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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png Smite

If you're jungling you're taking smite 100% of the time.  You need it so you can purchase machete/talisman to make clearing the jungle easy and it allows you to secure objectives for your team(dragon/rift herald/baron etc.)

4.png Flash

Flash is by far the best summoner spell in the game and for Graves jungle it isn't any different, it can be used aggressively to help you finish off a kill or defensively to save your life.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

As of March 06, 2016 I am currently favoring Stormraider's Surge as my keystone mastery

Keystone - Thunderlord's Decree

When coming up with any mastery page you want to determine what keystone/tree would be the best for your champion and the best keystone we've found for Graves is Thunderlord's Decree by a large margin.  Thunderlord's fits right in line with Graves' bursty playstyle and it's quite easy to proc since he has ranged auto attacks and 3 damaging abilities that can all be shot quickly.  To access Thunderlord's we'll have to spend 17 points in the Cunning tree.


Wanderer vs Savagery
3% movement speed out of combat could be nice when we're starting a gank but beyond that it's not too useful.  We're constantly in combat when we're clearing the jungle and since we're going to be auto attacking a lot Savagery is the clear winner here.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin
All of these sound pretty good on paper for a jungler especially since we're starting with a refillable potion to abuse Secret Stash's 10% potion duration increase.  However, Runic Affinity is just too strong for junglers since we're constantly getting red or blue or both buffs throughout the game(especially if we're greedy and don't give them to our laners).

Merciless vs Meditation
Merciless is the clear victor here since mana regeneration isn't an issue for junglers early game.  We get blue buff during our first clear and later on we'll have talisman/upgraded jungle items to help us get mana back.  Merciless' 5% damage increase is HUGE especially on Graves.

Dangerous Game vs Bandit
Another obvious choice Bandit is worthless to us since we aren't sitting in a lane soaking up gold and Dangerous Game is a life saver at times.

Precision vs Intelligence
Both are very good for Graves, however one of these is already covered by our runes.  Armor penetration is an extremely valuable stat and you just can't get it very easily from runes unless you sacrifice our other extremely important stats so it's important to pick precision over intelligence here and grab cooldown reduction from our glyphs.


Fury vs Sorcery
Fury is the clear favorite here because attack speed allows us to reload faster which increases our clear time and increases our damage in fights.

Double Edged Sword vs Feast
We really don't need the minimal sustain from Feast so we're okay with taking the extra 1.5% damage to dish out an extra 1.5% damage ourselves.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent
Natural Talent is an okay mastery for Graves since has has both AD and AP scaling however we don't benefit much from the AP scaling, and it'll take around ~8 or 9 levels for the AD scaling alone to make up for the lack of AP scaling.  The spell vamp and life steal from Vampirism will help us sustain up in the jungle so it's the obvious choice here.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor 
Bounty Hunter can give up to 5% increased damage once you've killed every enemy champion once which is twice as good as Oppressor.  However, you still need to kill each enemy champion once and until you've killed 3 Oppressor is better by far.  Since you'll be slowing people constantly with red buff and your smoke screen oppressor gives you that early game edge.  Oppressor is almost always the choice to go when up against Bounty Hunter.  If you're planning on killing each opponent once, then you might as well do it with 2.5% increased damage and then snowball your lead for the win.

Alternative Keystones

Stormraider's Surge

Stormraider's Surge is very very powerful on Graves since his kit revolves around up front burst damage.  Hitting a Q and using your two auto attacks will often be enough to proc your bonus movement speed allowing you to reposition easily while you reload your next two shots.  It's also a great escape tool/team fighting tool if you blow your Q ult across the enemy team you can reposition or escape with ease.

These are my recommend masteries if you want to take Stormraider's 

Strength of the Ages

Strength of the Ages is becoming extremely common in competitive play on almost all junglers.  The thought process behind it is in competitive play and jungling in general you'll get tons of bonus health off of the mastery for free.  300 Health is extremely valuable, however I feel most of the masteries you get in resolve aren't worth it in solo queue especially if you're intending on being a carry style Graves. 

These are my recommended masteries if you want to take Strength of the Ages

Abilities Back to Top


gravespassive.png New Destiny

Graves's shotgun holds two shells. After firing them he must reload. Each attack fires several bullets in a cone. Hitting an enemy with multiple bullets does bonus damage. These bullets cannot pass through units.

gravesclustershot.png End of the Line

Graves fires an explosive shell that detonates after 2 seconds, or immediately if it strikes terrain.

Fires a powder round that deals physical damage to enemies in a line. After 2 seconds, or on collision with terrain, the round detonates, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies.

gravessmokegrenade.png Smoke Screen

Graves fires a smoke canister at the target area creating a cloud of smoke. Enemies inside the smoke cloud have reduced sight range and Movement Speed.

Creates a cloud of Black Smoke lasting 4 seconds. Enemies inside Black Smoke cannot see out. Deals magic damage and slows on impact.

gravesmove.png Quickdraw

Graves dashes forward gaining an Armor and Magic Resist boost for several seconds. Hitting enemies with basic attacks lowers the cooldown of this skill and refreshes the resistance boost.

Dashes in a direction, reloading one shell. For 4 seconds, Graves gains True Grit. Basic attack hits lower the cooldown of Quickdraw by seconds and, against non-minions, also refresh True Grit. True Grit grants Armor and Magic Resist (stacks up to 4 times).

graveschargeshot.png Collateral Damage

Graves fires an explosive shell dealing heavy damage to the first champion it hits. After hitting a champion or reaching the end of its range, the shell explodes dealing damage in a cone.

Fires an explosive shell with such force that it knocks Graves back. The shell deals physical damage to the first enemy hit. After hitting an enemy Champion or reaching the end of its range, the shell explodes, dealing physical damage in a cone.

Skill Order

graveschargeshot.png Collateral Damage

As with most ultimate abilities we level up Collateral Damage any time we can, it's by far the most powerful ability Graves has.

gravesclustershot.png End of the Line

We prioritize maxing Q before everything else because of its insane burst damage.  The Q damage increases our clear speed significantly and obviously increases our fighting effectiveness.  There is no circumstance where we wouldn't max Q first.

gravesmove.png Quickdraw

While Quickdraw doesn't increase our burst potential any what leveling it up does do is bolsters our tankiness.  Every time you use you reload a single shotgun shell and you gain True Grit.  True Grit increases your armor and magic resistance for 4 seconds which can stack up to 4 times.  At max rank of Quickdraw True Grit can give up to 120 armor/magic resistance.  Make sure you keep auto attacking champions in order to keep your True Grit bonus up.

gravessmokegrenade.png Smoke Screen

We max Smoke Screen last because it is a wonderful ability at rank 1.  What makes Smoke Screen powerful is the vision denial which doesn't get any better when you rank it up (apart from reducing the cooldown).  

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting items

Core Items

    You should always be getting warrior enchant, whether you get Tracker's/Skirmisher's is up to you
    Offensive Core Items(Death's Dance+PD much better as of 6.5)
    Defensive Core Items

Situational Items

    Defensive Situational Items
    Situational Offensive Items
We start with Hunter's Machete over Hunter's Talisman because we don't need the mana regeneration on Graves and we auto attack a lot to clear.  You can start with 3 health potions if you don't have optimal runes or if you're not very good at kiting jungle minions, although I don't recommend it.  Your clear is extremely healthy especially if you're good at kiting minions with Graves' range and knock back auto attacks.


Which enchantment???

1412.png Skirmisher's

  • Better for aggressive players
  • Better for dueling
  • Reduces damage of high damage threats in skirmishes/team fights
  • True damage burn is helpful against champions that might barely live

1408.png Stalker's

  • Better for strategic/safe players
  • Better for vision control/warding for your team
  • Can't purchase green wards anymore so Stalker's is very valuable
  • Offers nothing in terms of raw damage/damage reduction

3009.png Boots of Swiftness

  • Should be getting these every game
  • High movement speed along with your red buff allows you to gank and chase people down with ease
  • Even though Graves is a Marksman he benefits from getting into melee range and the increased movement speed helps achieve that
  • Your auto attacks can be blocked by minions, champions, etc. so you need to be able to maneuver and reposition yourself

3053.png Sterak's Gage

  • Should be purchasing this almost every game(late game typically)
  • It's a big health item and health items work VERY well with Graves since he gets free armor and magic resistance from Quickdraw, the synergy between this item and quickdraw is INSANE
  • Sterak's Gage is an awesome item for marksman in general because it's a great "anti one shot" item since you get a big shield when you take a lot of damage which can be all you need to save your life in a pinch
  • In order to get up close and personal as Graves wants to do you're going to need tankiness which Sterak's gives you
  • Gives you attack damage which is always nice
  • As of patch 6.9 Maw of Malmortius and Sterak's Gage have the same unique passive Lifeline so don't buy these two items together choose one or the other depending on whether you want the lifesteal/spell vamp/armor pen/magic resist or the huge health + normal shield from sterak's.  I've been preferring Maw of Malmortius in most cases.

3155.png Hexdrinker

  • Probably pick up Hexdrinker in over half of your games
  • Nice little niche item especially when you're running into those annoying magic damage junglers(60.png76.png154.png)
  • The magic damage shield also has some synergy with Quickdraw, similar to the way Sterak's Gage does but obviously only against magic damage.
  • If you're getting ahead feel free to upgrade this to Maw of Malmortius early on, however if not I'd recommend just keeping it as Hexdrinker until a bit later into the game

3156.png Maw of Malmortius

  • Probably going to get this a little bit less than Hexdrinker simply because games will end/you'll want to start building other items instead of getting an upgraded Hexdrinker
  • The offense you get from Maw of Malmortius is great, especially if you're ahead.  Like we said in the masteries section, armor penetration is a really great stat, it's just hard to come by.  Luckily Malmortius has it
  • The shield is bigger than Hexdrinker's and it scales with your magic resistance so if you have multiple True Grit stacks when your shield pops it could be HUGE
  • Maw of Malmortius combined with Sterak's Gage makes you deceptively tanky and you'll still output lots of damage
  • As of patch 6.9 Maw of Malmortius and Sterak's Gage have the same unique passive Lifeline so don't buy these two items together choose one or the other depending on whether you want the lifesteal/spell vamp/armor pen/magic resist or the huge health + normal shield from sterak's.  I've been preferring Maw of Malmortius in most cases.

3142.png Youmuu's Ghostblade

  • Get this if you're getting strong early and want to snowball your lead
  • Fantastic offensive item that gives you all the stats you want, lots of attack damage, armor penetration, cooldown reduction, and the active gives you movement speed for reloading your shotgun
  • Make sure you pop your Youmuu's active when stuff is about to go down the reload speeds could save your life not to mention the movement speed is also vital for getting into range to finish people off/disengaging when you get low
  • The build path for Youmuu's is also great since both of the components give stats you want and they're cheap

3094.png Rapid Firecannon

  • Nice situational item if you want the increased auto attack range
  • Nice offensive item that will increase our reload speed, increase our short auto attack range(while giving a small amount of added burst), and gives us the ability to crit
  • The increased range of Rapid Firecannon is really nice when someone is trying to escape from us and we can't quite get into auto range

3742.png Deadman's Plate

  • Pick this up if you need physical tankiness and movement speed
  • Mostly want to pick this up if you're running into a lot of physical champions and you need some tankiness
  • The extra movement speed is nice

3143.png Randuin's Omen

  • If you don't like Deadman's Plate you'll probably get this instead
  • Statwise it's very similar to Deadman's Plate but instead of getting increased movement speed until you auto attack you take reduced damage from critical strikes and you have an active AoE slow based on your armor and magic resistance

3026.png Guardian Angel

  • Probably won't get this item often
  • Normally better in late game situations when death timers are getting long
  • Especially good if you have multiple threats on your team so if you get downed in the middle of a fight the enemy team will be getting killed while they're waiting for your resurrection
  • The stats are okay on Guardian Angel if you need  more armor and magic resistance but like we've explained health synergized very well with Graves so you're probably better off getting a health item

3102.png Banshee's Veil

  • Probably won't get this item too often as we get our magic resistance from Hexdrinker/Maw of Malmortius most of the time
  • You'll probably want to pick this up if you're against a lot of long range pick abilities(53.png25.png60.png134.png412.png)
  • The stats of Banshee's Veil are pretty good for Graves, you might want to get this if you're also just running into a magic heavy enemy team

3139.png Mercurial Scimitar

  • Won't get this very often, but it's a good pick up depending on the enemy team
  • Mercurial is a great pick up when you're running into debuffs/long hard CC (238.png90.png76.png223.png25.png)
  • This is another item that you could pick up if you're running into a magic heavy composition however make sure you have a health item before you consider purchasing this if you're getting it for tankiness
  • The attack damage of mercurial scimitar is HUGE it's great for an offensive pick up

3071.png Black Cleaver

  • You'll be getting this if you're an AD heavy composition or if your opponents are stacking armor against you
  • You'll most likely be getting this for the armor shred from the item however it has fantastic stats for graves, health, attack damage, 20% cooldown reduction, and movement speed when doing physical damage
  • The build path is very solid and cheap which makes this an okay mid game item

3812.png Death's Dance

  • After Death's Dance's most recent buff it has become a staple item on Graves Jungle
  • You'll be buying this item in a large majority of your games
  • Death's Dance has good synergy with Grave's innately tanky kit because it gives you flat damage reduction and turns some damage into a bleed, also has great synergy with Phantom Dancer
  • High amount of attack damage and 10% cooldown reduction is nice
  • Death's Dance makes you heal for 15% of all physical damage dealt, reduced to 5% for AoE damage
  • It also makes you even more deceptively tanky because all damage(excluding true) you take you'll store 15% of it and take one third of it over time instead of as up front damage

3046.png Phantom Dancer

  • Great item pick up for Graves for his attack speed/crit slot
  • The 12% damage reduction on the last target hit is HUGE and synergizes very well with Graves' innate tankiness
  • The movement speed passive when close to enemies also synergizes well with Graves since he favors getting up more close and personal with his enemies
  • Attack speed helps Graves reload faster so it's extremely valuable
  • Fantastic synergy with Death's Dance

3033.png Mortal Reminder

  • Will rarely get this item
  • This is nice if the other team has high armor targets with lots of healing
  • You're more likely to get Mortal Reminder instead of Lord Dominik's because of how much health you should be building on Graves
  • Very good pick up against champions like 50.png8.png36.png
  • Don't forget you can pick up Executioner's Calling 3123.png early game for cheap to get the grievous wounds and worry about the last whisper component later
  • DON'T FORGET grievous wounds ONLY affects SELF HEALING

3036.png Lord Domink's Regards

  • Will rarely get this item
  • This is pretty much only going to be picked up if the other team has a couple of extremely high health tanks that don't have a ton of self healing
  • Consider getting this if the other team has some 3,500+ health targets with lots of armor

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Lee Sin
  • Nidalee
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Rumble




Amumu is a relatively easy matchup, you're much stronger early game in 1v1 situations and most 2v2 situations(obviously dependent on your lanes).  You can invade him quite easily early and if you properly time your gravesmove.png when Amumu throws out his bandagetoss.png you can easily kite him and out trade him.  Even if Amumu lands his bandage toss you still do increased damage when he's close range.  

Don't be afraid to go into his jungle and bully him early.  Later on in the game he is slightly better however it's mostly a matter of whether you can avoid his ultimate or not.   Also a small tip if you do get entangled by his curseofthesadmummy.png  you can still use your graveschargeshot.png to dash a small distance.

In general I would say if you play aggressively early against Amumu and it will be an easy matchup




While all melee matchups are relatively easy, 60.png is slightly more difficult due to her burst and her very fast clear speed. 

The biggest problem for Graves is that not only she can be range and also hit him from a distance, hitting eliseE.png means she can burst you down while you do nothing. Definitely advisable to pick up an early 3155.png to avoid getting one shotted


Lee Sin


Mostly the same as Rengar, wait for him to jump on you with blindmonkqone.png and immediately gravesclustershot.png+gravessmokegrenade.png combo him, dash out and start kiting him. Graves excels against melee jungle as he's the one who gets to do the kiting



76.png is considered a counter due to her playstyle being very poke based, seeing that Graves has no form of engage whatsoever. Nidalee's clear is superior and she can also invade graves. Hitting a javelintoss.png means she can all in you and win in burst trades. In fights, Nidalee can just stay in the back line to poke and primalsurge.png herself and her teammates, denying Graves' bursty kit

Definitely reccomend an early 3155.png here as well




If 64.png and 107.png are easy, then 421.png is even easier. She doesn't have an instant gap closer like the two champions mentioned and when she usesreksaiE.png it's extremely obvious and easy to predict, so you can justgravesmove.png away from her and then gravessmokegrenade.png her as she ends her tunnel path




Usually, 107.png does all the hunting when facing off against other junglers but against Graves, Rengar is the hunted.

As Graves, you want Rengar to jump on you. It just means your auto attacks do more damage and you have an easier time using gravesclustershot.png on him.

Grab 3053.png to ensure you don't get bursted and whenever he jumps on you instantly gravesclustershot.png+gravessmokegrenade.png+gravesmove.png away as you keep hitting the poor confused kitten




This matchup hasn't been hard for me although I don't have a ton of experience against Rumble.  I recommend being aggressive early and invading their jungle if your lanes are pushed up.  Graves can dash out of range of rumbleflamethrower.png and rumblegrenade.png early game which is all of Rumble's early game damage.  

Later on Rumble's rumblecarpetbomb.png can be devastating for your team in skirmishes/teamfights but 1v1 and 2v2 it shouldn't hurt you too much since you can gravesmove.png out of it.  

In conclusion if you play smart against Rumble it should be an easy matchup, you can easily choose when you want to fight or all in.

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(Work in Progress)Item Build Skeleton Back to Top

In this section I'm going to simply explain in the current meta what your build is likely going to look like and explain to you why I make certain item choices.  


1041.png+2031.png > 3009.png+3715.png >1412.png

A second offensive item is almost always good to build after your warrior
Your best offensive options are 3142.png or 3094.png

After building an offensive item it's very important to get a defensive item.  The best defensive item for Graves is 3053.png

If the other team is magic heavy build 3155.png into 3156.png

If the other team is physical heavy build 3742.png or 3143.png

If the other team has suppression champions such as 19.png90.png6.png or long hard cc's such as 60.png25.png4.png39.png consider picking up a 3140.png into 3139.png or 3102.png

If the other team has major tanks like 44.png223.png14.png54.png33.png48.png you'll want to get some armor penetration/shred with 3071.png or 3033.png 

Typical 6 item builds:(order is the most likely purchase order)

Standard Build


Magic Heavy Opponent

You can replace 3139.png with 3102.png if they are extremely magic heavy or they lack long hard CC.

Physical Heavy Opponents

You can replace 3742.png or 3094.png with 3143.png if you need even more armor/health.

Tank Heavy Opponents or your team being AD Heavy


Detailed Explanation:

Larger item pictures indicate the preferred purchase. 

Game Start 

 1041.png 2031.png

As I said in the items section you should always start with Hunter's Machete and Refillable potion.  You can start with 3 health potions if you don't have optimal runes or if you're not very good at kiting jungle minions, although I don't recommend it.  Your clear is extremely healthy especially if you're good at kiting minions with Graves' range and knock back auto attacks.

First Back  

350 or less gold - 

1039.png or 1001.png

650 - 700 gold - 

3715.png or 1001.png+1039.png

800 gold -


1150 gold - 


1450 gold - 

3009.png + 3715.png

Your ideal first back you'll be able to pick up Boots of Swiftness and Skirmisher's Sabre.  Boots of Swiftness are extremely important for most junglers but they're especially significant on Graves.  Getting them early allows you to have more successful ganks because you'll simply have more movement speed than the lane or enemy jungler you're ganking.  The movement speed also let's you get into range of walls to get an instant detonating Q or to get closer to your targets for increased auto attack damage.  

We want the Skirmisher's Sabre early so we have the amazing dueling potential that the smite gives us.  The true damage burn along with damage reduction will help you secure kills in ganks or give you the edge over the enemy jungler.  Upgrading our jungle item in general also makes it easier to clear and doubles the amount of experience you'll get from killing large monsters in the jungle.  

Second Back

1100 or Less - 

1036.png 1036.png or 3133.png

1625 - 


Once you pick up your Warrior Enchantment your clear speed and your skirmish damage will really see a boost.  You want to pick this up as soon as you have enough gold for it.  Don't waste your time clearing a couple of extra camps before backing unless you really need to pick up a pink ward.

Mid game decision making

Once you finish your warrior enchantment the rest of your item purchases are all situational.

After I finish my warrior enchantment I almost always pick up Youmuu's Ghostblade.  The build path is extremely cheap and it's just a very good item for graves adding to his burst potential and the active is very nice.  

You could also pick up a Rapid Fire Cannon if you think having more range on your first auto attack is important or you want to be able to auto attack more often.  Critical strikes also make your shotgun shots fire 8 pellets instead of 4.  

You may want to grab a Hexdrinker or Maw of Malmortius if you're up against a double AP team composition, or if you're getting beaten down by an aggressive magic damage jungler 76.png60.png154.png

After you've picked up a damage item you're going to  need some health.  Health is ridiculously good on Graves because of his True Grit passive and Sterak's is the PERFECT item for Graves.  You want to get this EVERY game.  You'll almost always get it as your third item, if not your second.  

Late Game Decision Making

Once you've finished building 4 items(including boots) you now have to decide what your last two items are going to be to round out your build.  Going into this section I'm assuming you have these items built at LEAST 3 of these 4 items:

3009.png1412.png3053.png and 3094.png or 3142.png or 3156.png

You're most likely going to want this item in every build by late game as most games will turn into 5v5 team fight after 5v5 team fight and you're going to want the extra range Rapid Firecannon gives you along with the critical chance.  The attack speed is also vital to allow you to get those reloads off in the middle of a fight. 

If you don't have a Maw of Malmortius at this point you should probably get one unless they have absolutely no magic damage threats on their team.  Even if they only have a tanky magic damage dealer and a support it's still a worthwhile pick up most of the time.  The shield synergizes well with Graves' kit and Maw of Malmortius itself synergizes well with Sterak's Gage.  However, if the enemy team is 4 physical champions and a support it's okay to pick up no magic resist item.

If you don't have a Youmuu's by now it's likely that you won't be buying it at all.  Youmuu's is very powerful early game but I feel like late game there are better options over Youmuu's.  However if you find yourself wanting more damage and the movement speed/attack speed active go ahead and pick this up. 

3742.png or 3143.png
These are your go to items if the other team has more than one physical threat.  If they have a physical top laner like 122.png62.png58.png92.png114.png and a Marksman on their team you're definitely want one of these.  I see myself getting Deadman's Plate in a huge majority of my games as the extra movement speed is great on Graves even though you miss out on the slowing component of the item.  

The only situation where I don't see myself building a Deadman's plate is if they have a magic damage top laner, jungler, and mid laner.  Even with them having only a marksman for physical damage it still isn't a bad purchase because marksmen late game do a LOT of damage and will out range.  The only situation where I'd see myself not getting it EVER would be against a magic composition like I said with Corki as their Marksman as he does more magic damage than physical.  So a composition I would NOT buy Deadman's or Randuin's against would look like this:

Top: 127.png57.png13.png68.png223.png
Jungle: 76.png60.png154.png28.png77.png
Mid: 7.png1.png30.png61.png99.png
Support: Doesn't really matter as there aren't any viable supports that do enough physical damage to warrant us purchasing a Deadman's or Randuin's
Marksman: 42.png81.png

Those are only a few examples, I don't want to list every single magic damage champion that can be played in every role.

I haven't experimented enough with this item as it used to be very bad but it has been buffed recently.  Once I've gotten more experience with this item I'll update this stay tuned! 

3139.png or 3102.png
You CAN buy both of these items in the same game if the enemy team is extremely magic heavy, however most of the time you shouldn't be getting both of these.  In my opinion Mercurial is a much better item on Graves than Banshee's Veil but Banshee's is by no means a bad item at all.  Everything it gives is good statistically on Graves and it has synergies, but if we already have Sterak's and Maw of Malmortius we are okay to be greedy and go for the extra damage on Mercurial Scimitar. 

Mercurial Scimitar is one of the nicest niche items in the game as it's the only item that can remove suppression which makes it an amazing pick up against 19.png90.png6.png.  It can also be used to remove deadly debuffs such as Mordekaiser's Ultimate, Vlad's ultimate, Fizz's ultimate, Nidalee's spears, Zed's Death Mark, among others.  

Banshee's Veil is a nice pick up against long range poke/hard CC so champions like 53.png25.png60.png412.png76.png101.png.  Banshee's Veil loses value if the enemy team has very short cooldown long range pokes as it'll be hard to maintain your spell shield.  Some champions that would make Banshee's Veil a less desirable purchase would be: 81.png36.png42.png22.png421.png

If you'd like more information on what Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial Scimitar can remove check out:

3071.png or 3033.png
I've never ever purchased both of these items in the same game because they essentially accomplish the same job.  Black cleaver shreds armor by a percentage for your entire team when you hit a target and Mortal Reminder allows you to penetrate through your enemy's bonus armor.  Black cleaver has much better stats than Mortal Reminder, however Black Cleaver isn't as appealing if you don't have other physical threats on your team.  Black Cleaver is a great pick up if you're having a hard time chasing people down because they're slippery because of the 20% cooldown reduction allowing you to quickdraw more often.  

You want to pick these up if you're against heavy tanks like 44.png223.png14.png54.png33.png48.png.

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Hey I'm ZeusJuice!  I'm a Master tier League of Legends player(got master on 2 accounts  in season 5), and I'm the Head Guide Moderator for LolKing! :)

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