ad's. Start with the Seeker's armguard after boots and your jungle item, fully stack it and then upgrade it when you need to.

3151_32.png: Really good if you can complete this with Rylai's and make good use of its passive. Also gives a nice bit of hp just like Rylai's making you able to get a Frozen Heart or a Thornmail without having to worry about hp.

3100.png: Stat wise very gold efficient for Evelynn. Every stat is very useful on her, helps her alot and gives her a huge damage boost when completed.

Defensive item choices explained

3800_32.png: Pretty fun item on Evelynn, gives a nice amount of hp and mana and the movement speed buff synergises really well with Dark Frenzy. The only problem is that it gives no armor or mr which can be a big deal for Evelynn, but still a good choice if your team lacks engage and/or chasing potential.
(NOTE: This item does get you out of stealth when activated)

3143_32.png: Really good on Evelynn if you just want to go straight up tankyness, the aoe slow is also pretty nice for Evelynn because of the lack of cc on eve.

3110_32.png: I've been seeing this item alot lately on Evelynn, and it's actually really good because it gives 20% CDR, alot of mana and armor so you also won't need blue buffs anymore and helps if you're not used to play with her passive yet.

3190_32.png: This item works really well with Evelynn, it gives your whole team a null-magic mantle when close making this item very cost effective. The shield also stacks with your ultimate wich makes this item even better on Evelynn. I recommend you to buy this asap against an ap comp.

3075_32.png: Strong if you're up against auto attack based champs, good alternative from Randuin's or Frozen Heart if you want something that's cheap with alot of armor. Also really good together with Locket and your ultimate Agony's Embrace since it gives so much temporary hp to get rid of for the opponent. Remember to get health before buying this item though, armor alone without any hp is not that good.

3102_32.png: Good against a skillshot/poke ap based team.

3026_32.png: Decent choice if you're fed and feel like getting focused by assassins like Zed or Ahri. Also good to get if you're dealing with reset champs such as Kha'Zix, Master Yi and/or Katarina.

3742.png: This item is probably the best defensive item choice as your first defensive item. It's very similar to Randuin's Omen, but the passives on Dead man's Plate works very well with Evelynn's passive. Just overall a must to get every game.

Matchups Back to Top

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I don't think this guy is that strong, his base stats just suck. He's very predictable and it's easy to outplay him. Just make sure you clear his slow if he hits it but honestly it doesn't matter since he needs alot of items to do something, so don't worry too much and you'll be fine.



Not a hard match up at all, you outdamage him once he gets tank items and you're able to countergank him really easy since his Bandage toss is on a high cooldown. He can be very tanky early on though since he has such high base health. Make sure you don't let him gank all lanes for free and finish the game once you have a lead because Amumu can make or break a late game with his ultimate.



Skill match up in my opinion if you are able to dodge his Knockup + Silence u will win trades. His ganks are also hard to pull of since the ganks are reliant on skillshots. In teamfighting he can get a carry low really fast because of the true damage, tell your support to just stick with the AD. If they can outplay cho they are fine.


Dr. Mundo

Mundo is really annoying against Evelynn, if you can't juke his cleavers, he is going to stick to you very well, his ultimate helps him alot with that too. He also has an easy time running away from you if you don't got the burst to finish him. Also, he gets insanely tanky if he gets the items, don't come near this guy and try to outgank him. Just make sure your carries are fine in teamfights when you're against this guy. He doesn't do much in teamfights so you'll be okay.



Skill matchup in my opinion, the one that gets her burst of the fastest wins the trades. The game can be very hard for you if you can't deal with her. If you really want to beat her try counter ganking or just avoid her, ward her jungle and gank lanes when she isn't near. In teamfights she will not be as strong as she was in the early or mid game just like Evelynn. Elise will most likely try to make plays with her Cocoons and try to pick on your carries, so ward around and make sure you know where she is.



Not hard, u clear better and your ganks are better, he is really annoying to fight tho. Also his counter ganks are god, he can just wait in a bush and ult in out of nowhere. Pre six he wont do much he is probably just going to farm till six and wait for a chance to gank, make sure you counter jungle him and try to steal buffs because a fiddle without blue is quite useless. In teamfights you need to be very carefull, try to split up a bit and keep vision everywhere, if he fails his ult he will be useless the whole fight. Not a hard matchup you just need to play it right, Oh and buy merc treads if he constantly fears you in fights.



Gragas is a very difficult matchup for Evelynn. His ganks are super strong and he has a ton of cc. They only way to beat him is to outgank him and just straight up outjungle him. You also have chances into dueling him if you spot him in the jungle and sneak up on him. Just make sure you gank alot and ward his jungle so your team knows where he might be. His teamfigting is also very strong, he can catch people very easily with his Explosive Cask and cc them until they're dead.



He doesn't have hard cc at all, but still can be really annoying when u are to close to him, he can catch up to you pretty easy and stick to you as well. More of an annoying match up than an Hard one. He also can pull of some good teamfight engages with his ult. Definitely hard to deal with. Make sure you pressure him alot in the early game since that will be the point where is very squishy.


Jarvan IV

This matchup is going to be insanely hard, he has really strong auto attacks and his kit makes it even harder. Just make sure u countergank and play more safe vs him. You can beat him you just need to be ahead because i gett pooped on by alot of Jarvan's in soloq. The biggest reason for that is he can stick to you really well with the AoE slow and the EQ combined with the ult. Late game is going to be hard for you too since he he will build tanky and still do decent damage where you will fall off very hard if you go tank.



If you ever have the match up against this guy, don't worry it takes alot of time for him to get his core items in the jungle and those core items are expensive making him very squishy when behind. He is kinda forced to do really well or farm alot. You will probably barely see this guy tho since there are just better picks. You can just outgank him and get you're solo laners fed before he is doing any good.



You actually have the chance to kill him pre six when you got everything up and you're more healthier than him. So try looking for a window to kill him. After six you shouldn't come near him anymore, he's gonna do alot of dmg with his Q's it's a pain to deal with. He simply at that point is just going to win fights 1v1 or 2v2 doesn't matter, he is just going to be way stronger.


Lee Sin

This guy will poop on you early game, if it's a good Lee he will counter jungle the shit out of you, so keep warding the jungle entrances and don't come any close to this guy early game. You probably will also lose any 2v2 or 1v1 you engage depending if he hits his skillshots and the time in when you kill him. You just have to kinda gank other lanes when he's not around or counter gank if you see the oppurtunity. Also make sure you watch his item build, 1 dmg item into full tank lee will not do as much damage but will still be a threat because of the mobility. Lee also just has way more outplay potential than Evelynn making it easier to carry games for him if he's an experienced Lee Sin



A very hard matchup early game, his 2v2's are just going to be stronger since you can't like juke his snare so he will always catch you. His ganks are super hard to pull off though so you probably wont see him much in the jungle but when you do all you have to do is make sure you pressure lanes and counter gank. His late game is really strong when he catches someone squishy, just make sure your carries are safe to be able to deal as much damage as possible.


Master Yi

He's actually pretty good versus Eve. He will most likely build full dmg with alot of ms in his item path. It's going to be very hard for you to run from him or fight him. He will probably farm alot early game so you have to make sure your laners get fed to deal with him. Having cc in your team also helps alot or else he's going to be a problem. This guy would be very good against disorganized teams, It depends alot on how your team plays it making this a medium matchup.



This guy is extremely annoying and he has a easy way of ganking lanes, always ping lanes if this guy is coming for a gank. Also the cc makes it very hard to come close to him and his mates, keep trying to counter jungle here and there and shut him down early, you got to keep this guy busy at all time or else he will get his lanes fed before you can. I think the main problem for him though is that his clear is really bad and his base stats are not that good, this will make it easier for you to deal with him and i found his teamfighting not that good either i mean yes he does got some cc but he isn't like a Vi or an Elise who have cc, gapclose and damage.




So a couple things to know a about this matchup is that you both have similair health pools, so you're both very squishy. The difference between you and Nidalee are though is that your ganks are easier to pull off, but she has more mobility. She also clears pretty easily and has sustain while clearing. You will probably see her roaming around the map alot to try and pressure lanes. All you need to do is make sure you keep vision of her, this includes warding camps and getting scuttle crab. Nidalee is a champion that snowballs really easy once she gets a couple kills early, so if you deny her the ganks to snowball you will be fine. I would say this is a skill matchup, the player who plays the best early game wins. Her late game can be good if she's good at landing her spears to poke but she struggles alot against getting engaged on so that's a thing to know.



He's very hard to deal with if you meet him in the jungle, his fear keeps you very close to him and his Duskbringer also helps alot. Altough your level 1 Dark Frenzy on Evelynn gives more ms than his level 4 Duskbringer it's gonna be hard for him to get to you if he doesn't see you in time. His ult makes it even harder for you to escape/kite him, just don't ever try to 2v2 or gank a lane when he's near to counter gank because hes just way stronger than you. His spell shield also pops instantly when spamming Hate Spikes giving him the attack speed buff right away. In teamfights, stick together and peel for the carries and make sure no one gets killed by him.



Nunu himself is a very tanky champion looking at base stats, it's going to be hard for you to kill him since Evelynn her base stats got reduced, but it's hard for him to kill you too because u simply can Dark Frenzy out of his Ice Blast. He probably will counter jungle though, since he has a ton of buff control, always keep jungle entrances warded, and try to team up to kill him and you should be fine. He's also not that good late game



He will wreck you, you need to be extremely fed to be able to beat him. His constant spamming of axes makes it very easy for him to catch up with you, and if he is in range to AA he will hurt so bad that you don't want to come near him ever again, he will just stomp you early. He's going to fall of late game tho since he will just build full tank and wil not do that much anymore, so don't worry at that point in the game



You have way better clear speed, better ganks and better teamfighting. You can counter jungle him when you got vision on him. And if you counter gank him in a lane and turn on him he probably has to blow a flash or get killed.
Be carefull though, He's is faster than you when he is Powerballing and will catch up to you to taunt you, just make sure you spot him in time or get to minions to block it.



She's very hard to deal with. She can see you when she's burrowed but you can't see her if she's in a bush or not in vision for example. The problem is that if she sees you she probably will be faster than you because while being burrowed she gets movement speed and her Tunnel ability is pretty fast and long aswell. Her ganks are also very good if she hits her knockup. Also keep in mind that her ult makes it very easy for her to counter gank and turn a gank around. So make sure the tunnels near the lane you want to gank are destroyed. Overall Rek'Sai is just going to be more overwhelming than Evelynn is because you don't have alot of tools to stop her early power. Just make sure she doesn't get too much free space because she will fall off late game if she goes tanky.



This guys is a tough one, he is kinda a similar to Eve when it comes to ganking since he also has a stealth but he has way more damage and cc early on. You need to make sure you ward his camps early game to see where is going to gank so you can prepare a counter gank. I also wouldn't really gank when Rengar is near since he can cleanup very easy if needed, let you be a surprise for him to see you in lane counter ganking instead of the other way around. Also, his ult makes him see you even when in stealth so keep that in mind.
His late game is going to be harder for him since he has to look for targets to kill so make sure you group up as soon as possible so he can't catch people. Once grouped up it's going to be really hard for him to get picks since most Rengar players will go full ad and so they will have to dive in your team for kills.



Can be hard to deal with because of the high amounts of cc. The good thing is that you're able to clear her slows so it will be easier for you to deal with her if played correctly. This matchup comes down on who the better player is. Another problem is that her teamfights are way more impactful, and she gets insanely tanky for you. Make sure she doesn't get her team too far ahead and counter gank as much as possible. 



A good Shaco will dominate you. You need to make sure you build correctly against him. Most Shaco players just go full damage and look for picks. Since you both have stealth mechanics it's easier to gank lanes. Make sure you either counter gank, your lanes don't feed to hard or camp a lane Shaco isn't camping. His late game will decide if he's a good Shaco or not.



She will probably just camp her jungle and farm that untill she gets her core items. You gotta somehow (just like the other junglers) get your laners snowballing so they can deal with her or decide the game before she gets the sated devourer. Just make sure you pick one of these options and hope you'll be able to handle her. She's most likely going to be very strong once she has her core. So the only thing you can do is pray she fucks up.



Ah the Troll, He's kinda easy to kite since Dark Frenzy gives more ms and if you make sure you cleanse the slow from the Pillar. He will probably also get BotRK wich makes it easier for him to fight you, he also wins duels because he steals your ad wich also means your Hate Spike and Ravage do less damage, so don't try to fight him. The good part is that you will do better in teamfights because he has a more tanky item path to go.



This guy beats you very hard and will always win any 2v2's or 1v1's, you can kite him very well tho since your Dark Frenzy speed is faster than his Bear Stance. You just have to make sure you ward jungle entrances when he is going to counter jungle, Udyr is very vulnerable against hard cc so catching him off guard is a free kill. Just like the rest with the junglers either shut him down or camp a lane. If you do this you will be fine since Udyr gets kited easily and will fall off late game because his item path.



Vi is very strong against Eve. She will always beat you no matter what. However you might be able to beat her 1v1 if she doesn't get much damage because she is very reliant on hitting her Vault Breaker and having a couple early kills also helps alot. You need to be carefull though, Vi can still do alot of damage despite being tanky. Also, she has two gap closers making it very easy for her teammates to get to you.



You probably can't beat this guy 1v1 he will have his passive up and just rape you, i recommend you bring ignite vs him. A good thing is though, Your Dark Frenzy and his Rolling Thunder give the same movementspeed bonus at level 1 and Dark Frenzy, so he will be kiteable. You probably also will do better in teamfights since he doesn't have that much cc and relies on his bite to do alot of damage.



Not that hard for Evelynn, you kite him pretty well and he doesnt have enough cc to kill you. Shouldn't be a problem for you but a much bigger problem for your team. Also, you just need to make sure you gank alot in the laning phase because this is the time Warwick is still farming up.


Xin Zhao

Very strong before and after Sated devourer, he will most likely will win fights from you if he has his abilities up. He only has one gap closer though which he needs to use wisely before going in. Just don't fight him and never 2v2 since his kit is so strong in dueling. His teamfighting is not that good though since he lacks cc and strong engage.



Alot better since the buffs and the Cinderhulk enchant, same story with Sejuani though, since they're both similar champions.

Who am I/Bio Back to Top

Hi i'm Darcew and i decided to make a Evelynn guide, i'm currently Diamond and still play her to this day. I already have around 1000 Games under my belt over the seasons (including normal games and games on smurf accounts) as evelynn including the roles Mid and Jungle. I started playing Eve in the midlane when she got her kit reworked and buffed, however after a while she got nerfed and was really horrible in lane against most of the matchups making her very situational, so i quit playing her for a long time. And so around April/May 2013 i saw Diamonprox with the jungle Evelynn burn build i was really excited to try it for myself, i already was playing alot of jungle at the time so trying her out and climbing the ladder was no problem for me. I climbed from Silver I to Platinum in one season. Also, i've been playing this game since mid Season 1 so i have quite some knowledge of the game but i still have alot to learn.

Season 4 stats

Understand the champion Back to Top

Getting used to her skillset can take you some time, but i will say it pays off good. Evelynn either dominates or will have no impact in the game at all, it really depends on how well you play the early game.

Pros and Cons of Evelynn.

- Her passive makes Ganking really easy
- Can soak up alot of damage in tf's with Agony's Embrace while not being that tanky
- Her Dark Frenzy clears any Slows and resets on kill/assist
- A fast jungle speed
- Can walk past 2044_32.png when counter jungling or ganking
- Able to Snowball out of control
- Can carry as a jungler
- Able to proc this passive 1402.png super fast with spamming Hate Spikes and the movement speed from Dark Frenzy

- Very squishy early on
- Gets very low in the jungle when doing her first clear
- Strong early game invaders such as 64_64.png and 20_64.png can screw her up really hard
- When Evelynn falls behind she gets very useless
- Weak vs hard cc
- Mana hungry if you don't make good use of her passive
- No CC pre 6
- Has trouble killing tanks (without having BoRK or any penetration)

Things to know about Evelynn.

- Dueling: 4/10
Note that i'm talking about the early levels of Eve here, Evelynn is a meh dueler, yes you can beat people but not when you are not fed yet. There are just too many junglers who are just way more stronger than Eve at early levels.

- Ganking: 8/10
Evelynn's ganking potential is amazing because her stealth and since the pink ward change it's even more easy to gank lanes, but i still gave this a 8/10 the reason for that is she has no cc pre 6 and nerfs to her base damage on Hate Spike, meaning that it will make it a bit harder to gank lanes.

- Counter Jungling: 7/10
I would say a 7/10 is fair enough for Evelynn, you can sneak past any wards and you clear camps pretty well buy tough you lose alot of hp in the progress. Another problem is that there are alot of Champions that beat you early game so it makes it a bit harder to clear camps with them being around. But you shouldn't worry too much about that, they won't see you entering their jungle if they don't have any pinks.

- Wave clear: 5/10
Evelynn has a decent wave clear, You can just walk backwards and spam Hate Spike on the wave. Unfortunately you can't hit the whole wave with Hate Spike and it doesn't do as much burst, however your attack speed steroid from your Ravage also helps alot with wave clearing.

- Teamfighting: 7/10
Evelyn has decent teamfighting, you have good engage, tankyness from your ultimate, mobility and just contstant damage. Being able to flank and catch people off guard is also really good.

Tips/Tricks on playing Evelynn Back to Top

1. Evelynn has no CC pre 6 so always try to position yourself behind the target with Stealth to pull of a good gank. 

2. Always ward the entrance of your jungle vs heavy invaders to spot them while they counter jungle, and stay waiting in stealthed while your teammates arrive.

3. Don't worry if you take the kill from a gank, Eve is one of the few junglers who can carry as a jungler due her kit and high burst, just make sure you don't take all the kills of course. 

4. If you gank someone from behind with stealth, make sure you run with him and auto attack, don't just stand there, but walk in between doing auto attacks and cast spells, this way it's easier to close the gap when he flashes and let you secure a kill way easier.

5. Make sure you don't forget that your Dark Frenzy gets a reset when you get a kill or assist, this way it's very easy to keep chasing fleeing enemies.

6. Remember to use Ravage on nearby minions when hitting turrets/inhibs for the attack speed bonus.

7. Using Dark Frenzy while being exhausted not only gives you the movement speed buff but also removes the slow.

8. When ganking a lane, don't instantly use your Dark Frenzy but wait for them to use their cc slow to cleanse it. If they don't have any slows you can just use it to catch up if they run away.

9. When having the Baron buff, you can stealth push the minion wave. What i mean with this is that the minions you're near get the actuall buff without you needing to get out of stealth making it very unnoticable when nobody is near to clear the wave.

10. Cloud, Infernal and Ocean Drake are all very good on Evelynn, make sure to prioritize these dragons in the game, they can help you snowball alot.

11. Make sure to pink the bushes close to the lane where you're camping to get control for easier ganking and to be sure that there is no enemy pink in that bush.

First jungle clear routes Back to Top


This route is very safe to pick if you want to secure your buffs as soon as possible and want your bot lane to help you out with your first camp.

Blue side: Red (Smite it, or hold if smiteless for red) -> Wolves -> Blue -> Gank mid/top

Red side: Blue (Smite it, or hold if smiteless for red) -> Wolves -> Red -> Gank mid/top


There is a good chance this will work out if you communicate well enough with your laners to secure a kill or blow multiple summoners. Always worth a try and can be very game deciding if it plays out well.

Blue side: Red (Smite, or hold for blue if good leash) -> Wolves -> Blue -> Gank mid/bot

Red side: Blue (Smite, or hold for red if good leash) -> Wolves -> Red -> Gank mid/top


I have actually not done this clear yet because all the other clears are better for Evelynn right now, if you want to try this clear out make sure to minimize the damage you get from camps by kiting and maybe even consider starting with 3 pots.

Blue side: Red (Smite) -> Krugs -> Razorbeaks -> Wolves -> Blue

Red side: Blue (Smite) -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Razorbeaks -> Red


Early Game Back to Top

You have to play it very good at this point, you are very squishy and can't duel junglers that good yet, so this is the time to run in as stealth and gank a lane to get your laner fed (or yourself of course). Be carefull for counter ganks tho, they can mess your early game or your whole game pretty hard so you have to know where their jungler is. Keep looking around the map if the enemey placed wards and try to make plays. Also ask your Support to keep pinking everything so you know for Sure you can gank with no trouble.

Remember that it can always be a big risk when you gank a lane and you're not sure where the opponent their jungler, because if the jungler is there and he does counter gank, there is a big chance you will lose it, Evelynn isn't strong in going for straight 2v2's.

Mid Game Back to Top

Small skrimishes are happening. You probably already got a couple kills, have most of the items that will boost your damage alot and you also have a easier time dueling their jungler. You're really strong at this point, always try to look for opportunities to gank botlane and get Drake. Also try to buy as much wards as possible, as Eve you are really strong at catching people and killing them, if you spot someone alone ping your team to come and kill him. At this point you might also want to look for a defensive item if someone on their team is doing good.

Late Game Back to Top

Evelynn her damage at this point is going to fall off if you don't go full ad/ap, you will mostly be buying defensive items at this point so you're going to lack damage. Just make sure you aim for the 5 man shield, flank and peel for the carries because you can't go for their carries anymore. And keep doing the same thing as you would do in the midgame, place deep wards in the jungle and catch people who are alone. Also keep taking as much objectives as possible.

History buffs/nerfs to Evelynn Back to Top

Patch 6.17

Agony's Embrace

R - Agony's Embrace
  • Cooldown: 1̶5̶0̶ ̶/̶ ̶1̶2̶0̶ ̶/̶ ̶9̶0̶  -> 120 / 100 / 80
This is a pretty good change for the early game, cause in most cases the early game matters the most in games. So because it got buffed from 150 seconds to a 120 seconds cooldown it'll only help you decide games even more in the early game.

Patch 5.20 (14-10-2015)


W - Dark Frenzy
  • Cost: 0̶ ̶M̶a̶n̶a̶  -> 40 Mana
This can be a big problem for Evelynn in some situations. Early on while clearing camps this won't matter that much since Hunter's Talisman gives you some mana back and you will be regenerating mana in between camps. In fights, this change matters much more, you will be spamming alot of abilities reducing the cd of Dark Frenzy and thus using it more, you also don't have time to hop in stealth and regen mana mid teamfight. This change is also dependent how good you are at managing your mana on Evelynn.

Patch 5.14 (22-07-2015


Q - Hate Spike
  • Damage: 4̶0̶/̶5̶5̶/̶7̶0̶/̶8̶5̶/̶1̶0̶0̶ -> 40/50/60/70/80
These nerfs damaged tank Evelynn alot since all tank eve works with is base damage. For ad and ap eve this matters less since you will be buying dmg anyway, you will just hit less when you don't have alot of dmg yet. This will be unnoticable once you get your dmg items going.

  • Slow: 3̶0̶/̶5̶0̶/̶7̶0̶%̶ -> 40/60/80%
This slow is going to be insane once you got rank 3 ult. Because Evelynn doesn't have much damage on her ult, that exra slow buff works really well. 

Before anyone asks if Evelynn is still viable. Yes, her kit just makes it really annoying to play against her, these changes just made it so tank evelynn isn't that good anymore and it will force people to build damage to be usefull.


Patch 5.7 (08-04-2015)


Q - Hate Spike
  • Damage: 3̶0̶/̶4̶5̶/̶6̶0̶/̶7̶5̶/̶9̶0̶ -> 40/55/70/85/100
This is what Evelynn really needs, just straight up damage buffs, so it's definitely a good buff.


Patch 5.6 (25-03-2015)


Passive - Shadow Walk
  • Cooldown on entering stealth: 6̶ ̶s̶e̶c̶o̶n̶d̶s̶ -> 6/5/4/3 seconds (at level 1/6/11/16)
Pretty nice buff IMO, this makes alot of things easier while playing Evelynn because faster stealth = faster mana regeneration and stealth in general is just an OP mechanic so getting in stealth faster is a very nice thing to have.


W - Dark Frenzy
  • S̶p̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶h̶i̶t̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶l̶o̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶p̶a̶s̶s̶i̶v̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶g̶r̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶o̶v̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶e̶d̶
  • Spell hits now lower Dark Frenzy's cooldown by 1 second
I'm not sure if i like this change, the movement speed stacking buff was really good for chasing, now you have to spam spells to get it off cooldown to chase or get a kill or assist, on the other side with max cdr this spell will get very spammable, i have yet to see if this is either a buff or a nerf to her.

Overall she needs some damage buffs to spells or changes to her to make her viable again, this just didn't give her the power back that she had :/


Patch 5.1 (15-01-2015)


Passive - Shadow Walk
  • Mana regeneration while stealthed: +̶1̶̶̶%̶̶̶ ̶̶̶m̶̶̶a̶̶̶x̶̶̶i̶̶̶m̶̶̶u̶̶̶m̶̶̶ ̶̶̶m̶̶̶a̶̶̶n̶̶̶a̶̶̶ ̶̶̶p̶̶̶e̶̶̶r̶̶̶ ̶̶̶s̶̶̶e̶̶̶c̶̶̶o̶̶̶n̶̶̶d̶̶̶ -> +2% missing mana per second
This is OK but also doesn't do alot. In long skrimishes or fights you're just gonna run out of mana because you can't pop in stealth real quick if you need too. You're still kinda force to buy a mana item like Iceborn or Frozen Heart to not run out of mana al the time without using passive

E - Ravage
  • S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶l̶o̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶p̶p̶l̶y̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶e̶f̶f̶e̶c̶t̶s̶ -> Strikes now apply on-hit effects
There is not much i can say about this change. I feel like its pretty self-explanatory. Rushing something like a Trinity Force is actually decent to do imo, or any sheen item since it lets your E burst harder.

Patch 4.20 (20-11-2014) 

  • Base Armor: 2̶2̶,̶7̶2̶ -> 26.5
  • Armor Growth Stat: 4̶ -> 3.8
Honestly, these changes did nothing for Evelynn, she needs more buffing for her to be a viable jungler again. This just didn't do the job.

Patch 4.13 (30-07-2014)


Q - Hate Spike
  • Magic Damage: 4̶̶̶0̶̶̶/̶̶̶6̶̶̶0̶̶̶/̶̶̶8̶̶̶0̶̶̶/̶̶̶1̶̶̶0̶̶̶0̶̶̶/̶̶̶1̶̶̶2̶̶̶0̶̶̶ -> 30/45/60/75/90
  • Ability Power Ratio: 0̶.̶4̶5̶ -> 0.35/0.40/0.45/0.50/0.55
  • Bonus Attack Damage Ratio: 0̶.̶5̶ -> 0.5/0.55/0.6/0.65/0.70
  • Mana Cost: 1̶6̶/̶2̶2̶/̶2̶8̶/̶3̶4̶/̶4̶0̶ -> 12/18/24/30/36
These changes to Evelynn hit her quite hard. Her early game dueling potential and clear are worse now because of the base damage going down. However, her scaling per level has gone up after getting rank 3 in Hate Spike meaning that building damage right now is more rewarding on her. Her mana costs have also been buffed wich is quite nice.

I would say these changes nerfed her more than buffing because not many people build damage on her so the scalings don't matter as much.

Patch 4.2 (10-02-2014)


Q - Hate Spike
  • Re-adjusted missile speed to more consistently hit close targets (now has a high initial missile speed that rapidly decelerates as it travels)
So basically they reverted the last nerf (Missle speed back to 2000) and made it so that it will decrease the missle speed over the duration. This change was needed in my opinion, it was kinda strange they nerfed that in the first place anyway so this is a good buff.

Patch 4.1 (15-01-2014)


Q - Hate Spike
  • Missile speed reduced to 1250 (from 2000)
So let's start with her Q, to be honest it looks this nerf was pretty harsh to Evelynn, but it's not that bad. Evelynn herself is a very mobile champion, you will 9/10 times always hit your Hate Spike because you can get close to an enemy very well with stealth, Dark Frenzy and with the ms bonus on hit with Dark Frenzy.


E - Ravage
  • Damage changed to physical (from magic)
This was in the long run quite a hit for her, in later patches her base damages got nerfed aswell. I feel like this nerf just destroyed alot of potental build paths wich were really good on her. Building magic pen on her is just not that good anymore wich is bad because Evelynn normally never bought any armor pen so now building any kind of penetration is just a waste of money forcing her to atleast buidl tanky.


R - Agony's Embrace
  • Now grants the shield instantly (instead of 0.5 seconds later after the projectiles return to her)
This is actually a really good change on Evelynn and i really like this change, i had alot of situations where i just get my shield too late to tank all the damage and end up dying, so this change is really good if u want to quickly block high amounts of damage.

Changelog Back to Top

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- Recommended Precision instead of Intelligence in the mastery tree.

[03-01-2016]: - Updated the Gragas matchup.
- Updated the Lee Sin matchup.
- Did some changes with some updates what i think about certain items in the author notes of the Items section.
- Added an AD Core and an AD End Build to the Items section.

[16-01-2016]: - Did some description changes for a couple items in the author notes of the Items section.
- Removed Luden's Echo in the item builds.

[03-02-2016]: - Swapped Refillable Potion to just regular potions for the standard start in the Items section.

[29-02-2016]: - Added the Farsight Orb to the Items section.

[09-03-2016]: - Changed the Nidalee matchup difficulty from Easy to Medium.
- Added Lich Bane to the Items section.

[17-03-2016]: - Changed the title from section Recent changes to Evelynn to History buffs/nerfs to Evelynn.

[19-05-2016]: - Updated the Items section to appeal to the current meta.
- Added author notes to the Masteries section.

[27-07-2016]: - Added Hextech Protobelt-01 to the Items section.

[04-12-2016]: - Updated the Masteries section with the description to the current patch.
- Updated the Items section to items used in the current meta.
- Updated the Tips/Tricks on playing Evelynn section to the current patch.
- Removed the Jungle Buffs section.
- Updated the title.
- Updated the History buffs/nerfs to Evelynn with the recent patches

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