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Summoner Spells Back to Top

 Poke build -> ignite/exhaust Ignite to snowball weak laners and exhaust against assassins

Tanky build -> exhaust/tp tp against everthing and exhaust when facing really strong laners ( riven, renekton, camille ) 

New Runes Back to Top

So there are the 2 kind of page you can go for.

For my poke build I think Aery would work better than Kleptomency, the runes will be about holding the lane better, so bloodline, and all of the other runes will go that way. You could as well go for domination second, With Taste of Blood or Zombie Ward and Relentless Hunter. It can be great to have even more mobility in midgame and make more out of the build.

For the bruiser page I feel like Demolish and Overgrowth could be nice, but the other runes would be needed to be sturdier in lane ( thats after all what this build is about ), so I don't really know how to incorporate them in. Of course change iron skin with mirror shell against magic dealers. I guess you could go conditioning, and maybe the two other ones i just talked about if facing a really easy match up and you are absolutely confident you will be safe early on. But I don't really see that happening, there is not much point in playing scaling gp as a tanky bruiser when he has a free lane, but you still could, if you feel like that's the case, feel free to tweak the runes to fit the needs you have.

Abilities Back to Top


Start Q to start poking at level 1. Usefull if the ennemy zones you out of the wave and you need to get creeps that you can't reach. If the opponent gets close: do one auto hit and then run back with the help of the speed bonus and use your Q when you are at a safe distance.

In the early game the E isn't much usefull beside to zone the opponent out of the creep wave or give some extra damage in a trade ( also usefull to get creeps out of range when zoned out ). And your damage from the Q and passive is actually easier to apply and better to use in general, also you get extra golds from the bandit mastery and the support item. So you wont max it and poke with it, maxing Q is better. Also when you get your Tiamat your Q will for sure be level 5 and you will be able to clear waves and get the bonus golds from a level 5 spell. 

With the tanky build, don't poke much early, focus on your farm and holding the lane, so that you will be able to fight the opposing strong laner after their early powerspike went down.

Putting a point in w at level 3 actually might not be needed, it's up to how the lane goes, if for example you know that you will only be poking and don't need sustain then you can wait a few levels to take it. Basically If you know that you won't need of it ( jungler botlane and ennemy laner with no cc to purge ) just postphone it.

With this build you really don't have much mana sustain, you can have some if you get the spellthief item, but otherwise your Q will drain your mana and you won't even be able to use the W. So usually I would put a point in it after my first back, and not before. 

However, if you are against a heavily poking opponent or someone that has a huge burst ( riven, etc. ) and you need extra survivability, you can put a point in it and even a second at level 4 ( level 3 and 4 or for example -> Q->W->Q-W ).  You should do that a lot more with the tanky buid. 

Most of the time its like this:

poke buid: Q-E-Q-W-E-R

tanky build: Q-W-Q-W-E-R

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    The usual start for the poke playstyle. Allows stronger poke early, faster to build tiamat and good enough sustain. Go for this one against a weak laner with no sustain.
    Items that you get on your first backs. a good first back would be cull + hp regen item ( 150g ), then boots if needed and long swords for the tiamat. Build as much longswords as you can, you will can upgrade them for the tiamat and the yomuu that are your next items.
    things that you buy early
    starter for the tanky build against aggressive laner, get cull and long swords next, no spellthief

Core Items

    midgame core build. really good waveclear, burst, and mobility, not tanky at all though. You'll push lanes and the group for drakes and towers, don't worry if you don't have time to set up a barrel, just poke with Q, at this point it will deal enough. You can then go for any build depending on what you want and what is needed.
    1st,I like this build because your burst is really huge, while having a lot of mobility and some tankyness. agressive poke build
    2nd, Maybe you'll like this build better, litteraly no tankyness though, you can sell your items for this one in late-game for example. half-agressive build with really big scaling late game This build has 40% cdr and is more barrel-oriented.
    Usual build that you might find in other guides, if you want a good build that works against anything, go for this one, not my playstyle though, so not the same runes/masteries, etc.
    3rd,pick trinity and sterak instead of statikk and IE, around the same price but tankier and probably better midgame ( now its more expensive but more effective ). Use this build if you want to be a frontline and you have carries that deal enough. You will still be really strong, especially in midgame, and split push really effectively. For boots Swiftness is nice for catching and splitpushing, but if you have play with your team as a front line, get tabis or mercuries if you need.
    Tanky midgame core build. You can build a cull early on to get more out of your farming

Situational Items

So these  are my builds, keep in mind that it's a specific playstyle and maybe not the best or meant to work against everything. I'll explain in what case it might work better in the Playstyle section.

You can start with either the doran shield or the sword + 3 pots, then the build stays the same and you adapt it depending on what you need. 

Getting yomuu after tiamat is nice because you'll have it when lethality starts scaling well and it gives a needed amount of ad to clear waves fast, also mobility in midgame-> better map presence, etc.

Exdrinker might be nice against an ap dealing laner, maybe you can build it instead of yomuu.

You can build a Phantom Dancer in the late game if you want more crit chance for cheap, maybe more precisely in the 2nd build, you could for example sell the yomuu or the boots. 

The builds are all about giving mobility and burst to hunt down carries and poke them with the Q spell. 

What differencies these builds a lot from the others is first building Tiamat instead of Trinity. So it is more one-time burst oriented because there is less cdr and you'll play without using the spellblade passive. Basically you won't have the cdr and extra mana -> less sustained damage, be it in the laning phase or just throughout the game. Instead of using crits against squichies and last whisper against against tanks, it's all about big flat damage, it'll work for the midgame, so try to finish the game fast, the more your are close to the full build, the faster it needs to end ( execpt for the 2nd build which gets even better in the late-game ). 

If you build Trinity in the first place instead of other items, it's because it allows you to clear waves with one barrel when your Q is level 5. Allowing you to get Silver Serpents ( things used to upgrade ult ) and the bonus golds from the Q. Tiamat does the same thing, you auto hit the creeps a little, put a barrel in the middle, Q+the tiamat hotkey ( has to be fast ) and you'll get the bonus from all the creeps, that are supposed to be dead. 

You can build trinity after your tiamat ( after the serated dirk ) and finish with tanky items, without getting crit items, tha's the 3rd build, off-tank, with a lot of mobility, good poking, and tankiness.
By the way the 1st build would work really well on Rengar too, try it if you want. 

Matchups Back to Top

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Playstyle Back to Top

So as I said above, this is a specific playstyle that is meant to burst down carries. Kinda assassin-like in a sense that you have a lot of mobility and you apply your damage fast in a combo. Usually I just poke any carry that I can reach with the Q, or do a fast combo like putting a barrel at my feet, waiting for a  second, put down a second AND I don't use Q on the first, I basic attack it, and THEN I run to the opponent to Q him, it should kill or almost kill any carry. ( or you can put 2 then one, if you are interested by this guide you probably already know the basic mechanics, triple barrel, etc. I won't teach you them here, just showing another playstyle ).

This will work against a team that doesn't have much sustain, healers, shields, etc. It's meant to hunt down weak ennemies that won't heal back when poked. So forget it if you are against Karma, Poppy, etc. Also don't use it against a tanky or bruiser toplaner that has sustain, if they have only a few of those go for the tanky build. ( against Riven/maokai/irelia+shielding supports isnt advised ) On the midlane it can work against assassins but forget about it if facing mages. Not enough tankiness and sustain to handle the poke ( try the tanky build if you end up facing mages ). 

Go for the poke build against a weak laner ( either it's a weak one or one that doesn't have as much range as you and bad sustain, like most assassins ) keep poking him down, try to pressure or get an early kill ( without taking too much risk ) your Q and passive both deal a lot, use them on the ennemy and last hit with your basic attacks. Keep in mind that you deal a lot but you aren't tanky at all. 
Either  you try to get the kill ( especially if you're running ignite ) by all means, try things like flash auto with passive+Q that can surprise a lot early on.
 Or just pressure, by draining your mana at the cost of the opponent's hp, you'll get a lot of gold from the bandit mastery + the spellthief item, keep the opponent under pressure and farm the waves but be carefull of the jungler that might come, get boots early to have a fast and safe poke. If you only apply pressure with this half-agressive playstyle, you should rather be running exhaust ( especially against assassins ), so try to bait your opponent and his jungler, he will come, try to have yours here to help, or just be ready to kill him by yourself. 
WIth this build don't forget that your ultimate isn't only for your team, you can use it to finish or add to your burst against the opposing laner.

Play with the bushes as much as possible to reset the creep's aggro-> use Q, go in the bush, last hit, Q again, go back to the bush, and so on. 

With the tanky build you will be against strong bruisers that have sustain or mages that outrange you, so there is no point in pressuring them. Just stack some gold when you can with some light poke and farming, then just try to survive and bait them. This build is meant to hold a strong laner, you are tanky enough to survive a trade and you have a good enough waveclear to keep your tower safe. Focus on ulting to help botlane or  your team in skirmichies. 

Later, you can split push really easily so you can close out the game, try to apply big pressure on the sidelanes and be warry of the map and objectives. You are strong and have a lot of mobility, so make traps and catch anyone you can in the jungle. 

If you want an all-around playstyle you can find it elsewhere in pretty good guides, posted one in the item section.

If you want to learn the advanced mechanics and barrel tricks you can watch these videos: 

(KR/ENG) ->


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