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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Option 1: 4.png12.png Take this if you are playing Galio Top/mid, simply because you can ult to other lanes to help ur team, then use TP to get back to lane. Galio can push very fast and does not have really good solo kill potential, therefore it is a good idea to push your lane and roam.

Option 2: 4.png11.png  Take SMITE if you are playing Galio jungle!

Option 3: 4.png3.png or 14.png  Pretty common for the role support.

Why 4.png not 6.png????
1. Galio's E cannot go through walls!
2. It is very hard to use his E to engage due to its channel time (a step back before the dash)
3. Best way to engage is to channel your W then flash in. Very easy 4/5 ppl taunt!
4. Galio does not have many ways to get out of a fight because of his E again! (that channel time gives his enemy more than enough time to stand in front of him to block his E)

New Runes Back to Top

General Tank Galio Runes (Outdated for some parts)

This is a runes set for tank Galio in general.

Aftershock.png?width=64 As keystone adds more damage and defensive stats to your tank build. You can also take Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 if you like to have lots of AA trades and some sustain.

Demolish.png?width=32 Allows you to take down towers a lot faster. Galio is a fast pusher and with this rune, you can fast shove and take down towers, then roam more freely. Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 This is also a good choice if you are playing support (heal your adc).

Iron%20Skin.png?width=32 This rune is pretty standard for tanks. You can switch to Mirror%20Shell.png?width=32Conditioning.png?width=32  based on your situation.

Overgrowth.png?width=32 looks really powerful but it actually isn't that OP. I would take Second%20Wind.png?width=32 for most situations.


For the secondary tree, I think Sorcery is the best option for Galio (since Galio is a mage, a tank mage)

The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 Galio's R is one of his signature ability. It is extremely impactful no matter what position you are playing. So reducing his R cooldown is pretty useful.
Scorch.png?width=32 Take this for more dmg.

Masteries Back to Top

Page 1:
Can be used in every role.

Page 2:
More dmg heavy support page.

Page 3:
You can build ardent 3504.png with this page, a support page as well.

---------------------------------------------------------Old (but still relevant): -------------------------------------------------------
12/0/18 to be really tanky!

12 pts in Ferocity just gives you more damage.

18 pts in Resolve makes you tanky. 

Line1: Unyielding > Recovery, 
simply because it can buff your armor + MR. If your lane trades a lot or enemy has lots of pokes then Recovery.

Line2: Tough Skin > else, 
this is great for all roles since it reduces enemy champion's basic attack damage and jungle creep's damage by 2. 2 isn't that bad since Doran's shield only gives you 8. Take Explorer to roam faster or Siegemaster in hug-tower lane.

Line3: Veteran's Scars > Runic Armor,
Flat health really increases your combat power early on. Since he's shield requires him to be out of combat to refresh, you cannot really have multiple shields in a fight, therefore HP > bonus shield

Line4: Insight > Else,
This is more like a personal thing I guess, but I really like Insight. 15% ss-cd reduction can really ruin your enemy's plan. Your flash will come back 45 seconds sooner!!! Galio relies on flash sooooo much (for engage or run, since his E really is useless when escaping), it is important to reduce its cooldown. Fearless is pretty good as well.

Line5: Legendary Guardian > Swiftness,
Since you are going to taunt your enemies quite often, why not have more tanky stats? Unless the enemy team has tons of CC, Legendary Guardian would always be a better choice.

Keystone: Courage of the Colossus > else,
When you taunt your enemies they are going to hit you (hope you all knew that...), why not get a HUGE free shield that can absorb all that damage so you don't look like an idiot :P Anyways, Grasp works as well so you can actually have some utility stats. Supports can take Stoneborn to heal your adc, but it works way better on a champion like Braum, who has a short cooldown spell that has CC (Q) so you can proc it very often. For Galio, not really a good choice. I like the shield more since supports have less gold to buy items, and the easiest way to get tanky would be that shield. DONT LET YOUR ENEMIES HAVE FREE TRADES!!!

For supports... 0/12/18. Get Bandit in Cunning tree, or 0/18/12 Thunderlords for more poke, MORE GOLD!

Take Thunderlords for better poke when playing in a solo lane or as support.

Take Grasp for some sustain and more combat power.

Abilities Back to Top


Max R > Q > W > E

Q is Galio's primary wave clear and damage source. Galio will always do damage since his Q does % enemy max HP dmg. Careful though, mana cost is kinda high! Similar to Annvia's Q, Galio's Q can deal damage twice: 1st time with the two wind blasts then with the tornado. It is important that you land both of them to maximize your damage.

W is Galio's most BROKEN spell. It does WAAAAY too many things! It gives him a free magic shield, dmg reduction, and an AOE taunt! Max it second for lower cooldown and higher damage reduction + bigger shield. However, max E second is also a great choice because it provides a good amount of damage as well.

E is Galio's dash spell. It allows Galio to dash forward after taking A STEP BACK. If he hits a champion he will stop and knock his target up (single target knock up). Galio CANNOT dash through WALLS. This spell is actually really hard to land if you want to land it at the max range, simply because Galio takes a step back before he launches forward! That gives the enemy enough time to run away so always use it after the TAUNT (W) to extend the CC duration or NOT AT THE MAX RANGE. Also, Q + E combo provides a good amount of wave clear. If you think you are not pushing fast enough (or jungle), max E SECOND.
Galio's E DOES NOT work like Shen's E!!! DO NOT use E + flash combo cuz IT DOES NOT WORK!!!
Key reminder: When a champion is chasing you, DO NOT use your dash FORWARD!!! If the distance between you two are close, then there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that your dash is going to be blocked by your enemy. So in this case, you should DASH TOWARDS your ENEMY!!!. This way you can stun the chaser and keep running.
Also, you can use the channel time (a step back) to dodge narrow skill shots such as EZ's Q.

R is Galio's semi-global reinforcement spell! You can use it to save your teammates or set up an engage! Always predict your enemy's moving paths so that you can stop them from hurting your ally. UNLIKE SHEN'S ULT, you DO NOT have to use it on your in danger ally!!! For example, in this video by Riot Games, ult Nami could've saved the bot lane!
In team fights, you can always back out from the fight and ult on your ally when things are not going so well (or simply some peel are needed). The reason why you need to back out first is because his ult can get interrupted very easily. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    For Top lane or Mid. Since you should clear wave and roam, more regen is great. Or you can have Doran's + 2 pots for more combat stats.
    For jungle... since you do damage with your spells so Talisman > Machete.
    Lord of the Rings build. No longer OP since 7.12 :(
    I have to say... I love all the support items. In the current meta, coin is op. But if you want to give your adc a big shield and some heal in lane, go with green.
    This can replace "Lord of the Rings".

Core Items

    This is a core item for Galio because its upgrades are all great on Galio. RG is the best option now. Frozen heart helps when the enemy team is attack speed heavy. Iceborn gives you more chase power.
    I normally won't put boots as a champion's core item because all the boots are great. However, this boots work on Galio extremely well. Galio has a powerful ult but its range is not so great. It is important to always get into ult range in time so you can use that game changing ult. Also this boots matches Galio's play style since the best play style for him is to push and roam.
    Core item here, rush it! Right now this item is 100% > iceborn and frozen heart. Its active is so great on Galio. It basically replaces flash when you try to do the W flash combo to start a fight. You can use the active to gain a speed buff, run towards your enemies then use your W to land an easy multi-ppl taunt.
    Core item against AP laners. Note that this item's passive range is decreased to the same range as sunfire in patch 8.6, which is still ok to build on Galio since Galio has low range on his spells other than Q.
    You can build this item instead of RG if you would like to have more AP. This item does pretty much the same thing as RG.

Situational Items

    If you don't like RG or you want more mana + armor.
    With the changes to the AP items and the changes to Galio in the past few patches, RoA becomes viable again.
    Great mr items on Galio. However, I think Galio relies on its abilities' base dmg more than AP. So maybe Mask > Banshee. Get Abyssal first if you are playing against a ap champion.
    With the changes to this item, now the reflect dmg scales on armor. If you are not planning to build tons of armor, then don't buy this. Also this item counters heavy attack speed champions not high ad champions (jhin). However, Bramble Vest is amazing against Fiora or Yasuo.
    Sunfire now synergies with Abyssal Mask really well due to the Abyssal Mask change in 8.6.
    Example top/mid item set.
    pick one if you are playing jungle! Gives you HP and more HP and helps you jungle. Since your core items do not have HP stats, this item becomes quite important.
    Now it is pretty good.
    Example jungle build! Again, you have everything you need here. You can always change some of the items adapting to the situation. Replace Abyssal with Banshees if you want to have more dmg or you are the only AP champion on your team.
    Example support build. You can actually build some other items such as Redemption instead of knight's vow (since you already have taunt to reduce your AD's damage taken). Locket instead of abyssal.
    Always buy this if you are a support :P Even if you are not a support, try to keep at least 1 control ward that is yours on the map all time
    start with yellow but change to sweeper at lv7 or lv9. Some people say you get sweeper as song as you get your sight stone. I sometimes find sightstone's charges isnt enough. Really depends on the game, if you think you should get early sweepr then yes please get it for better vision control.
    Now this is an AD item, which I really am not a big fan of the change. Anyways, if you really want that passive revive or if the enemy team is a full AD team, then this is still good. However, the AD stats on Galio really is useless. No longer is one of Galio's top choices, only good in some circumstances.
    It seems like in Patch 8.6, AP builds are better on Galio when playing him in the mid lane. However, I think it would be better to build him half tank AP in solo Q since the synergy won't be as great.
    An example of a more tank oriented build.

Why TANK not AP??? - out dated

Well Galio's AP ratios are not bad. His Q has a total of 60%AP and his E has 70%AP bonus, R has 70%AP bonus. That is actually >= to Maokai's AP ratios. However, both his Q (full damage value) and E are hard to land. If you build full AP Galio, then PLEASE land EVERYTHING! Else you are going to find yourself be completely useless and die really fast.

Another reason why tank items such as 3047.png3110.png3075.png are great on Galio, is because he TAUNTS his enemies. Taunt forces your enemies to attack you. Ninja boots reduce aa damage, frozen heart slows attack speed, and thornmail reflects damage back. They just work so well with taunt.

Lord of the Rings Build (Patch 7.12 No longer OP!!!)

1056.png1056.png1056.png Popular in LCK right now simply because of its great early game gold efficiency. If you have 400 gold on your first back, you choose 1028.png but your opponent choose 1056.png then you will most likely to find yourself unable to fight or trade with your opponent evenly. Combat wise 1056.png1056.png is 100% > 1056.png1028.png.
How to counter the "Lord of the Rings" build?
You cannot really counter it, you can try to use your amazing mechanics to out skill your opponent, or you can simply play passively. Don't fight, wait until you get some real items and then fight. 1056.pngxN is powerful in the early game but not in the late game. If you want to match your opponent's power level, and if he builds 1056.png1056.png1056.png then you can simply do the same (only works on Maokai, Naut, Galio champions that are AP + TANK, don't try this on FIORA or RIVEN!!!).

Matchups Back to Top

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Shouldn't be bad. You can simply wave clear and leave lane to roam + gank.





Well... they cannot really kill you but you cannot really kill them. Alistar can easily push you away so you can't engage successfully. He also has good utility which you do not have. Therefore it is medium.




Bot lane

Similar to the Caitlyn match up. Ashe's basic attacks can slow you down, which can cause some problems but since she does not have any escape abilities, it should not be too hard for you to engage on her. 





Be a tank and... thank him for making your job easier by pulling your into his team for a easy 5 ACE TAUNT.




This is for support match up! 

Believe it or not, your poke can match Brand's poke (if do not miss too often), so don't be afraid to trade with him. With patch 7.7 nerf on Galio's Q tornato dmg thou, you might want to take thunderlords to get your poke dmg back. Still, if you can dodge his W and land your Q (+ using your shield), you should be able to out poke him (or at least even it out). Remember to dodge his stun and you should be good. With your W's damage reduction, Brand cannot really one shot you and you can easily get a two people taunt and let your adc to follow up.




I rated this hard before but now I think it is actually medium due to thunderlords. You can actually take thunderlords on Galio supports so you can be really aggressive in lane and do tons of dmg with your Q (for poke). Braum does not really have an effective way to trade back if you hide behind your minions. This way you can easily poke him out and go all in when he + his ADC are low. A small reminder: Galio's tornado damage is nerfed by 1/3, so it is extremely important now to land the wind blasts. 
Keep this in mind too: Braum's counter engage is still very strong. He can run away when you engage but you can't really run away when it is his turn.



Bot lane
Caitlyn can be a bit of pain to deal with. Since your W reduces your movement speed, she can easily use her long range + her E to get out of your taunt range. Then she can put some delicious cupcakes on the floor waiting for you to eat them... 
BUT, if you have flash, you can FLASH + TAUNT and then use your Q + E + passive to follow up.




Mid Lane

Yes AP Ekko has insane damage, but you are tanky enough to fight him. Also, you DON'T HAVE TO FIGHT him. Clear + roam is still Galio's best play style. Combo with your jungler you can even get some kills on Ekko. Very easy kill if you combo with a high burst jungler (Khazix ,Lee Sin...)




Bot lane

Hard to kill him since you have way closer range than him. Might need help from your jungler so you guys can burst him down before he can use his E once you land your taunt.





lol... what do you expect...




Since I played Galio mostly jungle and support, I do not have much knowledge on this area. Feel free to add it into the comment section if you are an experienced Galio player. 

I also will come back to this section and revise it when I am more experienced!





I don't like this match-up. Since your E has a long animation, Janna can easily stop your dash by a quick Q howlinggale.png ... or even charged up Q for longer CC. When you try to channel your Wsowthewind.png and get close to her, she can easily press W and let you "root" on where you are. However, if you have4.png flash, things can change. But still keep this in mind: she still has ult...





Just let her try her luck :^) Easy counter by using your W and E to stop her from engaging on to your adc. Takes some practice.





Mid is actually not bad but for support, this match up can be a pain. She can easily stop your engage or defend your CC. She can also counter engage you if she can survive your engage by using Q R W. Keep this in mind: her E is single targeted. Use that to your advantage, wait it out or break it or simply change your target! However, this is really a skill match up and even if you guys are at the same skill level, it is still 6 : 4 in Morg's favor.



Top lane

Probably one of the most boring lanes... Both of you are super tanky and can do decent amount of damage. However, since Naut has a more reliable engage and escape ability (Q + R), you might get killed if he gets you low.



I found it really hard to fight Olaf in the jungle 1v1. First of all early one, you are not tanky at all!!! So when you taunt Olaf you are basically giving him free hits (yes he deals less damage and cannot cast spells but still, you cannot take all those attacks early on)! Olaf's E deals true damage which can ignore your W damage reduction. His ult counters your most proud stats - tons of cc. Since Galio is really bad at escaping, Olaf's Q and ghost (if he takes ghost) can easily chase you down.




Mid Lane

Similar to most other AP middle range mage(s), all you have to do is to clear fast and roam. You really don't have to fight them. However, You can kill her easily combo with your jungler (doesn't not have to be a cc heavy jungler, even Khazix is good enough).



For Top lane!
You have to be able to predict his movements REALLY WELL in order to make this match up medium. Rengar has mobility so he can engage on you or run away at anytime. You just HAVE TO HAVE TO land EVERYTHING so you can actually fight him.
Also, if you messed up and lost your first fight, do not even try to fight him again. IT WON'T WORK! 




Top Lane

Shaco can simply put some boxes on the brush and use his invisibility and vision loss + fear, to play you like you are a fool. Since Galio can't really escape from a fight once he is already in it, you can't really escape once he engages on you (or when you try to E him for a counter attack but gets feared by his box...). Well, 1000% not gonna be a good time for you.


I actually tried to gank a Shaco top lane once, and ... I got feared 4 times in a row and died... without really accomplishing anything except for preparing for a larger shut down gold for the future revenge...





Again, you have GREAT poke as well. And you have better + more reliable engage. Just remember don't hit her too hard or she might cry.




Bot lane

Vayne has true damage which can ignore your damage reduction. Vayne also deals physical damage only so your shield would do nothing. Vayne can also use her E to push you away when you try to taunt her. When she gets her ult, she can easily R+Q to reposition and kill you within seconds.




Top Lane

Yorick does have some sustain but it isn't enough since Galio's poke (with his Q) is more powerful. Galio's Q does tons of target's % max HP dmg so even if Yorick buys some tank items, you still can poke him out easily. You can buy RoA as your first item for sustain, then get Frozen Heart to reduce physical damage.
Careful thou, when Yorick gets his ult, he then has a chance to kill you!
[Patch 7.7 side note: Now you can no longer bully him with your Q that easily. However, he still is a melee champion and you have ranged poke. Land all your spells and this match up should still be EASY.]





Patch 7.7, Galio's Q dmg is nerfed. Now it is actually not that easy to match up her poke dmg. You can take thunderlord to make it up.  Zyra has annoying and strong poke with her plants, but you have your magic shield. That shield can make her trade seem less strong and since her HP stats are really bad, once you land your taunt she can be killed really easily. Do not let her get any advantages, wait for her key spells (her E, look for near by plants) and then go all in.

Guide Change Back to Top


Updated the 'Patch Change' section and 'Items' section due to the changes in patch 8.6.

In short terms:
1. Abyssal Mask's range got a nerf.
2. Galio's standard build shifts to a more AP oriented build.
3. Still provides an example build for tank Galio.


Updated the 'Patch Change' section due to the changes in patch 7.24.

In short terms:
1. Galio's W now deals damage.
2. Galio does more damage against champions in 7.24, less damage to minions since 20%AP is shifted from passive to W.
3. Just in case that you did not notice: Galio got a hotfix in 7.21, you CANNOT one shot a champion with full AP build now. NOT ANYMORE.


Updated the "Runes" section due to the preseason changes in patch 7.22.

In short terms:
1. Take Resolve as your primary tree and Sorcery as your secondary tree.
2. Aftershock.png?width=32 should be the best keystone on Galio right now. Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 is also good and Guardian.png?width=32 does fine on support.


Confirmed that building AP on Galio is fine in patch 7.21

In short terms:
1. If you can have 1200 AP on Galio, you become a BIG BOSS (one-shot everyone and don't take any dmg from ap champions).
2. 3151.png3041.png3040.png3089.png3089.png3135.png2139.png with 3 inferno dragons can get you there.
3. Don't do this in ranked!
4. I will find a more balanced AP build later and update this guide.


Updated the "Patch Change" section due to the nerfs to full tank Galio in patch 7.21.

In short terms:
1. Galio's base stats on his abilitiesgalioq.pnggaliow.pnggalioe.png are once again nerfed, but he galioq.pnggaliow.pnggalioe.pnggaliopassive.pngscales better with AP now.
2. This might mean "the end of full tank Galio", but I still think full tank is his best build because building 200 AP only covers up the base damage nerf. In order to get that 200 AP, tons of tank stats need to be sacrificed. I just don't believe it is worth.
3. If you are building full tank Galio, that certainly means you will have a harder time to wave clear and do noticeably less damage.
4. Galio is more vulnerable to AD champions (W nerf).
5. Item section is untouched, but if Galio's building path will change in the future, I will update that section.


Updated the "Runes" and "Masteries" section just to add more options.

In short terms:
1. Magic pen > attack speed in mid lane/support role.
2. 3504.png becomes an option if you take 6263.pngstoneborn.


Updated the "Items" section due to the changes on items over the past few patches.

In short terms:
1. 3800.png This is now officially Galio's core item! The active replaces flash when engaging.
2. 3301.png Currently, OP if you are playing support.
3. 3075.png Build it only when the enemy team is attack speed heavy and if you are planning to build a ton of armor.


Updated the "Patch Change" section due to the changes on Galio's Q and R in patch 7.13

In short terms:
1. galioq.png Q's base dmg is nerfed but AP ratio in increased. If you want more dmg, build more AP (>230AP), if you still want to be the unkillable huge tank then you keep building full tank, but you would have less dmg output. The choice is yours.
2. galior.png R's channel time is increased by 0.25 seconds. That means your ult is easier to get interrupted during the channel. If you want to cast your ult during messy team fights, you better find a really good window to cast it (eg: right after all ENEMY CC spells are used).


Changed the items section due to the nerf on Doran's Ring in patch 7.12

In short terms:
1. 1056.png Passive cannot stack anymore. Which means its sustain power is significantly reduced. Still an option due to its unchanged great stats, but no longer highly recommended.


Changed the items section due to the big patch change... the evil patch 7.9

In short terms:
1. 3068.png Even fewer reasons for you to buy this...
2. 3102.png The old Abyssal but with a different passive. The new core item?
3. 3001.png Just another tank item and the passive feels like a support item now (the passive is unchanged). Still great on Galio but maybe no longer is Galio's core.
4. 3143.png Best armor item against crit.
5. 3193.png Great on full tank Galio.
6. 3194.png Great in some circumstances.
7. 3026.png No longer t1 option to Galio.


Changed the Items section due to seeing pros buying Sunfire during MSI.

In short terms:
1. 3068.png Makes you push even faster.
2. Great early combat power (that burn hurts in the early game).
3. When you cannot use your E to push (too much lane pressure), get it!
4. Do not get it when you are behind since the burn does not scale very well and it does not solve your mana hungry problem + cooldown reduction problem.

Talked about more masteries options...

In short terms:
1. Take Thunderlords to have stronger poke (works on support and mid, not recommended for top since you might be the only tank on your team).
2. Take Grasp to have more sustain and better trade when spells are on cooldown.

Changed the Matchups section due to patch 7.7's nerf.

In short terms: 
1. Your Q galioq.pngdmg is nerfed so your poke is nerfed. 
2. Galio vs AP Supports 143.png63.png43.png161.png37.png(and more...) are no longer THAT easy, it is now medium (you can take Thunderlords to increase your dmg, but you lose your shield). 
3. For mid/top, you can no longer bully your opponent by simply press Q. 

Patch Change Back to Top

Patch 8.6

3001.png Abyssal Mask
- Aura radius decreased (700 -> 325)
- Potency increased (10% magic dmg++  -> 15% magic dmg++)

This is a big nerf especially on mid-range champions like Ryze and Cass. This item's passive range is pretty much the same as Sunfire 3068.png right now, which I think is not that big of a deal to Galio. This definitely would decrease your damage output when you are poking with your Q (since your Q range is significantly larger than this item's range), but it should not be a nerf if not, even a buff to Galio when going all-in, since during an all-in fight Galio is in melee range with his opponent(s).

Patch 8.5

galioq.png (Q ) Winds of War
- Mana cost increased to 70/85/100/115/130 from 70/75/80/85/90
- Cooldown increased to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds from 10/9/8/7/6

This nerf in patch 8.5 increased Galio's Q mana cost by almost 50%, which really is a lot. Now you have to spend your mana more wisely and carefully, or you might find yourself some mana issues. Combine with the cooldown nerf (which is an increase in its CD), you might want to land your Q with more precision during fights or when clearing waves.

Patch 7.24


That passive nerf means you will deal less burst damage and weaker clear in mid-late game (since in lane is more about base dmg). However, the W buff does mean you will be able to output more damage when fighting champions. The 20%AP ratio from passive is shifted to W and W also has base damage and charging bonus. Definitely a buff to his damage output. As for E, since you can't really use Justice Punch to escape, that cooldown just means you can use this ability more often to clear or engage.

Patch 7.22

Preseason is here! 
Runes and masteries become one giant monster...
Be ready :)

PS: 7.21 hotfix fixed Galio's Q. You [won't] be able to 1 shot someone with 1000 AP now lol.

Patch 7.21


OK! If you can reach 1200 AP, you will reach 100% MAGIC DMG REDUCTION on Galio when you use your W. Which is means you are unkillable against AP champions. AND, you can pretty much one shot everyone with a single Q due to this part: 3% max hp dmg per 100 AP per 0.5 seconds. When you have 1200 AP, you deal 36% max hp dmg per 0.5 seconds. That means you can pretty much one shot everyone including tanks. Even if you cannot, that dmg from 1 Q is still insane.

Now I am not saying that you should play AP Galio in every game. Galio can lower a backline's HP to half with 1 Q when he has >400 AP, that is powerful but not in every situation. Unless you have that crazy 1200 AP, you cannot kill enemy frontlines even with an AP build. 

The point is, building AP is totally fine on Galio in this patch, but you do need to play like a back line, and only E in when you know you can kill and get out (like Ahri, Kass kind of playstyle).
WOW, Galio is receiving some serious nerfs this patch! 
As what you all probably know by now, full tank Galio is the best Galio. He still can do tons of damage early on even with a full tank build. So basically, compare to the nerfs on his QWE, that 30%AP ratio buff onto his passive really is nothing.

Q base dmg is reduced, but AP ratio got buffed to 90%AP, that means AP Galio's Q can do A TON of damage right now. But, the base dmg at lv5 is quite low (only 170). That means before you have >= 200 AP, your Q does less damage than before the nerf. Again, 200 AP is not a small number. Yes, you can easily hit 600 AP with a full AP build, but Galio's kit is built around the idea of melee tank, so full AP really isn't the best option.

Looking at his W, Riot is trying really hard to make him a mage counter, so they reduced his W's physical damage reduction by 50%. WOW, now Galio is 100% more vulnerable against AD champions. This might have an effect on Galio's pick rate (especially in the top lane since most top fighters are AD). Also, the scaling part of the dmg reduction changed from bonus MR to bonus AP, which is hurting tank Galio even more. Maybe Galio should build towards AP-tank starting from this part (more like Swain or Vlad?), but I am NOT SURE. I will come back and revise this section when I know the answer.

The E nerf isn't that huge since you max E last on Galio, and the base dmg at lv1 is untouched; but a nerf is a nerf, 40 dmg nerf again means you will need >= 200 AP to undo/beat that nerf.

In conclusion, this nerf should do its job and really change Galio's build (or no changes at all if full tank Galio will still be strong). Maybe think twice if you have a better option than Galio when you are picking against an AD opponent.

Patch 7.13

Okay, more Galio nerfs! Pretty straight forward. Galio is supposed to be a tank mage, not a pure tank. The base damage nerf on Q and the AP ratio buff shows that Riot wants players to make choice: Massive full tank Galio with little dmg, or tanky enough Galio with some dmg. 
Basically, when you hit roughly >230 AP, your Q does more dmg than before at spell level lv5. Early game is 100% a nerf. 
Does it worth thou, to sacrifice the tankyness and build AP, (to be honest I am not sure) -> (100% NOT worthy! 230 AP is not a small number, and in order to reach 230 AP, you would have to sacrifice way too much tankyness. Although I do believe Riot wants Galio to be a tank mage instead of a full tank, it just seems like the best way to build Galio is full tank. Galio does not have a great range, and his kit just simply makes him a frontline champion instead of a sit back mage. Plus his late game damage (even with AP) compares to other mages is just not good enough. With a full tank build, Galio still can clear waves easily in the early game, and be extremely impactful later on during team fights.)
As for the ult, it is 100% a nerf because increasing the channel time means the window for the enemy team to stop your ult is larger, which means now you HAVE TO  find a really good and large enough window to cast your ult during team fights (if you didn't use it to enter the fight).

Patch 7.12


Goodbye Lord of the Rings build! 1056.png still has incredible stats, but its passive no longer stack. That basically took away the super sustain power from the double, triple doran's ring build. Since the stats didn't get nerf, the build is still ok, but no longer OP. Maybe it is time for 1056.png1082.png!

Patch 7.9

No change to Galio but lots of changes that can effect Galio. The items! New items and item adjustments are really annoying!
3068.png Now it is a pure pushing power item. The dmg vs champions is nerfed + the burn radius. Which really lowers its early game combat power. That really the only reason why I would even buy this item. However, its pushing power still is great. If you want more pushing power, get it.
3065.png Again, I don't think Galio can put that heal passive into good use. Unless you have a heal heavy team comp which your allies can heal you very often.
3143.png More crit dmg reduction. Get if they are crit heavy (ADCs... Tryn + Yasuo + whatever...)
3001.png Even with the change, it still is Galio's core item (due to the passive: help your team + help yourself). Instead of increasing Galio' damage, it now increases his survivability, which is nice. The passive remains unchanged which has great synergy with Galio's kit and playstyle. The cost is 50g higher, thou... which is the same as SV.
I am thinking about removing it from Galio's core items. It really feels like a "support" (not referring to the role) item now or another choice for MR + HP. The thing that keeps it here is the passive. Tell me what you think if you have any suggestion.
3193.png Great item on full tank Galio. So much tank stats.
3194.png Great counter to machinegun mages. Otherwise really no point.
3026.png No longer a t1 choice for Galio. Galio doesn't need that extra AD + the removal of the MR hurts (Galio scales on MR). If the enemy team is full AD however, take it under consideration.
3102.png Cool shield, powerful and short CD, but the stats are... actually really similar to the old Abyssal! If you have an AP lane opponent, THEN YES THIS IS THE NW CORE ITEM!!! 

3065.png vs. 3001.png Same cost, Spirit (SV) has +125 HP. 125 HP 100% matters! However, I believe the passive is more important since that is pretty much, an item's identity. Abyssal does have a better passive than SV (on Galio, might not be true on other tank champions). Therefore Abyssal > SV in most cases.

Patch 7.7


Let's start with his passive change. He's passive deals 20 less damage at lv18. 20 damage may seem less but it is actually a big deal since Galio can use his passives multiple times in a fight (cooldown reduction if he lands his other spells on champions). That 20 less damage is going to hurt you when you enemy lives with 70HP or 10HP.
Now moving on to his Q: the AP ratio goes up and the % max HP dmg goes down. That means AP becomes more important on Galio than before and tank Galio is going to deal less damage. Like what I have mentioned in the previous sections, Galio can build full tank and still deal a decent amount of damage thanks to that % max HP dmg on his Q. Now that damage is nerfed by 1/3, which can really hurt full tank Galio's damage output.


You might want to consider buy more AP items on Galio if you want to deal damage. However, I still recommend tank Galio simply because it is too hard to land his spells, and if he is too squishy, then he can't really tank all those damages from AD champions when he taunts his enemies.
Some good AP items would be "the Lord of the Rings" build (1056.pngx3). 3151.png is also great since it provides HP + AP plus a % HP burn dmg (see example build in items section). 

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