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Ezreal Statistics for Viljami Ysikasi

Author's performance with Ezreal compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Heal should be your go-to summoner, even with the cooldown nerfs. Barrier is a pretty sensible alternative in situations where the enemy has high burst (Barrier blocks more damage), or if your support is already running heal (such as Heal Soraka)

The reason Heal is so superior to other summoners is that it can be used both aggressively (Catch up for the last auto attack for example) and defensively, whereas Barrier can only be used defensively to block damage.

New Runes Back to Top

Pretty much the only page for Ezreal right now. Kleptomancy is just too good to consider other alternatives. It gives better lane sustain for Ezreal than Fleet Footwork because of the stolen potions and the option of having cookies, and allows Ezreal to gain a lead in a passive lane. 

Your only real option here is the choice between Absolute Focus and Manaflow Band. Both are quite good, but Absolute Focus scales better into the mid and late game, as you won't be as mana hungry when you finish your Muramana. If you think your lane is going to be an absolute brawl, then Manaflow Band might give you the mana to keep fighting a bit longer.

As of 8.7, Manaflow Band was reworked. The 250 mana bonus doesn't seem to be too good, but further testing is required.

Abilities Back to Top


E and W have a punishing mana cost at early levels. Try not to spam W until you have your Sheen to fully utilize a W -> AA trade for some small damage and a Klepto proc.

Even though you should be pretty safe on lane with your E, remember that it takes a huge chunk out of your mana pool. Try to avoid skillshots by juking instead of using E early.

You can poke through minions by using W -> AA with Sheen proc if you can't land a Q. This is a good way to deal a small amount of damage and gives you a Klepto proc when your opponent is not expecting it through the minions. This is especially good against low range opponents such as Vayne.

Maxing E second will enable you to use E twice in a long fight if you use it properly at lower levels. Once to initiate and again to get out, or to continue the chase. E-Q combo can also be used to execute low hp enemies, since E has a very high base damage, and on top of that it's magic damage. You should be careful when doing this, because it will leave you vulnerable for a follow-up from the enemies. Don't try to E-Q enemies if they have their Heal up and, as Ezreal doesn't have very high straight-up 1v1 or 2v2 potential. 

Having 2 points in Q at level 3 also gives you a opportunity to all-in since Mystic Shot is very powerful early with 2 points in it, especially if you have prepared for a lvl 3 all-in by pushing the lane and initiating right after you hit level 3 while the enemy duo is still level 2. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start
    Very useful in the early game. Use in the brush to avoid getting hooked or poked etc
    When you hit level 9, switch to the blue trinket. Use it in brushes and to scout objectives
    Doran's Shield is good if your opponents have a much stonger lane.

Core Items

    If you can, get Tear and Sheen on your first recall. If you can't just get Tear and another Doran and potions and save up for Sheen. Read below to decide whether to go blue or classic ez
    After you get your Sheen and Tear start thinking which of these will you buy, Iceborn is better against full ad and assassins and teams without hard initiate. Trinity is better for an early powerspike. NEVER buy both because they don't stack
    Get Ninja Tabis if your opponent has lots of physical damage. CDR otherwise
    Finish this asap to get stacking! aim for a full stack at 20mins
    Buy this after you finish your Trinity or Gauntlet
    Having trouble during laning phase?
    Buy this as your 3rd or 4th item, if your opponents are building armor

Situational Items

    Great against full AD comps and assassins
    Blue build is good against full ad or teams without good initiation. also good against assassins
    The most efficient build, better and faster scaling than pure blue build. Go for this if snowballing
3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3025_32.pngBLUE BUILD3025_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png3042_32.png

Blue build is better in most situations and will make you VERY hard to catch. It also makes it extremely hard for the enemy team to start a teamfight, since you can kite for years. The difference between Blue and Classic ezreal builds is that they scale a bit differently, Blue build peaks at ~30 mins (need to finish Ruined King before you deal damage) while Classic Ez gets his power spike after finishing Trinity. In addition, Blue Ez will continue to scale into the late game while Classic Ez falls off hard which makes Blue build a better choice for solo queue but it is all up to you which to go for.

Going for Blue means you will buy end up spending a lot of gold on armor early on, which will make your laning phase safer, but more passive. Tear gives you absolutely no combat stats and you should play safe and keep farming unless the enemy makes a mistake or your support makes a good play. 

3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.pngCLASSIC BUILD3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png3078_32.png

Trinity boosts your damage a lot, but you'll miss out on the ultra kiting potential. Classic Ezreal is better mid-game since he gets the power spike earlier from Trinity and doesn't rely on stacking Muramana, but falls off late game. Usually going for Trinity first is best, since it gives a big power spike to Ezreal and getting it early means huge damage. 

Deciding what to buy depends a lot on when you choose to/are forced to recall. If you don't have enough cash for your Tear, just buy a Cull and save up. ALWAYS check how much gold you have and recall accordingly. If you notice  you're lacking 200 gold for a full item then you should always stay on lane for a bit longer or go farm the jungle if it's not safe to stay. Tell you team to wait and inform them about your recall. You NEVER want to have a fight with more than 2k gold in the bag if possible.


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Sivir
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Xayah




Look out for level 6 dives. Stay out of headbutt range, farm with Q if necessary. His heal can be annoying if you are trying to poke. If you see him using W, you can react with your blink to get away. However, this will drain your mana pool quickly.




Very weak early. Stay behind minions if she has her Volley up. No escapes means she is very vulnerable to ganks and aggressive supports. Ashe has a pretty long range and good chase potential so play very safe if you fall behind




See Blitz using hook in your direction? Just cast E fast enough and even if the hook lands you won't get pulled. 




Arcane Shift away if Braum lands a Q so you won't get stunned. His ult is also pretty slow, so you can blink away, if you're paying attention. The shield is annoying, and will block your ultimate and other skills so be careful when to use your abilities.




It all depends on who gets the lane dominance first. Both Ezreal and Caitlyn have a good amount of poke but Ezreal's all-in potential is much higher. In this lane you should try to push the wave to Caitlyn's tower so she will have to focus on the minions rather than poking you




Corki has very high damage and good mobility. He is very similar to Ezreal, but Corki's all-in potential is a bit higher after he gets his Sheen/Trinity. 




Call your jungler for a gank early and be very careful not to give him a kill when he gets a lot of stacks. If you can kill him early with the help of your jungler he will be pretty useless most of the game. Look out though, because the sheer amount of damage Draven can deal if he gets to autoattack range is just terrifying.




Easy to Arcane Shift away from him if Graves tries to go for his combo. You shouldn't try to trade with him because he will outdamage you, but he has low range so Graves is weak to poke.




Don't get caught in Jinx's traps and it should be fine. Jinx will outdamage Ezreal in a straight up 1v1 but trades will usually go in Ezreals favor if he lands some Mystic Shots. Her ultimate animation is quite telegraphed so it might be a good idea to flash sideways to avoid the damage




Kalista jumps around a lot so landing your skillshots might be hard. Do not go into long fights with Kalista, as she excels in long fights because she can stall her E for some incredible damage (1k+ with some attackspeed and AD)




High damage in a straight-up 1v1, but has no chase, or all-in potential. Susceptible to ganks and CC. 




Use E immediately after Leona tries to close the gap with her skill and she won't be able to stun you with her Q. 




Lucian is pretty strong early and his damage goes up massively during the midgame. Don't try to use your ultimate against him in the open, because Lucian can easily dodge it with his dash. Lucian will out-trade Ezreal with his doubleshots if he gets in range so the key is to poke from afar and go for an all-in




Poke contest, Lulu wins early. 




Bind is pretty slow moving so easy to sidestep or escape with E. Keep a healthy distance so you can either break her ultimate chain by going out of range with E if she gets close enough




Try to dodge Sivir's Boomerang Blade with your Arcane Shift or by sidestepping. Poking Sivir is pretty hard because of the spell shield. Sivir's spell shield has a long cooldown so try to use that window of time to get some damage in or all-in her. 

Probably the hardest lane for Ezreal and also for most carries to lane against is a Janna/Sivir combo. 




Ward brushes to see the hook animation start and don't let him get close enough to Flay. Watch out for lantern ganks, just E away if he throws the lantern backwards




Very high damage in long trades and also has a surprising amount of burst damage but Ezreal wins all-ins if you land all your abilities in quick succession.




Moderate early game damage, don't try to trade with Twitch level 1 or 2. When Twitch gets his Ruined King and/or Ghostblade he might try assassinating you by going stealth and sneaking right beside you. Tell your support to keep a pink ward ready if you try to kill him, so he doesn't stealth away. 

Don't trade at level 1/2 and keep the lane brushes warded to avoid any stealth all-ins




Very high auto attack damage due to his W. 

His ultimate is quite slow, so you can E away from it. 




Watch out for her level 6 and 9 power spikes. You should try to positiong yourself away from walls so she can't stun you. Vayne has low range so she will get poked by Ezreal.

Try to limit your trades to 1auto + Q , otherwise she will proc her Silver Bolts which chunk you pretty hard

Don't abandon all hope if you fall behind because you should be able to burst her down at all stages of the game assuming your CS isn't horrible




She deals more damage than you, and can juke your damage with her ultimate. Be careful not to get rooted, as she will outdamage you very hard. 

Bottom lane synergy Back to Top

The good thing about Ezreal is that he does pretty good with any support, and can adapt to most playstyles. Playing safe and farming with your Q is very easy on Ezreal, and thanks to its low cooldown, you won't miss a lot of CS even if you're getting zoned.

You can go for a lot of poke with 43_64.png117_64.png143_64.pngfor example.

High kill potential synergy with: 89_64.png53_64.png412_64.png to name a few

Or a very safe lane with 16_64.png40_64.png

Ezreal in its self is already a very safe carry so picking a passive support might not be the best idea since the lane is going to be pretty safe already for Ezreal, thanks to his E. For this reason it is better in most cases to pick an aggressive support or a support that fits both aggressive and defensive styles of laning such as Thresh or Lulu.

Ezreal tips and tricks Back to Top

- Before fighting at lower levels, remember to stack your passive. 50% attack speed is worth a lot of gold and will make your all-ins and trades a lot stronger. When you are level 6 you can easily get your passive stacks up with your ultimate

- Always try to reset your autoattack with a Q. This means casting your Q immediately after using an autoattack to cancel the animation and thus saving time. This might not be optimal for every situation if you're just trying to deal some quick damage in a trade but overall it will raise your total damage by potentially even 15% if you do it correctly.

- Always try to use your ultimate so that your desired target gets hit first by it. If you shoot your ultimate through the minion wave the damage will drop down to only 33% of the full amount, and will do only a small amount of damage. 

- Ezreal can burst down most AD carries from 100% to 0% with his full combo in a normal situation where both sides are in equal kills/cs/levels. The easiest way to do this is to go to a brush and open up with your ultimate and following up immediately with E and Q. The damage this combo does is huge and will most likely make the enemy ADC run away

- Ezreal can "dodge" Blitzcrank hooks very easily. If you start your E animation before the hook lands on you, you won't get pulled even though the hook will do damage. This trick works on a lot of different spells like Vayne's condemn (you can get away even when stunned) and even a Vi ultimate if you time it correctly, making Vi and Ezreal land on different spots after the knockup making it hard for Vi to follow up. Also works against Singed flips.

- Keep your eyes open. Most of the time people won't respect the Ezreal ultimate and will recall in obvious places or in plain sight when they are low hp, especially in lower divisions. You can rack up a few easy kills by just by watching the map. 

- Ezreal isn't very good in head-on trades even when ahead. Usually you want to play it safe and keep poking when possible and wait for the enemies to make a mistake like overcommitting to an engage or just wait for a gank from your jungler. You always want to use your kiting/poke to it's full extent.

- You can flash during your ultimate animation. This can be useful, if the enemies try to use skillshots on you during your cast time. You can also flash into a brush to confuse your enemies.

- One of Ezreal's biggest weaknesses is that his 4th and 5th items are very weak purchases. Ezreal doesn't benefit too much from the current "good" core items such as the standard Shiv, Cannon and IE build.

General tips for playing bot lane Back to Top

- Think of your matchup in the loading screen and before minions spawn.  What do you need to keep in mind during laning phase? What do you need to be careful of? Are you stronger than your enemy at X minutes? How can you outplay your opponent? Having an idea on your win conditions will be very useful during the game.

- Usually your jungler will start at the bottom half jungle. Give his leash and be ready to last hit your first minion at ~1:50, this way you won't miss a CS and your jungler won't have trouble on his first clear.

- Start pushing right away especially if your support is a Leona or a Thresh and try to get level 2 before the enemy duo. Getting level 2 first means you can go for a level 2 all-in or just denying their level advantage. Even if you do not get a kill you can chunk the enemy pretty hard if you catch them by surprise. Be careful not to push too hard because the waves will most likely meet right in front of the enemy turret making it harder to get those last hits and the enemy duo will end up getting level 2 BEFORE you, even though you pushed. 

- Don't trade head-on. Try to poke and don't go for trades when there are minions in between you and the enemy, since Ezreal heavily relies on the Q damage. Ezreal will lose most trades if the enemy is able to get into autoattack range.

- YOU ARE THE FOLLOW-UP. This means in most cases your support will be the first to go in. If you try to go rambo mode you might get instantly chunked or worse. The idea is that your support takes the blunt of the damage and you will be able to safely do damage because their skills will be on cooldown OR your support gets to do free damage/CC if they save their cooldowns for you

- Before you want to engage try to land your Q on the enemy a few times and also your W (But don't overuse it before you get tear) to rack up your passive and gain that massive 50% attack speed buff.

- Pushing the lane to the opponents turret will make them lose at least some CS. This is the easiest way to win lane but remember to use your trinket in the river to avoid getting ganked. Ezreal might escape ganks easily but your support might not. 

- Ask your jungler for a gank around level 4 and after that do dragon. You don't need to kill the enemy duo to do dragon, you just need to do some damage to force them out of lane, making them unable to contest dragon. You can also do dragon after a gank on bottom if you know where the enemy jungler is

- Try to save up at least for a Tear and Sheen on your first back, if possible.

- If you manage to kill the enemy adc or support, further your advantage by zoning them out from the creep wave simply by standing in between them and the wave and poking when possible. When doing this, only last hit and the minion wave will stay there for quite a long time. 

- Try to get the first turret, and ask your support to move away, so you get the solo gold. +650 gold will give you a nice advanatage.

- After you kill the first turret, swap with your toplaner and focus on destroying the top lane tier 1.

- After the turrets on both sidelanes are down, group up mid and start working on the midlane tier 1.

- If you get ahead, use your advantage smartly. Go for objectives and play safely so you won't get killed. Most ADCs will outscale Ezreal so you should try to end the game early. 

General tips for solo queue Back to Top

DON'T FLAME!!! - Flaming will only distract your own playing and to win YOU must carry the game. Don't blame your team, if you keep losing game after game there must be something wrong with yourself if you can't carry.

DON'T TRY TO FORCE ELO!! - Just playing normally and enjoying the game will make  you learn a lot faster and rage a lot less. After a while of playing just for fun you will see your division going up higher than ever. If you keep losing maybe it's time to take a break or rethink your playstyle.

If you want to get better in a short time, try to analyze your replays. Watching yourself do all kinds of dumb mistakes will make you remember them more easily and will help you climb divisions much faster. Even a Silver player can analyze most Plat/Diamond gameplay, but the decisions which you do in the heat of the moment are the ones that matter. This is for people who have watched high elo streams and have thought "I can do that too"

DUO QUEUE ONLY WITH FRIENDS!! - This might seem a bit strange but the matchmaking will balance out the teams considering you being in duo. Your opponents will be harder and it will be "balanced" because the matchmaking assumes you have good communication with your partner. However, if you duo with just a random guy it will make it a lot harder to win. 

WATCH STREAMS!! - Some streamers will analyze their gameplay and give good commentary and it's a great way to get tips, learn tricks and understand the game better.

But remember: NO ONE can tell you how to get to X division. Be it Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or even higher, to get there you must understand yourself what it is that makes a good player. Others can only give you a little push. It is up to you how you play in-game and that is all that matters.

Here are my Ezreal stats from the beginning of Season 4:


And from the end of Season 4 (Preseason), in Diamond 3:


Eazyreal's Eazy Game Plan Back to Top




As you have chosen Kleptomancy, you can easily get a headstart by starting with your Q spell, and embarking on a solo invade mission. A good strategy for this on Blue side is walking through the tri-brush, and shooting some Qs at the enemies, who are most likely covering their bottom side jungle entrance. Early Klepto procs have a high chance of giving a gold sack. However, be extremely cautious of your surroundings, as an early death will set you back quite a bit.

 After you've thrown a few Mystic Shots their way, make your way to your jungler to help him get started with his buff. However, if you are on blue side, your jungler decides to start top side, you can try to harrass their buff leash for a little while longer. If you are on red side, you can try to set up a cheese in the tri-brush. If you decide to cheese, DON'T CHASE. Their jungler will be nearby, as he has just cleared the buff.


Early Game

Ezreal's autoattack trades are extremely weak. His base attack speed is incredibly low, and he relies on his Q to deal damage. For this reason, it is usually unwise to go for all-ins, unless you have a significant health advantage. You should never try to initiate a fight yourself, unless you are considerably stronger than the enemy duo.

Your main objective is to stay even in farm, and slowly build a lead with your Kleptomancy. If the enemy duo is much stronger, don't take free damage. You can miss a few minions to save your health, allowing you to stay on lane for much longer.

Try to time your recalls so that you can buy something decent. Buying a Tear and a Sheen on your first recall is ideal, but getting a Tear and a Pickaxe isn't bad either. 

Mid Game

After you push your first turret down, you should look to rotate to top or middle lane. If your enemy toplaner still has his tier 1 turret up, ask your friendly toplaner for a swap, and start working on the top lane tier 1 turret. If the enemy team is paying attention, they will likely send their duo lane to contest your push, and this will be sort of a continuation of the laning phase. 

One of your most important objectives is to manipulate the minion waves in bottom lane. Never let a huge minion wave get swallowed by the turret. You should periodically return to bottom lane, and shove the lane. This will make the wave "bounce" back after a while, allowing you to shove the lane again, and get a good chunk of gold and experience. If you don't control your waves, you will fall behind in CS and experience. 

After the top lane tier 1 turret is down, see if your team could do dragon, and then ask your team to start grouping mid, unless your team is ahead. It's usually a good idea to send someone to push sidelanes if they can handle a 1v1. However, if you're behind in gold, it's wise to group up, and look for picks. 


In a teamfight, your mission is to do as much damage as possible without dying.


Before a teamfight, you should try to position yourself in the very front of your team, even further than your tanks. This allows you to use your slipperiness to your advantage. Ezreal's blink makes him a very safe character, and he is able to poke the enemy team from very dangerous positions. 


After your team, or the enemy makes an initiation, try to open up with your ultimate. This allows you to quickly and easily stack your passive for the imminent fight.


Ezreal can be very slippery to catch due to his E, but this applies to helping you as well. Be wary of blinking too far from your teammates. Many times an Ezreal will get solokilled in the midst of a teamfight, because no one can help him, if he suddenly runs too far.



Late Game


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