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1 year ago

Gangplank Statistics for Blanksz

Author's performance with Gangplank compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Take 4.png always. It lets you get out of sticky situations and finish off enemies. And unlike say 6.png you can flash over walls to safety. Especially with the walls in top lane there is one where it is easy to bait enemies to fail their 4.png and for you to succeed if you know the proper location. 

Take 12.png against farm lanes or lanes where there is little kill pressure. Say 31.png 86.png 57.png 111.png  27.png or to help match split pushing powers of champions like say 150.png.

Take 3.png when against lanes with high kill pressure or dive pressure. This spell can also be taken to lanes where you do not feel comfortable with surviving lane phase safely. Examples include 80.png  58.png  126.png 107.png or even 92.png if you are not used to the match up. 

You can take 14.png solely for low elo snowballing. This is used against bad or low elo 75.png players for easy kills with 2033.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These masteries are the best for 41.png in most cases, specifically against even and winning match ups. 

(1) Savagery allows easier last hitting. 

(2) Assassin allows bonus damage in lane. 

(3) Meditation keeps our mana regen and pool at a stable level as we don't build mana regen outside of 1056.png. This allows more spam of gangplankqwrapper.png for harass and gangplankw.png to keep us healthy because of its high mana cost. 

(4) Bandit gives free gold when you hit an enemy champion with a basic attack. It also gives gold when you fail to last hit a minion. For 41.png  we are lucky because gangplankqwrapper.png  counts as a basic attack and even an Auto + gangplanke.png gives free gold from the mastery. We love gold as it is our most important resource because of our expensive build path. 

(5) Intelligence allows an over cap of CDR to 45% which furthermore increases our ability cooldown reductions allowing spells like  gangplanke.png to be up more often. When combined with runes, we have 15% CDR at level 1 which is extremely useful for lane phase with shorter abilities. 

(6) Thunderlords is our main source of burst damage and trade in lane with the Auto--> gangplankqwrapper.png --> auto which instantly procs the damage of Thunderlords. The mastery also instantly procs on your gangplankr.png to help execute enemies across the map. At level 6, the "execute" is at about 150-ish hp. Any more than this and they will not die instantly. They will need another volley of cannon balls. 

(7) Sorcery far outweighs the benefits of fury as it scales harder into the game. Our gangplankqwrapper.png   gangplanke.png    gangplankr.png all benefit from the increased 2% damage. Fury only gives 4% increased attack speed instantly which for 41.png does not benefit us as much as Sorcery. We are playing the king of scaling. It makes sense to boost that even more. 

(8)Expose Weakness increases damage taken from enemies by allies by 3% when you hit them with something. This helps a tonne with your gangplankr.png across the map. 

(9) Natural Talent gives scaling damage and AP which helps us in all ways. Boosting damage from our abilities and healing from gangplankw.png . This also helps with last hitting.

(10) Bounty Hunter gives us 7.5% FREE DAMAGE after killing 5 different champions.  This is CRAZY! its so much more worth than double edged sword which gives 5% instant damage increase but the cost of 2.5%  increased damage taken. We scale so hard so there's little point in not taking it. It's really easy to achieve as well because your gangplankr.png can help secure skills across the map or just straight out KS to help with your Bounty Hunter. 

For dangerous match ups with high kill pressure or blind picking in normals there is a safer mastery page to use. 

This changes Assassin (2) for Secret Stash giving you more regen from potions and making your lane safer. 

I wouldm advise changing Natural Talent (9) to Vamprism. This gives you more sustain in lain when hitting minions and harassing the enemy with gangplankqwrapper.png. I personally really like this mastery but it does not allow as much damage as Natural Talent. Just remember, if you ever live a trade with under 100hp, its Vamprism that saved you. 

This also would change Expose Weakness (8) to Feast. Feast gives more safety in lane through a free 30hp heal from minions every 30s. This is also really good for 41.png because exploding a gangplanke.png counts as killing a minion and gives HP back. 

Note: I personally run this variation most of the time because of how safe it is. It doesn't allow for as hard a snow ball but in the hands of a good player keeps you alive. I'll drop section further explaining the benefits of Feast and Vamprism below with High Elo player Doppa. 

Abilities Back to Top


Max gangplankqwrapper.png always. It is your main source of damage and farming from safety as well as gold income from its passive. Maxing gangplanke.png first is not as beneficial because it does not do as much damage as a level 5  gangplankqwrapper.png--> gangplanke.png combo. 

max gangplanke.png 2nd because it reduces the CDR of each barrel and increases how quickly the barrel arms to be exploded. Your strongest power spike is 3078.png plus 1 item and level 13 because you have level 5 gangplanke.png
gangplankw.png This is your main form of lain sustenance. It keeps you healthy and removes all CC from you. Save it in a fight or in lane if the enemy has  CC ability off cooldown because it can mean the difference between life and death. 

Take gangplankr.png whenever you can.  

For Upgrading your gangplankr.png. Deaths Daughter first 3902.png> Fire at Will second3901.png> Raise Moral third3903.png

I generally run 3902.png first in most cases. The AOE true damage furthermore boosts your execution with Thunderlords across the map. It is the best upgrade to get if you are snowballing. However, if you are losing or require more team fight presence, you can upgrade 3901.png first for more gradual damage. The 3901.png does the most out of all 3 upgrades but is gradual as opposed to burst. 

gangplankpassive.png Your passive does crazy damage and scales extremely well into the game because it does true damage. Exploding a gangplanke.png re ignites your blade and give you another gangplankpassive.png.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    take this against farm lanes or lanes with little kill pressure as it allows you to get Sheen really early and propels you towards Triforce faster.
    Take this against hard lanes or lanes where you are being abused by poke. It gives mana regen necessary to spam Q to farm and W to heal yourself. You also get mana back when killing a unit. This with the meditation mastery is huge for lane survival.
    Take this against lanes where you need to harass an opponent like nasus or other champs who you easily beat. With this you activate it and spam Q and all in trades with your passive, Thunderlords and exhaust.
    Money making items. You can buy these if you are losing to get some income or against farm lanes for even more gold. Do NOT buy these items post 8 mins because they are not worth the gold and time spent for the money they give you.
    If you are a man and want to first blood with exhaust or ignite this is for you.

Core Items

    Always buy this, its too good. It gives you instant wave clear to the back line caster minions with the sheen proc. It allows his barrels to do crazy damage. Rush this. Earliest you can get is 12 mins. 15 mins is on track any later and you're behind.
    Crit options.
    Armour pen options.
    Most often if the enemy team has more than 1 dedicated tank you will need with 3rd item. Eg Triforce, IE then LW.
    Yommus after Triforce against squishy top laners who do not stack armor. It can be built vs a team with only 1 tank and the rest are squishy.
    Vs most lanes in this meta as they are tanks. After LW get a zeal item.
    If you are really ahead you can build this. Buy this only if you are ahead and the enemy has no tank. It does crazy damage but less crit chance. After these items you buy crit.
    Example build. Very standard.
    Gamble plank. More pen, less crit. If you crit you do more damage than crit alone but if you don't, your damage is mediocre.
    Example Yommus build

Situational Items

    Build against champions with high healing. Examples like Aatrox or Mundo and even Illaoi or Nasus. This is imperative if your team does not have Morellonomicon or Ignite.
    Vs AP burst and AP heavy comps or if you are losing to AP lanes. A really strong item with the passive shield and the stats it gives. Especially because we do not run Magic Resist runes.
    A more well rounded Maw. It's good vs AD and AP burst because its a flat health shield instead of MR shield. You lose out on the lifeline passive benefits of Maw though. . You can buy this item after Triforce if you are getting bursted by AD. It also gives good damage increase with Sheen 25% increased base damage so you don't lose out on too much.
    Melee GP build to fight champions like Fiora say. You can use this if you need more of a beefy GP if your team has only 1 tank or no dedicated tank.
    The only lifesteal item that is considered viable on GP. If you are full melee GP you can get a Ravenous Hydra if you want. Deaths Dance is much better because it gives CDR the 15% lifesteal and a crazy good passive that makes you tankier if you can live through it.
    I have not used this item too much but after its buff its really good now. I'll need to experiment some more but it looks promising.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kassadin
  • Kayle
  • Kled




Aatrox needs some help. And until then this match up will be easy. Remember his passive and avoid his early all ins. Build an early 3123.png and he wont be able to do anything. Ask your jungler for a gank and if you kill him, the lane will be over. Take 12.png




Easy pre 6 harder post 6. Ask your jungler for a gank early to kill her pre 6 and snowball. You can take 12.png if you are confident or 3.png if you are not. This lane depends on how aggressive the 84.png is post 6 and how well they take the early harass. Start 2033.png and harass with gangplankqwrapper.png early. Buy a 3155.png early if you die to her and build into 3078.png.  Upgrade   3155.png into 3156.png later. If you are winning buy 3142.png after 3078.png. She will try harass and farm with akalimota.png. Never let her proc it EVER. It hurts. 




Medium to hard. It depends on your reactions, the enemy jungler and how good the 164.png is. Harass her early with gangplankqwrapper.png and Auto --> gangplanke.png combos. Stay away from her if her camillee.png is up. Be careful of her Auto --> camilleq.png --> auto --> camilleq.png combo. It hurts alot and will probably half health you. Try to dodge her camillee.png. If she lands it use your gangplankw.png to remove the cc and run away. When dodging her camillew.png walk towards her then to one side because of the cone increases the further away you are from her. Ask your jungler for a gank and be careful of her jungler ganks as she can gap close with camillee.png camiller.png to initiate the gank from halfway through the lane. You will need a 3047.png most probably and even a 3053.png if you are behind. Please do not die to her, she snowballs so hard and it makes it difficult for your team.  Beware of her early trades, she will almost always out trade you if she lands an auto on you because of her camillepassive.png shield. It's safer to harass with gangplankqwrapper.png  than walk up. You can take 12.png if you are confident with the match up and your lane survivability skills. Otherwise 3.png is advised.  




Farm lane. You can buy 1083.png but start 1056.png for the mana regen. He will push you most of the time and try your best to keep that from happening or learn to last hit under tower. Take 12.png to match his lane pressure. Ask for a gank at level 2-3 if you can. Build a 3036.png 3rd. Dodge his combo, all 31.png players do the same thing. they feralscream.png you and then rupture.png to knock you up when you cant dodge. If you avoid this you avoid all of his damage.  You can cleanse his feralscream.png with your gangplankw.png but you cannot cleanse the knock up of his rupture.png save it for after when it slows. His feast.png does a lot of true damage so be careful and stay above half health with your gangplankw.png. It is unlikely he will be below half health with his passive chogathpassive.png as it gives him free sustain in lane. 




Medium to hard. It depends how aggressive they play, what summoners he takes and if you die to him or not. If you do not die this lane is fine. If you do it's really hard as he will keep diving you. 

Start 1056.png

Harass in lane with gangplankqwrapper.png and Auto --> gangplanke.png combos. Never let him hook you. If he does use gangplankw.png right away and stand on top of him and start trading. After his nerf his dariuscleave.png does no damage if you are on the inside of his axe and it denies him his healing.  You can get  3009.png to kite and run away from him. If you are fighting him go 3053.png and 3047.png after 3078.png. Be sure to stand on top of him when fighting. Ask for a gank from your jungler early to shut him down. You will need 3036.png or 3033.png 3rd item. 
If he takes 6.png4.png you will probably lose. He will take storm raiders surge or fervour and can run you down like the salty dog you are. If you think he will take this you MUST take 3.png. I know 1 player on the OCE sever in mid-high plat i used to play against who would always take this and if i saw him Queued up and there was a 122.png i would take 3.png to be safe. However if you can play safe and not die you can take 12.png. He is easy to deal with if he cant get on you. Your team will be able to kite him with slows and your gangplanke.png.  Darius becomes more manageable after you get  3044.png which gives you move speed when you gangplankqwrapper.png him or explode a gangplanke.png which gives 2x the move speed. 


Dr. Mundo


Farm lane for you. He shouldn't kill you unless he is good or you miss-play. Start 1056.png and build 3036.png 3rd item or an 3123.png if you plan on fighting him. Upgrade it into 3033.png later. Take 12.png. Ask for a gank if you are bored and want to kill him. If either of you kill one another the lane swings massively in the others favour. be aware of that. 




Medium to hard. This depends on how good you are, how good they are and how aggressive they play and whether they go AP or Tank. 

You can go either 1056.png to be safe or 2033.png if you want to harass. 
You will mostly see him build AP because tank 245.png got nerfed really hard. Watch for his burst damage. Place your gangplanke.png behind you and use them with caution as he can quickly gap close with ekkoe.png onto your gangplanke.png killing it and putting you at a dis advantage. Harass him with your gangplankqwrapper.png early. He will probably shove the lane with ekkoq.png early if he is ap and can clear the wave in about 2.5 ekkoq.png. Never ever let him proc the 3rd stack of ekkopassive.png. If you do you will automatically lose the trade as he gets a speed boost to run away or to continue chasing you down. In top lane you want to take 12.png but in middle take  3.png. You can buy an early  3155.png for 3156.png if you are struggling. If you are ahead buy 3142.png. Ask you jungler for a gank when he has used his cooldowns. After his nerf his ekkopassive.png no longer steals move speed but speeds him up instead. That being said, you want to use your gangplankw.png to cleanse the stun from his  ekkow.png. A normal combo from 245.png will be ekkoq.png --> auto and run away with the 2nd proc of ekkoq.png. Other combos include ekkoq.png --> ekkoe.png --> auto --> 2nd proc of ekkoq.png. If you are under 20% health with 2 stacks of ekkopassive.png he will kill you in one hit of ekkoe.png  because of the ekkow.png execution passive and the 3rd proc of ekkopassive.png . 




Medium to hard. It depends on how good the 114.png is and if she can hit her fiorapassive.png vitals. If she does she will win trades really hard and get ahead. 

Be  careful of her level 2 all in. Harass her with gangplankqwrapper.png early and to farm safely.
 Start 1056.png. If she is going for an all in and uses her  fiorar.png stand against a wall to deny the last proc of her ult vital and prevent her from getting that stupid heal. This match up will most likely require 3053.png and 3047.png. Ask you jungler for a gank if you can and try your hardest not to die. Its better to give up farm than die. If you are confident with your skills you can take  12.png to help with returning to lane after bad trades. If you are scared and its fair enough to be, you take 3.png and play as safe as you can. if you all in her use 3.png and stand against a wall to deny the last vital point whilst using your barrels to refresh your  gangplankpassive.png passive. 




This lane is easy. It's a farm lane. All you have to do is make sure you have enough mana. Start either 1027.png if you're confident or 1056.png if you want to be safe. His cooldowns are long and his mana cost is high. He needs at least 3 levels in galioresolutesmite.png with AP to clear the back wave. Otherwise he uses  galioresolutesmite.png and galiorighteousgust.png. You can cleanse his galioidolofdurand.png with gangplankw.png. Chances are you will need a 3036.png early. Otherwise if you solo killed him you can build a 3142.png.




Farm/harass lane for you. He shouldn't be able to get onto you. Take 12.png and buy 3009.png to help kite him. Save your gangplanke.png until after he has used his garenq.png because it removes all slows. He becomes really easy to run away from after you get your 3044.png proc from 3078.png which gives you move speed to run away. If you get a kill on him its all over for him. 




Medium to hard. This depends on what mastery he takes and what he builds first. 

Start 1056.png.
If he takes fervour he will win extended trades and with a 3022.png rush will run you down like the salty dog you are. He will beat you slowly to death with his passive gnarw.png . If he takes grasp, he will win early trades with the proc so be aware of that. 

Harass him with gangplankqwrapper.png when in mini form as he takes more damage. In his mega form you can hit him as well but try to dodge his CC and stay away from walls post 6. Ask you jungler for a gank early to help make this lane easier. You need a 3036.png 3rd item. You also must take 12.png to match his splitting power late game and get back to lane faster. This match up gets much easier with practice but still can be hard depending on the skill of the  150.png. To run away from him you need 3009.png.




harass with gangplankqwrapper.png early. Take 12.png . Start 1056.png. Stand away from the minion wave as he wants to push it and harass you with his gragasq.png at the same time. Be careful at 6 with his gragasr.png as he will knock you into a gragasq.png which has fermented on the ground for 1-1.5s which increases its damage. This plus a gragase.png  gragasw.png will one shot you. They generally build him AP with little resistances in top or full tank with 3025.png 3027.png. If he goes AP and you are winning go 3142.png if you are losing go 3156.png. If he is going tank you need 3036.png 3rd item and just build crit after triforce. 




Harass with  gangplankqwrapper.png and avoid all in's unless he is low and you are not. Take 12.png




Its a farm lane. He will push you into tower. Take 12.png to match his lane pressure and start 1056.png for mana regen to stay in lane longer. His damage comes from heimerdingerq.png so play around them. Dodge his heimerdingerw.png as it does alot of damage and instantly procs Thunderlords. Ask for a gank early and try take down his turrets with gangplankqwrapper.png and gangplanke.png




This lane is only hard if you get hit by illaoie.png. If you don't you're fine. If you do you lose every single trade and will be forced out of lane. She does a lot of damage but she needs to land illaoie.png and other skill shots or be on top of you. Ask your jungler for a gank pre 6 and ask for ganks carefully post 6. You will need either a 3036.png or 3033.png 3rd item. You should buy 3009.png to help kite against her. Harass her with your gangplankqwrapper.png early and dodge her illaoiq.png which she will be using to last hit minions and shove the wave whilst attempting to harass you. Basically this lane is easy because she has no way to damage you outside of illaoie.png . Be weary of her 1v2 potential at level 6 and engage carefully. You can start any item you feel depending on how comfortable you are. I still like 1056.png personally. Take 12.png unless you are really not confident with your dodging/fighting skills with 41.png then take 3.png.




You will 90% of the time lose this match up. Take 3.png unless you are confident. You must cleanse her stun ireliaequilibriumstrike.png with gangplankw.png immediately. If you don't you die. Harass and farm with gangplankqwrapper.png and Auto --> gangplanke.png combos. Start 2033.png and build 3047.png. When she backs with a 3057.png and she is level 6 do not fight her. She will 1 shot you with sheen resets on her abilities and her R. Ask you jungler for help before then and dumpster her as hard as you can. Only ask for a gank post 6 when she has 3057.png  if your jungler has hard CC and is level 6 with full health. Good luck.


Jarvan IV


Medium to hard. Take 12.png. This depends on how good he is and what he builds and what mastery he takes. If he lands jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png and knocks you up you lose the trade. Harass him as much as possible early with your gangplankqwrapper.png.  Don't let him hit you with his jarvanivpassive.pngpassive it hurts alot. If he took Thunderlords as his mastery he will rush 3142.png or 3071.png an aim to 1 shot you. If you are under half health he will 1 shot you for sure.  Save your 4.png until after he uses his jarvanivcataclysm.png. Because of his R changes you can flash the damage. Since it no longer does single target damage you can flash the damage by not being in the circle. Ask your jungler for a gank and bait his  jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png so he has no escape. You can trade heavily with him when his jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png  is on cooldown. If he goes tank you need 3036.png 3rd item. I would start 1056.png.




Medium to hard.  This match up depends on how well you can farm and not die to him as well as whether or not your jungler can successfully pull of a gank. I would start 1056.png and harass him with gangplankqwrapper.png early game and punish him from mis-timing his jaxcounterstrike.png. When he uses his  jaxcounterstrike.png and is running towards you, use your barrels to kite him and if he does land it, use your gangplankw.png immediately to trade back. Like you he is a late game monster who also relies on 3078.png. Note though, that he is tankier and will most likely win duels against you. Because of this, you can take 3.png if you are uncomfortable with this matchup. I personally take 12.png because you win levels 1-11. When he gets a 3057.png you most probably have yours. Harass with gangplankqwrapper.png from a distance and never let him get onto you. His trades with auto resets on jaxleapstrike.png and jaxempowertwo.png with 3057.png  will kill you. Try get your ganks in before he gets 3057.png. Buy 3009.png if you can kite otherwise 3047.png if you're fighting.




This match up is 41.png worst nightmare. He does so much damage with the lethality buffs and can one shot you with just a 3142.png. I would ask for a lane swap mid personally but if you are forced to lane against this champ start 1056.png and take 12.png because you need to get to lane and will be harassed out quite often. It is always better to give up farm than die to your laner. Build 3047.png. Ask your jungler for a gank because he will most probably be pushing into you. Try farm your best and avoid dying at all costs. Use your gangplankw.png to make sure you are over half health. Try stand behind minions to avoid his EQ. The aim of this lane is not to win, it's to survive and not die to make it to the late game. 




This lane is really easy. You can start 1056.png for a sustained lane or 2033.png if you want to harass him with poke. His kit isn't suited to fight you and his magic shield is worthless outside of blocking some of your gangplankr.png damage. It's a farm lane for him until 6. Until this point you can freely harass him. Most often you will trade blows with gangplankqwrapper.png and his nulllance.png since they are point and click spells. Use your gangplanke.png to zone him from minions. Beware though of his auto reset with his netherblade.png which can kill your gangplanke.png if you are not paying attention. Usually you can go 3142.pngafter 3078.png but if you are not feeling confident you can get 3155.png early to mitigate damage and kill pressure. There is a chance he will build tanky with 3027.png into 3025.png. If this is the case you might want to think about 3035.png ONLY if they have another tank. Like a FULL TANK such as 57.png.




This lane is boring. Kayle is a boring champ to vs and a boring one to play. I pray none of you have to play against this champ but if you do... you can pressure her early with gangplankqwrapper.png and 2033.png. Other starting options include 1056.png. You need 3009.png to run and kite her. Save your gangplankw.png to cleanse her judicatorreckoning.png slow otherwise she will beat your ass down. You can easily build 3142.png in this match up. Generally speaking you can't 1v1 her. Ask your jungler for a gank otherwise just focus on wave clear.




This lane is easy as long as you harass him early with 2033.png and gangplankqwrapper.png as well as kiting him with your gangplanke.png. His range is minimal and only has 2 abilitieskledq.png and klede.png to get towards you. One of which is dodge-able and cleanable. If you do get caught by his kledq.png make sure to cleanse the slow and micro stun. Note that his klede.png will only be re-castable if he hits a champ with it. So stay wise. His klede.png also cannot go over walls and terrain. If you want to kite him get 3009.png but if you want to melee fight him get 3047.png. All of his damage is auto attack based outside of his kledq.png, even his kledw.png is auto attack based so 3047.png will help mitigate the damage significantly. If he gets a few kills beware of his snowball. When he gets 3071.png and 3748.png his auto damage and resets are scary so beware. He health stacks more so than resistances so a 3036.png will help your damage towards him significantly. 

Early game --> Lane Phase Back to Top

With 41.png your early game is not the strongest but it isn't the weakest. You need to know what to do to survive the laning phase and get into the late game monster that you are. 



First things first you play laning phase around your gangplanke.png. They are your lifeline they are your ship, boat and soul. When you get to lane and have a point into  gangplanke.png you place one down and stay on it. Treat it like a boat and the rest of your lane is water. If you are not one it you will drown. That being said, you don't want to give your boat up to the enemy, so you blow it up. As soon as you blow up your  gangplanke.png, place another one and play around it because otherwise you will drown. Play around your barrels and their cooldowns.  This sort of mentality will help you in extremely hard match ups and 41.png play style as a whole. There is also times where you need to watch your usage of gangplankw.png. It does give you health back that's true but the cc cleanse is extremely important. Think about when you use it. If you are not in any immediate danger or within trading distance if your cooldowns are down then go ahead. Otherwise you might want to save it to make sure you don't get killed without your cc cleanse. Examples of this include champions like 80.png who have point and click cc and can flash pantheonw.png stun you. 

Farm farm farm. Gold is your best resource outside of mana and cooldowns. Luckily our kit aides us in gaining that resource. The gangplankqwrapper.png plunders gold when you kill minions and it applies onto your  gangplanke.png as well to give you fat bank when you kill large groups of minions. Farm your best and generally speaking its safer to farm than go for a kill unless you are at a clear advantage. 

That's the safe side of 41.png. Now for harassing patterns and situations to which you can play aggressive. Generally i play aggressive outside of a very few number of matchups most notably say 126.png.  Alright so you can harass champions with weak early games. Most tanks like 54.png 75.png 111.png. Otherwise other champions who you out range like 58.png and 92.png when you know the match ups. Your gangplankqwrapper.png  is your most reliable tool for harassing especially when combined with 2033.png  damage over time. Look to punish your lane opponent when they walk towards farm or when they mis-use abilities like say 92.png  rivenfeint.png. Other tools you can use to harass include your gangplanke.png. An example of how you can do this is place the gangplanke.png at your feet, auto it to 1 tick then put a second gangplanke.png where the farm or enemy laner is and auto it. The slow from the gangplanke.png should allow you an extra auto and/or gangplankqwrapper.png to proc the thunderlords.

Eg: gangplanke.png  --> auto so it goes down to 1 tick --> gangplanke.png  then auto the barrel or gangplankqwrapper.png it. This can be extended if you auto'd the gangplanke.png with a gangplankqwrapper.png.

Lets take a scenario where you can successfully and safely use your gangplankpassive.png passive. Say an enemy champion with cooldowns or little damage early game is going to last hit a minion. You can safely wait until his animation goes off and then auto him. This can be followed up by a gangplankqwrapper.png  and another auto which will proc thunderlords for even more damage.

Eg: Auto gangplankpassive.png  --> gangplankqwrapper.png --> auto = thunderlords procs.


Another quick combo that hurts a tonne and has good range is the triple gangplanke.png . This is your bread and butter combo in your kit and play style. To do this, you place a gangplanke.png  at your feat or in front of you. You then place a second one further up (max range if you can do it), you then gangplankqwrapper.png the first  gangplanke.png and mid explosion place a THIRD  gangplanke.png at the end. This has really good range and is a solid harassing tool hit very safe players or tower huging champions or to even help wave clear minions from hitting your tower.   

Eg:  gangplanke.png --> gangplanke.png -->   gangplankqwrapper.png the first barrel --> place a THIRD gangplanke.png

Your gangplanke.png should hurt a lot when hitting champions when you purchase your 3078.png and can 1 shot the back line caster minions UNLESS you are running full lethality runes. Then you require 1 more ad item like say a 1036.png.  


Use your summoner spell. People in top lane don't use their 12.png enough! An easy way to beat other top laners who take summoner spells like 14.png or 3.png is to go for a trade, get low but not die, back then 12.png with full health whilst they have less. You then proceed to harass or trade with them and have significantly more kill pressure. 


Despite common misconceptions, 41.png CAN 12.png flank bot lane or add a numbers advantage to a dragon fight. BE MAP AWARE! This takes some practice no doubt but is extremely important when you get your gangplankr.png to look for an assist or kill across the map. A good way to tell if some fighting is going on is too look at how close the character portraits are to each other. The closer they are, the more likely it is that they are either fighting in an all in or are trading. If they are significantly away from each other or not stacked on top of each other, chances are they are just farming. Use this to your advantage and use your 12.png and gangplankr.png  to your team's advantage across the map. 


Last hitting minions under tower --> Lane Phase Back to Top

Okay so you should have read how to lane or you may already know how to lane. Since you are 41.png farm is of the utmost importance. Most people should have a grasp on knowing how to last hit minions but there are a few little things that can help you farm as 41.png .

If you take standard ad runes. 9x Reds and 2x Quints or even just 1 ad Quint, you can last hit a melee minion if it has been hit by the tower 2x. For caster minion, you need to hit them once if they have been hit by the tower already. 

With your gangplanke.png + gangplankqwrapper.png you need 2-3 auto attacks onto a ranged minion to one hit them with your gangplanke.png  from full health. With melee minions you need 3-4. Now once you buy a 3057.png this changes completely. You only need one auto onto the ranged minions to kill the back wave with your 3057.png  empowered gangplanke.png  + gangplankqwrapper.png. Other quick clears of backline waves can be done with autoing a gangplanke.png  which will bring the ranged minions health down enough for a 3057.png  empowered gangplanke.png  + gangplankqwrapper.png

If you are running ad runes and have a 3044.png you can last hit ranged minions with one auto after they have been hit by the tower. 

When you have a full 3078.png you can 1 hit the back line ranged minions and 2 hit the melee minions with 3078.png  empowered  gangplanke.png  + gangplankqwrapper.png.

Using your ult: Early -> Mid -> Late Back to Top

We are lucky as 41.png players to have such a strong ultimate that allows global pressure and strong team fight presence. 

Your gangplankr.png has 3 upgrades and even in its vanilla form can proc thunderlords.

3901.png--> Increases number of cannon waves, adds overall damage to the ultimate. Strongest team fighting upgrade and is generally amazing. 

3902.png--> Adds a true damage AOE nuke to the center of your ultimate for a % of your AD. This is the one that add's the most burst and can proc thunderlords for even more damage easily. Is only as good as you can aim it.   

3903.png--> Utility, adds a move speed bonus for you and your team mates when running through the AOE zone of your ultimate. No damage upgraded what so ever. Nice, but not fantastic. 

It is generally best regarded to upgrade 3902.png first because of its global AOE instant damage pressure and is especially great to help your snowball when you are ahead. This allows your gangplankr.png to have a larger execute range when killing low health enemies. With this upgrade you can safely kill enemies with less than 350 hp when you first buy it IF you hit the cannon ball at the center. This gives you free kills, a big damage chunk and slow to help your team across the map. 

3901.png is the next best upgrade and i usually purchase this second. It offers a huge increase in the total damage your ultimate does by adding additional waves. It can do at rank 3 easily 500-800 damage if they stand in it the whole time.  When you get this your ultimate has a lot more kick to it and becomes more of a zoning tool or threat if you stay in it as compared to the small burst from 3902.png
--> the only reason we purchase 3902.png first is because of its ability to secure kills across the map with its AOE burst. If you are behind or require more team fight pressure, purchase 3901.png to help increase its total damage. 
3903.png This is always upgraded last because it only offers utility and no raw power or damage. It's a nice bonus, but doesn't provide much else outside of its move speed. You can use this to drop gangplankr.png  in your retreating path to speed up your team and slow the enemy as they pass through it.


Early game.

You want to use your gangplankr.png  very sparingly because of its ludicrous cooldown. A base of 130s at rank 1 is no laughing matter. Taking this into account you want to make sure you use your ultimate well and position it as best as you can. As soon as you hit 6, you want to be watching your minimap for fights to assist in or to pick up a few kills if they are under 200hp at rank 1 which should allow instant executions with thunderlords. You should only use gangplankr.png  in your own lane if you need to preserve your own life or help you kill your lane opponent. You can also use your gangplankr.png to help push waves if the lane is in a really bad spot or save your tower from being taken as first blood tower gold. 

You should try to aim to get your first upgrade by 15-18 minutes. It becomes significantly easier to stack your Silver Serpents when you get your 3078.pngwhich allows for greater wave clear and gold income.

Mid game.

You can use your gangplankr.png  more liberally to start team fights, push enemies away from towers and to follow up onto catches. You should have both 3902.png and 3901.png by 20-ish minutes and use them to your advantage with the AOE slow and true damage burst onto squishy targets.

An example of what you can do is say: You hit a triple gangplanke.png onto a squishy or a high priority target. You can follow this up by dropping gangplankr.png  upgraded with 3902.png to force a summoner spell like 4.png or 7.png. You will most likely one shot a squishy if you have 3142.png 3078.png + 3902.png. If you have 3031.png and you crit your gangplanke.png  then they are most likely deleted with your 3142.png 3078.png alone. 

You still can use your gangplankr.png to wave clear waves that are pressuring your tower across the map if you need to be elsewhere. Be careful though because it's cooldown is still quite long. 


Late game.

You are huge at this point and should be close to full build. You will use your gangplankr.png in the same way as you would mid game. Use it as a team fight initiation tool to help secure a catch. Your gangplankr.png is also really strong in isolated or claustrophobic spaces like the jungle corridors or the Baron and Dragon pit. You can also try use gangplankr.png +  3902.png to try steal objectives like Baron if you cannot contest.  Sometimes a well placed gangplankr.png with 3901.png is enough to cause significant damage to enemies if they stand it especially at Baron. The resistance shred debuff from Baron further magnifies the magic damage that your 3901.pngdoes and can force them off the objective and can help you get back into the game.

The 3901.pngalso works as a zoning tool when pressuring towers and objectives place it so they have to move away or take massive damage by staying in it. This especially strong when sieging towers. Sieging is one of 41.png strong points as well placed gangplanke.png into the back line can force them off, kill or cause massive damage to make them think otherwise when defending their base. 

An instant burst to squihsy champions like ADC's can be achieved through a well placed 3x gangplanke.png, a crit from 3031.png and gangplankr.png +  3902.png true damage which will proc thunderlords. 

--> look to catch out enemies with your barrels and ultimate to initate bad fights for them and use it to your advantage. Your cooldowns don't matter as much because they are shorter with your 45% CDR but they still are important. Use it well and play around it with your team.
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