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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Mandatory as it allows for extra mobility ranging from escaping and chasing to dodging. 

Ignite is very useful for making your ult heal more reliable in teamfights by ensuring the death of your marked target.

With the new masteries Barrier has a bit  more usefulness in Fiora's buildpath. Due to the TP nerf it may be useful in cases where you are afraid of burst (Darius etc).

Same as barrier, but more for utility of chasing/escaping. Synergizes with new Resolve tree.


Can be very good in a tough lane and in a team with coordination. Combat summoners are super useful though. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

The new masteries will follow the same playstyle as before.

The masteries focus on adding power to Fiora in the early game.
Ferocity masteries aid Fiora's base stats up to the final mastery. 

Thunder Lord's decree is good vs Ranged champs who you want to burst down. 
Fervor is good vs melee champs like tanks and bruisers.

Abilities Back to Top


TLDR: Q first, W second, then R>Q>E>W


Passive: A mark appears which, once hit, will deal bonus damage and grant movement speed and a small heal.
Hit this to win trades as often as possible and back off until another appears. Q Procs these, so use Q to the sides to have it auto hit the target mark.

Q des.jpg
Q: Now is a skillshot. Refunds 60% CD if it hits. Good damage, max first. Applies on-hit effects like lifesteal, BoRK, and sheen. VERY strong. Use in between autos for spell weaving goodness.

w des.jpg
W: effectively a spellshield. Can proc Vitals from a distance and stun if being CC'd during a gank. Can be used for waveclear early on.

Ee des.jpg
E: 50% attackspeed steroid for two attacks at all levels. AA reset, slow on first hit, crit on second hit. Very good at adding teeth to your skirmishes. 

R2 des.jpg
R: All four Vitals can be hit, and if all 4 are hit or if the target dies after at least one mark being hit, creates a healing circle that heals team for a lot of health like 2nd half of Janna's ult. 


Basic Mechanics

Vital Jabbing:

F_P.png + F_Q.png
Proccing this ability will be what allows Fiora players to do well in lane.
The most basic technique for lane will be to either AA or Q a Vital that is facing towards your side of the map.


See the "Wall Hop" section for more info on where Fiora can use this ability to dash over walls.


Using this to stop any damage is worth it, though you will do well to anticipate abilities such as the ultimates of 14.png31.png62.pngetc.

Auto Attack Resetting:

Auto Attack-->E(immediately after attack lands)-->2nd Attack
This will essentially grant max attack speed for two auto attacks, with 50% bonus attack speed after the first E hit.


Mark enemies that you are about to all in for more damage, healing, and mobility.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    When against sustained damage in lane.
    Against bursty damage in lane
    Rush this.
    2nd item. Better than Cleaver for pushing around lv 13. 8% more HP vs AD enemies, 4% less damage than cleaver over 10 seconds. More damage up front.

Core Items

    Great for sustain and waveclear. 1st item.
    Great for trading with AD champs, for waveclear, and for CC. 2nd item
    This item is great for adding damage and survivability by synergizing with Tiamat and Iceborn. More of a 3rd item when the armor shred from BC isn't needed.
    Great vs a lot of Auto attack damage (even AP champs like Fizz)
    Great for adding damage to your AD teammates and your own damage. 3rd Item status.
    Great for handling a fed ADC or Udyr/Irelia. Buy this *or* Banshee's Veil, not both 99% of the time.
    Great for saving your skin vs heavy CC.
    Example full build vs fed APC
    Good option as 4th of 5th item.
    Example Full Build

Situational Items

    Vital for breaking heavy cc after W is burnt. Gives mobility too. Get instead of Bloodthirster.
    VS bursty mages that are fed.
    Very good for the super lategame vs a lot of burst damage.




Fiora has excellent 1v1 and 2v2 potential with her new kit. She is best suited for farming and trading in the early game vs melee champions. (When against ranged champions, she is at a clear disadvantage unless she brings a combat summoner to the top lane like exhaust.)

As the game progresses Fiora needs to take the Top tower and begin roaming to look for picks. As the game approaches the late game Fiora needs to help secure objectives with the team or splitpush to allow her team to take other objectives.

Fiora is a strong skirmisher with weak 5 man teamfighting ability. Without an on-demand escape/disengage after engaging Fiora needs to find a kill to contribute to teamfights in the late game. 



Fiora does not need ignite any longer to secure early kills. With two slows, true damage, and chasing power, Fiora can thrive off her kit alone in 1v1s. The defensive spells are for surviving the early game to make it to a mid/lategame powerspike.

1055.png2003_64.png3340_64.png VS Bursty laner (top or mid)
VS bursty AD champs you heavily benefit from buying 3025.png first because it makes you an unmoveable object in lane that can endlessly chase if you have the upper hand. 

1036.png2003.pngx33340.png VS Sustained damage lane (normally top)
VS AP champs you normally want to go straight to hydra as armor won't help you, and they tend to have low armor themselves.

Your initial goal should be to last hit, going for easy Q-vitals (when the Vital mark is facing you) when they appear.  until you kill the opponent, zone them, or at least keep them from zoning you. 

Key Things To Remember:
1. Q Procs passive Vitals, so Q-proc scamper away and farm. 
2. Ward for ganks with trinket.
3. Hold onto health pot for as long as possible and try to sustain off of your passive.
4. W can waveclear and help you freeze waves outside of your turret's range.
5. Do not chase enemies under their towers, you are not Old Fiora. 
6. Use E and W sparingly so you have mana for Qs.

First Buy

Tiamat will let your Q start dealing good damage, while allowing you to control your lane without running out of mana. 

Transitioning into Glacial Shroud will let you survive in lane for longer while building into Hydra.


3074.png then 3025.png
The sustain from Hydra will allow you to wait for your moment to strike for a 1v1 kill or to take a tower.
The Gauntlet is for snowballing your lead by giving you more utility and survivability especially vs AD champions.

Prioritize defensive stats after AOE Items:

Get Merc Treads most games for the cc redux, ninja tabi vs very heavy AA damage.

This is for shredding tanks on the enemy team. This synergizes with Iceborn and Hydra for the double physical damage AOE.

This is to deal with very bursty AP enemies.

Great item for insurance as 4th item if far ahead.

Then build damage based on enemy team. 


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Irelia
  • Jayce
  • Lissandra
  • Lux
  • Maokai
  • Nasus
  • Riven
  • Shen
  • Tryndamere
  • Wukong




Same story as old Fiora.

You can win early, but the true damage burst next to the sustained damage from Darius is just too much to handle without jungle help. Look to skirmish with the enemy jungler when your Ignite is up instead of trying to hold the darius.

Early skill order:




It's hard to use Fiora's new passive for trades, so there's not too much that either can do outside of good Ws. May the better duelist win kappa.

3025.png first




His new barrels make the early game hell. If you can survive that without caving in too hard, you will outscale in usefullness once you hit 3025.png3074.png3047.png

3077.png first




One of you will die early. It's hard to bait her E, but you need to do it to win trades. Hope your jungler helps you.

3024.png first




Dodge the right skillshots and you can win. If he jumps on you Q to the side to avoid damage. 

It's worth rushing 3025.png if behind, but 3074.png works as well as a rush item.




You have a hard lane once she hits 6, but you do far more damage when even in gold, and are more useful to a team.




Easy to W her abilities. Prioritize blocking Q and R. Play passive as needed hitting vitals and out sustaining lux. Build Hydra first, but an early 1027.png can help you trade more if you can't afford the 1037.png




Just farm and try to pressure the top turret. You tend to be more useful in a fight because of your true damage, and you can duel this tree once you've got a more full build. Early 3111.png are a good idea in case of a gank. Go for 3074.png first.




You have nothing to worry about early, and you can really run away with the game with a lead. It's vital to build 3025.png 2nd because you'll need to help peel Nasus off of your team. It will also help you not instantly die to his siphoningstrikenew.png when your fiorariposte.png is down. Be aggressive and try to close out the game before Nasus can really ramp up.



Early game is super easy. Farm up, W her 3rd Q for easy damage.
Early skill order.




Laning is tricky, and the pressure shen will put out after he hits 6 means that you can't expect to be the lane that wins the game with kills. You have to tell your jungler to hard focus bot and mid so that Shen has no ult targets and can't out pressure you. 





Early his sustained damage is too high to handle. He can't be killed at 6. It's a tough lane that I haven't cracked yet. Hope you team has enough CC to lock him down lategame.




If you know you're going up against a Wukong be sure to have a plan based on your summoner spell choice. Wukongs that take ignite will be deadly, and most top Wukongs tend to take Ignite so be very cautious. The lane will snowball very quickly.

Season 7 Math and New Optimization Back to Top

Let's begin with noticing the changes in item pricing.

In Season 5 you would be able to build the following items for 16400g:

For the same build in Season 6, it would cost 900g more. Though this is a mere 5.4% increase in price, that 900g can be extremely hard to come by, as the increase in price hits hydra the hardest because of its core nature. 

Much of the increase in price goes to Black Cleaver and Bloodthirster, so the early and mid game should be fine. 

That being said, there are new options for you to look into.

This item looks incredibly promising on Fiora. You delay damage, and gain lifesteal. 3053.png Was used for the purpose of adding survivability to Fiora in a crisis, and did a good job of adding teeth to the 3025.png while synergizing with its armor by adding HP to the equation. Now, this new item "Death's Dance" should be able to be better than Sterak's Gage in certain situations. 

I cannot test thoroughly quite yet, but my first impressions are that the new optimal build for the same undying and inescapable Fiora will be as follows. 

Aggressive/ Defensive
3812.png 3400g/3053.png2700g

(VS AD/AAs3047.png1100g/3111.png1100g VS AP/CC)

This brings the Aggressive build (which is not set in stone) to 18000g exactly, and the Passive build to 172000g. 

Item Explanation (Comparisons) Back to Top

>>3025.png<< VS 3022.png
Let's break it down:
?Why do you buy Frozen Mallet?
>Because I want chasing power and durability.
Iceborn gives an AOE slow that can hit at a larger range, grants armor that synergizes with the HP built on Black Cleaver, and gives CDR for more dashes.
Iceborn increases your physical damage with a strong spellblade effect (just as Sheen does on Triforce).
Iceborn also costs 400 Gold less.


>>3025.png3071.png<< VS 3078.png3071.png
Why do you buy Black Cleaver?
>Because Fiora gets a lot of armor shred off due to her kit and general build.
Why do you buy Triforce?
>Because Fiora benefits from movespeed, the Rage passive, and the Spellblade effect.

The Rage passive is unique, meaning you cannot stack their effects.
This means that in a world where buying Black Cleaver is nearly always a good choice, wasting the money on another Phage doesn't make sense. You should only be buying one Phage, and Triforce is not good enough to get rid of Black Cleaver.

Furthermore, Iceborn's armor synergizes better with the HP from Black Cleaver than Triforce does.
Iceborn combines the utility of CC from Frozen Mallet, while adding the damage and defense of a Triforce, all without wasting gold on another Phage.

Iceborn gives 8% more effective HP at level 13 than Black Cleaver (about 600hp), while Black Cleaver only grants 300 extra damage in a combo lasting over 10 seconds. Iceborn does more damage up-front.

When To Pick Fiora Back to Top

Fiora has changed a lot as a champion and as such fills a different role for a team.

-High sustained damage (9/10)
-High mobility (7/10)
-Ample Outplay potential (8/10)
-Tower Pushing (7/10)
-Respectable Sustain (6/10)
-Not extremely item reliant (8/10)
-Deadly 1v1s (10/10)

-Weak escapes (4/10)
-Hard Ranged Matchup (3/10)
-Weak when in fights where you're outnumbered by more than one champ. (I.E. 1v3, 2v4, or 3v5) (2/10)
-Weak on-site objective control (2/10)

Knowing her strengths and weaknesses will allow you to pick her at optimal times.

Fiora excels vs melee champs. She can out-trade most melee champs with ease and block their key abilities with W. 

The only matchups Fiora will have trouble with will be vs heavy kiting/CC/Sustain champs. Namely these:

While you can outplay these champs with help from your team/good play, these will be the hardest matchups as they will either relentlessly out trade you in short bursts while avoiding retaliation; be able to sustain too much for you to kill; execute you at low HP, or zone control you with a barrage of abilities. 

Pick Fiora whenever you want, though be sure to have allies with strong lockdown CC, and team-wide utility buffs.

Fiora works well with


General Lane Strategies Back to Top

There are many matchups I have not been able to test yet, that being said, here is the general knowledge you should use going into some general matchups:

Simple Lanes:


When facing melee champions with low mobility and telegraphed CC, be sure to trade as often as possible without taking too much minion aggro. Focus on zoning them from their CS and not missing your own. Don't let the wave push onto their side of the river, as they can normally freeze it themselves, putting you at risk of a gank. Your job will be to keep them busy top lane as the game goes on, or to take their towers should they leave.

Quickly Decided Lanes:

When facing champs with extremely powerful mid/lategame dueling, watch your step. You'll need to play aggressive vs these to be relevant in the game. If you fall behind there will be little you can do without heavy jungle pressure. Focus on farming up your Tiamat and avoiding direct confrontation if behind. Use your time to get vision in the enemy jungle and try to help you other lanes get objectives. If you lose your tower early to these guys it's not too bad as they open themselves to brutal ganks from your team. 

Tricky Lanes:

These lanes are highly skill based. If you can W at the right times, and know when you have the damage to kill the other champ without dying, you will come out on top if you don't fall too far behind in lane. Farm, wait for opportunities to strike, and steamroll from there by *warding the enemy jungle*.

Trade Combos Back to Top


F_P.png + F_Q.png
The idea of this trade is to proc your healing and to not be passive in the lane.


F_P.png + F_Q.png+F_E.png+AA+AA
The idea of this trade is to push for more damage vs squishier opponents by utilizing the slow and crit to do some burst.


One tap of your E (the slow) will help you to win trades with short windows by keeping distance between you and your opponent. Don't underestimate the slow's defensive uses!

Niche: (Normally use this to block a telegraphed CC or big spell)

Do not use this unless your are 100% sure that there will be no CC or burst coming your way. Only use to push minion wave early or to CS under the enemy tower when very ahead.

All in:

F_P.png + F_Q.png+AA-->F_R.png+F_E.png+AA-->F_Q.png+AA-->AA-->F_W.png-->Q+AA
This string will allow for up to 5/6 passive procs, the ult heal, and a lot of damage. In lane, simply using your ult to get both you and your opponent low enough to reset the lane is worth a lot of the time.

Snowballing the Game After Lane Back to Top

If you've ever played a dueling champ like Riven or Irelia, you'll know what to do with your lead. 

If you get ahead in lane and begin to snowball these are some basic things to think about:
1. Can I kill my lane opponent more?
2. Can I deny my lane opponent CS?
3. Can I push my lane opponent out of lane to take their tower?
4. Can I team up with my jungler to find small skirmishes in the enemy jungle to possibly kill enemy champions?
5. Can I meet up with my midlaner to get some turret damage down?
6. Can I ward the enemy jungle to allow my team to know when they can go for their own plays?

So long as you don't lose your tower and pressure in Top lane, your roaming should yield high rewards. 

Be sure to look for lone enemies as they tend to be easy targets to kill or to force a recall, allowing your team to then take an objective. 
Think of Fiora in the midgame as a sort of Melee Poke champion who only "pokes" solo enemies when safe to do so. Getting towers and dragons (maybe barons) off of this numbers advantage will allow you to snowball your team, and therefor your teamfighting ability.

Wall Hops Back to Top

Pretty much every spot Fiora can Q over a wall:

Fiora dash.png 

Results (Proof) Back to Top

Believe in the fist of justice. I saw a huge spike in winrate by adding the gauntlet to my build.

1 against Fiora top (Diamond)
1 against Riven (Gold fallen from plat)
1 against Nautilus (Gold)
1 against Gangplank (Gold fallen from plat)
1 against Veigar top (Gold fallen from Plat)
1 against Lissandra Top (Plat)
1 against Lux mid (Gold)
1 against Rengar top (Gold)
Full Fiora streak Summer 2015.png 

About Me and Acknowledgements Back to Top

I have played LoL since Season 2, playing ranked since Season 3. In Season 2, I purchased Fiora as my first RP purchase because of her fencer theme. She brought me to Gold in Season 4 along with Jayce, and Galio, and through that lens I learned the game.

I don't play a lot of ranked, I have responsibilities in my own life that warrant my time. I stopped in August of Season 4 because I had my Victorious skin, and could then focus on my studies for the rest of the season.
This past season (6) I was placed into Gold II, two ranks higher than I had started the last season (Gold IV) after a round of great placement performances on Leona, Ahri, and Maokai. 

I only play when I'm in the right state of mind, and I have little desire to grind games to reach Platinum or Diamond. In fact, the only reason I played ranked was to test Fiora's limits for this guide.

To anyone who wants to climb, I highly recommend watching Trick2G's stream and YouTube videos, PhyLoL's videos, Jeremey Gaming Curios' videos, Gbay99's videos, and FoxdropLoL's Videos. 

Learning every little thing about the game from builds and mechanics to objectives and minion-wave-manipulation will slowly allow you to become the kind of player that quickly rises through the ranks instead of having to slug it out for 200 games. 

My highest ELO ranking of Season 6 was 1721, (Gold II, 45 LP).

Ranked Record Post Rework: Back to Top


Average KDA: 5.625/5.625/5.5

Average Game time 33:28
Average CS: 200.73

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