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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png Obviously always pick smite.

14.png If the enemy jungler is an early, or if he's squishy and you feel like you can counter jungle.

12.png Ganking top, recalling, then tp on ward bot with homeguard. No one can prevent that gank. You always catch them, and they will think like "hey fizz is top let's push for a while!". And anyway if they don't push you catch them with the ms speed boost from homeguard.

4.png Ok this is for a safer match. I recommend picking it if you're new or if you feel like you won't have blue all game long (if you have blue your E runs on such a low cooldown that you don't need it). Also pick it in rankeds.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

You can pick Intelligence instead of Precision. Both work wonders, but I prefer intelligence vs heavy cc/skillshots or if i need more mobility.

Other 2 mastery pages options :

First Option : Offensive defensive

Capture d’écran (16).png

Second option : Offensive utility

Capture d’écran (17).png

Abilities Back to Top


You can take E at level 2 if you feel afraid.

If invading, pick E at LEVEL 1.

Sometimes your midlaner/toplaner may need an early gank, in this case pick E at level 3 (you need 1 point in each spell in order to have as much mobility as possible).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start this
    oracle alteration is perfect against stealth traps/wards #teemo. Otherwise blue trinket. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS
    Cheaper than before, still as useful. Get the basic ones soon after your smite item
    both are good, take the one you're confortable with
    ap build. I prefer sorcerer's
    tanky dps build
    [twisted treeline] still a perfect start

Core Items

    ap build core items to rush
    tanky dps items to rush
    [tanky dps] option 1 : offensive dps core
    [tanky dps] option 2 : tanky dps core
    [tanky dps] option 3 : tanky core
    [twisted treeline] your core items

Situational Items

    [ap build] add those items to your core
    [tanky dps] add those items to your core
    [tanky dps] add those items to your core
    [ap build] add those to your core
    [twisted treeline] add items from the ap build



Now you have 2 buildpath :

  • Classic AP Build : Runic Echoes + 3100.png + 3135.png + situational items
  • Tanky DPS Build : 3124.png + situational items

There are 3 main ways to play the Tanky DPS build :
  • Offensive : 1419.png3124.png3153.png + tanky items
  • Classic : 1413.png3124.png3153.png + tanky items
  • Defensive : 1413.png3124.png + tanky items


Basically double doran start 1056.png1056.png

Then 3090.png and 3135.png
Add the situational items from the AP build 


Hextech Protobelt 3152.png

This item is gorgeous. Perfectly suits 105.png. I strongly recommend picking it.
- 10% CDR
- amazing burst + mobility with active
- some tankyness (on an assassin item lol)
- 60 ap, not that good but still decent

Enables you to burst down people/ have one more mobility spell in case you miss use one.
To maximise the damage output, use it after shark is on target OR right after you Q-ed someone, so that all the bolts hit your target.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Azir
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Kha'Zix
  • Master Yi
  • Nidalee
  • Nunu
  • Sejuani
  • Shyvana
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




Important Stats

  • 266.png movement speed : 345 (105.png's 335)

Passive :

  • passive cooldown : 225/200/175/150 (levels 1/6/11/16)
  • passive max heal : 141.75 - 1174.5 hp (levels 1-18)
  • passive stasis duration : 3 seconds (3157.png is 2.5 sec)

Q : Dark Flight :

  • flight range 650 (105.png's Q is 550; 100 units is one 17.png wide)
  • cost : 10% current health
  • cooldown : 16/15/14/13/12
  • knockup duration : 1 second (105.png's ult is 1 second knockup too)

W : Blood Thirst/Blood Price :

  • most likely the first ability 266.png will max
  • heal is tripled if 266.png is below 50% health
  • triggers 1/3 autos
  • with 3931.png procs 1/2 autos
  • Blood Price damage at max rank is 200+(100% bonus AD) in physical damage

General Tips

  • his jungle clear is a lot faster and more sustained than you. He can be full life when he gets devourer (1850 gold) without even using his 2003.png
  • try to dodge his Q as being hit, especially when 266.png isn't alone, means lose the fight/die in worst cases
  • to dodge his Q you can either Q him just before he takes off (kinda risky, you need practice for that though) or simply E it/3157.png if necessary
  • the moment he's most vulnerable to your ult is when he Q's towards you, as since he is casting his spell he can't dodge your shark
  • if he has 3026.png it's just better to focus the carries and take care of him later
  • running full ap 3931.png allows you to fight him and win trades lategame
  • running 3716.png allows you to one shot him unless he builds a bit tank/has his passive ready

Situational Tips

The rest depends a lot on what 266.png builds :

If he goes full AD/attackspeed :
  • he might be more dangerous than their ADC
  • You should peel for your carries unless people in your team are taking down enemy team's carries
  • If no one in your team is killing enemy carries going in might be a bit risky as you may get focused, however you can still do it if you can properly use E and 3157.png
  • 3157.png is very recommended against him as he'll deal tons of unexpected damage
If he goes a more bruiser/tanky style :
  • he is gonna peel for his carries. Try to trap them and get them one by one, as aatrox's peeling is very annoying to deal with
  • if he goes on your carries he won't be able to one shot them so it's your time to delete enemy's carries




This one is very odd.

32.png is so damn annoying in teamfights, care about his ult, tell your teammates to spread in order not to be caught in it.
Early in the game his ganks are scarier than yours.
If 32.png lands a 4 men ult (yep he can't catch you cause you're a damn fish dude), wait about 1.5 sec and then go on his carries. If you go too early you'll get focused and you'll insta die.
His jungling is quite fast, he is very tanky and can clear the whole jungle at once.
Consider using 3340_32.png to secure your redbuff.
Someone in your team should build 3105_32.png, as it really lowers 32.png's damage output.
Your adc should build an early 3140_32.png and eventually upgrade it into 3139_32.png.
If you get 3512_32.png or any 30 + magic resistance item he shouldn't deal you any damage, unless he bought 3135_32.png.

On 3v3 map he isn't as powerful. Skip him and kill the other ones, deal with him later. He can't really push so even if they ace you he can't do anything.




This one matchup is for the 3v3 map.

It is a skill based matchups which mainly depends on 268.png's teammates' skill level.
  • You should always focus him
  • Even though he is ap his pushing power is huge
  • He can defend his base from super minions just blocking the doors
  • If there's a 107.png in your team you might laugh your ass off when rengar's passive will meet azir's ult.
  • If his teammates defend him it's really hard to deal with him
  • His wall is dodgeable with E both when it appears and when it's settled (lol wikia says it : 
  • Dashes or mobility that occurs while untargetable, such as Twisted Advance.png Twisted Advance and Playful.png Playful, can bypass the wall.
    • Despite Riot explicitly stating that Sanguine Pool.png Sanguine Pool will bypass the wall,[2] it does not. This could be a bug.
  • don't get kited as this is the way azir can kill you
  • care about his turrets, as he can spawn them near your base
  • be aware of his splitpushing power.
  • buy 3105_32.png




Actually, I reworked this match up. His abilities are annoying, but if you manage to dodge them it's easy peasy. 

  • His CC is huge (+ knocked up is the only cc form that can't be reduced by tenacity)
  • he has TRUE DAMAGE (OMG Get REKT)
  • he has a silence so that you can't even flash or E.
He has no mobility

He can't dodge your ult, it's quite an advantage

He has quite long cooldowns

All of his abilities have approximately 10 seconds cooldown. (Q= 9 sec; W=13 sec; E no cooldown ofc; ult=80 sec). But care about his runes, masteries and items, check if he has any cooldown reduction.

He relies on landing his abilities

If he misses his Q or his W, he has nothing he can do. Try do dodge his Q while running, and dodge his W with your E.

He often stacks health, not defenses

You can burst him down easily because you're 105.png and that's your job. You always wreck him : if you have runeglaive 3716_32.png you can almost instakill him; if you have devourer 3718_32.png you still have huge damage+ you have max hp % damage with 3153_32.png

It's pretty even. Here's what you gotta remember:
  • Always dodge his Q, otherwise you won't be able to dodge his W either and you're dead
  • If you get W-ed you're basically useless except if you've used W before/ you built 3718_32.png
  • If he misses his spells/ you dodged them go all-in
  • maybe think of building some rough HP to counter his true damage if he becomes dangerous.




This bitch is a bitch on lane, she'll be a bitch in the jungle. You both have about the same clearing speed but she is really too powerful midgame. Really skill matchup

  • gank a lot before level 6, as 131_64.png can't really gank before level 6.
  • if somehow you can take the blue buff away from her, she'll be kinda useless for about 3 mins which is a lot.
  • Midgame you are way less powerful than her, don't think you can just go ham and win trades.
  • Lategame she can't do shit against you, it's your time to shine.
  • She's an assassin just like you, she can't engage teamfights; she'll just go on your carries. You have to think about "who will be the most useful after teamfights : me or my carries?". If the answer is you, then just assassinate their carries as you would usually do. If the answer is your carries, then stay with em and protect em.
If no one in your team buys Aegis 3105_32.png, then do it. If you have 3717_32.png/3718_32.png evolve it into 3190_32.png, if you have 3716_32.png/full ap 3931.png evolve it into 3060_32.png




Very squishy, just like 28_64.png. Easy to kill, she doesn't have enough damage against you. She's more powerful than you before 6 though (obviously since she has twice as many abilities).  Only thing to remember : dodge her stun with E, and it's alright.

Also, please, PLEASE, don't cast R on her. She'll just use rappel and take 0 damage, making you feel like -.-

[5.14] There she got buffed. Actually, when i think abnot it, 60.png might be one of the most dangerous matchups if she builds some attackspeed and maybe even devourer 3710_32.png + some tankyness. You shouldn't see too many of them tho, so kinda np.

[5.16] at last her first nerf, she was way too powerful though. She still is strong because they only nerfed 1 spell.




So squishy! So easy to kill. That's nice meat for your shark. But still you should care about 2 things :

  • her passive makes her able to gank lanes so much better than you
  • her movement speed makes her sometimes uncatchable

If you aced the whole team except 28_64.png don't chase her : you'll waste your time. You better push.
Care if she is fed you have to focus her in teamfights before she gets your carries down.
Also buy 3362_32.png. It helps a lot.

[5.14] she got nerfed on her Q damage which lowers her burst/dps and slows down her jungle clearing.




Reworking this matchup.

Updating asap, the old tips are still below if you wanna read em

[In my opinion he is one of the hardest matchups.
  • his clearing is faster and more sustainable than yours
  • his ganks are scarrier
  • he has more cc than you
  • you can't stop his Drain with your E
  • dealing 8% of max health per attack is not efficient against him, since he'll heal everything back with his drain
  • he can steal baron with style and destroy your whole team.
  • he has a silence and you rely quite a lot on your spells
But these are your advantages :

He can't gank if he doesn't have ult

Enjoy and abuse this fact, his ganks are quite useless and single target oriented if he doesn't have is ultimate. Since the cooldown is around 140 seconds, take advantage of it and babysit all lanes. When his ult is up, just farm in the jungle.

You do have one CC spell

Don't forget you can stop his drain with your ultimate. Just to say. Also, i remind you that casting E while he's draining you won't stop Drain from beeing channeled, nor will it stop the damage or the healing.

He has no mobility spell

Everything is in the title. OK HE HAS HIS ULTIMATE but IMO a 1.5 secs channeling  and 140 seconds cooldown is not a mobility spell

He uses his spells to farm

Actually this might be one matchup i'd recommend taking 3711_32.png. If you steal his farm with that, he can't do anything against you, he has 0 mobility and all his spells are on cooldown. Sometimes his Q (the fear) isn't but who cares you will still run away from him with your movement speed burst.

So :
  • don't ever try an objective (dragon, baron turret) EXCEPT if the area is warded or his ultimate is on cooldown. The real danger is at dragon or baron
  • try counter jungling while he's still weak
  • buy 3361_32.png to secure areas around objectives
  • countergank once he's burnt his ultimate
  • babysit all lanes when he's burnt his ultimate
  • feel free to take dragon or nashor when he's burnt his ultimate
  • Also, if you're playing on draft mode, feel free to pick up either 14.png or 1.png]




Skill based matchup (obviously :D), but depends on the team. If he goes full assassin, protect your carries, otherwise just get his carries down.

In 1v1's, the one who's the most passive wins; the first who engages dies. You can dodge his R with E, so can he do it with your R. Usually, 105.png players are very unexperimented to this matchup, what most of them will do is : 
  • launch R
  • Q+W you
  • E you
At the moment they use their E, use yours to dodge the damage from both his E and shark and then you just have to Q him he is dead.
If that's not what he does well then i just can recommend to play passive.

Also get some magic resist, someone in your team has to build 3105_32.png




This one is a true nightmare

  • care his counterjungling power, he can get an early kill on you
  • buy an early 2043.png and place it around river to know where he is and whether or not he is counterjungling
  • you are less powerful than him until mid-lategame
  • you should focus on farming/ counterganking
  • you can E his Devastating charge
  • don't even try and chase him he always ends up escaping it's a pure waste of time
  • in teamfights, try and dodge his ult with E, especially when you're close to the enemy team
In teamfights :
  • focus their carries if you built 3716.png/ offensive build 3931.png
  • otherwise protect your carries from him
Later in the game you end up having more damage than him, try not to lose game early on and it should be alright.


Jarvan IV


He does have a nice high burst. His early clearing is faster than you, he can be very tanky or very bursty, he can be on your carries inhalf a second. He is a match up you have to care about. However if you dodge his E+Q combo you avoid 1/3 of his damage.

You can obviously get out of his ult with E, or with Q if you dash on someone who's outside of it.
If he is super squishy, he might even have more damage than their carries, so maybe focus him. Otherwise just go on their carries as you would usualy do.




The first who bursts wins. Kha's early isnt great. Check out what buff he started with, and maybe try to get a kill on him in his own jungle early on. It'll make him useless for the 20 first mins of the game.

Midgame he has huge burst in comparison with anyone else. But just buy a bit of armor, he's useless. Protect your carries tho, as they won't always build armor (especially the ad carry).
Lategame it's easy because he is so squishy that you out fuck him.
Just don't throw midgame and it should be fine. Do NOT feed him as a fed 121_64.png in the enemy team is the last thing you may wish.


Master Yi


Can go from extremly easy to extremly hard depending on your team (and you in a certain extent).

  • When running devourer 3718_32.png or cinderhulk 3717_32.png : Consider buying an early thornmail 3075_32.png and/or randuin's 3143_32.png since your main usual armor item (frozen heart 3110_32.png) gets to be kinda useless because even tho 100 armor, the passive slow doesn't work on 11_64.png as he'll always ult you (why does he ult you, no one knows, yet he still does).
  • If going 3716_32.png , you gotta stay near your carries, but hidden. When 11_64.png goes yolo mode on them, just burst him down
  • Don't throw your ult from far as he has huge mobility + he can't be slowed
  • try not to unleash all your burst at once before your shark comes, as yi will just use his damn meditate Meditate to avoid 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70%  tof total damage
  • Care before launching ult as 11_64.png can just Q (alpha strike) Alpha Strike something and dodge it. He can also dodge your Shark's damage with Q.
  • Don't even try to counter jungle cause he'll rape you.
  • If he has taken 3707_32.png warrior then he's not very clever and so you can go ham on him late.
  • Care his splitpushing power.




So damn squishy so damn easy.

  • Her clearing is as slow as yours (YAAAS!!!)
  • her sustain isn't huge
  • she is very very squishy
  • if she goes full ap, you alwys burst her down first
  • if she doesn't go full ap, then she doesn't have enough damage to kill you
  • you don't even need to buy 3105_32.png (except if they have 3 ap's) because you always burst her down
  • if she aims your carries, stay near them.
  • you can juke her on wall-hoping if chased by her in the jungle: cast E over a wall, she'll bounce over the wall, cast E a second time and there you juked her (i know it's not easily understandable, uploading a video asap).




Only problems with him are his tankyness, his sustain and his 2000 true damage with Q+11.png on monsters. Other than that it's easy :

  • you can dodge his E while it's midair and it will still be on cooldown for him
  • only his E and ult are damaging spells
  • you can dodge his ult at the last moment with E (takes a bit of practise tho)
  • you can interrupt his R channeling with ult (however you'll still be damaged)
  • maybe consider buying 3105_32.png if he's good or if he builds a bit of AP.
Also he might want to counter jungle. In this case 2044_32.png2043_32.png are your friends. (i know you won't buy wards cause no one ever does but still I'm warning you).




I wouldn't say she's the easiest matchup but she's not hard at all if you can play well.

  • she is very tanky
  • she has more sustain in the jungle than you
  • her ganks are scarrier than yours
  • her ult is game-changing
  • she has huge crowd control and can lockdown a team for nearly 5 seconds.
Here are your advantages :

She has no damage

Early in the game you may think her damage is high, but once you get some mr (you don't even need hp) she is absolutely useless

You can have as much sustain as her

If you build an early 2053_32.png, you already have as much sustain as her

She is a tank

You counter tanks. When facing her in a 1v1 she can't do anything against you, you're wrecking her. + real fishes don't fear ice

She relies on her spells

Without her spells she has no damage, and even with them she doesn't. Once she's burnt all her spells go on her she can't deal you anything.

Her spells run on a long cooldown

She has very long cooldowns on her spells. So counter ganking is amazingly efficient. She can't escape cause she has no more Q, she can't deal damage cause she has no more W, she can't slow you cause she has no E. GG

So :
  • get 2053_32.png and 1057_32.png into a 3512_32.png so that you have as much sustain as her and she deals you no damage because of the 60 mr
  • if she is alone go for the 1v1 without any hesitations (except if you think there's a trap, don't get baited)
  • once she's burnt her spells go for the 1v1
  • counter gank her. always always always.
  • buy wards 2044_32.png or 3361_32.png, and ward her buffs, it's usually an easy steal because she has no damage and she spends her 11.png on other monsters than blue and red. If you want even more counter jungling power 3711.png is your friend.
  • also try to use your E when she throws her ult. It really save lives.
  • you know she can cross walls with her Q, so when beeing chased if you go across a wall, she'll be able to follow you. However, you can cast E a second time to come back on the initial side of the wall, and there she won't follow you. Read the "Wallhops in the jungle" section for more information. I'll upload a video about it asap.




I'd say it can be very hard, depends a lot on your team's cooperation.

  • She needs sated 3931.png. You need to deny her as many rift scuttlers as possible, and of course deny her all dragons
  • she is hardly killable, no matter if you take runeglaive 3716.png or devourer/cinderhulk 3718.png/3717.png
  • If you take runeglaive, you can't one shot her as she is too tanky
  • if you are squishy, she can kill you
  • if you go tanky with devourer/cinderhulk 3718.png/3717.png, she still has an advantage over you which is her Flame Breath (E), which deals 2.5% max health per auto (don't forget she may have sated 3931.png which means 2 autos = 7.5% max health)
If going runeglaive :
  • ignore her, just kill enemy carries, do your job




You can dodge her ult with E, she is melee (which is an advantage), you just need to land ult and it's all good. She doesn't often counter jungle but you're not powerful enough to counter jungle her either.

I'd say one of the easiest matchups if you can use your E's at your advantage.
I only put her as "Medium" difficulty because in teamfights she just has to press R and your adc/mid gets deleted. Don't forget when she engages a teamfight not to go on her, but to wait a while and go on their carries (adc or mid). If you don't wait before going in you'll just die before unleashing your combo.




I just hate him. He has burst and is so tanky. I don't recommend running runeglaive 3716_32.png against him, as he'll be able to burst you down before you can burst him down.

Try to protect your carries from him. as you have no slow you can't prevent him from getting to your carries. At least someone in your team (the support 99% times) should build either 3069_32.png to run faster away from 106_64.png, either 3092_32.png to slow 106_64.png.
3153_32.png may help you a lot in this matchup since 106_64.png often stacks health.
Try to kill the carries, if you manage to do it there's not much 106_64.png can do alone except kill dragon or get an outer/inner turret down to half hp.


Xin Zhao


I hate this guy because he's so fucking easy to play yet he has huge damage and is so tanky. He has a dash, mobility, engage, disengage, sustain, burst, hybrid damage and CC. What does he need more (maybe range?)?

Just ignore him in teamfights and go for the carries. Tell your tanks to protect your carries cause he can wreck them.
Lategame care his splitpushing power as he can destroy turrets while tanking them.
If you're trying to kill him, you can dodge his ult with E, there's a very short cast time but if you got the reflexes you can do it (takes a bit of practice tho). If you wanna train this one dodge, play a dominion game vs bots : they always pick 5.png.




Can go from super easy to extremely hard, depending on 154.png's skill and on his teammates' coordination with him.

  • his ganks are scarier than yours as he can engage from very far
  • his jungle clear is faster and more sustainable than yours
  • he is really really tanky
  • he does have a lot of damage, and %hp damage
  • he does have nice cc (because knock-ups is the best cc)
  • he has more aoe than you
  • his teamfights are better
  • he can steal baron or dragon only flying over the pits
  • he has an insane 3026.png
But here's what he lacks :
  • rough damage
  • assassination power
  • target sticking
  • he only has 2 mobility spells (including his ult)
  • his damage is 100% magic damage
  • he can't push very fast
So this is what you have to do :
  • someone in your team buys aegis 3105.png, to negate most of 154.png's damage, as 154.png doesn't often build magic penetration
  • get the adc or the mid down
  • tell your teammates to spread so that he can't CC everyone with his ult
  • if you ran devourer 3718.png or cinderhulk 3717.png, get botrk 3153.png as it greatly helps shreding zac
  • you can smite 11.png his blobs (his passive)

[6.12] Tank Fizz Game Example Back to Top




Jungle path Back to Top

The jungle path is in the section nammed Full game detailed explanation from beginning to end+ jungle path with videos!  (the next section)

[5.11] Full game detailed explanation from beginning to end+ jungle path with videos! Back to Top

This whole section is a game analysis to show you what to do.

This game was

89_64.png + 105_64.png(me) + 13_64.png + 8_64.png + 429_64.png


245_64.png + 254_64.png + 40_64.png + 43_64.png + 67_64.png
and i picked 3716_32.png runeglaive.

First clears

First you wanna start with gromp. 11.png it. Always ask for a pull.
Then obviously get blue buff.
Now kill the wolves.
Slay the birds.
Murder the golems (so many verbs related to death, tho). 11.png them.
Recall.png Recall now.

This video shows you how to do it


Early to mid game

Now that you have level 4 it's time to gank. Do gank as long as it is unwarded. Ask your laners to tell you whether the enemy laner has his 4.png up or not. Usually you wanna gank a first time to get their 4.png; there the enemy will 3340_32.png. You wanna wait until the 3340_32.png dies (60 seconds) to gank a second time. The enemy won't have his 4.png available and it is usually a free kill, a won lane.

As you can see on the video below:
  •  i gank 245_64.png a first time to get his 4.png, and i see he dropped his 3340_32.png, so 60 seconds later approximately, i gank him a second time. and he's forced to back (although i couldn't get a kill i zoned him away from minions and 13_64.png took advantage from it)
  • i gank 43_64.png and get her to use her 4.png. I know she has 12.png up because she didn't use it the whole game (she has the same items as the ones she started with). I wait for her to 12.png back to lane and when she goes too deep on 8_64.png, i go balls deep and kill her with 8_64.png's help.
  • at 1:47 in the video, look at the minimap. It's obvious 254_64.png and 67_64.png are going for drake. So i go to try to steal (at least to have the timer).
  • at 2:35 in the video i gank bot (sadly too late). I should have reacted earlier and gank them faster. But i still manage to kill  254_64.png67_64.png and 40_64.png and also to escape 245_64.png thanks to 13_64.png's help.
  • at 3:25 i see 254_64.png coming top to gank 8_64.png. Since i'm around i build on this by counterganking. I make sure 254_64.png can't see me so that she goes balls deep on 8_64.png and gets out of position. 8_64.png and I manage to get both 254_64.png and 43_64.png down, although i end up dying.
  • at 3:50 in the video i see bot turret is being sieged by 67_64.png and 40_64.png so i race bot to defend it. I keep harassing them so they don't always focus the turret. I'm trying to keep the turret alive and 67_64.png and 40_64.png on bot so that when 429_64.png and 89_64.png come we can kill them, which we end up doing although 254_64.png kills me (yes i die a lot :D)
  • at 4:53 i wait in a bush for 67_64.png to come but i don't know it is warded. I manage to get 67_64.png down, tho (the clip is kinda fast from 4:55 to 5:00 that's why i played it again from 5:03 to 5:15). But this death leaves my team with no 11.png and so the enemy team gets a free dragon.
  • At 5:40 i know their blue is up and i know 254_64.png is around so I just wait for her in the bush and get a kill on her. Then i get another kill on 245_64.png and eventually i give blue to 13_64.png.
The video ends up in a teamfight explained in the next section



In teamfights, there are 2 things you can do :
  • Rush their carries
  • position yourself at the back of their team to prevent their carries from escaping 
In this teamfight :
  • 67_64.png plays too dangerously and is taken down easily, so i skip her.
  • at 0:13 in the video, as i see 245_64.png's W (the AOE stun) landing position, i know he's likely to jump in that area, so i go behind him to prevent him from escaping, and eventually i kill him.
  • Since i went balls deep in, 254_64.png ulted me instead of ulti-ing 13_64.png (whose burst is shown at 0:29 on 43_64.png) or 429_64.png, even though they are the carries to focus.
Winning this teamfight allows us to get their turret down.


Runeglaive power display

This video shows you how high my burst is only running 3020_32.png3716_32.png3089_32.png3115_32.png. I manage to get 40_64.png245_64.png and 67_64.png down without even using ult (ok i missed it but still).


Wreck them until they surrend

Just assassinate squishies in the jungle, you'll win teamfights, you'll get turrets, you'll get nexus. If you are too powerful they'll just surrend.

[5.11] Full AP Sated Gameplay Video Back to Top

This video was recorded in patch 5.20 on October 24th, 2015.

Wallhops in the Jungle Back to Top

You may find some counter junglers from the enemy team, and you aren't always full hp. I recommand you to keep your E for escapes ONLY. Remember you have NOT picked 4.png

When you put yourself in bad situations, here's the solution :

Fizz jumps is something you have to know. This isn't only for Fizz jungle, but the extreme safe Baron/Dragon steal is one of the most efficient things you can make to get +4 teamwork. Be sure to watch the video below :

The Wallhops mastering makes the difference between the good and the bad 105_64.png players.

23 min Nashor, LOLWUT? Back to Top

What everyone thinks about Baron

Everyone thinks Nashor is just something you pick lategame when :
  • either you've aced them
  • or you've destroyed X inhibitors and you know they'll stay at base to defend
However an early baron can be very rewarding. Getting inhibitors turrets before min 30 can provide you a free win.

Ok maybe you're right but no one can kill Baron before 25 min

Usually, dragon is the main objective before min 30. Also, the first dragon is killed by 15:00 pretty much everygame. 
However you can NOT go baron if your team doesn't have a tank or if you have extremely low DPS. That's why 1414.png build isn't as efficient as 3931.png to get that early baron.

All you need is to wait for the second dragon to respawn.

This happens pretty much always between 20:00 and 25:00. Also NO ONE wards baron before 25:00, because who would kill the mighty Nashor so early in the game?

Simulate going for the second dragon

You have to go through warded areas, so that enemy team thinks you really will kill it. Use 3341_32.png to de-ward the area so they will rush dragon, without knowing you're not doing it at all.

Rush Nashor with your team

If everyone attacks it, you can kill it, easily. Be sure to bring one 2043_32.png with you. Drop it before attacking baron and check if it's warded, who knows...

Enemy team can't come to steal it, they're doing drake.

Since you've destroyed all their wards at drake, they will be afraid of going in. So they usually will waste about 10 or 20 seconds, which is always nice for you.
When they realise you aren't doing drake, they will think you prepared for a trap, so :
  • either they'll flee
  • or they'll go in and realise you're gone. If it's the case they might guess you're doing nashor, but it's already too late : they're still standing at dragon and it takes about 15 seconds to travel from dragon to nashor, you've already killed it

You've just killed Nashor

Dont go on lanes. Just recall. You got empowered recall. Don't waste the buff, do a nice split pushing :
  • send your toplaner top, and hope his 12.png isn't on cooldown
  • send your midlaner mid, and make him push, but don't let him attack enemy turret, just push the lane and stay near the minions to empower them
  • send your adc ALONE on lane. make him outpush, and let him attack the turret
  • Hide on botlane with the team's support. If someone attacks your ADC, rape him.

What happens now?

Enemy team will try to stop someone from pushing, usually the ADC

  • if they go for your top, they'll lose their mid and botlane turrets
  • if they go for your mid, they'll lose their top and botlane turrets
  • if they for for your adc, they'll die (i assume you can kill them with the assistance of your adc and your support) and additionally they'll lose top and mid turrets + maybe if you kill them fast enough their bot turret.

So yes, 23 min Nashor is way more useful than a lategame one

Wallhops In the Twisted Treeline Back to Top

Here's a video i made myself

Elo tips : escape from that one hell Back to Top

I re-made this section because I think it was a bit outdated. I'm working on it but for now (because i know you are too impatient to wait for something) I bring you videos made by ScrapComputer. His videos are very good, I definitely recommend checking his channel out.

Attitudes at each elo tier

Skill/Knowledge at each elo tier :

5.7 : the awful nerf Back to Top

FizzSeastonePassive.pngW - Seastone Trident

PASSIVE DAMAGE (OVER TIME)20/30/40/50/60 + (0.45 ability power) over 3 seconds  20/30/40/50/60 (0.45 ability power) + 4/5/6/7/8% of target's missing health over 3 seconds
ACTIVE DAMAGE (ON-HIT)10/20/30/40/50 + 4/5/6/7/8% of target's missing health  10/20/30/40/50 + (0.25 ability power)

My thoughts about 5.7 Back to Top

In patch 5.2, Riot destroyed classic Fizz meta, but oppened the gates for DPS Fizz. Now even DPS Fizz is in danger, but IMO, althought the nerfs are very hard, you are still op. But you need to be either more AP focused, or more tanky. That's why the items will change in this patch.

Thanks for reading! Back to Top

Just test it once or twice. If it happens to work share the guide with your friends on LoL or on the Endgame screen, and don't forget to hit that "like" button, so that the guide can get on the first results' page.

I didn't make this guide with the purpose of learning someone how to play fizz, I guess you already have a lot of fun playing him mid and top but you're exhausted of being countered, or you just wanna try out something else.

If you want to learn how to play fizz generally speaking, be sure to check the most helpful guide of all that website :

Maulface's Amazing Best Fizz Guide Ever

My summoner name is poustray, i'm playing on EUW, and right now i'm gold 2 (i won't update my rank very often so it might change).
Also sorry for bad English, but i'm French that's why :D .

Once again thanks for reading.

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