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6 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

My Summoner Spells:

14.png: I think this is the best toplaner Spell since it is very good to finish enemies or help fighting them with extra damage.

4.png: I prefer this Summoner Spell because it grants you more mobility.

Other viable Spells:

3.png: You can take Exhaust when you think your Playful / Trickster can replace Flash.

12.png: Teleport is not a bad choise too, but I prefer the extra mobility, and I'd never play a Fizz without Ignite ^_^

6.png: I am not used to Ghost, but why not?

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


q.png Urchin Strike:

  • Get it on level 2 and max it second for more damage and shorter cooldowns.
  • Use it directly after an autoattack to profit most from it.
  • You can use it on enemies behind walls to pass it.
  • Applies on-hit effects, Sheen works very well with it.
  • When getting ganked use it on minion behind you, dash to safety.

w.png Seastone Trident:

  • Get it on level 1 and max it first, you will have incredible early damage.
  • Activate it right before using Urchin Strike.
  • It will deal more damage over time when enemy is low on health.
  • Applies Grievous Wounds when activated, very usefull against champions with a lot healing.
  • Good in combination with Ignite, you need to learn when it is enough and when you need to chase for another hit.

e.png Playful / Trickster:

  • Get it on level 3 and max it last, this spell is used for mobility and not for damage.
  • It has a decent slow if you do not activate it twice.
  • One of the best skills for baits.
  • Activate it under tower to let it focus an allied while diving. Care: You are the one who has to tank most times, so don't let any allies die to towers!
  • Very mana hungry, use it wisely.
  • Good for checking Blue/Red or Dragon/Baron: Jump in, activate again, jump out.
  • Use it to dodge skillshots or CC in fight.
  • Try to not activate it again while fighting to hit as many enemies as possible with your AoE slow.
  • Look at this if you want to know where you can jump over and where not:

r.png Chum the Waters:

  • Skill it on 6, 11 and 16.
  • It's a skillshot.
  • Single target slow first, AoE knockup and AoE slow after 3 seconds.
  • Grants vision until shark pops up, useful to fight Akali in her smoke.
  • USe it for running away or initiating.
  • Combine it with your Shurelya's, great way to open fights if you land it on a carry.
  • Has low damage output.
  • Faster clearing of big waves: Throw shark on minions, use E to jump directly afterwards.
  • Medium cooldown.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Toplane 1
    Toplane 2

Core Items

    Balanced build patch 5.5 , last item can be pretty much anything, i recommend hexdrinker or botrk
    Balanced Jungle build 5.5 devourers+W damage is high enough to delay Trinity, if you are far ahead skip Warmogs and build early Tri

Situational Items

Tank Fizz? Stop trolling!

Warning: This build is outdated. This build isn't viable anymore since the W rework, kept it up for nostalgia sake

Every example build looks tanky, and that is right. You want to be tanky to dumbfound your enemys and let them focus you in fights. As long as you have Trinity you will still deal tons of damage, no matter what. But let's move on to my build and Items I consider.

I mostly start with #2, these items allow you to poke and trade very often early and push the lane as you like.

On my first back I buy a 1055_32.png and get either a 1011_32.png or boots, I get 3006_32.png or 3111_32.png most times. You might want a 3096_32.png OR 3067_32.png very soon after that. But care: Buying a 3096_32.png puts you behind in lane! It does not have very good stats, only a bit sustain, so the enemy will be ahead the 700 gold.
If you are laning against an AP based champion build an early 3155_32.png when troubles.
If you fall behind you might want to get a 3093_32.png and upgrade it to 3005_32.png later.

Now you can decide if you want to buy 3069_32.png or 3083_32.png next. Since warmogs is very strong I prefer getting it first to be able to trade more, but if the laning phase is pretty much over a 3069_32.png can be much better in some situations. You should complete both before getting any other items.
You can also buy a 3068_32.png instead of the 3083_32.png, but I don't like 3068_32.png that much HP.

In the past days I don't buy 3078_32.png anymore in most games because I enjoy being a pure tank, I really love to engage in fights and jump around not taking damage. If you are more the bruiser one and want to actually fight and kill people faster this item is a must have! It gives you an insane amount of extra damage and the slow is pretty awesome too!

Now press Tab and see who is fed, which enemy champion is strongest and what your team needs. Most times I build a 3156_32.png for the damage and magic resist and a 3082_32.png for the missing armor, you can get either 3143_32.png or 3110_32.png since both of them are very good. It still depends on the matchup and the situation if you want to get this items or other situational, but I'm sure you'll figure out what suits your needs best.

But why do I get 3069_32.png?
In my opinion it is the best item to change games: You can use the active to engage teamfights, with the help of your Ultimate, during fights so the team can get or change their positioning, or to disengage when one got caught. You will profit from the gold bonus early when you start with the 3096_32.png and the HP and Mana regeneration, the cooldown, and ofc the health.

Viable Items, when and why:

NOTE: You have to plan what Items you will get. One example: It is not good to end up with 3006_32.png3078_32.png3091_32.png since it is way too much attackspeed that you don't need.

3026_32.png: A good Item if you are one of the strongest in your team and if they focus you, but there are better choises to get tanky.

3068_32.png: Good for splitpushing, diving and killing carries for just few gold.

3065_32.png: This is a nice item against an AP heavy team, when you have no livesteal item you should prefer 3102_32.png though. Combine with 3083_32.png for endless health regeneration.

3102_32.png: Currently my favourite anti-AP item. It offers great stats an is a pain in the eye for every poke comp. Consider buying this when facing an Ezreal in the enemy team.

3105_32.png/3190_32.png: After the changes I personally don't like this item that much, but it still grants good defensive stats.

3143_32.png: One of the best items against AD champions, I prefer getting 3110_32.png in most cases though.

3110_32.png: This Item is very strong on Fizz, you are very mana hungry in teamfights and it gives you enough CRD to troll your enemies with your high mobility. Good to take out AD's.

3075_32.png: Very, very situational, but can be useful sometimes. In the very lategame go for other items like 3143_32.png because they offer you more, but are more expensive, too.

3022_32.png: Not that good: You already have 2 slows and 2 gap closer, if you still want a slow get 3078_32.png since it will give you so much more damage. There are better tanky items if you want this for the HP.

3005_32.png: You want to jump on their carry and kill him in teamfights? This Item will help! Even more efficient with 3143_32.png and/or 3068_32.png. I still like this Item, allthough it's pretty weak right now, but its cheap! You can buy it in midgame after your first health item, getting it in lategame is not that good, you can just buy any other damage item that is more efficient.

3091_32.png: Gives you a good amount of attackspeed and MR, you can use both when facing AP teams.

3156_32.png: This is my favorite Item against any AP damage, you don't need an AP heavy enemy team for this item.

3071_32.png: This is an ok'ish item for more damage output in midgame, you should not buy it in lategame for extra damage, there are better choices. I still don't like the item since only your Q and your autos will activate the passive.

3172_32.png: Gives you a great amount of attackspeed, some dmg, movespeed and even tenacity, increases your dps a lot!

3153_32.png: A nice Item after the remake. You can use everything, this helps you to kill other tanks or bruisers, but is not a good choice to take out ADs since they have lower HP.

3072_32.png: Gives good damage, but you want to be more tanky and there are better damage items that work with your set, only your auto attacks and Q's profit from this item.

3087_32.png: I personally don't think this is a good idea on our Fizz.

3025_32.png: This item offers a lot utility and CC, but you will have a great lack of damage if you take this over 3078_32.png. You should try this with any other damage item. Never ever get this and 3078_32.png!

3115_32.png/3114_32.png: You don't want these.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Kayle
  • Nasus
  • Renekton
  • Shen
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zed




Easy Matchup:

Not a direct counter, but the lane should be in your favour.

Use your Q and E to dodge his skills, this should not be that hard when you run directly towards him and fight him in melee range.
It depends how high the dodge-aim ratio is if you will win fights or not, it should not be that hard if you are used to Fizz though.
Start with 2037_32.png when he has ignite, if not go for the 1006_32.png.




Hard Matchup:

She can poke you down and even has good burst damage.
Try to dodge her Q, maybe even start with boots. Bait out her shield, if she used it you can trade her, otherwhise stay back.
Ask the jungler for a gank.




Easy Matchup:

Fizz counters Irelia!

In laning phase you should be able to destroy her, as soon as you hit level 2 try to Q her, activate W while dashing and use your AA's after, your damage output is higher than her's.
When hitting level 6 try to dodge her ultimate with your jump, but make sure to hit her with activated W before to reduce the healing.

Later on in the game she is getting stronger and stronger, it depends on her and your build, on the game situation, farm and kills whos stronger.




Medium/Hard Matchup:

Fizz beats Jax on level 1-5.

Start with the Elixir and try to fight him at level 3, when you have your jump. Time your jump so he stuns you midair when he spins his lantern.

As soon as he hits 6 he is getting dangerous, he is getting stronger and you fall off, avoid fighting him from now on, end laning phase as soon as possible.

In teamfights you should be able to do more than him, although you are still not able to fight him 1v1 until you reach lategame where you are getting stronger again.




Medium Matchup:

Fizz > Kayle earlygame | Kayle > Fizz midgame | Fizz ? Kayle late.

With your tanky Masteries you should be able to ignore most of her slow, use Q to get to her slow with E and there is nothing much she can do.

At about level 9 she will outdamage you unless you have some good items.
Don't dive her if you don't know if she has ult up!

It really depends on the situation and her build how you will be able to fight her late.




Medium Matchup:

You counter his healing and slow, can still be hard.

I haven't done this matchup that often, most games were in my favour so Fizz might be a slight counter to Nasus.

Q him after he hit a minion with his Q, so it's on cooldown for some seconds.

Nasus Ult > Fizz Ult, so think twice if you want to fight him after level 6.

You should consider buying BotrK after your Warmogs.




Medium Matchup:

Skill dependent.

Use 9:21:0 Masteries!

A good Renekton will dash in, stun, Q and dash out. There is nothing you can do about it but try to avoid stun with your E. If he got his combo everything is on cooldown, just use your Q+W to get him, hit him for some seconds, back out before his spells are up again. W will reduce healing from his Q, keep that in mind! Using this method you can trade pretty well.

His ultimate is stronger than yours, so be careful at level 6.

If you have a hard time early game, avoid fighting him and farm. Renekton falls of in mid/lategame.




Easy Matchup:

Laning vs Shen is pretty easy, maybe you do not counter him, still its in your favour. I had this matchup 2 times and pretty much destroyed the Shen.

You should consider taking Teleport instead of Flash to either follow Shen or just to farm alot more than usual, without losing the ability to join teamfights that easily.
Go with 9:21:0 Masteries:
You need Preseverance for the sustain. You can diversify some points, but you should go for the 4% HP from Juggernaut.

Start with the Flask, a Ward, and wait some gold untill you can buy 2 healthpotions. Rush Sunfire after and get the Spectre's Cowl afterwards. With these items you can constantly push on Shens tower, negate his poke and even beat him in a 1v1 straight fight. A Trinity would allow you to actually kill Shen alot easier.
With that you are able to outfarm him.


Xin Zhao


Hard Matchup:

You are very strong earlygame, but Xin is even stronger.

Try to fight/trade him at level 1, maybe on level 2.
Stay back in lane and ask for junglers help. You may not die to him or he will destroy you easily the whole laningphase over. Try to farm and never fight him, jump away. He falls of later, you will be able to fight him at around level 10 (based on you and him having same money).




Easy Matchup:

Go aggressive early, this lane is definitely in your favour.

Early Laning Back to Top

Your early laning phase is very strong, play as aggressive as you can!

Laning against most melee champs:

  • You have to watch both, enemy minions health and your minions health, every time he wants to hit one of yours, activate your W to poke him while he is hitting, its free damage he cant return, after that he will disengage most times, if not just keep hitting him, your damage output is way higher than his.
  • As soon as you hit level 2 you can poke with your Q W combo and autoattacks, if he wants to trade with you just keep attacking him and go for the kill, keep in mind that most players have Flash so use your Q wisely.
  • Hitting level 3 can change the situation, most champions will have all 3 skills now and are able to use their full combo, but most times you have the enemy low on health or with less pots than you. You can either try to keep poking first or go for the kill immediately with the help of your E as slow or gapcloser.
  • Keep in mind that minions deal a high amount of damage earlygame, so never fight him when he pushed his lane!
  • Push your lane early: You level up faster, you are more likely to win trades due to minion damage, when you push hard enough to his tower his wave will end up pushing at around level 3-4, you can ward to avoid ganks.

Laning against most ranged champs:

  • There are not that many ranged toplaners, and the ones that are have a very different playstyle, these are some general tips against rangeds in general:
  • Some of the points above can help you here too, like watching your minions health.
  • You might want to skill your Q first for the bit mobility or poke since you wont need your W for poking at level 1.
  • Wait for level 2, just farm and try to avoid getting poked too much, as soon as you hit level 2 you can try to go for it or just poke with your Q and W.
  • On level 3 you might want to engage, but it really depends on the matchup

Midgame Back to Top

The midgame is usually your weakest phase of the game. Depending on your build and the game there are several things you should focus on:

  1. Farming: One thing I noticed in the 300 ranked games of playing Fizz is, that I easily fell very far behind in farm and levels. AD or tank Fizz is one of the slowest pushers ingame, so farming is boring and needs some time. You can use your E -> R combo to clear waves faster when you are sure you won't need your ult in the next minute.

Jungle Fizz Back to Top

Jungle Fizz section coming soon!

Thanks for reading! Back to Top

Thank you all for reading my guide, If you have any questions, suggestions or tips please let me know in the comments! :)

15000 views and 80 likes! Thank you guys very much!

Here are some of my recent games with top Fizz:

Outdated Back to Top

Hello friend!
Please notice that this build was created long time ago and is not up to date.

Have a nice day! ^_^

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