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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Works best for gnar because it allows for dragon pressure, lane ganks, and split pushing, all of which gnar excels at. It also allows him (if used to tp back to lane) to grab extra farm and not get behind if against a difficult


Absolutely necessary for escaping engaging chasing etc.

New Runes Back to Top

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=64Personal favorite, allows a lot of damage while being able to still build tanky. Sustained fights = easy kills

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64For when you need to play safe and not die in lane, gives lots of sustain

Abilities Back to Top


Max Rgnarr.png Qgnarq.png Wgnarw.png Egnare.png

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Against sustained damage and poke (ex. gangplank, liss).
    Standard start. Great against early all ins and burst. Gives more snowball capability then long sword start
    -From cloth armor start- good item to rush against a single target bully lane like pantheon or jayce
    Against tough matchups

Core Items

    (Aggressive start) changes to BC (increase hp and better build path) makes this item even more appealing to rush on gnar. Snowballs incredibly hard and gives enough defensive stats
    Ninja tabis: High AD/ aa based comps (ex fiora/camille top, graves jg, adcs) Mercs: ap or tank top and abilitiy based jg.
    (balanced start) Fantastic item to get 1st or second. Get first if its a more difficult lane or you're worried about getting camped. I almost always have this item at some point in the game
    (Defensive start) Getting camped or having a really hard time against your laner (buy one)
    Core If theres lots of teamfighting and grouping in mid game
    Against an AP laner+ 2+ other AP opponents. Gives an incredible amount of damage against magic damage match ups as well as a lot of defense against AP.
    New split push carry build

Situational Items

    Change to thormail giving it health and grevious wounds make it a great item to build in many situations
    If you are getting bursted down really fast
    I use this If i plan on splitpushing or getting focussed in teamfights
    An option if you are more than tanky enough and need to help prevent your allies from dying. Very rare buy
    To deal with fed adc's or double crit comps
    Best all around mr item
    Get if your lane opponents damage is primarily a single magic damage spell or has DoT. Example (malzahar, teemo, cassiopeia)
    A great teamfight item. Best to activate After you engage in mega with your combo
    A typical build
    Their adc is really fed build
    Standard Tankier Build




Defensive:1029.png+2003.pngx5 or 1054.png+2003.pngx2


Rush: 3052.png or 3044.png

First full item :      3071_64.png   or  3022.png

Completed Core:

Optimal:     3071_64.png    + 3022.png+(3047.pngor3111.png)

Defensive:  3022.png+(3065.pngor3742.pngor3193.png)+(3047.pngor3111.png)

Standard Build (BC):

Path and Item choices are dependent on the situation, explained in the item section above.

This is your standard build. You can build this against any matchup and the build fits into your team very well.


Situational Items:3194.png3026.png3075.png3047.png3742.png3053.png3190.png3083.png

Wit's End Build (Against 3+AP or Midlane against AP):

Being a situational build, there are several requirements in order for this build to work to its full potential. Only build this if:

 1. You're against a laner with at least 50% magic damage (ex. Yes to lissandra or mundo. No to pantheon)

2. Confident that you can snowball your lane

3. Only buy guinsoo's if you arent the only tank on the team (You are much squishier because of it)


3091.png Fantasic snowballing item. so much synergy with gnar- attack speed to increase 3rd W procs, stacking mr to survive fights, magic pen to make W hurt more, and an additional on hit magic damage to boost your overall damage. Also helpful in mega gnar because the attack speed allows you to get an auto inbetween every ability in your all in combo
3022.png Everyone knows how good FM is on gnar. It works so great in this build because you can kite and kill your opponents much easier from the slow and the damage output of wits end

Matchups Back to Top

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Deny farm and harrass early game, once six dont let her engage on you in mini gnar, she'll kill you




Poke, jump on with mega gnar, destry him




dodge her poison, know when to back off. Mega gnar out duels her




You can dodge his abilities easily. You gain health in mega which counters his ult daamage




Dont get hooked. get frozen mallet so he cant chase or run from you. Harass him with your Q as much as possible. Dont engage enless in mega gnar. To win this matchup you need to be able to kite very well with this champ. Remember at any point of the game to be careful in minignar. Even if hes really behind he can still burst you with his ult up.8




This champion is a pain in the ass to deal with, as any champion. It is crucial to stay out of range of her when in mini gnar. If she gets a fioraq.png off on your vital she can all in you and kill you VERY quickly. Remember that mini gnar is one of the squishiest champions in the game. Poke and farm with gnarQ.png and keep your distance when you have a vital poniting near her. If you had to use your gnarE.png to disengage you MUST be very passive until its up again since it is your only escape in mini gnar. In mega gnar you need to be able to bait out her fiorariposte.png. If you decide to engage on her (which is risky at any point enless she doesnt have ult), jump on her and hope that she will fiorariposte.png right away. If she fiorariposte.png your gnarR.png a significant portion of your burst is gone, plus you'll get stunned. For the most part try not to feed her and ask for ganks, don't push the lane.i




New gangplank does a lot of damage with barrels and will poke you down with his Q. Dodge barrels and poke him down with Q and engage with mega gnar. If he used his parley.pngon a minion you can harass him with an AA gnarQ.png AA and back off. (just get 1 3rd proc). Never fight him in his cannonbarrage.png enless you're about to kill him.cannonbarrage.png does a lot of damage.




this champ..... ugh.  kite well and win lane. If he keeps bush camping stay on the opposite side of the minions away from the bushes.




be aware of his sustain from flask and W. Get mallet to reduce his damage and so you can kite him. If he rushes you with hecarimramp.png Q him to decrease his damage (by decreasing his speed)




Gnar has a better chance with this matchup due to his high mobility, range, and disengage. be sure to dodge her illaoiE.png and back off if she uses illaoiR.png. important to not use gnarE.png to dodge illaoiQ.png instead use it to dodge illaoiE.png




Difficult matchup but can be won. It is very important to be able to kite very well against her, avoid getting stunned. If you are inexperienced with this matchup/gnar, get a phage first into frozen mallet after (or just go frozen mallet. If you know gnar really well get black cleaver and then frozen mallet. Key points
-Only trade in mini gnar when her stun or dash is on CD
-You can trade well in mega gnar
- You cant kill her as mini gnar in most circomstances, even when ahead
- if you get behind, focus on farming and tp ganks
- if ahead deny cs and trade with caution
- If she can dash right onto you jump back to avoid her burst and then you can trade back since her dash/stun is on cd.


Jarvan IV


If he goes tank you win. If he goes full ad he will be scary. Keep your gnarE.png up after 6 when he ults you so you can jump out.




Kite, hop out of his e when he jumps on you, crush him in mega




Skill matchup


Lee Sin


Be careful really early game since lee's 1-6 is so strong. Once you build some defenses the matchup becomes fairly easy. You have a better teamfight. You can duel and chase better, you dont fall off late




Very difficult to win this lane. Malphite gets very tanky and can kill you when you are in mini gnar. After he gets a couple items you cant kill him 1v1, even in mega gnar.




Mostly a skill matchup, either can snowball the lane if a couple kills are gotten. Maokai gains a lot of extra heals due to gnar spamming his boomerang quite often so i would advise not to use it to farm since you dont want to give maokai hp back.


Master Yi


Kite, dont let him dodge your ult with his Q, wait for him to use it or catch him off guard




poke, harass, deny farm, snowball, win. Mid/late game if hes afk farming a lane get your team to force objectives to punish nasas/force him away from farming into teamfights. Dont stretch the game out into late game or he will become big, even if hes 0 10 cuz nasas -_-




poke with q, dodge his q, just do q auto x2 to get 3rd shot combo and back off.




you have to poke him down with your q, otherwise he'll kill you easy. poke him then engage with mega gnar. Play passive early levels, he has one of the best early games





Stops your enage with mega gnar from her poppyparagonofdemacia.png, only engage with mega if already in range of your gnarR.png or if her poppyparagonofdemacia.pngis on CD. If you get enaged on as mini gnar be careful cuz she will poppyparagonofdemacia.png your gnarE.png




Cleaver and Mallet = kite city




Kite, jump away if he tries to jump on you. Play very passively pre-6 and you can win the matchup




2 players of equal skill would favor riven, luckily since riven is a more difficult champ to master its more likely to be a better gnar player. OUT PLAY HER. IMPORTANT TIPS: remember that early and mid game she can kill you in mini gnar regardeless of the score, you can be 6 0 and she can still outburst you. Harass only when her riventricleave.png is on CD, use your gnarE.png to dodge her 3rd Q (takes practice to master), dont all in with mega gnar until she has 50% health or less (the less the better). BE SMART AND DONT GET COCKY.

BONUS: You can start cloth 5 in this matchups and rush wardens mail. NOTHING TILTS RIVEN PLAYERS MORE THAN ARMOR RUSHES (trust me i have 180,000 mastery on riven)




poke, trade, dodge q, go all in in mega gnar




isnt to hard of a matchup just difficult after 6 because she will nuke you in ult form if you are mini gnar




You can kite him really easliy




Start black cleaver, kite, hop his q, dodge his abilities. If you can kite and maneuver around him you can win the matchup. in mega gnar wait to use your w when he charges his Q.


Tahm Kench


You can't kill him, but he can kill you. Farm, stay out of range, ask for ganks, and roam/tp gank.




Poke with Boomerang, not the best idea to poke with autos becuase he can trade with you in mini gnar. In mega gnar go ham but watch for shrooms




if he constantly engages on you you will have a lot of difficulties. Be smart and know when to poke and disengage. Frozen malle and blackcleaver is necessary to kite in this matchup to win. 




out poke, out range, and out burst him. get spectrals cowl first so he cant out burst/harass you. If you want more kill pressure get a 3155.png instead




if he goes crystaline flask you will have a lot of problems against him. Harass him if his abilities are on CD.
If he jumps on you jump away from him but dont run away. Stay out of melee range and attack him. his gap closer will be on cd and his damage will be gone.




He will constantly windall your Q to put it on CD, play passive after he does until your Q is off CD. He will often try to dash threw your minions to get to you so be careful of that. You can out duel him in Mega GNar.

Rush a wardens mail, play VERY passively until you can come back to lane with armor. 3143.png is a great item to rush in this case

VIDEOS!! Back to Top

Gnar vidoes ive posted over the past years showing some outplays, builds, and a full game example! Feel free to ask any questions/tips/input about the vidoes!!

S8 Placement Game Highlights

S7 Ranked Full Gameplay:

15/1/7 placement game

S7 Outplays:

Gnar't Even Close

S7 Game Highlights:

10/0 Placement Match

15/1/7 Highlights

Runeglaive Gnar:

runglaive gnarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Gnar in 3v3's:

Gnar 3v3

Wits end on hit Gnar:

On hit Gnar op?

Patch 7.6 Gnar Buffs Back to Top

Base Stats

HEALTH REGEN (MINI)2.5  4.5 health per 5 seconds
HEALTH REGEN GROWTH STAT (MINI)0.5  1.75 health per 5 seconds
HEALTH REGEN (MEGA)6.5  4.5 health per 5 seconds
HEALTH REGEN GROWTH STAT (MEGA)3  1.75 health per 5 seconds

Mega E - Crunch

BUFF-FIXMega Gnar can now queue another spell during E - Crunch’s cast time

What do these changes mean?

Base stats:

Mini gnar hp regen base/growth stat increased, Mega Gnar decreased. I have been discussing the need for this for a very long time. Gnar's problem is that they put too much defense into mega gnar and not enough into mini, making the defensive contrast between the two champs too large. Mini gnar is too vulnerable in laning phase due to lower defensives and CC to defend himself against high damage laners. HOWEVER, this change to mini gnar might bring back his defensive powers, allowing him to build BC and fervor first to compete with the high damage toplaners without getting bullied out of lane.

Mega E - Crunch

I thought that the change would allow gnar to use abilities in the air (like khazix leap w), but it simply queues up the spell to be casted as soon as you land rather than in the air. This doesnt change anything. Having the same ability interaction as kha'zix E+W would be amazing to have on gnar (ex. double jump into mega gnar and Q in air to snipe out a target

About Gnar Back to Top


-Great kiting ability
-Mobile in mini gnar
-Can play very safe or aggressive
-High damage/burst in mega gnar
-Huge amounts of CC
-Becomes very tanky from passive
-High base damages
-Great engage and counter engage
-Able to peel for carries if needed
-High skill cap (you can always get better)


-High skill floor and cap
-Mini gnar dependent on landing Q and getting 3rd W proc for damage
-Countered by gap closers
-Mega Gnar doesnt last long
-Mini Gnar not very useful in teamfights
-Mega Gnar is slow
-Long cast times on Mega Gnar abilties
-Mini gnar is very vulnerable defensive stat wise

Ability Animation Canceling/Mechanics Back to Top

There aren't a lot of animation canceling options for gnar and it is not always very useful but i wanted to include these mechanics for situations where it can make an impact in a fight.

Mini Gnar:

AA+Q : Simple, easy. using q right after AA can get stacks faster on an enemy.
E+Q : you can boomerang in mid air to be able to get more damage or kite better in a shorter amount of time

Mega Gnar

**note: Mega Gnars Q has a large cast time and essentially stuns you for a moment while casting. the combos below remove some of the cast time therefore increasing damage efficiency of mega gnar

Q+E : if you use q and jump right after you will cancel half of the animation of Q and you wont jump into the air when using E, instead it will appear that you simply floated across the ground. Useful when you cant double jump on your target since you are already in mega but still want to catch your opponent off guard.

Q+W : Using your W immediately after your Q will cancel half of the animation of Q. **also works with Q+R

Bonus: (almost never useful but looks funny)- if you use your w just before you turn back to mini gnar you will transform into mini gnar but your w will still go off (looks like you used the stun W ability in mini gnar) It can catch your opponent off guard and they wont dodge it :P

Early Game (laning phase) Back to Top

Early Levels

- Try to get level 2 first. push the wave **NOT TOO MUCH**, so you can get lvl 2 before your opponent and lvl up W, after that make a trade with him. Against most matchups you can get him to at least half health if played well, and sometimes 1st blood if he makes mistakes. After let the lane push back to center lane. **Only do this against easier lanes. Against more difficult lanes play passively and farm until first item.

Laning Phase

When in laning phase your focus with gnar is to poke down your oppenents and to hopefully snowball your lane. Since gnar snowballs quite easily a kill or two is all you need.

- If you have snowballed your lane there are two options for you.

1. freeeze the lane in the center to deny farm, and if they go in for cs engage on them. i do this when my team is doing well/even so i dont need to help other lanes
2. Push to tower and harass them under their tower. I do this when i want to end the lane and take tower so i can help take other towers and objectives with my teammates

- If you are behind in lane: Farm, ask for ganks, use tp to help other lanes when possible.

Mid Game/Late Game Back to Top

Mid Game

Mid game Gnar gets a large power spike. He becomes tankier and he still does plenty of damage with your first couple of items.

Key points for mid game:

-Splitpush when opportunity presents itself, but since gnar is an excellent teamfighter staying with your team is almoost always the better decision.

-Tp or be around dragon when it is up or close to up

-Rotate around lanes to seige towers

-If you have the right team comps, force teamfights.

Late Game

Objectives are very similar for gnar in the late game. pressuring objectives, rotating through towers, teamfighting at objects (baron/dragon). Teamfighting is the best option out of these in most situations

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

General Tips

-In general, dont go in for kills in mini gnar. Enless you have significantly more health or you have already snowballed your lane you most likely cant get the kill and can end up with a bad trade.

-Gnar is squishy in mini gnar form, especially early so be aware of that.

-Try to time engages when you have your rage up, either by engaging yourself or letting your team know that you need to wait for rage.

-In lane never use your E enless you are running away, chasing, or enaging with mega gnar. It has a long CD and jglers can easily gank you when its down.

-Poke with Mini Gnar, Fight with Mega Gnar

Flash engaging

- When you have flash use it to engage into teamfights with mega gnar. While most people will use mega gnars jump/double jump into teamfights it is predictable and you can be CC'ed very easily to prevent you from getting a good ult off. (Allistar Q+headbutt) Your best option (have flash up) is to be in mega gnar and get close to them and flash in and ult everyone into a wall. ****By flashing+insta-ulting in to the enemy team catches the enemy team off guard and prevents them from stopping your engage (remember to focus on ulting either their carries and/or their engagers. If you dont see and good opening or there are no walls around its best not to engage. A properly executed gnar ult can single handily win a teamfight but a badly placed gnar ult can be useless and bait your team into an unfavorable teamfight.

Engaging in lane

- For engaging you want to poke down your opponent with your boomerang first. its best to have your opponent at at least 70% health or less to engage for a trade. Most people will back off when you are about to go into MEGA gnar so you got to be smart about it. (if they dont back off feel free to double jump onto them and trade). What i like to do is when my rage bar is getting close i back off and farm any minions that are furthest away from your laner. When i have my rage full or almost full ill get a 3rd shot on a minion to get the speed boost and then run towards him so i can catch them off card -> then double jump onto them for a trade.

- ENGAGING IN MINI GNAR: Engaging in mini gnar is a risky thing to do, but can be very benficial if pulled off correctly. Make sure you are aware of where their jungler is at the time since if you all in and get ganked, you are dead.... Wait for your laner to use an important ability and goes on CD (ex. Gangplank Q, Riven Q, Renekton W, etc.) Jump on a minion, putting yourself in range of your opponent (not in melee range tho) and Q auto, with your attack speed steroid from E you can get several W procs and your opponent, having CD's on their abilities cant trade back and is forced to back offf, allowing you to get free damage off. This can be perfectly comboed into mega gnar if you already are at about 50% rage. You can jump in with mini gnar, get a couple procs of W, and then get your megagnar combo off and potentially get the kill with it.

Rough combo goes like: Mini gnar---- E -Q -AA -AA -AA -Q -AA -MEGA- R -Q -W -AA = DEAD


There are two ways of being a part of a teamfight with MEGAGnar:

Engaging/Counter Engaging:

Jumping in with mega gnar towards their carries in order to CC and disrupt their abiliity to do damage in the fight+possibly kill them. When i am doing well or average i will do this most often, or when i see a golden opportunity.


When you have a carry on your team that needs a lot of peel from big engagers like j4 or Vi, your support doesnt have much peel, or when you arent confident that you can effectively jump into the team; it is important to know when you need to peel for them rather than jumping into the entire enemy team.

Teamfighting with mini gnar:

As mini gnar your ability to contribute to teamfights tend to be pretty minimal. 

-Survive until you can get into mega gnar

-If teamfight has already began and you are in mini gnar- peel and build up rage ASAP

-Peel for your carries

-Enless engaged on ask your team not to fight until your rage is up

Changes from patch to patch S6 (up to 6.14) Back to Top

This section is for whats new in each patch that effects GNAR, whether its meta, matchups, items, masteries, etc.



Not Many changes currently, most items that gnar builds are the same/similiar

3022.png- 50 less health, 10 more AD, 200G cheaper. Overall buff on the item and will give gnar a litttle boost.

3071.png 500G more, 15 more AD, 100 less health. A nerf to the item IMO, makes it a little worse for gnar since it more expensive and gives less health. It forces a more aggressive+squishier build path on gnar. Consider buying phage than getting a defense item before finishing black cleaver

3102.png3143.png3065.png Increase in costs (but minions give more gold so should balanced out), items give more heath and/or resists. Overall buff

3111.png Got nerfed (15% less tenacity). Still viable but not a mandatory item, consider3047.png instead, especially with these new OP adc's. 1306.png is also very good with so many slows currently (frost queens)



Nothing, no item changes that gnar builds, keystone masteries that i get didnt change, matchups are the same



Tahm kench, mundo, GP matchups are easier (due to nerfs)

Jhin and shen's update matchups will be added once I gain experience playing against them!



3742.pngMore expensive, less slow. Makes it harder to purchase making randuins an alternative

3143.pngcheaper (by 1000g), gives 50 more health,makes it an easier item to purchase as well as viable to buy as your first armor item.

Experimenting new Gnar playstyle!!

Sadly, gnar isnt the best champion right now (he has a negative win% against all of the top 15 toplaners.... :'(  )

I've begun experimenting with new items paths, masteries, and rune pages to try to make gnar viable again.

Currently experimenting:

Masteries: 6 6 18 (with grasp of the undying)

Runes: hybrid pen marks, Flat AD quints, armor/lvl seals, mr/lvl glyphs.
REASONING-> hybrid pen because of gnars mixed damage, and scaling seals/glyphs for better scaling after lvl 10. This requires a passive playstyle until lvl 10

Item Set: 3053.png->3143.png->1308.png->3102.png->3022.png->3075.png

This build is a more defensive build. The steraks rush is to prevent gnar from gettting bursted down early in the game.

Feel free to try out the build and let me know how it goes!




114.png should be easier due to the nerfs, gives a bigger window of opportunity when her W is down

41.png Barrels will be less oppressive and it will take longer to upgrade his ultimate

54.png E has less damage as it ranks up (slightly easier matchup)

223.png Q has a smaller hitbox making it easier to juke his tongue.


1323.png Is a viable purchase now since they increased the tenacity by 10%

3053.png Less health...




59.png Assasin J4 will be very scary in lane due to the buffs on in ult and shield cd -matchup is harder

80.png Lane matchups is for the most part the same, hes a little less oppressive outside of lane now

150.png Changes: +3 AD.... Riot pointed out that Gnar is clearly pretty weak atm. 3 AD DOES NOT HELP. THey need to look in to changing his defensive stats and the way his rage works.




114.png A well needed nerf to fiora, it should be a little easier to peel off her engage now that her E slows for up to half the amount, max hp% true damage is decreased as well

AURELION SOL  matchups will be added once he is released and ive had a change to play against him




39.png If this matchups wasnt hard enough already, it just got harder

78.png Easier to deal with especially due to th edecreased range on passive and E




245.png Tank ekko should be fading out so if you do play against tank ekko it will be a much easier matchup due to the reduced base damages. AP ekko got buffed so look out for that

104.png Due to the changes hes either gonna build tanky and do less damage or build squishier and do more damage. You should be able to deal with him easier in lane because of it. Pay attention to what he is building


Grasp of the undying got nerfed. Less health steal (2.5 from 3%). Still looks like the best mastery option.




8.png Will update once I gain experience playing against him after the mage update. Looks like it will be more difficult

50.png85.png same^^

Objectives; RIFT HERALD. Going to be very important to take. Warding in the river around rift will be very important and coordinating with the midlaner+jungler to take it will be necessary.


3124.png Intresting rework. I'm curious whether this can be a fun option to play on gnar. (most likely not ranked worthy) but i will definitely try it

3071.png 600G cheaper WOOHOO. looks like gnar will be able to build this first more often since you can finish the item faster and start building tanky sooner. This should be very beneficial for gnar.

3102.png cheaper and gives less HP. I will most likely be building this more often since it will be a much easier item to purchase.(550G cheaper)

3065.pngas far as the effects on gnar from the  changes to this item, its an overall nerf. hp regen isnt that useful on gnar compared to the 15MR

ITEM SHIELDS: Never buy hexdrinker/maw AND steraks gage. Shields no longer stack



Eh, nothing really

No item changes

Most champ changes are not toplane, ones thhat are toplane effects matchups minimally




245.png AP ekko is a lot harder to deal with and now that its gonna be meta its gonna become a much harder matchup

57.pngless sustain woohoo! Your poke is gonna have a greater effect in lane now

13.png Less oppressive with less damage on Q and higher cd on R

50.png similar to ryze


3078.pngThese buffs do make trinity force more appealing for gnar, but black cleaver imo is still the better item. **experiments will be made with the new triforce tho!

3091.pngChanges to the build path and decrease in price make this item a very interesting pick for gnar. For starters, the build path is great, you can get some early mr with negatron and the atatack speed is very easy to biuld into. 2500 gold is cheap and its great, allows for gnar to gain some damage and the 25 total magic resist steal is great for the on hit magic damage as well as his W passive damage. this item fully stacked up gives 65 MR, 25 magic pen, 40 on hit magic damage, and 40% attack speed for 2500G. These are some crazy stats that I will continue to experiment building with to replace hexdrinker or cowl start agianst AP laners.



105.png decreased %missing hp damage as well has higher cd on his pole, making this matchup a little easier to deal with

Grasp of the undying: More damage but less sustain. Due this change I will be experimenting as to whether its still a better choice than fervor




8.png50.png48.png39.png due to nerfs matchups are slightly easier for gnar

150.png BUFFS

gnarpassive.png Increased AA range at later levels by 15

Gives gnar some more late-late game power (which he was lacking).

gnarQ.png Increased return boomerang distance by 500

Doesnt have a very big effect but will be helpful when running away from enemies without losing your boomerang

gnarW.pngIncreased base damage by 5

Not a big increase in damage but should still help gnar out by dealing some additional damage



13.png Reworked and I will be updating the matchup once i get some

114.png even harder of a matchup now

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My summoner name is Rocketmike, I've been playing Gnar since the day he came out on PBE. He has carried me from silver 1 to Diamond in season 5. Currently have 250+ ranked games with gnar

Im a Top main (secondary mid)

My mains are 150_64.png92_64.png69.png161.png

Season 4 Gnar Ranked scores: (finished gold 5)

30 18 62.5%
10.4/game5.9/game 8.3/game 175.1/game

Season 5 ranked stats: (Finished Diamond 5)

109 54 66.9%
6.8/game 5.1/game 9.2/game 176.5/game

Season 6 ranked stats: Ended plat 2

  31Wins 22 Losses  53 Games   58% Win Rate   6.5 Kills

  6.3Deaths -  8.8
Assists - 212.1 CS\


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