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2 years ago

Ezreal Statistics for RoCK80s

Author's performance with Ezreal compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

These are the best summoners for any ADC right now.

Maybe you have thought to pick this up instead of 4.png because Ezreal has already his ezrealarcaneshift.png but soon you'll realise that the utility of 4.png is irreplaceable.

Very usefull spell especially back in Season 4 for ADC but after the buff of 7.png it's no more that famous. It can be a solid choice though if you play MID Ezreal because it counters 14.png much more efficient.

It can really be a life saver at all stages of the game. Very good spell vs hard CCs like darkbindingmissile.png or leonashieldofdaybreak.png but it lowers a lot the skirmish power at bot lane. Cleanse is actually a decent choice at MID vs some champions with a CC spell that is going to lead you to death ( extremely easy actually :P ) like veigareventhorizon.png , luxlightbinding.png , ahriseduce.png e.t.c.  WARNING! It does not remove the suppressions! ( alzaharnethergrasp.png , infiniteduress.png ) You just need 3140.png baby! ;)

Ok... If you need some help landing your ulti ( :O ) or if you just wanna troll people go with this :D. Be ready for the flame! 

All the other choices are just a little bit more troll than 2.png. xDD

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

     These are the masteries i currently use on 81.png.  Fervor of Battle is really good too, but as 81.png you are most going to poke your opponents with your ezrealmysticshot.png keeping them away and not AA them a lot. Plus you are not going to build any AS item so Fervor of Battle is not going to be so beneficial like it would be at 51.png222.png or 18.png for example. Now, about Deathfire Touch.. you are not Jhin baby.. its just mewww.. xD

     Same as Thunderlord's Decree, pick this 12-18-0 tree only as AP 81.png.

Double Edge Sword is viable if you wanna play risky but i don't recommend it cause you wanna go safe early game and farm. The 2.5 % extra damage you receive can be fatal of course.

Abilities Back to Top


The Abilities sequence for AD Ezreal is pretty much standard. ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png >  ezrealmysticshot.png > ezrealarcaneshift.png > ezrealessenceflux.png . 

At LvL 1 you want to get your ezrealmysticshot.png for poke, check bushes, last-hitting and bigger damage output. I highly recommend not to putting your first ability point before you go to your lane because if the enemy team try to invade, its better to waste ezrealarcaneshift.png than your 4.png .

At LvL 2 you are going to put a point on your ezrealarcaneshift.png for the utility and the escape power it provides ( assuming you have a normal start, beggining with a point on your ezrealmysticshot.png ).

At LvL 4 put a point on you ezrealessenceflux.png mainly for the AS buff that is really helpful clearing objectives faster with your team.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    The best start for every ADC right now.

Core Items

    The best item for Ezreal. You are going to build this every single game ( unless you are going the Iceborn root ). If you poke a lot and can land your Q go SHEEN > PHAGE > STINGER. Otherwise go PHAGE > SHEEN > STINGER
    That's a Core Item in my opinion on Ezreal because it's solving your mana problems forever and after it turn into muramana is just OP. After the rework is just more OP :P
    If you go Blue Ez this little guy here is gonna be the bread and butter in your build. AOE slow from your Q every 1,5 sec WTF? very good item to kite and keep your enemies away the whole time. if the enemies have a lot of immobile champs ( Udyr, Nasus, Darius e.t.c. ) you are pretty much unkillable. ( LB??? xDDD)

Situational Items

    Very high AD and huge lifesteal. Now its mainly a late game item. You can build the vampiric scepter any time in the game if you need the lifesteal.
    Very nice item on Ezreal. Its passive works with your Q. Its a nice mix of damage - lifesteal - attack speed ( although you dont benefit that much from AS ). The active is amazing, especially if you use it on tanks, providing you with a bonus movement speed.
    Very good 5th or 6th item. The bonus resistances are huge and the passive is just OP, especially in the late game.
    Feel free to pick this up vs game-changing abilities like Malph's R, Blitz's Q, Lux's Q e.t.c. It's gonna save your life A LOTTTT of times.
    Decent item vs some specific champs like Zed, Malzahar, Warwick e.t.c. Basically you just need the QSS for the active but Mercurial is a nice ( and the only ) uprage with a huge AD bonus. After the rework it has become much more stronger and a very nice pick up for pretty much all ADCs.
    Blue Ezreal. My favourite build right now. You can replace GA with banshee's or even with an offensive item if you feel you dont need it.
    This item has become situational from core after the rework. Just build it if the enemies have a lot of armor. Mortal Reminder is decent vs Healing champs like Swain, Vlad or Soraka. Lord Dominik's Regards is good but BOTRK doing it's job much better ;)
    I like this item more and more every day. If you think you don't need a defensive item, pick this up to complete your build. The passive damage is huge.
    Very good choice if you need the CDR or/and you are getting burst down a lot. Feel free to try this out instead of the BT

You have to try Blue Ezreal at least 1 time in your life :D. Maybe you are not a fun, thats ok, but the utility it provides is huge. Although you are not as strong as with Trinity build, it's a lot easier to stay alive and kite safely.

Normal Build 

Early Game

Back with > 650g

Grab another 1055.png. If you go back with 450-650g this means one of two things. Or you just took the first blood or you are gonna have a reeeeeaaally bad time at lane :DDD. In both occasions the 2nd 1055.png is the best choice because its a cost-efficient item, plus there is nothing better to buy with that money.

Back with  720-1130g

Buy your 3070.png and start stacking it. In my opinion 3004.png is a must-have item on 81.png either you go normal or blue build.

Back with 1130-1450g

You have enough money for 3070.png and a 2nd 1075.png. You still although have to play safe and focus on farming. You are very weak before you complete your 3004.png. The 2nd 1075.png is always very helpfull. More HP, more lifesteal and some AD is a very nice boost to survive the early game.

Back with 1450-1570g

In the rare occasion you go back with around 1500g, the best thing you can buy along with 3070.png and 1075.png is 1001.png. Boots are really helpfull because 81.png has very low base MS ( 325 ).

Back with > 1570g

1595g exactly is the cost of 3070.png and 1037.png. So if you are farming well and you succeed to survive till this point, grab these 2 items on your 1st back. 3004.png now is only 605g away :P.

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

After 3004.png you can upgrade your 1001.png into 3158.png. Bigger MS and an extra 10% CDR is just perfect right now that the early game is coming to an end and you are gonna roam around mid, dragon, starting pushing down turrets, clearing jungle camps e.t.c.

Now is the time where you choose between 3078.png or 3025.png

+ Bigger Damage Output
+ Bonus MS

- 1033g more expensive than Iceborn
- AS isn't that usefull on Ez.

+ AOE slow every 1,5 sec
+ Bonus Armor makes you really tanky
+ Really cost-efficient item for what it gives

- Lower burst damage compared to Trinity

No matter which item you're gonna pick ( not both, the passives dont stack xDD ) you have to build it after 3004.png.

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -


Mid Game

This is your time baby :) This is where Ezreal shines, this is where you dominate the field. No matter which combination of items you have picked, lets call them C1 ( 3004.png3078.png ) and C2 ( 3004.png3025.png ), now is your power spike. Of course you have to think your next item..

Good items

Its a nice pick up here. This item boosts your DPS A LOT, giving you a ton of lifesteal and the shield is just amazing. After the changes on this, now its a mid-late game item. If the enemies are not tanky enough and they are not stacking armor, feel free to pick it up. Works better with C1. Your burst is gonna be insane.

I just looooove this baby. AD, lifesteal, an amazing passive that works with your ezrealmysticshot.png :)))))) and an active that deals a bunch of damage to a tank, heals you for the same amount and gives you more MS. Just WOW. If you go with C2 pick this up as 3rd item, if the enemies have a lot of health and low armor, instead of LW. If you go with C1 and the enemies are not building armor, its better to go with the BT cause of the burst it provides instead of BOTRK. You can of course try this any time you want. Maybe it fits better to your playstyle.

Decent item if you REEAAAALLY need the active. Feel free to buy it. Dont think twice if this 238.png is just ulting you all the time.

Nice anti-burst pick up. The shield is huuuuge, the extra HP is fine and the AD is really good too. Feel free to try it out.

Bad items

Guys.. just dont build this. You are not 51.png, you are not 18.png, you are not 222.png. You are not an autoattack champion, you are not gonna build a lot of AS and your ezrealmysticshot.png cant crit. There are a lot of better options out there.

3087.png , 3046.png
Nope... Same as IE. If you are a fun of huge crits then dont play Ez xDD.

I just dont wanna see this on any Ezreal. Literally, not even in Bronze 5. I see this on too many 236.png and thats enough already. Cant handle this on 81.png too. :PP

Alternative Build

Building 3004.png as 1st item means that you have to sacrifice a lot of early power for a better mid game. The main reason for building 3004.png is that it solves all your mana problems through the entire game. In higher elo, an experienced enemy bot lane is gonna try to punish you as much as they can for picking this 81.png. They know they are stronger ( 119.png51.png,  and a lot more :(( ) than you, they know you are becoming really strong at the mid game and they are going to play really aggressive to deny your farm and harass you as much as possible. Sometimes your ezrealmysticshot.png is your only farming tool and to be able to farm under these circumstances you need MANA. Of course if you are winning your lane and go back with more than 1300g, in order to keep the lead you have to buy 1038.png. This means more early game power but mana problems and limited harass with your ezrealmysticshot.png. The only solution here is to upgrade this BF into 3508.png. The stats are really really nice ( a bunch of AD, lifesteal, 10% CDR and a passive that restore some mana ). Of course you cant build 3070.png now because it's too late and it's never gonna stack into 3042.png. The rest of your build is normal. Continue with 3078.png or 3025.png e.t.c.



Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne




Ashe is weak in the early game. She's all about the CC that provides to her team and after 6 she has asheR.png which you can easily avoid with your ezrealarcaneshift.png. Poke her early with your ezrealmysticshot.png and you can go aggresive on her with your support. Stay behind minions when you farm to avoid damage from her asheW.png. She has no escape mechanisms.




Oh man.. this one is gonna hurt.. xD. Caitlyn is one of the strongest ADC in the early game. She has the longest range of all ADC, she can push the wave under your turret in 0 time with her caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png, she can zone you with her caitlynyordletrap.png and she will harass you with her AA while you are trying to farm. If she stays behind minions you cant do pretty much anything. You can't land your ezrealmysticshot.png on her and she can free harass you with AA cause of her longer range. Just try to stay even at CS if possible and build your core items. You can beat her later if you poke her first with your ezrealmysticshot.png without receiving any damage in return. Care her caitlynpassive.png. It hurts!




He is an Ability-based ADC like you. He will try to harass you with his phosphorusbomb.png early which you can easily avoid. If it's needed use your ezrealarcaneshift.png. Dont go near him because his ggun.png will rekt you. After 6 try to stay behind minions to avoid the spam of missilebarrage.png. He is going to rush 3078.png. If he tries to get in your face with his carpetbomb.png just back off. You cant beat him at melee range. You scale better at the late game although he is a bit stronger at the mid game.




Draven is really really strong at skirmishes at all stages of the game cause of his dravenspinning.png. Just dont go near him xD. He can outdamage you extremely easy. Try to poke him with your ezrealmysticshot.png especially when he tries to catch his dravenspinning.png. He cant kill you if you dont wanna die! You can escape his all-in with your ezrealarcaneshift.png. After 6 remember that he can ruin your ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png with his dravendoubleshot.png. He has the same range with you. Dont try to 1vs1 him.. NEVER!




Graves is another medium-hard matchup for Ezreal. He is tanky cause of his gravespassive.png and he can burst you down in a blink of an eye after 6 with his gravesclustershot.png + graveschargeshot.png combo with a little help from his support. Avoid extended fights with him. You are not gonna win. Try to harass him with your ezrealmysticshot.png and play safe. If he push the wave try to last hit under turret. He has low range so he cant harass you with AA like Caitlyn.Never go near him, NEVER! 




This one is easy if you have a support that can lock Jinx down because she has no escape mechanisms. Leona, Taric, Thresh are all good choices and you can go aggresive on her early. You can avoid all three of jinxW.pngjinxE.png and jinxR.png with your ezrealarcaneshift.png. She has longer range than you with her jinxQ.png Fishbones on. Jinx is weak at 1vs1. Later in the game try to land 1 or 2 ezrealmysticshot.png and then you can all in. Use your ezrealarcaneshift.png smart. She scales much better than you in the late game, escpecially at 5vs5.




Kalista is very strong at the early game cause of her % damage from kalistaW.png. Her kalistapassive.png makes you pretty difficult to land your ezrealmysticshot.png on her. She has a free dash too from her kalistaQ.png. She can kill you very easily after 6 if she lands her kalistaR.png on you, compined with a support like Leona, Braum, Janna e.t.c. Try to avoid this by ezrealarcaneshift.png away. She falls off late game but she can still kill you at 1vs1 if you go near her.




Kog is very immobile champion. You can harass him with your ezrealmysticshot.png early. Back off when he turns his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png on because he will outrange and outdamage you. Supports with lockdowns are extremely powerfull vs Kog'Maw like Leona or Thresh. Go aggresive early. He scales extremely well into late game and he is gonna be a hyper carry if he build his items. Try to get a lead before 6 and poke him as much as you can.




This matchup is all about ezrealarcaneshift.png. Lucian is very strong at 1vs1. He will try to harass you with his lucianQ.png behind his minions so you cant land your ezrealmysticshot.png. Try to predict when he will cast his lucianQ.png and dont stay in a line with him and a friendly minion. You can easily avoid this with your ezrealarcaneshift.png but you will run OOM very soon if you spam it all the time. Your ezrealarcaneshift.png counters his lucianR.png very hard. After 6 try to engage with your ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png from inside a bush because he can avoid it with his lucianE.png. Never fight him 1vs1 after the mid game because he will most likely gonna kill you.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune is one of the strongest ADC t 1vs1. Never fight her for an extended amount of time because she will outdamage you with her missfortuneviciousstrikes.png... hard.. Try to poke her wiith your ezrealmysticshot.png. Care her missfortunericochetshot.png and avoid to stay behind a minion with low health. She has no escape mechanisms. If she missfortunebullettime.png you just ezrealarcaneshift.png away. A tanky support with CC like Taric or Leona is gonna be great against her.




Most Sivir players pick her for the strong splitpush and the utility she provides to her team with onthehunt.png. Her spellshield.png is free and she can refund 80 mana at LvL 1 if she blocks a spell so dont try to ezrealmysticshot.png her when her shield is up. Care her spiralblade.png because it really hurts! You have bigger range than her so try to harass with AA whenever you can. Her ricochet.png can be really annoying too because it jumps, so it can hit you even if Sivir is out of range.




Tristana is weak through the early game and she will manage to farm as much as possible because she outscales you. Care her detonatingshot.png when she casts it to a minion because the AOE damage is huge. If she casts it on you just ezrealarcaneshift.png away and wait till it explode. She is extremely mobile with here rocketjump.png up. After you finish your 3078.png or your 3025.png try to poke her with your ezrealmysticshot.png but care the burst from her detonatingshot.png + bustershot.png. Keep in mind that her range is becoming  bigger as she gets Lvls.




Twich is weak early game but if he gets 2 or 3 kills early, you are gonna suffer. A LOT! Try to poke him with your ezrealmysticshot.png whenever you can. Avoid extended fights with him because he always will win cause of his twitchpassive.png + twitchE.png. If he builds his 3153.png, dont overextend because he is gonna twitchQ.png, he will go behind you and with his twitchW.png on you, you are dead. Play aggresive early and try to build your items as soon as possible. After 6 be aware of his twitchR.png cause he gets huge range and damage boost. After his 3153.png and 3142.png are completed, stay with your support all the time or he is going to kill you every single time you try to farm.




Varus can outrange and outpoke you every single time. Try to avoid his varusq.png or at least stay behind your minion to reduce the damage. You can win the 1vs1 after you complete your 3078.png or 3025.png if you avoid his varusq.png or/and his varusr.png even if he has his 3031.png. If he goes for 3004.png then he is gonna try to poke you first and then he will engage but he is weaker if you 1vs1 him with full HP. When he finish 2 damage items, avoid his varusq.png at all costs. He is extremely immobile and very easy to die if you have a support with stun or a lot of disables. Just dont miss these ezrealmysticshot.png :)




You have the upper hand till LvL 6 and thats it.. Vayne has tremendous scaling through the game and she can kill you with 3 hits at the late. She is weak early so try to harass as much as you can with ezrealmysticshot.png. She can avoid pretty much all of your spells with her vaynetumble.png and after 6 with her invisibility on, it becomes even harder for you.Try to keep her away at all costs and poke her down with your ezrealmysticshot.png3025.png is better here than 3078.png cause of the slow it provides. Dont miss your Qs and she will never get close to you. Stay away from walls cause if you get stunned by her vaynecondemn.png you are dead. Never let her procs her 3rd vaynesilveredbolts.png. If she goes aggressive just ezrealarcaneshift.png away. Keep in mind that both vaynetumble.png and vaynecondemn.png count as a hit and its gonna procs her vaynesilveredbolts.png. Avoid 1vs1 at close range at all costs. 

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