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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png - Essential for obvious reasons. You're jungling, you need to use smite.
4.png - Best summoner spell in the game. Whether you're jungling or laning, use this spell in any situation. It's utility for escapes or closing the gap to secure kills is extremely valuable.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

You may be surprised to see me opt for a 12/0/18 setup instead of 18/0/12, as many people like to use Warlord's Bloodlust on Graves, and I do too, but the utility you get from Swiftness and Strength of the Ages is unmatched. Anyways, let's move on to the explanation for each mastery choice.

Ferocity Tree

Fury: Obvious. Some Attack Speed for you to pair with your Phantom Dancer. This is another reason why I opt for flat AD runes. Fury mastery and Phantom Dancer is all the attack speed you need for Graves.

Expose Weakness: Expose Weakness is a cool mastery and I love it on junglers. On ganks, giving your laners that extra 3% damage on targets you attack could make the difference between a kill or a failed gank. Great utility in team fights too, as your AoE damage with gravesclustershot.png and graveschargeshot.png will put the extra 3% effect on many of the enemies.
Vampirism: This is a must for Graves. Natural talent is nothing compared to this mastery. Vampirism has synergy with Runic Armor, which I will get to shortly, and just adds to your insane health regeneration with 3812.png and 3072.png
I take Oppressor if my team has a good amount of CC, if not, I take Bounty Hunter as it helps your ability to snowball. Be careful with taking Bounty Hunter though, because if you don't get many kills, you're not getting much from it.

Resolve Tree

Recovery: Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of either option, but still the extra health regen helps in long team fights or just clearing your jungle. You can pick either mastery here, but I've just always used recovery. I can see the appeal for Unyielding though.

Tough Skin: Just read the mastery, it's pretty obvious why you should use it. Explorer is too situational

Runic Armor:
Probably one of, if not the most overpowered mastery for Graves, and it's even better if you have a champion on your team with shields or heals as-well. Increases your already insane life steal

Insight: Smite/Flash are extremely important summoner spells, and getting the CD reduced by 15% on them is amazing. I know perseverance is a lot of health regen, but Insight is just too good to pass up

Swiftness: As Graves, one of your weaknesses is having no CC whatsoever. Well, you have the slow on impact from your Smoke Screen but that won't help you much on chase downs or escapes. You need Swiftness for chasing down enemies or they will kite you all day long

Strength of the Ages:
You may think I'm crazy for passing up Battering Blows and Warlord's Bloodlust by not going 18/0/12 but trust me, the utility from Swiftness/SotA is just amazing to have on Graves. Graves is not your typical glass cannon marksman like Kindred or Lucian. 300 extra HP may not seem like a lot, but when you're constantly life stealing from the enemy, you're basically a hyper carry in a tank's body. Sure, if you go 18/0/12 you'll have slightly better damage, but even by going 12/0/18 you're doing a ton of damage already, and now you have more survivability and utility.

Abilities Back to Top

Passive: New Destiny gravespassive.png
It's a challenging passive to explain. In short, you have 2 shots and then you need to reload. Each shot fires out 4 "mini bullets" if you will, and critical strikes shoot 8 "mini bullets". This is shot in a cone form

The negative part about this passive is the fact that your auto attacks don't go through units. What I mean by this is if you try to auto attack an enemy and there's a minion or another enemy right in the middle of you and your target, your auto attack will instead hit that close enemy and not the one you try to auto attack. I'm horrible at explaining that, sorry. Once you play Graves once or twice you learn how to deal with it. I highly suggest you get used to it before you do ranked, as it can shock you a bit (I learned that the hard way)

Q: End of the Line gravesclustershot.png

One of the most unique non-ultimate abilities in the game, and using this ability correctly is the difference between a mediocre Graves and a good Graves. Basically, you fire a skillshot in a "T" shape. It does low damage initially in a straight line in an "I" shape, and then detonates after about a second. Anyone that's in the T shape of the shot takes a lot of damage. But this is where skill comes in to play. If you use this ability and it hits terrain like a wall, turret, broken turret etc there is no delay on the detonation, giving the enemy basically no time to dodge the main part of the damage. If you're in a 1v1 skirmish with the enemy jungler or any enemy that does a good amount of damage, you need to hit both parts of this ability to usually win the fight, so always look for perfect times to hit a wall with it near your enemy for maximum effect.

W: Smoke Screen gravessmokegrenade.png

Graves' most boring ability. It's not bad, I mean, put it right on the enemy ADC and you're helping your team a lot in team fights just by doing that. Still, it's normally not a huge game changer. It has a slow on impact so try to hit it on enemies that you are chasing to give yourself some time to make up ground.

E: True Grit gravesmove.png

For most champions, their Q is their bread and butter ability. But for Graves, True Grit or your "E" is one of the most overpowered non-ultimate ability in the game. Let me go over all the good things it does.

- Escape
- Gap Closer
- Armor/MR steroid (Each time you use it you gain Armor/MR and it can stack)
- Gives you an extra bullet when you use it.
- Cooldown reduces every time to auto attack

Try to use this when you have 1 bullet left. By doing it this way, you get yourself back to 2 bullets and essentially shoot 3 bullets before you reload. Whenever this ability comes off cooldown, use it instantly even if you don't exactly need to, as this will stack the passive Armor/MR boost which makes you pretty damn tanky

R: Collateral Damage graveschargeshot.png

There might be no better feeling in league of legends than when an enemy with very low HP is running away and thinks he has escaped safely, only to get killed by Collateral Damage. Enemies constantly underestimate the range on this ability. Due to the fact this knocks you back as-well, it can be used as an escape as-well if used correctly (think Caitlyn's net, you get knocked back almost the same range). I like using this as a kill secure on low HP targets rather than just using it at the start of team fights since I don't want myself to be knocked back away from the team fight or it means your DPS uptime will be lower. I also like to use it if my team is sieging a tower, just try to hit one of the enemy squishies and they might have to recall, giving you a 4v5 opportunity to take a free tower or dive

Sorry, my explanations on abilities are pretty vague. It's really hard to explain them, just read the tooltips and try them out in-game.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

The core of 1412.png3812.png3009.png3072.png3046.png is inflexible. I use this every game and for good reason. The only negative aspect to this core build is the lack of armor penetration. As Graves, I prefer to just build full lifesteal and AD with a hint of attack speed, and these 5 items do all of that. I never use any other boots, I love Boots of Swiftness on Graves for many reasons. Like I've said earlier, you have no CC, so you need to be able to chase down people and outrun people.

as for Situational Items, you can't go wrong with any of the 3 3156.png3053.png3031.png, though I rarely opt for infinity edge. Let your ADC build like a glass cannon, you need to build utility. Simply put, if the enemy team has any sort of bursty magic damage, use 3156.png. If it's more AD-based burst like a 107.png,114.png or 121.png feel free to use 3053.png instead.

In very extreme cases, you can use both 3156.png and 3053.png if the enemy team is all burst champions that just want to assassinate you. This will give you amazing survivability. If you do opt to use both of these items, you can replace the 3072.png with them. You absolutely need to have 1412.png3812.png3046.png no matter what the case is.

Build Path

3715.png > 1001.png > 1412.png > 3812.png > 3009.png > 3086.png > 3072.png > 3046.png > 3156.png > 1306.png

I mean, as long as you use these items, you can build them in many different orders as long as you always build 3812.png first. Attack Speed/Crit isn't a premium for Graves so I usually build just a Zeal first to at least give me some AS/Crit, and then I build a 3072.png before I finish the 3046.png. If the enemy team has high magic damage I rush my 3156.png right after 3812.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Gragas
  • Kindred
  • Lee Sin
  • Nidalee




Kite the sad little guy and dodge his Q. Graves applies way more gank pressure than Amumu right now




Dodge her eliseE.png and you are in okay shape. However, Elise can dodge your Q/R burst with her spider form E, so watch out for that. Both champions have good gank pressure with relatively even clear speed.




Like Amumu, just kite him. Don't let him hit his body slam on you and you should be okay.

Unlike Amumu however, Gragas provides good gank pressure and has good clear speed. Watch out when you gank a lane, because if Gragas is there to countergank it could be a challenge




Well... usually if I see an enemy Kindred in champion select before my pick is up, I don't choose Graves. She can chase you down and you have no CC to stop her from doing that. A smart Kindred will use her ult to basically negate the damage on yours. If she's really smart, she can save her teammates by timing it correctly too. You have no displacement to get her out of her ult, just stay away from this matchup. If you find yourself in this matchup, just stay away at all costs until you have your first 2 or 3 items


Lee Sin


He provides a lot more early gank presence than Graves. You'll scale better, but if the Lee Sin is good he will win this jungle matchup by getting enemy lanes ahead before you get your damage to help them

Lee Sin is in control of this matchup. If he's good, you lose. If he's bad, you win.




Trust your lanes to not get hit by her spears on ganks and you will flat out do better than her in mid/late game team fights. Her clear speed is extremely fast so watch out for her in early skirmishes as she might be ahead of you. Plus, that early game spear can really hurt you before you get your utility items

Pros/Cons Back to Top


  • Above average clear speed
  • High burst damage
  • Amazing synergy with strong items like 3156.png3812.png
  • Basically has 3 escapes with 4.pnggravesmove.pnggraveschargeshot.png
  • Good ganks if your teammate(s) have CC
  • Get ahead early and it's very easy to snowball and carry


  • Banned in a high % of games (about 40-45% as of April 18th, 2016)
  • No Crowd Control
  • Heavily reliant on 2nd part of gravesclustershot.png damageĀ 
  • Forces your top lane/support to pick a tank for an optimal team comp

Early Game Back to Top


Sorry if that's hard to read, I'll write down the optimal starting route just incase. This is for blue side or "bottom side". For red side or "top side" I normally do Gromp > Blue > Wolves > Red Buff > Raptors > Mid Gank/Top Gank. Anyways, now for the Blue side

1. Krugs. Get a good leash from your bot lane and Smite it. Remember to use your Q to hit the wall to get the quicker damage. At level 2 put a point in E

2. Red Buff. Start it by using your Q right on the red buff monster and hit the wall behind him to get the bonus damage as soon as possible. Just as you do that, auto the red buff once and then E into the bush on the wall, this minimizes damage taken. Remember, always E when you have 1 bullet remaining to delay your reload downtime as much as possible.

3. Raptors. I mean, you can look for a gank mid if you think you can get it but generally just do Raptors here. Use your Q against the wall so it can hit every monster, and repeat the E trick. Try to always E away to minimize damage taken, but don't reset the monsters. If you're doing everything correctly, you should be almost out of mana by the time you are done Raptors, but that's okay, we're gonna be getting some back soon

4. Blue Buff. Smite it at the start. Now, this is a little risky if you're worried about the enemy jungler coming in to steal it. If the enemy jungler is a Lee Sin, Shaco, Skarner, or any other counter-jungling oriented champions, just wait to smite for the secure on it. This will delay the kill a bit though since you're likely out of mana at this point

5. Gank top, or do Gromp. These decisions are what you need to get good at if you want to be a good jungler. I'm not going to tell you how to jungle, this isn't a how to jungle guide, it's a Graves guide, so use your judgement to determine whether a gank top lane is worth your time. If not, kill Gromp and either recall or gank mid

Everything else is up to you. Finish your jungling item first and then get tier 1 boots and death's dance.

Mid Game Back to Top

So you've ganked a few times, maybe you've got a kill or two, maybe you've gotten your team a dragon, but for the most part you should just be farming your jungle and getting the free gold. Anyways, you should be approaching your first power spike which is when your build looks like this: 1412.png3812.png3009.png. That's your first power spike, and when you get that, it's time to really be aggressive. Just gank everywhere. Take a camp once in a while but you are going to be so strong that people will be burning flashes to get away from you. It's hard to define what "Mid game" is. Generally the 15th-25th minute or so is "mid game".

Anyways just look for kills, look for towers, dragons, rift heralds, etc. Do your part as a jungler and make lanes know you're strong, make them afraid to push

Late Game Back to Top

If your build looks something like 1412.png3009.png3812.png3072.png3086.png, that means late game is here, and that means you should be super excited to start bursting people so hard they want to just afk. Remember, you're Graves jungle which means your team essentially has two AD carries, meaning those Baron kills are going to be quicker than normal. Keep your pink ward on the map at all times. I'm sure you guys know how to generally approach the late game so I'll let you do whatever you want, but as a Graves, don't be afraid to pull the trigger on Dragon/Baron calls

Team Fighting Back to Top

It's super hard to explain team fighting when I don't know what your comps are or what situation in you're in, but I'll just be brief here.

If you're playing Graves jungle, I hope your top laner is a frontline tank or you have a 12.png201.png on your team, because as a Graves, you want to go into the frontline sometimes, but you need to realize that even though you get passively tanky with gravesmove.png and other masteries, you're still kill-able, so you want to be able to weave in and out of the frontline, while also helping out your ADC with killing their frontline. If you see anyone low at any time in the team fight, even if it's the enemy support, kill them with your graveschargeshot.png. Or, if the enemy ADC or mid is out of position, punish them with your ult/Q combo. Remember, in team fights always try to make sure you use your gravesmove.png when you have 1 bullet left. If you use it when you have 2 bullets or when you are already reloading, you're not maximizing your damage.

Always try to use your Q on terrain for the quicker detonation. However that won't always be possible, so if you can't do it, you can still use it normally

When To Pick Graves Jungle Back to Top

If your top laner isn't playing a tank, don't pick Graves. I love Graves, he's my main champion and my best champion, but it's a team game, so if your team needs a tank, use a tank.

If your mid laner is using an AD mid like 238.png or 91.png, avoid using Graves at all costs. If the enemy team sees an AD mid, Graves Jungle and an ADC, they are going to stack armor and it will limit your team's damage.

Updates (6.8 Graves changes please read) Back to Top

6.8 was an interesting tweak to Graves. When building Graves now, you sort of have to pick a side of being either that bruiser ranged marksman or a full on AD carry instead of being a hybrid of both. Riot has made it so critical striking with Graves is even more rewarding, while slightly decreasing his auto attack damage. All in all, through my experiences so far, I don't really notice anything from it.

I will update this guide more when I go through some more tests with a few different styles of builds to truly see how much the 6.8 patch truly affected Graves jungle.

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