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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner spells are simple, Flash4.png/Smite11.png every time. No matter the build or playstyle these are simply better than everything else.

4.pnggraveschargeshot.png is great for long range picks.

4.pnggravesqlinespell.pnggraveschargeshot.png is an important combo for teamfights, putting your target in-between you and a wall and maximizing your burst.

Lastly, as a pseudo or secondary AD Carry, having an instant re-position is always a necessity.

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Masteries Back to Top

There are a few mastery pages you can take on graves, with 3 keystone choices.

The above page is for a bruiser build with warlords, but the same keystones can be taken with fervor, if you favor the extra damage over the sustain.

Here's what's up mastery by mastery.

~Ferocity Tree~

T1: I prefer fury over sorcery because you can pair it with warlords for extra sustain, although this is mostly preference.

T2: Also preference but the damage is good here, as graves has no problem sustaining in the jungle and the damage from fresh blood is better than expose weakness in the early game where it matters.

T3: Natural talent is a free long sword of damage at lv 18, by comparison the lifesteal/vamp doesn't hold up.

T4: Bruiser graves thrives off of drawn out fights, being able to out damage the carries and out tank the tanks, battle trance is the best option here as bounty hunter is a hit or miss keystone in general.

T5: Armor pen> magic pen unless you're playing AP Tear gas graves. Please don't do that in my ranked games.

Keystone: There's two options here, personally I prefer the sustain from warlords as graves has no innate way to sustain himself in fights, and the damage from fervor before 11 can feel sub par, however it's debatable as to which scales better, as the bonus AD from fervor will buff graves Q/R immensely when used at full stacks.

~Resolve Tree~

T1: Unyielding, no choice, when graves' E begins to stack, this is flat out amazing, and can give you a ton of resists.

T2: This is preference again, explorer is good for presence in the early game and nash/drake fights, while tough skin is good for skirmishing everywhere.

T3: Runic armor really starts to shine in combination with warlords and Deaths Dance. The initial hp is nice, but scales right into the dumpster.

T4: Fearless is made for Graves, the extra resists for 2 seconds in combination with his E give him great resistance to initial burst damage. Plus in late game teamfights when you're sitting at nearly 300 armor and mr for 2 seconds while in combat, you'll thank me.

Here's your second option.


This is a standard page for a more burst focused graves build. It focuses heavily on damage and can simply assblast people at any and all points in a game.

Here's whats' up again, mastery by mastery.

~Cunning Tree

T1: This is preference, I like the faster clear from Savagery more than the out of combat ms, which you will already have an abundance of due to lethality items.

T2: Runic affinity is pretty awesome, and unless you're 1v1 in the jungle the other two here are practically useless, easy choice.

T3: A little extra damage for executes on that long range graveschargeshot.png, a little extra damage on your burst combo, a little extra damage everywhere.

T4: Greenfathers gift is great for clearing, dangerous game is great for fighting, I prefer greenfathers because it's more versatile and will simply matter more in more games.

T5: Precision is disgusting. Take it.

T6: Thunderlords is great, it's great for killing targets with a Q/R/AA, it's great for chunking people that wander too close to walls, it's great for a little bit of mixed damage. (Plus if you get herald, you end up doing a surprising amount of magic damage over the duration of a game.)

~Ferocity Tree~

T1: Sorcery>Fury with this setup, your abilities will hit harder than your autos and this only enhances that.

T2: Fresh blood> all again, easy choice, good pickup.

T3: Unlike the bruiser build there's absolutely NO reason to take Vamp here, enjoy your extra 10 AD at lv18.

T4: This one is up for debate between double edged and bounty hunter, double edged is flat damage, but it's not as risky to take bounty hunter here because you already do a ton of raw damage. Still, double edged is the safe choice.

Note for this setup:

You can trade the 12/18/0 for the 0/18/12 using the resolve masteries from the bruiser build, but overall i find the damage from the ferocity tree more useful all around.

Abilities Back to Top


Graves Abilities:

Passive:gravespassive.png New Destiny

12-GAUGE: Each og Graves's basic attacks consumes 1 shell and sprays 4 pellets in a cone. Enemies hit take 70%-100% (based on level) AD physical damage plus a third of that damage for every pellet that hit them beyond the first. (Maximum: 103% - 147% based on level AD.) Critical Strikes spray 6 pellets over a 50% wider cone and deal (40% x ( 1 + total bonus critical damage) additional physical damage. 

BUCKSHOT: Pellets stop at the first enemy unit or structure hit, meaning Graves is not guaranteed to hit his primary target. Each pellet will apply on-hit effects but enemies will only be affected by them once per shell. Non-champion units hit by more than one pellet are knocked back.

DOUBLE BARREL: Graves' shotgun Destiny holds up 2 shells. After spending both shells or sitting on one for 4 seconds without attacking, Graves will take 2.079 seconds, reduced by ( 0.4% for every 1% bonus attack speed), to reload with the fastest reload time being 1.22 seconds for 104% bonus attack speed.

Q Ability: gravesqlinespell.png End of The Line  
Range: 950  Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana  Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10

ACTIVE: Graves fires a round in the target direction that deals physical damage to all enemies it passes through and leaves behind a power trail.

After 2 seconds, or after 0.25 upon impacting with a structure or terrain, the round detonates dealing physical damage to all enemies in a wide perpendicular area and in a reverse wave along the powder trail.

INITIAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 55/70/85/100/115  (+75% Bonus Attack Damage) 

RETURN PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 80/125/170/215/260  (+40/60/80/100/120% Bonus Attack Damage)

W Ability: gravessmokegrenade.png Smoke Screen
Range: 950  Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana  Cooldown 26/24/22/20/18

ACTIVE: Graves fires a smoke canister at the target area, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies, briefly slowing them upon impact, and creating a cloud of smoke for 4 seconds that applies near-sight of outside the area to all enemies within. 

MAGIC DAMAGE: 60/110/160/210/260 (+60% Ability Power)

SLOW: 15/20/25/30/35%

E Ability: gravesmove.png End of the Line
Range: 425  Cost: 40 Mana  Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14

ACTIVE: Graves dashes in the target direction, resetting his auto attack timer, reloading one shell, and gaining a stack of True Grit for 4 seconds, stacking up to 8 times. Dashing towards an enemy instantly grants 2 stacks of True Grit.

PASSIVE: Each pellet reduces Quickdraw's cooldown by 0.5 seconds upon impacting an enemy.

PASSIVE - True Grit: Graves gains Bonus Armor and Bonus Magic Resistance. Attacks versus non-minions will refresh the duration of True Grit.



R Ability: graveschargeshot.png Collateral Damage
Max Shell Range: 800  Max Explosion Range: 1000  Cost: 100 Mana  Cooldown: 100/90/80

ACTIVE: Graves fires an explosive shell in the target direction, dealing physical damage to every non-champion enemy it passes through as well as the first champion it collides with, while also dashing in the opposite direction.

After hitting a champion or reaching the end of its range the shell explodes, dealing 80% of its original damage in a cone.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 250/400/550 (+150% Bonus Attack Damage)


Level 1 is up to you. I personally like to take gravesmove.png because you can stack it 2-3 times on your first camp, making your clear extremely healthy. The damage and clear time on the first camp are comparable, but your health will be better by leaps and bounds with gravesmove.png start.

Next you're going to want to scale gravesqlinespell.png twice. Scaling gravessmokegrenade.png before you have to is terrible for your clear, and unless you immediately need to get to a lane or contest scuttle or something of the like, will gimp you pretty hard.

After Lv4 scaling is pretty standard, graves spikes at levels 4/6/7/9/13 respectively.

  • At 4 you have surprisingly good dueling power with gravessmokegrenade.png.
  • At 6 your damage output from a gravesqlinespell.pnggraveschargeshot.png is bonkers.
  • At 7 your gravesqlinespell.png alone will begin to hit like a truck, also this is around the time when you'll hit your first item spike.
  • At 9 you have maxed gravesqlinespell.png and two points in gravesmove.png, you do insane damage and are deceptively tanky.
  • 13 is where, if you have any kind of lead, you can start to become oppressive. Max rank gravesmove.png is simply disgusting when stacked at all. Graves at this point excels at fighting over objectives because he can stack his gravesmove.png, turn to fight, and have as much armor as a 2 item malphite, while doing the damage of a 3 item AD Jarvan.

Lastly do NOT underestimate the utility of gravessmokegrenade.png. A well placed smokescreen that can take the backline out of the fight for even 1 second can be gamechanging, also the damage at max rank is not awful.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start with these.
    Fight me.
    Get off me. / Get over here.
    Team player.
    Always good. Supplementary stats.
    Best overall boots, great early against Kha, Lee, Rengar. If you're not sure, get these.
    I'm against Morgana, Elise, Twisted Fate, and Gnar.
    I'm extremely ahead, don't want a zeal item, and trust myself to end the game early.

Core Items

    Sample Bruiser Build. (Against mixed damage.)
    Sample Bruiser Build. (Against no magic damage.)
    Sample Burst Build.
    Sample burst build.

Situational Items

    Fuck Twisted Fate.
Bruiser Options

The bruiser playstyle and build revolves around a few things. 

  • Playing around your gravesmove.png stacks.
  • An early 4 item core of 1400.png3047.png3046.png, and a MR defensive item like 3156.png or 3139.png. (Against Mixed Damage)
  • An early 4 item core of 1400.png3047.png3071.png, and 3812.png. (Against all Physical Damage)
  • Sustained damage through lifesteal items ( Like3812.png or 3072.png), and from Warlords Bloodlust.
The actual build will vary from game to game of course, but there are some guidelines that make it very easy to figure out what you need to do. There are two ways you can build bruiser graves, and we'll be covering them both.

ALWAYS START: 1041.png/2031.png.

Bruiser Build No. 1

The first way, and the most common, will be against a mixed damage team. Something like tank top, ad jungle, mage mid, and standard bot lane.

First Item: 1400.png Stalkers Blade Warrior

+60 Attack Damage
+10 Cooldown Reduction

Passive: Grants 10% Lifesteal v. Monsters.
Passive: 150% Mana Regeneration while in the Jungle.

UNIQUE Passive - Tooth/Nail: Basic attacks deal 25 bonus damage v. monsters. Damaging a monster steals 30 health over 5 seconds. Killing a large monster grants +30 onus experience.

UNIQUE Passive - Chilling Smite: Smite can be cast on enemy champions, dealing 28-164 true damage and stealing 20% of the target's movements speed for 2 seconds.


For the bruiser build, I like taking blue smite, simply because it lets you keep the enemy at arms reach. You want to catch up to them, smite them. You want them to get of of you, smite them. It can help supplement burst, set up lane ganks, and kite enemies to get more gravesmove.png stacks. 

Second Item (Boots): 3047.png  Ninja Tabi

+30 Armor

UNIQUE Passive - Enchanted Movement: + 45 Flat Movement Speed.

UNIQUE Passive: Reduces incoming damage from all basic attacks by 12% (excluding turret shots). Does not reduce the damage of on-hit effects, it does however reduce the damage of basic attack modifiers.


Tabis give you great damage reduction from AD junglers in the early game, and are great against ADCs for the entire game.

Third Item: 3046.png Phantom Dancer
Phantom dancer is an amazing item on graves, it's cheap, extremely powerful, and good when ahead or behind. Let's go over it stat by stat. (Beware: MATH BELOW!)

+45% Attack Speed
+30% Critical Chance
+5% Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive - Spectral Waltz: Grants 6.png(ghosting) and +7% movement speed while within 550 units of a visible enemy champion.

UINQUE Passive - Lament: Grants 12% damage reduction against the last enemy champion hit (ends after 10 seconds out-of-combat).

In order to understand why it's so important on graves for the bruiser build, first let's look at a passive on Graves' E.

"Quickdraw Passive: Each pellet hit reduces Quickdraw's cooldown reduction by 0.5 seconds upon impacting an enemy."

In essence, Graves's E kind of works like yasuo's Q. The more attack speed you have, the faster you can get CD from shooting bullets and hitting more pellets. So every bullet graves fires it has a chance to land 4 pellets, which can reduce the cooldown of his E by up to 2 seconds (.5 * 4  pellets), but when he crits, Graves fires 6 pellets, which can reduce the cooldown of his E by up to 3 seconds (.5 * 6 pellets). So you can possibly shave 6 seconds of cooldown time off of your E, that's 42% cooldown reduction just from 2 shots!

Next let's talk about the movement speed. the straight up 5% movement speed is great, but the Spectral Waltz passive is what makes it shine. In total you get 12% movement speed when within 550 units of an enemy, which means that you're incredibly slippery on your own not including your E.

Lastly, Lament is amazing. Another way to say you have 12% damage reduction is to say that you take only 88% of incoming damage (not including true damage).

Fourth Item: 3156.png Maw of Malmortius
This item is too legit to quit. Hexdrinker is an amazing item on its own, but once you complete Maw you can literally 1v9 the game. Like Phantom Dancer, we're going to go in depth. 


+50 Attack Damage
+45 Magic Resist
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Passive: Upon taking magic damage that would reduce maximum health below 30%, grants Lifeline and Lifegrip (90 Second Cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive - Lifeline: Grants a shield that absorbs 300(+100 bonus magic resistance) magic damage for 5 seconds.

UNIQUE Passive - Lifegrip: Grants +20 Attack damage, +10% spell vamp and +10% lifesteal until out-of-combat


The raw stats are pretty okay, but are outclassed by both other AD/MR items that are available. 3139.png provides more AD and upfront lifesteal. 3814.png gives more AD and 15 lethality. Maw shines solely because of its passive(s).
When you proc the passive, the stats this item give you become disgusting. In total it gives:
  • +70 Attack Damage (More than Merc or EoN)
  • +45 Magic Resist (More than Merc or EoN)
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +10 Percent Lifestel
  • +10% Spell Vamp
  • 300(+100% bonus magic resist shield). This becomes insane when you realize that you can have upwards of 200 bonus magic resist on graves thanks to e passive, masteries, and Maw.
This in combination with 3046.png gives you a very strong 4 item spike. You're susceptible to heavy upfront burst (Syndra/Ori/Talon) and sustained true damage (Vayne, Fiora, somewhat Camille), but aside from that if you're ahead by the time you hit these items, you really can't be fucked with. 

Note: If you're against TF, Morg, Seji, or the like, picking up a 3140.png/3139.png is fine in place here. The obvious answer is git gud, but you can't exactly dodge TF gold card. This is a great 4th item.

Fifth Item: 3812.png Deaths Dance

This item is the only core item on bruiser graves, that being said, is also the simplest to explain why. I'm not going go too nuts on this item but will list the stats below.


+75 Attack Damage
+10% Lifesteal

UNIQUE Passive - Instantly heal for 15% of all physical damage dealt. Area of effect physical damage only heals 5% for every unit effected.

UNIQUE Passive - Stores 15% of all physical and magic damage received, and is taken as damage over time true damage instead, deal one-third of stored damage every second.


A quick note before we talk about the passive, at this time in the game you're going to have 4 items in your inventory, as well as pink wards and even maybe your refill pots. One of the best things about deaths dance is that the components of 3133.png and 1053.png make for good slot efficiency. 

The passive portion of deaths dance is great for two reasons.
  1. The second passive makes you even harder to burst. Between this, oppressor (mastery in resolve tree), and using gravesmove.png, you can actually withstand a decent amount of burst. You don't want to take a Syndra ult to the face, but something like a nidalee spear or varus q will hurt substantially less.
  2. What the item does is effectively give you 15% damage reduction if you're able to lifesteal enough. While that wont always be the case the whole point is that if you can't be bursted you'll be able to stack gravesmove.png a lot easier, and deal more damage throughout the course of a fight.

Last Item: 3142.png/3071.png3035.png Armor Penetration Item

The last item you'e going to want to pick up for this build is an armor penetration item. I'll discuss the 3 choices you have below.

Choice 1: 3147.png/3142.png/3814.png Lethality

If they have a team of all squishes or maybe one or two 3026.png across the board then lethality is the best way to go here. It's what I call a luxury stat on bruiser graves, something that isn't a necessity to be successful, but is still a great situational item. The lethality items are relatively similar, but each has its own identity:

3147.png Duskblade of Draktharr

+65 Attack Damage

UNIQUE Passive: + 15 Lethality

UNIUQE Passive: +20 Movement Speed out-of-combat.

UNIQUE Passive - Nightstalker: After beingunseen for at least 1 second, your next basic attack deals ( 75 + (200% Lethality) bonus true damage on-hit (lasts 4 seconds after being seen by an enemy champion).

UNIQUE Passive - Blackout: When spotted by an enemy ward, causes a blackout for 8 seconds, disabling all nearby enemy wards (90 second cooldown).


This is the most offensive of the 3 items, the true damage ads a nice amount of burst to your full combo, and the blackout is useful for fights around baron/elder late in the game. 

3142.png Youmuu's Ghostblade

+60 Attack Damage
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Passive: +15 Lethality.

Unique Passive: +20 Movement Speed out-of-combat.

UNIQUE Active: Gain +20% Movement Speed for 6 seconds. (45 Second Cooldown)


Out of the lethality items Ghostblade is the most versatile and cheapest out of the 3. It can give you both good options for engage, disengage, scouting with your oracles, and rotating for objectives faster.

3814.png Edge of Night

+55 Attack Damage
+35 Magic Resistance

UNIQUE Passive: +15 Lethality.

UNIQUE Passive: +20 Movement Speed out-of-combat.

Unique Active: Channel for 1.5 seconds to gain a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability with in the next 10 seconds. (45 Second Cooldown)


This is the most defensive of the 3 lethality items. It features double defensive stats in the MR and the Active, and the offensive stats to match are no laughing matter. 

Choice 2: 3071.png Percent Total Armor Shred

+400 Health
+40 Attack Damage
+20% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Passive: Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion cleaves them, reducing their armor by 5% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times for a maximum of 30%.

UNIQUE Passive - Rage: Dealing physical damage grants 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. Assists on Cleaved enemy champions or kills on any unit grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds instead. The movement speed bonus is halved for range champions.

This is the most well rounded pen item on Graves. The effective health it gives you can't be matched, the attack damage and cooldown reduction means that if you want you can sell your jungle item for a non cdr item. 

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