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120.png is one of the few champions that can claim to prefer other spells instead of 4.png due to his hyper mobility with hecarimramp.png and pseudo flash on hecarimult.png. The reason why we take 6.png in here rather than say 14.png or 12.png is because your initiation as Hecarim when ganking or starting a fight/flanking is your biggest asset and with this summoner you pack that much more of a punch, it syncs with your passive hecarimpassive.png and it's perhaps the point of choosing him at all. Ghost was last buffed in 6.10 to make up for the lack of the Distortion Enchantment in the few champions that use it hence making it arguably your best summoner option as you scale throughout the game.

However, if you value early game pressure/invading more than anything 14.png still works, and if you prefer  or are confident in your split pushing, 12.png is still an option. Mind however this might hamper your late game and overall mobility.


Smite is your standard summoner for jungling regardless of what you plan to do in the role and will allow you to abuse Hecarim's rather fast first clear to the best of your captibilities. It also has a not-so-known interaction with your hecarimw.png which I will talk about later on.

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Recommended Setup

This setup is the most common and the one I've played the most ever since the multiplicative buff to his hecarimramp.png and it's made in of a healthy early clear to allow you to completely sweep the jungle at early ranks, scale reliably and survive longer which is exactly what the horse wants. If you prefer the options in the cunning three to the ones in ferocity I recommend: Wanderer, Runic Affinity, Merciless and Dangerous Game.

Made no mistake though, 120.png is a very versatile champion as far mastery keystones go, in fact you've 3 options which I'll explain:

1. Strength of Ages

This is a difficult keystone to go wrong with since it's the most reliable out of the three I'll mention here and it also provides some masteries in the resolve three that this horse loves, it grants Hecarim more tankiness to survive skirmishes and eventually it sustains you back when farming camps once filled. It also happens to be the most popular ever since 6.9 and above and I personally find it to have no realistic downsides.

2. Stormraider's Surge

This is a very underrated keystone and the only that overshadows SOTA for many Hecarim mains, which grants you 40% MS and 75% slow resist the moment you take an enemy champion's 30% health in 2.5 seconds. Which is more or less 120.png in a nutshell. This keystone has had more popularity in Korea than anything. The reason why this isn't #1 is what I would call less reliability IMPO. If you decide to venture with this mastery your initial clearing will be weaker since the best way to make it worthwhile is with a 12/18/0 setup. However make no mistake it can be surprisiginly strong early game.

3. Thunderlord's Decree

120.png is by faulty nature a snowball reliant champion that happens to have a lot of potential to carry and keep momentum compared to many other junglers and a weird mix between a bursty "assassin" and an offtank, while not being the best at either. Under this premise Thunderlord's seems like a very straightforward no questions asked option. However while the burst is nice unless you plan to ramp up damage on Hecarim rather than tank items as the game progresses it's an early game oriented mastery with a hefty 25 second cooldown (Yes, I take into account the scaling). It's also true that Stormraider's Surge is somewhat better fitting for the pony and arguably superior mastery if you want to go the cunning way.

And as an honorable last mention Fervor of Battle happens to be a very good keystone too, however this keystone is best used in his top lane counterpart and largely wasted in the jungle, it's very arguably inferior (specially with 6.12 nerfs) and that's why I didn't mention it.

If you by any reason are not convinced with my recommended setup I very much welcome you to try all options I mentioned here. Something to love about this champion is his versatility and I'm sure there's an option for every playstyle you want to fit him into.

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Maxing order:

hecarimult.png > hecarimrapidslash.png > hecarimramp.png > hecarimw.png

First four levels:

hecarimrapidslash.png > hecarimw.png > hecarimrapidslash.png > hecarimramp.png

In most general games unless something funky happens 120.png lives and breathes off his core ability hecarimrapidslash.png as he uses for about everything you do (even sieging), which is why you max this first, your hecarimramp.png comes second in priority to power up your overall fighting prowess as well as ganking/flanking, your hecarimw.png comes last simply due to the other two being more important and it providing less early damage. You max your hecarimult.png every time you can, which is very standard.

As to the first four levels, the reasoning behind not getting hecarimramp.png at level 3 is purely to improve your clear times as well as health after a clear, if you plan however to gank during the ealiest stages of the game for reasons beyond me, it's recommend to go Q+E for level 2 ganks and get your E at level 3 for level 3 oriented ganks. In any other situation however the two rules above are straightforward and simple to follow.

The last thing to mention is that your hecarimw.png happens to slightly heal you if you smite while it's activated in a similar fashion to smiting the red buff, have in mind however it's a very minor heal but still really helpful through your first clear.

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Starting Items

    This is your bread and butter start and arguably the best to help your mana/sustain issues early on and throughout the game.
    If you start refillable upgrading it to a hunter's potion is a rather effective and cost efficient idea to heavily sustain you through the early/mid game and also your best option if you plan to share blue with your mid laner. Starting with a hunter's machete and/or health potions works just fine if you prefer this, but I don't personally recommend it.
    Alike with keystones, Hecarim is also very versatile as far as enchantments go (or even not going a jungle item). Cinderhulk has been the best ever since patch 6.9 although it only became popular through 6.10/6.11 and forward. It's the best option due to how strong it makes Hecarim and how well it patches up his weaknesses as a an off-tank and how he scales. Warrior is still a decent option for early pressure and should be considered mainly for the damage if snowballing, it scales poorly and does bad sustained damage. Finally Runic Echoes is nice on paper but the least recommended here because it has the same burst as Warrior, lesser clearing and the mana sustain disappears from one Q alone, the MS it provides is nothing noteworthy and scales the poorest for Hecarim's kit and preferred items/runes. My recommendation is that if you simply dislike Cinderhulk and would rather make either of the other two enchants, to consider skipping the jungle item altogether in favor of rushing triforce and more relevant spikes.
    I would like to simply tell you "this one is better" and call it a day, but the versatility goes on. Stalker's blade is the preferred option because it combos with your passive to make your E hit ever harder when connecting and power your ganks. Sabre is a very popular option in Korea and recommendable only for specific reasons such as skirmishes versus an opposing jungler or getting rid of a threat. 90% of the games I still recommend going Stalker and wouldn't consider Tracker's Knife unless planning to try and control the opposing jungler.
    As the game progresses on I recommend you upgrading your trinket to Oracle Alteration past level 9 to maintain Hecarim's element of surprise when trying to flank the backline of the enemy team. Pink wards should be standard purchases whenever you can get one to keep your own vision going. Elixir of Iron is arguably your best bet in late game once you're full build or if a game deciding teamfight is coming. However if you're building offensive items Elixir of wrath is the better choice.

Core Items

    Triforce to put it mildly is your best powerspike in the game and should be rushed after or even before your jungle item with boots in between. Deadman's is your best armor option and Visage your MR option likewise before considering more dedicated takes. All these items are considered core to Hecarim in most games and scenarios.
    Best general build at the moment.
    Snowball only build.
    If skipping jungle item. (Replace Ghostblade based on situation, only sell Talisman when almost full build)
    Super late game 6 item example (Replace randuin's or items based on situation)

Situational Items

    Offensive wise Youmuu's is great item to rush after Triforce when snowballing as the active will give you the most burst out of any other in the game. Maw likewise is good for adding a punch while still covering AP issues. However both these items should only be considered when and if you're heavily ahead of the opposing team to keep momentum as you will be squishier and easy to blow up. Cleaver at last should not be considered most games unless the opposing team is full of tanks or heavy armor and your teammates aren't taking enough measures to take them down, Hecarim is utterly bad at breaking dedicated tanks down.
    Defensive wise Sterak's will be your most common option for a final item scaling with your base AD which is the best for Hecarim. However if there're fed enemy champions either Randuin's or Banshees should be considered in order to counter them. And in rare versus full AD or AP you might want to consider builds shaped with frozen heart and/or thornmail with Merc Threads or Ninja Tabi. GA is the least recommended option but a good idea if you want to round defenses and are getting focused down.
    After the continious nerfs to swiftness boots (Last made in patch 6.12) and the increasing popularity of Cinderhulk. I would consider both of the boot defensive options on Hecarim to become even more of a nuissance as they provide relatively nicer stats for a similar price and the difference in speed is not as noticeable anymore. I still prefer to go swiftness boots the majority of snowballs, but should any relevant threats or CC arise it's very worthwhile to consider either merc threads or ninja tabi.

Component order


3057.png > 3044.png > 3101.png

When building 3078.png this is the way you should build it prioritizing 3057.png if you can buy in one buy or going for the 3044.png components (1028.png/1036.png) if you can't afford sheen at once since 1027.png is more or less useless. 3101.png should be the last item you ever work on since 120.png doesn't get much out of the flat AS it provides and you get CDR and a much nicer passive in 3057.png, however unlike 3086.png on the old Triforce it's worth making if forced to (early backing, low farm). On an ideal scenario however you want to go 3057.png>3044.png right into 3078.png. I highly recommend rushing this item for it's the biggest powerspike/best core item he can make.

If making 3142.png or 3156.png make 3134.png and 3155.png respectively before other components.

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While he has great tankiness throughout the game, he's very susceptible to invading and you can outrun him as far as clear times and ganking goes. If you deny him enough farm and kills early game he will become rather useless and easy to handle later on. Do beware his curseofthesadmummy.png however as any CC and synergy with enemy laners will quickly put you down. Be sure to pay attention to his building path and get some MR quickly if you can afford it to reduce his chances of fighting back.


Dr. Mundo


Your biggest issue with 36.png is that more likely than not you simply can't kill him. But he isn't anywhere near as much of a threat as say 106.png. Avoid fighting him, focus on your own ganking and eventually you will outscale him in what matters. As usual be sure to keep 14.png in case none of your laners get it, and should he become an issue at all remind your team about 3033.png and/or 3165.png.



She's a powerful early jungler and... that's it. As far as you avoid her eliseE.png in "human form" when skirmishing she doesn't have any initiation in you, get a 3065.png right after 3078.png and as far as she doesn't get super fed you already won.




He is an issue and at the same time not really, his ganks with crowstorm.png are really strong if pulled properly although at later stages of the game you can take him down pretty quickly with hecarimramp.png since's he's no more and no less than a squishie, should he make zhonya's you can approach him and fight him down easily and your hecarimult.png or even a displacing hecarimramp.png counters his crowstorm.png easily as far as you time it right. The best counter to fiddle is vision. If he can't catch you by surprise he is pretty useless. Everything else is purely based on blowing him up quickly and denying him pressure.



They have a rather easy time dueling you out with kindredQ.png/kindredW.png in the early stages, chasing/melting you using kindredE.png as well as equalizing the battle with kindredR.png should they've any disadvantage. Avoid fighting them unless you've an explcit lead or their kindredR.png is on cooldown. Keep an eye to counterganking and denying them kills as well as taking any camp kindredpassive.png stacks as possible, you can ping laners if they're nearby to help you take them away, if you come out even of the early to mid game and deny them enough kindredpassive.png stacks they fall pretty hard in the late game and should be easier to handle or even push out of kindredR.png with a well executed hecarimramp.png+hecarimult.png combo to kill quickly.


Master Yi

If even you should theorically speaking beat him every time, lead obviously change this, but he's as good as any other squishie, as far as you erase him before he gets anything done you won.




He can't really kill you, but neither can you really kill him, your best bet is to simply avoid being locked down by his tremors2.png and hecarimult.png off whoever he's trying to target down, if you deny him his main job he's just a speedy brick.



In short terms he's the bane of you. You can't 1v1 him or even chase/escape him due to his udyrpassive.png. He is also faster at clearing as far as he has fuel (mana). Your best bet of beating him is to keep up with his actions and wait to the mid/late game where you can easily displace him (hecarimramp.png/hecarimult.png) and get him killed.



He has a relatively easy time taking you down himself due to his inherent superior tankiness and volibearpassive.png + volibearr.png with a pretty good execute in the form of volibearw.png. Your initial best course of action to take him out is to fight him on his weakest stages through speed farming and invading him. If necessary bring 14.png to counter volibearpassive.png. If he uses volibearr.png back off until it times out since his dueling is surprisingly scary specially if he happens to make 3053.png. If you don't have 14.png be sure to remind your mid laner to use it on him and if nobody has it, try to pop volibearpassive.png and back off as you will win any chasing races. Playing around these two factors makes him that much easier to both take down and handle in skirmishes. In late game try to take the backline quickly and then 5 man bang him but don't let him get too far ahead of you or he might become unstoppable.

If he becomes a big issue and you lack 14.png in your team however be sure to remind your ADC to make 3033.png, or if you've a mage 3165.png and keep him away of your carry with your hecarimramp.png+hecarimult.png zoning.

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Most of 120.png's popular guides while a lot more detailed are also a lot more dated with things that come from Season 5 or before. I'm a mastery 7 Hecarim main and I wanted to made a simple yet informative guide about more current matchups, ideal item sets and concise information. I hope you like it 17.png

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