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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png its a must.. you don't have any escape,only flash so take it every time.
3.png vs12.png : 

*You can take 12.png  whether you are going mid or top, this will help you snowball the game faster, farm faster and not missing a lot of cs combined with your ULT (when you use it to clear waves)
*But 3.png is my option almost always. I just like it more, gives you more dueling ability and you feel safer in lane.
*14.png viable, but haven't tried it yet simply because there are not a lot of match ups where you can go aggressive,
still a good pick for cheesing the opponent, but I don't recommend it since its shit late game with GP being late game champ

New Runes Back to Top

Grasp: is the best mastery. It works in every single matchup so if you don't know what to take, take it.
It's an offensive/defensive rune tree provides good sustain and poking damage. 
You can switch Bone plating to Demolish in certain matchups where the enemy has roaming pressure and won't be one-shotting you 100-->0 (this applies also if you have resolve as secondary tree of course)

MIDPLANK  : You choose between Comet and Aery's

Abilities Back to Top


MAX parley.png then  raisemorale.pngthen removescurvy.png.

(Q) is your initial damaging/poking/farming ability plus the more you upgrade it the more Gold gold and Silver Serpents.png Silver Serpents you get.In addition, you won't be needing the barrels(E) except defensively until you get 3057.pngor3078.png 

1 upgrade of  removescurvy.png(W) is enough for GP to sustain throughout the laning phase, and always get it 3rd.
cannonbarrage.png : obviously, upgrade this whenever you can ( at lvls 6-11-16). Its your initial map pressure spell. USE IT WISELY!


This is one of the best passives in game that scale with damage items.It provides movement speed and true DPS whenever you hit an enemy champion or minion or even TOWER.You should be trading with melee champs with it whenever you have the chance, as for when laning against ranged champ use its movement speed to get close to enemy laner and poke him with Q.
when getting ganked, or you wanna escape, use it to get you some movement speed.


This is your main ability.It's considered as a normal attack.Which means it applies on-hit effects(like Statik Shiv , GIvesSheen etc..)
Use this ability to poke enemy champs whenever you can, if they are away, make sure you use it to last hit due to the extra GOLD and SILVER SERPENTS(used to upgrade GPs ULT) it provides.


Sustain/Qss ability it Gives you huge amount of sustain since it gives you more Hp the less %HP you have.
In addition it removed CC (crowd control which are slows, stun, silence, etcc check this site for more info ),
This spell has around 0.5s channeling time, so try to time it right before the enemy stun hits you for minimum stun duration.


Gangplank can attack a Powder Keg with basic attacks and Parrrley.png Parrrley. If he destroys it, the keg no longer grants kill gold but instead explodes, inflicting the triggering strike upon all nearby enemies, ignoring 40% of their armorSlow icon slowing them by 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80% for 2 seconds, dealing 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 bonus physical damage to enemy champions and applying spell effects as an area-of-effect ability. Magic damage on-hit effects are not applied. If Gangplank destroys a Powder Keg with Parrrley.png Parrrley then every enemy killed by the Powder Keg will also be plundered and give Gangplank Silver Serpents.png Silver Serpents as if he had killed them with the initial ability.
Kegs loses health every 2/1/0.5 secs at levels 1/7/13.


This ability is the one that you're gonna use to take kills,clear waves and pressure the map, its the main reason you will need maximum CDR on GP (45%).More ULT=more kills or more farm which gives you more experience and Gold.
Try to use it when you can secure a kill or defend a tower when there is a huge enemy wave on it.
You can even ULT the enemy waves to clear it fast and reset the lane, so you can recall and comeback to lane with the minimun XP and Gold wasted.
Use this spell wisely and when you think its efficient dont get affected alot by flaming teammates yelling at you to ult.
your Ultimate upgrades:
*3902.png Deaths Daughter:  this upgrade provide one true damage shot in the middle of your ultimate,it is very useful to snipe enemy squishies. 
*3901.pngFire at Will: this upgrade adds 6 additional waves to you Ultimate which means more slows in the same initial duration.This is the best upgrades for teamfights as it adds more damage overall and more slows.
*3903.pngRaise Morale: this upgrade only gives more movement speed to you allies in side the Barrage.Useful of course but not as much as the others, I always get this last because it has no kill potential.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    best start season 8 so far with stop watch from runes
    is also viable
    only in super safe and easy lane for free gold, example vs shen naut malph

Core Items

    get it every game no exception
    3rd item, extremely good on GP

Situational Items

    order depends on matchups
    very good especially vs AP
    good gp item but DONT get it explanation further in the guide
    very situational item, should be bought when you are dying before the fight hence you are getting focused by a zed or a rengar for example.

Starting Items:

*1027.png Provide raw mana early which is good for GP cuz he will need it,plus it can be upgraded to sheen.(easy lanes, trades are few)
*1056.png is not good anymore because it gives you the adaptive AP stats instead of AD.
*2033.png This is a potion that gives Hp, Mana and some DPS damage(you poison the enemy when you attack) .This is also a good start for GP in hard lanes.(hard lanes where there is a lot of trading)

* I always start 1027.png+2031.png.

when should be my first back?

*Back when you have enough gold for 3057.png,preferably 3057.png+1083.png also make SURE the late is RESET (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR GP and every laner in general)
*3057.png : is a crucial item for GP, its like a mini power spike since it procs with your  gangplankqwrapper.png.

3044.png vs 3101.png:

*After sheen you get to choose between these 2
3101.png  gives you  CDR and the attack speed makes farming smoother
*3044.png is good, gives you some HP and AD and movement speed whenever you deal damage
*I prefer 3101.png to hit the 45% CDR earlier,I get the 3044.png  when I am afraid of dying.

Your boots:

*3009.png  is the best boots for GP.
*Get 3047.png  if you are facing 238.png 107.png (all in AD assassins in general) or when u are losing vs an AD
*Get 3111.png   vs hard AP (112.png 55.png )7.png


Core items:

*Trinity force3078.png is the best item on GP, get this every game no matter what's the matchup is, it doubles the damage of the Sheen 3057.png passive + it gives you 20% CDR,attack speed and movement speed whenever you hit an enemy. Basically, almost everything GP needs.
*After triforce,3142.png/3053.png should be your next choices, usually you should be getting 3142.png first unless :
1-You are losing HARD
2-You are facing assassins and getting camped  
If these conditions are true then get 3053.png otherwise get the 3142.png
179.pngRest of the itemization is situational, usually I get :
3046.png as 4th option instead of 3031.png because it gives you more defensive stats.
*5th 6th  3031.png are 3087.png
These last 3 items are in the standard GP build.

*You should get either 3036.png or 3033.png depending on enemy comp, and if you need any of these you should get 3036.png complete as 4th item OR 3123.png as 4th item and complete the 3033.png later unless enemy is building a lot of armor:
Choosing between them is pretty easy:
*enemies with huge amount of Hp? get the Dominik's regards3036.png (31.png,32.png etc)
*enemies with good healing abilities ? get Reminder 3033.png (106.png,8.png,420.png etc)
NOTE : 3033.png is a very good counter for 16.png.

Situational items:

3156.png  only get this is you are facing heavy AP comp, never in standard matchups, it does not provide lethality anymore.
 3065.png : get this one if you are facing at least 2 AP enemies with high burst.You should already have brought 3156.png. In such case your itemization should look like :3111.png3078.png3142.png3053.png3156.png3065.png, sell boots for 3814.png OR 3033.png/3036.png.


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Riven
  • Tryndamere
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor



She can easly hug you due to her akalishadowdance.png's long range.
*Your gangplanke.png can be annoying for her when she uses her akalismokebomb.png.
*Her roaming is better.
*1 v 1 ing her won't be very wise unless you are far ahead.
*Stick to your normal build, and get 3111.png boots for some  mr because her damage is guaranteed



*She is kinda annoying to lane against, her disintegrate.pnghas low CD and low mana cost.
*Care for her stun,use your gangplankw.png right before the animation of her spells hit you for minimum stun duration (your W has around 0.5 sec delay,its not instant)
*her roaming is decent but impactfull, if she roams,80% of the time all of her enemies die due to her AOE stun with her infernalguardian.png.
*You can 1 v 1 her if you can outplay her.
*5v5 both of you impact especially in baron fights.



*Annoying match up with alot of dodging.
*Be aware of his stun(he stuns you when he hits you with the brandq.png if you were previously hit by any of his spells,which means if he hits you with q directly you wont get stunned)
Usually the stun combo is brandw.png>brandq.png.So try to time your gangplankw.png right before the animation of his brandq.png hits you.
*Decent raoming.
*Monster in a 5v5,lots of damage from his ultimate and passive.
*You can 1 v 1 him if you avoid his stun



*This mathchup is supposed to be hard for GP(in low elo you wont find it that hard since cassi players are obviously not so expirienced)
*Decent roming ability (since she is slow, she need to hit an enemy champion with her cassiopeiaq.png to gain movement speed,and she cant buy boots)
*Be aware of her lvl 2,good cassi players will go for the all in at lvl 2 with her cassiopeiaq.png and cassiopeiae.png spam combo.
*Shes a lane bully, she will keep using her cassiopeiae.png on you whenever she has the chance,and in the early stages shes outdamages you even if you hit her withgangplanke.png
*She is a monter in 5v5 but you deal faster damage than her.




*This wont be a hard matchup, unless you're a dum ass who wants to aa darius xD.

*gangplankqwrapper.png him whenever you can and back away instantly, your gangplankqwrapper.pngs range is slightly longer than his dariusaxegrabcone.png's, if you gangplankqwrapper.png him and back away he wont be able to pull you(unless you have 150+ ping :P).
*Getting an 3123.png early and later completing it to a 3033.png is very wise
*Keep a gangplanke.png under you if he decides to get close...well...burn his ass.
*You scale better as the game goes.
*You have more map pressure due to your gangplankr.png.
*You can 1v1 him late game.




*Though matchup.

*Poke her with your gangplankqwrapper.png whenever you can.
*She is kinda hard to hit with barrels since he can dodge with her fioraq.png so use your barrels defensively only.
*She can dodge your gangplanke.png  with her fioraw.png easily,so you always wanna keep a barrel with you to use it to escape if she negates the first 2.
*Don't let her fiorar.png you without using her fioraq.png or 4.png, if she does that means you are too close to her and you will most likely burn your  4.png or die.
*You have higher map pressure, so try to use your gangplankr.png around the map instead of trying to kill her because you have higher impact in a teamfight, shes just a better duelist.



*Try to poke her with gangplankqwrapper.png as much as possible pre lvl 6 when her rivenfeint.png is down.
*When she hits lvl 6 be careful, she can all in you easly,in early stages of the game she beats you 1 v 1.
*Your gangplankr.png helps you have a higher map pressure than her
*When it comes down to teamfighting you are better overall in a 5v5
*You can beat her 1v1 at lvl 18 full items
*Go for 3142.png since her base armor is already low.Plus it helps you duel her since most of experienced riven players will get 3142.png vs GP also to all in you easier.




*Not a vey hard matchup if you are smart (no offense).

*gangplankqwrapper.png his whenever you get the chance.
*Place gangplanke.png on you so he loses the trade whenever he decides to duel you.
*You are way better than him in teamfights and map pressure.
*Dont try to 1v1 him if you dont have sums,he'll just smash you,you can still outplay him off course, but preferably not to take that risk.


Twisted Fate

-Matchup wise its one of the easiest matchups.
-TF can be really a lane bully early stages due to his infinite mana and stun/red card every few seconds.
-Now the reason why tf is a medium and not an easy matchup is because he is so good at controlling the game with his destiny.pngand/or12.png, and that is something that GP lacks of early game, you can always assist your team with you gangplankr.png, but it won't be enough in most cases since TF can stun and burst the enemy laner with the help of his laner.
1V1'ing him mid/late game is so easy, you just gangplankw.png when he stuns you and one shot him, also if he uses his destiny.png, it's a death sentence since you can place your barrels under him




*The worst matchup mid lane in my opinion.

*His viktorpowertransfer.png grants him a shield and has a short CD,so it basicaly negates your gangplankqwrapper.png damage every time so try to farm with gangplankqwrapper.png instead of poking him.

*He all ins you easily.

*If he roams don't follow, punish his tower instead.

*If you wanna kill him try to from distance with your gangplanke.png, with 3116.png he will have so many slows, so your gangplankw.png wont help you much.

*He has a decent impact in teamfights.

*You have better map pressure.

Before you continue! Back to Top

I am updating this guide whenever I have time, if you have any question that you can't find its answer in this guide, post a comment or reach me on twitter I don't tweet a lot but I check it every day.

Also, I can make a video on youtube if requested : Nabihovvvvv

Hope this guide helps you carry games on the rift :]

Pros and Cons Back to Top

*Very high mobility when dueling
*Decent map pressure due to his global ULT 
*One of the best champs when it comes to farming
*Huge wave clear
*Takes towers down fast due to the true damage provided by his passive
*His spells has long range, you can impact team fights from distance
*Mid/Late game monster
*Weak laning phase, not so weak with klepto
*If you push on lane and you get ganked you're probably dead
*no gap closer
*your mid game starts at lvl 13 (can be a pro if you hit it very early)

Why is GP good this season Back to Top

Before season 8, GPs laning phase was literately shit, just absolute shit. He gets dove easily, you become out of mana if you use gangplankw.png once, barrels suck dick early lvls since it takes forever to use them and also no gap closer or real escape ability you solely have to rely on your dodging skills.

Now why season 8 is a savior of GP ? :

The answer is simple an obvious : Kleptomancy.png?width=32, not only this, but many other runes fit GP for any scenario.
Season 8 did not solve the gap closer/ escape ability for GP the only thing that can solve that is a champion update, and no one wants that.
But what it did is give GP the ability to survive ganks, and dives for many reasons :
1- lots of consumables, mana and HP pots which gives you sustain, lets not forget that the Inspiration tree improves the  consumables effectiveness by 20%.
2- The Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 rune which denies dives against GP, and in some cases can be used to outplay your opponent, most obvious case is when you dodge the 92.png rivenfengshuiengine.png .

Another reason why GP is good this season is that his counters are not that good as before, they do not benifit from the new runes system like GP does, in details: GPs problem was the early game, it was so bad, low mana low sustain, and his counter had a regular laning phase, the new sune system did not change much stuff for GPs counters, they still pick the rune that deals damage, but for GP the new rune system fixed his laning phase, he has now sustain mana wise and HP wise and even more gold, the only downside is the loss of thunderlord's which is not a catastrophic loss, but somehow makes GP fair.Also, Bot lane has a bigger impact this season than the last one, if you notice in most of the games, better bot lane will win, it does not really matter what the other lanes are as much as bot, if bot is fed, its most probably gonna win the game, this is why top lane is better picked as a tank which is considered an easy/free lane for GP.

Pene/Crit/BruiserPLANK? Back to Top

Real answer is no winner, sometimes you need to combine them sometimes go one depends on mathcup, but crit is better usually.

Ok so basically the thing goes skkkkkkkkkkr.... no joking, seriously now the thing is, if we are talking 5-6 items GP, crit is always best no argument about that, numbers speak for themselves.

NOW, when you are Diamond + elo you rarely reach 5-6 items, usually your ending build is 3-4 items and in season 8 your first 3 items besides the boots are  3078.png/3053.png/3142.png and after that, 3046.png is a better choice than 3031.png since it gives some defensive stats and mobility.

Also Lethality or Peneplank sucks dick min 35+
So the only lethality items should be 3142.png(always get it) and 3814.png(situational item).
Usually you will almost always build :
***BOOSTS>3078.png>3142.png<>3053.png>3046.png>3031.png>sell boots for 3087.png

Take this if you are having problems with multiple tanks :
***BOOTS>3078.png>3142.png<>3035.png>3053.png>COMPLETE THE 3036.png  >3046.png> sell boots for 3031.png.

Take this if you are facing heavy healers such as 16.png8.png420.png122.png,114.png or any other champ that is healing a ton fuck of HP from AAs:

***BOOTS>3078.png>3123.png>3142.png>3053.png>3046.png>COMPLETE THE 3033.png complete it before the PD if they get a lot of armor > SELL BOOTS FOR 3031.png


I will provide more images and explanation later..

Check this video, it expains everything :

Laning Phase. Back to Top

In any match-up, you make an impact Min-Late game no matter what combination you have.

So keep in mind, priority is to have a decent laning phase with good amount of farm.

*gangplankqwrapper.png the enemy champion whenever you can to proc Kleptomancy.png?width=32for gold and consumables and get in the bush to remove the minion aggro.
Do not all your in opponent, don't over trade, just gangplankqwrapper.png and back, farm with AA, and if you feel you are gonna miss a minion out of reach  gangplankqwrapper.png it, don't lose minions, never do, this is not just a GP tip minions are priority in the game they come first above all.

The new Kleptomancy.png?width=32 provides HP and mana pots which can let you last in lane forever.



once you hit lvl 2 get those barrels going
*An important tip, when you land a barrel AA it once so it loses hp faster hence can be used earlier.
*always leave one with you in case u needed it for escape since you don't have any.
and always place one under/behind you so the enemy champ won't engage you being scared of it
*A tip for poking :if you can manage to hit the enemy champ with your barrel using an AA, do it and Q him right after it, this will deal higher amount of damage 

*Be careful with your barrels, early lvls they have long CD.

And try not to damage the wave with em so you can freeze your lane.



You hit 6..this means its time to collect some free kill on the map.. every 5-10 sec check the others lanes for an opportunity to land an ULT..
Now this is the ONLY downside of season 8, with no more thunderlord around, your gangplankr.png loses alot of damage, so it is best used to clear waves, reset lane, or to assits your team in a fight. Before you would use Ult when a champion is low, but now it is best used in the middle of the fight to turn it around if its an even one.

The best Ult upgrade is still 3902.png, I tested and found that its still best first upgrade > 3901.png > 3903.png

Post Laning phase(Mid-Late game) Back to Top

This is where gangplank shines!

*Gangplank is one of the best champions late game:
1-He works at all comps.

2-GOD TIER split pusher: he provides pressure on multiple lanes at once.

3-He has tons of AOE Damage, his Barrels damage are like a  75.png's (Q)siphoningstrikenew.pngwith 1000 stacks + AOE DMG.
*As GP you have 2 choices:
1-usually if you have 0 tanks,you should try to push(split push)most of the game since as GP you need front line,unless your team is so much fed and enemy front lines are not that tanky yet then you can go for a 5v5.
2-second choice is to force fights, as Gp you love to blow enemies in teamfights, so basically if you have peelers (front line champs, in other words "Tanks") most of the times you want to fight a 5 v 5 because 1 barrel can turn the fight around.

*Late game you will be able to 1-2 shot enemy carries.179.png
*As Gangplank your favorite moment is when the enemy team makes a Baron call. Gangplank is probably the best champion at this situation
-your Ult and Barrels have Tons of AOE damage
if you are fed enough you will usually win the 1v5 if enemy is doing baron, they are in a pit (easier to barrel them)+ they are taking damage from baron.
and the most important part is that you have access to enemy carries most of the times(especially the ADC).
at this situation you should have vision of the enemy supp to dodge his cc, especially if he is something like blitz53.png or thresh412.png,if you mess up you are pretty much dead.
you won't always succeed, but you will always trade it for something.

Remember always have 3462.png late game.No face checking, one death min 35+ =game over

Mid GP vs Top GP Back to Top

To tell the truth, GP is a top lane champion, he fits better on top lane, he does not need to roam, he sits and farms till he is lvl 13 and helps his team with his gangplankr.png, also top lane match ups are easier for GP this season if you wanna run klepto. Add to that bot lane will roam to mid after the first tower on bot side, which gives GP less XP, hence delay his lvl 13 power spike.

Personally I main GP mid, only because I main mid lane and I love GP, there are some advantages for GP on mid lane which why mid lane GP is still a thing for me:

1-You get to have a tanky top laner because obviously mid lane wont go tank.
2-Mid lane ganks are easier to survive since the lane is shorter, yes it has 2 sides, but its easy to play on the warded side and back away on a gank because again, ITS SHORTER.
3- Mid lane is obviously in the middle of the map which is always closer to your jungler in case you needed him
4-You can roam once or twice if you are ahead, shove the wave and do it.
Not being a good roamer on mid lane is not always that bad, GP is a threat to turrets, you may not be able to follow your laner where he goes, but you can assist with your ULT which will definitely help.Your team don't have to win the fight, they have to disengage so you get more time on mid lane turret which if taken down, opens up the map for pressure on the side lane

NOTE: on mid lane take aerys(which is none the less a really good rune page for GP) in most matchups, you cant get the standard klepto rune vs kassa/ekko/yasuo or any other match-up where its poke free or where you will always win the trade.

Pick which one you like, both work just fine depending on your play-style.
The perfect comp for GP TOP is he went with a tanky jung AND/OR supp.
GP mid also needs a tanky ally and safe side lane if possible. (eg: you adc is janna+cait/ez/jinx safe/aggressive lane, they wont need you to roam bot most of the time)

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I am a 21 years old gamer that mostly plays League of Legends, I main mid lane  Gangplank, kassadin, twisted fate.
I also play Overwatch (trust me players in OW are more salty than league )

Reached top 300 GPs in the world season 7

Other games that I play :
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