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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Garen is pretty straightforward. So he has very few other benefits from summoners other than 4.png and 12.png. I'll explain this in the next section.

4.png Flash

Flash on garen is amazing to surprise the enemy. If someone is around 40% hp, you can flash in, use your Q (silencing them, thus making them unable to flash) and R before they can get away. Flash is used to surprise the enemy, as well as getting to their backline easier. Your Q has a build-in movementspeed steroid making Ghost less viable in my opinion. Flash also helps in case you get ganked. You can dodge cc (other then slows because you have your Q for that) and make a safe escape.

12.png Teleport

This spell gives Garen mappressure and objectivecontrol. The movementspeed you get while using Q makes it easier to join a fight after you TP'd in. As annoying and immortal as Garen can be, having the pressure of a possible Garen TP incoming will make some enemies think twice before going in on a risky fight/dive.

When behind or getting zoned/poked this skill also helps you to make a quick back, regenerate, get an item and get back to lane before that wave gets killed by your tower. All and all a great skill for toplane and even better if you propperly use it to gank.

Other possibilities are:

6.png Ghost

This is optional if u are facing a team with minor hard CC or only slows (which can be removed by using Q). But other than that, I can't think of a situation where you should pref Ghost over Flash. Since this is rarely the case, you should go flash 99/100 games. For the sake of including everything I put it in here.

14.png Ignite

I don't think I have ever used ignite on Garen. But again, for the sake of including everything, I put it in here. Ignite could be considered when facing champs like Dr.Mundo and Swain; champs that have high lifesteal/liferegeneration. Eventhough I'd still prefer taking teleport just for the objectivecontrol and mappressure. Garen's garenjustice.png is the execution you need. Due to the way the ult works, it should be the finishing blow, making ignite useless versus most top champs.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I will explain the masteries I use in the next section.


This tree offers our Might of Demacia some more damage (not my preferred option).

I go Sorcery over Fury since you don't need the attackspeed. Your main damage source is garenslash3.png followed up by spinning in the enemy's face with garenbladestorm.png.

I go Expose Weakness or Fresh Blood over Feast. The healing you get from feast is such a minor adventage, that it's not worth taking. If you add the HP regen you get from your passive the only logical conclusion is that Feast just isn't worth taking. However the 10 + 1 (per lvl) additional damage you do with Fresh Blood is a small buff. The other viable option is Expose Weakness. This is more teamfight oriented but definately a good choice for later in the game. I prefer Expose Weakness but it's up for personal preference. The healing you get from feast is such a minor adventage, that it's not worth taking.

Vampirism over Natural Talent. This is pretty much up to personal preference. I go Vampirism to give some life steal while fighting. Also because 10 AD and 15 AP (which is completely useless on garen) which you get at lvl 18 is just godawful.

Battle Trance or Bounty Hunter or Double Edged Sword86.png has a pretty high kill potential since everyone can flash to an enemy with 20% hp and garenjustice.png them. Granting you the kill. From this perspective Bounty Hunter could be a viable option. Double Edge Sword is the least preferred of these 3 in my opinion, simply because the other 2 offer better alternatives (but it's still possible if you really want to). Battle Trance is the obvious choice here though: Giving you 5% extra damage over 5 seconds when in combat with people. Since you're a bruiser and you have garene.png, you'll always be in combat for a longer period of time. You need to kill 3 people before Bounty Hunter gives you more than Battle Trance gives you (over time). This can take you quite some time depening on who you're up against. You could go Bounty Hunter if you are confident you're gonna make those UNIQUE kills.
I guess it's a matter of preference.

I find the rest of the Ferocity tree not offering anything worth taking. If you insist on taking the Ferocity tree I'd suggest you go Battering Blows and Warlord's Bloodlust/Deathfire Touch/Fevor of Battle, but it's more rewarding to look at the Resolve + Cunning masteries.


The Cunning tree offers more (in my humble opinion) than the Ferocity tree for the Might of Demacia. 86.png 

Salvagery over Wanderer especially for the early game. It gives you 5 extra damage on single target abilities (garenq.png) which is a nice additional bonus for the earlygame. This also makes it a little easier to last hit. Wanderer could be considered, but is in my opinion not worth it. As Garen, the sad truth is: you go INTO battle (where wanderer doesn't help) but you usually don't get OUT of it.

Assassin over Secret Stash or Runic Affinity because of Toplane Island. You're always (pretty much) in a 1 v 1 without people around. So as long as laning lasts, you have a 2% damage increase.

Merciless over Meditation for OBVIOUS reasons. Your skills are mana-free. No you don't need more explanation

Dangerous Game over Bandit or Greenfather's Gift. It gives you that little extra HP you might need to survive a fight. Greenfather's Gift could be the other viable choice if you plan on stepping in and out of bushes (which are provided in toplane). But since I rarely do this, I don't pick this.

I don't further expand the Cunning tree because the loss of Grasp of the Undying is too big to prefer Thunderlord's or something else over this. If i HAD to choose i'd go Intelligence and Thunderlord's Decree to decrease the CD on your skills (for more spamming) and Thunderlord's Decree because it's pretty easy to proc. But like I said, I strongly recommend to take the Resolve Keystone Masteries.


The Garen tree. Giving you more tankstats, tenacity and other benefits our Might needs.

I take Unyielding over Recovery. Garen's passive (recovering portion of his max HP) = Recovery, but better. The passive increases when Garen gains levels and HP. Recovery doesn't. Since you should build a lot of tank items on Garen, 5% bonus Armor and MR will become much more usefull than 2 hp every 5 seconds in later stages of the game. Because Recovery gives flat HP regeneration, it's not as usefull as the Perseverance mastery for instance, which gives % HP regeneration. This is much more beneficial to Garen.

I go Tough Skin over Explorer or Siegemaster. Garen is not realy a roaming champ. You could run down to mid, but when the enemy has a 7.png105.png38.png or other high mobility champ mid, you'll probably run down for nothing. Also champs like 34.png who can block or CC you if your flash is not up, won't be worth roaming to. On the other hand 2 less damage from champions basic attacks seems like nothing, but it's the little things that count in the numerous skirmishes you'll have in the toplane. Tough Skin combined with your passive helps with these skirmishes. As for Siegemaster, gaining extra armor and magic defence while DEFENDING doesn't make sense to me. If you'd gain this while attacking (towerdiving) it would benefit you. But right now, I wouldn't take it.

I take Runic Armor over Veteran's Scars. Runic Armor gives you even more HP regen from your passive. Eventough it's just a teeny-tiny bit, combine this with a 3065.png or a 3083.png (with over 3000 health) and you have a nice increase of your HP regen. 45 HP is definately not worth taking since Runic Armor synergises so well with your garenpassive.png and Vampirism from the Ferocity tree.

Perseverance over Insite or Fearless. Yes it's true Perseverance increases your passive! Your passive is already one of the strongest passives in the game for laning. And with this mastery you can make it even stronger. Broken much?

I prefer Swiftness over Legendary Guardian. As a champ which biggest weakness is getting kited, it's important to have the 15% tenacity Swiftness offers to keep chasing that ADC who is 1 garenjustice.png away from a quick trip to base. Legendary Guardian offers 3 Armor and Magic Resist for each nearby enemy champion, which means at best it gives 15 Armor and MR. Definately not worth if u could get 15% tenacity instead.

Keystone Masteries:

The keystone masteries are a personal preference. They are all great, each suited for a different playstyle. Which is why I usually change it, based on the enemy team and our team composition. I will explain which keystone mastery I take in different situations.

Grasp of the Undying
I love this keystone mastery. This mastery gives great combat stats. You can make use of it in 1 v 1's during the laning fase, but also when you're teamfighting. Personally one of my favorites. A nice tip: 3751.png and 3068.png passive (the burn) counts thowards keeping yourself 'in combat'. If the passive is hitting minions, it'll count as if you where in combat. This is a nice little trick to keep you in combat forever!

Courage of the Colossus
This is completely useless for Garen. You're only granted a shield if you stun, taunt, snare or knock up a champion. Since Garen lacks this ability it's obvious it's not a viable option.

Bond of Stone
A great keystone mastery when you are the (main) tank on your team. If you have squisy teammates (Fiddle jungle, Zed mid, Soraka support and Miss Fortune ADC) it's quite helpfull to make sure they take less damage. Other then this, I usually go for Grasp of the Undying.

Keystone Masteries: I usually go Grasp of the Undying 8/10 games and Bond of stone 2/10 games.

Abilities Back to Top



garenpassive.png Perseverance
Garen regenerates 0.4%/0.8%/2% max HP every second (levels 1/11/16). This effect stops if he takes champion or monster damage. So taking damage by minions doesn't stop garenpassive.png.
At level 11 and above, damage from non-epic monsters no longer stops this passive. This means the passive only stops if Garen gets hit by Dragon or Baron.

A great skill overall that gives Garen a lot of stustain during the game.

If you have a 3065.png (without masteries) this passive sustain increases to 0.48/0.96/2.4% max HP regeneration. Resulting in a 47.1 HP regen per second at level 16.


 garenslash3.png Decisive Strike
Deals 30/55/80/105/130 (+40% AD) damage . You get a 30% movement speed boost for 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds. This also give you an empowered AA which silences the target for 1.5 second. To top all of this, it removes all slows on Garen. Talking about strong abilities.... Oh almost forgot: this resets Garen's autoattack timer.

I start with this ability for a few reasons: the autoattack timer reset helps you with last hitting, this helps you to poke, gives you movement speed and removes slows. A nice skill to start with.
The reason I don't max this first is because at level 1, this skill already gives you 30% movementspeed, an AA reset and a silence for 1.5 seconds. This doesn't increase if you level it up. Only the time you get the movement speed boost and the damage increases with levels. Given this, I believe maxing garenbladestorm.png brings more to the battlefield that is toplane.

garencommand.png Courage
Passive: gives Garen permanently (for the entire game) 0.25 bonus armor and MR for each opponent killed (minions, champions, monsters). This effect stacks up to 30 bonus resistances. So you need to kill 120 opponents to maximize the effect of this passive.
Active: Reduces incoming damage by 30% for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds.

I take this ability second so I can start stacking the passive. I max it last since the only thing that gets increased is the duration of the 30% damage reduction. Which is required most during the hard teamfights later on in the game.

garenbladestorm.png Judgement
Garen spins around for 3 seconds dealing 15/18.8/22.5/26.3/30 (+34.5%, 35.3%, 36%, 36.8%, 37.5% AD) damage per spin. After 1 second you can reactivate this skill to cancel it, reducing the cooldown by it's remaining duration.
The number of spins increases when you level up. A detailed explaination can be found in the 'how to go where you please' section.

I max this ability first for waveclear and effective trading. This ability gains a lot of damage when leveled up.

garenjustice.png Demacian Justice
Passive: The champion with the most kills in the last 5 minutes is marked as the 'Villain'. garenjustice.png deals true damage to the Villain. Garen's basic attacks and each spin of garenbladestorm.png deals 1% of the Villain's max HP as bonus true damage.
Active: Garen calls upon the might of Demacia to execute the opponent. Dealing 175/350/525 magic damage (+28.6%, 33.3%, 40% of opponent's missing HP).

I take Demacian Justice whenever possible.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting items 9/10 times. The corrupting potion gives you HP and dueling potential.
    This is a possible start but honestly I never use it. Only consider this if you are against someone like a gnar, vayne or other range AA champ.
    This is also a viable option. It allows you to get to your Sunfire Cape faster while reducing AD. Choose one of the potions (i'd personally go for the Rifillable Potion and upgrade it to a Corrupting Potion on my next back).

Core Items

    These items are your core items. You get them (almost) every game. Depending on how well you're doing you get BC
    One of these is also Core. Depending on how well you are doing you get BC or one of these first.

Situational Items

    If the enemy has AP mid, and 2 other AP (top, jungle, or a support like annie, brand, etc.)
    Required for facing champs like vayne/jax who AA a lot.
    If you have multiple tanks and you need some more damage you can consider getting one of these.
    Has it's own section

When facing AD

Toplane usually means  you're facing an AD based opponent. You can start with either 2033.png or 1029.png and pots, it's up to your preference and how well you think you're gonna get poked. If you think you're gonna get poked alot, I'd suggest starting with 2033.png. If you think it's gonna be a farm lane and you want to get to one of your armor items faster (3068.png3742.png or 3143.png) you should go cloth 5 + pots (2031.png or 3x 2003.png).

Start by getting one of the three armor items displayed above. Or of you're doing realy well start working on a 3044.png that builds into 3071.png. Most games I'll start by getting one of the armor items, and get the black cleaver after.
After you get two items it's usually time to teamfight. So naturally you'd get some MR (3065.png) to counter that annoying AP mid. A good fourth item would be a 3083.png. Since your health should be well over 3000 by this point, you get this nice passive to regenerate after a close fight, making you ready to go again in no time.

When facing AP

In the rare case you face an AP-toplaner, start with 2033.png. AP usually means ranged, which means you'll get poked if you go for CS. Corrosive potion will help you sustain. Get 3065.png and 3111.png as soon as you can. This wil reduce the damage as well as giving you more speed when using your Q. Mercury's Treads will also give you more tenacity, reducing the effects of CC. After you get those two items go for 3071.png or 3083.png depending on how good you're doing. If you're fine get Black Cleaver. If you're still having some troubles get Warmog's Armor. For the last two items get some armor for the other enemies (ADC and .....) so they have a hard time killing you aswell.
By this time you should be the annoying, unkillable tank everyone hates to play against.


In my opinion you can go three different kind of boots on 86.png.
You can go for either 1308.png1323.png or 1318.png. I always go for the Distortion Enchantment since it reduces the cooldown of your summoners. Which means your 12.png can be used more often. This could potentially be the difference between getting the enemy inhib after a fight or not.

1308.png Grab these boots if the enemy has a minimum of hard CC (only slows) AND only 1 champ who AA's alot.
The movementspeed you get from these boots is insane. Making you pretty much impossible to kite around since your Q movementspeed on top of this will allow you to outrun anyone (hecarim?? I don't know that champ).

1323.png These are the boots I go with for most of my games.
Usually the enemy has a fair amount of CC, making these boots just the best you can get. Even if the enemy team has 2/3 AA champs, I'll still go Merc's if they also have hard CC (Jax top (AA + CC), Xin Zhao Jungle (AA), Lux mid (CC), Caitlyn ADC (AA), Leona Supp(CC)).

1318.png Take these boots if they have a team that has a lot of AA but very little or no CC.
I don't use these boots very often since a team usually doesn't have a lot of AA champs other then the ADC and one other. Also CC champs are hot (not like 37.png you pervs.... i mean champs that are picked often). So in a lot of games, there will be a fair amount of CC making the Mercury's Treads the superiour choice.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Gnar
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Lissandra
  • Malphite
  • Nasus
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Swain
  • Tahm Kench
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Volibear
  • Wukong
  • Yasuo




This matchup is quite similar to a matchup vs fiora. But your damage and tankiness will make it quite hard for Camille. Just make sure you don't feed her early on. The shield she gets from camillepassive.png could surprise you so be carefull. If you play it smart you should be able to kill her at lvl 6 with ur ult up.




Darius is quite hard to face due to his sustain from his Q and his high and true damage. Just try to farm. Get CS if you can just don't get hit by his Q too much.

If you ever get grabbed by his E DON'T USE YOUR garenslash3.png IMMEDIATELY. I've seen way too many Garen players get grabbed by E, use Q and then get slowed by Darius's W. After getting grabbed w8 for his W to hit, then use Q to remove the slow. You'll take less damage if  you do it like this.

If you took some damage just play it safe, let your passive regenerate you. Darius's manapool is not very big. If he's oom or just low on mana you can all him him for the kill.

Darius will be a threat to you throughout the game due to his true damage, so play smart when he's around.

If you find yourself getting grabbed often, consider maxing Q before E to get away faster.


Dr. Mundo


In this matchup the laningfase can go both ways. If someone get's an adventage over the other, he'll have a hard time for the rest of the game. Mundo does % hp damage, which is annoying if you're as tanky as garen. On the other hand Garen's garenjustice.png is a big threat to Mundo. If he doesn't pop his sadism.png in time, Garen can execute Mundo before it can regenerate him.

As garen just farm and dodge the cleavers by staying behind the minions. If you get some beneficial trades or a gank you should be able to kill him

Consider taking 14.png in this matchup to counter his sadism.png.




This matchup should be quite easy. Your damage and tankiness will be too much for her. Just make sure she doesn't fiorariposte.png your initial garenslash3.png and garenjustice.png or you'll still lose to her.

If played smart you should be able to win. Just don't get fooled by her regeneration especially after 1 or 2 items!



All you have to do is play around his barrels and  you should be fine. Most GP's don't know how to use them propperly so just farm and wait till he uses his parley.png on a minion. After that you can go in for some easy harass or a kill. Make sure you don't get hit by his raisemorale.png often because it'll make you cry.




This matchup depens for most part on wether you can dodge his Boomerang Throw. If you get hit over and over by it, it'll be hard for you to cs since he'll be willing to take more risks if you're low HP. If you can dodge it, you can overcome the harass from his AA's and you should be able to CS.

In this lane it's hard to kill gnar in Mini Form if he doesn't make big mistakes and saves his jump. Since he can just hop away if you try to go in on him. When he's in big form wait till he uses W (the stun) on minions and you're good to go. Your Q can remove the slow from his Q and in toplane it's quite hard to knock someone into terrain with gnarR.png.

Just farm this lane out and ask for jungler assistance. Late game you should outscale him.




Illaoi is a pain in your Fluffybut. She does tons of damage while sustaining. Try to dodge her tentacles and call for your jungler's assistance before you go in on her. If she has tentacles near her don't fight even when your jungler is around since her massive AOE damage will kill you both. Build armor to counter her damage and try to farm as well as possible.

This lane will be quite hard. On the otherhand if u play smart she shouldn't be able to kill u aswell.




I find irelia okay to play against. The true damage coming from her ireliahitenstyle.png active is annoying, but your damage (specially in earlier stages of the game) is much higher than hers. In this matchup you should try to poke her with Q followed with E and try to zone her from CS as much as possible.

Overall don't make stupid mistakes and don't be scared to play defensive if your opponent turns out to have amazing skills.




Jax isn't too bad of an opponent for garen. Jax relies on his E for trading. But 86.png doesn't care. If he activates E and he might jump on you, activate W (it's on a much shorter cooldown as Jax's E) and E this reduces damage and allows you to do damage to him since the stun doesn't stop your E. After this just Q him and you won the trade.

The best part is that after a while of not trading, you are full HP again :D




A champ you can run into when playing top every now and then. Lissandra is mostly annoying due to her CC. Not that dangerous though. Rush 3065.png and 3111.png and you're set. If it's a decent Lissandra you won't be able to kill her, since every time you try to get to her she lissandraW.png's you. But you can farm quite well, and become the lategame beast you want to be.

She's not unkillable, if she uses her lissandraW.png to farm or if you manage to dodge it while charging at her, go ham on her. You'll be surprised how much damage you do. She'll probably use her ult or atleast E to avoid more fighting.

Just don't eat too many of her lissandraQ.png so you keep ur passive up. Also don't make the mistake of thinking you're unkillable. With the amount of CC she has, a gank can easily get u killed since she can lock you up for 3 seconds.




A pretty safe matchup for you. Malphite should be out of mana before your HP is below 50% so he can't realy do a lot. Also the slow from his seismicshard.png can be removed by your garenslash3.png. Just make sure you don't activate it first, otherwise he gets a huge movementspeed boost.

Other then just farming and shredding through him (after getting 3071.png) there's not a lot more you have to do.




This matchup is one of the easiest you can have. Your garenslash3.png removes his only form of CC wither.png. You are so tanky, his Q barely does damage to you, you can even reduce that damage with your W. And best of all your garenjustice.png deals damage based on missing health, making his tankstats less effective.

Just don't fall for the 'I-HAVE-TO-POKE-NASUS,-EVEN-IN-THE-DUMBEST-MOMENTS-BECAUSE-I-CAN'T-LET-HIM-FARM'-idea. This is cowpoo. He will get (some) farm. It's inevitable. Just trade with him at good terms (not a lot of minions attacking you, not in turret range, etc.) making it harder for him. And most important: don't shove the wave. Nasus has an easy time farming under the turret, and you won't be able to trade with him. So don't use E to farm.




Quite an easy matchup. Just poke him with Q and E (activate W) and retreat. All you have to do for the laningfase is not die (which isn't hard if you just use that brain of yours a little). After that and even during he falls off. To a point where your damage is higher then his, your tankstats are better then his, and overall your champ is better then his.

Just farm and take good trades. And you should easily be able to win this matchup.




Riven can't do anything vs you. Your Q destroys her entire combo, you are too tanky to be bursted down quickly. She has no natural sustain so after trades (early game) she can't heal back up, all and all a matchup that should always go in your favour.

Grab an armor item first, go 3071.png after and your lane should be won.




This guy....

So annoying. His poke combo swaintorment.png + swainbeam.png is super annoying. The fact that he can regenerate with swainmetamorphism.png makes poking him seem useless. But there's a silverlining. Farm, farm, farm! try to get as much (free) CS as possible. Rush that 3065.png and 3111.png. Swain players usually go Rod of Ages first. It literally takes ages before it becomes effective.

The time will come where you can damage him enough, back off and go back in to finish with your garenjustice.png before he can sustain back up.

Also asking your jungler for a gank also helps in many occasions.

Play smart and play safe!


Tahm Kench


Damn this champ is annoying. Annoying till the point he can kill you, and you can kill him. He'll probably start with W or Q. At level 2 he'll usually get the other skill. At level 3 he gets tahmkenchE.png 90% of the time. This means that at levels 1 and 2 you can go for trades. Since he doesn't get the HP back yet. After this just farm as much as u can. Tahm has high base damage which gets even worse at level 6 when he gets more damage on his AAs due to his ult passive.

If no one has a clear lead, 1 vs 1 neither of you should be able to kill eachother. Tahm can't kill you since his only form of CC tahmkenchQ.png (slow) can be removed with your garenslash3.png. So you should be able to run away if things turn ugly. Also he lacks burst so he can't surprise you with a sudden damage explosion. Tahm's tahmkenchE.png counters your finishing move: garenjustice.png he can pop it when he's almost dead and negate the damage. So just farm it out and focus on helping other lanes.




Other than what most people believe, teemo isn't that hard to play against. USUALLY.

The average teemo-player isn't that great. They understand the concept of 'harassing' but 9/10 times forget minion aggro at early lvls. So they take the same or more damage in return. Also teemo is squishy, which is a 100 to 0 at level 6 with your combo. garenslash3.png for gapclose, garenbladestorm.png, activate garencommand.png for less damage and finish him with garenjustice.png.

Oviously all you need to do is rush 3065.png and 3111.png and you won yourself a lane. When you complete those items. It's time to snowball, since the mercs will reduce the blind from blindingdart.png and slow from bantamtrap.png and the spirit visage will let you regenerate more (when possible) and take less damage from his AA.

Out of 10 matchups 8 people don't know how to play teemo vs garen and lose.

Thunderlords makes this matchup harder though. So make sure you don't eat too much harass. If possible ask for 1 gank pre 6. If you manage to kill him then, and give you a little free farming time top, getting 3111.png and 3065.png you're set.




This champ is annoying AF. He regenerates just as fast as you do, early even faster due to his passive (2% hp back from dying minions), he can steal you're tankstats, making him do more damage, and making him take less damage when you both go all-in. During this time he also steals a certain % of your HP which replenishes his.

An annoying matchup. You shouldn't be denied too much CS since he lacks real burst to kill you, just don't take too many free trundleQ.png. It's fine to miss 1 CS but keep your passive running. Jungler ganks can make this matchup hard or easy depending who's getting ganked ;-)




Famous o'l tryndamere. Can be quite the pickle. Your garenjustice.png's animation takes long enough for an average tryndamere player to activate the undyingrage.png making you unable to execute him.

If he can't build up (and keep up) the furybar he isn't too dangerous early game. He does have a little sustain making it annoying to trade with him.

However your tankiness should overcome his damage, and your basedamage is serious enough to make him consider his moves. Not the easiest matchup but definately not unwinnable if you play smart.




Volibear is a nightmare for tanky champions (with no escapes). His W does damage based on missing health, which is the pain in this matchup. Other than his W, his Q allows him to catch up with you even if you use your Q since he'll get a bigger movementspeed bonus. Other then these 2 abilities it isn't too bad to face him. Since his E and R do AP damage, it'll only have a little extra damage.

Just be carefull not to go head to head with him if you don't have a clear lead or have jungle support. Things can turn from bad to ugly very quick in this matchup.

The only advantage u have is ur garenjustice.png. The burst it gives you can just be enough to finish him before his passive regenerates him. Be smart!




A great matchup for Garen. If he comes in for some Q + E harass, silence him, and spin-to-win. Even after he uses his clone he'll still take some of the E damage while being invisible, resulting in a favorable trade for you.

You should naturally win this lane, just be carefull of the person called 'the Jungler' (dramatic music playing).




Just. Make. Him. Cry. Like for real, he can't do anything. You're way too tanky, his W is completely useless, he has no natural sustain (less since they nerfed the Warlord's Bloodlust mastery). Also your Q fcks with his combo since he can't dash for 1.5 seconds because of the silence.

Just shit on him and make him team flame him for picking Yasuo into Garen.

(get 3143.png for crit reduction).

Edit: Be carefull of his damage! Earlygame when your armor is still low, he can dominate you. Just play smart and be patient. Don't go ham. No need for that. Just let him push (they always do), call ur jungler for a free kill, repeat this process 1nce or 2ce and then shit on him. He'll be too far behind/you'll be too tanky to do anything. Ur combo will take him down 50%. Do it again with ur ult and he's a free kill.

How to go where you please Back to Top

Players that have some experience with League of Legends and the different champions, have probably noticed by now that the title 'Garen goes where he pleases' is actually a phrase use by a different champion 36.png.

I feel Garen fits this 'slogan' too. Due to the passive sustain you get from your passive, masteries and items, he gets insanely tanky, while still doing damage especially to the 'villain'. He has a build-in escape with Q and can screw up combo's with it. This makes him a big threat to mages. Also assassins could have troubles against a team with Garen, since assassins tend to go in, blow someone up, and escape. But if someone silences them, they could be denied a safe retreat and get blown up themselves.

I want to take a look at 86.png and his sustainability he gets from items, masteries and garenpassive.png combined. In this calculation I've assumed he's level 18 and has 3399 health.

86.png base HP regeneration at level 18 is 3.26 per second.
garenpassive.png gives 2% max HP regeneretion every second. Since we have 3399 HP this is 68 HP per second.
3065.png gives +150% base regeneration and 20% healing effectiveness.
3083.png gives +200% base regeneration and 3% max HP regeneration (if no damage was taken in the last 8 seconds).
Runic Armor mastery: makes regeneration 8% stronger.
Perseverance mastery: gives +50% base regeneration, increased to +200% when below 25% HP.

If we add all these numbers, a 3399 health Garen (amount of HP u have with these masteries, 3065.png and 3083.png at lvl 18) with warmogs passive active, who hasn't been damaged in the last 8 seconds regenerates 238.4 Health per second.

This is just insane... This means that if your team had a baron fight around baron, where you barely survived, leaving you with 1 HP (damn that was close) you'll be full HP in 12 seconds. Ready to tank those 2 nexus turrets and win the game. Since usually you won't be at 1 HP after a fight. But somewhere around 20-40% hp, you'll be full hp in around 8-10 seconds. Simply amazing.

Besides his insane health regeneration, he also has quite some damage. Specially on his E. Since it isn't always clear to people how this works, I've made a calculation on how the damage is applied.

This is the damage calculation when you level up and you use my skillorder:
86.pngLevel 1: 5 spins do 175.05 base damage. (35.01 per spin)           garenbladestorm.png level 1
86.pngLevel 4: 6 spins do 256.82 base damage. (42.80 per spin)           garenbladestorm.png level 2
86.pngLevel 7: 7 spins do 390.18 base damage. (55.74 per spin)           garenbladestorm.png level 4
86.pngLevel 10: 8 spins do 519 base damage. (64.88 per spin)              garenbladestorm.png level 5
86.pngLevel 13: 9 spins do 631.13 base damage. (70.13 per spin)         garenbladestorm.png level 5
86.pngLevel 16: 10 spins do 761.25 base damage. (76.13 per spin)       garenbladestorm.png level 5

I hope this helps with understanding how the E works. Keep in mind that you do more/less damage depending on your opponents armor and your items. This is just the flat out base damage.

Toplaner tips Back to Top



I would like to go over the warding as a toplaner in this section, since it's a big point in playing league. I've seen several graphs that show the difference between the average bronze warding and diamond warding. Therefore I believe the statement: 'vision wins the game' is true. If you want to see how you're doing on warding, click here. This website will show you how much wards you place vs what's 'normal' for someone your ELO.

Starting from the Blue Side:
When starting from this side try to get a pink in the bush just behind your tower as you can see in the picture above. I prefer putting  a pinkward here over placing one in the river bush. The reason I love doing this is that you usually have to spend 75 or 150 to keep it up for the entire laningfase. If you get pushed under tower, with -50% hp, you're prone to get dived. With this ward you'll see the enemy jungler coming if he's trying to come from behind.

If you are winning hard you can consider putting a pinkward in the riverbush. Since you'll be pushed out most of the time, it'll stay there for quite some time.

My trinket ward usually goes in the river bush if i'm even or behind. I don't want to lose any CS since it'll make me fall (further) behind. It's still usefull since I can see (most) jungles coming giving me a small window to make it back to my tower. Ofcourse their are exceptions to this 35.png154.png. I don't bother warding the enemy tribush (where the Red Pinkward is) for the same reason. It takes too much time. Also there's a better option: Just ward the second or third top bush (lanebush). If the jungler comes from the enemy's tribush, he'll enter your riverward's vision OR he'll try to lanegank. So if you ward one of the lanebushes that won't work. Making it unnecessary to ward the enemy tribush. At the cost of CS or and unfavorable trade (when the enemy follows you).

If I'm doing fine, winning hard or I have a moment to roam I put my ward a little more towards the baron pit (as you can see ^^). This gives me (and my jungler) vision over Baron/Rift Harald (entrance) and one entrance to the top jungle. Enemies get spotted earlier giving me more time to react. Just be carefull not to miss them! They walk in and out of vision. So if you don't check your map every now and then, you could just miss them! Keep in mind that if you use this strategy, you have to ward the enemy tribush (where the Red Pinkward is placed). Otherwise you won't spot an incoming jungler from that side. Warding the Riverbush or lanebush isn't going to work this time since you'll still have 1 side uncovered. Therefore warding the enemy tribush is strongly reccomended.

When your turret get's destroyed, try to keep a pinkward up in the bush next to the bluebuff. This will give you vision over your jungle and the chokepoint leading to your second tier turret. (I marked this point but part of the map got cut off).

Starting from the Red side:
When starting from this side, try to keep a pinkward up in your tribush (where the Pink ward is placed). This is harder then keeping it up on blue side since the enemy will be warding there aswell most of the time. I usually spend around 300 to keep a pinkward up during the laningfase. If I'm losing hard, I'll give this spot up since it'll be destroyed every time. An alternative could be the bush just behind the turret. But I actually never do this.
When you're winning, (hard or slightly ahead doesnt matter) it's easy to keep this ward up. If your opponent goes to clear it, just follow him and trade/kill him. The only time it'll get destroyed if you're at base or if you get ganked.

Same as for the blue side: my trinket ward usually goes in the riverbush. Or near the baron pit. The exception to this is if i'm losing my lane, and my Pinkward keeps getting destroyed. I ward the tribush and one of the lane bushes.

When your turret gets destroyed, try keep a pinkward up in the bush just below the second tier top turret. It'll cover red and alert you from people roaming your jungle. This bush isn't checked very often, so it's a great place for a pinkward.

Toplane Island

From my experience this is usually how it feels. In 75% - 80% of the games, you won't see a jungler, maybe once or twice. This means that when playing toplane you can take slightly more risks. This doesn't mean you can go all YOLO on your opponent and never think about getting ganked again, I'm just saying toplane is an 'island' where it's just you and your opponent most of the time. So where you'd normally back off when playing mid or botlane, you can overstep your lines a little more often toplane.

This also means that when the enemy gets fed, this'll probably be on you (amazing enemy TP's never happen in soloQ. Right......). So you only have yourself to blame. Don't blame your jungler for not ganking, he has his own things to worry about, and he's contributing to the team in his own way. No matter how useless he might seem to you.

You and only you are responsible for winning your lane or atleast get through the laningfase without feeding (too much). Toplane Island isn't for everyone but it sure is fun if you're the one ruling the island.

ZZ'Rot Portal Back to Top

ZZ'rot Portal 3512.png

First i'd like to start with this: never build ZZ'rot vs 75.png. He can stack on the voidlings. Since they barely have HP it's always a 1shot.

This item has really increased in popularity since the beginning of pre-season but it was a too powerfull. So a few patches ago (6.6) it received the nerf which it deserved.

The little voidlings that spawn when using ZZ'rot always keep a lane pushing, giving you easy towers. I still think it could be viable when playing as a tanky toplaner like 86.png111.png. The item gives you MR, armor en a nice movementspeed boost when walking past (destroyed) turrets. And ofcourse the active. I'll describe strategic use of the item in the next section.

Strategic use of the 3512.png

The ZZ'rot will keep a lane pushing to the enemy. If an enemy comes to clear the minions, but doesn't destroy the portal, it'll push again. This is amazing when  you are both winning and losing.
If you're defending,  always set it under a turret. This gives a splitpusher has a harder time clearing the minions/waves, giving you and your team more time to react.
If you're winning you can use this to push your advantage. Setting it up in a sidelane and pressure another lane. The minions will get to a turret and start to tear it apart. If someone goes to deal with it, you can engage in the other lane since it'll be a 4 vs 5. If no one clears it, you just sit back and let the minions + voidlings kill the top turret. Once that's destroyed they'll move on to the inhibitor turret and 9/10 times someone will go and clear it. That's your moment. It helps alot if you have someone who can engage well (like 111.png) but with 86.png this works too. Just run at them, if they run away you take the turret, if they fight, you fight back. This same strategy aplies when you're fighting for baron. As a toplaner you should've taken 12.png. So you can set up your 3512.png botlane, and walk or TP back to baron. Here you just do the baron dance as your little minion helpers do the work by taking their bot turret(s).

Best spots for 3512.png

When starting at Blue side
Rift blue side.jpg

1. If I get a ZZ'rot quite early (1st or 2nd item) and my turret is still up, I put it at my own turret. This way it's really hard for the enemy toplaner to push the lane and get your tower. It doesn't matter if you took the enemy turret or not. If you did, it'll push the lane to the 2nd tier turret. If you didn't your portal will kill it for you.
2. I put it here if I took their turret, and if I notice the enemy toplaner isn't top anymore. There's usually a moment in the game where laningfase is over, and you'll both start to group mid. It doesn't matter if your turret is still up or not. Just whack that portal at 2 and group with your team. Let the minions do the work.
3. + 4. Depending on how the game goes you choose to put the portal in 3 or 4. If the enemy toplaner (or anyone of their team) is barely top anymore. And fights are usually fought elsewhere on the Rift, just place it at 4. If the map isn't opened up (mid still has all 3 turrets) up, your portal will get destroyed fast if u place it at 4. If the enemy 2nd tier turret is destroyed. Put it at 3 or 4 depending on how 'open' mid is. If your team is working on the 2nd tier or inhibitor turret, playing the portal at 4 wil doo the trick.

If you want to give botlane a hand (for whatever reason) these are the spots to put it.
5. Put it here if you're still getting tier 1 turret or there's ocasionally someone bot.
6. Only put it here if 1 mid turret is taken. Otherwise it'll get destroyed too fast. Placing the portal here will pressure 2nd tier bot turret.
7. Only put it here if the 2nd tier turret is gone bot and you're going for the inhibitor turret.

When starting at Red side
(This is just Ctrl C - Ctrl V from blue side. No fancy new things going on in this section)

1. If I get a ZZ'rot quite early (1st or 2nd item) and my turret is still up, I put it at my own turret. This way it's really hard for the enemy toplaner to push the lane and get your tower. It doesn't matter if you took the enemy turret or not. If you did, it'll push the lane to the 2nd tier turret. If you didn't your portal will kill it for you.
2. I put it here if I took their turret, and if I notice the enemy toplaner isn't top anymore. There's usually a moment in the game where laningfase is over, and you'll both start to group mid. It doesn't matter if your turret is still up or not. Just whack that portal at 2 and group with your team. Let the minions do the work.
3. + 4. Depending on how the game goes you choose to put the portal in 3 or 4. If the enemy toplaner (or anyone of their team) is barely top anymore. And fights are usually fought elsewhere on the Rift, just place it at 4. If the map isn't opened up (mid still has all 3 turrets) up, your portal will get destroyed fast if u place it at 4. If the enemy 2nd tier turret is destroyed. Put it at 3 or 4 depending on how 'open' mid is. If your team is working on the 2nd tier or inhibitor turret, playing the portal at 4 wil doo the trick.

If you want to give botlane a hand (for whatever reason) these are the spots to put it.
5. Put it here if you're still getting tier 1 turret or there's ocasionally someone bot.
6. Only put it here if 1 mid turret is taken. Otherwise it'll get destroyed too fast. Placing the portal here will pressure 2nd tier bot turret.
7. Only put it here if the 2nd tier turret is gone bot and you're going for the inhibitor turret.

To close this part; ZZ'Rot Portal is an amazing item, it can really turn the tide when used correctly. Try it yourself and you'll see how strong it is. After the nerf it should be used smarter since it has 5 HP like a pinkward. Making it easier to destroy. Also some of the base stats have been nerfd. But I still think it's a strong item on the utility toplaners (111.png57.png98.png). To be honest I haven't been building this item that much on 86.png anymore. But that's totally up to personal preference.

One last tip: try to get someone else to build this aswell. If you can get 2 ZZ'Rot's on your team, you can stay mid, pressure and let bot or top push. Giving you a 4 vs 5 or 3 vs 5.

About me Back to Top

I'm Mister Fluffybut and I'm a Dutch Gold/Platinum player. I started back in season 4. I play pretty much every lane but I enjoy toplane the most. 

I enjoy plaing Garen due to this tankiness and ability to walk though the enemy team without dying. Nothing is more fun than being as annoying as possible (let's be honest). Running through the enemy team causing chaos and making them focus the wrong target. 86.png. The best part is to survive all of this and have your HP back in no time after the fight. Just watch the allchat 'omg wtf Garen so broken', 'gg wp Garen OP', 'pls so unskilled... noob champ'. Garen is fairly strong in the current meta. The fact that hes relatively easy to learn (you can't miss your skills since they are click-skills), makes him a strong pick especially in the lower elo's.
This is why I dediced to make a Garen guide.

86.png Garen goes where he pleases 86.png

- Garen, Might of Demacia


This is my second guide but tips/suggestions are always welcome!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them and I'll try to respond to everyone.

Change Log Back to Top

January 7 2016:

- Guide Created.

- January 10 2016:
- 'Ability' section finished
- 'Runes' section finished
- how to go where you please' section updated

January 18 2016:

- Patchnotes updated
- 'Runes section finished & added (again)
- Added more matchups
- 'Toplaner tips' section added

March 7 2016:

- Patchnotes updated
- Added more matchups: 58.png127.png223.png48.png and 17.png.
- Changed matchups: from easy to medium114.png, from easy to medium 157.png
- Added 'Toplane Island' under Toplaner tips section

March 14 2016

- Patchnotes updated
- Added 'ZZ'rot Portal' section to items

March 29 2016

- Patchnotes updated
- Changed 'ZZ'rot Portal' section since the nerfs to the item.

April 11 2016

- Patchnotes updated
- Change 'ZZ'rot Portal' section a bit more since I wasn't happy about it :P

April 25 2016

- Patchnotes updated
- Made some changes to the 'ZZ'rot Portal' section

May 12 2016

- Patchnotes updated
- Items/matchups not updated yet, not enough experience with them yet.

May 19 2016

- Patchnotes updated

June 13 2016

- Patchnotes updated
- Items/matchups updated

June 20 2016

- Patchnotes updated

July 4 2016

- Patchnotes updated

January 3 2017

- Big mastery update/change
- Matchups updated: 164.png added. Working on 240.png, not enough experience playing against him yet.

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