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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Only a few summoner spells are an effective choice for you. Mid Eve is dependent on them like no other Champion and can easily be outplayed if you make the wrong choices. Let's go over the few most important picks and estimate the value and impact they can make.

Strongly Recommended:


Flash is probably the most important Summoner Spell in League of Legends, no other spell can show a similar history of hate and love like this special little blink. Eve has a weak part in her core design, the total lack of a hard engage and hard escape. With a range of 700 on your passive, people will spot an react to you before you can get in range for your basic damage E + Q. While the Ultimate applies a massive slow you can still get damaged or CC'd in this little time frame from being seen to bursting damage. You can chose to either use your W as a fast closup or a quick escape when you run low on health but you can't do both. That's where flash comes into play. Use it offensive for an unexpected engage on a squishy target, or use it defensive for a secure escape. In lane the combination of flash + W will always save your blue hairy ass and make you an incredible difficult target for ganks.


You're a Killer and you want to kill fast! You don't wanna see the squishy you just tried to kill escape with a fraction of his life. You don't wanna get killed by some life-leeching autoattack-whore and you don't wanna miss out damage on tanky targets if necessary. Ignite gives you the little bit of damage you need to kill a target in mid or flash + ignite a low health target under a tower. It's the little bonus that counters sustain in a fight or even whole abilities from Mundo, Trundle, Volibear, e.t.c.

Possible other choices:


Sometimes it's necessary to disable a high value target for a few seconds or get some extra CC in your team. Exhaust is definitely an underrated spell and can surprise and bait your enemy. It's the perfect counter for nearly every AD-Champion in game and the damage reduce of 40% can turn a fight in your favour. Picking Exhaust will normally give you a huge disadvantage in mid and make your weak early game even weaker. Picking Exhaust usually responds to two different problems of your champion kit. A: You don't want shit near you. B: You don't want shit escaping. As Evelynn you always want that shit near you, getting on distance from your target is usually your dead. You already got flash, movement speed and your ultimate slow to chase so what's left of Exhaust? It can save you from some serious burst, just like a well timed ultimate of yours can. It can also save your teammates from some serious burst, which is one of the only non-redundant points I see in this spell.

Not recommended:


Heal and Barrier have a similar use for you in lane and in team fights. It's to negate damage and or bait. Our basic goal in picking summoner spells should be to avoid redundancies and pick something that completes our Kit. We already got a massive shield on our Ultimate and Barrier is, up to this patch, still the worse choice over heal. Heal on the other hand is easy to counter from ignite and grievous wounds. Barrier is usually better to deal with ignite. While they can have an impact they don't complete our kit.


Teleport can have huge influences on other lanes and you will catch you, running around for ganks, earlier or later when playing Evelynn. Her biggest part about that, is the passive that will render normal wards useless. Teleport has the bad habit of being clearly visible to you and your enemy team. They will have time to react to you and that is what you don't want when playing eve. The spell can also be used to retreat from the front or return to it, making you also an effective split-pusher. This however is not goal of AP evelynn and therefore just weakens your playstyle.


I won't cover the other choices of Summoner Spells since they're normally honestly retarded picks and don't give you much benefits. If you wish to pick them - go and read another guide since you will just give yourself a hard time.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

A quick look at the most important choices.

Bounty Hunter or Oppressor?

Oppressor it is! Bounty Hunter can be a great opportunity to stack some serious damage BUT, and the but is what makes it an insecure choice, when playing eve we want consistency - relying on kills and only on unique kills is terrible for the most important game part that will often decide the outcome: The Lane.

We have a secure slow on our ultimate and later probably with Rylais or our Teammates. Every team has some kind of CC that can trigger this mastery. You can also benefit from this mastery before any kills were made on your lane.

Why Thunderlords?

Thanks to your E progging two times you can incredible easy burst and trade with thunder lords decree. It scales great into the game, completes your play style and is generally everything we want. Run to your enemy give him an E + Q + Autoattack then retreat is the way to go!

Abilities Back to Top

Stealth is what makes you a threat to the enemy squishies.  You can turn up everywhere on the map and ignore normal wards. It's great for scouting, escaping, engaging and to regenerate mana. However, it does have a very high detection range shown as a grey circle around you. The Detection range is big enough to cover most of the lane and makes sneaking around tricky.


Notice that towers will make you visible too and that with a range that goes beyond the attack radius. This is incredible important when towerdiving -> Your enemy will react to you a lot earlier than usual because of the increased time he has and the additional distance you need to cover.


 Your Q "Hatespike" is your consistent damage - your DPS. While it doesn't deal that much damage it has a low manacost and a low cooldown. Spam it to harass your enemy or last hit minions. It's a great wave clear in the later game and can reach a cooldown of >1 second with enough CDR. Notice that this spell has a travel time and can be dodged easily on bigger distances. It will priorize the target you last attacked either with autoattacks or your other spells.

Take a look at this Screenshot:

Hatespike is going for the melee minions because I attacked them just a moment ago - even if I'm standing closer to the caster minions. You can use this to manipulate the way of your spikes in a bigger minion wave to hit your enemy standing behind them. Understanding the direction of your hatespikes is a key element of playing Evelynn and is a great harass on shorter distances.


Your W is a short movement speed boost that will also cleanse you from slows. It's your way of engaging or escaping from a fight and will reset after every kill or assist and also reduce its cooldown by one second for each spell you hit. Ask yourself two questions for deciding if you wanna use it offensive or defensive:

Will my target die, either by me or by one of my teammates? Y -> Use it offensive
Can my target use any kind of CC that could bring me in a risky Situation? Y -> Use it defensive

You're a sneaky bitch and you wanna open and close fights in a fast pace. Getting away and getting in are two key elements of your play. Sometimes you wanna trade with a quick combo - retreat and reopen 6 seconds later with your stealth again. Taking fights in the right moment and running away in another will decide your lane and your game.

No long paragraph about this little gem. It's a great damage source and costs nearly no mana. Click on the enemy and watch him melt away. You still wanna level this second because the waveclear and DPS of Hatespike is more important on the lane.

Shit Damage, shit Scaling, can't kill, nice slow, nice range, awesome shield. Your ultimate is your ultimate tool of survival and engaging fights. It has a higher range than your detection range and will slow for 80% which is just incredible deadly for squishies. Never hesitate to cast this, it's most effective in the beginning of a fight. Peel away some health of your enemy midlaner and engage in surprise with your ultimate. It can block some serious damage on lower levels and increases your damage window in later teamfights. You can also use it as an escape tool due to the awesome slow.

 (And just look at this sweet range)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Recommended Start for most Matchups, mix of agressive poking and trading and defensive sustain.
    Pure defensive start for dodging skillshots and farming defensive.
    Start for lanes you can easily control or manage to survive without taking to much harass. No cons.

Core Items

    Items and components you want early. Probably on first and second backport. Mix of damage, sustain and movement speed. Boots are much needed on Eve.
    Great early Powerspike that has good synergy with e and lichbane. MY favourite first Item if I'm not behind.
    Usually bad for a first Item but can be good if you somehow get fed. You can start buying a large rod and then decide if you wanna build into a Luden's. Look at the comment about this item in the author notes.
    Great Item, probably better and safer than building a Nashors Tooth first. Gives everything you want and works well with E and Nashors Tooth. An absolute core item you want sooner or later.
    Rylais is at any point in the game a great addition. Build it last or first or whenever you want and you still made a good choice. If you don't pick a tanky item you should at least build a Rylais.
    I love this Item, the buff made it such a secure choice in most Matchups. Buy it if you take too much AP damage or just love to see squishies without MR melt away.
    Always get this from level 9. Port back and grab it as soon as you can.

Situational Items

    What a full AP build can look like.
    What a build against a strong AD team could look like.
    What a build against a lot of AP could look like.


Eve benefits from:

  • Ability Power
  • Health
  • Movement Speed
  • Magic Pen
  • CDR
  • Armor & MR

There's a difference between chosing the best and chosing the right Items. While it's true that you are here for being an AP carry in the game you should never underestimate how much eve benefits from being a little bit tanky. There's a reason why she's getting played as an AP Bruiser in the higher elo's. Sometimes it's more useful to pick some resistance over the AP. That said, let's take a closer look at some of the item choices.

Starting your Lane

Laning means suffering. You have a weak early and will be harassed by everything with range at the same time you are meant to play aggressive and get the minion farm and lane pressure going. A great choice to counter some of your weak points is to buy a corrupting potion.


While this seems like an unusual start to other midlaners it gives great sustain in health AND mana on lane. The great part about this potion is that it also helps trading agressively in early levels. It also gives some extra Q's to farm Minions and it's not a pure defensive choice like boots + healthpots would be. If you can manage the pressure in the lane you can also start doing the wraiths without losing to much health and mana. Try it, love it.


This is a rather defensive choice for lanes with skillshot-heavy champions. It helps dodging, running away and defensively farming under your tower. It's sometimes the smarter choice but in general not recommended.


Chose this when playing against an enemy you can easily manage in your lane. It's a jack of all trades and comes mostly with no disadvantages. Sooner or later you will want to get a Dorans anyway, even when starting Corrupting Potion.

Building your Core

Getting back the first time is a great moment because at this point you saw the most of your lane and know how well you can take the pressure, harass and trades. The game only gets better from here. If you farmed well and want to face against your enemy midlaner it's the best idea to buy one or two Dorans.


Sheen is always a great Addition but not necessary if you don't plan on building a lichbane. It gives you some great damage if you manage to get close to your enemy. Sorcerer's are always the better choice in boots since the extra penetration is incredible good and CDR and Movementspeed is so easily stacked from the new AP Items.

Now it's time to chose your first Core Item, the moment you finish one Item is the moment when the game really start for you so prepare with the first parts for it.


Nashors Tooth is a great Item - you may think I'm silly or shaking your head but AP Evelynn greatly benefits from this Item. It give extra damage on your E and synergies with the Attack Speed steroids. It makes your Auto attacks harder hitting and increases your overall board DPS together with the much needed CDR. You and everyone else will be surprised by the sudden damage increase. However, it's only a good choice to rush if you aren't too much behind.


Abyssal Scepter is your choice to go against every hard hitting AP midlaner with burst. Look into Annie's sad face and laugh about her, taste her tears and check out all the cool stuff it gives you. The recent buffs made it a great choice due to the CDR, AP, MR and PENETRATION. All of your spells are close hitting and the extra damage - especially against targets that don't stack MR is insanely good. In some games no other pen - item is needed.


I love Rylais! Health is a great defensive stat and can be better than resistance in the early parts of the game. Rylais offers you a permanent prog of slow to activate the Opressor Mastery and keep enemies close. It's still better taken as a second or third item. If you don't roll with a tanky situational item you should at least build rylais at some point in the game.


Lichbane offer as much if not more than a Nashors tooth. It's great addition to your E and can constantly be activated by your Q. The build parts are cheap and offer a great boost in the lane - getting a sheen and instantly rush it to a Lichbane? Awesome! Getting an E on your enemy that instantly progs lichbane and then give him a Q with thunderlords? Priceless. It also offer Movementspeed, CDR and Mana - everything you could ever ask for. You should get it at some point in the game - always.


I always watch people rushing Luden's for the early-mid boost it gives. They're right, getting a Luden's sure is a huge powerspike in the first parts of the game but it falls off rapidly the longer the game takes. It's a risky choice and I normally don't buy it until I'm absolutely sure I won the lane. Even then it's normally a better Idea to go for a Lichbane or Nashors first and buy a rod afterwards. You can then decide if you wanna build it into a Luden's or finish another Item with it. The movement speed is nice tho and the passive can absolutely wreck shit and poke when there's no sustain.

Finishing your core and building into the late

You got your core Item and with it your first Powerspike. You can now gank and fight together with your teammates or roam around the map and catch of certain targets by yourself. Now it's time to decide what your team and your game needs. Look at the enemies, who is fed or farmed and how they generally play against your team combination.

Do you noticed a lack of a front line and engage? Go tanky AP. 3116.png3001.png3157.png3152.png3190.png3143.png
Can you easily snack out some high value targets in the back line? Build AP! 3115.png3100.png3089.png
Does the enemy have a fed AD champ or a nuke combo? Life, Armor and shit. 3157.png3143.png3116.png3026.png
A lot of Poke and/or constant damage? Grab Sustain or help your team out.  3146.png3190.png


Some Item choices and when to pick

The new Build Path is terrible and you must plan out if you need it and when you need it. A good Zhonya's can negate high damage Ultimates and let the enemy waste a lot of Potential or help you engage and then instantly go nanomachine mode. Especially against AD assassins like Zed this can be a must-have.

If people start stacking MR in masses you should build a penetration Item. Void Staff can increase your damage on MR targets significantly - but since you should focus on snacking the carry backline you're usually doing something wrong when you start attacking the tank. Buy it if more than 2 people are stacking MR.

Great Item, a no-brainer. It's incredible expensive and can be build late into the game since that's when Rabadons reaches it highest Potential. In most games you want to buy it sooner or later - but don't rush it.

It can be core AND situational. The Item is generally a great choice against AP damage and low MR targets. You should replace it when you encounter massive MR stacking or high AD bursts.

Great Item to go for when you need Sustain. Since your spells scale well on AD and AP you can benefit from both stats. Increasing Auto-Attack damage is a nice bonus for your mixed Damage. The new Hextech Revolver can also be a great burst in the early lane making it much simpler to take trades.

Liandry's is really situational. In the most parts of the game it will be a waste of money since other AP Items can increase your Damage much better. Take it only when you encounter High HP targets and combine it with a Rylais if possible.

If you get fed people will usually start focusing you in fights. A guardian Angel can give you a second chance and massively increase your DPS window. Take it when you have a lot of money and teamdamage.

Frozen Heart is a great Item but I prefer Randuins due to the extra life and crit-reduction it gives. However, the Aura can greatly reduce the Damage of High AS carries like Vayne or Kalista.

Banshees is still an incredible Item to block Magic Damage and/or CC. Grab it against enemies that can instantly stun you out of your Stealth and high AP/Poke combs.

A lovely choice with a lot of defensive stats. Health, Armor, Slow, AS slow, crit-reduce. Probably my favorite Item in the Game that saved my ass a lot of times. Grab it against AD Hypercarries and high AD teams.

Probably the best of the Hextech Items. The short dash is still incredible OP for the league meta - helps escaping, enaging, dodging and gives extra damage. Use it to keep up with enemy dashes and for smaller defensive stats against teams that don't need you to go full MR/Armor.

If your team demands it - pick it. Don't argue. It's an incredible strong Item and the Aura is much underrated. By design Auras are OP - people just don't notice because it doesn't come with a focus on their own play. Turn a game around with just having a Solari. It's a 345 dmg shield on level 18.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Diana
  • Ezreal
  • Fizz
  • Heimerdinger
  • Karthus
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Nidalee
  • Orianna
  • Ryze
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Xerath
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zyra




You shouldn't have much of a problem against an equally skilled Ahri. The only thing you have to do is to dodge her Q and you basically won the fight. Don't let yourself get poked too much and punish her if she runs out of Mana. Don't run into her Charme - engaging from between a wave of Minions is usually the best idea.

She has a very big vulnerable window if she misses the Charme, run up to her and punish the sexy foxgirl with your spiky dildos of Pain. evelynnQ.png

Hold down your left hand on Q and browse some quality Ahri porn on the other Screen while you slowly win the lane. Don't chase if she uses her ultimate to escape, retreat and wait for your next chance.




Akali is a noob stomper. She has an incredible small skill ceiling and is easily countered by not being a retard that deserves a report for feeding.

Don't let her snowball, probably buy a 3001.png if she bursts you too much post level 6. Just run out of her Shroud when she puts it down to fight you. Use your ultimate when she jumps on you and fuck her over. Akali will normally start a fight with throwing a Q on you wait for the CD -> Jump + Attack -> Next Q.

The worst part about her is the free Poke with her Q. On early levels you can punish her with your own Q but don't get in her auto attack range. Kite her like a smart person.




You can't kill her for a long time in the game. Her R + E poke hurts more than your whole fucking combo and if she's smart she will stun you as soon as you get close.

While her kill potential isn't as scary as Annie or Azir she is definitely the much stronger Champion compared with an Eve. Get as much farm as you an and never stop moving. Catching her Q means catching a combo that deal 75% + of your life and probably your dead if she has ignite.

Play your lane defensive and wait for jungler ganks. Anivia has a very hard time escaping.




Annie will destroy you on the lane. She will deny your trades and rape you so hard that you'd rather stick your own hatespike up the ass than ever go on a lane with her again. Even with your W it's hard to disengage from a Tibbers after she's dead, she can react to your engage with a stun in the face and casually walk away.

Don't pick Eve against Annie and if you play blind ask the Jungler for help. Build a 3001.png as soon as possible to deny her 100-0 burst. If you want to fight her wait in stealth until she wastes her stun and then use your ultimate to shield you from the burst. Never fight her when her ignite isn't on Cooldown. Seriously - write the time down when she used ignite and take care.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol is an easy enemy. He has terrible problems with melee champions and as soon as you manage to get close he will lose a lot of damage from his orbit. The only problem will be the poke and pressure he will apply on the lane.

Stay defensive and farm under your tower if necessary - Aurelion will automatically push the lane.

Save your W for his Ultimate - after he slowed you activate it and rush to him with your own ultimate. Don't underestimate him tho, a well timed stun can still ruin your day.




There's a reason why people pick Azir in the current meta. He's incredible Safe thanks to his ultimate and escape jump and can deal huge amounts of free damage that no normal champion can endure. He will just fuck your shit up and ruin your lane. Don't pick Evelynn against Azir.

Build MR and try to poke him down before you engage. Ask your jungler for help. Probably think about 3146.png / 3001.png it will make the lane much easier and allow you to farm.  Disengage when he used the ultimate and don't let yourself get pushed inside his tower with a flash + ult combination. Never fight inside his sand soldiers range - focus on getting out of there as soon as possible. It's his only source of consistant damage and you can probably fuck him over if you fight him outside of the soldiers range with your 3146.png.




Start 1001.png against him and don't get poked to much. Half of his kit are skillshots and he's dependant on hitting them to fight you. If you manage to dodge his Q and W he already lost the fight. Use flash if necessary or activate your W for easier dodging.

Don't get poked too much, his passive and base damage hurts.




Ouchie, new Cassiopeia will take you down post level 6. Her Ultimate is just too awesome against you. If you manage to bait it out with a quick flash to the side or behind her she still has a good chance to kill you with Twin Fangs, since her DPS is much bigger than yours.

Thank god her Q only has an incredible small hitbox and she can't use her W in close range. After some Items you can probably burst her.

Think about starting 1001.png if you think you need extra help dodging her Q.




Diana is a strange case. It's incredible difficult to win trades thanks to her Shield but if you don't get behind you can still outplay her. She will probably poke you a little bit with her Q but that's all for pre level 6.

The Lane is surprisingly relaxed up to that point. No incredible harrass or problems with the farming. If she grabs you with her E pop your W and run away to the side. Don't stay in her melee range if she activates the orbs. After that you can easily fight and out-dps her.

Don't overestimate Dianas Damage pre level 6. She's weak and you can take a fight.




And again, Ezreal is all about hitting his skillshots. Start 3672.png if you feel like they could help you. It's incredible difficult to lane against an Ezreal but incredible easy to burst him later in the game.

If you manage to dodge his W + Q he lost most of his damage rotation and you can punish him with a quick run-by E + Q. Under all circumstances: Dodge his fucking Ultimate and ping your teammates when he's firing to another lane. Save your flash for a quick escape if necessary. Otherwise Ezreal is just another easy target for you outside of the lane.




Fizz is a surprisingly chill enemy. If he goes aggressive in the early levels you can easily out-dps him and he doesn't have a strong poke to stop you farming. Pre level 6 you could probably even fight him 1v1.

You might wanna grab an early 1033.png to negate some of his burst potential and dodge his ultimate as good as you can. If he hit's the ultimate you are dead and when he snowballs he will easily rape not only your lane but the whole game. Save your W to cleanse his ultimate or E slow or catch up with him when he jumps away. Rather go back a few times more than let him tower dive you on low health.




Don't make fun about the Donger.

He's an incredible strong champion and a lanebully for you. You don't have any range to clear his towers and he will burst your life in melee with his rocket + stungrenade. Always stay behind Minions and get some Life or Sustain. 3146.png Can be a good help when dealing with Heimerdinger.

Don't engage without a reason and always wait for Heimer to make mistake. Wait for him to run OOM on early levels or waste his stun/rockets. Never fight inside his towers - NEVER.




You just won the lane.

Don't get poked pre 6, trade him every time you can and don't get ganked. Think about Magic Resist or 3102.png/3157.png to counter his ultimate in the lategame.




Katarina has a weak early just like you. She's usually up with a lot of healpots and can outsustain you with your corrupting potion. Her Playstyle pre-6 will be to poke you with her q and sometimes make a quick jump.

If you manage to get close you can kill her but be careful after level 6. A Q+E+W+R combo can kill you and you should disengage with your own ultimate and W. Build a 1057.png if she gives you a  lot of pressure.

The real horror will start in the late game when she manages to ruin whole teamfights. If your team has a lot of CC everything's fine but if not you probably wanna think about playing tanky.




Not that difficult. She can only poke with Q which costs a lot of Mana and E which will also drain her Mana if she spams it too much. You can easily fight her in the early game and cleanse her slow with your W.

Don't get surprised by her ultimate. It takes a lot of time until Kayle can dish out serious damage and by that point you can rely on your team for help dealing with her. If she doesn't build defensive items you can easily oneshot her in lategame before she can react.




Nah mate. Press alt+f4 or buy 3001.png as soon as possible.
She will fuck you up without much effort like nearly every other midchamp. You can't dodge her or do anything against her. Cry for jungler help or close the game and watch a porn movie or some shit.

Playing against a good LB is hell on earth. She will always escape from you, instantkill you and kite you. If you're low she'll always manage to follow.

There's also no real counterplay you can do. Have fun.




Skill matchup. Lissandra has a rather low overall damage in the early game and you can face her most of the time if you don't get poked to much.

Save your W for the right moment and don't waste it. Your Ultimate can block a lot of her Damage and you out dps her after she has done her full combination. When she waits for Cooldowns or goes OOM it's the right time to just run up to her and give her some damage.

Don't get surprised by a sudden E. Run to the side between her starting and end-point. She has rather bad scaling so she won't get much stronger if you get some MR and Life.




Eat a Q and you are dead. That's it.

Dodge it and fuck her up closerange, bait her cage out with running immediately to the side as soon as you get visible to her. She's defenceless now and you out-dps her easily.

On the lane the constant harass of E can be annoying. Think about some life or go for sustain. If she ever runs OOM ENGAGE her immediately!




New Malzahar is incredible difficult, he will generally deny your quick burst with his passive and then insta 100-0 you with his supression.

He can be incredible annoying in the lane and absolutely deny your farm. If you happen to play against him try getting some early MR and aim for a QS in midgame. Only engage him after you baited out his passive.




Save your W for her ultimate post level 6 and try to dodge her darkbindingmissile.png.

She's an incredible easy enemy if you don't let yourself get rooted. While she can probably tank most encounters with you - thanks for her magic shield - you will in the end massively out-dps her.

Try staying behind the Minions while farming and consider starting Boots.




Honestly? Nidalee is a brain battle. If you run into her traps or eat her spears you're a moron and should play more ARAM to learn dodging shit.

As soon as you're melee against her you can burst her down. Her sustain in lane will cost her a lot of mana and pre level 6 her cougar form is incredible weak. You will also massively out-dps her at any point in the game.

If she auto-attack harrases you in the early go for the fight and let her pay.




Her harass will hurt in the lane but that's all she's good for. After level 6 you're stronger than her and shouldn't have problems taking a fight. Your shield from your own ultimate should let you survive a full combo+ignite from her and then turn the tables.

It's all about laning against Ori, be safe and don't eat too much poke.



You can't 1v1 him on 100% Life that's a fact. He will outtrade you - but at least you should be able to farm behind your minion wave. Thanks to his rather short range you can poke him with your Q. If he gets low enough you can force a fight with your ultimate and Ignite.

Take care of his Rune Prison and never engage on him without minions. Run away with your W as soon as he pops his ultimate and rather re-engage after it runs out. You probably want to go for some life or 3001.png depending on how well you manage dodging his skills and how good he's playing.





Swain is in all phases of the game much stronger than you and will generally eat you up in the lane. He has sustain, poke, damage and everything to totally ruin your early game. Only fight him with ignite and go for a lot of poke and trades pre level 6.

Don't engage him alone post level 6. Ask your jungler for help and save your W to run out of his root before it snaps or cancel the slow.




Syndra has a special Button to delete you: R

Build MR, early! Ask your jungler for help. Never engage her alone post level 6 and try to poke/trade as much as you can pre level 6. Don't use the W to get close, use it to catch up after her stun runs out.

Wait until she uses her ultimate for someone else in the teamfight. Engage her on the lane if you're 100% sure she hasn't got her ult up. Beware of flash+stun+r combo.


Twisted Fate


Wait until he used the card and then engage him.

He's an easy snack and lacks damage early on, you are much stronger than him in all phases of the game. Good players will kite and poke and win OTHER lanes. So be sure to make a MISS-Ping as soon as you can't see him anymore.

He lacks mobility so save your W to catch up after he stunned/slowed you.




Prepare to rape the anus of every bad veigar you see and prepare your anus for every good one.

The difference between a good and a bad veigar is if he can hit the stun when you pop out of nothing near him. If he misses the stun and therefore misses his meteor you won the fight. His q + r + ignite is not enough to burst you and your evelynnR.png

Try fighting him level 1 and 2 and then just farm and poke like you'd normally do. Remember to immediately flash out of the stun cage as soon as you see the animation.





It's a poke battle. And he's annoying on the lane but in the end you're much stronger than him. Save your W to counter the slow from the Q and then run around him. He can't turn fast enough to hit you with his ultimate.

You also out-dps him massively. Buy boots and a little bit of MR if you wanna go save.




He's the most generic enemy you can have in the mid.

He has a great poke and a shitty slowfield that you can easily counter with your W. Together with your ultimate shield he shouldn't be able to burst you 100-0. Don't underestimate him tho.

Ask for a jungler gank since Viktor has absolutely no mobility and sucks dicks.




Dodge his poke, probably start boots.

He's weak early so fight him often. You can easily out-dps and kill him at all phases of the game. Just don't get catched in one of his devastating lategame combos.




Nah, m8.

Never engage him, never look at him, never think about him. He will kill you and the next three generations of your family, rape their bodies and spit on them.

Zed is Riot's loved little OP beast that will never get nerfed because he makes "le big plays xDDDDDDD ^^ oO, :DDDD"-cancer in the finals. There's nothing you can do about him. Just leave and play with your balls or do shit.

Alternatively buy armor and get your jungler to babysit your lane.




He will poke you a lot, but you can easily take the fights to him. As soon as you're in melee range you won. Try to wait until he wastes a spell at a minion wave and then fuck him up.




A mix between meh and difficult.

She will completely zone you away and there's nothing you can do about it except taking the fight directely to Zyra. Engage her and make her fear you. If you catch her later in the game alone don't hesitate to fight since you can burst her before she can even react.

A few words about this Guide Back to Top

Greetings, Summoner!

My name's Feathertail and I'm a main mid Player. I'm here since before Season 1 started and I have played more than 4000 games, most of them exclusively with mid and AP Champions. While you may look me up and see that I'm 'only' gold I can still offer valuable Information about this game and my absolute favourite Evelynn.

If you're here in expectation of a high elo pro meta guide - go away. Today we're looking into an alternative play style that has its weak and strong points. We're discussing how to make it work and maybe you will rediscover the fun of an AP stealth Assassin. Please don't follow this guide blindly and don't just build the recommended Items in order. Think about what you need in what situation and remember to alway be a sneaky little bitch.


When do you pick Evelynn? Back to Top

Evelynn's pro's;

+ Stealth

+ High Burst-ability

+ Good Ganks

+ Great DPS

+ She's a half naked blue Assassin

+ She's sexy

+ There's great porn of her

And con's;

- Short range

- Ulti can't kill

- Weak early

- Base is squishy

- She may distract you with her blue polygon butt

Evelynn is a safe pick against generally squishy enemy teams without too much hard CC and counters teams that depend on soft slow or a single or multiple hyper carries. You can also pick her if your own team has a great front-line or a lot of hard CC. She can also be a great sub-engage for teams that already have a tank without losing a valuable AP damage source.

You don't wanna pick her against certain enemy champions, check the Matchup section for more information.


The End Back to Top

Or is it?

This Guide is far from finished and I will ad a "risk analysis" and "early, mid, late" section with the next update. For that, however, I need the help of a few people to stage for some Screenshots and ingame-footage. If you play on EUW and wanna help me extend this guide please let me know in the commentaries and leave your Summoner-Name behind.

Also please let me know about any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, I'll fix them as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more.

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