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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Season 6 META

12.png With the recent changes, TP is not thaaaat big, no camp lvl1, the cooldown changes, but the fact that you don't really need 4.png still makes TP my first option on the summoner

Second summoner spell:

4.png Standard. Pick this if you're inexperienced with fizz top or just prefer having it.

14.png My personal choice. Kill pressure, thats it. Ignite allows me to kill pre-6 and to dive easily. 
I go 14.png12.png for the map pressure and kill pressure at the same time.

11.png The cinderhulk train is NOT strong. Will talk more about this down below ↓ 

3.png This is a situacional summoner, against someone like 157_64.png or 238_64.png. Other then that its not useful.

What NOT to pick.

7.png 21.png Not really useful.
1.png 13.png Just don't. Please.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Standard masteries.

Notes: Cunning Tree

If you don't intend to go on split push route, go thunderlord.

Dangerous game + Assassin. They are a must have. Their counterparts don't stand a chance.

Abilities Back to Top


Max W because its your main source of damage.

Max Q second because it applies AA damage and on hit effects, besides, your E its and escape/dodge tool.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Only take this on certain match ups you are confortable with. Only agains melee certain for example.
    My favorite option against almost all matchups. The passive from the pot, your W, AA damage (DELICIOUS)
    If you want to stay passive the hole lanning phase... Sure.

Core Items

    Anyone of these are good.
    MUST HAVE (Will talk about more down below)

Situational Items

    If you are really feed and just want to have fun
    Late game 1 (Lack of CDR)
    Late Game 2 (Lack of health)
    Late Game 3 (Somewhat in the middle of the 2 builds)
The 3124.png train. This item its AMAZING on Fizz, I rush the blade, get 3057.png and either go tanky or full damage after, not making the  3078.png that high of a priority anymore.

Only build damage if you and your team are ahead, then you can snowball harder, other than that, a bit tanky.

Of course 3047_32.png and 3111_32.png are the priorities, but 3158_32.png and 3020_32.png if really ahead and you want to have a little more fun.

Matchups Back to Top

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Her Riposte makes our tradicional trade go on her way always, so you need to bait her riposte for nothing (she only has that 1.5s period) and then trade. Your Q and W are the same cooldowns as her riposte so you need to watch out. 

What you have on your side.

Your BFF of course 14.png
You can completely mitigate her ult by using your E, just go to the troll pole and wait it out.




Her kit is good against almost everything, including you.

Her W allows her to regain some health on trades and does true damage. You do still build 3110_32.png but it loses a bit of his usefulness.
Her Q allows her to either jump away from you or worst, jump on you after a trade if she likes the result.
Her E will basically stun you every time, because you want her to be low health so you can do more damage.

What you have on your side:

She has to hit minions do regain health, be there to stop it or let it push so your jungler can come.
14.png Your BFF




You win early game. You lose late game.

Jax is a monster late game, so you will lose most of the times. 
Take you BFF (14.png) and punish him for his early game, don't let him farm, do whatever you can to delay as long as possible his late game monstrosity. 




Just don't let him poke you down on the lanning phase, your level 6 is stronger than his, make him pay.


Master Yi


If you have 4.png12.png

You win early game, you lose late game. Simple.

If you have 14.png

You win. You kill him in lane and you will kill him late game.

What you need to do in lane.

You just need to dodge his Alpha Strike. Thats it. His main source of damage on trade. Go in, do some damage, if the uses it just E and get out. Rinse and repeat.

Late game.

Rush 3078_32.png and 3110_32.png. You'll be fine.




Isn't Solo Q/Normals a treat?

The only time she can really kill you is early game by chucking you down BUT she will also use a lot of mana to do so. If you survive the harass you're good to go as you can pretty much dodge 70% of her damage on an all in mid game by E'ing her combo (R+W+Q)

You can safely take 11.png12.png and be ok because you don't need your BFF to kill her.
If you take 14.png you can kill her before 6 but later her combo will hurt more.




The good thing is that he doesn't have a good way of regaining health other than his W.

The bad thing is that the only thing you can really dodge is his E. 

Go hard lvl 2 with some minions on your side.

If he gets ahead you will not be able to farm but you'll not die either.




Do not underestimate her damage at any point of the game.

Her kit is made to go up against auto attack based champions, she can't cancel several of yours. Her shield helps her in lane and if she likes a trade, she can chase you down because her cd are lower than yours.

What you have on your side:

The lower her health is, the more damage you do.
You do both types of damage, magical and physical.
Although her shield is a good way to reduce damage taken, its damage over time, don't use you Q on her shield.
You can either E her third Q or the Windslash.




This guy...

Flamesplitter and harpoons at no cost. If he times it right, he can mitigate your Q. Avoid trading when he is overheated with flamespitter on.

What you have on your side:

You can easily dodge his ult.
14.png Your BFF
He will push the lane, focus on farming.
You can kill him quite easily if you don't get too far behind.




Summoner spell.

This is a medium match up because she can either take 11.png or 14.png.
If she takes 11.png just farm, harass, try to deny farm on her. After 6 you should not kill her if she plays it right.

If she takes 14.png becomes a bit trickyer, now she has a real way of killing you.

Going for a kill.

After 6 you need to bait the ult. If she stays, you can kill her, if she leaves you can't.




He has the same annoying early game as Gnar, the difference is that you dominate him after lvl 6. Shouldn't be a problem if you're not too far behind.




You win.

Its an easy match up. With 2041_32.png you can just keep jumping on him or simply walking up and auto attacking him, hes E add damage to your W. If you have you BFF (14.png) its even easier.
After some levels, you need to bait his pool, if you auto attack him first it will still damage him, so beware when close to tower.




As long as you have 14.png and you're not low health, you're good.

Avoid his bite of course and go in when he doesn't have his passive or you have ignite.
When going all in, try to stay as much time as possible with you E active, that means less time taking damage from his ult.




You win.

You simply have more damage than him. Trade as always, when he is low enough, go for the kill.
You he has your BFF 14.png you need to watch out.
Go in, do some damage and try to dodge a shuriken on your way out.

1029_32.png Already had this before tping to lane → 3047_32.png → 3110_32.png. If you get ahead, he is not gonna have a good time.

Early game Back to Top


Fizz is all about trades. You either just walk up do them, activate W and start hitting and position yourself to get out with your Q or just jump in with Q and get out with your E. But you want to get out soonish. You don't have much burst damage early on, you have over time damage, that gets bigger as they are lower, that is why you want to trade as much as you can, if you have the mana for it (180) and some 2033.png charges you should try to stay dominant in lane.


First back: Get 1037.png or 1026.png
Simple! Are your trades based on AA or abilities? There is your answer!

Mid Game Back to Top

By now you have 3124.png3057.png and tier 2 boots. What to do?

Split push. Put pressure on the map. Make 2/3 people come for you, even if your team doesn't get any tower or objectives, the enemy team wont get neither. Dive if you have vision. You'll probably escape any ganks that comes your way. Its very hard to kill you now. 

Join your team if they are trying to get an objetive or use 12.png to join a fight. You are tanky, but not unkillable. Comparing to some meta tanks like 57_64.png or 36_64.png you don't have anything helping you tank stuff outside your passive. What you do have are way to stick to some squishys and to dodge damage/cc easily. Use that in your favor.

Late game Back to Top

When ahead:

By now you have the damage build: 3124.png3078.png and now comes the fun part, damage: 3812.png 3072.png 3091_32.png
Those 3 are my main choices, if you hit your ult on a critical target and can stick do him, hes dead. If its and ADC, your 3110_32.png will ruin him and if its and APC, once you start hitting him with your 3091_32.png, he is doomed.

When you went the tanky way:

Instead of going damage, you went 3065_32.png 3143.png 3742.png 3053.png 3083_32.png . This is what normally happens. Its gonna take sometime to kill you and you wont be taking towers that easily BUT now your team has a somewhat good front line and squishy killer. The squishys themselfs don't have much of a chance to kill you, but if you take too much time trying to get to them, you'll be focused down and kill without much effort. Stick with your team and wait for the teamfight to errupt, if you are the only front line your team has just kite and wait to see what happens, if their tank is falling then their team can't get to you, keep kiting. If you need to release some pressure from your backline, try to waste their time by chasing you. Get their focus and hop some walls, use some Q, just be annoying.

Patches explained Back to Top

Patch 5.13

Just some item changes:
3065_32.png : 20% off ALL heals. Good change.
3800_32.png : Loses 100hp and +30s on cooldown. I doesn't really matter, you don't need glory at any point of the game and shouldn't build because you have better options for tanky items.

3716_32.png : I got really buffed but 3717_32.png still is the better choice if you're looking at this guide.

Patch 5.12

This patch doesn't change anything on Fizz itself but its a huge buff on tanks on my view. That is really good for AD Fizz Top because if people who used to use 21/9/0 and going tanky might go 9/21/0, which is nice for you early game, and late game they are not going to be your priority. 

Fizz Himself

If going 11.png12.png might be a good idea to go 9/21/0 (I'll be posting the masteries on the SMITE tab) because you're aiming for tankyness anyway. 

Patch 5.7

This was actually a nerf on the AD GOD and a buff on the AP Assassin. What it did was:
Changed the passive damage for the active damage and vice versa. What it means: You have more burst going AP and the passive becomes the instead of on hit, now over 3 seconds. 

AD Fizz its of course still viable but a bit less powerful.

Patch 5.4

Little change on spell shield:
Fizz Q damage get properly blocked

Patch 5.3

No more passing through baron.

Patch 5.2 (RIP DFG)

This is where shit got confusing. Lets start slow.

His Q:

It got really nerfed, both base damage and ap scaling got nerfed. And to go along Irelia (Her Q) and Lee Sin (His Q), if the target moves before fizz get there, no damage.

His W:

Do not applies grievous wounds. Base damage on the active got a little bit buffed (20 damage) and do not scale with AP. Passive base damage over 3 seconds got nerfed a tiny bit, scaling a little bit buffed.

His ult:

Damage on marked enemy gets 20% bigger.

SMITE Back to Top

Current state

I would not recommend going smite top anymore. The only reason I would go is if i'll be on a call or next to my jungler so we can mess around with the enemy jungle and starve him. Would buy the 3716.png because it is not a "serious game".


With the changes in Season 5 jungle, cinderhulk became a godly item. (Not so much on 5.10 in terms of damage).
Why go for it? If you already have tried you noticed that the bonus health it gives its insane late game. You get a second warmogs almost. 

5.10 NOTE: With the changes to the cinderhulk damage and 3715_32.png it got a bit nerfed. But the tankyness its still the same.

When to go for smite/tp:

When you either know you can kill or win lane without ignite, you want to go full tank or you know you can't kill, so better have something else. 

What to do:

Either start with 2041_32.png or 1028_32.png. Do a camp and tp to lane. Just farm. Don't get too eager to kill because its probably going to blow right in your face. Get your 3717_32.png and now you can start playing aroung the fact that you have smite. If its someone like 92_64.png or 11_64.png that has a specific moment to do damage, try to save one smite charge if you intend to trade or stay in lane and when you see the enemy jungler goes to base or is ganking somewhere far away, steal stuff, little by little you'll starve him. On team fights, your smite will allow you to get an objective because you're a solo laner, a splitpusher that are 2 or 3 levels ahead of the junglers or to mitigate someones damage and deal a bit more on him for 4 seconds. 

This is the only time I even consider going 3071_32.png. You'll rely on your teammates to do the damage and all you do is tank and be extreamely annoying on the enemy backline.

About me Back to Top

Hi. I'm JcKalck (Or Jack as most people call me). I'm a Brazilian Silver II player on Season 5. Started playing league on the beggining of Season 3. A mainly play Riven, Fizz and Hecarim because I really like their kits and movements. I usually play normal games just for the fun of it and my opponents almost always gold, platinum or diamond V. 

This is my first guide and I'll be updating it as much as possible, on matchups and changes to fizz or the meta game.

Videos Back to Top

105_64.png VS 39_64.png (5.10)

(Silver II)            (Platinum V)

105_64.png VS 238_64.png (5.10

(Silver II)               (Gold III)

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