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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash is 100% mandatory. There are a ton of plays you can make with Galio but you'll need Flash to start it all, such as 4.png Flash into multiple enemies combined with galiow.png W - Idol of Durand. The spell is too important not to take on any champion, 3.png Galio especially. More on that when we cover abilities.

12.png Teleport and 14.png Ignite are your options for the second spell, but your choice will often depend on your rune setup.

14.png Ignite sounds kinda stupid at first, but not if you're going AP Galio. Combined with Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock, you can afford to play aggressively in lane. With this setup, you can use Ignite plus your combo to do a ton of damage to squishy champions 1v1, even in the early game. It works even better with some more damage from your jungler. The only downside to Ignite is that it falls off late game, so try to make great use of it if you choose this spell.

12.pngTeleport is great when combined with Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32Unsealed Spellbook. It allows you to have amazing ganking power thanks to the crowd control in your kit. You can gank with galior.png R - Hero's Entrance, then return to lane with Teleport. If you have  Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32Unsealed Spellbook, you can even replace Teleport when you feel that it's no longer necessary, provided that you have a shard to do so. Some options for replacement spells include:
  • 3.png  Exhaust: Great against assassins or high-priority ADC's such as 67.png Vayne.
  • 6.png Ghost: This could help if you find that you're getting kited, though perhaps this won't be an issue since your Flash is up most of the time when you're taking Spellbook.
  • 1.png Cleanse: It might seem weird to take Cleanse on such a durable champion. Sometimes, though, there's just way too much hard crowd control flying at you, especially if you're not tank Galio; Cleanse would be perfect for these situations.
* You could also try taking 14.pngIgnite first, then swapping to 12.pngTeleport as necessary.

New Runes Back to Top

Aftershock.png?width=32 Aftershock: This is a great rune. Galio has a ton of CC in his kit allowing him to get insanely easy procs on Aftershock. When you proc it, you get up to 120 Armor and Magic Resist at level 18 and the shock damage even scales with your HP, Attack Damage, and Ability Power, which is awesome since Galio is a frontline champion by nature. It has amazing synergy with Galio in general; I'd recommend using this if you're a beginner with Galio since it helps in any situation, especially 1v1.

Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 Unsealed Spellbook: If you're confident in your 12.png Teleport plays, you can take Unsealed Spellbook. It is very powerful; combined with 3158.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity, you'll have enough Summoner Spell cooldown reduction to basically have 4.png Flash up in nearly every fight. There's an even better quirk to Spellbook: if you feel that Teleport is no longer useful, you can exchange it for another spell in the middle of the game, provided you have a Shard to do so.

So which Keystone Rune do I take?

Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock is better for combat and teamfighting. Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32Unsealed Spellbook is better for early- to mid-game power thanks to the Summoner Spell CDR. It's completely up to you; experiment and see what you play with best.

For the other runes... here are some frameworks that I feel are pretty solid.

Celerity.png?width=64Sorcery (Celerity and Waterwalking)

Sorcery as your secondary page is... well, VERY strong. I seriously recommend taking this as your secondary page in every game, no matter what keystone you end up using. Here's why.

Celerity.png?width=32 Celerity and Waterwalking.png?width=32 Waterwalking are extremely powerful together. These two Runes make you super fast when you're roaming around the jungle, making this great for getting to your teammates quickly if they need you. Trust me, you won't regret this.

Aftershock.png?width=64Resolve (Aftershock)

You might be tempted to get Demolish.png?width=32 Demolish which deals extra damage to turrets, but Perseverance.png?width=32 Unflinching is superior for teamfighting once you've mastered the 4.png Flashgaliow.png W - Idol of Durand combo, which isn't that hard to do anyway.

Iron%20Skin.png?width=32 Iron Skin vs. Mirror%20Shell.png?width=32 Mirror Shell: These are all very situational. The boosts are small, so I'd recommend taking the rune that does best against your lane matchup; it will help a little bit. Conditioning.png?width=32 Conditioning isn't bad but you'll be squishier early on.

Second%20Wind.png?width=32 Second Wind is the best option for the last slot. It will give you some much-needed sustain in the early game. Revitalize.png?width=32 Revitalize is pretty useless since Galio doesn't have any innate healing or shields in his kit. Overgrowth.png?width=32 Overgrowth could be okay, but you'll need to go late game for it to be useful.

Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=64Inspiration (Unsealed Spellbook)

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Perfect Timing vs. Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear: This is a tough choice. AP Galio likes to build 3157.pngZhonya's Hourglass and tank Galio loves 3193.png Gargoyle Stoneplate. Perfect Timing gives you a free Stopwatch which builds into either item, making the Rune an awesome choice. On the other hand, Magical Footwear gives you free 1001.png Boots of Speed. These special boots give you extra movement speed which is incredibly useful for roaming. However, it's not as cost-efficient as Perfect Timing, since you have to wait a maximum of 10 minutes before getting the boots and you have to pay full price for upgraded boots. In the end, it's up to you; both options are incredibly viable. You could use Hextech%20Flashtraption.png?width=32 Hextech Flashtraption if you're a god at using Hexflash, but sadly it's inferior to the above options.

Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 Biscuit Delivery is probably the best option for the early game, giving you even more sustain. Futures%20Market.png?width=32Future's Market is also pretty good if you want to hit your item spikes sooner. Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 Minion Dematerializer is alright, but Galio already has strong waveclear making it a bit redundant.

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 Cosmic Insight is amazing on Galio. Getting CDR on pretty much everything including Summoner Spells and items is great. You could also take Celestial%20Body.png?width=32 Celestial Body if you're doing tank Galio and don't really care about dealing damage early on; the 100 HP is not too shabby. I honestly don't think Approach%20Velocity.png?width=32 Approach Velocity is very good. You won't need the movement speed since you're in the enemy's face most of the time thanks to your galioe.png E - Justice Punch and galior.png R - Hero's Entrance.

Abilities Back to Top


*Credit goes to the League of Legends Wiki for the graphics in this section.

Passive - Colossal Smash
Colossal Smash

INNATE: Galio's next basic attack is periodically modified to deal 12 - 80 (based on level)(+ 100% AD) (+ 50% AP) (+ 40% bonus magic resistance) total magic damage to its target and all enemies around it.

Colossal Smash's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds every time Galio hits a new enemy champion with an ability.

Q - Winds of War


 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 MANA
COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
Winds of War

ACTIVE: Galio fires two windblasts that arc to either side before converging to the target area, dealing magic damage to all enemies they pass through.

50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 80% AP)

When the blasts meet, the gusts form a tornado that advances for 1.5 seconds, dealing magic damage every 0.5 seconds to every enemy within, with the target's health ratio capped at 150 damage against monsters.

10 / 13.3 / 16.7 / 20 / 23.3 (+ 20% AP)(+ 1% per 100 AP of target's maximum health)

W - Shield of Durand
EFFECT RADIUS: 175 - 350 (based on charge time)
COOLDOWN: 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12
Shield of Durand 2

PASSIVE: Galio gains a shield that exclusively absorbs magic damage, refreshing after not taking damage for 12 seconds.

8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20% of his maximum health
Shield of Durand

FIRST CAST: Galio charges for up to 2 seconds, increasing Shield of Durand's radius, damage and Taunt icon taunt's duration. Galio can still move and takes reduced damage, but is Slow icon slowed by 30%.

20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% (+ 5% per 100 AP) (+ 8% per 100 bonus magic resistance)

Shield of Durand cannot be interrupted by crowd control.

SECOND CAST: Galio refreshes his own damage reduction for 2 seconds, Taunt icon taunts nearby enemies and sets their Movement speed icon movement speed to a static 60 for 0.5 - 1.5 (based on charge time)seconds.

Affected enemies take magic damage, increased by 0% - 200% (based on charge time).

20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+ 20% AP)

E - Justice Punch
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8
Justice Punch

ACTIVE: Galio briefly dashes backwards before charging forward, stopping upon hitting terrain or an enemy champion, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and Airborne icon knocking them up for 0.75 seconds.

100 / 130 / 160 / 190 / 220 (+ 90% AP)

R - Hero's Entrance
TARGET RANGE: 4000 / 4750 / 5500
COOLDOWN: 180 / 150 / 120
Hero's Entrance

ACTIVE: Galio designates the target allied champion's location at the time of cast as his landing spot, channels for 1.25 seconds, and then dashes to them, reducing the damage they take until he lands.

20 / 25 / 30% (+ 8% per 100 bonus magic resistance)

Upon impact, Galio deals magic damage to all nearby enemies and Airborne icon knocks them up for 0.75 seconds, increased to 1.25 seconds at the center of the impact zone.

150 / 250 / 350 (+ 70% AP)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start against most matchups.
    Pretty good 1v1 if you have Aftershock. Nice sustain and damage for the early game.
    Do this if you're running Teleport. Here's a fun strat you can try out: if you hit 750 gold , you can base for a Corrupting Potion and a Doran's Ring, then TP to lane. This will give you unmatched sustain, helping your farming a ton.
    Don't really recommend this start unless you're against a very tough early matchup.
    I like to keep the yellow trinket, but you can also do red trinket if no one else on your team has one.

Core Items

    Only get this if you're running Unsealed Spellbook.
    Mercury's Treads are the best boots for Galio. Since you'll be in the middle of the enemy team most of the time, the Tenacity will help a lot.
    Liandry's Torment is the item you will probably buy in 100% of your games. It combines damage with HP and it's really good in general.
    Abyssal Mask is core on tank Galio, but you can also rush it on AP Galio if you need the resistances. All the stats and effects of this item are perfect for him.
    Sample AP build. Deals massive damage and is also a bit tanky. Protobelt may seem strange but it's actually good; I usually end up getting it first or second item. More info below.
    Sample tank build. This build makes Galio nearly invincible and is great at counter-engaging the enemy. Dead Man's Plate is probably the most replaceable item, but everything else is great on Galio.

Situational Items

    Buy this if you had a good early game, but remember that you'll be a bit squishier without Abyssal Mask.
    Grab this if you sh*t on your opponent and want to assert your dominance.

Why do you rush 3152.png Hextech Protobelt-01 on AP Galio?

I'm glad you asked! Protobelt is probably one of my favorite items in League of Legends. First off, all the stats are awesome for 3.png Galio which makes it a great first item. Second, the damage from Protobelt can net you some awesome kills that you wouldn't have gotten before. With Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock and 14.pngIgnite plus Protobelt's active, you can deal a ton of damage and dash into range for an easy taunt with galiow.png W - Idol of Durand.

When can/should I get 3001.png Abyssal Mask?

Abyssal Mask is good against all AP matchups. Honestly you can never go wrong with purchasing it; it gives amazing tanky stats. I recommend taking Abyssal Mask against dangerous burst champions, such as 142.png Zoe105.png Fizz, or 45.png Veigar; you will eventually outscale these champions as long as you don't give up any kills. However, there are some champion matchups where just building damage is better. For example, if you're playing AP 3.png Galio and find yourself against assassins like 157.png Yasuo84.pngAkali,or 55.png Katarina, building damage is probably a better way to go since you'll need to be able to deal enough damage to fight them 1v1.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Veigar
  • Yasuo



Summoner Spell/Rune Setup: 4.png Flash + 14.png Ignite with Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock OR 4.png Flash + 12.png Teleport with Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32Unsealed Spellbook
  • Take Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock if you're really confident into the matchup. Otherwise, Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32Unsealed Spellbook is probably better, since you can match his 12.pngTeleports if he takes it and you can pressure with your own roams if he doesn't have Teleport.

45.png Veigar shouldn't be too scary to face; in fact, Galio is one of the best Veigar counters. You have incredible gank setup against Veigar since he has no mobility in his kit. galiow.png W - Idol of Durand's passive magic shield will help you against his burst, and the taunt will render him completely helpless. He is a very squishy champion, so your combo should be doing a lot of damage to him throughout the whole game.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • veigareventhorizon.png E - Event Horizon will stun you during your galioe.png E - Justice Punch... don't try to dash into/out of it.
  • Veigar will try to poke withveigarbalefulstrike.png Q - Baleful Strike and veigardarkmatter.png W - Dark Matter. Try your best to dodge these abilities as they are his main sources of damage before he ultimately executes with veigarr.pngR - Primordial Burst.
  • If his veigareventhorizon.png E - Event Horizon is becoming an issue and you have Unsealed Spellbook, consider swapping your secondary spell for 1.pngCleanse.
  • I highly recommend buying 3001.png Abyssal Mask in this matchup. The item will reduce a lot of Veigar's damage to you and is very useful against him, even on AP builds.
  • Try to keep track of his 4.png Flash cooldown; you can all-in him whenever his Flash is down, and he can't really retaliate especially if you get help from your jungler.



Summoner Spell/Rune Setup: 4.png Flash14.png Ignite/3.png Exhaust with Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock.

This should be an easy laning phase. You do a ton of damage to 157.png Yasuo early on. He can try to outplay you with his yasuodashwrapper.png E - Sweeping Blade, but he can't really fight back against a well-timed galiow.png W - Idol of Durand. He'll be in melee range if he wants to fight you, making him vulnerable against all of your damage.

A smart Yasuo player will realize he can't fight you 1v1 especially after level 2, so he'll probably start playing passive. He will eventually call for his jungler since you'll most likely end up pushing a lot, so make sure you ward up early on.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • Never get overconfident against Yasuo; always look to punish him with your CC. We've all heard the stories about Yasuo carrying entire games by himself; you do not want to be guilty of giving him a few kills to snowball the game.
  • Yasuo can be deceptively tanky with the shield from his yasuopassive.png Passive - Way of the Wanderer. Try to use galioq.png Q - Winds of War to destroy his shield before going in for a trade.
  • The best time to go for a trade is after Yasuo uses his whirlwind from his yasuoqw.png Q - Steel Tempest; he's extremely vulnerable without it.
  • galioq.png Q - Winds of War can go completely around yasuowmovingwall.png W - Wind Wall. Aim appropriately and make Yasuo cry.
  • In the late game, make sure that Yasuo cannot deal damage to your backline, especially your ADC. If he tries to go in on your squishy allies with yasuorknockupcombow.png R - Last Breath, throw your crowd control on him and your teammates should be fine.

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