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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png is currently a must. You always hear about those "Flashy plays". Nobody says "ghosty plays" that's just wrong.

Now for the other summoner spells:

14.png is good when you want to snowball from your lane and get some early kills. Ignite isn't as useful late game aside from finishing somebody off at the last few tips of health, trying to shut down a Mundo/Swain, or ruining a Soraka's day.

3.png is one of my favorite summoner spells. I would take this against any assassin such as Zed/Syndra/Fizz. Using this summoner can help prevent you from getting instakilled. It can also aid in sticking onto enemies/ slowing them enough so you can get all 4 vital procs on ultimate. Also Exhaust is far more useful in a team fight than ignite in my opinion, in team fights you just need to exhaust one of their carries and it's game over :)

12.png is a great spell when you're against any heavy poke lanes/ bad match ups. This also allows you to have more presence around the map (if you're top lane). Now with Fiora's new kit, she has a lot more kill potential without ignite so teleport is a good choice toplane!

 I personally prefer ignite top lane though just because solo queue all about dat KDA Kappa. 

Small note #1: Don't take 12.png mid because you lost a lot of kill potential in your lane and you already have enough access to gank both top and bot, no need for another tp.

Small note #2: If you're being indecisive on summoners, go exhaust. It's safe, effective, and who doesn't like helmet bro heaving up his leftovers from a bad hangover?

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity Tree

[Fury] because Fiora's Q/E/R aren't counted as spells and only her W is counted as a spell so the attack speed is much more worth it.

[Fresh Blood] Allows for really strong poke damage
[Feast] Want lane sustain/ facing difficult matchup

[Bounty Hunter] allows incredible late game damage with little repercussion aside from weaker early game!
[Double Edged Sword] for lane dominance!

[Vampirism] Really safe mastery that helps Fiora sustain during the laning phase
[Natural Talent] Rather greedy mastery that's not as effective early game but does help Fiora deal more damage as the game goes on!

[Battering Blows] Although Fiora does do a lot of true damage, this mastery helps Fiora in the tank meta and get in more damage to add onto her burst.

[Fervor of Battle] Fiora can max out Fervor incredibly quickly and can lead to early game kills along with strong mid-game!
[Warlord's Bloodlust] A strong and safe keystone that can aid Fiora in surviving laning phase. It's also incredibly strong late game for survival and for Crit-Fiora builds!

Cunning Tree

[Savagery] Helps you farm the wave, and can prevent the opponent laner from getting a lvl advantage early game under the assumption that you keep dealing sufficient damage to the minion wave.

[Assassin] Since Fiora is played in a solo lane, this will help you deal more damage against your lane opponent. You can also get [Secret Stash] if you prefer to play a bit safer and rather have strong potion healing.

[Merciless] This one is a clear winner compared to [Meditation] because Fiora doesn't really suffer from mana problems and Merciless compliments Fiora's high damage overall.

[Dangerous Game] Even though your ult can heal you and save you from death, that extra 5% healing after slaying an enemy can still make a significant impact on your survival or not. Fiora doesn't need that extra 5% CDR because she already has low cooldowns and CDR from ordinary item picks is enough.

if you do go 18 points into the Cunning Tree, you can go for Thunderlords/Stormraider's Surge:

After going past Dangerous Game, you go into Precision. 

[Precision] This mastery works very well on Fiora due to it's flat armor penetration. Since Fiora doesn't do a lot of magic damage, this mastery can be even more beneficial if you obtain the Rift Herald Buff (Which does magic damage) along with/or you get thunderlord's Decree which does magic damage.

Cunning KeyStone Options

[Thunderlord's Decree] This keystone is amazing for Fiora. She already has a lot of burst from hitting vitals along with her automatic critical strike from her second auto attack on E. This will add significant damage to Fiora's burst ever since they added an Attack Damage scaling on the Keystone.


[Stormraider's Surge] This keystone can be situational. I have done testing on this keystone and it can actually benefit Fiora lot. Due to Fiora's %HP damage, dealing 30% of somebody's maximum hp is incredibly simple and can be used as a great tool to chase an opponent or to run away from a gank.

If the enemy ganks your lane and you need to escape, just use your ult on the enemy laner, pop usually 2-3 vitals which will activate stormraiders and use that movement speed and slow reduction to escape back to your tower.

Resolve Tree

[Recovery] 2 hp/5 is incredibly helpful for the early laning phase and can help sustain

[Tough Skin] Makes Dueling more manageable and aids in making Fiora tankier early

[Runic Armor] Increases Fiora's healing sources which is incredibly strong for sustaining
[Veteran Scars] Get this if the enemy has a really strong early game and survival is absolutely necessary

[Insight] Helps decrease the cooldown of Fiora's summoner spells which is really helpful
[Perseverance] Huge boost to Fiora's health regeneration. Would get this against Pantheon/Darius/hard matchup

Standard Safe Masteries:

standard masteries.PNG

Snowballing Masteries:

snowball masteries.PNG

Aggressive Masteries:

aggressive masteries.PNG

Must Survive Lane Masteries:


Aggressive Thunderlord's Masteries:


Defensive Thunderlord's Masteries:

safe thunder.PNG

Abilities Back to Top



ALWAYS MAX IN THIS ORDER WHEN POSSIBLE:Fiora%20Grand%20Challenge.png --->Fiora%20lunge.png--->Fiora Bladework.png--->Fiora Riposte.png


Lunge is your most consistent form of damage so you must always max it first. Then max E over W because the cooldown of W is still ridiculously high and E gives great damage and chase. And of course put a level into R at lvls 6/11/16.

In every single situation, start Fiora%20lunge.png. This really allows you take take control of the lane with some early presence. 

By level 2, getFiora Riposte.png if you want to be safe, or getFiora Bladework.png if you want to perform the Q+E combo for a fast kill.


Ability Overview:

 Duelist's Dance

(Passive) Duelist's Dance

This is what justifies Fiora's theme and lane style: quick skirmishing and clean disengages.

The idea is to try to Q dash or even just auto attack if possible an enemy's vital spot for quick burst, with a heal and movement speed to run away/chase. If you execute it fast enough, your opponent won't have time to react adequately.

Bide your time between engagements. Sometimes just because you can hit a vital, doesn't mean you should. 


(Q) Lunge

This is Fiora's main tool for harassment in-lane. With its short cooldown, you're able to dash around the lane to kill minions if need be or to harass the enemy by stabbing at their vital points. It also acts as a wonder escape tool since you can just continuously dash away back to the safety of your tower or teammates. 

Two little known bits about Lunge that will prove important to maximize your use of this skill:
1) The skill can travel a bit further than Fiora's character model if you choose to do so. Just aim slightly in front of Fiora to let the Q hit forward without making Fiora dash too far upward. This can be helpful to avoiding minion aggression if the enemy vital is in front of them.
2) If Lunge doesn't hit a target it will go on a longer cooldown than if it hit a target (minion or champion). Make sure to use your Lunges wisely to make sure it always goes on a shorter cooldown to ensure lane dominance.

During the lane phase, you almost always want to just hit the enemy's vital point and back away. If you want a stronger attack, you should hit their vital, then auto attack once and back away.

During teamfights, this skill makes you monstrously difficult to peel. 



(W) Riposte

Riposte on activation, will block a basic attack or any spell in the next 0.75 seconds and deal AoE magic damage to enemies in front of where Riposte is aimed at. The first enemy champion hit by the Riposte will also have their movement and attack speed reduced by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If an enemy champion throws a hard CC attack, Riposte will stun for the same duration (1.5 seconds) 

If you're tense or trigger happy, you may wince in uncomfortable situations and hit W instinctively as a response to abilities like Spear Shot. Sometimes if you're unfocused, you may hit W immediately after an exchange has ended, wasting it. Try to control it, and depend on reading your opponent rather than reflexes when using this.

This spell is absolutely disgusting as it can block summoner spells such as ignite or exhaust if timed perfectly. Make sure to only Riposte significant spells such as ultimates or hard CC abilities that might cause your demise or prevent your advancement.

This spell can also easily change the tide of a battle in your favor if you decide to block a hard CC ability from an enemy and stun them instead. 

Caution: Fiora becomes stationary while she ripostes so be careful of when you use it. Sometimes it's more useful to keep lunging/ running away or flashing instead of using your Riposte.


(E) Bladework

This ability makes your next autoattack slow the enemy monster/champion by 40-60%  for 1 secondand  makes the second autoattack afterwards critical strike for 140%-200% of your auto attack damage. Your auto-attack timer resets. During your E (two enhanced auto attacks) Fiora gains 50% attack speed which makes this an incredibly quick bursting skill if used properly.

This ability is wonderful when it comes to sticking to your opponents or even using just the first auto attack to slow your enemy and escape. The second auto attack is amazing for early game trades which gives Fiora enormous kill potential in lane with our without aggressive summoner spells like [Ignite] or [Exhaust]. This allows Fiora to be more flexible when it comes to picking summoner spells like [Teleport].


Grand Challenge

(R) Grand Challenge

Fiora's signature ability reveals all four vitals on a single enemy champion for 8 seconds. If the enemy dies just after 1 vital is hit, a massive AoE healing field is created for 2 seconds. However if more vitals are hit, then the healing field will last longer all the way up to 5 seconds. Fiora gains lots of movement speed for every vital hit.

The damage grants you unmatched level 6 kill potential, save for abilities like Feast and Noxian Guillotine. Most champions simply don't have an answer for that immense amount of damage. It's great for infuriating the hell out of the enemy team who thought you were too weak. Do keep in mind that you only need to hit 1 vital for the AoE healing field to appear when an enemy dies. Obviously try to hit all 4 vital points if possible.

Also, it makes for a really good tower-diving ability. Killing an enemy under the tower will allow you to heal great amounts of health from the field and can save you from tower damage.

Be careful however.

If you're in an impossible situation and you're going to die, using your ultimate is a complete waste unless you're a mechanical god( Aren't we all? :^) )

This ability is very team oriented to heal your team and yourself and also works as a very potent 1v1 ultimate against ANY opponent (tanks or squishies)


Skill Order Justification:

It should come as no surprise that you should max Grand Challenge first  whenever you get the chance. Each upgrade is a bonus 30 hp gain per secondIf you're even close to leveling up to 6, 11 or 16, try to get that bit of experience and catch your opponents off guard with the sudden, ridiculous damage. 

You may notice that my sample skill selection maxes q.png. This is because it is awesome when you max Lunge.

Do note max Riposte first or second. Ever.

I'm aware that the ability is amazing and extremely strong, however it has an incredibly long cooldown and adding points into it early game doesn't really make a difference in its timer. It should only be used in emergency situations.

The bottom line is you end up relying on the enemy's mistakes rather than your own skill to win the lane. 


What effect does maxing Q have on laning?

With maxed Lunge, you are the one jumping into their faces with a swift, powerful blow, and whittling them down. You are the one forcing them to react, not the other way around. Should they attempt to retaliate with an auto attack, your w.png becomes extraordinarily helpful for mitigating that damage and worsening the pain. This justifies the maximization of e.png, second. If they continue to retreat, or are brought to killable health, the movement speed slow and critical strike permit you to continue the attack. Otherwise, strike only vitals and back away.


A word of caution: NEVER max e.png first. It requires a lot of attack damage to justify maximizing it, and you will lack an enormous amount of lane mobility and control.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Aggressive Start
    Against difficult AD matchup
    Sustain start.
    Standard Start
    vs Pantheon

Core Items

    First item against AP/ magic damage matchups
    Typical First buy
    Amazing item! Build this after Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra
    When build Triforce: Buy Phage ->Sheen -> Zeal
    Toplane tankier/cdr (instead of triforce)
    Standard Black cleaver Top Lane build
    Team needs tank
    High Damage build
    Standard triforce top build
    no phage build
    Lifesteal Build
    vs hard cc build
    Defensive full build

Situational Items

    Enemy team has a lot of armor? This guy!
    Did you build Hexdrinker first? Are you being bursted down by AP assassin? Build it into this later!
    3+ AD enemies? Build this guy!
    3+ AP enemies? build this guy!
    3+ AP enemy champions/ assassins like LB/Syndra? Build this guy!
    enemies have near to no CC (crowd control) and you're stomping? these are awesome
    Enemy adc fed/ 2+ enemy champions are auto-attack reliant? Get these!
    Enemy team have hard CC or lots of magic damage? get these!
    If crowd control is a problem for you, get this!
    crowd control still a problem and want more ad? upgrade!
    Need to stay alive/Getting popped? WINGS MY FRIENDS
    Purchase if enemy has 2+ people with Crit

Remember that you shouldn't follow a cookie-cutter build! It should always adapt!


                                Starting Items:

This is my standard start on Fiora. It offers 10 AD along with 250 HP worth of sustain in lane! I love this start because it helps your [Vampirism] mastery to heal you more along with having a direct build path into your hexdrinker/tiamat/vampiric scepter! 


                                 After a lot of experience with building this item, it's fairly decent. Although mathematically it's not a very good build start, I've won 1v1 fights early game because of it. This is a viable option against duelist champions/ burst champs top lane/mid lane. Even though you don't have a lot of sustain with 1 potion, the lifesteal from Doran's blade + feast mastery + hitting enemy vital spots helps sustain Fiora.

Mathematical explanation on why Doran's Blade start is bad: It offers 70 hp, which is quite negligible and can be taken away with 1 auto attack from most champions top lane, or 1 spell from a champion mid lane. Then it only offers 7 AD, which is less than longsword, and only gives you 150 HP worth of sustain through the 1 potion. BUT DEFROZENDUMPLING, THERE'S 3% LIFESTEAL! Well young pattawan, Longsword and 3 potions offer's 2 more potions of sustain, which is 300 HP. In theory if you had 100 AD with your doran's blade, you would need 100 auto attacks just to get the same amount of sustain from the two potions that Longsword and 3 potions offers. Another fact is that Doran's blade doesn't scale into later stages of the game and doesn't build into anything either. This means you'll have to sell it later, losing you 264 gold.

-Credit to Inverted Composer for this info


If you're against a really difficult AP matchup such as Rumble or Lissandra/ want to be defensive/ new to fiora/ a pansy, start this so you can survive the lane, without having to buy too many potions! Remember to go Hexdrinker first :D



If you're against a difficult AD matchup such as Darius, I suggest going cloth armor + 5 potions for tons of sustain and armor. This allows you to survive the lane along with getting an early ninja tabis or Warden's mail for defense.


Absolutely necessary if you're going against Pantheon, negates a lot of Spear damage!

                                  Laning Phase:


Now against AP matchups, I always go Hexdrinker first. THIS ITEM IS SO AWESOME! The reason is because it's also fairly cheap because of my Long Sword + Refillable Potions start, along with it's amazing stats! It gives me a nice 25 AD, 30 magic resist, and a 250 magic damage shield when you hit critical levels of HP. This means that enemy mages can't simply burst you down and gives you great dueling stats against magic dealing champions.

Notice: this item is amazing in stats, however it's upgrade [Maw of Malmortius] isn't as cost efficient but also isn't terrible! You can always replace this with Mercurial Scimitar if you have more trouble with crowd control instead



If you're against a high wave clear champion, such as Malzahar, Kayle, or a non-tank champion, I suggest building Tiamat first. You'll need the waveclear and damage to survive the lane and the health regeneration is nice :) If you're not building this first item and you prefer building the Hexdrinker first, then this is a MANDATORY second buy! 



After building your Tiamat, make sure to upgrade it into Ravenous Hydra, because at that point, you'll be needing the lifesteal for sustain and the extra AoE (Area of effect) damage that it provides.



After building your Ravenous Hydra, start your Trinity Force. Wait what? Trinity force on Fiora???? Fiora?!!! Fedora?! Fioraslkg?!!!!! HECK YA! This item is amazing on fiora. Although the item is on the pricey side, it benefits Fiora on so many aspects. Although the item doesn't offer much flat AD to Fiora, it's passive sheen procs deal 200% damage on the auto attack after using a spell! This passive can be proc'ed very easily through Fiora's Q's, along with E. The movement speed help's so much with Fiora's mobility and extra mana allows for more spamming.

WARNING: This is an expensive item, and if you're very behind, consider getting black cleaver instead to aid your team and be a little more tanky.

When building Trinity Force on Fiora, make sure you go in this order: 3044_32.png --> 3057_32.png --> 3086_32.png-->3078_32.png


                                                                          3036.png or 3033.png

Lord Dominik's Regards/ Mortal Reminder is now viable but not required! This is because with the new Fiora, she deals a lot of true damage through her passive and her ultimate which doesn't need armor penetration. However realistically you can't always get to an enemy's vital spot or can't hit all of the vitals (when ulting) so Lord Dominik's Regards/ Mortal Reminder can help shred enemy armor and deal more damage. This also helps your guaranteed crit second auto attack from E to do more damage if the enemy has more armor! Unless the enemy team doesn't understand the concept of armor and they have 5 squishy players. These just help you shred through armor at a pretty cheap cost of 2700 gold. Typically you get these pretty late, I usually get this as a fifth item after my defensive item. However if you're top-lane and the enemy laner has it out for you by building tons of armor, then it's viable to rush this item a lot earlier in the game.




If you're hard carrying the game and you're not really afraid of enemy CC/ or the enemy team doesn't have much CC, then these boots are amazing on Fiora! The 15% CDR that these babies offer a lot more utility to Fiora's mobility and damage. This helps keep you locked on and stick onto opponents with your lunges!



If you're against an auto attack reliant champion such as Aatrox or Tryndamere, or if their team has a fed ADC, or their team is auto attack dependent, then these boots are perfect!



If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage and/or hard crowd control, these boots are perfect for Fiora so she can get some spells off during team fights.


Although these boots have been nerfed, they're still cheaper than their counter parts and can help catch enemies out and roam around the map!

                        Defensive Choices/Late game:


I cannot emphasize how amazing this item is now with the 30% armor shred and 20% cdr! 

Not only does it help the Attack damage dealing champions on your team do more damage through an easily application of your ultimate, it also helps your dueling potential! Although Youmuu's Ghostblade is cheaper than Black cleaver, I prefer black cleaver because it offers 400 HP which helps Fiora become more durable, also because you attack so quickly with Trinity force along with maxing E, applying all 6 stacks of debuffing enemy armor is super easy! This means you deal a lot more damage than if you had youmuu's! 


If you started the game with Hexdrinker, then build it into this as your sixth item! (Unless you don't need more defenses, then build this before your tank item ^_^ )

This is a great item, because I build her a tad more bruiser than most people, it gives me more AD as my health depletes from the flames of the battlefield! It also gives me more magic resist against those heavy magic dealing champions which keeps Fiora alive an fighting!

Get this item if you're having trouble with enemy magic burst. If crowd control is a problem for you rather than the burst, than Mercurial Scimitar is a more viable choice!



If you're having trouble against crowd control and magic damage on the enemy team, Quick silver sash is a perfect item for get-aways or getting your ultimate off! Countering Fiora includes using hard CC on her to prevent her from ulting, however if you have Quick Silver Sash, you can remove that crowd control instantly and keep fighting!

TIP: If you find that later in the game that the crowd control doesn't bother you or affect you, then feel free to sell this item!


If you still have trouble with enemy CC, then upgrade your Quick Silver Sash for mercurial Scimitar for insane 80 AD and an awesome active, along with 35 magic resist! It offers 20 more AD than Maw of Malmortius does (until your health degenerates) and only has 5 less magic resist, it's a pretty good trade!

Tip: Get this if CC is a problem for you and you want AD. If CC isn't a problem but you're still struggling with raw magic damage, get Maw of Malmortius or Banshees Veil


                                                                                  Dead Man's Plate

To determine what defensive item I get, I always look at the number of people that deal physical and magic damage, then I account for who's powerful/fed and who's irrelevant. If there are 3+ physical damage dealing champions on the enemy team, Deadman's Plate is perfect! It provides much needed health for fiora and armor along with it's amazing passive that makes Fiora move faster along with adding slow and extra attack damage to her first auto attack or Q towards an enemy.



If there are 3+ AP/ magic dealing champions on the enemy team, spirit visage is perfect for Fiora! The health, magic resist, and cooldown reduction work great with Fiora, to keep her healthy against magic damage dealing champions and lowering her cooldowns! Also it's unique passive increases Fiora's health regeneration, vital proc heal, lifesteal, and ultimate healing by 20% which aid in her sustainability! 



Again, if there's 3+ AP/ magic dealing champions on the enemy team, this is a viable item! But if there is a fed AP assassin like Leblanc or Syndra, then this is a necessity! It's also nice against hard poke champions like Xerath or Nidalee!



If you find yourself just dying a ton, you might want to consider this nice item! I'm personally not a fan of item because it doesn't offer many resistances nor health, but it can be nice! However once the passive is gone, this is a pretty bad item statistics wise! BEWARE!

Why do you build Fiora bruiser/ semi tanky??? Why not full damage?

With the New Fiora, she's very susceptible to getting damaged in team fights. She's not as bursty as she used to be and in team fight's you're always vulnerable to damage when you fight. Full damage Fiora can still work but it's much harder to pull off and can be risky at times.


Starting items:
vs Hard AD: 1029.png2003.png
vs Pantheon: 1054.png2003.png

Item Order:
Enemy has waveclear/not tanky: 3077.png->3111.png->3078.png->3142.png->3026.png->3053.png->3074.png
you can get the Ravenous Hydra earlier if you need the sustain
Enemy is tanky: 3071.png ->3111.png->3077.png->3142.png->3026.png->3053.png->3074.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Diana
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Gnar
  • Gragas
  • Heimerdinger
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kassadin
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Mordekaiser
  • Nasus
  • Pantheon
  • Riven
  • Ryze
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Syndra
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed



Summary: His attack speed can become overwhelming if he has a lot of blood pool, however once his passive is popped, he is rather weak.

Still, a well-played Aatrox will snowball if you lose the lane. You have the upper hand initially, just make sure not to lose it.

Main Points:

  • You have better burst and DPS.
  • Be cautious during low-health duels.
  • Empty blood pool = weak Aatrox.
  • Timing Riposte well win a trade/fight if he tries to jump on you.
  • Every Q or E he misses is a won trade (those spells cost HP)




Against the Korean Fox women, it's all about skill if you know what I mean ;)

Her Q is pretty easy to dodge, if you're uncomfortable with doing so, consider running Movement speed Quintessences in your rune page!

Once she gets Zhonya's Hourglass, make sure not to use your Grand Challenge on her unless it's down! Getting your ultimate negated sucks...

HOWEVER: if she decides to go another item first before Zhonya's punish her with your ultimate!

With proper reaction timing and positioning, you should be able to dodge a lot of her spells and charms with the flexibility and mobility of your Q and E!

Tip: If she uses W, step away from her! (the W prioritizes champions over minions unless you're far away enough)

Tip: If the W hits something else, use this opportunity to go in and get some damage in to punish her for not damaging you!

Tip: If she's trying to run away, use your E on her to stick onto her, typically by the end of your ultimate, you can keep yourself attached to her through your Q!

Warning! Do not dive her with she has Charm up! Getting hit by extra turret shots could cost you your life and make the lane snowball in her favor quickly!

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3111_32.png




This girl can really snowball out of control and has tons of sustain

However all she has to offer early game is throwing her Q at you. Make sure to punish her for that by dashing in and wacking her.

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3074_32.png | 2043_32.png 

Warning: Don't use your ultimate on her if she has her Shroud up! You won't be able to proc her vital spots!
Tip: Getting some pink wards against Akali can make dueling fights in your favor




The Dark child lives up to her name...This little girl is a nightmare for Fiora. Not only are her long ranged auto attacks annoying to deal with because she's at such a safe distance, her Q is on an insanely low cooldown! Her W is good harass if you try to farm close up, and her E prevents you from trading effectively because it deals magic damage back to you with every auto attack...Then there's Tibbers, so tanky and powerful it makes you cry! 

The only real chance you have against her is that she's incredibly squishy first few levels so try your best to get a kill then. Otherwise you're in for a world of pain

TIP: Try to kill Annie before she can get Tibbers up.
TIP: I highly recommend asking for ganks for this is almost an unwinnable lane
TIP: Try to riposte whatever stunning spells she throws at you!

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3102_32.png




This Snake women is hella scary. Her DPS from her E after damaging you with poison is ridiculous. It's like a machine gun. However if you can dodge her Q or W poison, she won't really be able to shoot 10,000 E's at you.

TIP: You get stunned if you're facing her when she ults, so make sure your back is turned
TIP: Make sure to dodge her skill shots, and take advantage of the times when she misses her Q and W to deal lots of damage.

Skill Maxing: Q -> E -> W

Starting items: If you're scared out of your life, start with 1001_32.png2003_32.png or movement speed quintessences, or BOTH to dodge her skill shots and survive the lane


you can start 2041_32.png2003_32.png to safely live through the lane

Counter items: 3155_32.png 




Aside from his early game vorpal spikes that might be annoying early game, cho'gath is no match for the the grand duelist! 

Cho'gath is extremely clunky! His Q is very easy to dodge with proper usage of your lunge!

WARNING: Cho'gath's W silence duration is 1.5-2.5 seconds which really stinks, but that doesn't mean you can't auto attack him during that time! Try to use E preemptively before he silences you so you can auto attack him for extra movement speed to stick onto him!

Cheese: Q level 1, then E level 2 for tons of extra auto attack damage that might force him to recall or waste a summoner!

If he's going AP, then get: 3155_32.png
If he's going tank, then get: 3134_32.png
Tip: Cho'gath is pretty squishy if he has few stacks of his ultimate!

Counter items: 3134_32.png | 3035_32.png




Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3742.png 

Main Points:

  • Be wary of Decimate. Bait it or close the distance to minimize the hurt.
  • If Darius wastes any abilities, this is your window of opportunity.
  • Time your disengage carefully, before Darius can use Decimate a second time.
  • Darius can force re-engagements with Apprehend.
  • Darius has no sustain! Keep your passive up!
  • Crippling Strike lowers attack speed. 
  • The entirety of Crippling Strikes damage (besides the DoT) can be Riposted.
  • Try to save your Riposte for his pull or his ultimate!




This moon women is as difficult of a matchup as swiss cheese against a heated knife.

She has very little sustain (if you count her shield), her early game is nothing compared to Fiora's, and she relies heavily on landing her Q in order to burst.

Skill Max: Q -> E -> W

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3074_32.png

TIP: When Diana launches her Q, walking towards her is a pretty easy way of dodging it
TIP: If she misses her Q, this is a good opportunity to lunge at her and get in damage.





He can silence you before you ult, he can fear you away if you try to Lunge onto him, and worst of all...You can't break the tether on his drain!!!

You're best bet is to go Q level 1 and try to get some early kills

Run Ignite or Teleport!

Ignite: If you want him to heal less/ get early kills to snowball
Teleport: if you want to survive the lane or roam elsewhere

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3111_32.png 




Even though Fizz has been changed, this match-up is still very easy for Fiora! Fizz only has a single burst combo and has very little sustained damage or any sustain for himself! Which is what makes Fiora great for this matchup! You can parry his Q so dashing onto you won't be a problem. Also now the fact that his W doesn't apply grievous wounds means that you can capitalize on your passive and heal for potential trades with lifesteal and health-regeneration. Dodging Fizz's ultimate is also easy with some efficient lunges! However the one trick to Fizz is his E. Playful and Trickster...Make sure to force Fizz to use this ability before using your ultimate or you'll find yourself doing little to no damage during this time!

TIP: Bait out his E to ensure your ultimate does damage!
TIP: Parry his Q dash!

Skill Maxing: Q -> E -> W

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3102_32.png

WARNING: Be careful if Fizz gets Zhonyas because it can cancel your ultimate!

PENDING FOR TESTING: Is dodging Fizz Q possible with Lunge?




This sad Jack Sparrow wanna-be is nothing compared to the French mistress!

His Q's are extremely predictable, you out-sustain him, out damge him, outscale him, and have a nicer haircut than he does!

Start W level 1 to negate any Q harass that gangplanks like to all-in with

Skill order: W -> Max Q and E afterwards

Both you and the pirate have relatively weaker waveclear, so getting an early Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra can help you push the lane, potentially get towers, and roam for extra kills

Counter Items: 3077_32.png | 3134_32.png | 3047_32.png | 3082_32.png




Gnar can be quite annoying in his squirrel form. I like starting W against him level 1 so I can negate any sort of auto-attack harass he throws at me and get level 2 faster!

Q + W combo level 2 will put the lane in your favor! Make sure not to use both Q's immediately, try to see if he'll jump and if so, Q at him again!

Since his auto attacks are very powerful, I like to go W -> Q -> W -> E. 
Reasoning: I enjoy having reposte up a little more often so I can stay healthy in lane

Tip: If he uses W in mammoth form against you, preemptively press your W so you can parry the next auto attack he throws at you!
Tip: Punish him if he misses his rock/banana - rang

Counter Items: 3047_32.png3134_32.png | 3035_32.png




Avoid the fat man's barrels, they're not pleasant in the slightest!

If you can do that, you're golden!

Try to preemptively use your W when he body slams into you! because the auto afterwards assuming he turns purple from his W does a ton of damage, so if you can negate that damage then you're swell!

You have far more sustained damage than he does and full AP gragas isn't very viable anymore.

Counter Items: 3155_32.png | 3035_32.png




This little yordle is incredibly annoying...There's very little duel potential against him unless he's away from his turrets (which hardly ever happens). You just need to survive the lane, stay under tower and farm safely and wait until team fights to outshine him! 

Skill maxing: Q -> E -> W
Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3074_32.png | 3111_32.png

TIP: An early Tiamat or ravenous hydra is good for sustain and wave clearing against his turrets!

TIP: Don't fight him under his three turrets, you dead~




Irelia is a pretty strong level 1 if she goes E. I like to open with my W against Irelia because if she's right about to stun you, you can preemptively press W so that her next auto attack following the stun will be negated making the trade better in your favor!

Overall I think this is a pretty simple matchup, watch out for her stun if she has it up (8 sec cd) and aside from that you should be able to outduel her! However try to avoid fighting her with her full duration of W up because she does sustain quite a bit from it!

Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3143_32.png | 3134_32.png

Start W level 1, then max Q and E afterwards to have sustained damage!
Start Longsword  + 3 potions or cloth armor + 5x potions




Ahh the classic Fiora vs Jax lane.

Honestly he's not that hard to beat! If he tries to jump on you. Use W. If he manages to stun you, preemptively use your W to negate damage

Tip: Dont use your E if he stuns you, it wastes the duration

Max your Q then E then W. 
But why???

Let's look at this scenario!
Jax starts using Counter strike, you can use E and double Q onto him for huge damage and the movement speed should allow you to run away and dodge his stun!!

But then again smart Jax players will use Counter strike then jump onto you! Correct. Which is why you need to be able to have fast reactions and Q onto other minions to dodge it! But if you know that's not a choice and you're going to get stunned, might as well use your W to negate some of the damage

Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3143_32.png | 3134_32.png | 3035_32.png
WARNING: Jax is a monster late game and you won't have the capability for the most part to duel this monster! Just try to take down his teammates when you team-fight as Fiora as he WILL smash your booty.




Start your W to avoid any auto attack harass

Max Q and E then W

Stay behind minions to avoid the shock blast

Engage with your E, then a single Q. He'll knock you away but the movement speed from E should easily let you catch up and use your second Q to go back in! If you're not comfortable with this, you can always use your ultimate! :D

Tip: Most Jayce players are forced to buy an early Tear of the Goddess due to mana issues, this offers nothing for jayce early game aside from the mana sustain, punish him by getting early attack damage and wacking him!
Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3134_32.png




This matchup is actually very very easy. His Q doesn't do as much damage as it used to, and also doesn't silence! It gives him a magic damage shield, so all of your damage just neglects all of it!

You win 1v1 fights, prolonged, and short. Kassadin's Netherblade [W] is very predicable, just make sure to parry it when he tries to hit you with it.

TIP: Kassadin has no sustain, make sure to grab some early lifesteal so you can stay in lane and smack him

TIP: Go very aggressive level 1 and 2, for your damage is superior to him
TIP: When you feel he is going to riftwalk away to avoid death, use your ultimate to stick onto him!  
Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3074_32.png

WARNING: Kassadin has a lot of roam potential, so make sure you're either pressuring towers or roaming against him when it happens!




This devil is quite a hassle to deal with. There is very little counter play as Fiora against her W + Q combo harass. But overall she's very squishy so popping her passive is quite simple. Try not to use your ultimate when her passive is up (60 sec cooldown) because your ultimate can't deal damage to invisible targets unless you have vision. 

Skill Max: Go Q + W + Q then max Q, then E, then W.

Reasoning for Q-W-Q: There isn't much opportunity to have an extended fight against Leblanc so getting in extra damage with two points of Fiora's Q really helps with trading.

TIP: After she harasses you, jump in and deal as much damage as you can.

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3102_32.png | 3026_32.png




This is really a 50/50 matchup. Have it be in the top lane or the mid lane, Lissandra will always be a threat. It all depends on Fiora being able to Riposte fiorariposte.png Lissandra's lissandraW.pngW or lissandraR.pngR.

When laning against  Liss, there are two positions you have to be in, in order to assert dominance in the lane. 

1) Position yourself behind your minion wave, but at an angle  so you're technically exposed. 

This is because Liss's lissandraQ.png(Q) hits the targets behind her initial hit, so if you're directly behind the minions, you'll receive damage as well. Positioning yourself  at an angle behind the minions  means that you're at a  safe distance and Liss will have to  choose to either harass you or to get the farm. If she goes for you, dodge it, and punish her. (She'll end up not being able to push the wave as quickly and you can farm up.)

2) Stand in front of the minion wave. This one is a bit more tricky, but it really involves you getting up in Lissandra's face. 

You have to react more quickly to  dodging her lissandraQ.png (Q) but again it's to force her to make decisions. She can attempt to harass you  or get the farm, but since you're so close, you're in range to create massive damage.

Skill maxing: Go fioraq.png lvl 1, then fiorariposte.png lvl 2. The reason for Riposte lvl 2 is because Lissandra is a CC heavy champion, chances are she's going to grab her lissandraW.png(W) lvl 2 in order to combo you or  root  you down for an early jungle gank (typically happens around the  2:30-3:00 minutes in game). Parrying  her attack and stunning her at the precise moment can be a turning point for you to dominate the lane and kill Lissandra.

TIP: When Lissandra is pre-lvl 6, the only priority spell that you need to parry is her lissandraW.png(W). When she's  lvl 6, the main priority spell to riposte is her lissandraR.png(R). But obviously if it's on cool-down  should you prioritize her W.

TIP: If you're bad against Lissandra, a purchase of  QSS  3140.png is indeed viable!





So against this "champion", there's not much he can do against you. A common misconception is that Fiora can parry his Q (Mace of Spades, don't worry I thought that too), but don't let that discourage you, HE DOES NO DAMAGE HAHAHAHAHA.

Skill Max: Q -> E -> W

Item Counters: 3155_32.png 
Reasoning: This almost guarantees that his ultimate won't be able to kill you and give him a Fiora minion so make sure to get this first!

TIPS: His shield decays over time, make sure to get some damage on it before executing your combo on him to make sure you get off actual damage.

TIPS: Mordekaiser has very weak sustained damage, so extended fights are in your favor

TIPS: Stay a distance away from Mordekaiser, his skills have low range and cost health, him missing skills = a good trade for you. Engage on him after he misses his skills so he has nothing up (aside from pitiful autos)




You're only hope to slowing down the Nasus carry train is by getting early kills against him pre-level 6! He's not incredibly strong in lane and has to be really close to last hit with his Siphoning Strike. Try punishing him with Q and E in lane, and walk in front of his minions so he can't last hit. If he trys to harass you back with his Q, just parry it! Be careful once he gets stacks though, he's almost unkillable, even to the queen of fencing! Once you push waves, get early kills on him, potentially a tower, try roaming and getting kills so that in the late game only the Nasus will be strong and not his teammates!

TIP: Ask for jungle ganks so you can hopefully kill Nasus a bunch before he starts getting lots of stacks

Counter Items: 3071.png | 3047_32.png

 Ninja Tabis are really good against nasus to negate 10% of his Siphoning strike damage which really really hurt x.x

What I like to do against Nasus:  3077_32.png->3071.png-> 3047_32.png->3074_32.png




Avoid this matchup at ALL costs!!!

If you've watched the Movie "300" you know this man is going to pummel your booty black and blue.

His Q does tons of damage, low cd, low mana cost, and targeted. Oh geez x.x
He's able to stun you which can negate some of your E attack speed duration or prevent you from running away
Also he's able to block some of your auto attacks which reduces your damage output by a lot, not to mention he can block some of Fiora's ultimate procs...

Start 1054.png2003_32.png
Start with your Q level 1 and get in some damage, afterwards get the standard W level 2 and just try to survive the lane
Max Q then E, then W.

Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3082_32.png 




This matchup got a lot easier ever since Fiora can parry stuns and knockups! Again her level 1 is very strong and you should be careful of that, however after level 1 you can stun her when she tries to knock you up/stun you by using your W and just outdamage her from there!

Max Q, then E, then W

Tip: Try your hardest to get damage on Riven in between her cooldowns! Attacking her when her Shield is up is wasted damage
Tip: Don't use your E when she stuns you, makes you very ineffective
Tip: If you want to be more defensive, try getting early Ninja Tabis against Riven to reduce the damage her combo does to you

Because Riven has some pretty decent waveclear, getting an early Tiamat is very viable and suggested

Warning: Riven has a very low cooldown ultimate, don't fight her if you're not sure it's up or not!

Counter items: 3047_32.png  | 3082_32.png




Good old Mr. Keyboard Face roll... Most Ryze players start with sapphire crystal so he starts the game fairly squishy. Take advantage of his weak stats early game by fighting super aggressively. If you play safe in the early game, he's going to snowball out of control on farm and destroy you.

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3111_32.png

TIP: his root duration is fairly low, but it's duration gets higher with more points into it, so getting some early game tenacity is pretty good to prevent him from getting free damage on you.

TIP: Most Ryze players throw an auto attack right after their Q so make sure to have your parry up when he engages you!





This matchup really isn't that difficult.

Singed's toss is on a 10 second cooldown (9.5 if he has 5% cdr in masteries), you have so much potential to damage him in the time it's down!

Start Q level 1 to put some hurt on this baldy! (He's pretty squishy early game since most singed players go flask)

Skill Max order: Q, then E, then W

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3074_32.png

Tip: Make sure to constantly try to get 4 stacks of your passive whenever you engage him because his poison does quite a bit of damage to you! However if you have hexdrinker and Ravenous Hydra, you should be able to whittle him down along with him being unable to seriously damage you! (Magic resist, a magic shield, lifesteal, and tons of health regeneration!)

Warning! Be careful if he's heading up to toss you over his shoulders because there is a likely chance that an enemy jungler is going to be there!

Warning! Don't let him toss you under his tower, it does quite a bit of damage!

Warning! He is very tanky late game and chances are you won't be able to kill him! Just target his teammates duh dude :P (Also don't chase too long, or you don't deserve to win)

Tip: If you know the singed is going to proxy the lane level 1, inform your jungler for an fast early kill :)
Tip: Most singed players won't toss you until you lunged onto them. So when you lunge on him, use only 1 of them, he tosses you into tower, and you just lunge out or back onto him! ezpz




This bulking monster is quite the annoyance to deal with. His W health stacking gets out of hand quickly, and his base damage on his Q and E are very potent. However an upside to this matchup is that he's very outplayable. Make sure to use your Q to dodge out of his skill shots, and use the movement speed of your E to also dodge his skills.

TIP: Sion has very little sustained damage, try to get extended fights to beat him
TIP: Don't fight Sion when his shield is up, you're wasting damage
TIP: Sion has pretty good waveclear, I suggest going Tiamat as your first item

This is one of the few matchups where Blade of the Ruined King is viable and quite good against Him
Starting items: 2041_32.png2003_32.png 
Skill maxing order: Q -> E -> W
Item counters: 3153_32.png | 3035_32.png | 3071_32.png




Syndra is a huge lane bully!

I suggest running movement speed quintessences against this Dark Sovereign to dodge her skill shots!

If possible, try to get a tiamat as soon as you get your Hexdrinker! If you're comfortable with the matchup, getting Tiamat as a first item before Hexdrinker is also viable!

Tip: if she misses her E stun, punish her by dashing in and getting some hits in!

Item counter: 3155_32.png | 3140_32.png | 3111_32.png




Make sure not to engage trundle when he uses his trundleQ.png (Q) on you. It lowers your AD which obviously lowers your damage. Wait for it to wear off to engage.

TIP: if you time fiorariposte.png (W) well you can  stun and parry trundle's trundleE.png (E).

Overall this matchup goes in Fiora's favor but make sure to burst him down with ult for the longer the fight goes, the better in Trundle's favor it goes.




Against Tryndamere you can choose to either start with your Q to apply early dominance and tell him you mean business! 

I prefer getting W level 2 against Tryndamere because his early game critical strikes are more powerful than Fiora's level 2 damage.

I like to counter him with Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png and opt for an early Warden's Mail 3082_32.png

Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3082_32.png

TIP: Riposte when Tryndamere spins towards you as it negates the damage along with slows Tryndamere's attack speed by 50% which can help you fight against him.




This match-up is really hit or miss. Literally.

If he can land all his skill shots, you're toast.

If he's predictable and dodging his Q in lane is a breeze, than this is a fairly easy matchup

Skill Maxing: Q,W,Q then Q -> E -> W 

Counter items: 3155_32.png | 3111_32.png

TIP: Be careful about his stun projectile, make sure it doesn't hit you when you have your E activated

Tip: When you engage him, try to get up all 3 stacks of your E movement speed buff, with fast reactions you can dodge his stun.




Yasuo is a surprisingly easy matchup. This samurai is EZPZ!

Start with your W, for not only are your autos more powerful than his (raw AD), you can also parry his Q harass! Also Yasuo needs to build lots of attack speed to boost his damage, you already have that built into your E thus making you that much more pimpin!
A lot of Yasuo players like to be flashy and "cool" by dashing around minions, put him in his place by lunging in with your Q and slapping him!

You're pretty much stronger than Yasuo at all stages of the game...Not much else to say about that

TIP: If Yasuo gets his ultimate off on you, you can use your ultimate right afterwards to prevent him from taking advantage of the 50% armor penetration his ultimate gives!

TIP: Dodging Yasuo's third Q with your lunge can make for some nice outplays along with preventing him from using his ultimate!

Skill Maxing: W level 1, then max Q -> E -> W

Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3082_32.png

Warning: you can't parry Yasuo's Q if it hits minions first, then you. If that makes any sense...




Fighting this Ninja is ezpzlemonsqueezyfrebrezey!!!

Dodge his Q's and W combos

Get either Q level one if you're confident in not taking damage
Otherwise start W

Skill max order: Q, E, then W

Make sure to get an early Tiamat after you start Brutalizer because you want to be able to waveclear as well has he does!

Counter items: 3047_32.png | 3074_32.png

If he ever uses his ultimate on you, use your ultimate right afterwards so he can't get any damage on and will have to suffer through yours

You outdamage him a lot! but be careful because he will most likely roam knowing that this is a bad matchup for him. Make sure to either push the lane while he roams or roam in the same direction as he does to make sure he gets shut down.


Welcome to the Guide :) Back to Top

Welcome to this guide.

If you didn't read the title of this guide, I'm here to inform you that I play Fiora both Mid and top lane and my builds don't differ too much.

Before you even clicked on this guide, you were probably wondering? What? Fiora? Why?
Fiora, in my opinion, is a highly underestimated, extremely potent, high skill cap champion that requires quick decision making skills and a trained eye to swiftly identify opportunities in lane and beyond to squeeze the most out of every opportunity that reveals itself.

Although I'm not the highest ranked player or the best Fiora player, I made this guide because I firmly believe that it's the most optimal for patch 4.21 + I have about a 60% winrate with my Fiora (My past Sword of the Occult days are over xD ) but I take all my games as Fiora seriously! She's an amazing champion, and has enormous outplay potential during team fights!

As you may tell from my amorous tone, I am incredibly in love with this champion. First off, you're playing as amotherf*cking DUELIST. Just say it. "Duelist". Feels awesome, right? Just the idea of playing a flawless fencer is awesome enough, so you better do well to live up to it. I am simply in love with her concept, her devastating potential and her signature ult. 

Hopefully, this guide will convince you to play Fiora. 


Surprisingly strong early game / Devastating late game
Snowballs uncontrollably*
Extraordinary sustained damage
Great tower dive ability
Incredible ult
Great mobility
Capable of making amazing plays
A rare pick / Most people don't know how to deal with her (wow she's fotm now? how'd that happen)
You're a fucking duelist.

CONS (All of these are LIES):

Extremely susceptible to CC when W down
Difficult to play in Team Fights
Some disastrous match-ups
Lane can snowball just as hard in your opponent's favor*


About me :) Back to Top

Hi everyone! I'm DeFroZenDumpling (the successor to The1Banana so to say) and I've remade the guide to better adjust to Fiora's nerfs in patch 4.20 :( along with stuff in preseason 6! :) I play Fiora a lot differently than The1Banana and probably a lot of Fiora players, but I'm pretty confident that this is the most optimizable way to play her as of now!
[You may have noticed that some portions of The1banana's guide has been copy-pasted here, I was told that I have full rights to add on to anything that he had once posted]

I've been a fan of Fiora since the beginning of Season 3! I've played probably over a thousand Fiora games over all my accounts! She's a high-skill cap champion and my favorite!

 I interact with viewers a lot on my twitch channel: and I explain a lot of my builds+ matchups with Fiora when I play her along with other champs that I love such as: Aatrox, Kassadin, Quinn

I hope you all enjoy the guide that I made! I'm very open to criticism if you guys have any and make sure to comment below about how you like/hate the guide! 

PS. I'll be adding/fixing stuff on this guide whenever I think of something to contribute to it in the future! 

PPS. will be adding videos/ potential montage as well if I figure out how to make them in the first place

PPPS. I just finished making a Fiora jungle guide! So if you guys are interested in how to jungle Fiora make sure to check it out and give it a thumbs up!

OMG thanks everyone for the support! We've reached over 100,000 views! This is awesome, woohoo!!!! 

This guide has over 5x more views than my stream x.x 

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