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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash: standard summoner spell. Can be used to help hit hard-to-reach vitals. Can set up aggressive, defensive plays

12.png Teleport: more overall utility compared to Ignite. Can be used to get back to lane, gank other lanes, apply global pressure while splitpushing.

14.png Ignite: better 1v1 potential than Teleport. Can be used if you want to snowball the lane. However, Fiora still has fairly high kill potential even without Ignite. With the TP nerfs, Ignite is now more viable.

3.png Exhaust: can take vs. strong fighters top like Riven, Tryndamere, Yasuo

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

- Attack Speed masteries for smoother csing in lane and smoother AA animations, and Fiora does not use spells (Fury > Sorcery)
- Double Edged Sword for poke, but you can run Feast for more sustain in hard lanes or vs. Ranged
- Vampirism for more sustain. 
- Bounty Hunter to snowball harder. You can take Oppressor for a safer option as it may take while for her to ramp up to be able to kill multiple enemies. Fiora's E and W both apply slows/stuns
- 7% Bonus armor pen is good vs tanks

KEYSTONE: Fervor of Battle
- Fervor will usually beat out Grasp in 1v1's, extended trades, and all-ins
- the bonus AD and stacking from both auto attacks and Fiora's Q make Fervor the best choice

Why Fervor > Grasp?
- Fiora has been hit by some damage nerfs and nerfs to her itemization. I now take Fervor over Grasp for better scaling and all-ins
- Tank meta: 7% bonus armor pen helps you shred tanks. With the AD scaling nerfs to your passive, the armor shred should increase your damage

- Tough Skin for taking less damage in trades
- Runic Armor to increase Lifesteal, Vital Heals, and Ult Heal - can replace with Veteran's scars for hard early game lanes like Renekton 
- Insight for Summoner Spell CDR


12/18/0 with Assassin + Thunderlord's: better burst damage in short trades. I will sometimes take this vs. squishy top laners like Gangplank
12/0/18 with Grasp of the Undying keystone: good sustain vs. harder lanes and gives you power in short trades

Abilities Back to Top

fioraq.png Q almost always first for easy harass. When you Q, always try to hit a target with it to massively decrease the cooldown. You can turn on range indicators early on to get a sense of how far of a target she can hit in relation to where she lunges. Treat this ability as a REPOSITIONING tool. Don't spam it or use it for damage. Dodge, hit vitals, chase, but don't waste it. Think of it like Vayne's Tumble vaynetumble.png. Your lunge will also HIT INVISIBLE TARGETS (and proc their Vitals if in the right direction).

Q prioritizes:  Vitals > Enemies who would die > Champions

fioraflurry.png E max almost always second for the slow, AA-reset, and crit; provides more damage

fiorariposte.png W can be taken level 2 over E vs. strong early level 2 lanes with some CC such as Riven or Renekton. It's also not a bad pick vs. Garen to block his silence.

fiorapassive.png R take a point in it at level 6, 11, 16

Overall max: R > Q > E > W

- level 1: Fiora's lvl 1 is quite strong because she can easily extend trades in her favour due to her having a shorter cooldown than most champs. Your vitals also add sustain + damage lvl 1. I always look to play aggressive lvl 1 for most matchups, especially Pantheon and Renekton
- level 2: You can get a favourable trade on most opponents (except Renekton) by hitting a Vital and using your E.
- level 6: Fiora's ultimate is a very strong dueling tool. You can try to all-in here, as long as you can manage to hit 3+ Vitals and parry a key spell. If not confident, just farm up
- level 13: this is when your E crit does the full 200% damage

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Defensive vs. heavy AD (Tryndamere, Pantheon)
    VERY STRONG ATM. can take vs. almost any matchup. Does not give you direct combat stats but the burn damage from corrupting potion is great with your Lunge for poking.
    Best start
    good start for Tiamat rush

Core Items

    double dorans for strong early game and early lifesteal
    Very effective buy vs. AD and AA-reliant champs such as Riven, Renekton, Tryndamere
    buy early vs AP laner
    standard full AD build
    if you didnt start with CDR glyphs, you may get ionian to complete 40% CDR
    Core build
    Ravenous rush --> tanky
    TRinity force can be taken over Black Cleaver if enemy does not have tanks

Situational Items

    avoid/Extremely situational (see items section)
    Really need to avoid burst/cc

Standard Buildpaths:

Ravenous buildpath (bruiser - recommended): 3077.png --> 3074.png-->  3071.png OR 3078.png --->   3065.png/3143.png/3026.png (pick 2)--> 3072.png 

Ravenous buildpath (squishy splitpusher):3077.png --> 3074.png-->  3071.png --> 3812.png/3139.png/3156.png3026.png  (get GA earlier if teamfighting more - otherwise get it last)

Primary Core Items:

3077.pngTiamat: good first item to rush. Easy build path, gives early waveclear and AA-reset for more damage. Good in short trades. 

3078.png Trinity Force: Can now be taken after recent Black Cleaver changes (10 less AD, buildpath no longer builds 3133.png, but 3067.png instead). Trinity Force also takes towers more quickly than Cleaver. Build Trinity Force if you're not behind and if the enemy has no more than 1 tank.

3071.png Black Cleaver: Black Cleaver gives HP for survivability, CDR for more lunges/parries, and an armor shred bonus which Fiora can easily proc. Cleaver is most efficient when playing against top-lane tanks such as Malphite, Maokai, and Shen, though it’s still a good buy vs. squishier top laners, too. This item is core - you should be getting Black Cleaver in pretty much every game.

 3074.png  Ravenous Hydra: another decent rush which gives you a combination of waveclear, lifesteal, and dueling power. In terms of gold efficiency, Ravenous gives the highest DPS out of all 1st item rushes (besides Trinity Force - but Trinity falls off later on). 


3047.png Ninja Tabi: MUST get vs. Riven, Tryndamere, Yasuo, Quinn, Jayce, Renekton 92.png23.png157.png133.png126.png58.png.The best pair of boots at the moment.

3111.png Mercury's Treads: If the enemy has high amounts of hard CC (eg. Morgana/Maokai/Nautilus/Lissandra 25.png57.png111.png127.png), then get this. Solid buy

3009.png Swiftness Boots: Slow resistance + more MS will allow Fiora to catch her enemy and hit Vitals easier. Get if enemy team will build Rylai's or has lots of slows (Nasus, Ashe 75.png22.png)

3158.png Lucidity Boots: Another good pair of boots. If you're looking for a cheap source of CDR, get Lucidity. Get if you're snowballing and want quick CDR.

3117.png3006.png Boots of Mobility/Berserker's Greaves: not worth getting on Fiora.

Secondary Core items:

Defensive items

3026.png Guardian's Angel: fairly cost efficient items that work very well on squishy builds (lets you "tank" without investing too much in defense)

3053.png Sterak's Gage: good mix of offense and defense. No longer that good. Get if you have Trinity Force 3078.png.

3065.png Spirit Visage- good standard MR item. Gives CDR and its +Healing passive synergizes well with Fiora's lifesteal and ulti.

3102.png Banshee's Veil - need to dodge specific cc (Blitzcrank, Thresh, Nautilus hooks) or burst combos (Leblanc, Diana, Brand, Viktor)

3143.png Randuin's Omen - good if enemy team has two or more sources of crit (Tryn/Yasuo + ADC's)

3742.png Deadman's plate: good standard armor item. Passive allows Fiora to roam. Slowing auto also helps with chasing

Offensive items

3812.png Death's Dance:  Cheaper and easier buildpath. Pick of BT

3072.png Bloodthirster: 20% lifesteal, good amount of AD, and solid shield. Great for splitpushing.

3156.png Maw of Malmortius: Get if enemy has 2 or more sources of strong magic damage. Lifeline active can help Fiora get a strong burst of sustain when she gets low. You shouldn't be worried about going over your CDR cap if you took MR runes (I assume you got MR runes if you're buying both Maw and Spirit Visage - you must be against lots of magic dmg).

3139.png Mercurial Scimitar: The 3140.png is incredibly useful. Get if enemy has Warwick/Malzahar/Lissandra/Skarner 19.png90.png127.png72.png.

Lethality Items: 

3814.png3142.png : get 3rd after Ravenous/Cleaver if you're snowballing. OTherwise don't get.

Ravenous Buildpath - bruiser

Core items: 3074.png3071.png OR3078.png 3065.png3143.png3812.pngOR3026.png

This is the safest and most reliable Fiora build. Build Ravenous Hydra, then Cleaver/Trinity Force. After your core offensive items, you can go tanky right away, if teamfighting, or build Blood Thirster if splitpushing/snowballing. Bloodthirster is optional - you can also go Guardian Angel as a last item. 

Ravenous Buildpath - squishy splitpusher

With the continuous nerfing of tanky Fiora, full AD is becoming more and more gold efficient in comparison.

Core items: 3074.png3071.png3812.png3139.png3156.png OR 3026.png 

When to go squishy?

- Team needs a very high damage threat from top lane (Tank jg, utility adc/mid)

- More damage required to turrets and other objectives

This is an incredibly high DPS assassin/duelist build. You should be able to 1v1 any champion in the game if you play it correctly. 

AD Fiora is high-risk, high-reward. Most players choose tanky bruiser Fiora as she can still dish out decent damage while still being tanky. Going full AD means that you'll have to parry perfectly and flank flawlessly - dying means you'll have 0 AD for the teamfight. It's fast. It's fun. But, it's insanely risky, as Fiora doesn't have the same assassination potential like Zed or Talon (her gapclose is much shorter, and damage is not consistent due to Vital placements). 

I've played full AD Fiora a few times, and the burst combo of a mere Q-AA-E-AA is enough to do 50% of a mid/adc's health (more if you hit vitals). Furthermore, you can them chase them down pretty easily - you often will not need even need ult to assassinate squishy champions, meaning that you can continuously kill multiple enemies within short timeframes (unlike Zed or Rengar who usually need a longer CD ult).

Titanic Buildpath (not recommended)

Bruiser Fiora has been kicked down a notch, but she is still a force to be reckoned with. Her dmg vs squishy champions is only slightly lower (around 5%), so she can still 1v1 carries no problem. However, her dmg vs. tanks/bruisers have been significantly reduced (around 10-15% less) so you'll have to be cautious. You have less room for error and thus you really need to make sure to proc your ulti as quickly as possible.

Items to Avoid/Extremely situational

3022.png Frozen Mallet: Provides no AD and Fiora already has good chasing potential. 

3031.png Infinity Edge:  Fiora’s Q cannot crit, and E prevents at least one auto from critting, while the other one does reduced crit damage. You can get it if extremely ahead for more burst, but otherwise not gold efficient. 

3153.png Blade of the Ruined King: Fiora already does %HP true damage, so the %HP physical damage is not necessarily needed. Get if you really need to duel/chase someone or enemy stacks a ton of HP. BORK is also nerfed in S6 and has a hard time fitting into a standard build. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kennen
  • Kled
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Nasus
  • Nautilus
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Poppy
  • Quinn
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Swain
  • Tahm Kench
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Vladimir
  • Wukong
  • Yasuo
  • Zac




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 18/0/12

Spells to Parry + Difficulty :  camillee.png E: ranged dash - easy. Make sure you actually wait for Camille to jump towards you before parrying. Good Camille's will often wait a second on the wall to bait out your Riposte. camilleq.png 2nd Q: Auto modifier - easy. You can also parry Camille's second Q if you did not react fast enough to her E. She will glow when her 2nd Q is ready. camiller.png R: easy - she will jump towards you and slam the ground (think Illaoi ult). If you messed up all your other parries, you can always parry her ult to avoid being trapped in it.


Pre-6: Camille actually has the advantage early on in the lane as she has higher base damages, and has her Wcamillew.png which she can use to poke and zone. Her passive camillepassive.png also gives her a shield whenever she autos you. Simply farm and poke vitals only if they're in a good spot. Get 3047.png to reduce the damage of her auto and Q's.

Post-6: once you get ult, you start to get on more even grounds with Camille. Once you get your core items (Hydra/Cleaver 3074.png3071.png), you can 1v1 her whenever. Her spells are very predictable and easy to parry and you also outsustain her since most Camille's buy Titanic Hydra 3748.png. Duel her whenever possible.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12

Spells to Parry + Difficulty : dariuscleave.png (harass - easy) dariusaxegrabcone.png (pull, hard cc - medium) dariusexecute.png (execute tool, expect it when he stacks 5 bleeds on you - medium)


Pre-6: You can poke his Vital and walk away. If he spinsdariuscleave.png, don’t be afraid to walk INTO his spin move – it only does 50% damage, does not heal, and does not apply bleed stacks. Keep an eye out on the stacks – never let it go to 5 or Darius will gain a massive amount of AD. A good harass move is Q-AA-E-AA-run away. Stay close to him when you harass to reduce his Q damage. If he tries to grabdariusaxegrabcone.png you, parryfiorariposte.png for stun and re-engage to hit another vital while he’s stunned.

Post-6:  the matchup becomes much harder after lvl 6, and even moreso as the game goes on. Darius will get much tankier, thus allowing him to stack bleeds on you without dying. In an all-in scenario, if you do not parry his ult dariusexecute.png, then you have no chance of winning (even if you hit 4 Vitals). Avoid fighting Darius 1v1 and roam, as Darius has poor roaming potential. SAVE PARRY FOR ULTdariusexecute.png




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Runes: get MR 

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry + Difficulty: dianaQ.png (to prevent primary engage tool - easy), dianaE.png (hard cc - medium, dianaR.png (gapclose + damage - hard)


Pre-6: rush double dorans1075.png1075.png and hexdrinker 3155.png. Most Diana start shielddianaW.png lvl 1 for top lane – your Q cooldown is lower so Q her Vitals whenever possible. Keep track of Diana’s auto attacks – every third one does bonus magic damage and she will glow when it’s ready. Play wisely around her autos and you should at least go even in trades. Diana pushes hard and has no escapes so call for ganks.

Post-6: If Diana lands her crescentdianaQ.png, prepare to parry her upcoming dash. A good Diana will wait out your parry before dashing, so be careful. What makes Diana difficult is that very few of her moves have any sort of wind-up so parrying her relies primarily on prediction rather than reaction. She wins in both short trades and extended fights. Your best bet is to let her run herself out of mana and fight her then.


Dr. Mundo


Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 or 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: infectedcleavermissilecast.png (harass and trading tool, easy to parry but not really worth it unless all-ins)


Pre- and post-6 are both medium matchups. You can poke him whenever he goes up to cs and he has no gap closer to chase you down with. Move side to side to avoid his cleaversinfectedcleavermissilecast.png. At lvl 6, you still win all-ins through Fiora’s innate mobility, and if you hit 4 Vitals you will outsustain him. Furthermore, stacking health isn’t efficient vs. Fiora due to your %HP true damage.  However, beware of fighting him when your Q is on cd, as he can chain cc you with cleavers.



Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 or 12/0/18

Runes: get MR runes

Spells to Parry: fizzjump.png (gapclose and damage - easy), fizzmarinerdoom.png (AOE ult skillshot- very easy)


Pre- and post-6 are both played similarly. Q onto him and walk towards your wave. If he follows, fight him inside your wave. When he jumps onto his pole fizzjump.png, parry fiorariposte.png him to avoid the damage and win the trade. Post-6, his ultifizzmarinerdoom.png is extremely easy to parry as a 3-2-1 countdown will appear. Parry lasts 0.75s so get ready to parry a little bit after you see the 1. He will have very little damage to deal with you after that




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 for sustain, 18/0/12 for kill

Spells to Parry:parley.png(harass and trading, easy but not really worth parrying)  raisemorale.png (high damage spell, easy if you pay attention to barrel HP)


Gangplank’s early laning can be annoying. If you start Dorans Blade, you can actually all-in him level 1 for a kill or summoner spell. Simply Q onto him to hit a vital and chase him down the lane. His barrelsraisemorale.png are also easy to parry – when GP hits or shoots them at 1HP, they explode. Simply be ready to parry if you think he will shoot the barrel (whether it’s to cs or to harass you), then dash onto him. You can even bait his barrels by standing in them on purpose, parrying the explosion, then dashing onto him as he has little damage left. However, be careful of chasing him into bushes.

Gangplanks' turn potential is very high. If you failed an all-in vs him, he can turn on his cannon barrage and make it very difficult for yout to escape him so be wary of your dashes post-6.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 2033.png (to prevent his passive)

Masteries: 18/0/12 or 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: garenslash3.png (auto attack modifier - easy), garenjustice.png (execute - medium, parry when you're at low HP and expect him to execute you)


Pre-6: Q his Vitals whenever possible at level 1. At level 2, get W and be prepared to parry his silencegarenslash3.png (when he starts glowing and running). Only stand in his spin for 1-2 autos worth of time and if you can hit a vital; otherwise he will outdamage you.

Post-6: Garen has a silence+execute garenslash3.png+garenjustice.png combo. In small trades, you can still parry his silence, though hold onto your parry if you wish to go all-in. Since the average Garen player likes to do Silence--->Spin---> ult, you can ult and activate your E before he silences you to auto and hit his vitals during his spin. Garen will likely ult you at around 20-30% HP so predict that if you can’t react fast enough. You will beat him if you can parry his ulti.




Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png or  2033.png

Masteries: 18/12/0 for kill, 12/0/18 for sustain

Spells to Parry: Mega Gnar W (very predictable stun - easy), gnarR.png (knockback + stun, medium - you can bait this spell by standing near a wall). Play safe and just farm up in laning phase. Once you get boots and lvl 6, you can look to all-in.


Tiny Gnar: very annoying as he can kite you for days. You can poke him with Q if he gets too close as his auto range is extremely short at early levels. There isn’t much to parry besides his Q, and if you jump onto him he can just jump into his wave. However, he is very squishy and can be chased if you have flash and the movement speed from your ult. You can poke him lvl 1 and 2 (before he gets his jump). After he gets jump, you can trade with him to bait it out, then all-in him once your cooldowns are up since his jump is on a longer cooldown. The best way to kill Mini-Gnar is to let him push a wave under your turret, then force a fight under your turret after most of his minions are gone, so that you don't take minion aggro. That way, you also have a longer lane to chase him down.

Mega Gnar: Mega gnar is actually much easier than normal Gnar. He has much lower dps and his stuns are very telegraphed. When he picks up his fist, parry him. However, keep your distance away from walls as you waltz around him. Or, if you're feeling brave, bait his ulti by walking near a wall and then parrying.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 or 18/0/12

Spells to Parry + Difficulty : gravesclustershot.png (you can parry the second part easily), graveschargeshot.png (pretty fast skillshot ult, difficult)



This guy does a lot of damage and is hard to all-in. He also has a very strong laning phase where he can push your wave to tower easily and then harass you from there. Pay attention to his ammo when he farms and trade with him while he's reloading. His Autos also don't pierce the minion wave so hide behind minions if you want to avoid his AA harass. Farm up and outsustain his mana, as he will run OOM if he constantly harasses you.


His Smoke Screen gravessmokegrenade.png makes it so that your vision is severely reduced and also makes him extremely difficult to all-in since he can blow you up while you're inside his gravessmokegrenade.png.

Try to farm up and wait for your item spikes to outscale him. 3053.png is a good item to mitigate his burst damage. Outside of laning phase you can duel him since his DPS is rather low if you survive his initial burst




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 for sustain, 18/12/0 for kill

Spells to Parry: hecarimramp.png (charging attack - easy) hecarimult.png (gapclose - medium if initiated from far away, hard if used in close range)


Pre-6:  To harass, Q and back off. If he activates his charge,hecarimramp.png parry it to stun him (though keep in mind his auto range is increased during the charge – or he can back off). In extended fights, Hecarim’s Q hecarimrapidslash.pnghecarimw.pngand W outtrades you, so aim for shorter fights. In sustained fights, Hecarim beats Fiora, especially if you can only hit 1 vital. Be careful of ignite.14.png

Post-6: In a 1v1, you can beat him post 6 if you parry either his charge or his ultihecarimult.png. However, what makes Hecarim dangerous isn’t necessarily his 1v1s, but his global pressure. Always warn your team when you don’t see Hecarim as his roaming is quite good (though it's much weaker now that Homeguards does not exist).



Optimal start: 1036.png2003.png or 1001.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 (sustain) or 18/12/0 (kill)

Spells to Parry: illaoiQ.png (harass spell - easy) illaoiW.png (gapclose - easy, but only parry when there are tentacles nearby) illaoiE.png (skillshot hook - medium, parry if you really don't want to deal with being a vessel)


This lane can be Medium difficult if the Illaoi is good at hitting illaoiE.png. However, most of her damage comes from her Tentacles - if you can parry, sidestep, or lunge away from her tentacles then this lane should be rather easy.

Pre-6: You can poke her with your fioraq.png. Make sure to side-step her illaoiQ.png if she trades back. Good Illaois will use her Tentacle Smash to harass you when you try to last hit. It's a rather wide skillshot, but slow, so if you take boots you can sidestep it. Her illaoiW.png will make her glow and slam nearby tentacles onto you - fioraq.png and you should prevent most of the damage. Her most annoying spell is illaoiE.png; it pulls your spirit towards her and she can smack it around. If there are no tentacles nearby and her minion wave is not too big, start hitting Illaoi to reduce the time your spirit is out. Otherwise, you're forced to run out of range and become a vessel, which spawns randomy tentacles every couple seconds around you. Destroy 3 to get rid of vessel debuff. Stay behind minions so she doesn't yank your soul out. 

Post-6: You can win all-ins with fioradance.png, as long as you parry or dodge her tentacles when she ults you. Most Illaoi will illaoiR.png ult right away when you engage. After her ult, tentacles around her will become faster so instantly parry the first tentacle slap. Next she will jump onto you illaoiW.png, so lunge fioraq.png  right after she jumps to avoid the second tentacle slap. You should be able to win the fight here, as you've successfully avoided two tentacle smashes. If you haven't killed her yet, then get ready to side step 2 seconds later when she illaoiW.png towards you again.




Matchup vid:

Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 or 12/0/18 for sustain

Spells to Parry: ireliaequilibriumstrike.png (close range point and click stun - medium, you'll have mindgames figuring out when she will stun you, but you can also bait it out)


Irelia vs. Fiora is a huge mind-game and can be extremely fun (or un-fun) to play. The rule of the matchup is: whoever gets stunned loses the trade. Unfortunately for Fiora, Irelia’s stun ireliaequilibriumstrike.pngis on a much shorter cd, and you can only stun her when she tries to stun you. At level 1, you can trade your Q fioraq.pngfor her stun+auto combo. Be wary of your own minions at low hp, as Irelia can dash to them and stun you – however, this also makes her combo extremely predictable as you can parry her stun and win the trade.

Once she hits level 9, she can usually win fights against you, all the way up until level 13. However, if you manage to parry her stun, you will win most fights even during her power-spike. After mid-game, you outscale her and should be able to beat her 1v1 once you both have 2+ items.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/18/0 or 18/0/12 (better sustained damage out of laning phase)

Spells to Parry: jaxleapstrike.pngjaxempowertwo.pngjaxrelentlessassault.png combo (gapclose burst - easy if the Jax player tends to jump onto you with ult passive often)  jaxcounterstrike.png (prevents AA damage - medium if Jax tries to predict your parry and reactivates it at different times)


Pre-6: Jax is fairly easy early game. You can Q his vitals and simply walk away. He may jump onto you, but if he does it in your minion wave, you can turn on Efioraflurry.png and fight him. When Jax starts spinning his weapon jaxcounterstrike.png, he is immune to auto-attack damage, and stuns at the end of 2 seconds (he can reactivate it to stun immediately). During this period, you cannot proc Vitals. His stun is on a long CD early on and can be parried fiorariposte.png, though you have to predict whether he reactivates it or not.

Post-6: Pay attention to Jax’s  every third auto attack after he gets ultjaxrelentlessassault.png. With Sheen + W + empowered auto, he can do heavy burst damage when he jumps on you. If you parry his initial jump, turn on ulti and all-in; he will have very little damage after that. The passive armor and MR which he gets isn't particularly worrying as Fiora does a decent amount of true damage. Late game, you may have trouble dueling him if he's managed to keep even in items.







Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 (sustain) or 18/12/0

Runes: Flat MR

Spells to Parry: passive (get ready to parry any one of his spells or empowered auto when you think he's going to unload his 3 stacks on you - medium difficulty)


Pre-6: at level 1, most Kennen will start 1055.png  with kennenbringthelight.png and auto you a lot. Let him push wave into your tower and just try to farm under tower. Ask for jungler gank whenever possible and make Kennen overextend. Keep track of Kennen's passive around you (his spells + empowered auto add a stack to you); at 3 stacks, you are stunned. Keep track of his empowered auto (his weapon will glow) and get ready to parry his stun when you can.

Post-6: Your kill potential actually goes up and the lane can swing in your favor provided you can tank his kennenshurikenstorm.png. Rush 3155.png3111.png and you should be able to win 1v1s from here.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 18/0/12

Spells to Parry + Difficulty : kledq.png - ranged skillshot that slowly ticks down and pulls you. Easy to parry once you get the hang of the timer. However, good Kled's can dash to the side to both avoid and bait out your parry.


Pre-6: Kled is actually somewhat difficult early game as he is manaless and has ways of outplaying your spells. You can simply farm up to lvl 6, as trading too much vs. Kled will make you go out of mana. Rush 3047.png to reduce his auto damage. IF you do want to trade, wait until his W kledw.png goes on cooldown - its 4 quick auto attacks that make a distinct noise. Once he uses that, you have a window to fight him where his damage will be low.

Post 6: 3077.png Tiamat is very important vs Kled - because once he roams, you'll need a way to push minions to his tower. Kled will most likely look to gank other lanes after he gets his ultimate, or can gank his own lane with jungler help. Always ward and ping missing if Kled disappears for a little while. Once you get core items 3074.png3071.png you should be able to 1v1 Kled pretty easily.




Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: lissandraW.pnglissandraR.png (AOE snare and single target stun - hard, both are instant casts so you'll have to rely purely on prediction)


Lissandra is a fairly difficult lane for Fiora as she has a multitude of slowslissandraQ.png, rootslissandraW.png, and stunslissandraR.png. Your best bet is to try and bait out her Q’s by sidestepping when you cs. Don’t get greedy for caster minions as she can easily harass you then. When you jump on her, get ready to parry immediately as most Lissandra’s will try to root you. However, Lissandra’s damage output isn’t extremely high and you will easily be able to duel her later on if you keep even in cs. 




Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: luluq.png (harass tool - easy, but generally not worth parrying in lane) luluw.png (hard cc spell - hard, almost insta cast but if you parry it you will win the trade hard) lulur.png (AOE knockup - medium, parry when you think Lulu needs to ult herself or another low HP target)


Lulu is an extremely annoying lane as she can kite you around if you miss your Q. You don’t have great kill potential on her due to her ult, movespeed buffs, and the fact that she can turn you into a bunny/squirrel. Let her push you to tower and focus on csing. At level 6 you can try an all-in if she’s pushed into your tower as it will let you have the entire lane to chase into her tower. 




Optimal start: 2033.png (to prevent his passive and also deal magic dmg)

Masteries: 12/0/18 (sustain) or 18/0/12 (duels)

Spells to Parry: landslide.png (AOE attack speed slow - medium, parry this in trades and you'll win hard) ufslash.png (gapclose - medium, this spell is fast if you don't expect it)


You generally have pretty low kill pressure on Malphite, though if you get lucky with where your vitals appear you might be able to kill him early on. If you want to trade with Malphite, Q onto him to bait out his Ground Slam landslide.png(it reduces your attack speed), walk away, then re-engage after the Attack Speed slow wears off. Make sure to Q him once in a while so his shield does not regenerate. His ult can be parried without too much difficulty, and if you manage to parry it you should be able to kill him. Don’t be afraid to roam to get fed early on. 




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12

Spells to Parry: maokaitrunkline.png (close-range knockback skillshot - medium, fairly telegraphed but harder to parry in close range) maokaiunstablegrowth.png (close-range gapclose - easy, very telegraphed)


Maokai is a fairly easy laner to deal with as his rootmaokaiunstablegrowth.png is fairly telegraphed. You have huge kill potential early on before he gets any tanky items if you can parry his root and knockup. However, be careful of jungler ganks as Maokai is an extremely easy lane to gank for. He is also fairly slow, and it will help you hit his vitals much easier.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 

Spells to Parry: siphoningstrikenew.png (AA-modifer - easy) wither.png (very good spell to parry in an extended fight - medium)


You can get a lot of harass onto Nasus level 1 if he tries to farm wave. Q fioraq.png his vital and keep autoing his other vitals to punish him if he ignores you for cs. Furthermore, you will always do a good amount of damage onto him even if he does rush armor due to your true damage passive, though make sure to get black cleaver 3071.png. Keep poking him with Q and back off immediately if he whithers wither.png you. You can choose to go all-in with ult once he uses his slow. Nasus will eventually outscale you in 1v1s (but that will be very, very late into the game) so make sure to roam to help out the rest of your team. 




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 (better dmg later on) or 12/0/18 (sustain in lane)

Spells to Parry: nautiluspassive.png (passive auto attack - his autos snare so you can parry that for a free stun - easy), nautilusanchordrag.png (long-range hook - medium) nautilusgrandline.png (short-mid range - medium/easy depending on how far he is before he ults you)

Runes: take CDR glyphs, but MR is also not a bad idea vs. Nautilus as he does a decent amount of magic dmg


Pre-6: watch out for Nautilus's level 1-2 as they can be potentially quite strong. His nautiluspiercinggaze.png gives him a large shield and empowered auto attacks so avoid trading. fiorariposte.png when he tries to auto you. He has relatively high mana costs if he spams nautilussplashzone.png so you can just outsustain his mana. Overall, it's a relatively even lane that slightly favors Fiora.

Post-6: Nautilus's ult is really good at prepping ganks top lane. If you parry nautilusgrandline.png, it means you won't have Riposte for the follow up cc from the jungler. However, you should be able to 1v1 him no problem post-6 as you have so many spells to Riposte. Just watch out for his roams. 

Nautilus will be able to 1v1 you when he gets 3068.png unless if you get some very good Ripostes. Once you get 3074.png3071.png you should be able to 1v1 him again.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 or 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: olafaxethrowcast.png (mid-range skillshot, easy) olafrecklessstrike.png (close-range nuke - medium, better to parry this in fights)


Pre-6: Olaf has spells on potentially very short cooldowns, therefore reducing Parry’s effect on him. Early on, Olaf will try to poke you with his axe throw and trade with his Reckless swing. Avoid sustained fights vs. Olaf as he will outdps you (however, he will also expend a large amount of mana).

Post-6: Your kill potential goes up and you now have a good chance of winning all-ins, as Olaf’s ulti doesn’t really affect you that much. Make sure to get some form of HP early (double Dorans 1055.png1055.png, Phage 3044.png/Cleaver3071.png) to mitigate his true damage a bit. Lunge in a different direction of where he will pick up his axe olafaxethrowcast.png – this forces him to choose between picking up his axe (letting you get free attacks on him), or ignoring his axe (greatly reducing his damage output as he misses out on the reduced cooldown) – both are good for you.




Optimal start: 1029.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: pantheon_throw.png (mid-range point and click ability - easy) pantheon_leapbash.png (close-range gapclose + stun - hard) pantheon_heartseeker.png (AOE damage over time - easy)


Pre-6: Pantheon is the king of top lane before level 6. GO AGGRESSIVE LVL 1. Trade with him and whittle down his mana as he has to spam spears in order to trade with you. He also won't have his passive up right away which means you really have to take advantage of this window. Prevent him from disengaging (but be careful if he has ignite). You will win all extended fights vs. Pantheon - it is simply up to you to prolong the fights where necessary (think of him as a Renekton but with no escapes). A good way to get rid of his passive is to poke Q + Auto + Parry to predict his stun, when his shield is up.Push wave to get lvl 2 first and get fiorariposte.png if you're around even HP, fioraflurry.png if you've won a couple trades and want to punish futher. He has good pokepantheon_throw.png, a shield which absorbs Vital damage (will still let you get heals/speedup but blocks the damage), and a stun. If you are fast enough, you can win trades by parrying right before he jumps pantheon_leapbash.pngonto you for the stun. 

Post-6: you win all-ins after you get your ulti on him.  However, be careful of him roaming with his ulti.




Optimal start: 2033.png or 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: poppyheroiccharge.png (mid-range dash, medium difficulty) poppydiplomaticimmunity.png (shortmid-range skillshot, easy/hard) poppyparagonofdemacia.png (dash prevention circle, very easy - QW instantly to get a free parry)


OP tip: If you QW fast enough (see Essential Mechanics- Art of Parrying) inside Poppy's poppyparagonofdemacia.png, not only will your Lunge not be canceled, you'll also get a free stun off your parry. Video below:

Pre-6: Poppy can dominate that laning phase early. Play safe and try to freeze wave near your tower, as Poppy can set up ganks extremely easily with her dash poppyheroiccharge.png to stun you against the wall and poppyparagonofdemacia.png to prevent you from dashing away. If she runs Thunderlords', she can almost 100-0 you in a full combo if you're not careful. Your parry fiorariposte.png will stun her during her dash poppyheroiccharge.png if you manage to parry it, however, but it's fairly fast so you have to predict it. Note that you do NOT need to be near a wall, as her dash counts as hard cc (knockback) so your parry will stun regardless. If you feel risky, stand near a wall to bait her poppyheroiccharge.png and fiorariposte.png for a free stun.

Post-6: Your lvl 6 is much stronger than Poppy's as her ult is more for utility than dueling. Still, be wary of jungle ganks and dives, as Poppy facilitates those very easily. You will outscale her in 1v1's later on after you get 3074.png3071.png




Matchup vid:

Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png or 1029.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: quinnQ.png (mid-range skill shot blind - easy) quinnE.png (short-range gapclose - hard)

Pre-6: Quinn is one of the most annoying matchups you can have as Fiora. Her quinnQ.png prevents you from seeing her and her quinnE.png knocks you back and prevents any sort of engage. You can Ripostefiorariposte.png  quinnE.png for a stun, but you have to get quite lucky to do so as the animation is pretty fast. Rush 3047.png. Her poke damage will go down the tankier you get.

Post-6: The lane gets easier because you get fioradance.png, a combat ult, while Quinn gets quinnR.png, a utility ult. If you want to kill Quinn, let her push you to tower and ult her. Given the entire lane, you can chase her down pretty easily or at least blow her 4.png. However, Quinn will likely roam at this point. Ping your team whenever she's MIA as she can easily snowball other lanes. The lane gets easier (she may not even stay in lane) but the game is still hard because of her map pressure.




Optimal start:  1029.png2003.png, or 1055.png2003.png (if confident in matchup)

Masteries: 12/0/18  or 18/0/12

Spells to Parry: renektonpreexecute.png (AA-modifier - medium, Renekton will have glow above his head. parry this and you win the fight)


Pre-6: Probably the most difficult matchup pre-6. Your Q outdamages his lvl1 if you hit a vital, so use it whenever a vital is open at level 1. If you see a mark appear above Renekton’s head, it means that his next auto attack will be a stunrenektonpreexecute.png. A good way to predict Renekton’s stun auto is that if he’s walking away and he suddenly begins to walk towards you, it’s highly likely that his next auto will stun, so get ready to parry. Don’t be afraid to chase Renekton after he dashes out – you will outdamage him as he does no damage without his cooldowns. Be wary of his Fury bar – if it is red, it means his next spell is empowered (more dmg, stun, or healing). Be conservative with your parry – if you use it too early and Renekt has enough fury, he can land an empowered auto (equivalent to 3 autos) which stuns you and does massive damage.


Your level 6 provides much more kill pressure than his, but make sure not to parry too early as he can just stun you and disengage. His ult damagerenektonreignofthetyrant.png is mostly negligible so don’t worry about standing in it while hitting vitals – it’s the extra HP and Fury gain that you have to watch out for.

Overall, play safe early game, and you should be able to outfight him past level 11 provided you aren't too far behind.




Matchup vid:

Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1029.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/18/0 or 18/0/12

Spells to Parry: 3rd riventricleave.png (close-range jump - easy, very telegraphed), rivenmartyr.png (close-range AOE stun - hard, insta stun and often difficult to predict), 2nd rivenfengshuiengine.png (cone skillshot - medium, Riven will usually use to execute)


Playing against Riven is all about keeping track of her cooldowns – if you do so correctly, you don’t even need to worry about parrying her stuns. It’s much easier to parry Riven’s third knockupriventricleave.png rather than her stunrivenmartyr.png, and each Riven player will weave their stun differently into their combos.

Pre-6: You are stronger than Riven level 1 – just Q her and back away. Some Riven players will chase you with her Broken Wingsriventricleave.png - once you’re in your minion wave and just start autoing her. Good Riven players will generally save her third jump as a disengage where she can go back to her own wave. However, if she uses the third jump on you, you can parry it. Even if your parry is not up, you can re-engage onto her after her jump (your Q should be back up) as she will be stuck in your minion wave without cooldowns.

Post-6: Riven is much scarier after she gets her ultirivenfengshuiengine.png as her burst potential becomes immense. Furthermore, she can chain her stun/knockup/windslash rivenmartyr.pngriventricleave.pngrivenfengshuiengine.png together, making it difficult to parry her burst unless if you can parry the initial cc. simply disengage if you see her ulti and play it safe if you don’t feel confident – without either of your ultimates, you beat her.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 12/18/0

Spells to Parry: nothing in particular. rumblegrenade.png is probably the easiest spell, or you can just parry to avoid 0.75s of  rumbleflamethrower.pngrumblecarpetbomb.png damage over time


Pre-6: Rumble has very little tools to properly trade with you early on when you hit his vitals. Just make sure to side-step his electroharpoons rumblegrenade.png, as he can then mow you down with Flamespitter while you’re slowed.  Rumble has strong zoning pressure, though you can trade with him if he overheats. Avoid extended trades and try to only engage in short trades of 1-2 hits. 

Post 6: You have much more improved kill pressure, and due to your mobility, you can avoid most of his ulti damage. Just be mindful of your Q cooldown - he can slow you and make it very difficult to hit vitals




Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 (sustain) or 12/18/0 (kill)

Spells to Parry: overload.png (harass skillshot - easy to parry if shot from far away, but leaves you vulnerable) runeprison.png (close-range insta-root - hard, but if you predict and parry this you win the fight)


Pre-6: You can poke Ryze with fioraq.png, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE MINIONS BETWEEN YOU. If not, Ryze and just permasnare you and hit you with a ton of Q's. His snare runeprison.png doesn't really have a cast animation so you have to predict it. Try to engage in small trades to make him burn through his mana pool early game. If you're hitting vitals, you should also get a bit of HP back from that, too

Post-6: Once you get your ult, your kill potential goes up. Rush 3111.png3155.png3211.png




*for post rework

Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 or 18/0/12 

Spells to Parry: shenshadowdash.png (medium-speed gapclose - medium difficulty, parry this and you can win all-ins)

Why is Shen so difficult? His shenfeint.png essentially makes you useless in fights. You can't proc vitals and your autos will do no damage inside this area. Save your ult for after you see him use this spell.


Pre-6: Shen's early laning phase is actually quite strong. Best to just farm and Q him whenever a vital is facing you. Don't be worried if you're losing this matchup early on. Shen is now much more difficult to kill due to his dodge.


Post-6: Watch out for his shenfeint.png: you won't be able to proc ANY VITALS inside his protective zone, so try to save your ult for after he uses it.You can all-in him post-6 as his ult is useless in 1v1's. Make sure you warn your team when his shenstandunited.png is up. Get 3077.png3071.png  so you can shred his armor and waveclear against him. He should not be able to 1v1 after laning which makes his role as a tanky splitpusher much more difficult.




Optimal start: 2033.png or 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: fling.png (short range, must predict to parry)


Singed is a pretty easy matchup for you. His Damage over time poison means that your Grasp of the Undying will be constantly up, and he has no real engage or disengage to get away from you. You can bully him starting from lvl 1 by fioraq.png. Make sure to get 3009.png so you can chase him (Fiora can easily chase Singed, don't worry), and early 1053.png3211.png for sustain/MR. To parry his Fling fling.png, watch when he suddenly moves towards you - that usually means he's about to Fling. Also look out for where he puts his Mega Adhesivemegaadhesive.png - he may try and Fling you into the adhesive for the snare.

Rush  3074.png if he proxies as it allows you quickl clear a wave (while lifestealing) without letting minions get to your tower. Avoid chasing proxy Singed - just farm up your lane and you will outscale him later on. He's essentially giving you a free lane.




Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: swainshadowgrasp.png (mid-range AOE snare, very easy to parry), swaintorment.png (mid-range DoT, medium)

Make sure to get MR runes


Pre-6: Swain is going to poke you a lot pre-6. Focus on farming and try to just freeze wave at tower. You won't have much kill potential vs him, but he shouldn't have too much kill potential on you either. Trade back whenever you can, but don't overcommit to Swain in his minion wave.

Post-6: Rush 3155.png. At lvl 6, you are much stronger than he is. Fight him whenever your ult is up. Save parry fiorariposte.png for either his swainshadowgrasp.png if you want to prevent cc, or swaintorment.png if you want to prevent damage. Swain can't get into extended fights vs. you as he is largely gated by his mana before 3027.png


Tahm Kench


Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1054.png2003.png

Masteries: 12/0/18 

Runes: MR

Spells to Parry: tahmkenchQ.png (mid-range skillshot - easy, fairly telegraphed) tahmkenchW.png (close-range nuke - hard, not very telegraphed but prepare to be devoured when you have 3 stacks of his passive on you)

Tip: You may have a lot of trouble winning 1v1's until you can get 2 full damage items vs. him and some MR (by then it becomes easy). Before then, you will really have to outplay his stuns or trade smartly.


Pre-6: You can't fight him here. Poke with fioraq.png when Grasp of the Undying is up and just walk back into your minion wave so he can't Q tahmkenchQ.png. Farm and sustain with Grasp of the Undying if he tries to trade with you. Beware of his tahmkenchW.png - you can fiorariposte.png his Devour. Not worth fighting him early. 3111.png3155.png rush.

Post-6: You still can't really fight him if he knows what he's doing. He has 2 healthbars so even if you proc all 4 Vitals you may lose an all-in depending on your health previously. After laning phase, you have a much better chance with fioradance.png, but you must hit all 4 Vitals or he'll likely win the 1v1.




Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png or 2033.png (if you go 12/0/18)

Masteries: 12/0/18 (sustain) or 12/18/0 (kill)

Spells to Parry: blindingdart.png (mid-range blind - easy, fairly telegraphed) 


Pre-6: Teemo's early game is actually fairly weak and you have a chance of winning an all-in at level 2 if you took 14.png and Thunderlords. Otherwise, just farm and sustain with Grasp of the Undying. Grasp is really good vs. Teemo and if you took 2033.png since DoT's keep you in combat longer, meaning that your Grasp will be up more often. Get 3211.png3155.png.

Post-6: Take 3341.png to disable his shrooms when you fight him. Your kill potential goes up dramatically. All-in if you have 3155.png whenever you can.




*shoutout to Saint Lucifer for helping with this matchup. His Trundle guide can be found here:

Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1054.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 18/0/12

Spells to Parry: trundleQ.png (auto-attack modifier - easy, he glows and his stance changes) trundleE.png(longe-range knockback - medium, but if you parry this you stun him) trundleR.png (mid-range point and click spell - very hard, this spell has no cast animation but if you parry it he loses a  big chunk of his dueling power)


Pre-6: Trundle's laning phase is very strong. Level 1 just poke him with Qfioraq.png + Vital hits. You should be able to win short trades up until level 4 (where he gets his trundleE.pngpillar). After he gets pillar, you have to be careful as he can prevent your disengage and force an all-in (which he will most likely win). His passive also let's him sustain any trades you do, and he also has higher base stats. Very difficult to beat early game. 

Post-6: His ult trundleR.png steals your resistances and his Q trundleQ.png reduces your AD. His pillar trundleE.png can also mess up your Vital hits if you try to ult fioradance.png him. His dps is way too strong early game so it's best not to fight him. Be wary of all-ins, even if you have a significant HP lead. His ult trundleR.png steals your HP and resistances and can easily turn a fight around in Trundle's favor. Even with a full fioradance.png 4-Vital proc, you still have a high chance of losing 1v1's.

You can win duels much easier after you get 3074.png3071.png - his dps will fall off here if he went 3078.png. It's best to fight him outside of his trundleW.png as it increases all of his HP Regen (lifesteal, pots, ult) MS and AS. Fake an all in, and after his trundleW.png disappears, ult him. You probably won't be able to parry fiorariposte.png his trundleE.png so just use it for the AS reduction when the fight starts. If you're lucky, you may even parry his ultimate trundleR.png.  Consider 3123.png for heal reduction.




Optimal start: 1054.png2003.png or 1029.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 or 12/0/18

Spells to Parry: slashcast.png (mid-range gapclose - easy and fairly telegraphed), it's also fine to just parry his autos as they are the main source of his damage


Pre-6: try to poke him with Q whenever you see a vital, but do NOT get into extended trades as he'll eventually land a few crits on you. He can mockingshout.png  and lower your movespeed to make it hard for you to disengage. You have somewhat of an advantage early on, but not much. If his Vital is facing you: walk up + hit vital --> E (AA reset) --> Q away

Post-6: you really need to outplay Tryndamere's ultundyingrage.png, otherwise he wins all-ins. Save your Q for disengage, rather than engage with it. If you really want to fight: Ult --> auto + E, using the slow to help hit vitals (try to hit 2 vitals without even using your Q) --> Q to disengage when he spins. When he ults, W to parry his auto and get the attack speed slow and kite him around with your Q. At this point, both of you should be low in HP, but you have the higher burst combo and a more reliable engage tool so you can finish him off then. 




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 1036.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/12/0 (kill) or 12/0/18 (sustain)

Spells to Parry: 2nd vladimirhemoplague.png (debuff - easy when the debuff is about to expire on you, parry. Similar to Fizz ult  or Zed ult)


This lane isn’t exactly hard, but it’s not easy, either. Vladimir’s early game is fairly weak, so push him into his turret starting from level 2 to get the level advantage, and make him farm with his Qvladimirtransfusion.png rather than using it on you. After pushing to turret, let the wave come back to you and freeze it. After 6, you can easily kill him, as long as you have enough of a lane where you can chase him down (this is why you freeze). When he ults vladimirhemoplague.png you, take note of his ulti debuff and parry right before the debuff expires to negate a large portion of his combo.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12

Spells to Parry: monkeykingdoubleattack.png (AA modifier, usually combined with monkeykingnimbus.pngmonkeykingnimbus.png(mid-range gapclose - easy to parry, but more difficult if WK is stealthed) monkeykingspintowin.png(Wukong spins - if you parry this knockup of this spell, you win the fight - hard)



A good Wukong player can make it difficult for you to parry him due to the invisibilitymonkeykingdecoy.png he gets. Early on, simply use parry when he dashes onto you, as the worst that will happen is you parry the damage of his dash. If he sticks around to land more autos, this lets you lunge onto him and proc vitals.


Wukong becomes more difficult to kill once he hits 6, and he will have a much easier time killing you. You CAN parry the knockup from his ultimatemonkeykingspintowin.png – it’s just extremely difficult and relies mostly on luck/good prediction. Be aware of your lungefioraq.png cooldown so you can disengage from his ultimate if you need to. Chances are, if he’s invisible, he is about to jump onto you – that’s when you parry!




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png

Masteries: 18/0/12

Spells to Parry: 3rd yasuoQ.png (long-range skillshot OR close-range gapclose knockup - easy/medium, the skillshot is easy to parry but Yasuo can chain yasuoQ.png with yasuoE.png and dash onto you, meaning you'll have to predict how he chooses to knock you up)


Note: Do NOT invest too much armor vs. Yasuo early game. He does quite a bit of magic damage with his E + Stattik Shiv.


Yasuo has the favorable matchup pre-6. He can dash yasuoE.pngaround your minion wave to dodge your lunge. Furthermore, he can dash onto you, or even dash to minions next to you while hitting you with autos or poking with his Steel tempest. Your best bet is to cs and play reactively – Yasuo is most open when he’s on the aggressive. Beware that he can chunk you quite hard by dashing yasuoE.png onto you.


Avoid fighting him too much in your own minion wave, esp. if you splitpush vs. him as he can dash around and make it difficult for you to proc your ulti. However, you should still be able to beat an average Yasuo player after level 6, though a good one will give you lots of trouble. Good Yasuo players tend to hold onto their 3rd Steel TempestyasuoQ.png (the whirlwind) to bait you into wasting your parry. If you can parry his knockup, you beat him. If you miss your parry and he hits his knockup+ulti, yasuoQ.pngyasuoR.png he will most likely win the duel. A good strategy when his whirlwind is up (he’ll be glowing) is to avoid letting him dash too close to you so that you have the space and time to properly parry his knockup should he use it.




Optimal start: 1055.png2003.png or 2033.png

Masteries: 18/0/12 (sustained damage) or 12/0/18 (health sustain)

Spells to Parry: zacE.png (long-range initiate - easy but becomes more difficult if he initiated from a bush or fog of war, zacR.png (close-range knock up - medium, Zac usually uses this after his zacE.png)


Pre-6: You can poke him with fioraq.png  and hit his vitals. If he trades back zacQ.png or zacW.png, make sure to squish his blobs. He will auto push wave with trades so just let him push and freeze and farm under turret. Zac can cheese with 14.png12.png so be wary of his lvl 2 all-in.

Post-6: Your kill potential goes up immensely. You can Parry  fiorariposte.png his zacR.pngzacE.png to stun. Zac's damage is actually quite high for a tank however, so always be careful if he disappears into a bush as he may be charging his zacE.png to try and burst. 

An Introduction to the Grand Duelist Back to Top

Fiora - The Grand Duelist


Before reading anything, see the video clips to get a feel for Fiora's outplay potential.

The Grand Duelist needs no introduction, for she is one champion who is feared by all. Tanks lumber away, reluctant to expose the chinks of their armor against her Vital strikes. Carries flee, unwilling to be shredded behind the tip of her rapier. Even prominent fighters and powerful mages are loath to find their strongest attacks merely parried.  

Of course, I am speaking of none other than Fiora. Fiora functions as an AD Fighter/Assassin, and is played in a style similar to the likes of other melee carries such as Irelia, Riven, Jax and Yasuo. She is a fearsome split-pusher and duelist with a utility ultimate which allows her to heal up her entire team in a teamfight.

Furthermore, Fiora has a unique in-game mechanic called Duelist’s Dance which identifies potential Vitals on nearby enemy champions. Striking these vitals deal bonus %HP true damage, heal Fiora, and give her a movement speed boost. This minigame vastly improve her trading should she hit an exposed Vital. See “Essential mechanics” for a lesson on accurately hitting vitals.

In terms of gameplay, Fiora is an exceptionally fun champion to master; her passive always keeps you on your toes, while parrying an important spell can turn around a fight. One actually feels like a lithe and dexterous swordsman when playing Fiora, as one hits the one Vital after the other. The new Fiora takes a certain degree of skill to play and the road to mastering her is one fraught with challenge and excitement. 


- unique and fun champion/flashy plays

- carries very hard, can snowball

- very strong dueling kit

- scales extremely well late game

- good mobility escapes

- very high consistent damage, not reliant on big cooldowns


- relatively weak early laning

- not very useful if too behind 

- difficult to teamfight with

- requires fast reaction time/good ping to play extremely well

Laning Back to Top

Early lane

Fiora's early laning is decent. You can win lane hard, as long as you execute your spells. What you want to do is poke with Q  fioraq.png and get the passive Vital fiorapassive.png procs. Ever since the base HP nerf, Fiora has a hard time taking hits early on, so it's better to get free damage rather than exchanging damage. Vs. lane bullies such as Renekton or Riven, watch their cooldowns - if they miss a spell or use something to last hit, jump on them and get a few free hits off.

Your first back

< 400g 1036.png

< 700-800g 1028.png1036.png or 1036.png1036.png 

> 875g  1075.png1075.png or 1037.png  (Double Dorans for more survivability in lane, Pickaxe for faster item spikes)

Losing lane

Let the enemy wave push to your tower. Use Q fioraq.png to last hit, and do not go for ranged creeps if the enemy is zoning you. Under tower, use Q fioraq.pngand E fioraflurry.png to last hit. If you're too far behind, let them take outer tower and freeze the lane. Focus on farming (no need to poke with Q) and simply wait for your items. Fiora scales up very well late-game. 

Kill pressure

Pre-6, Fiora's kill pressure is not very high. You will have to parry a cc to stun the enemy and hit their vitals. At 6, your ult fioradance.png gives you huge kill potential. To insure that you have time to hit all vitals, let your enemy push to your turret. If the minion wave starts thinning out (maybe 2-3 casters left) and your enemy still hasn't backed off, engage and activate your ulti immediately. Since they were so close to your tower, it gives you the entire laning phase to chase them down. 

Essential Mechanics - AA Reset, Vitals, Parrying Back to Top

The Art of Swift Strikes (how to auto-reset)

What is an auto reset and why is it important?

An auto reset is when you auto and then use another auto/spell to cancel the animation of the first auto attack right after the damage hits. 

It goes like:

1st AA --> 1st AA Damage hits --> AA Reset spell/item --> 2nd Damage hits

Doing this allows you to get around 2 autos worth of damage in approximately the time it takes to do 1. It might not seem significant, but the winner of most trades are decided by who gets that extra spell/auto in before the enemy does.

AA-resets with Fiora

E: Fiora's E is an auto-attack reset. Right after your auto attack damage hits, activate E to get a second auto in quickly. 

Tiamat/Hydra: While Tiamat/Hydra active does not count as an actual auto attack, you can activate this item in the middle of a combo to get a small burst of AOE dmg. Enemies right next to you will take 100% auto attack worth of damage, therefore we count it as an auto-reset.

AA-reset combo: 


Here, you get THREE-FOUR auto attacks worth of damage in the time of TWO autos (E increases auto damage and attack speed). This combo can potentially double your damage output and does a lot of unexpected burst damage.

The Art of Accurate Strikes (how to optimize Vital hits)

Properly utilizing Fiora's passive is a... vital component to mastering her. 

Walk out, Walk in - setting up new Vitals

In lane, the Vitals appear on the enemy somewhat randomly. If the enemy has a vital which is facing away from you and you want to change that, simply WALK OUT OF THEIR VISION. This will randomly change the enemy vital to one that is facing another direction. 

However, be careful of losing exp to minions - only walk out when you won't miss cs.

The Side Q - lane harass


In lane, you will want to harass your opponent when a Vital is in a good position to hit. The front and side vitals are the easiest to hit and disengage from. 

It's better to lunge indirectly rather than directly at a vital, for 2 reasons:

1) Hard to predict. Most opponents will not know the exact range of your lunge and do not take into consideration your hitbox. Lunging from the side might look like you're merely trying to last hit, and opponents will generally not expect it.

2) Distance after lunging. You're generally further away from the opponent after a side lunge compared to one where you dash directly into the opponent. It lets you get away much easier.

You'll be hitting many more vitals this way once you master how far your lunge and hitbox are.

The Fadeaway Q - Juking


When being chased or in a duel where the enemy has to chase you to continue the fight (think Riven, Tryndamere, Olaf), remember that you can juke their skills/abilities by dashing BEHIND them to hit a vital. This can help you kite melee enemies while waiting for cooldowns.

Moving while Auto Attacking

When you play Fiora, you must move after every auto attack. Do not stand still. The mechanics are the exact same as when you kite with an adc - take a few steps after every auto attack. It's a simple trick that will greatly improve your gameplay.

Moving helps you chase and reposition: if there's a vital you want to reach, moving after every auto will bring you closer.

Your Parry can proc Vitals (if you're desperate)

If you find that you're at a long range for whatever reason and you really need to proc a vital, know that your Parry, if it hits a vital, will give you the effects of hitting the vital as well as parrying damage/cc.

Hitting all 4 Vitals


You want to hit 4 Vitals for max damage + healing for your ulti. This diagram shows a typical way of hitting all 4 Vitals on a champion. You can also dash earlier if the enemy champion is mobile and you don't think walking will hit the second Vital. Once your CDR goes up, you may even be able to get 2 dashes in.

Video Example:


Ulting the immobile target

In teamfights, you may be wondering who to ult. Be realistic in how many Vital procs you think you can get off an enemy champion. Are you really able to hit 4 Vitals on a Zed, Ekko, or Leblanc? Go for the champions without too many dashes, or the ones who have used all their gapclosers.

The Art of Parrying (how to use your parry effectively)

There is no EASY way of learning to block abilities; parrying well will only come with experience. 

The Q+W combo

Q then W RIGHT away. This combo allows you to parry the instant after you dash onto someone. Can be useful if you expect fast cc, but if you mess up then there goes your Riposte. Use this more for short trades/teamfights rather than all-ins.


Identify and wait for the "big move"

Your parry is a fight-changing spell. You don't want to use it too early on some attack which is negligible, only to be blown up by something bigger later on. Before a fight, think about your enemy's cooldowns and their highest impact spell you want to parry (can be damage or cc). For example, vs. Darius, you want to save your parry for his Noxian Guillotine dariusexecute.png rather than simply parrying a Q.

Master the enemy, Master yourself

Know which spells you can parry to stun and the animations the enemy makes before releasing their skills. For instance, Renekton gets a greenish glow above his head before he stuns. Yasuo glows when he has his Whirlwind ready. Garen glows when his next auto attack will silence. Darius tends to ult right after he reaches 5 stacks. Twisted Fate will have a Gold Card above his head. Fizz's shark has a countdown above his head (free "Parry Now!" sign). Check LoLWiki for champions you don't understand and LEARN their spells. Playing a good Fiora requires excellent knowledge of your enemy so you know how to dodge and block their attacks.

Keep your enemies close

Trade often early on with your opponent to understand their playstyle. Do they go for the big spells/cc right when you engage, or do they wait? If they spam everything right at the beginning of a fight, have your parry ready then. Learning about the enemy's playstyle will greatly enhance the way you fight them.

Parrying to stall 

One new trick I started doing was using parry in the middle of your ult to get an almost guaranteed ult proc. It allows you to be invulnerable for 0.75s, allowing a small amount of time for your cooldowns to reset. If you REALLY need that proc (you're about to die, you're about to get cc'd), then parry. See this vid:


Teamfighting Back to Top

Fiora functions as an AD Fighter/Assassin. It means that you should be part of the secondary initiation to help your primary initiation dive their backline. 

General Teamfighting Tips

- Do NOT go in alone unless extremely fed. Always have a dive buddy (Jungle, assassin mid, tank support) go in with you to help burst down the target you ult

- DIVE if the enemy carries blew important cooldowns on their escape or cc spells (Ezreal Dash, Caitlyn Net, Lucian Dash)

- FLANK from the side or behind. Avoid going straight into the enemy team - you are not a tank, but a fairly squishy damage dealer. Stay alive if possible.

- ZONE the enemy backline. If you're in a situation where you can cut off the enemy carries from their team but you don't want to dive them, your mere presence will remove them from the teamfight. Effectively, you've "killed" their carries, since they did no damage that fight.

- PARRY wisely. Before a teamfight, figure out key spells you must parry. Is their Vayne going to condemn 
you when you go in? Are there spells with no cast animation (Lulu W) that are hard for you to parry? Take into consideration the cc the enemy has and how you plan to avoid/counter them.

Who do I ult/focus?

Due to the ult nerfs, it's no longer effective to simply throw out your ult on any dying enemy; it's much better to use it on an enemy who you can proc 2-3 vitals on before going down so you get more of the heal. 

For all intents and purposes, Fiora functions best as a carry-assassin and backline threat. However, there are circumstances in which it's better to peel for your team instead. How you play the teamfights depends on:

1) Am I strong?
2) Is my frontline strong?
3) Are my carries strong?
4) Is the enemy frontline strong?
5) Are the enemy carries strong?

Therefore, winning a teamfight depends on: 

A) Which frontline melts faster
B) Which backline dies faster

Here are a couple of notable scenarios and what you should do:

i) I'm strong, my carries are weak, enemy carries are strong

In this case, dive the enemy team. If you manage to burst down their damage dealers without dying yourself, then you can help your carries cleanup the enemy front line. Fiora is one of the best champions at cleaning up teamfights, since all her spells are relatively low cooldown and her damage is fairly consistent. 

ii) I'm weak, my carries are strong, enemy frontline is strong

Here, you'd want to ult the enemy tanks/assassins/bruisers. Since you're weak and unable to kill the backline by yourself, you are better off damaging the enemy frontline and hoping to get an AOE heal so your carries can stay alive and plow through the enemy team.

iii) I'm strong, my frontline is weak, enemy carries are strong

Stay away from teamfights! If you have no one to dive with you and the enemy carries have a lot of damage, it's unlikely you'll be able to kill them on your own. Splitpush and draw the enemy team towards you so the rest of your team can farm up or take objectives.

Champions to be wary of Back to Top

81.png Ezreal - will kite you for days. Very difficult to engage onto him to catch him. If you ran an HP stacking build, he can also shred you with 3153.png Blade of the Ruined King.

236.png Lucian - difficult to duel. If he outplays your dash with his (meaning you don't get reduced cooldown on Lunge), then he can win 1v1. Always be careful of trying to fight a fed Lucian.

78.png - extremely strong early/mid game, and her W poppyw.pngprevents you from using any dashes within its range, thus making it hard to proc vitals 

23.png11.png75.png24.png - very strong duelists that Fiora actually has difficulty 1v1ing past the laning phase. 

98.png - his W shenw.png makes it so that no autos will proc within its zone. This means your lunge, and any vital hits. Save your ult for after you see this skill go down

223.png - strong laner, and he can eat the person you ulti, effectively making your ult useless

90.png72.png - insta-stun/suppression - get QSS if enemy team has these champs

Champions that synergize well with Fiora Back to Top

Champions with Shields, Speedups, Heals, or Death Prevention (most mage supports and many utility midlaners)


(Janna, Karma, Ivern, Morgana, Zilean, Nami, Taric, Lulu)

Shields allow Fiora to dive more recklessly and speedups help with hitting Vitals.

Champions that can chain stuns/snares/lockdown


(Leona, Malzahar, Nautilus, Morgana, Elise, Lissandra)

Stuns/snares help keep enemy champions in place and allows Fiora to proc her ulti much easier.

Champions that can dive


On her own, Fiora doesn't have much engage potential. She requires a solid frontline to help her get to her targets.

Champions with strong waveclear


(Anivia, Viktor, Sivir)

Fiora functions best as a splitpusher, so it's optimal to run a strong waveclear midlaner who can hold towers while letting Fiora run around the map.

Videos Back to Top

Apparently, icons are broken :(


Montage playlist:

Short clips playlist:

Matchup playlist:

Here are some videos to demonstrate Fiora's outplay potential, as well as some techniques I covered. These clips were all taken out of my Diamond Solo queue games. Enjoy the outplays.

Scroll down for 1v2 kills. - I have the short clips on the "Fiora Outplays" playlist on my channel.

1v2 Lee Sin + Mundo - Auto Reset combo and kick parry

Note the auto-reset combo at 0:04; it does half of Lee Sin's HP in ~ 1 second. I then predict his kick for the stun and finish him off.

2v2 Elise + Fiora vs. Mundo + Renekton - Clutch Parry Proccing Vital


1v2 Elise + Ekko - Tower dive double kill

Fiora is a champion who should not to be underestimated during tower dives. Get rekt

1v2 Mundo + Lee Sin - Tower dive double kill #2

When will they learn? 

1v1 Renekton - Tower dive kill #3

Ult as he engages, parry his stun while hitting a vital while stunning Renekton under tower. Baited and outsmarted

1v3 - Fiora's escape capabilities


A video outlining Fiora's escape capabilities.

1v2 Taric + Zac - The Fadeaway Q

I use the fadeaway Q here for increased movespeed while kiting both Taric and Zac and end up outplaying, netting a kill, and escaping.

1v1 Hecarim - standard way to proc 4 Vitals and ult dodge

I parry a bit earlier here (expecting the Hecarim to charge into me), but ult and get all 4 Vital hits while avoiding Hecarim's ultimate.

1v1 Jayce - Parrying a key spell

I figured that since I already got hit by his EQ combo, I needed to parry his knockback in hammer form to stick to him (and that's exactly what happened).

Teamfighting - Peel for your carry (with a 5-second heal)

Here, our entire team is behind in gold, besides Orianna. I lost lane to Renekton. After a 3-man enemy Amumu ult, I get a full 4-proc heal to melt the enemy frontline and save our carries. If I had dove Vayne, I would've died.

Teamfighting - using your Parry to hit a vital 

I go onto Shen and parried in the middle of the fight to try and predict enemy CC. End up blocking Veigar ult and then dodging Sona ult.

1v1 Renekton - Moving while Autoing

This clip demonstrates the importance of taking a few steps after each auto attack to catch up to your opponent.

1v1 Lissandra - outplay using flash and parry


I try to parry Lissandra under tower but she was just too far. Still a kill anyway.

Conclusion/Summary Back to Top

In-Game To-Do List

1) Win/Survive lane.

Though snowbally, Fiora's snowball tends to occur more in the mid-game rather early game. With a fairly average laning phase, Fiora just needs to come out not too far behind so she can become a fearsome duelist later on.

2) Split-push

Once you get 3074.png3071.png, you have incredible split-push potential. Push down the side waves

3) Ward/Vision Control

By a pink 2043.png and make sure to use your 3361.png to ward into the enemy jungle when you push. If you're fed, you can 1vX (1v2... 3...4...5 if you're really fed). Otherwise, back off. Your fioraq.png is a short CD dash and fiorariposte.png helps parry cc. 

4) Pick off Enemies

When the enemy pushes Hide in a lane bush or enemy jungle and wait. If there is a big minion wave, count on the enemy mid/adc to farm it, and assassinate them when they do.

5) Group for Objectives

Don't splitpush 24/7. After picking off a carry, group with your team 4v5 to take Baron or Dragon. 12.png if you need to

About Me Back to Top

League/Ranked History

I first started playing since pre-season 3, when Nami 267.pngwas just released. 
My first champion was Morgana. 25.png
My first main role was mid.
My first main champion was Syndra. 134.png

In S3, I finished Bronze 1. Climbed to Silver 3 in pre-season S4.
In S4, I finished Plat 5. Climbed to Plat 3 in pre-season S5.
In S5, I finished Diamond 5. 

Transition to top lane

I first started playing top lane in Season 4/Pre-season 5 because the team I was in needed a top laner to fill the role for a tournament. I've almost exclusively played top lane since. I remember liking top lane a lot in the 102.png58.png36.png meta, and started maining Shyvana after finding out how strong she was. Today, top lane mains are somewhat rare - I believe they're the least common role to main, after only support. However, they are increasing in popularity ever since more gold and carry capacity is being funneled top.

I climbed from Plat to Diamond almost exclusively playing top lane.

How I improved

I attribute my success in climbing from Bronze to Diamond to two things:

1) I got a Razer mouse. Proper gaming gear can make a huge difference in your play.
2) I started watching streams/VODs. 

I attribute my success in top lane to SoloRenektonOnly and Irelia Carries U (my name is a pun of his) - I respect both of them and they've both helped me learn a lot about the game.

Playstyle - high risk/high reward

I play an extremely aggressive style and trade whenever my cooldowns are up and the minion wave is favorable. I try to punish the enemy for every cs they take, and will often sacrifice my own farm to deny the enemy farm. I have trouble freezing the lane and like to push to attract jungler attention. 

If I think there's a a chance to win a 1v2, I always take it. If there's a flashy play that I can do, I don't back out. See my videos for some examples.

Overall, I'm a high-risk, high-reward player. I recommend beginner and intermediate top laners to play as aggressively as possible to push their mechanics to the limit (just try not to feed too hard in ranked) - I think doing so, without worrying about winning or losing a game, is the best way to improve mechanically. Obviously, people will call you out on playing like an idiot, but if you want to train your mechanics, that's the way to go. 

If you only want to improve your decision making, why are you playing Fiora? (jk) 

Revision History/Future Additions Back to Top

Revision History

Patch 5.22: Guide released

Patch 5.23: Testing 12/18 Mastery (with Thunderlord buff). Also test 18/0/12 
- Matchups: added Singed, Ryze
- added 'About Me' section
- added 'Videos' section
- Masteries: changed from 18/0/12 to 18/12/0

Patch 5.24: 
- Masteries: Switched to 12/18 with Thunderlords
- Items: Added Corrupting Potion
- added Optimal items + Masteries to all matchups
- added Illaoi, Kennen, Zac, Tahm Kench, Teemo, Trundle matchups

Patch 6.1:
- Masteries: Updated to 18/0/12 for Fervor Keystone
- Items: Added Titanic Hydra rush

Patch 6.2:
- added a "Spells to Parry" section
- addded Singed, Poppy, Swain matchup
- changed my summoner name to "En Garde", renamed guide
- Switched mastery to Grasp of the Undying 12/0/18
- Added Q+W combo in Art of Parrying, added stalling parry 
- Updated Trundle matchup
- Updated Shen matchup
- added Montage in video section
- added two new sections: Champions to be wary of and Champions that synergize well with Fiora

Patch 6.3:
- brushed up a few matchups and changed some item starts (removed longsword 3 pot from all matchups)
- added new montage videos
- updated Items section to reflect my own gameplay 

Patch 6.4:
- revised item changes to accommodate Hydra and Sterak's nerfs 
- added the long-awaited cancer matchup: Quinn
- added stream/Matchup VODs section (currently Quinn, Irelia, Riven)

Patch 6.6:
- huge item changes
- added Rammus/J4 matchup

Patch 6.11:
- updated items, masteries, matchups
- currently working an internship in China, won't have lots of time to update unfortunately

Patch 7.5 - Added Jayce, Kled, Camille matchup, Fixed some icons. LOLKING MESSED EVERYTHING UP :(

Stream/Matchup VODs Back to Top

So I've decided to start streaming. Still really new and I'm going to continue on improving my commentary.

Matchup playlist: (Apparently links don't work)

1. Fiora vs. Quinn Matchup


2. Fiora vs. Irelia Matchup


3. Fiora vs. Riven Matchup


4. Fiora vs. Jarvan IV Matchup


(NO LONGER APPLICABLE) Titanic vs. Ravenous Hydra - Mathematical Analysis Back to Top


Now that Titanic and Ravenous are no longer interchangeable, it's even more important to choose the right Hydra item. I've done a mathematical analysis on which item set does more damage. I'll be using a **level 16 Fiora** as the base model, and will be testing four separate 3-item builds as these are her 3 core items:

1.  Titanic/Cleaver/Sterak

2.  Ravenous/Cleaver/BT

3.  Titanic/Cleaver/BT

4.  Ravenous/Cleaver/Sterak.

We assume 11 AD from Runes (9x marks and 1 quint) and Fiora's base stats were taken from the [LeagueWiki champion base stats page]( Her damage scalings were taken from the [Fiora LeagueWiki page]( and calibrated to a lvl 16 Fiora with maxed Q, E, and R. BT shield is 350 at level 16. With Black Cleaver being the constant item, I omit its name when I next refer to these builds.



[Preliminary Data - AD, HP, Bonus AD, AA damage, Vital damage]


Titanic Hydra/Sterak shield will give Fiora an effective 3.8k HP (assuming 100% efficiency shield). However, even with the additional 25% bonus AD, its damage is not as high as the other builds.

Ravenous Hydra/BT gives the highest bonus AD, which means that Fiora gains the most damage on her Vital strikes from this set, as well as the most healing from her ulti. It gives an effective HP of 2.4k with the BT shield.

Titanic Hydra/BT gives the highest single AA - damage due to Titanic Hydra's on-hit passive. It gives an effective HP of 2.9k with the BT shield.

Titanic Hydra/BT also gives the highest combo damage of (Q-AA-E-Hydra-AA[crit]), taking into account the second crit of Bladework.


[Damage from combo + 1 Vital hit depending on enemy's Max HP]

NOTE: I DID NOT TAKE ARMOR INTO ACCOUNT. I have been informed that with 100 armor, Ravenous will outdamage Titanic when the enemy as around 3kHP.


I didn't even compare the Sterak's builds without Sterak's Fury activated, as the damage doesn't even come close. 

Titanic Hydra/BT does the most damage, with Ravenous Hydra/BT in second. The Sterak's builds are outdamaged even with Sterak's Fury active.


[Damage from 4 Vital hits, 3 AAs[1crit], 1Q, and Hydra]


Vital damage scales off of %Bonus AD and we know that the **Ravenous Hydra/BT** combo gives the most Bonus AD, so I decided to calculate damage for all 4 Vitals.

Titanic Hydra/BT will do the most damage to the majority of enemies. Ravenous Hydra/BT begins to outdamage Titanic Hydra/BT when enemy's have more than 4k max HP.

[Effective HP from Fiora ult](


What about the healing you get? Fiora's ult scales with bonus AD, which would effectively increase the amount of HP she had.

Titanic/Sterak's still gives the most effective HP with almost 5k HP for a full duration ult, despite having the lowest bonus AD. Titanic Hydra/BT is still lower than Ravenous Sterak's, albeit not by much. Ravenous Hydra/BT is still the squishiest build, despite having the most bonus AD.



*Titanic Hydra/BT is the most efficient item combination*

It is a good combination of damage and survivability, outdamaging other builds in the 1-Vital combo damage and also does the most damage in a 4-Vital situation to most enemies except for extremely tanky foes having more than 4k HP. 

*Ravenous/Steraks is ineffecient*

It is the lowest-damage item combination. Sterak's Fury also only gives you an effective HP of around 3.3k (compared to 3.8k for Titanic Hydra), though it's still a lot more than any non-Sterak build. 

*Building more AD increases ult healing but is not sufficient to actually increase effective HP*

Fiora's ult scales off of **bonus AD**, so building more bonus AD will actually sustain you for greater amounts. However, Titanic Hydra/Sterak still provides the highest effective HP regardless of having low bonus AD with around 5k HP in a 5s ult. Ravenous/Sterak's provides 4.5k HP, Titanic Hydra/BT provides 4.1k HP in comparison, while Ravenous Hydra/BT provides 3.8k. 

*Building more AD increases tank shredding but is not sufficient to overcome Titanic Hydra active*

Titanic Hydra/BT outdamages any other item combination up until the enemy has 4k max HP, where in that case Ravenous Hydra/BT will start to do more. Despite Vitals scaling off of bonus AD, the damage discrepancy is most likely due to both the Titanic Hydra passive and actives (recall that Titanic Hydra/BT gave the highest single AA on-hit dmg and highest Q-AA-E-Hydra-AA combo).


**Final Thoughts**

Titanic Hydra/BT was much more efficient than I had imagined. However, recognize that Bloodthirster costs 3500g while Sterak's Gage only costs 2700g, so it could be expected expected that the Bloodthirster builds should do more damage. Despite Fiora's good bonus AD scalings, Titanic Hydra is able to amplify her autos to the extent that it overcomes the bonus AD from Ravenous Hydra.

Hope you guys enjoyed this analysis and that this helps with your Fiora builds!


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