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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Depend on your experience in lol.

If you don't feel safe and you want to have a good escape, take 4.png.

For me, Fiora doesn't need flash to escape. fioraq.png has half range, but a good CD and you can use it to jump small walls. If you want to escape, you can slow down the enemy with fioraflurry.png+AA and then use fioraq.png to run away.

This why I suggest both of the solution (flash and ignite).

12.png is a must, you are a top and jump on the enemy from behind or from a bush means 100% kill.

Smite Strategy

Why 11.png too?
- Because you can take 3710.png: it gives speed attack (a good substitute of 3046.png) and with smite you can slow down the enemy
- Because, with an help you can start with level 2
It has some cons, however:
- You start with less life than the enemy, so you have to play safe and maybe you'll have to go back to the base early
- Until you don't buy 3706.png, you can use smite only with minions
11.png and 4.png can be a really nice set, but without 12.png you cannot help bot lane or jump on the enemy from behind.

I tried Fiora jungler, but she a bit weak against monsters in early game, so she needs help to clean the jungle. After that she can make some good ganks.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top

Standard start with fioraq.png. It helps with farming and to keep the enemy away.

For level 2:
-if the enemy can make a quick kill or can make distant attacks or a stunt, take fiorariposte.png
-if you can kill easily the enemy, take fioraflurry.png

First upgrade fioraq.png, it is your main ability, then fioraflurry.png.

You don't need to upgrade fiorariposte.png early, the only pro is the CDR, but it isn't that much.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    1st starting option
    2nd starting option
    1st back
    1st main item

Core Items

    Full AD build
    Armor build
    Magic resist build
    Don't need these

Situational Items

    CC enemies
    VS high armor
    Smite path (read notes)
    For the Armor build
    For the AD build
A standard starting is with 1036.png. If you start with that, you can go with 3133.png at the 1st back.
If your enemy is a champion who likes poke you a lot, pick 2003.png instead of 2043.png.

Another option is 1083.png, which give you more gold ONLY if you HAVE A GOOD FARMING SKILL (this means that after 12-14 min you got more than 100 minions), otherwise go with 1036.png.
Don't start with 1041.png or 1039.png, they work on monsters so, if you aren't the jungler, they are useless.

At the 1st back, take 3133.png to have CDR and some damage. If you have more gold, continue the path to buy 3071.png. Don't spent gold on boots immediately, 3044.png gives you some speed, enough for early game.

After 3071.png, see the situation and what your team need.

AD Build

If your enemy is weaker than you and your team doesn't need a tank, go full AD.
Pick 1038.png and again 3133.png, so you can build next 3142.png and 3072.png or 3031.png.
With this build, you have speed and CDR for the Q, a perfect build to chase enemy.
After these 4 items, see how is the situation of the game: see which enemy makes most of the damage and from that buy the perfect item to contrast him:
- If he deals AD, go with an armor as 3143.png
- If he deals AP, go with 3065.png or 3156.png
- If he is fast or has a lot of hp, go with 3022.png.
- If he has a lot of armor and 3142.png isn't enough, go with 3036.png.
You don't need more speed attack because you have 3006.png and 3142.png ability, and with the CDR you can use E for AA reset.

Armor and Magic resist build

Usually Fiora is a full AD champion, but she is useless if your team doesn't have a tank or the enemy team has some strong ADC or APC. For this, it's better going with an def build...And a tanky Fiora is very annoying for the enemy team.

If the enemy team has strong AD, go with the armor build. With this combination you have a lot of armor and you can be useful dealing damage. For your life, you can choose between 3022.png and 3748.png: they both give you hp and AD. See if you need more damage in a TF or if you need to slow down your enemies if their TF strategy is poke and run.

If the enemy team has strong AP, go with the magic resist build. For the last item, see if you need armor or life.

Smite path

Why pick smite could be a good idea?
- you can start with an early level 2
- the smite can help you against an enemy
For the flash, you can use Q to chase and run away, with a good CDR it can replace the flash very well.

If you choose to use 11.png, the strategy change a bit.
The first back doesn't change, you need AD more than a smite against the enemy champion. Start from the second back to buy 3706.png3715.png3711.png.
- 3706.png: With this you can slow down the enemy, so you can wait to buy 3142.png and going with some AD items.
- 3715.png: This helps with your ulti, if the enemy go inside the bush to run away.
- 3711.png: Pick this only if your team lack in ward ability (hope you don't need it). If you have to pick this, take 3364.png too.
For the upgrade, pick the warrior (red) for the CDR.

It's better to not take smite if you will going for an def build, because you could not have enough CDR for the Q, which is crucial without flash.


Pick 3508.png if you want to spam Q. It gives CDR and mana with the critic attacks, so you can spam Q wherever you want.
Pick 3139.png if the enemy team has more CC champions. If they have only one or two, fiorariposte.png is enough.
Pick 3036.png if the enemies have a lot of armor. For example with 122.png this item is very helpful.
I prefer not to use 3077.png3074.png because:
- 3077.png doesn't have its old passive, so you need the Hydra to farm hard
- Usually Fiora is frequently ganked from the enemy jungler, so it's dangerous push too hard your lane
- Without the old life steal and the old fioraflurry.png, I prefer the 3072.png as a life steal item
- Only fioraflurry.png reset the AA, but with a good CDR it is enough instead of Hydra ability.

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His lifesteal is annoying, so don't try to rush him until he has half life.

Dodge his E with your Q.

Stunt him with W when he jump on you, use E+2xAA and take some distance with Q.



It's quite difficult to block her ulti.
Stay away when she use the smoke.




You can counter his Q and stunt him or dodge it.

Keep your W if he can kill you with his ulti and try to counter it.
Poke him with Q+E.
When he has low life and his W is CD, go with R and finish him.



Annoying, but not impossible.

Poke him but don't stay too much time near him because of his passive.
You have enough time to dodge his Q with your Q.
You cannot block his E immediately after you see it, but you can predict it. He probably will use his E when you walk near him, so use it when you are in the range.
After level 6, I suggest you to use your W against his R, you have enough time to cast it when he starts the jump.


Dr. Mundo

The most dangerous ability of him is infectedcleavermissilecast.png, because from that he can chase you easily and deal a lot of damage with burningagony.png and masochism.png, and it has a very low CD.
The other problem is his life.

For these reasons, stay behind the minions and poke him with fioraq.png. You can go in with fioraflurry.png too, but if you have fiorariposte.png ready for his infectedcleavermissilecast.png and if he just casted infectedcleavermissilecast.png.

It's a long fight, but in the end you will win against him.

In mid game, take 3035.png for his armor.




Just hard to chase.

You can dodge his Q W R or block with W.



Usually 41.png puts a keg (E) near him and waits for 1hp of it, then he puts a keg on you and shots the first keg. Another technique is that he put a keg, wait 1hp, put another keg nearer you, shot the first keg and then put a barrel on you while the other are blowing up.
There are three way to deals against his E:
- with W when he blows up a keg (not recommend)
- with Q to go out the range of his E
- with Q by destroying a keg
For the last technique, select a keg with 1hp from far, wait to have AA ready and then go near it with Q. Q doesn't attack the keg but your AA yes and most of the time you are fast then him.

I don't recommend to use W against his E because his Q deals a lot of damage, so it's better to keep W to be immune to his Q.

His ulti is a multishot, so your W works only with one shot. Just stay away from his R and use Q to go out its range.

He doesn't have much else, so poke him and when he has low hp, rush on him.
Take 3022.png early, so you have some life to not die on his Q.



Before level 6 is calm.

Use fiorariposte.png against garenslash3.png.
fioraq.png on vitals when he garenbladestorm.png.
Farm and poke him.

After level 6, garenjustice.png is the main problem. Poke him but keep an eye on your life. When your life is below the half, start take some distance and wait for him to rush in. If he does, be ready to cast fiorariposte.png when you have a third of your life. After that you can run away or punish him.

If you have enough life, poke him with fioraq.png and fioraflurry.png when he has garenslash3.png on CD.

Take 3035.png and 3022.png and you will be fine.




Easy match up. You can counter his stunt or use W against his Q and you can deal a lot of damage.

In early game, don't be afraid when he is Mega Gnar. Attack him after he throw his Q. When you are near, be ready to counter stunt him and then kill him.

Later he will have more life and his Mega Gnar status will last more, so be careful, when you stunt him, use E+2xAA. If he has low life, use your R, otherwise take some distance with Q. If he try to stunt you again, just dodge the attack.



It isn't impossible, but it is really hard.

Play safe when he has 2-3 turrets in the same spot. You can only destroy a turret at time and usually you need 2 AA, too much time.

There is only a opportunity to kill Heimerdinger: when he has only a turret near him. (and obviously when he doesn't have turrets).
In this case Q+AA on the turret and then use everything you have on him, W too because he probably will use it to stunt and try to run away.
When he has 3157.png, wait that he uses it and then use your R. Meanwhile destroy the turrets if there are any.

In others case, play safe, buy 3087.png and wait the help of the jungler.



She usually goes tank, so go with 3035.png.
For her illaoiQ.png, you can dodge or parry it.
With illaoiW.png, use fiorariposte.png. Be careful of the tentacles near you, because they will hit you.
Her illaoiE.png doesn't go through the minions, so stay behind them.

For her ulti, it works if there are your team mates near, so be careful during the TF and just run away when she use it. 




You can kill her in early game with Q+E and ignite. After that is quite difficult to counter stunt her with W, but you can deal with her.


Jarvan IV

To counter stunt him, you have to use fiorariposte.png on his jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png combo. He uses it when you are between him and his jarvanivdemacianstandard.png. When happen, use fiorariposte.png on the lance, so you can stun him. Don't aim him because he jumps away his position with jarvanivdragonstrike.png, so you don't stunt him.

For jarvanivcataclysm.png, just fioraq.png away.



He has more AD than you, but you can deal him easily. Just don't feed him.

Keep some distance when he uses jaxempowertwo.png and jaxrelentlessassault.png. If he has jaxcounterstrike.png on CD, use fiorariposte.png on his jaxempowertwo.png AA otherwise keep fiorariposte.png for his jaxcounterstrike.png.

For jaxcounterstrike.png, see how the enemy plays. It last 2 sec and in this period he can stunt you, so usually you can wait 1 sec before cast your fiorariposte.png, but this depends on the enemy.

Remember of his jaxleapstrike.png and jaxcounterstrike.png combo, which is easier to counter stunt because you just need to cast fiorariposte.png when he jumps.



Before level 6 she isn't a big problem, poke her and when she has low life, kill.
Keep some distance from your minions to dodge her Q and W, or use W.

When she is at level 6, don't panic XD
Her ulti last 2.5 sec and your W less than a sec...but it's enough.
When she cast his ulti, wait a sec and then cast W on her, so run away with Q if she has full life and you have less than half life, otherwise go on her with your R and kill her.


Lee Sin

Dodge his Q, if he marks you, you can use W to protect yourself against his kick, but it's better if you dodge his Sonic Wave.

You can stunt him when he use his R.



It's an hard matchup, but somehow you can deal her.

Lulu problem is her low life and her CD, so work on them.

Before level 6, go in when she used luluq.png on the minions with fioraq.png and fioraflurry.png and be ready to use fiorariposte.png. After that, try to kill her.

After level 6, do the same thing, but keep fiorariposte.png for her lulur.png, that she will use when she start to have low life.

Buy 3156.png or 3139.png early




With him you have to change your abilities and build.

Your Q cannot dodge his Q.
The W has an high CD, so it's better to maximize it to take down the CD and buy a CDR early (after 1053.png). 
Take 3035.png  to lower his armor.
With a low CD of W, you can stop his Q and his Ulti, so you can poke him until he has enough damage to be killed with your ulti.

So poke him with Q+E, use W to protect yourself (until lvl 6 from his Q and then from his ulti), wait until he has low hp or wait the help of your jungler.


Master Yi


He is like a mosquito, so annoying XD

Before level 6 in a 1v1 you have more AD than him, so you can kill.
Just be careful when he uses his cure.
You can block his Q with your W, just cast near the end of the animation.
Other way to use W is against his E, but I suggest to stay away from him when he casts it.

After level 6, his ulti is a problem, so you have to see the situation:
-if you can kill him, go on. you cannot slow him, so use your ulti only when he has low hp
-if you cannot kill him, run away

Other problems are:
- when there is a gank, 2v1 is quite difficult (and you can be sure that the enemy jungler will gank top a lot), so use wards
- if he has a level more than you, he can beat you easily

So take AD items and push.



You can poke him with Q and during the CD of his W and ulti, but it isn't so much with his life steal.
Stay far when he uses his W and his ulti.

Ask gank help.



It's hard, but not impossible.

Dodge the pantheon_heartseeker.png with fioraq.png. Stunt him when he uses pantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png by staying near the middle and using fiorariposte.png on the shadow.

The problems are pantheon_throw.png and pantheon_leapbash.png.

In early game he will spam the pantheon_throw.png, so use fiorariposte.png if you have half hp.

You can predict his pantheon_leapbash.png and stunt him, just keep an eye when he starts to come near you.
For this ability, you have to play safe and keep some distance from him if you don't have fiorariposte.png ready.



Even if she is small, she can be dangerous, so be careful.

You can easily dodge her poppydevastatingblow.png with your fioraq.png.
For her poppyheroiccharge.png, just don't stay near the walls, otherwise you can easily be dead if you cannot stop her with fiorariposte.png.

Another problem is the new poppyparagonofdemacia.png. Don't use fioraq.png when she casts it.
If you are outside her barrier, just keep some distance from her.
If you are inside, you cannot run away (for her speed up bonus), so deals her or flash away.

There are two way to cast poppydiplomaticimmunity.png:
- If she starts to spin, this means that the ulti will kick the enemy away
- If she cast it when she is near you, it will kick up but you will stay in your place.
This means that you need be careful and keep some distance from her.

So, poke her with fioraq.png and fioraflurry.png when her poppyparagonofdemacia.png is in CD (from 24 to 16 sec without CDR), don't rush on her because she has a lot of hp and armor.

Her combo is:
poppyheroiccharge.png, fastpoppydiplomaticimmunity.png, poppyparagonofdemacia.png and again poppyheroiccharge.png, with poppydevastatingblow.png somewhere. When she starts it, cast when you can the fiorariposte.png and run away.



Poke him with fioraq.png and fioraflurry.png if his renektonpreexecute.png is on CD, but try to keep some distance from him for his renektoncleave.png and renektonpreexecute.png.

For his renektonpreexecute.png, if he use without any combo, it's easy to parry with fiorariposte.png, just look when the aura comes and his next attack will be the stunt.
The other way he use the renektonpreexecute.png is with the combo renektonsliceanddice.pngrenektonpreexecute.png, but keep in mind that to stunt you he has to AA, so use fiorariposte.png only if he ends the dash near you.
After you stunt him, punish him or dash away.

Keep some distance when his Fury bar is full and when he castes renektonreignofthetyrant.png.



With your W you can stunt her on the third Q and on the W, but it isn't a lot XD

Counter her third Q is easy, her W not XD
She can use her W in different way:
- with the E+W combo and it quite easy to counter it
- during the Q series, like after the first Q
- after the R

But there is the CD, so work on it.
When she uses W, you have from 6 to 11 sec to deal some damage, so use E+2xAA to slow and deal some damage, then Q to take some distance. If she start her Q serie, be ready with your W and cast it when she jump.
When you have R, use it during the her W CD.

When she is chasing you, just be ready with the W on her 3rd Q or his R shot, try to dodge with your Q the first 2 Q, so she cannot use W.

This the technique to survive to her, but it's an hard enemy, so don't go against her too much in early game. To not loose exp and to not feed her, use tp and go help others lane. Even if you loose your tower, you help to push others lane, but most you don't feed Riven. In late game, if you stunt her you can kill her with R.

This only if she is a good Riven, if not, just try to understand when she use her W and you should win the match.



Haven't countered his E with W yet, so i cannot say how it works.
He is annoying with high armor, but you can poke with no big problem.
Take 3035.png.

Be careful for enemy gank and everything should go right.



Poke her with Q.
Use E+AA to slow down when she use W.
Keep a bit of distance when she has the fury bar full, so you have time to cast W when she uses her ulti on you. Using W on her ulti will stunt her, so it gives you time to kill her or run away.
After the first item, buy 3035.png for her armor.



He is annoying, but you can deal him.

The strategy is poke&run: poke with Q at the max distance you can have and run away so he cannot grab you.
His W (Mega Adhesive) has a CD of 14, so base your strategy on this. When he uses W, jump away with Q and then start to poke him.

If you don't have Q ready or if he is near you, be ready to use your W when you are in the range of his E.

When he uses his ulti run away.

For your build, 3022.png3025.png are must.

Don't rush on him until he has low life and you have a lot of life.


Tahm Kench

Poke him with your fioraq.png and fioraflurry.png (alone or together), don't stay too much near because he can deal a lot of damage.

The only big problem is his tahmkenchQ.png, which deals some AP damage. You can use the minions as a shield for it, or you can parry it withfiorariposte.png. Remember that the tahmkenchQ.png CD is only 6 sec without CDR, so keep it in mind when you use fiorariposte.png.

The other problem is his CC abilities, but they work only when you have 3 stacks, so try to stay away from his tahmkenchQ.png and you will be fine. If you have 3 stacks:
- If you are behind your minions, he will try to use tahmkenchW.png, but it's quite easy to predict it and so to counter it with fiorariposte.png and so you don't need to run away.
- If there aren't any minions, he will try to stunt you with tahmkenchQ.png, so you can try to counter it with fiorariposte.png or just dodge and run away with fioraq.png.

Usually he goes with a tanky build, so take 3036.png.



He isn't impossible, but hard.

Use fiorariposte.png against his blindingdart.png.
Buy 2003.png every time you go to base for his toxicshot.png.
Buy 2043.png and take 3364.png after his level 6 for his passive and bantamtrap.png, put it in the bush.

Before level 6, you don't have enough damage to kill him, so play safe, farm with fioraq.png and, if you can, poke him with fioraq.png on vitals and run away.
Use your minions to deal damage to him, this means get hit from his toxicshot.png when there are some of your minions near. This strategy helps you to farm, because he has to run back.

When you are level 6, when his blindingdart.png is in CD and he has half life, go in with fioradance.png.



Poke him with fioraq.png. Poke with fioraflurry.png when he just used his trundleQ.png.
Use fiorariposte.png when he is near you to parry his trundleQ.png.
For his trundleE.png, in early game just use fioraq.png to run away. After you understand when he cast it, try to use fiorariposte.png on him just before he casts trundleE.png, so you stunt him, and from that you can decide if to run away or kill him.

Don't fight him inside the trundleW.png.



For his immortality, 14.png helps with him, but it isn't a must.
With fioraq.png, when he is immortal, you can keep some distance and go in when his killable. You can use fioraflurry.png+AA to keep some distance.

fiorariposte.png is useful only for slashcast.png or when he is trying to kill you and he is immortal.

So, look his Fury bar and remember the CD of his undyingrage.png. If it is on CD, go in hard.


Twisted Fate


You just need to counter stunt him and the game is over for him.



You can stunt her by using W against her Q. Just stay away from the bush when she is in.
Be careful of her passive W that at third hit it deals some damage.

At level 6, you can block her ulti only if she is a bit far from you, otherwise it's hard.
So her strategy will be using her Q to come near you and then R. So be careful and use W wisely.

So the strategy is poke her and keep the distance.




You can use the W on his Transfusion.

His ulti cannot be stopped, so use Q to slide outside its range if you think he is going to use it.

When you use your ulti, he will go in his pool and run away, so keep your Q and W to chase him immediately after he comes out.




You can easily stop his Q with your W and it will stunt him too.



Be careful when he uses his copy and keep some distance from him.

It's hard to counter his ulti, so keep some distance from him. If he is near you, he could use it, so try to predict it and use W. If he use his copy, run away.


Xin Zhao


I found hard to stop his Q with Fiora W, maybe with a bit of train it is possible.



Use fiorariposte.png against his whirlwind, so he cannot use yasuoR.png and you can stunt him. For this reason, he will probably dash near you before cast the whirlwind, so be careful when he yasuoE.png and try to keep some distance from your minions when he can cast the whirlwind (not a lot, just enough to use fioraq.png to keep some distance when he yasuoE.png).

Before rushing in, use fioraq.png to take down his barrier.

Without his ulti, he still can deal some damage in late game, so try to outdo him in early game.

In TF, keep an eye on him for the third yasuoQ.png.



Very easy match up.

Use your Q on his parts or just walk on them.

To stunt him, when you see the shadow where he will arrive, use W on it and it will work.
When he is stunt, punish him with E and R.

When he use his ulti, just run away with Q.

The only problem you could have is the enemy gank, because he will come top to help him certainly.



Dodge his zedQ.png and the combo with fioraq.png.
To cancel his zedR.png, just cast the fiorariposte.png right before the end of the animation of his ulti and then punish him.

Abilities Back to Top


The new passive doesn't give the heal restore as before. It gives you some heal every time you attack the enemy in the right side. This doesn't work with minions and monsters, so you need a life steal item.
The Q gives you a good help to attack the enemy in the right side.


Here the strongest (IMO) ability of Fiora (more than the W).
It helps you to poke the enemy and use the passive, because the range of attack is a little more than the AA.
It helps you with the R. Without Q, it's quite impossible to end it.
It helps to jump the wall. The difference from the old Q is the range, so you can only jump the small walls.
It helps to run away (for example from a gank) or to chase an enemy. If there are enemy minions or monsters in the way, you can use the Q on them so you have the CDR bonus.
It helps to farm.
It isn't a slide and an AA, so the E doesn't add its effect on the Q, but immediately after the Q attack Fiora deals an AA and this is good against the 41.png barrels.

Target order (which target Q will choose to attack):
1) Passive
2) Enemy champion
3) Minion with lowest hp

Q doesn't reset the AA, so, for example, keep it in mind when you try to destroy the kegs of 41.png.
The AA after the Q (if you have AA enable) is the enemy selected, so before go with the Q, select the next enemy to attack.


For 0.95 sec you are immune to AA and ability from the enemy cover by the ability. After this time, you deal some magic damage and slow down the enemy.
It doesn't work on minions and against little monsters.


- You can be immune to some enemy ulti (like 254.png22.png222.png122.png etc.)
- You slow down the enemy too, so you can counter attack
- Is useful with your ulti to reach a near side
- You can counter stunt the enemies when they try to block, stunt or throw in air (like 150.png80.png106.png59.png60.png254.pngetc.)

- You stunt every enemy in the range of the W when you counter a enemy stunt ability (even if the enemy, who cast it, isn't inside the range of your W)

Big Cons:

- It last only 0.95 sec

This means that doesn't work well with multi attack abilities which last more than 1 sec (like 41.png ulti)

- It isn't instantaneous

This means that is hard to use it against instant abilities (like 86.png ulti), most of time against most of the abilities you have to predict them and cast immediately before the enemy ability (for example with the 80.png jump)

- It has an high CD (from 24 to 16 secs)

This means that you must not abuse it. Most of enemy abilities has less CD, so they can cast it a second time and you cannot counter it.


It gives you speed for the next two AA, with a first that slow the enemy and a second that is a sure critical attack.
With Q you can poke the enemy very well.


Strong for its pure damage % at enemy life, it's really hard to end it by attacking every 4 sides.

-it deals pure damage, which means you deal a lot of damages
-The healing works even if you are death, it means that if your team kills the enemy with your R on it, it will heal your mates
-IF you can attack each side or if you kill the enemy, it can heal you and your team 150-300 hp/sec in 2 secs + 1 sec for each side (700-1500hp if you reach every side) and in a TF it gives a huge help

-The IF in the last pro is a huge problem XD It's really hard to reach the last side
-If the enemy has a side near a wall, you WON'T reach that side

Hints in TF

- If there are 3 or less enemies, cast your R on the first target of the TF, so you and your mates have the healing benefit while you fight against the remaining enemies.
- If there are 4 of 5 enemies, it could be better casting R on the second target with less life in the enemy team because the healing last only 5 secs and usually from second 2 to 7 it's the crucial time of a TF that determines result of it
- You can cast your R when the fight starts or a bit before because life span is 8 secs, so you have time to kill the enemy. You can also use the R to point the enemy who has to be focused by your team.

Q - Tricks and combo Back to Top

The Q becomes a crucial ability of Fiora, so you have to learn how to use it very well to win the line and the game.


The Q is quite essential to attack the right side of the enemy and with it you can reach every side.

This is enough to use the passive (and a good way to deal damage and have a good distance to not be AA). Don't worry if you go near the tower with the Q, you have speed up so you can run away easily.

This works fine, as you see the center of the circle is on the side of the passive

This is a case where the passive is in the opposite side. You have to dash through the enemy.

E+Q+AA+AA(+Q) or E+AA+AA+Q

This is a first combo, perfect to poke the enemy in a quite safe way. E has a good life span, so you can cast it far from the enemy.
You set up yourself with E, then Q on the enemy, 2xAA and then step back with Q or just move back (the enemy is slowed down with the first AA after E).
A safer way is E, then 2xAA and step back with Q, but this is useful in early game, when the CD of Q is a bit high even with the CDR bonus.

R without each side

The Fiora ulti is hard to end, but his healing works by killing the enemy and 3 sides dealing a lot of damage already.
So you can use the R when the enemy has about half of his life and by using AA with E and Q you can easily kill him.
You can use this way in 1v1 and 1v2 when one of the two enemy has low life. Be careful if the enemy slow you down, it could be a problem reach more then 2 side if you are slow. 
Example: when your enemy top has half hp and his jungler comes to gank, you cast R on top enemy, kill and fight the jungler.

In team fight, you use the ulti on the first or second target and attack him instantly, so your team can focus him. For your team, they have to wait that you deal one attack otherwise you waste your ulti.

R with each side

It's hard, but you can do it if the enemy doesn't have a side near the wall
Just don't panic and use Q wisely.
Before you cast R, AA the side of the passive, so you have the speed bonus. After that, cast R, reset the AA with E, then AA the two nearest side. Now the enemy will have the slow down of your E, so you can decide to walk on the next side or reach it with Q. Use your Q to reach the far side.
At this moment the enemy should be trying to run away and here you can choose to:
- first chase him with Q and then make a last AA
- use W to slow down on one side and then reach the last side with Q
- use W to attack the last side
- use flash.

Don't use the R far from the enemy if you aren't sure to reach him instantly.

Jump walls with Q

The new Q has a smaller range the old one, but you can use at any time.
The problem is the range, so you can jump only the small walls and every corners. Here a map where I highlight the walls you can jump (and obviously you can jump every corners). 
The best way to use it is when in the other side there is a monster, so you have the CDR bonus.

As you can see, you can jump the walls of the dragon and the baron, so you can steal it. Cast E, jump with Q when the dragon/baron has a bit more than 1,000 hp and then 2xAA. This should work most of the time for the high damage you deal with the second AA. Don't use W, too slow.

Game phase Back to Top

Early game

If you aren't vs a counter like 74.png or 17.png, use your Q to poke the enemy and keep him away from minions.
If he has half of his life, at level 2 upgrade E and rush him with Q+E+AA+AA and 14.png.
After, 3340.png the river, continue to farm but don't push to hard and be ready for a enemy early gank (this means don't go near the enemy area and keep your abilities to run away).

After that focus on farming and poke sometime the enemy, just to keep a bit distance.

When you reach like 1,5k-2k gold, you can go back and pick 1038.png1053.png (you can leave 1001.png in the shop, your passive gives you some speed up). Usually with 2 or 3 2003.png you can last enough time to earn enough gold. If you can, pick 2044.png so you are safe from ganks.

Return in line, ward river and keep farming. Usually after 1 or 2 kills, the enemy will start to play safer, so don't loose time on him and farm.

At level 6 you can try and take a kill by poking hard with Q and E and when he will start to run away, R and W and don't worry to kill him under the tower, your healing ulti give some space to run away after the kill.

If you play well, at the end of this phase you should have taken half of the tower life at least, so you can go mid and help your mate or let him go bot to gank.

Mid game

At this moment you should have 3072.png1001.png and at least one or two of these 3086.png3057.png1011.png3024.png1037.png, depend on the enemy you have.
If they need help, take down top tower fast or leave it with low life and go in other lines. You give a big help in team fights, so help them and be a big problem for enemy team, even if you're going to loose a tower on your line.

Late game

Now you are crucial on team fight, so stay always with the team and don't go solo pushing (leave this job to ADC or jungler).
Go on frontal team fight or jump on the enemy from behind when they are busy with your mates. Chase the enemy if he is alone but don't fall in traps.
Be ready to steal the nasor (you are good at it) or kill it with your ADC and another mate (you have some life and high AD, so you need only the ADC and another mate which substitute you when you'll get low life).

Team Fight Back to Top

Summary of Fiora characteristic:
- She has 2k-2.4k hp
- She has AD
- She slow the enemy 3022.png and W E abilities
- She has speed attack 3046.png
- She can heal with the ulti
- She can stunt or be immune to enemy attack and ability
- She moves fast
- She has low range attack
- She is focused by the enemies (at the moment if I die in a TF I die first for the focus)

With these characteristics, in a two/three lines scheme, she would stay in the front or in the middle line, depend on how many tanks your and enemy team have.
She cannot start the TF but she can be in the front line to slow down/block the enemy engaging.

Thank to her R, Fiora can be the perfect coordinator of your TF, so be organized before you start the TF.

So here some strategies.


After the engage she has to mark the first or the second objective that the team has to focus. If everything goes right, with this your team can use R heal ability to sustain the TF.

When the mark goes on the first objective?
If the enemy ADC is near your team, mark him.
Otherwise, mark the nearest enemy who has 2k-2.5k life.

When the mark goes on the second objective?
If with the engage your team deals a lot of damage at the main target, don't use your R on him because you can lost the opportunity to deal an attack on him and ulti is wasted.
Cast your R on the second objective which could be the ADC if he is still alive or a champ with 2k-2.5k hp.

After you cast your R on the enemy, deal the first attack immediately, so your ulti isn't wasted.
If, after the first attack, the enemy is slowed down (if you have 3022.png) and he is an easy target for your team, so if he has more than 1k hp, attack the other sides, otherwise leave him to your team mates and start focus on the next objective.
If you start focus on the next target, after the death of the enemy with your R, your team has the healing and the second target has already 1-1.5k hp less and can be easily killed.

When use E?
Don't use on the target which has your ulti. He is already slowed by the items and with your ulti you deal a lot of damage already.
Keep it for the next target after the ulti, so you can slow down and deal a critical attack.

When use W?
If the enemy team has someone who can stunt, he will try to stunt you as fast as he can, so be ready to use it on him. It could be a problem using it for the chaos of the TF, so use your instinct and keep an eye on the enemy who can stunt.
If the enemy team doesn't have someone who can stunt or his ability is on CD, use W to defense yourself against the enemy focusing or enemy ulti on you.

About me and this guide Back to Top

As the stats show, I'm not a great player, I'm silver V but I think is only luck and this is my first guide.
I decided to make this guide because I love the new Fiora and I'm using her a lot, both normal and ranked games.
Another reason is that the other guides still use 3074.png and for me it's useless now, or they suggest to go with a tanky Fiora but Fiora doesn't have a lot AD without AD items.

I prefer using a strong AD Fiora with only 3022.png as def.

I tried sometimes as supp, but her high W CD makes her a bit useless.
As jungler, she has good characteristics that makes her a good jungler, but she doesn't have AD in early game, so farming is hard. You can go jungler only if the supp will help you to clean your jungle and reach level 3. After that you can go alone.
The mid line depends on which mid liner the enemy choose and if your team has an AP that go in other lines.

Please leave a comment with your ideas, even if you think I'm doing everything wrong. Every comments are welcome.

And sorry for my English.

Note Back to Top

12/01 - Edit Masteries and Build
10/16 - Edit runes page
10/4 - Add a nice pro to W ability
10/3 - Changed the build and some matchups (Fiora and Riven)

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