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Fizz Statistics for Basten GreyHound

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

3.png This spell is great for Junglers with no reliable CC. It allows early game duels to be won with ease. This is the spell I most recommend on fizz

11.png This is a jungle guide so You will need smite as your main summoner spell. I will be explaining what to smite and when Farther down the guide


4.png I personally don't see a need for this summoner, If you follow this guide correctly then you should have no need for this spell, but if you feel like you need it for flashing over walls across the map then you are more than welcome to do so. Use this summoner spell to escape bad situations. If you do use it to be aggressive you will most likely have blown all of your escape options.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I split up the mastery points instead of devoting 5 to one specific mastery


1 - fury, 4 - sorcery

Fizz will gain 24% attack speed from runes, Fury will bump this number to 25% due to rounding.

 Fizz is more reliant on his abilities, and sorcery will increase the damage of all his abilities, including his on hit damage by 1.6%


Double Edged Sword

Fizz will gain the full return value from this mastery.


5 - Natural Talent

This mastery gives us all the stats we seek.


Bounty Hunter

You should kill everyone, and even if you don't kill everyone, as long as you kill three champions this mastery gives more return than the Oppressor mastery


5 - recovery

You are a jungler, as such any stat that will allow you to regenerate health will aide you in your PVE quest.


Tough Skin

While I won't go into it here, this mastery bolsters fizz's passive in the jungle. making up for the lack of armor you will have early on.


2 - Runic Armor, 3 - Veteran Scars

Runic armor buffs the life steal and health sap you gain from the tooth and nail passive of your jungle items, while veteran scars boosts your health for that one jungle auto that it takes to clear a camp or be executed.



Face it. you will be low a lot in the jungle. and sometimes in the early clear you will be below 25%. this mastery saves lives. Its counter part, summoners insight, reduces smites cooldown which can be important true. However, if you die early you've almost always lost the game.


3 - Swiftness, 2 - Legendary Guardian

~ 10% tenacity turns a 3 second morgana binding into a 2.7 second morgana binding.

legendary guardian, even with just 2 points into it, grants 6 armor and magic resist when near 5 champions.


Key stone - Strength of the Ages

This Keystone gives what we look for when we jungle. 300 health after completing 30 camps and 6% of our total hp for each camp we clear after the first 30. this allows you to go out, gank, go back into your jungle and clear 5 camps, return 30% of your health back, and be back ready to fight. You can go Thunder lord's Decree or Fervor of battle, but I feel like Strength of the Ages is the most reliable mastery. besides that, while its true Fizz will amplify Thunder lord's decree's damage, it cannot be said the same about fervor of battle.

Abilities Back to Top



by maxing W, you increase the on-hit damage on activation and you increase the passive %missing health damage with every auto that you do. because this is an on-hit build for fizz this will be the spell you max first


After maxing W, MAX Q. the reason for this is because by maxing Q you reduce the cooldown of the spell. and since we will be focusing more on fizz's on-hit damage for the early to mid game, maxing the only other damage spell that applies on hit effects


Max your R at all moments possible

Maxing your E on fizz has several downsides. First, this is your most costly spell. Because of this, If you max this spell without having the proper mana pool and mana regen, you will often times find yourself not able to go invulnerable. By holding out for as long as we can we can the mana cost low enough to be reliable at all times. and since the only other upside to this spell is the cooldown being reduced per level. Having cdr Runes makes this spell more available without having to deal with the mana costs.


That being said lets get into what each skill is

fizzpassive.png Passive : "what riot won't give to anyone else but their most toxic champions

Fizz's passive has two parts. Part one, is the ability to move through units. this means NO CREEP BLOCK EVER. as well as being prone to buggs such as walking through anivia and jarvan walls. 

The second part is fizz takes 4 - 14 reduced auto attack damage. this includes minions, champions, monsters. and I think towers... not too sure, I do feel as if towers do less damage to fizz when he is being targeted by one. This passive is the reason you don't need armor runes to succesfully clear a jungle lvls 1 - 4. this passive, along with the mastery, makes up for those stats you lose by not taking 9 armor. 

fizzpiercingstrike.png Q / Primary spell : Urchin Strike 

This spell is one of the special spells that applies On hit and on spell effects. meaning all the on hit items we build will bolster this spells damage. this spell also has an ap ratio as well as counting as a basic attack regarding ad scaling. you can use this spell right after an auto attack, and if you choose to Q a target from far away, you will auto attack them at the end of your spell animation. This spell goes a fixed distance. as such, you can use this to gap close, and create gaps. over time you will learn when to do either... or you can read later in the guide. 

another bonus of this spell is the fact it counts toward you Krug smite.

fizzseastonepassive.png W / Secondary spell : "HOW DID I DIE!!!" 

This spell is two parts, a passive and an active

The passive, which is always up even when the spell is on cooldown, does bonus damage in the form of Damage over Time (DoT for short). the damage scales with AP and the opponents MISSING health. This means, that  once an opponent is low enough, they will simply bleed to death. this spell does 6 ticks of damage of 3 seconds, and each tick counts for its own damage. basically. if you're foe would take 20 damage form the first tick, they will more than likely take 22 from the next tick. 

at 40% CDR also has no down time just like Kayle's E. which basically means, if you spam the spell late in the game you will always have the ACTIVE on hit portion up. Speaking of which...

The active portion of this spell is bonus on hit damage that scales with ability power. The most this spell will ever add to on hit damage is 123 I believe. But having max cdr means that your Auto attacks and your Q, as well as your sated soul will all do a bonus 123 damage. This Active is primarily why you can build sated Fizz and be successful. However, building AD tank fizz will not modify the damage in any way. that is why you will be playing bruiser AP and finding much more success

fizzjump.png E / Tertiary Spell : "I'm uninstalling league now! SCREW THIS!"

Playful/ Trickster. By far the most hated spell in the League of Legends Community. This spell makes you untargetable for a specified amount of time. This spell is also one of fizz's most damaging abilities. as well as being on an extremely low cooldown in later levels. With all the damage and all the untargetability, there must be a down side, and there is.  If you max this spell first on fizz, the mana cost will consume a THIRD  of your given mana Pool. thats partially the reason why you will be maxing this spell last. In the jungle, everything is about efficiency, and for how we are building. this spell is not efficient enough to warrant maxing. The build does not gain any amount of ability power until 3 items in. If we were rushing a runic echos, I would recommend maxing E after W, but with sated Fizz, the efficiency lies with his W and Q

fizzmarinerdoom.png R / Ultimate Ability : "Death Fire Grasp on steroids" 

When they took out DFG, the tidal trickster felt it pretty hard. So they gave it back to him. in the form of this ultimate. Just to reference how gold efficient this spell is. DFG cost 3100 gold. that means that once you have this spell, you just got 3100 gold over your opponent.... jk you really only got 173 gold over your opponent, but hey. thats 2 pink wards he doesn't have!

anyway, this spell amplifies all of the magic damage fizz deals by 20% To the target this spell lands on. this includes any items he buys. This spell on cast will travel to where your cursor is placed or to the max distance. Once cast, Like any other skill shot, It will be fired the specified distance. When the spell collides with a champions hit box, it will lach onto the center of the champions hitbox slowing the champion, and after a 1.5 second delay, the Shark will come up and knock up the targeted champion and knock back any other nearby units. 

This spell is your burst initiation spell. Because It amplifies all damage, try and use this when you have all your cooldowns available. I said Burst Initiation, however this does not mean you cast this spell first all the time. When fighting a tank, you may want to burn you basic spell rotation in order to increase the Missing health damage from Your W when you Ult. Just be sure you have all your basic spells available when you do go in.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1041.png over  1039.png

Taking talisman is Ideal if you have any AOE spells, as you will sap health from all the monsters in each camp. However, with fizz, you will focus on auto attacks to clear camps, as such you will focus more on hitting each individual monster one at a time than hitting all the monster at once. The argument about the mana regen passive being more optimal than the life steal passive is irrelevant as You will not be using you E, the highest mana costing ability, for any of your early clear. and you will be backing after 3 or 4 camps. and you will gain the hunters talisman anyway. Staying alive for your first clear is more important than anything, and hunters talisman will not aide you as well as machete in that regard.

3340.png ---> 3341.png --lvl 9 --> 3364.png

As a jungler, you are responsible for vision denial. as such you will need to get into the habit of buying a scanner on your first back in every game. It will also be important to decide if you want to keep your sweeping lens, or if you want to pick up your oracle alteration at lvl 9. You will want the oracle alteration if you are against any steal champions. this will allow you to see them in stealth and more accurately land your ultimate on them in order to reveal them.


Skirmishers saber is a very overloaded smite In my opinon. Damage reduction, vision, damage over time. With this smite you can almost always have an upper hand in any 1 v 1 situation. It has good synergy with Auto attack based champions, as it will refresh the True damage DOT, the True damage also aids with how fast fizz's SEAS stone trident will burn down an opponent. This smite is also important to take if you are against any HIGH-BURST champions. Like annie or riven. As long as you remember to smite through a stun, You can reduce any champions Burst by 20%. MATH TIME! that means when an annie combo would do 800 damage to you, it would only do 640. that leaves you with an extra 160 health to fight her with! pretty impressive right! 


The Ghost will apply the SeaStone Tridant on hit damage. 

A little extra for you. with the final build you will have ~ 2.00  attack speed at lvl 18. that means 2 autos each second. with the ghost, that means 3 autos each second. in 6 seconds, the duration of your ultimate Damage increase and your W active, you will atto attack 18 times. which is 1800 damage from just the seastone tridant active. Just think about that for a little while. I did not take into account Your E or Your Q. add that to the burst and you still have a very strong champion, simply because you picked up this item and farmed.

3027.png Why rod?

I will not be the first to tell you. Fizz suffers from a low mana pool. Normally, people would build sheen and morellonomicon in order to balance this, however in this build we will not be building either of those items. the only other option that would meet the needs required was Rod of the Ages. With a grand stat total of 800 mana 500 health and 120 ability power, this cheap Ap item is a Must buy as your second Item In Every game.

3115.png Why not GUINSOOS???

This Item Gives Reliable on hit damage and 20% cooldown reduction. The 80 ability power is a nice touch as well. Guinsoo's requires 4 auto attacks to proc the bonus on hit damage. I've always struggled with that as a player, as such guinsoo's is not as reliable as nashoor's tooth in my eyes. Ifyo ualso take guinsoo's you will fall short of the cooldown reduction cap. this can lead to several deaths, since you won't have your W on hit damage or your E available when you need it most.

3091.png over 3001.png

Wits end is a penetration Item that gives more magic resist than abyssal scepter, The Magic shred passive that Wit's end provides is applied by sated soul. this means that you can shred the 25 magic resist in 4 autos202.png instead of 5. The ability power is also not high enough on Abyssal to make up for the general loss of on hit damage you would lose if you skipped out on wits end. MATH TIME!! wits end will grant 40 damage on hit in magic damage, while the ability power abyssal scepter provides would only give fizz a bonus 21 on hit damage. 
With every single stat being worse on this particular fizz build, abyssal scepter losses completely


This item is core on fizz. You will build this every game no matter what. you will have to choose if you want it as your 5th item or 6th, however. you will ALWAYS buy this item on fizz.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Shaco




This champion has high team fight potential, however he is a tank. and you job is to take care of the back line. He has the ability to lock you down. so you need to wait for him to cast his Ultimate. if you have a zhonyas you can simply just use zhonyas when he ults you. if you don't have zhonya's however, I would recommend trying to clear wards while sneaking to the back line. Stay to the right or left of your team, and stay in line. Take this champions wolves and smite them so you know when he is taking blue. always try and secure his blue, but if you can't settle for his red buff. Give your mid laner blue, they will have the advantage over their opponent. and if amumu gives up blue, he loses some power when ganking. 




She is very dominant early game, she can roam bot lane and set them behind. there is honestly not much you can do. Her stun is reliable and her damage is intense. However, you will out scale late game. because an important part of her kit is a Skill shot, simply dodge the spell and kill her. and you can easily kill any bot lane once you have 2 items. So her work will have been for nothing. 


It wouldn't be half a bad Idea to buy a Sight stone. The Item itself is cheap and it allows you to place wards. Elise loves fog of war. but if you can see her then you can beat her in any 1V1 




Haven't seen one in a long time, but she falls under the same category as elise. she will kill the bot lane early on and camp them hard. put pinks down bot to prevent as much early death as possible, and clear as many wards as you can to keep the enemy laners from going in. Same deal, once you get two items, head bot and get a double kill and shut them down.




Depending on how Skilled he is, He can ruin your day. His drain is a tether, so you can't Drop its damage like a majority of other spells, and the only way to cancel it is with your ult. He also rushes a zhonya's which can be devastating to you if you get baited. the best chance you have is to remember three things about this champion.

he is blue reliant
he is almost always going to be full damage
When he is on your team, he will not be able to CC you when you go on his team.

Steal his blue buff as often as you can. without Blue, his clear suffers. and there will be times you can find him without mana in the jungle. 

you will be building more resistances than him. so you will have the chance to burst him down. if you fail however, you can always E away.

when he ults from fog of war onto your team, thats when you engage on his, not flee.
Simply ult the enemy and start hammering away. It is highly likely he will burn his fear on your allies, and if you are keeping the enemy busy. it is highly likely that you will kill 2 champions before needing to get out of dodge. meanwhile, fiddlesticks will be killed in a 4 v 1. 

pretty good trade off I think.




Use your ult when he ults so you can see him when he is in stealth. Kha'zix players tend to not evolve their ultimate, so they only remain in stealth for one second, your ultimate revelas for 1.5 seconds, breaking his stealth and allowing you to keep doing damage. 

When he jumps away, switch targets. Yes he got away, but if you chase after him you will likely die. Just getting him low enough that he has to leave means you protected your adc from his claws




I hate this champion when I'm against her. But I love to play her. But she does have a kit that makes her frustrating to deal with. the only advise I can really give you is when she ults. start focusing people outside her ult and leave her to die to your team. she will either flee and recall, or die to the cc your team provides. You on the other hand need to keep dealing damage in order to be meaningful in a fight.




He gonna cheese you, so just accept it. take jungle route two and play safe. You will beat him late game as you have your ultimate that reveals stealth. If he takes smite, when he ults click on both shaco units, the one that has the smite buff will be the real one every time. be sure to ping it for your team so they know

Jungle Path Primary Back to Top

This is probably the most important part of this guide so please read it.

The jungle clear is simple. 

krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Gromp then back
Krugs > Red > Raptors > wolves > blue > gromp > skuttle crab and then the opponents raptors.

This is the ideal path you can take. The end goal is to get lvl 6 as soon as possible. doing 4 camps with one jungle item will give you the experience to get to lvl 3 plus half the experience bar. when you return to the jungle, doing the next 8 camps will get you to lvl 6 at the same time as the solo laners. This being said, you will be 2 levels higher than the bot lane in most games, so you can try and put pressure down in bot lane when you can. 

once you take the enemies raptors, back and grab your skirmishers saber and hunter's potion. once you have that begin power farming. 

Krugs > raptors > wolves - smite wolves > gromp. 

give your mid laner or support blue buff, as it will give them bonus ability power. and give your adc red buff once they choose to begin roaming. 


This will set you drastically behind in experience, and you will lose on extreme amounts of gold

Now, when do you take dragon? when you have 1.2 attack speed. that is when you take dragon. you will get low but you can smite it to execute, or smite it to 50 health above smite's damage and let your DOT kill the objective. 
You can usually do this once you have purchased a re-curve bow, or bought your sated devourer. 

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