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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngFlash is basically the best summoner spell in this game. Let's you get out of sticky situation or to engage on someone. For most unexperienced Evelynn players I would recommend taking flash because playing without it takes a lot of time to get used to.

11.pngSmite because you absolutely need that in the jungle right now. I don't really have to explain why because if you think smite is optional for jungler that means you are too stupid to be taught anything.

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Masteries Back to Top

Those are the masteries I use with Evelynn every single game. With the recent nerf to Thunderlord's Decree and the buff to almost every other keystone I had to try them all. Yes you do proc TD simply by using your E and Q but that is the only time in the game where thunderlord is better. The moment you teamfight or do a 1v1 (vs anyone who isn't an adc with 1.5k hp) Fervor of Battle is so much better than thunderlord's decree. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just too dumb to think outside the box and look at the stats fervor provides.  

I put a point in Bounty Hunter because I will always kill at least 3 different people every game and since I build hybrid I will get that % damage on both my AD and my AP.

3 points in Battering blows and 2 in Piercing Thoughts because I my damage at the end of every game is always around 65% AD and 35% AP.

The moment you teamfight or do a 1v1 Fervor of battle is so much better than thunderlord's decree. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just too dumb to think outside the box and look at the stats fervor provides.  

P.S. Here is a secret nobody knows about Evelynn. Her evelynnE.png gives you 5 stacks of fervor of battle whenever you hit and enemy champion because her E is a double AA (auto-attack). So you get 2 stacks form your 2 melee attacks and 1 stack from using the spell evelynnE.png (a nerf because E used to give 6 stacks).  To make it simple, you get 84 on hit physical damage only by using E when you are level 18. It becomes 112 damage at level 18 after you do E-Q, which should take you about 0.3 you realise how broken that is?

P.S.2 No one gets 8 stacks of fervor faster than Evelynn (no not even yi). E--Q-AA (roughly 2 seconds) give 8 stacks.

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Always max Q with 28.png because it has a 1.5 seconds cooldown at level 1. But it doesnt decrease unless you get cooldown reduction. So with my build you will spam your Q each second with 40% cooldown reduction and it will be a real perma slow.

Always max E second because it's your only other source of damage. Notice this spell procs on-hit-effects. So if you have a 3057.png and let's say a 3074.png you will proc the sheen and the 2 times the passive of ravenous because it's a double AA spell. Once you get your 8 fervor stacks each E will proc the extra damage twice.

Max W last. Fun thing about W is that it's an extra movement speed when you have movement speed items like 3078.png 3100.png or even 3087.png(it does work well on Evelynn but I don't recommend it) you will get extra % movement speed base on what that item is already providing you.

Don't forget that W cancels any slow applied on 28.png. So when you gank or when you chase someone, always wait for the to use their slow first ( a great example would be ganking a 51.png : wait for her to use E otherwise you are just wasting your time and you won't catch her).

Put a point in R whenever it is available : level 6-11-16. With bruiser hybrid Evelynn (don't know what else to call this build) you won't one shot their ADC as you would do with AP Evelynn. You are more of a teamfight champ even though you are super strong in 1v1. So you can be the one who engages for your team (the enemy team never expects it). Try to flank and land your R on the most people you can to get a great HP shield (plus an 80% aoe slow) and start focusing their squishies. If no one focuses you you will kill their ADC and even if they do focus you...they can't one shot you so you just use your W and run while your teammates collapse on them...then you go back into the fight and finish what you started :)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Buy this as soon as you can and either ward the enemy jungle if their jungler is bad and you want to pick him off or just use it to protect one of your laner (either mid or top). I ignore bot lane because they should both get one and wards for themselves

Core Items

    1. This is what i try to rush in the will need hunter's potion because you don't have the mana sustain provided by runic echoes. Sheen is a must on any evelynn build
    2. Most of the games you will either need mercury's treads or ninja tabi (when they have a full ad comp).
    3. My third item is always this one unless I can buy Triforce in a single back. Gives you great chase potential and with CDR (its a real perma slow) not like ap eve
    4. This is my fourth does so much damage with eve because she makes good use of everyspell...the momement speed boost when you aa plus the rylai makes you almost impossible to kite
    5. fifth item every game. It is so cheap and gives you a great amount of tankiness plus you can all in their whole team die and you come back for that sweat quadra kill (support will steal your penta)
    6. Good 6th item in most games. the passive works extremely well with eve's passive
    This is my most common late game build even though i rarely get to that point
    If you want the full AD build because your team already have 2 ap carries

Situational Items

    good as a 6th item when they have a cc engage (annie, leona, malphite etc)
    Some games (maybe like 10% of them) I will buy Iceborn Gauntlet because they have a full AD comp and mostly because of of them is super fed (like a graves jungle)
    This item is a lot of fun to have on evelynn. E procs the passive twice and with the bonus attack speed from E its a powerful item (get this instead of Rylai if you have a full ap comp)

For those who thinks : AD eve can't one shot it's bad in teamfights etc etc...

You are right on one thing...I cant properly one shot an ADC with just E-Q... I have to E-Q and 2 aa to one shot. So it takes around 2-3 seconds to kill an ADC instead of 1 sec but you can fight tanks with this build...which you cannot do with the new meta Evelynn build (runic/protobelt/rylai).

The difference is I can go into teamfights like a tank and still do tremendous damage while being really tanky. One cc doesnt mean I will get blown like AP eve.

You can pretty much 1v1 anyone is the game with the redsmite (champs to avoid going 1v1 : jax/yasuo/shyvana/vayne) 
You can beat anyone else 1v1

This is a game from my smurf account which I am trying to climb...It was a 4v5 almost all game and it was plat 1 elo

Hope it gives you a great example of what my build can do :)


Here is also a picture of when I started doing this build


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If you are red side always go for his red after you get a smiteless leash from your bot lane (they all start top side) so you get a free red buff and then you ward the brush next to his raptors and you wait for him and try to kill him.

If you are blue side just farm up because they won't ever come for you




Elise is really hard to deal with because with Evelynn we don't have a dash so unless we use our 4.png or that she is awful she will mostly always land her E and her burst is incredible.

Once you have redsmite she becomes so much easier to deal with and you can beat her anytime.

She's always full HP in jungle because of her eliseW.png so invading her is not a good idea. If you wanna do it then only try when you are on the red smite (get a smiteless leash) and go steal her red with smite and then fight her.




He is no threat to you but you gotta keep in mind : your teammates are too dumb to ward vs him so you have to ward for them and tell them where you think Fiddlesticks is at all time. 

If you manage to steal his first blue buff or even his second...he's gonna be super behind and it's gonna be hard for him to farm his jungle.

Get the 3363.png as soon as you hit level 9 and when a teamfight is about to happen use it to show your teammates where Fiddlesticks is so they can back up before they all die




You should always ask to have Graves banned... this is littrealy the most busted jungler I've ever seen in 4 season of league after skarner in season 5 with his 64% win rate.

You don't ever fight graves 1v1. You will never win until you have Warrior/Rylai/Gauntlet (no Triforce vs this guy).

Try to ward his jg so your laners don't die to him so he can't snowball like the braindead champion he is.

If he's about to counter gank you you are better off just leaving.




Unless Hecarim goes glass canon he is easy to beat 1v1. 

He will never invade you and he's always fulll hp in the jungler so you can't kill him early game.

Rylai will be a great item to counter to him because when he has a low movespeed he gets litteraly 0 bonus AD from his passive.

I'd say help your ADC kill him in a 5v5 because he will almost always get the best of your adc and you don't want that. When he is dead you can now go chase their back line.


Jarvan IV


He's very easy to invade in his jungle at all time. Just wait for him to use jarvanivdemacianstandard.png jarvanivdragonstrike.png first then go on him.

If he goes glass canon Jarvan then I would recommend peeling your teammates and when he his dead you go chase their back line.

Try to not stay too close to your teammates so he doesn't imprison you in his jarvanivcataclysm.png




This guy is a total nightmare...what I will do keep my ward and when I try to take my first buff I will kite it one way and ward the other so I can see if he is trying to invade me...If he does I will fight him next to the camp to not give him his isolation passive.

If you are on red side side and you are feeling cocky you can try to invade a Kha'Zix...just wait till he uses his Q and W on the red buff then you can all in him (50-50 chance of you dying there)




If you get a lead vs Kindred ALWAYS invade him especially if he doesn't have ult. He's so weak without it.

When he has ult try to hold on to yours as long as you can. When his kindredR.png is about to give health to everyone in it it's time to use your evelynnR.png so you will win vs him everytime before he dashes out and his kindredW.png finishes you off




If you see this guy in the jungle you gotta shut him down early and always keep invading him.

Ward his jungle at all times and ping your teammates to come help you.

Once he gets 3 items and you don't have hard CC vs him the game is pratically over. So you have to shut him down early


Lee Sin


Lee sin is only dangerous if he has thunderlord's decree. You will have to ward your jg early to prevent him from killing you. If he invades you with strenght of the ages just all in him and you will win (don't forget to ping for help too :) )

Late game lee sin is annoying because you can never kill this guy. There are only 2 outcomes of fighting a lee sin 1v1 : A- you die B-he realises he can't kill you and will kick you away and the leave

You don't have to be afraid of lee sin with this Eve build


Master Yi


It's almost impossible for you to 1v1 this guy the moment he gets level 6.

Try to gank the most you can before level 6 and hope you can snowball off of that.

If the game is still 0-0 after he has reached his level 6 and you don't have hard cc on your side I'd say the game is over.




This champ is high on my most hated champion list.

Her mobility is simply ridiculous so you need to get that 3116.png ASAP if you wanna be able to do anything vs her.

She's most likely going to invade you at your first buff (doesn't matter which side you are on). So put a ward in the brush next to your first buff and dodge her Q at all cost or she will get 2 W in cougar form and you will have to flash or die. She snowballs easily and I would recommend putting as much wards as you can so your teammates can see her coming from afar.




Nocturne is so easy to kill in hist Q because of his long cooldowns. Try to invade him at his first buff and don't use your evelynnE.png on his nocturneshroudofdarkness.png or you won't kill him. If you can bait his W then he will have to flash and you get his juicy first buff.

Then ward his jungle and harass him whenever his Q is on cooldown.

He can't beat you 1v1 mid/late game because of your redsmite even if he his glass canon so don't be afraid of him and get 3363.png once you get level 9 and use it when you think he's about to ult from his jungle to reveal him




With the recent buff he his one of the most annoying jungler to go up against. You can 1v1 him at any point in the game but it will take you 15 seconds minimum.

Ward your jungle's entrances and try to catch him up with your teammates when he wants to steal one of your camps.

Tell your bot lane to ward drag at all time so he can't solo it (it hurts when he solos an Infernal Drake at 6 min into the game)

If your bot lane is too dumb to do it place a ward behind the dragon so if he sweeps he might miss it




It is World's time so might come across a Olaf jungle (don't worry you will never see it until next year at World's).

If you are red side ask for a smiteless leash and go take his red (he's most likely to start blue anyway).

If you come across this guy early game just 1v1 him you will always win if you have the same amount of HP




If this guy is playing 100% meta..he's gonna rush that point they always think they can 1v1 an Evelynn but you will always come out on top.

Destroy as much of his tunnels as possible to prevent him from ulting to it.

Once he has cinderhulk and 3748.png he's pretty hard to duel so I try to avoid it as much as I possibly can...

He counters your invisibility when he's underground don't forget it




A good Shaco is always a pain in the ass and everyone know that. If they have ignite or exhaust just ward when you are about to do your first buff so your team can see him and collapse on him since he doesn't have 4.png.

If he has Flash then you can simply do your camps he won't be invading you early.

Tell one of your laner to ward your 2nd buff before going to lane. So if Shaco goes to steal your 2nd buff just ignore won't reach him in time and you will never kill him 1v1 so just take his 2nd buff to make it even. It will tilt him (they aren't used to being counter jungled) (is that a word??)




This guy is so tanky that it's hard to kill him. I hate being fed vs him because he can always just skarnerimpale.png me and bring me to his teammates and I will get blown up most of the time.

IF he focuses you and only IF, you can buy a 3140.png. Other than that you can 1v1 him anytime. Be careful if he is cheesy he can start at your opposite buff and solo it level 1 so ask your top laner to ward it before going to lane.




Vi is really really easy to invade. Most of my games i'll get first blood on her because she only has Q to fight at level 2 and it's always on cooldown from using it on the camp.

At no point in the game Vi is a threat to you.

Ward her jungle and harass her all game if her 4.png is down.


Xin Zhao


Meh...He won't invade you and you can't kill him early because of his sustain from xenzhaobattlecry.png.

Unless he gets super ahead he's one of the most usless champs in the game.

Teamfight as much as possible vs this guy and you will win most of the times since he's easy to focus

Jungle Route Back to Top

So this is the part where most Evelynn players struggle. Most of you are low HP and jungle and you never know if you should start 2003.png or 2031.png. By going 18-0-12 in the mastery tree you avoid all that extra damage you take in the jungle. 

But you will have to learn to kite camps early on to take as less damage as possible. I always kite with my Q whenever my E is on cooldown. 

I use 3 different paths for my first jungle clear and they are all cheesy one (I go for first blood every SINGLE game)


-Tell your bot lane to let the wave push towards them so you can gank them level 3 (they love this stuff).

-Always start with your bot lane and smite the golem the moment it spawns. 

-Then you move directly to your Raptors (ward the red brush before you go so you know if you are getting invaded).

-Next you will go to your red buff and your smite will usually be up in 15 seconds at that point. Use your smite and then you will be almost full HP after 3 camps (amazing wow such technique). Then wait until you are invisible and head directly to bot lane via the tri-brush (they might have warded that brush for some reason so you wanna be invisible before you walk into it). Hope your bot lane knows how to bait and then you get behind their support or ADC and you get fb. 


RED SIDE (purple)
You got 2 possibilities from this side

1-If you think you can get first blood vs their jungler (nocturne, vi, kha'zix or any other jungler that will be low at his red buff) this is the path I use (I won't always get the first blood but at least I will get his red and his flash in most scenarios).

-Tell your bot lane you want a smiteless leash and tell them you are going to invade so they know what you are up to.

-Then you go directly to his red and if he is not doing it in the brush you will have an easy time to either kill him or take his red and leave. (If he sees you coming and he's lower HP than you you can always fight him try to smite red and leave).

-(If you killed him) Take his raptors recall and go to your red (without doing blue). He's probably gonna be tilted and will try to steal yours. Ward it and fight him again.

-(If you didn't kill him) Go back to your jungle farm up and look for ganks opportunities.

2-The path I use almost every game when I'm on red side.

-Ask your top laner to leash you and tell him you'll come top level 3 and that he has to let the wave push toward him.

-Start golems and smite the big one as soon as it spawns.

-Go directly to raptors and clear it.

-Take your red buff and smite it to get a boost of HP and head towards top lane if you can get a kill or you can pressure mid

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