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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

For summoner spells, ALWAYS take FLASH!! 
It's mandatory because of the FLASH + Bodyslam Combo it'll allow you to do, which is probably his best tool for initiation AND assassination.

For Support: 

I always run FLASH + IGNITE  Because I'm an aggressive player. These are the spells that allow me to secure kills and sometimes even solo kill as a support. 

For Top: 

TELEPORT Is a good for Top Lane because the lane is furthest from Bot-Lane and the Dragon Objective, where fights break out more often than other lanes. Additionally, it gives you the option of split pushing and appearing when needed. TELEPORT+ Homeguards is also a good initiation tool later in the game.

For Mid: 

TELEPORT is a good choice against champions that have strong Poke/Burst or play really Safe, turning the lane into a farm lane. I usually take this summoner when I feel I won't DOMINATE my lane. TELEPORT+ Homeguards is also a good initiation tool later in the game.

IGNITE is a more common spell choice for mid lane because pokes are more effective against the squishy champions that usually go Mid, making IGNITE more likely to help score a kill.

For Jungle: 

Flash is a MUST on Gragas. Smite is a MUST for Jungle.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Mid Lane/Top Lane:

Taking either 'Intelligence' or 'Precision' shouldn't matter unless you're using Flat CDR runes and want to stack it higher. 'Bounty Hunter' or 'Oppressor' shouldn't matter either. It becomes mainly preference. I take oppressor because of Gragas' many Crowd Control abilities. Taking 'Merciless' over 'Meditation' is a really nice choice as well, since it's really easy to lower someone to around 40% HP for the damage boost. Taking 'Assassin' over 'Secret Stash' is OK too, since Secret Stash will only affect the early game, while Assassin stays in effect most of the time you're alone, split pushing, or just during your laning phase.

**Greenfather's Gift is great if you remember to make use of the boost from entering a brush before flashing in for a kill. Dangerous Game is a good mastery to replace Greenfather's Gift aswell!


Take 'Precision' over 'Intelligence' for the early game damage. Also make sure to take 'Wanderer' over 'Savagery' since supports do not generally farm. Not grabbing Meditation for a lot more damage is okay too, but the mana problems become noticeable before 6.


You can get Secret Stash, Assassin, or Runic Affinity. I choose Secret Stash to be healthy enough to Gank before the first recall if possible. I normally don't buy anymore potions after the initial 3, so this mastery becomes useless after the first recall. Assassin in most phases of the game, though.

Abilities Back to Top



Max Q, E, W in that order and grab R when it's available.

Maxing E over W gives more burst because W gains 30 dmg per point, while E gains 50 dmg. As an AP Gragas Support, your job is to burst, rather than do sustained damage, so the lower CDR on W isn't used much.


I Max Q, W, E in that order and grab R when it's available.

Maxing W after Q is good option because of the low mana cost and decreased cool down for wave clearing.
W has lower mana costs for wave clearing and activating your passive, while also reducing incoming harassment in the laning phase.
*Maxing E second is another viable option since it provides more damage per level and now lowers on cool down.


I Max W, Q, E in that order and grab R when it's available.

Maxing W first will give you a better jungle clear speed because of the lower cool down of W. So that's also a good choice and sometimes a better option. But maxing Q is okay too. It provides more slow and damage.


Max Q, E, W in that order and grab R when it's available.

This max option is viable if the Top Laner is a ranged champion, isn't quite Tanky, or isn't buying any Magic Resists.
I max in this order vs Champions that are dangerous to get near. Champions that make you regret getting close to them because they can prevent you from disengaging once you Bodyslam in, with their dashes or pulls and sustained damage output.
Example: Darius, Riven, Irelia, Olaf

Max Q, W, E in that order and grab R when it's available.

I max in this order if the enemy starts building Magic Resist as a first or 2nd item and are approachable, as in No sustained damage, No High Burst, Long Cool down skills.
Example: Maokai, Vladimir, Dr.Mundo

Max W, Q, E in that order and grab R when it's available.

Maxing W is good against champions that build Tanky and have Low Ranged Abilities and Soft CC; like slows and snares.
Example: Nasus, Maokai 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Support Start
    Jungle Start: Either potion is fine
    Mid/Top Starting Item

Core Items

    Support: Aim for these before Sightstone

Situational Items


Start with 3303.png
  • First recall with 700g: 3098.png+2043.png
  • First Recall with 870 - 1000g: 1052.png+1052.png
  • First Recall with 1050g+ : 3145.png (HUGE power spike item)

  1. Once you own both Hextech Revolver+Frost Fang. You should be able to do around 75-90% of the AD carry or support's health if they don't have Magic Resist Items.
  2. After that, aim for a Sightstone THEN 3020.png.
  3. Once you have 3098.png3145.png2049.png3020.png, You can start buying what ever you feel you need.
  4. 3092.png3152.png3105.png3512.png are all good options to purchase next in any order!
  • 3060.png Is a good item if you want to provide your team with the Magic Resist aura and also gain some AP and CDR. Use the active on either Top or Bot lane. Avoid using it Mid lane because it's a short lane that's closest to both Top and Mid. Use it on a Cannon minion, too!
  • Zz'rot is a good item to get in the Mid-Game since you fall off slowly. If I were to buy it, I'd get it after completing Protobelt.
As for myself - 90% of the time, My final build is :  3092.png3152.png3020.png2045.png, Zz'rot and an Aegis-type item.
Combining 3098.png+2049.png into 2301.png is also a good idea if you're low on money and can't afford a 3092.png. It'll open up another item slot.


Start with: 1056.png
  1. First Recall: 3098.png or 3303.png to help with mana sustain and a tiny amount of gold generation. Another 1056.png is good too.
  2. Try to complete 3092.png afterwards for the CDR + DMG on hit won't turn off after a minion kill.
  3. Normally after I have 3092.png, I buy 3145.png then 3152.png and 3158.png for 30% CDR.
  4. Once those 3 items are done, the rest of the build is up to you to buy what you feel you need.

Item Options:

  • Void Staff - Enemy has a lot of  MR stacking.
  • Lich Bane - High single target DPS
  • Abyssal Scepter - Very strong item for Gragas if they have 2+ AP champions.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap - High AoE DPS
  • Zhonya's Hourglass - Good item for Armor and AP + Very good active for Baiting, Stalling and Initiating.

Possible Items:

  • Rod of Ages - Optional, but it doesn't fit my aggressive play-style in the early game. Becomes VERY worth at max stacks.
  • Liandrie's Torment - Barrel slow can double the burn damage. I don't buy this because I normally want to burst. This item's better for poking.
Start with: Doran's Ring
Top lane is a bit different for item purchases. If the top laner is a tanky type champ I can approach, I normally buy 3057.png because it does physical damage for when they rush MR and it also gives CDR and Mana to help stay in lane. The 4 second cool down passive is also good for constant harassment.
IF I max W First or Second, This item is a perfect first Item.

After sheen is completed, I aim for 3145.png and try to get 3152.png right away.
When I have 3057.png3152.png3158.png, I start building for the situations, or just tons of AP.

Completed Tanky build: 3152.png3158.png3025.png3742.png3065.png3053.png

Other Tanky Item Options:

  • ZZ'ROT - Offers both resistances + Good Lane pressuring active, allowing you to group more often.
  • Liandrie's Torment - Strong offensive item for damage and health in a tank or poke build.
  • Sterak's Gage - Powerful Shield Passive + Gives bonus AD depending on BASE AD which is High by default.
  • Spirit Visage - Synergizes very well with your Passive and provides Health + CDR.
  • Frozen Gauntlet - This should help with capping your CDR.
  • Raduin's Omen - Good against champions that have Atk Speed.
  • Replacing Lucidity boots with Mercury Treads is great against Crowd control heavy teams or if you have over the CDR cap in items.

Completed AP build: 3100.png3089.png3158.png3152.png3135.png then 3157.png or 3001.png or 3285.png.

The other option for Top Lane is to play as if it were Mid Lane. Buying the same purchases as well. The problem with this is that most Mid Laners are AP champions, meaning your team might be a bit AP heavy if the Jungler is also AP.

Start 1039.png with 3 Potions or a Refillable potion.
Refillable Potion is better in the long run.
3 Potions are safer and better in the early game. Don't ever buy more than 3 potions all game or it's a waste of Gold.

  • My first recall with 500g: 1052.png
  • My first recall with 900g: 1052.png+1052.png
  • First completed Item: 1402.png or  1410.png - I choose the warding one because it's more beneficial for the team and It allows me to sweep and ward areas to maybe hide and assassinate.
  • Next item: 3145.png I have this item for all my builds because the active does so much damage. It can end up doing more than double the damage of Runic Echoes.
  • Complete 3152.png and 3158.png or 3020.png
  • Current Items: 1410.png3158.png3152.png. Once I hit this stage, I look at the enemy team and build around what would be best for the situation. 
  • If there are a lot of squishy champions, I build Full AP. But if there are at least 3 Tanky champions, I transition towards a Tanky-Bruiser build.
  • Sometimes I rush 3742.png right after, then 3001.png , which are tanky items, but also strong damage dealing items in the early game.
  • My AP build is usually: 3158.png1410.png3152.png3100.png3089.png3135.png 
  • My Bruiser build is :  3158.png1410.png3152.png3742.png3025.png3001.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Darius
  • Fizz
  • Irelia
  • Kennen
  • Lee Sin
  • Nasus
  • Nidalee
  • Olaf
  • Riven
  • Soraka
  • Thresh





  • Alistar doesn't do much in lane but peel and heal the adc, or initiate for an incoming Jungle Gank.
  • Poke down the ADC and have him use his heal. The mana cost on his heal is quite high if he spams it. It's also not that strong of a heal. When he's low on mana, he'll usually stand in lane and not be much of a threat.
  • If Alistar goes in with his W/Q combo, turning his initiation into a fight is a better idea than running away. 
  • Once Alistar uses his W and Q, the lane pretty much becomes a 2v1 with Alistar not doing anything until his skills come back, which is around 10-15 seconds each.





  • Bard is more dominant in lane because of his ranged pokes and possible stuns, but his all in isn't as strong as Gragas'. 
  • Look for opportunities to Bodyslam in for some harassment if he gets too close.
  • If he's ulting your tower to attempt a dive, It's best to get inside his ultimate but not too close to a wall or a turret so he can stun you afterwards.
  • If you push up towards the enemy tower and Bard is no where to be seen, he'll most likely Portal into lane with the Jungler.





  • If your ADC gets hooked, do not abandon them. Look to attack the enemy ADC instead.
  • If Blitzcrank runs at you looking to use the knock up instead of the hook, Bodyslam into him and take them on in a 2v2 instead of running away. But if Blitzcrank plays like this, it can sometimes mean you're being ganked.
  • Being hooked by Blitzcrank can also be a way to initiate a fight by flashing for the nearby enemy ADC and ulting him backwards.
  • Once Blitzcrank's Hook is down, look to play aggressive and Bodyslam in if you can get in range. The cool down on his Hook is very long.




Top Lane:

  • Do not EVER bodyslam into him unless his E is on cool down, or else he'll hook you back in.
  • If he manages to hook you, bodyslam into him and barrel him then disengage away from him.
  • Once you're level 6, Bodyslamming into him is safer because you gain another disengage.
  • Prevent getting hit by the outer rim of his Q. Dash into him if you have to because it does less damage in the center. Even if he pulls you back in as you try to escape, he shouldn't have another Q up by then.





  • Max Q, E, W
  • You have a range poke, unlike him. Make use of it when he's attempting to farm.
  • Having him use his E is very beneficial. The mana cost for that skill is extremely high.
  • Save bodyslam for AFTER he Dashes at you. Retaliate with a bodyslam + barrel to out trade him heavily. 
  • AVOID missing Bodyslam due to him using his E. Missing bodyslam in this way can lead to a death.
  • If his ult lands, ult him AWAY if possible. You will most likely die if he can follow up on his ultimate. 
  • Buying 3001.png early is a good and safe purchase. It lowers his chances of killing you, while also increasing your damage output and provides CDR.




Top Lane:

  • Max Q, E, W. I max E second for more burst damage because Maxing W is a bit pointless since walking up to her to proc your W can be dangerous if she retaliates with a stun.
  • Avoid Fighting her if you're building AP early. Farm from range with CDR items. Her damage output is really high if you're squishy. 
  • Bodyslam can interrupt her dash, but that can be hard to time perfectly.
  • Do not use your gap closer to initiate on her unless you're receiving a gank from a team mate. Save bodyslam for after she dashes to you to take as little damage as possible. 
  • Look at her health bar percentage. If it's lower than yours, she'll be able to stun you. Most Irelia's play more aggressive during this phase. Be alert and ready so she won't surprise you with a stun.




Top / Mid: 

  • Max Q , E, W in that order.
  • Keep track of how many marks he has on you. Play safer when you have two marks placed on you.
  • Keep track of Kennen for when he has a Charged up Auto attack that can leave a stun mark on you.
  • Bodyslam into him if he gets too close. You'll most likely out trade him if he has yet to purchase 3001.png.
  • Buying 3092.png or 3165.png as a first item allows you to farm pretty safely from a distance. Follow up with 3145.png as a second purchase and you should be able to duel him with a huge damage advantage over him if he does not have Magic Resist Items.  
  • 3001.png Good item to have as a 2nd or 3rd purchase to eliminate any chance of being solo killed by him.


Lee Sin



  • I normally start Red or Blue buff first when I'm against a Lee Sin. They can counter jungle pretty well and I want to avoid running into them while I'm killing my buff.
  • Save bodyslam to stun Lee Sin when he follows up on his second Q. Stand near who ever Lee Sin used Q on and be ready to interrupt him when he follows up on it.
  • Avoid 1v1ing him in the Jungle unless he misses his Q. 




Top Lane:

  • MAX W First!!
  • If you see a low minion that Nasus wants to go in for, Especially a Cannon Minion, charge up your W and hit him every time he attempts to farm.
  • If he withers you, Bodyslam into him, leave a barrel and disengage while you're both slowed by each other. Avoid body slamming away as a disengage. Use bodyslam to stun instead.
  • When you have W maxed, you can even harass him under his own tower when he attempts to farm.
  • 3057.png Amazing first item for this match up. Provides bonus physical damage for when Nasus eventually buys Magic Resist. It also powers up your constant W harassments and gives CDR, which is essential to winning tank match ups. Deciding to build into  3025.png is also a good idea for additional Cool downs and Armor.
  • Avoid stalling the game by pushing as a team early, when Nasus is weakest.





  • EXTREMELY likely to invade at level 2. Counter this by starting the Blue or Red buff first, rather than Gromp or Krugs.
  • Gragas will generally do more damage in a SINGLE burst. Nidalee just has lower cool downs, so she can get in two skill rotations before you.
  • Nidalee is generally very squishy, so she's easy to pick on in the early game if you encounter her.
  • Nidalee's Pounce can be cancelled with Bodyslam! Make use of this if she spears you or a teammate and is looking to follow up on it. 
  • Sometimes getting speared while you're low so she can pounce in is a good way to bait her for a turn-around kill.





  • Max Order: Q, E, W.
  • Poke him from a distance with Q and don't get in melee range of him. Lose farm if you have to. Farming with Q is the safest way.
  • Only bodyslam him if he's pushed towards your turret and you can retreat without him following you very far. Do not bodyslam into him in the middle of lane, or near his tower unless he's low. He can chase you down with constant slows to out-trade you.
  • Bodyslamming him while he's trying to heal back up with W is a good idea aswell, but can backfire if he decides to chase you down.
  • Purchase CDR items to make farming and poking easier with a lower cool down on Q.
  • Be extra wary when he's level 6 and can ignore your ultimate's knockback or bodyslam stuns. Keep your distance and only go in when he's low or his Axe was already thrown and distant from his locat1on.




Top Lane:

  • Max Q first! Maxing E or W second shouldn't matter much. Max E for Damage, W for damage reduction and lower cool downs.
  • Avoid body slamming into her first. Especially if she still has her Q dashes. She will chase you down with and out trade you. Only bodyslam to disengage her engages, unless you're fed.
  • If she goes aggressive by Q dashing at you, stop her with a bodyslam + barrel then walk away.
  • The knock up on her 3rd Q can cancel bodyslam mid-dash. But your bodyslam can also cancel the 3rd Q.





  • Poke Soraka instead of the ADC.
  • When fighting a 2v2, target the ADC only if you have ignite up. Otherwise, target Soraka because she's unable to instantly heal herself.
  • Initiating by ulting away Soraka while ulting the ADC inwards is another way to target the enemy ADC first.
  • Try not to get hit by Soraka's Q while you're poking her. She regens back health quicker everytime it hits a target.





  • If your ADC gets hooked, Look to engage onto the enemy ADC. Your damage output is higher than anyone at botlane at levels 2-6.
  • Try to avoid bodyslamming right after being hooked. The incoming Flay can cancel bodyslam.
  • At levels 1 and 2, try to avoid fights unless you reach level 2 while they're level 1. Level 3 - 6, Most 2v2s should be winnable IF and ONLY IF you can land your bodyslam onto the ADC.
  • When fighting, always look to fight by targeting the ADC, instead of Thresh. Avoid most 2v2 fights if it's not onto the enemy ADC.

Pros and Cons of AP Gragas Back to Top


  1. Verrry High burst 
  2. Can be played in 4 positions (Top, Mid, Jungle, Support)
  3. Satisfying Gameplay due to having multiple skill shots.
  4. Gains both Magic Resist and Armor per level.
  5. Built in sustain on his passive
  6. Every single skill is an AoE skill!
  7. Very strong utility ultimate
  8. Easy to escape incoming ganks with two strong escape/disengage skills (E and R)


  1. Very reliant on Flash to make a play in the Late Game
  2. Burst relies on going head first straight into the enemy (Your ultimate can be used for burst while also saving you from this situation.)
  3. Has trouble in the mid game against opponents with magic resistance items because Gragas can be in trouble if the target lives after you've dashed in and used all your skills
  4. Bodyslam is telegraphed and easily avoidable with flash
  5. Has trouble against most ranged champions in solo lanes
  6. One of the hardest Ultimates to land due to being a Circular skill shot
  7. Has Mana problems in the early game if you over-spam
  8. Ultimate has a .55 delay since the nerf and can be hard to time at close range.

Early Game Back to Top


  • At level 1, Poke with your Barrel and Auto Attack minions to help your ADC farm faster to reach level 2 before the enemy does. On the second minion wave, which ever side kills the first 3 Melee minions will reach level 2 first. Always try to reach level 2 first and initiate while the enemy is level 1. Avoid full on fights until ATLEAST level 2 when you have a gap closer and stun. Your real damage doesn't kick in until you have your Q/W/E skills.
  • If the enemy team has a squishy support like Sona, Zyra, Soraka, Nami, Bard or Velkoz that's trying to auto attack you for harassment, look to Bodyslam in and start a fight. If the Bodyslam hits, you'll most likely end up winning the trade.
  • Once you hit level 6; Every time your flash is up, you should be able to score a kill easily by flashing in because of the utility of your ultimate and also the damage your champion can do. 
  • Always look to fight a lot in the early game! Gragas has a huge amount of burst during this phase of the game.
  • If you or your ADC somehow give away kills before level 6, try to play safe and poke from a distance until level 6. Once level 6, you should still be able to kill the enemy ADC even if he has a 2-3 kill lead over you; but only if you can land your all 4 of your skills.


  • Do a full clear starting from bot-lane where you have people who can help you with a leash. Make your your way to top lane and grab the scuttle crab. Most times you will meet the Jungler at this area. If not, then check to see if your team mate has pushed the lane towards the enemy tower. If he has, make your way into the top lane brush and wait to counter an incoming gank.

    If the enemy top or mid laner has pushed too far, this is also a good time time to gank if you're not very low. The best route to gank is from behind. Be wary of the enemy jungler because they'll most likely be doing the same thing and be in the same area as you after the first clear.

  • After the first recall, work towards building your Runic Echoes and look around the map for possible lanes to gank. Use a flash if possible to snowball yourself or a team mate.
  • If there aren't many lanes to gank, focus on farming to level 6, or walk into the enemy jungle to take a couple camps and place a Pink Ward in their jungle to have vision of possible gank locations.
  • Avoid 1 on 1 fights in the jungle UNLESS you have your ultimate to disengage when things get too rough. It's best to save your ultimate as a finishing skill, rather than part of your burst. It'll most likely take two skill rotations to score a kill this early in the game.


  • Start with a Doran's Ring and avoid auto attack fights until level 2 unless you're using Armor and AD runes.
  • When you're level 2, look to bodyslam in and barrel for harassment damage (Only if the enemy doesn't have a gap closer to retaliate with)
  • Harassing and Farming from Q is also a possible option if the enemy is too dangerous to get near. But look for kill opportunities with a Flash + Bodyslam if they get low enough.
  • The only time you should trade auto attacks is if you have more HP than your opponent.
  • If you're low on Mana, try to refrain from using too many skills and regain back some mana from your Doran's Ring by last hitting creeps.
  • At level 6, look to ult the enemy under your tower if they get too close to farm or auto attack you. Bodyslamming, then Ulting is easier and more accurate, but if you can manage to use your Ultimate first and then Bodyslam them afterwards while they're under the tower, It'll increase your chances of scoring a kill with the tower's help.
  • If your ultimate is up, look to teleport and assist bot-lane if you can manage to teleport in from behind.


  • Most of the laning phase will be farming using your Q and keeping your distance from the enemy because most of the time the Mid Laner will have strong poke or harassment that punish melee champs when they attempt to auto attack minions. This is why I sometimes start with CDR Runes and Masteries in the mid lane more often than other lanes.
  • My first purchase is either 3098.png for some mana sustain OR  3108.png for more CDR, but this usually has me running low on mana.
  • Bodyslam into the target if you see an opportunity because not many champions can out damage you if you were to trade a full skill rotation.
  • The early game consists of farming and poking until they're low enough to Flash+Bodyslam for the finisher.
  • At level 6, if you have health to spare, look to roam to top or bot lane when your opponent has recalled or died and the lane's pushed into their tower.

Mid Game Back to Top


  • Around this phase of the game, you should have Frost Fang and Hextech Revolver. Maybe Frost Queen's Claim if you're fed. With these items, your ability to kill increases dramatically because of your damage output. Normally you'd be able to solo kill most targets with these items and ignite up.
  • The enemy support usually builds Aegis of Legion or variations of this item around this time of the game. The small amount of MR it gives will almost always prevent you from insta-killing the ADC unless you have some back up in the lane.
  • This phase of the game is also a good time to roam. The thing about ganking with a Burst Champion is that they bring DAMAGE, increasing the chances of a kill. Throwing your Q to test where they'll dodge to is a good idea before using your E, because you can possibly ult them back into the Q if you're used to doing that combo.
  • Ward up objectives and make CALLS for objectives. Most players play without thinking, scoring kills and looking to recall and buy to get stronger. But when someone makes a suggestion, people normally follow up.


  • If it's mid game and you're having trouble being relevant or have been dying a lot; transitioning into a tank build is worth considering.
  • If you're fed or still able to insta-kill or atleast do 70 to 80% of someone's life bar, which is normal at mid-game, make a call to group and clarify that you can initiate with Flash + Bodyslam. Scoring a kill this way using Flash is more beneficial since a tower or objective can be picked up afterwards instead of a solo kill that might cost a flash to secure.
  • Be sure to always have a pink placed somewhere on the map and make sure you've traded your Trinket for a Sweeper at around level 9.
  • Gragas shines during this phase of the game due to the amount of damage he can provide during a Gank, which increases the chances of scoring a kill.
  • If your team is behind, look to initiate while the enemy team is split from each other while your team is grouped. Die for the cause if you have to.


  • Split pushing during this time of the game is possible if you have teleport available to group when a fight occurs. 
  • Only split push if you're fed or confident enough to take on who ever comes to fight you. Warding up the enemy jungle helps a lot.
  • You need over 20% CDR to take on most champions in a 1v1 since it'll most likely take more than one skill rotation to kill your opponent.
  • Be ready and aware with your Teleport if you notice a fight happening or about to happen.
  • Grouping around this phase of the game is good too, since Gragas is a very strong initiator with Flash+Bodyslam plays.
  • Teleport behind the enemy team with Homeguards activated while they're pushing is also a neat way to initiate onto them. One of the best.


  • As a Mid Laner, who's inbetween both Top and Bot lane, it's a really good idea to roam and help out other lanes during this phase of the game.
  • You can offset the balance and make your team more dominant in their lane if you can succeed in a gank. 
  • Having Frost Queen's Claim completed makes ganking another lane much easier and also for when your Jungler comes to gank your lane aswell.
  • Look at the 3 charges of Frost Queen's Claim and make sure it's available before you attempt an all in if you've purchased this item for the mid lane.
  • You can also shove in mid lane as deep as you can in hopes of being ganked to relieve other lanes of pressure if you feel you're fed enough to take on a 1v2. Always kill the squishiest or biggest threat first in a 2v1 to make it a 1v1.

Late Game Back to Top


  • Look to use Flash+Bodyslam to initiate a fight while taking out the most threatening Squishy champion. If you find yourself too weak to score a kill, use Flash + Bodyslam to instead Ult a priority target into your team. 
  • Keep Baron warded this late in the game and keep track of the Elder Dragon spawn timer.
  • Another way to team fight as a support in the late game is to stand near your ADC and use your huge arsenal of crowd control abilities to peel and protect your ADC or who ever's the most fed ranged champion.


Top, Mid and Jungle AP Gragas play very similar in the late game. These tips can apply to Support as well.

  • The best method to start a winning team-fight late into the game is to hide behind walls or inside brushes that are cleared of all wards and look for opportunities to make a surprise Flash+ Bodyslam play.
  • Catching out even one person late in the game can lead to a tower or an inhibitor. Try not to be too greedy with flash.
  • If you somehow manage to catch out one person without using Flash or your Ultimate, a tower dive is possible with the use of Flash + Bodyslam + Ulting them backwards.
  • Staying near your team is a good idea in the late game. One shotting someone can be hard if the enemy is too tanky, but with your team nearby, you'll have people to ult the enemy to.
  • Always try to be the first to initiate rather than be initiated on!!
    This is important because Gragas' damage falls off heavily if he can't ready up his W beforehand. 
  • Hiding in brushes to kill unsuspecting players that don't stick with their team is one of the best ways to kill someone. Junglers can do this a bit easier since they can ward and sweep at the same time. Supports can do the same, but they'll usually have less damage than the Jungler.

  • The way I play Gragas in the late game is by Catching someone out, or by Flashing into the enemy team and killing a priority target while sometimes DYING FOR THE CAUSE!!

  • Avoid Ulting very dangerous AoE champions into your team.
    Ex: Wukong, Annie, Galio, Amumu, Malphite
    These are the few champions that can cause a Wombo Combo on your whole team if you set them up by ulting them to your team mates. I've done it once or twice.. It's a very bad idea.

Other Tips and Tricks Back to Top

  • Ever since the Nerf in patch 6.17, avoid using BODYSLAM + AUTO ATTACK + Ult! The best way would be to Bodyslam then Ultimate right away with no hesitation! The perfect way would be to Bodyslam and use your ultimate during your Bodyslam animation before it even collides with the enemy. 

  • Practice Flashing DURING your Bodyslam to do the Important Flash + Bodyslam combo. It's the most useful and easiest combo you can learn. Remember that when you use flash; you have to make sure you flash directly onto the target!

  • Get into the Habit of having your W prepared and ready before Bodyslamming or Flash + Bodyslamming into the enemy. Make sure it doesn't wear off after your Bodyslam lands either.

  • If you use your Q and know it'll miss, do not trigger it. Leave it lying on the ground until someone walks into it, or when it triggers by itself. This is a good habit because it creates an area that the enemy won't want to enter. The skill's cool down will still tick down even while your barrel is on the ground. This also gives you an opportunity to ult them into the Barrel that's fermenting.

  • Only Bodyslam in if you're confident it will land. Missing bodyslam is a huge mistake that you don't want to happen. It causes you to be in the middle of the enemy with no other escape besides possibly your ultimate or flash. If you build as a tank, It won't be that huge of a problem. But if you're building AP with no resistances, it can be a big mistake.

  • When Bodyslamming into the enemy, try to get into the habit of using your Q while you're bodyslamming. It allows you to let your Q ferment by reaching it's destination quicker and gain damage while the enemy is stunned by your Bodyslam. The problem with this is if your Bodyslam misses, your Barrel will also most likely miss aswell. 

  • If you're unleashing all 4 skills onto a single target, get into the habit of using your Ultimate to push the enemy towards your team or yourself. This will ensure that if you miscalculated your damage, there can still be a chance to pick up the kill afterwards.

  • Aim for ATLEAST 25-30% CDR everygame unless you're playing the support. Later in the game a single skill rotation will not be able to 1 shot the enemy unless you're extremely fed. So having your 2nd skill rotation come up sooner will help you out a ton.

  • When buying a Sightstone or Warding jungle item, REMEMBER TO EXCHANGE YOUR TRINKET FOR A SWEEPER! Especially at level 9 when you can get the better sweeper!

  • Do not be afraid to Bodyslam in to find out and learn your damage output. Bodyslam stuns your target, so most of the time you'll be able to just walk out afterwards. And if you can't walk out, you should still have Flash or your Ultimate as another disengage tool.

  • Do not have a single ideal build every game. Learn to build different items for different situations. Even if you're winning lane, getting an Abyssal Scepter while the enemy has an AP Jungler and Mid Laner will lower your chances of dying from mistakes by a huge margin.

  • Do not fear dying in League of Legends. Flash Bodyslam into the enemy team if they are really clumped together. You might die in the process, but your death can lead your team into a win with less casualties.

  • I believe it's best to avoid using Flash for a solo kill around mid to late game UNLESS that solo kill can transition into a tower or an objective.

  • If you're building AP, look for the target with the least amount of MR before you all in. Remember to check first.

  • Make sure you buy Pink Wards! It's 75g! Very valuable item for the price.

  • Try to avoid Raging or doing things like explaining why you're right and they're wrong.
    These types of things tilt your own teammate and causes them to perform worse.

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