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All Guides Ezreal Guides [PRE-SEASON 6] Ezreal AD Guide - Special section for AP Ezreal and sivHD's Ezreal
1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Well, this is an easy choice. 4.png + 7.png is the very standard summoner spells set up for an ADC. You take flash for a quick escape, it doens't matter if you have also your E, a flash is still a must on every adc.

Heal is used in various situations, for example you can heal during a skrmish in order to survive and kill the enemy ad carry. You can use heal to run faster, in case you are chased or you are chasing, but beware: the speed-up is very short.

You can try out 1.png instead of 7.png if you see that enemy team has tons of cc (crowd control). Imagine a team with Leona, Lissandra, Nautilus, Varus and Sejuani, you can think about taking 1.png in this case.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

12-18 Masteries are a new setup that I've seen on various high elo adc streams. With Precision you will have a nice armor and magic pen, nice on Ezreal. The Thunderlord's Decree is an OP thing. aa - q - w and... BOOM extra damage from this mastery will help you destroying enemy adc with one single combo, of course we will be doing more dmg with Merciless. Try this out, you won't regret!


18-12 For Ezreal is a very standard choice.

I prefer Vampirism ad it will give you bonus lifesteal that is very important early game. I think that Natural Talent is simply an unworthy choice, i don't really need 10 bonus AD at level 18, it's useless.

Deathfire Touch is OP un this champ as it will add huge damage on your Q spam, sometimes the enemy will escape with ~100 HP, and this mastery will kill him with its DoT damage.

Abilities Back to Top

Rising_Spell_Force.png  PASSIVE - Rising Spell Force

This is quite a useful passive, it gives you a bunch of extra atk speed whenever you hit a spell. It stacks up to 5 times, for a total of 50% increased atk speed. That's good as in Ezreal build there's no space for much atk speed.
NOTE: If you hit multiple targets with your W or R, you can get multiple stacks! 
TIP: Use your ultimate at the beginning of a teamfight in order to have the passive fully up.

Mystic_Shot.png Q - Mystic Shot

I do love this. Awesome range, awesome damage and it flies quite fast. This is your main source of damage, max it first, after the ultimate, of course. Use it to poke enemy champ in lane and dont be afraid to use this to last hit.
The OP thing of this ability is that it triggers the on-hit effects. Yes, it scales 1.1 AD and triggers on-hit effects. So, it works with Trinity Force and Iceborn Gauntlet, this is why it is extremely useful.
TIP: If you are behind in lane, you can use this ability to farm minions from a huge distance, it's so safe!
TIP 2: Hitting this ability will reduce the cooldown of all your abilities by 1.5 second. Use this at your advantage. You are running away from enemies? Your E has 2 sec cd left? Use Q and be ready to jump over that wall!

Essence_Flux.png W - Essence Flux

I take this at level 4 because it's quite useless in lane. It's like a "consume your mana for free!". This ability begins to be useful when you have to give a boost to you and your allies atk speed. Every allied champ that it hits, it increases the atk speed of the champ for a scaling value, up to 40%. 
NOTE: you can hit yourself by casting W and then quickly casting E in the same direction.
TIP: use this ability to increase the atk speed of yours and of your allies when taking objectives like drake (at first drake this will make the difference!), turrets, inhibs, ecc...
This ability will deal tons of damage in the Ezreal AP build, but we will see this later.

Arcane_Shift.png E - Arcane Shift

A great escaping tool. It's like a flash every 8 seconds. Actually this is better than a flash! It cancels all the grabs (hi thresh, hi blitzy). If you are in a very dangerous position, you can flash + E and you will find you miles away from the danger zone! Use this carefully by the way, you will feel greedy with this awesome ability, don't make the mistake of using this to engage in risky situations, maybe you will need this to escape. 
Now it scales also with AD, it will add some more dmg to your all-ins.

Trueshot_Barrage.png R - Trueshot Barrage

This is why i love Ezreal. It scales 1.0 of your bonus AD. It's global. It's not OP only cause you will do reduced damage for each unit you hit, but it's still a great ultimate. As i said before, use this at the beginning of a teamfight to charge your passive and gain tons of atk speed. 
With this ability you can also pretend to be a sniper."Wow, the enemy midlaner is recalling and he has only 100 HP left! Die." There are games when I end laning phase 2/0/0 and never killed an enemy laner, because I take kills in this way. It's extremely helpful for scaling well in mid/late game!
Don't be afraid of spamming this ability, with the cd reduction of your Q, you will have this avaible every 20~30 sec. Throw it in lane from your base, throw it to check baron (from base, in other cases i prefer to put wards, ofc), throw it when you see a fight far from you, USE IT.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start for an ADC

Core Items

    Try to go back once you have 1600 gold, or at least 1300, in order to be able to buy B.F. Sword
    Core items. Essence Reaver is such a great item on Ezreal due to its insane CD Reduction stat. It gives you also AD and crit chance, buy this 100% of times. Trinity Force is so strong, it applies on your Q, and you can also w+aa in order to proc the bonus damage rapidly. You won't need CD Reduction boots as you will cap it without them.
    Pick one of these. Details below
    Upgrade your trinket!
    Tons of cc? Try this out!
    Finish build with these, i buy Last whisper 99% of the games. Armor pen is such an OP stat against this tank meta. Guinsoo Rageblade is not that bad on Ezreal, I've seen Rekkles using this item in his stream, try this out.
    BONUS 1: S4 CHINESE BUILD, last item is situational

Situational Items

    BONUS 2: standard AP Ezreal build, last item situational
    BONUS 4: Rekkles weird build, it seems that it works!
    BONUS 3: My personal build for the games when i feel very confident on the fact that i will dominate lane. Start with The Dark Seal and ggwp. Mejai and Rylai's are the core items for sivHD's special OP build
3025.png or 3078.png ? 

3025.png When enemy team comp has annoying bruisers, or champions with a decent gap closer. The AoE slow is awesome, it keeps those pesky bruisers away from you. if you are low elo, your team will never peel for you. Instead of crying you can peel for yourself. This item is all you need for a decent self-peeling.

3078.png The damage of this item is so damn high and the speed boost makes you harder to catch with skillshots in fights. It gives you also a crit chance that can make the difference, BUT, what if you team is poor on cc? What if your team only wants to take kills instead of protecting you? Pick this item when you are confident that enemy won't be able to reach you, or you'll be a dead Ezreal. Anyway this is the best item to build after Essence Reaver, trust me.

3072.png or 3153.png ?

The choice here is similar to the previous one, read below.

3072.png  Is a superb offensive item: great damage, the shield is so useful. The shield will mitigate the damage coming from enemy poke and reduces the damage from bursts (hi ziggs!). After Botrk nerf, this item is far more op than the other one.

3153.png Great against tanks and bruisers. The passive deals OP damage against champions who build tons of HP such as Mundo, Sion, Maokai, ecc... The active synergises well with Iceborn Gauntlet, you will become an evil, bruiser wont even touch you! In addition.
Edit: After the nerf, this is not anymore a sort of must-buy, think carefully, you will need more something like a Blood Thirster.

3070.png In this pre-season the old blue build is not that good, avoid this item.

3124.png WTF GUINSOO?? Well, actually Guinsoo Rageblade is very strong on Ezreal as this champ lacks on aa speed, this item with the passive can exponentially increase it and it will give you extra damage every aa. Remind also that Ezreal abilities scale also with AP, so no stats are wasted!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Thresh
  • Vayne




Just cancel his grab with your E. That's it.




His wall is so annoying, but he can't really engage hard on you. You will have some difficulties at harassing, but nothing more.




This is a poke war. He becomes a nightmare at level 6, those missiles are very annoying, just get past the laning phase without dying, you will outscale him.




Starting from level 3 he simply outdamages you. Don't try to trade with him. Just poke, poke and poke. 




He has high burst, care, never trade more than aa + Q, then you should go back in a safer position. Never extend the trades against him, if he gets near you, just E away, his low-range damage is bloody high.

You must dodge the explosion his gravesclustershot.png End Of The Line, it deals tons of damage.




She won't be a real threat, use E to dodge her skillshot and/or her ult. The only poke she will be able to deal you is by swapping to rocket launcher, your Q deals more damage. It will be ok.




His damage early on is low, but care, he scales very well into late game. Post lv. 6 he will poke a lot, try to dodge his R, never stand still, always move.




You suffer hard engage. Leona has a superb engage. You will be stunned even though you use your E, but luckily you will be stunned at the end of your blink, so... It isn't that bad. Anyway it is definitely not an easy matchup




He counters you in lane, but as soon as you reach mid-game, you will be able to trade him, unless he's fed. Be careful, his q poke is so strong and he can easily you, save you E - Arcane Shift to escape from his aggressions. In late game you will completely outdamage him.


Miss Fortune


Just find the right positioning in order to avoind being hit by her  missfortunericochetshot.png Double Up, it deals too much damage. Care.




It's an impossible matchup. If Sivir is enough smart she will poke you with those pesky bouncing boomerangs, her Q does tons on damage and she can get free mana whenever you try to poke her with a Q. 

Of course your Q has a far lower cooldown compared to her shield but... she will simply stay behind minions...
Try only to get out of this matchup without dying and with a decent farm. Maybe poke the enemy support, so that he won't try to engage on you.




Sona early game is so strong, you will have some difficulties farming against her... I suggest to stay back and last hit with Q, try to poke her, she will use her mana to heal herself, if she runs oom you can take a breath. In late game you will melt her, just wait.




You can cancel his hook with your E. Watch out, his E passive deals tons of damage!




Easy matchup. In lane you can poke her without taking much damage. 

Her powerspike is in late game when she becomes a god, a god with 550 range. Iceborn Gauntlet will keep her too far from you and in late game you will need just 3 Qs to kill her. Care, she can dodge your Q with hers.

Support Synergies Back to Top

432.png BARD - OP lane. The poke potential of an Ezreal - Bard lane is enormous. Furthermore Bard will be allowed to roam a bit and take his bardpassive.png while you will be farming safely with your Q. POKE'EM ALL

53.png BLITZGRAB - All-in lane. Ezreal early on has no sustained damage, but a nice burst. This support will grab enemies to death. Burst + burst = 1 kill. GRAB'EM ALL

37.png SONA - Another poke lane, gigantic early game, will suffer from enemy's hard engage, but still a reliable support. POKE POKE BABY

412.png THRESH - His lantern will make you perform crazy escapes, in addition he can bring you in a more suitable position during lane all-ins. THRESH AIRLINES

Playing Ezreal: Why? How? Back to Top


  • Great poke with long range
  • Global ultimate
  • His E is a flash every 8 seconds
  • Atk speed burst from passive and W
  • Superb scaling, in late game a single Q will deal tons of damage
  • You belong in a museum!


  • Lowest base HP among ADCs
  • Skillshot based champion, not the easiest champ
  • Squishy
  • His engage tool is also his escape tool


Ezreal playstyle has changed a lot after ADCs rework, stay tuned!

Bonus section 1: AP mid Ezreal! Back to Top

The AP mid Ezreal is one of the few champion that can one-shot every carry with a complete combo, in late game you will kill enemy ADC only with E + W. Trust me, it's OP.

The build is quite always the same, the only choice is between 3165.png and 3174.png.
It is better to take 3165.png in most of cases, the stats are OP on Ezreal and the passive cuts off the life steal of the enemy AD midlaner.
You are willing to take3174.png when your enemy is AP and he's wrecking you, so you are forced to build a bit of magic resistance in order to survive. That's it.

The basic combo is E + W + Q, if you add ignite and a couple of aa, you can kill the enemy laner at level 3, but before you have to poke him, so I suggest to harass him with Q and W during levels 1~2, then once you hit 3, go ham and take those 300 gold!

Starting from mid game, if you hit every spell in this order: R + E + W + Q, you will kill EVERY AP or AD carry, unless they are 10.png and they are fast enough to ult themselves. There's more: this is an incredibly fast combo, so if you play with the fog of war and the enemy does not see you, well... it's a free kill.

Remember that you have a 3157.png, your combo can put you in a dangerous situation. The active of this item can save your life!

Bonus section 2: sivHD's Ezreal Back to Top

SivHD builds AP mid Ezreal with 3041.png and 3116.png, he calls this combo the "Soulstealer Scepter". Why? Read below!

3041.png is an incredibly gold efficient item, but only if you don't die much. Fair.
3116.png gives you a nice amount of health and AP, and the passive is great! Every spell will trigger a 40% slow, bye bye bruisers!

The build goes on as usual: 3100.png3089.png and so on.

About me Back to Top

Firstly, I'm an Italian guy, I'm 18, I ask you to forgive me for the mistakes I will make writing this guide. As I'm leaning English, please report me every grammar mistake you notice, this will be very appreciated!
I've been playing League of Legends from the very beginning of season 4. I started playing Ezreal AP mid watching sivHD's videos back in autumn 2014. I then moved to the bottom lane and got experience with Ezreal as an ADC. I'm only a Silver player, but it's only because I have poor mechanics (i farm horribly too), but I sware my knowledge about Ezreal is far deeper compared to any player of my elo. It can be said that I'm a superb tactician, but a miserable soldier xD
I suggest you to read my guide as with the right mechanics you can do great!
Last but not least, I don't play ranked games that often, I play like 5/6 ranked in one month, so... who knows... maybe I'm better than I appear :D

If you have doubts, tips, suggestions, well... write a comment below!

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