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7 months ago

Fiora Statistics for Zenxen

Author's performance with Fiora compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png   The most versatile summoner spell in the game. It is simply too good to not take flash.

12.png Pretty common choice for top laners. The capability to roam or teleport back to lane is great.

14.png In most situations, ignite isn't suitable for your needs. If you cannot guarantee that you will kill your enemy laner in the early game and snowball, teleport will always be a safer choice.

New Runes Back to Top

Taking the precision route makes a lot of sense for Fiora, as she benefits a lot from increased attack speed. 

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32 The best choice out of the 3 since it will increase Fiora's damage output when you all in.
Triumph.png?width=32 The health gained back can really save you in skirmishes and can decide whether you win or lose the fight.
Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32  Why not give more attack speed bonuses on Fiora?
Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 The best out of the 3. Allows you to finish off enemies quicker.

The next best rune path is Domination. I mainly pick this for the Ghost Poro.
Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 Fiora dashes a lot so this seems the most optimal on her.
Ghost%20Poro.png?width=32 This fella gives you a free ward! 

There you have it. In my opinion, the above is the best rune page for Fiora in all situations. However, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with other combinations. For example, you can try out the Resolve path if you  want the extra tank stats. 

Abilities Back to Top



fiorapassive.png Duelist's Dance: The reason Fiora can be very dangerous to deal with. Procing a vital around an enemy champion yields bonus true damage and move-speed.  The move-speed component is very important because it gives you the needed agility to catch up to enemies/run away and dodge their skill-shots. You will be mostly procing your passive with Q.

fioraq.png  Lunge: Q is the most important ability in your kit because of the many things you can accomplish with it: gap-closing, procing a vital, juking, escaping, etc.

fioraw.png Riposte: A brief damage-immunity for Fiora plus some magic damage at the directed point. Use this sparingly since it has a very long cooldown but at the same time, to be afraid to use it. When an enemy cc's you, you can stun them if your w also lands on them. The use cases for Riposte depends on the champion's you're facing. In some cases, your enemies  don't have any cc in their kit, but you can still use this to block incoming damage.

fiorae.png Bladework: When you activate it, your next basic attack will slow your opponent and the one after that will deal critical damage. This ability works well with Fiora since the slow helps you catch up to them and it also becomes a  big part of your dps since you can land two quick auto-attacks on your opponent with the crit dealing insane damage.

fiorar.png Grand Challenge: This ultimate gives the targeted enemy champion 4 vitals, each on a side of them. When an enemy dies before the vitals wear off, or when you proc all 4 vitals in time, you will get a field of healing for varying duration, depending on the number of vitals proc'd. Of course, you will need to at least proc one vital before an enemy dies for the field to appear. Grand Challenge gives you more damage potential due to the incredible true damage you can dish out. This is very helpful against tanks, since true damage ignores their armor. The movespeed boost is also relevant. With it, you can run like the wind!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Usual start.
    Corrupting potion is for you if wanting to play it safe.
    Agressive start. Builds into your core items much quicker.

Core Items

    Best core item for Fiora. Since she does not have innate waveclear, this helps a lot not only to farm and push lanes, but to dish out damage to multiple enemies at once. Don't forget to abuse the active when it is up.
    What I usually buy after Tiamat. The passive, health, and damage are all good stats for Fiora.
    Happy feet.
    Usual carry build. Gives you the crucial 40% cdr.
    Balanced Bruiser
    Full glass canon build.
    Buy this whenever possible. Map awareness > skill, especially in a team game.

Situational Items

    Explained below.



3074.png Best item on Fiora imo, and rightfully so. The much needed waveclear and extra sustain is so good on her. Build this every game, gg.

3748.png The other possible build path from tiamat. Right now, this hydra is pathetic compared to its cousin, but if you are ever very behind, this may be a possible choice for the bonus health.

3071.png Second best item on Fiora imo. All the stats it provides are great, especially the cdr. With this, reaching 40% cdr is easy. Provides armor shred too.

3078.png Grab this if the enemy team are all squishies and if you are insanely fed. The burst potential of this item is off the charts, and after the attack  speed buffs lately, this can be a force to be reckoned with. 

3072.png The best life-steal item in the game, the overheal is relevant.

3812.png The Bloodthirster's cousin. I like this a lot over Bloodthirster because of the cooldown reduction.         

3142.png The item I am most unsure about on Fiora. The stats are pretty good on her but I feel like there are simply better items than this.

3153.png Less damage output than other items on Fiora.

3139.png A very situational item. If the other team is cc-heavy, consider this.

3156.png A great magic resist item while giving you more damage. If you don't want to get a tankier item like Spirit Visage, buy this.

3004.png Fiora does have mana-issues if you spam a lot, but if you manage your resources wisely, you can get over it.

3046.png Crit is just not efficient for Fiora's kit. There are simply better items to buy.

3087.png Pretty similar to Phantom Dancer.

3025.png The slow and mana seems good at first. It used to be a hidden gem a few years ago, and I would get this a lot as a second/third item. But when it was nerfed partly due to how strong tank Ekko was, Iceborn turned into a pretty bad item, only suitable for select champions.

3031.png May seem enticing, but is surprising bad on Fiora. Maybe if you are semi-trolling and going for a crit build.

3147.png I mean, the burst potential is there. It is just that Fiora isn't as  good of an assassin as other champions. As a bruiser, other items are better.

3036.png Fiora doesn't need armor penetration really aside from Black Cleaver. Her true damage is enough.

3033.png Uhh.. maybe the executioner's passive against a Mundo? Too situational so nope.

3022.png Good for slows and health gain, but seems too clunky for Fiora to even consider buying.

3053.png This is viable. Mainly up to preference, but I prefer building other items.


3026.png More attack damage while giving you a free revive for those teamfights? Seems good. But only after you complete your core items.

3065.png Need more magic resist? Take this! The cool-down reduction and the healing bonus are quite beneficial too.

3143.png My favourite armor item. Helps to shug off some of the adc's damage output. (Don't forget the slow active.)

3102.png Ever since this was reworked into something a mage would buy, don't buy it.

3075.png Thorn-mail is never a bad armor item, but if I were to buy just one item dedicated to armor, I would go for Randuins.

3742.png I like taking Randuins more than this item, but if you like the move-speed bonus, go ahead.

3800.png You are not a heavy engage champion.

3190.png Fiora is a very selfish champion since she is more of a carry and less of a tank. So no, this item is pretty bad.If you want play around your teammates, play other champion.

3110.png Mana is never a bad thing, but without any health benefits, I don't see this as a viable item for Fiora.


2055.pngConsider buying this every time you recall. It helps protect you against ganks and tower dives and helps out your teammates too. You should buy this at three times every game on any champion to be a better player.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Irelia




 In lane, just poke with fioraq.png and you'll be fine. Anticipate the aatroxQ.png every time Aatrox is near and get ready to parry Avoid any aatroxe.png if you can, as it can chunk you health pretty hard. You should win the duel no problem if you land your stun. Also, remember that he has a built-in 3026.png. If you get too low fighting him with passive up, he can turn on you quite easily.




 Most top laners will pick Darius as a counter to Fiora, but she can hold her own quite well. Avoiding the dariuscleave.png or going closer to Darius when he does q is a good thing to do in such situations. After it is used, you have a short window to all-in. Watch the bleed stacks on you; never let 5 stacks on you at any given moment. Parrying his ult is not only the best thing to do, it is so satisfying to watch the Darius player go "wtf." :)

If you parry his ult, you win the duel.

At the same time, don't underestimate Darius, even if he is behind. His damage is always there, and he can easily turn the battle in his favor if he hits you with his q. If your team is winning somewhere else on the map, it is a good idea to play it safe and wait it out till mid-game. Also, if Darius roams, you can push your lane as hard as you can or match his tp (if it is a close fight).




Mirror Match. Obviously the more skilled Fiora (or the Fiora with more help from the jungler) wins. 




A good gangplank player will constantly poke you down with his gangplankqwrapper.png. When he tries to get the poke in, don't be afraid to all-in him, as long as you are healthy and there isn't a lot of enemy minions. Do not get cocky and try to towerdive/follow GP into a bush because he can easily turn on you. Watch for his barrels too, as they do damage.




Another skill matchup. To quickly summarize, whoever stuns the other wins the duel. 

However, don't wait and let Irelia initiate on you first. If she gets the damage in early, it'll be really hard to turn the fight in your favour.

I A good thing to do in and out of lane is to watch for low-health minions/monsters that are close to you. She can easily gap-close to you, do her full combo, and potentially burst you down fast if you are not aware.

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