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Summoner Spells Back to Top

As for summoner spells, there are a multitude of options:

4.png 12.png - This is one of the safer setups: Teleport gives you global map pressure besides your R and is also useful for getting back to lane fast and splitpushing later in the game. Take this if you are in an unfavorable ranged or melee matchup.

4.png 3.png -  My personal favorite for solo queue. Gives you insane dueling potential (assuming you are against a melee champion) and safety against jungle ganks or early all-ins.

4.png 14.png - Enables you to duel your lane opponent even harder. However, only take this if you are 100% confident with what you are doing since jungle ganks can potentially ruin you. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

UPDATE: Since the nerfs, Grasp of the Undying is the way to go since it provides way too much early dueling power. Take Grasp if you are in a non-farm lane!

As for every other part of our setup, Gangplanks versatility presents us with a lot of choices regarding masteries. Possible alterations for the setup above are the following:

Cunning Tree:

Savagery for easier last hitting.
  • Secret Stash instead of Assassin - Swap these if you are planning on starting with sapphire crystal + 3 health potions as the additional regeneration provides you with a lot more sustain. Assassin is preferred when you are aiming at dueling a lot in laning phase.
  • Mediation over Merciless - If you are running in a lot of mana problems early on. You might also want to get meditation if you are new to GP.
  • Dangerous Game over Bandit - Bandit is a really great mastery because it allows you to harass your lane opponent whilst gaining gold off of it, because of Gangplanks parley.png triggering on hit effects. The major drawback is, that you dont generate any Silver Serpents out of it. Furthermore, dangerous game provides a lot of sustain in teamfights or close duels. Choose, depending on whether you want to play aggressive early and poke a lot, or if you are aiming to scale well into teamfights. 
  • Precision over Intelligence - As already mentioned in section: Runes, armor penetration is also a godly stat on GP. So if you are planning on fighting in lane a lot, make sure to get precision, otherwise intelligence. 
Thunderlords decree is pretty self explanatory, as it scales hard with AD (which fits our itembuilds perfectly). The other 2 choices are simply too weak in comparison to be relevant. 

Ferocity Tree:

Sorcery enhances our damage on all our spells, so it's a must get. Double edged sword enhances our damage even further, as Gangplank is melee. Natural talent gives us bonus AD and ability power. This is taken mainly for the AD part. Oppressor is also strong, because of our raisemorale.png and cannonbarrage.png applying a slow. 

Alternative mastery choices: 

If you want an even more aggressive laning setup, you can aim for 9 - 0 - 21, taking Grasp of the Undying as your keystone mastery. Whilst not scaling that well into lategame, grasp gives you insane dueling power early on as you can proc it off of your parley.png.'

The possibility of a 21-0-9 or 21-9-0 is left our here, simply because of Deathfire Torch being too weak after the nerfs. 

Abilities Back to Top

gangplankpassive.png Trial by Fire: Correct usage of this passive greatly enhances your overall damage and even enables you to potentially oneshot people. It is mainly used in combination with slows applied by raisemorale.png and cannonbarrage.png. If you are in a melee matchup and you can afford to get close to your opponent, always make sure to AA him when he is going for CS (so that he can't AA you back). Be careful though, since you should only get into melee range of your opponent when you are sure that he can't either fight back at all or his damage is lower than yours. 

Also,  gangplankpassive.png gives us a nice movementspeed bonus when applied to anything, so it can either be used to get away or keep chase (AA minions on the way to get the movement speed bonus).

parley.png Parrrley: Gangplanks Bread and Butter skill. Use this to farm in order to get silver serpents to upgrade your ultimate, spam it onto enemy champions for massive harass or proc your  raisemorale.png from afar. Amazing skill which grants us highest damage output, therefore we max it first.

removescurvy.png Remove Scurvy: Another signature spell. Some wise man once said: eat some oranges and it will be k. Removes CC and keeps us sustained at any point in the game. Heals harder, the lower we are but since the heal is mainly percentage based, we max this ability last. Keep in mind to keep this ability up until you absolutely need the heal or cc removal, or else your opponents might use the cooldown to their advantage.

raisemorale.png Powder Keg: Arguably the trickiest to use spell in the entire League of Legends. In order to explain this further, take a look at the combo section as there will be more in-depth explanation of powder keg mechanics. 

cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage: Global ultimate, dealing massive damage, being upgradable and slowing on top of that? YES PLEASE! This ability provides us with global map pressure as soon as we get it so make sure to have additional map awareness in order to snag kills and assists. Due to the continous damage, this can also be used while trading in lane or turning when needed. You can also use it to depush waves but make sure that you don't end up fighting with cannonbarrage.png on cooldown!


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Early Sheen rush. Start this if you have mana issues or if your are in a favorable matchup!
    Sustained start! Provides insane dueling potential due to the additional DoT damage. Take this if you are required to be sustained or if your matchup is even!
    Dueling start! Get this if you are in a cheesy lane or if you try to go for first blood

Core Items

    If your lane went well! Gives you maximum Cooldown Reduction for more barrels
    If lane went poorly! Gives you the damage needed to teamfight

Situational Items

    Get this if you are afraid of getting bursted
    Against AP heavy teams
    If the enemy team is armor heavy

As far the Core Build is concerned, make sure to always rush 3078.png. According to your start items, you can either rush 3057.png in case you started with the 1027.png route or if you are assuming that you can win your lane or freefarm. If your lane will be hard and you need additional tankyness, get 3044.png

For boots we get 3111.png or 3047.png depending on the enemy team. 3158.png are unnecessary since 3508.png will provide us with all the CDR we could possibly need. The only exception to go for 3158.png is if your lane consists of 100% freefarming and if you plan on skipping 3508.png.

Example End Game Builds: 

3111.png 3078.png3508.png3031.png3031.png3031.png  (Standard Build - it doesnt matter if you go for multiple Infinity Edges or  Essence Reavers, they cost the same). Since GP only scales well with AD and Crit, we want to maximize damage output with this build. One could also replace one Infinity Edge/Essence Reaver with 3036.png if the enemy team has a lot of Armor Tanks (e.g. Rammus) 

3111.png 3078.png3508.png3031.png3156.png3139.png (Against heavy AP)

3047.png 3078.png3508.png3036.png3031.png3026.png (Against heavy AD/Assassin Comp)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Heimerdinger
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Lulu
  • Malphite
  • Nautilus
  • Poppy
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Tahm Kench




This matchup can be an absolute nightmare depending on how smart you play it out. Darius outdamages you at any point in the game besides the latest of lategame, therefore try to avoid getting into melee or dariusaxegrabcone.png range at any cost! Keep farming and don't get greedy for CS. Poking with raisemorale.png is typically very easy, however, be careful not to get too close to him. Once he got you, you can run into the inner circle of dariuscleave.png to avoid getting the bleed of his passive. After he dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png you, use removescurvy.png to remove the slow. If he applies 5 stacks of his passive on you or you are getting caught off guard getting dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png'd while his dariusaxegrabcone.png is still up, it's probably over. 


Dr. Mundo


Pure farm lane. Assuming you went with 14.png you are probably able to kill him in the early game. Just make sure to dodge those infectedcleavermissilecast.png and don't get in melee range because of masochism.png being really strong in the early game. Post level 6, this turns into a farmfest!




This matchup can go either way. GP is favored in the early stages of laning phase due to consistent poke with his parley.png and Grasp of the Undying! However, once 114.png hits level 6, she is easily able to duel you with fioradance.png so be careful not to overextend too hard in lane. Once she is able to chase you down half of the lane you are probably going to die.

Consider taking 14.png or 3.png in order to shut her down hard early! 

Dont try to duel her 1v1 in lategame since she will absolutely destroy you. 




One of the easiest matchups. He can't burst you, but you can farm his h28gevolutionturret.png with your parley.png. Just farm his turrets repeatedly, and use parley.png on cooldown. You will outscale him eventually, but don't try to trade directly. Keep poking until he is low so you can all in him with cannonbarrage.png.




Most likely the easiest matchup for Gangplank there is. With the proc of your passive and raisemorale.png can outrun most of her abilities. Make sure you don't get hit by illaoiE.png and harass her with parley.png and raisemorale.png as hard as possible. Eventually, she will die because of the lack of sustain. Poking with barrels is exceptionally easy since she has no mobility at all. Just don't engage her while her illaoiR.png is up or she hit illaoiE.png on you and you will be perfectly fine. As far as tentacles are concerned, try to get rid of those which are easily reachable without getting smashed by her illaoiW.png

All in all this will be a free lane!




Irelia is a nasty matchup since her dueling potential is unrivaled post level 7. Thunderlords Decree also harmonizes insanely well with her kit making it extremely hard to duel her. 

parley.png her as hard as you can at levels 1, 2 and 3. Avoid melee range trades at all costs. If she stuns you with ireliaequilibriumstrike.png, break out of it with removescurvy.png and run. Cooldown management of her ireliahitenstyle.png is key here. Whenever its down, try to use your passive and poke as hard as you can. Once Irelia gets her ireliatranscendentblades.png, try to avoid direct trades at all cost. You might as well call the junger for help. 

3.png can be really helpful here!




He outdamages you once he reaches level 6 so make sure to ruin his day before that. Poke with parley.png and raisemorale.png as soon and hard as possible. If he stuns you with jaxcounterstrike.png, break free with removescurvy.png. Be careful not to get too greedy for your passive because of his jaxcounterstrike.png dodging your auto attacks and therefore the passive proc. After level 6, avoid direct fights and keep an eye on his attack speed stacks of his passive. Early 3057.png ensures being able to keep up in damage with him. 

3.png can greatly help dueling Jax




Can be a hard matchup depending on whether Lulu knows how to land her luluq.png or not. Try to poke her early and don't let her bully you out of lane. Use removescurvy.png to mitigate her poke damage and to avoid getting luluw.png'd. Lulu is really hard to kill so try to concentrate on farming.




Another farmlane. Make sure to get 12.png since he will be impossible to kill. Focus on farming and start 1027.png for getting 3078.png fast. Be careful once he hits level 6, because you can easily get tower doven by the enemy junger with his ufslash.png.




Nautilus is similar to 54.png and 36.png, however his burst damage output should not be underestimated. His whole combo is easily capable of bursting ~ 75% of your HP. Always be careful when you suspect the jungler to be around since he can CC lock you down with all his skills. 
Try to farm safely because GP outscales him hard after 1 or 2 items.




Poppy's early game is pretty crazy, therefore be careful not to die at levels 1-3. Her damage is pretty high due to poppydevastatingblow.png having strong base damage. When her passive is up, walk away until she uses it to CS. If the shield drops on the ground, make sure not to stand between Poppy and a wall whilst trying to step on it. If you get stunned by poppyheroiccharge.png, use your removescurvy.png and run out of her poppydevastatingblow.png on the ground.  Poppy's damage falls off quickly, however her tankyness will increase when she gets her first items. Use the time window before her first major shop-backport and level 4-7 to trade and possibly also kill her.

After she has her 3068.png trades will get really hard!




Renekton is typically a skill matchup. Due to your level 1 being way stronger than his you can bully him with your parley.png. Watch out, as the pain starts once he unlocks his whole arsenal of abilities. Whenever he comes to combo you, starting with renektonsliceanddice.png -> renektonpreexecute.png try to counter his stun with removescurvy.png and autoattack/parley.png him. Make sure to watch at his fury bar because of his insane damage when he hits you with renektonpreexecute.png while above 50% fury. Also, try to harass with the double raisemorale.png combo as often as you can. While his renektonpreexecute.png is on cooldown, you may also want to proc your passive by autoattacking him whenever possible. As soon as he hits level 6, try to avoid trades because of renektonreignofthetyrant.png. Keep poking him down until he's about at 25% health, then all in him with raisemorale.pngcannonbarrage.png and parley.png for the finish. 

If you manage to fall behind in this lane, try to play carefully and farm until midgame as you won't be able to duel him anymore




Another skill matchup. Riven's level 1 isn't that dangerous, therefore try to harass with parley.png whenever possible. Good Riven players will start with rivenfeint.png and try to block your parley.png. However, the cooldown of Riven's rivenfeint.png is longer than Gangplanks parley.png making it easy to bully her. Always watch our for her ability cooldowns, especially riventricleave.png. Once it's down you can harass her with autoattacks (proccing your passive) and parley.png. Once Riven reaches level 6 DO NOT TRADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHILE HER rivenfengshuiengine.png IS UP!

3.png Can improve your laning power against Riven significantly!


Tahm Kench


Typically, Tahm Kench will ramp up in Health and Resistances, similar to Malphite and Dr. Mundo. The key difference though is his damage gain once he reaches level 6. Don't get hit by tahmkenchQ.png! Once he gets you with tahmkenchW.png you can just removescurvy.png to break out of it and walk away. His early game isn't that strong either, so try to abuse that! Harass with parley.png and raisemorale.png whenever possible!

Combos Back to Top

  • Basic Combo: AA with   gangplankpassive.png,  parley.png opponent and use the movementspeed bonus to disengage. 
  • Max Damage Combo: Setup 1st raisemorale.png, AA opponent with gangplankpassive.png up, Setup 2nd  raisemorale.png near opponent, parley.png first barrel, AA again with refreshed passive. This combo maximizes damage output and is able to delete squishy targets from 100% -> 0%. If you are running Thunderlords Decree, this also ensures a guaranteed proc assuming you hit everything!
  • Fast Combo: This is kinda tricky to pull off correctly but is probably the most necessary of all the combos!!: 
    Set up one raisemorale.png. Whilst the first raisemorale.png is decaying, set a second raisemorale.png somewhere inside the blast radius of the first barrel. Then, proceed to parley.png the first barrel, however, as soon as the particle of your parley.png  went off, place a third  raisemorale.png inside the blast radius of the second barrel. This leads to the first barrel starting the explosion chain, which reaches the second barrel, right when the third is up. That means, you are able to catch opponents off guard really fast without them even being able to react in time! A video, showing the combo will follow soon!

Playing as Gangplank (General Tips and Tricks) Back to Top

The first thing I tell people whenever they start picking up GP is not to get too greedy. As this is probably easier said than done, Gangplank is a champion played patiently. Always keep in mind that your damage is very limited when all your abilities are on cooldown since you can only Auto Attack. However, when you get a few items, even your Auto Attacks hurt like hell (because of high critical strike and attack damage stats). 

Gangplank is somewhat similar to an ADC in terms of playstyle, itemization and powerspikes. The only big difference is the melee range which brings me to the next point: Only run in and try to autoattack someone after the dangerous spells of the enemy team are on cooldown. Often it is quite beneficial to go ham onto someone like the enemy ADC because in lategame you are able to oneshot squishies just with 1 AA with your gangplankpassive.png and parley.png

Another important thing is not to waste raisemorale.png! Since the nerfs, Gangplank can only store 3  raisemorale.png at a time, which means that you only able to do one fast combo (see combo section) at a time. When trying to waveclear, try to wait for the minions to clump in order to finish them off with 1 or 2  raisemorale.png maximum. 

Barrel Placement Tips: Always, try to place your  raisemorale.png out of sight for your opponents. Dead angles are quite common on Summoners Rift so watch out for your  raisemorale.png not to get spotted. A surprised enemy is often also a dead enemy. Also, make sure your  raisemorale.png are somewhat safe from enemy ranged champions since they can easily take them out. 

How to destroy barrels the right way: Getting sick and tired of your barrels getting farmed before the explosion action even started? Here are the mechanics to let your opponents go up in smoke:
Simply using parley.png when a barrel's health is at 1 will not suffice in most cases. Champions with a faster attack animation on the enemy team will often end up ruining your plans. This means that you have to think ahead! Time your  parley.png  in a manner, that the projectile hits the raisemorale.png shortly before the decay bar hits 1. In reality, barrels are at 1 health a short time before the bar actually shows 1 and good GP players will abuse that. Furthermore, keep an eye out for your opponents, since they often fail to last hit your raisemorale.png and just remove 1 health which you can also abuse with timely parley.png

Another thing worth mentioning is, that often - especially in laning phase - you don't want to have your parley.png up when setting up raisemorale.png. I often set up barrels near me in order to zone my opponent away from CS. When he/she comes close, I quickly set up a second raisemorale.png and destroy the first one with my AA. This ensures a timeframe for reaction for my opponent and therefore easy poke. 

Last but not least one of the most important things when it comes to raisemorale.png handling. When setting up raisemorale.png  in the early game, you can make one AA on the raisemorale.png  once it spawns in order to increase the health by 1 immediately. As mentioned before, this enables you to perform a 2 raisemorale.png combo even faster, since you can just set up one raisemorale.png, attack it, set up the second raisemorale.png and parley.png the first one right away to deal massive damage!

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