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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Always get TP because Gnar's early game can be abused pretty easily and if you make a mistake, you'll need to come back to lane with TP. Also, make sure to periodically check mid/bot lanes for TP plays, you can get yourself some kills and trust me, no-one wants to face a black cleaver gnar at 10 minutes.

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Masteries Back to Top

Which tree should I take?
The resolve mastery is very good on Gnar, especially during teamfights you will become a super mega boss tank. However, the Ferocity tree can also work well on Gnar because it gives him high-DPS capabilities so go 18/0/12. The resolve tree is strong, but it is only strong if you go a bit tanky in order to take full benefit of the tree. Some of the masteries are nearly useless on gnar if you go mostly AD.

Season 7:
Battle Trance is good for in-lane dueling.
Patch 5.24:

After several bond of stone nerfs, grasp of the undying is the better option now, even thunderlords too.

Season 6: Bye Bye Grasp.

Recovery vs. Unyielding:
Unyielding is the better option as later on in the game when you have multiple tank items you'll gain bonus armor/mr.

Explorer vs. Tough Skin:
Explorer makes Gnar a little more slippery for escapes or chase potential. I wouldn't go tough skin because since Gnar is ranged, he shouldn't take minion aggro at all.

Runic Armor vs. Veteran's Scars:
Veteran's Scars gives you a bonus 50 hp to help you stay in lane and sometimes to tank the mastery for 50-hp getaways. I don't go HP regen/lifesteal on Gnar so Runic Armor is a useless mastery for me, although, if your team has a soraka and maybe even another healer, you can choose to go this.

Insight vs. Perseverance:
Even with almost any other top laner, insight is better to take because it allows you to have flash/tp up 15% more every game you play, which means you get to make more plays when ahead or comeback when behind. HP regen when below 25% on Gnar is useless because he can get bursted down easily.

Swiftness vs. Legendary Guardian:
Swiftness will give you even more chase potential and reduce CC for you to be able to land your combos during teamfights.

Grasp vs. Fervor:
After the Grasp nerfs, Fervor is a lot better now for higher DPS.

Abilities Back to Top

R > Q > W > E

Make sure that you have muscle memory for your abilities (e.g. how far your Q can go, how far your E can land + double bounce, maximum range for your ulti + angle adjustments towards walls, etc.) as all of this is essential to becoming a good Gnar player. Your Q and W are huge damage-based gap closers as well, which is what makes Gnar strong and annoying at the same time, always use it efficiently.

Level 1-2:

Prioritize farm over harass, your Q doesn't hit very hard and you don't have your E for safety, but do try to proc Grasp whenever possible.

Level 3-5:
Look to harass with aa-Q-aa for your W proc

Level 6+:

In most matchups you can look for an all in with mega form especially if they stand too close to a wall.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Default starting items
    Get this if you're vs any hard poke or heavy ad
    Optimal starting item to survive early laning phase.

Core Items

    I get this item first almost every game because of the huge amount of kite potential and tankiness it can provide. Nobody will expect your powerspike with this item. Never get bork or sunfire as first items
    Great second items to get for non-stop kiting and huge amounts of HP. Rush Randuins if really behind.
    Rush this if vs. AP
    Mercs if vs. any AP and cc champions, Tabis if vs. heavy/all ad auto-attack based champions.
    Get this if getting rekt by AD, though, generally good as a 4th/5th item.
    Finish build with this, possible to get it earlier now since it has AD stats.
    Great for extra waveclear and tankiness.

Situational Items

    don't get these.
    Need more HP?
    Finish hexdrinker if vs. ap.
    Great item if you want to chase or cover distance easily.
    Good if you're 20/0
Gnar is pretty brain-dead easy to build, just know when to build what during every situation and you're set!

Go 3071.png3022.png into 3143.png3742.png, and make sure to throw in a 3155.png too if the enemy has a lot of AP.

Go 3022.png if you're vs a melee laner which you really need to kite to stay alive for champions like Darius. 3071.png is a good item overall and much better in team fights.

After mallet/cleaver (sometimes before) usually go full tank because your role in teamfights is defined by going ham in mega gnar form, and coming out with enough health that you can still participate in minignar form who has a lot of free damage and attack speed between your passive and W.

3142.png leaves you very squishy. Gnar has very low base stats (some of the lowest in the game) and really wants to get some early flat health from items.

Other viable options: 3110.png3065.png3026.png

Matchups Back to Top

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He's very easy to kite, nonetheless, he should not be able to get in range of you with his Q or even E unless mega form. Try to zone him away from minions so he can't sustain while taking poke. He will try to jump on you to say "back off let me sustain mofo" but just run away and go back to zoning him away from minions.

Do not try to outtrade him when he ults as his sustain from his lifesteal >>> your damage. Attempt to go back in after his passive goes down or his ult expires and you know he is weak.



Darius can be scary, but if you can avoid getting pulled you're set, and after your first items you can duel him if you play well. Save e for after you mistakenly get pulled, because if you do either before the animation finishes, no matter how far away you are, you'll get pulled right back next to him.

Darius can only slow Gnar when in melee range. Even if Mini Gnar is slowed, with his W passive activated (which is easy with a quick E+AA+Q from Gnar) Mini Gnar can get away pretty easily. I'm not saying Mini Gnar won't be damaged in some way, but he will usually get away. This matchup is super swingy, but in Gnar's favor if you play it right.


Dr. Mundo

He can't kill you. you can't kill him. so just try to make TP plays and farm it out unless he plays aggressive for no reason. He is an immobile, but very tanky champion.

Zone him from minion waves and make sure to stay behind minions because there's a good chance that. Be careful when fighting with mega Gnar as he can play around you with Q + ultimate mobility.



This is a skill matchup because Fiora can easily parry your 3 w stacks or any chain cc but if you're smart enough, try to bait out her parry and go all in with melee form.

She will usually rape you when you're ranged so make sure to always E away when she tries to trade you, as she will win most of the time. Grasp of the Undying is a really solid keystone on Gnar in difficult match-ups because it doesn't rely on you being able to maintain stacks by autoing minions to get full effectiveness out of it. And because you're more likely to rush health and fight in mega more often against difficult match-ups.

You lose fights against her if you all-in too early in mini when you're both at equal health to start the fight. Poke her a lot and dodge be unpredictable with your positioning in mini to avoid Ws. If she ults you, pop ghost immediately and just back off until you're 100% certain that she can't get any more ult procs off on you.



He got nerfed super hard so just watch out for his barrels and keep on poking. don't take his Q + passive poke because he can drive you out of lane. make sure to tell your team his ult is up because it truly is annoying for other lanes to deal with it.

He'll be trying to cash in the extra geepee from his barrels, so make sure to destroy them by yourself sometimes (without getitng in range of course and also expect a barrel to pop into your face if you get too close) or just poke him away from the waves. If he gets his powered up ultimate earlier than usual then you're gonna have a bad time.

He will be practically useless if he's behind in gold, but gangplanks are known to always cash in the most gold by the end of the game.



You kinda counter him with all your slows and jumps but make sure to stay as far away from him as possible when trading. When Garen walks up to you, Q him with your boomerang (before he hits and silences you) and hop away, preferably over a minion.

Make sure to never facecheck against a garen, he'll automatically win the trade by silencing you, spinning you to death, then pressing R. How will you ever escape this instant deathpit? Just don't facecheck. You can use your Q before you go into a bush to see if it hits anyone, but otherwise, mind your own business and farm until he comes out.







She lifesteals your poke super hard, stuns you, and eventually kills you and you won't see it coming. Try to make TP plays if you can and don't mess up the laning phase. It'll be hard but you can do it.

Make sure to save your e for when she q's to you, and make sure you have the boomerang up, you can kite her and whittle her down (if your e is down, do NOT go near the minnion wave, just farm safely with 'rang). A good irelia can work around this, but they don't exist at certain levels.

One tip is to make sure to avoid her if you're mega and she has ult, as you can't kite well as mega and she has true damage to burn through your increased resistances.


Jarvan IV

Avoid his EQ combo then kite him to death. ram him against his own wall. Jarvan is potentially a higher threat. Jarvan will always win his initiations if he gets flag and drag combo on you but it's sometimes easily dodgeable and the end result is devastating if you dodge it. J4 has no real follow up after using the flag combo except for his ult.



Skill matchup, but usually will go towards kennen's side because of his stun and insane E speed. Try to keep him out of teamfights with your ult so he doesn't do catastrophic damage to your teammates. He outranges your autos. Always stay behind minions during the laning phase so he doesn't stun you then kill you.

He has no sustain, so chunk him down with boomerangs. Attack when he farms with abilities. He deals a lot of magic damage so build hexdrinker.



He has a huge gap closer if you get caught by his q, slows your attack speed so you can't trade against him (and his annoying shield) and then murders you in cold blood. Nonetheless, he is an immobile champion except for his ultimate, which allows him to make plays. Zone away from minion wave and get as many % damage pops as possible.

Try to make plays before he does during teamfights, otherwise your team could be devastated. If all goes wrong, use his engage to disengage with your own ult.



Pretty annoying during laning phase even before 6 with his lifesteal and q poke. Try to ask for ganks early and see if you can get a lead off of it.  Don't fight him all in. He deals more damage when he gets low and life steals for tons. Farm safe until you get tanky enough.

He deals true damage. He counters you with sustain, poke, and his ultimate makes him immune to your CC. Get very tanky until he does baby damage to you.



Don't even touch him until level 6 mega form, maybe you can do something by then with your tankiness but its way better to get a gank since he has no escapes. he will start throwing spears at you at level 3 and then all in you at 40% and get the kill. Some pantheons won't do this (meaning they looked at champ select and decided to counter you with a champion they've played twice), but don't bet on in it.

If the panth seems good, farm up as safely as possible. Missing half a wave is better than eating two spears. If you can get to an armor item in a reasonable amount of time, you should be able to start standing up to him in lane. No problem in mega Gnar form but your AA range is in range of Pantheon stun. The shield blocks 1-2 AAs, therefore denying W stacks. Fight him lvls 1-2 to get rid of mana, otherwise play careful until you get armor and lvl 6. After 6 you should win.



Generally this would be a hard matchup, but after the recent Quinn change her ult is practically useless against Gnar so she only has 3 spells now, and no blind either.

If she jumps away from you continue to poke her until she is low, you may have to snipe her because she's a pretty slippery champion to deal against. If she doesn't have her E up try to engage on her before its up. Watch out for ganks though, she can easily catch up to her jungler and screw you up in no time.



If he dashes, you jump. make sure this is muscle memory when you play vs. renekton. Renekton can do easy trades with his combo and just escape with E. You can stop tis by just landing a boomerang and punishing him after he has no cooldowns. Stay out of Q range as that's how Renekton wants to trade. kite this alligat0r to death.



Rengar will absolutely destroy you until mid game. I've lost to this guy the most so far, so do not underestimate the abilities of Rengar top.

His jumps around bushes and R basically leaves you with no escapes, so make sure to fight him once you get the armor from randuins or slow from frozen mallet to be able to duel him.



If it's not a riven main, you got this in the bag. If it is, I'll send my prayers. Poke her after she uses her E or gap closers and that will be the most annoying thing ever for her (easiest way to tilt your enemy).

Don't even try to 1v1 her when she presses R because you won't be able to outdamage her by then. Riven wins all ins easily if you're in mini Gnar form. You need to use boomerang slow and E properly to escape from initiation and keep doing this until you're about to have mega Gnar. I would still avoid fighting until lvl 6. You should be fine if you land CCs but Riven can turn the fight around if you do not use abilities correctly.



Another victim of a nerf.  Rumble has pretty weak early game. Don't stay in range of flamethrower and poke him once he tries to get minions without it. You win hard in mega Gnar form and once you reach ultimate. just watch out for the good rumble players they scare me




This spell is Gnar's worst enemy, don't get caught by it until you're mega form, then you can probably chain CC him to death. Watch out for his power spike during the laning phase though.

Ryze is a really annoying match up as you stand no chance with mini Gnar form. You will most likely get zoned but you can't help it. Use your Q + E wisely once again and only fight with mega Gnar form.



Shen will be probably focusing on global presence with his ult + TP, so you will have to try to disrupt him and force his TP's by shoving lane. Make sure to peel him off during teamfights.

Shen can do very little against you zoning him early. At level 6 he gets his ultimate which lets him roam around and help his teammates. Whenever he uses it, try to cancel him and if you can't push your lane as hard as you can.

The shen rework made his laning phase stronger so watch out for the new FIORA block he has, as it can stop your triple W procs.


Tahm Kench

Make sure Tahm uses his E before you all-in him. Do NOT get caught by his Q or you will be eaten and lose the trade or possibly die. Tahm will also rely on his jungler to get a lead usually so keep an eye on the river too.

Try to poke him until his HP is relatively low to where if he uses his shield he'll still die anyways. Don't try to all in him in mega form unless you can confirm a kill because he can get three stacks on you and then stall you until you're transformed to mini. Since he's melee you should be easily able to farm and poke him safely.



Poke until mega form, then destroy him. His blind can stop your triple W combo so wait for it to expire and then re-engage. You don't stand a chance without mega Gnar form and the blinding dart denies initiation damage.

You should be able to win lvl 6 as long as you don't get by shrooms. If you hit a shroom and can't catch up to him, he wins easily.



You can jump over his pillar, outdamage him, and be tankier than him. D-blade or longsword start are both fine, the trickiest part about this matchup is that post-6 he actually wins if you're in mega form.

You should be able to destroy him in mini form because your jump is roughly the same CD as his pillar; kite with your Q ONLY until he uses it. Rush Tabi + Cleaver and you should be basically untouchable.



You gotta kill trynd or zone him hard before he hits level 6. Don't push the wave, but don't let it go under tower either. Give yourself space to hunt him before he gets his ultimate. He gets free crit with no items if he has rage.

Stay even in levels, and harass him while keeping the wave centered as much as possible. If he spins in, dodge his stuff, and chunk him on his way out. Deals Physical damage and Free crit. Build like against Yasuo




Trade against him until he burns his pool, run away, then cheese by going back on him. Start Doran's Blade and do not fight Vlad level 1. Don't trade auto attacks with Vladimir as he wins trades easily with Q heal.

Give up CS just do not let him AA>Q you or even Q you once. Level 2, you can fight him but only if you can land an AA->Q->AA to proc your W. Get hexdrinker and tier 1 boots after your first back and try to roam and help your team, you cannot 1v1 vlad after level 6.  You win the fights if you get CC chain but Vladimir has pool to dodge your abilities and then just turn around.



Poke him out until his passive is gone and you can 1v1 him pretty fast. If he runs towards you, run and poke immediately. Once he flips a minion attack him and kite him all day.

Don't let him attack you 3 times in a row, he will bite for lots of damage. Deals mixed damage. Magic damage ultimate. Has a passive that heals him for a ton of health. You can only kill him when his passive is down.



He trades obnoxiously, though you can easily poke him out and E away before he jumps you. repeat this until you know you can win the next trade, and go all in. make sure he has no clone to use before you all in though.

If he's low after taking a lot of damage you can go in to try to bait his clone, and if his clone is next to a wall it's safe to assume that he's also next to a wall while invisible, so you can use your ult safely. When he pops out stunned you can finish him off. He does unexpected amounts of burst damage so you will have to watch out for his combos if you're caught off guard.



Gnar has so many skillshots so any yasuo that knows how to use his E will be able to dodge everything you throw at him.

The best way to trade against him is during mega gnar but he can sort of dodge your stuns too, try to catch some mistakes if they go cocky on you. Auto attack him to destroy his shield.

You have a better chance of beating him after level 6 because you'll be tankier than him and will be able to ult him through his windwall, followed up with a lot of cc and damage from your Q's and W's. Try to juke his tornadoes with your own jump, don't use it to engage on him because he can just E past you.

Gnar Introduction Back to Top

150.pngGnar is viable again. (6.13)

Gnar is a hardcore lane bully that brings a little bit of everything to the fight. His playstyle is mainly revolved around building and maintaining good fury levels. He plays similar to a Shyvana/Quinn mix, where you have to both be able to harass well and know when to go in for more extended trades.

Once your passive is powered up, you are a damage and cc fueled stick monster, so just go in and go for some massive trades. Past that, Gnar can do whatever he wants, his massive CC with big Gnar and the amount of ground little Gnar's hop can cover he can push just fine. However, with the massive damage that little Gnar does and the insane engage and stickiness that big Gnar provides he can definitely make an impact in teamfights and objective control.

The biggest thing with Gnar is to play him and feel him out. He seems like the kind of champion that people will play for 1000 games and dominate every game, and people will play for 10 games and just feed. Gnar is trial and error for a large part, but you can use your mistakes and become a great player eventually.

Why Gnar is so good Back to Top


  • Broken teamfighting power
  • Can turn the tides of a game around with one good ult
  • Severely strong kiting power
  • Tons of CC
  • Easy escapes with jump (and double jump proc)
  • Can farm safely
  • Very tanky in mega form
  • Lots of burst and movement speed in mini form
  • Infinite Q spam once upgraded to level 5


  • Super squishy in mini form
  • Chain cc = death
  • Can't control rage bar (takes a lot of skill to do so)
  • Many skillshots that can be dodged by high-mobility champions
  • Can be out-traded if too close to an enemy
  • Mistakes are easily punishable

Laning with Gnar Back to Top

Early Game/General:

  • My first tip is to harass as little Gnar while getting as much cs as possible, spamming and catching boomerangs and using W passive to heavily win trades. Back out of any "hard" extended trades with E and wait for the Hulk to get powered up.
  • Mini-gnar is extremely squishy. If you are against a lane bully opponent with a short-ish cooldown gap-closer, you have to play very safe while in mini form.
  • DO NOT: E forward in mini-form unless you are sure you will get a kill. E is your only escape, and if you are caught or get ganked without it you will almost certainly die.
  • Mini form is good at kiting. Your Q slows the opponent, and your W proc speeds you up by 30%. If the opponent goes towards you, auto-Q-auto to slow them and speed yourself up. Then continue autoing them as they retreat, or continue kiting backwards if they keep pursuing.
  • If the opponent gap-closes right next to you, E away if necessary but kite as much as you can. 
  • Assuming you are at least even with your opponent, you should always engage when you get mega-form, your damage and cc go up significantly, and if your opponent isn't paying attention to your rage you can catch them off guard with transform E -> W -> Q and chunk them for over 50% health.
  • DO NOT: let the enemy gap-close and get damage on you for free! This will lose you the lane.

Mid Game/Late Game:

  • Gnar is a teamfighter, he wants to get in the middle of the team and knock all of them into the wall with his ult. You should be quickly pushing out your lane and then grouping with the team as often as possible.
  • As you continue to level, you gain more and more rage per hit, so you will spend more time in mega-form. Keep this in mind when moving around the map.
  • The fastest engage is to flash and then immediately GNAR! This is so fast that the enemy won't have a chance to react. Wait until you see 3+ people grouped together before engaging. 
  • You are an initiator in teamfights. Either E or flash in, and use GNAR! on as many people as possible. Follow up with Q/W on whoever is vulnerable. You can either dive someone or peel for your carries, Gnar is good at both.
  • You always want to be mega-gnar during fights, if that means you have to refrain from attacking minions then you should do so.
  • DO NOT: Engage alone and expect your team to catch up suddenly, make sure you communicate!

Item Builds Back to Top

Gnar has very high-base damage, and 2 of his abilities, mini-gnar E, and mega-gnar E, both scale from Gnar's max health. Offensively he benefits from AD and armor penetration and attack speed, but due to his high-cc and high-uptime on mega-gnar later in the game, it's best to build Gnar mostly tank so that he can jump into the enemy team and chain his cc abilities without dying.

General build pattern for Gnar is 1 offensive item -> tank items. Sometimes a 2nd offensive item for your 5th or 6th item is good to have relevant damage.

Offensive Item Options:
Build into Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet, Hexdrinker vs. AP
Tank Items: Randuin's Omen, Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, Warmog's Armor
Situational Items: Thornmail, Spirit Visage
Laning items: hexdrinker -> spectre cowl against AP top, offensive item if you get ahead early
Boot options: Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads
Elixir: Iron
Boot Enchantment: Homeguards

Gnar Stats (Runes + Masteries) Back to Top

I've been running AD runes and 18/0/12 masteries. I am always going to change the runes if a better alternative is found.

Gnar deals almost exclusively physical damage. His mini-gnar Q and E deal physical damage, and his entire mega-gnar kit deals physical damage. His base damage is extremely high, so he benefits from armor penetration. He also has on-hit procs so he benefits from attack-speed. Offensively I favor attack-speed since it is extremly useful in the early game as more W procs = better kiting and better chasing, but any combination of AD/ArPen/AS will work.

9x Attack Damage
Quints: 3x Attack Speed
Seals: 9x flat armor
Glyphs: 9x scaling MR or 9x flat MR depending on lane opponent

I've been building him as a high DPS champion with huge kite potential. He has so much innate tankiness that building super tanky from the get-go isn't really needed, and the cleaver gives him INSANE stickiness and survivability.

His W also does a good amount of damage as Mini Gnar.

25/30/35/40/45 (+1xAP) (+6/8/10/12/14% max health)

Gnar Mechanics/Combos Back to Top

Combo: E/flash -> ult -> auto -> W -> auto -> Q -> E if you have it -> autos. If you ult into the wall this will seriously chunk your opponent(s).

Teamfight combo: E/flash -> ult -> W -> Q -> E if you have it. This will chunk the enemy team for over 50% health if you land everything. You need a good eye for teamfights. This above anything else makes or breaks a good Gnar. Knowing when to engage and how are probably the most important things to learn on Gnar so this needs to be your highest priority.

GNAR! goes through walls. That means you can be on the other side of a wall and Gnar an opponent into that wall!
Gnar goes well with champions that create terrain: Anivia/Jarvan IV/Trundle are good for Gnar no matter which side they're on. Azir is good on the same team as Gnar.
Will add another mechanic that allows you to ult in mid-air.

About Gnarabian Back to Top


I've played Gnar from plat to diamond 2 with an 80% winrate and plan on playing many more games with him once the new season starts.

Conclusions Back to Top

Mini Gnar: Mobile fragile champion who deals a lot of damage by kiting the opponents with his high movement speed (Hyper-W) and slows (Boomerang Throw - Q)

Mega Gnar: Immobile tanky champion who disrupts team fights by providing a lot of Crowd Control such as Slow (Boulder Toss - Q), Stun(Wallop - W) and Knockback (GNAR! - R)

When playing with Gnar, play as if you are a malphite. Just hold out and know you have that initiation, but don't expect an all in unless they know what they are doing. This is a very good tool to zone out your enemies. Gnar can be played a variety of different ways.

I hope this helped a bit with understanding Gnar. a large portion of Gnar is experience both playing with and against him. Also, please leave any suggestions or comments below so I can correct any mistakes I may have left out in the guide!

Streaming ( Back to Top
I stream top lane a lot, check it out if you have any requests or questions! Feel free to add me in-game as well if I'm not streaming! 

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