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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png : Flash is a classic summoners spell, very useful in a lot of situations

3.png : I usually use exhaust as 2nd spell  against MELEE champions for differents reasons : it slows ennemies which means that they will stuck in your turrets' range, their amount of dmg will dramatically fall down and it will make a lot of fights easier to manage.

7.png : To survive high burst champions such as 105_64.png or 84_64.png . I don't often take heal because exhaust does the same job but in a different way. This spell can fit very well with an adc-centered team composition because it is dual-target spell.

14.png : If you want to bully an oppenent really hard (against 75_64.png for example).

12.png : If you like splitpushing or if the lane is gonna be difficult (see matchups section). The current meta wants the toplaner to take tp, that's why it can be necesseray for you to pick up this

6.png : If you want to be very mobile or to kite. I take ghost when I don't need nor exhaust nor heal nor ignite nor tp because the extra mobility is really appreciated as Heimerdinger.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

You can run 18 12 0 if you prefer DeathFire Touch instead if Thunderlord.

The rest is normal path in the trees and depends really on your personnal preferences (like biscuits or not, etc.). 

To be honest, the 0 18 12 choice seems the most obvious one to me. The reasons why I take 12 in the resolve tree is because

1) the 2hp/5 regen which combines well with your passive
2) the healing amplifier for the same reason as 1).
3) the summoners spell reduction which is enormous & really enjoyable.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill order

The skill order is really flexible as Heimerdinger. Here are different ways of leveling up your abilites. It will mostly depend on the matchup and your role in the game (see specific section for that). The board above is only an exemple.

Q > W

In about 75% of your games, you will max Q over W for different reasons
  1. Your turrets gain a lot of health and damage in higher level.
  2. They are you main source of damage and this all the game long.
  3. You will be able to stack more kits and then to reposition them easier (see below for more details).
  4. Having strong turrets will keep you safer from ganks.
  5. Turrets provide you a lot of wave pushing.
  6. It doesn't cost much mana at all.

W > Q

You will only max W over Q when you will be in trouble during the laning phase (see matchups section). Indeed, leveled rockets will allow you to farm safely (a bit like 4_64.png's Q) and to poke your oppenent. 
"Well it looks great why shouldn't I max rockets in every matchup ?" Maxing W have some disadvantage :
  1. It will cost a lot mana which means you will have to buy 3174_32.png or 3165_32.png to be able to spam rockets.
  2. It is a skillshot which means it is dodgeable.
  3. W may be hard to land if you are not used to play Heimerdinger.
  4. It has such a long cooldown.

When do I level up E ?

It will depend on the situation. 

If you see that you are pushing and that the jungler might be coming to gank you (at 3:05 generally), you will take your E at lvl3 to have an escape or a way to fight back with your own jungler (I can assure you that you will win the 2v2 if the fight is engaged).
If you know that the enemy jungler started at the top side of the map (red camp for red team and blue camp for blue team), then you are sure that he won't gank you at lvl3 and that you are safe for a moment. You can then level up Q or W at lvl 3 and take E after.
If you did not take E at lvl3, I usually recommand to take it at lvl4. It brings a lot in 1v1 trade and it is a very utility skill (crown control, harass, wave pushing, etc.)

Maxing E second ?

Some people like maxing E second to reduce the cooldown. It is a possiblity indeed but it depends on your landing skillshots skills. Personally I like staying for a long time in lane and push it really hard that's why I prefer maxing W over E to have more dmg to poke my oppenent and to clean minions wave easier. However, if you see that there will be early fights (lvl 9 to 12 or something like that) and that you won't be able to poke with your W, do not hesitate to max E for maximum peeling and crown control.

The ultimate is required

Since your ult is really useful, you should level it up as soon as you can.

Description and use of the abilities


Techmaturgical Repair Bots 

Heimerdinger gives nearby allied H-28G Turrets and Champions increased health regeneration (10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 HP/5)

This passive is probably not the best passive in the game but it fits very well with the skillset of the champion. The health regeneration this passive provides has 3 big utilities.

The first one is the most obvious : it gives to Heimerdinger some sustain for the laning phase. Even if it is a quite ridiculous amount of regeneration (1/3 of a 1054_32.png for example), it will still help to stay longer in lane and deny as much your oppenent. This will not be able to touch you often so your passive will be able to do his work over time (coupled with 2003_32.png of course).
The second one concernes your turrets. These have indeed very low hp pool early on which means that the regeneration of your passive will be very effective on them. The enemy champion will have to oneshot your turrets if he doesn't want them to recover health quickly (and he will take some dmg by the way)

The third one takes place during sieges. At this stage of the game you will grant 20/25/30 Hp/5 to your allies and this is not neglectable. It will allow them to poke more and get health back thanks to you


H-28G Evolution Turret

Cost: 20 Mana and Turret Kit 
Range: 350

Heimerdinger lays down a rapid-fire cannon turret equipped with a secondary pass-through beam attack. (Turrets deal half damage to towers).

Places a Turret at target location. Turret attacks prioritize Heimerdinger's targets and enemies attacking Heimerdinger. Their Health increases with Heimerdinger's champion level and they shut down if he moves out of the area. Heimerdinger generates a Turret Kit every 24/23/22/21/20 seconds and can hold 1/1/2/2/3 Kit(s) at once. 

H-28G Evolution Turret Stats :

Health: 150/175/200/225/250/275/300/325/350/375/400/425/450/475/500/525/550/575(+5% of AP)
Attack - Cannon: 12/18/23/29/34 (+15% Ability Power) Magic Damage and +1/2/3/4/5% beam charge each attack. Attack - Beam: 40/60/80/105/130 (+55% Ability Power) Magic Damage in a line every 16 seconds.

Maximum Turrets Placed: 3

There is so much to say about this spell that I will divide this part like this :
  • Introduction about turrets (+ some tips)
  • How to place turrets
  • Mistakes to avoid

Introduction about turrets (+ some tips)

In my opinion, there is no Heimerdinger without turrets. They are basically why I started playing him (without any specific reasons but still). This "spell" will be your main source of damage and to play the donger correctly it is necessary to understand from A to Z how the turrets work and how to use them. They will be also an easy way to farm in laning phase and they are pretty relyable for that job.

Don't forget that you can only put 3 turrets at the same time in the battle area. If you have already 3 turrets and that you place a new one, then the oldest one will disappear (think about that when you are placing a turret)

Turrets have 2 different attacks : the basic one (the cannon) that is a single target auto-attack and the beam that deals aoe damage in a straight line. There is nothing important to say about the basic attack except that each attack will charge the beam a little bit. There is a few points to know about the beam : 
  1. It will always try to attack the enemy champion and for that, it will use the movement prediction. It means that it will attack where the champion will be when the beam will arrive if the enemy champion does not change his trajectory.
  2. When a turret enters the field she is not fully charged (75%)
  3. The turrets usually use their beam to last hit (don't ask me why)
  4. Even if 1 beam does not hurt that much, 3 beams hurts A LOT.
A very important thing to know is that your turrets will always attack the units that are attacking you (minions, monsters or champions). However, you can force them to attack an enemy champion by auto-attacking him (symbolised by a gears round the enemy). That doesn't work on minions or monsters.

During the early game, turrets have quite low dmg and health but their beam and the number compensate it. With 3 turrets, you will push a lot faster than any champion which will keep you safe. Also, ennemies will be squishy at the beginning that's why always having 3 turrets on the field is primordial

Damages from turrets are not especially strong in a short fight, they hurt really hard in long fights because of their number and their attack speed. When you think you are gonna die because you lost far more hp than your oppenent you are wrong. Most of the bruiser at the toplane have significant burst but a low dps. It means that he will make you lose something like half of your hp when he will only lose 1/3. It is normal but if you manage to keep him in your turrets range (with stun or with some good bait), you will win trade or even kill him. 
This point is very important in teamfights. Indeed, during these, the enemy team does not have time to kill your turrets or even do not see them. They will massacre their backline sneakily, especially in close areas.How to place turrets

How to place turrets

You do now know how the turrets work but you have no idea how to put them to maximize their power. Depending on the matchup, you have 2 big ways of placing them : the split way and the packed way. Since you are smart, you have understood that if the enemy has aoe ability you will have to split the turrets and if he doesn't you will be able to pack them for maximum dmg. To be really clear, I will take 2 differents situation for the 2 ways and will develop them.

When the game starts, run to the topside buff camp (blue for blueside and red for redside) and ward it at 1:00 with your trinket then go on your lane as soon as possible. Once you are on your lane, start placing your turrets (1 by 1) like this
Turrets 2.2.png

or like this (depending on the matchup)

Turrets 1.1.png

Let's take a look at this : you have 3 connected turrets that form a line, this line stands just where the melee minions will meet each other. This has a double advantage : the turrets will kill the melee minions ultra fast and won't be able to attack ranged minions. Yeah you read well, I said they won't attack mage minions. What the fuck ? The fact is that, if the turrets were able to attack these minions, the wave would be pushed immediatly to the tower and be cleaned really fast. The next wave would not be able to meet the previous one which means that you would not be able to move your turrets line further.

How to push further then ? If you can deny your oppenent easily, you want have a situation similar to the next one. For that, you want to use the technique of the triangle. Here is an example how to proceed (Thanks to TroollClean who played Shyvana to take the screens)

You wanna arrive to something like that (yeah it is fake screen)


Here is an example :

To the tower 1.1.png
To the tower 2.png
To the tower 3.png
To the tower 4.png
To the tower 5.png

Notice that even when I try to move forward with my turrets, I keep them connected (it is not always possible, especially against champions who can kill them easily).
Of course, when you will have played some games you will get the feeling and find how to place these towers correctly.

When the first top tower is down and when you want to keep pushing because you have a big advantage, the way of proceding stay the same. If you want to push really fast, use 1 turret per wave with w and you will reach next tower really quickly (don't get killed because you don't have turrets placed tho !).

During siege and teamfights : always place your turrets behind your frontline and yourself (if you try to poke). It will keep your turrets safe from range abilities/autoattack of the ennmies and they will be well placed (near your carries) when the enemy team will engage you. Don't hesitate to flash back and place your big turret immediatly after to increase your dps. If you get caught, try to put the uprgrade turret et zhonya immediatly after, it will give time to your team to help you.

Mistakes to avoid with turrets

Most of the mistakes with turrets are due to level up. Indeed, if you look at the description of the Q spell, you can see that the health of the turrets depends on your own level (Heimerdinger's one if you prefer) and that the damages of the turrets depend on the ability level. Therefore, when you see that you are about to level up (1 or 2 creeps) wait for leveling up to place another or a new turret. Indeed, it will have additionnal health, and moreover, if you can upgrade the ability, more dmg. It can look like perfectionism or even madness but it is not difficult to think about that and it always gives a bonus in lane.

Another mistake to avoid is placing a new turret when another one is about to die (because it is on the frontline or something like that). If this latter is the next one to be removed for a new turret, everything is fine but if it is not, you will have 2 towers instead of 3 and it can be dramatic (especially if the 2 other turrets are not connected) !

A third common mistake is placing a turret too deep which causes its instant death because of minions. Such a waste.


Hextech Micro-Rockets

Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 Mana 
Range: 1325

Heimerdinger fires long-range rockets that converge on his cursor.

Unleashes a barrage of 5 rockets that converge towards your cursor and fan out past it. Each rocket deals 60/90/120/150/180 (+45% of Ability Power) Magic Damage.

Champions and Monsters hit multiple times take reduced damage :
12/18/24/30/36 (+12% of Ability Power) Magic Damage for a maximum of 108/162/216/270/324 (+0.93% of AP) total damage 
Minions take 60% of base damage
Aiming between Heimerdinger and the target increases the rocket spread.

This spell is your secondary source of dmg. It gives you some capacity at finishing/chasing, checking bush, wave cleaning and of course poking. During the laning phase, this spell will be very useful at punishing your oppenent when he will try to destroy your turrets. Even if the ratio is not really big, it is quite decent. Decent enough to be a pain for your ennemies during siege or even in 1v1 trade. This spell is very intuitive that's why I won't expand myself too much. 

Just keep in mind that they may be difficult to land during you first games. Firstly because it has a mini-delay when you cast it, secondly because the rocket speed is quite slow at the start of the rockets travel and finally because the hitbox  is sometimes quite strange. The range is pretty big tho (more than 81_64.png's Q for example) which means that it is a really safe poke ability.

I will just give you some tips to make the rockets easier to land.

The first one is a classic with some skillshots. It consists of killing a minion with one rocket to touch the champion behind with the four left. Here is an exemple :

Teemo 1.png
Teemo 2.png

The second one is a good tip to be sure to kill a low hp enemy that will try to juke your rockets. Indeed, you can control your rockets path because it depends on where you use your ability. You will indeed increase your chances of touching/killing the enemy by enlarging the zone covered by your rockets. Some pictures will again show you what I mean (with cursor in green and the area covered by the rockets in red) :

Teemo 3.png

instead of

Teemo 4.png

will secure the kill a lot easier.


CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade

Cost: 85 Mana 
Range: 970

Heimerdinger lobs a grenade at a location, dealing damage to enemy units as well as stunning anyone directly hit and slowing surrounding units.

Hurls a grenade that deals 60/100/140/180/220 (+60% Ability Power) Magic Damage to enemy units and slows their Movement Speed by 35% for 2 seconds. Enemies in the center of the blast are also stunned for 1.25 seconds.

This spell is a utility ability that can present different ways of using. 

First of all, it is your only escape which means that you can't waste or miss it in emergency situation. The radius of the stun is bigger than what you could expect and this will allow you to do some fancies play with your turrets. Indeed, stunning an enemy into your turrets followed by your w is one of the only combo you have to master as Heimerdinger (the beams, the rockets and the grenade dmg will put your oppenent hp bar pretty low). 

A second use is of course kiting and peeling. It is just a broad case of the previous one and of course a standard use of the ability. You will focus on stunning annoying target in teamfights and surviving in laning phase.

A third use is wave cleaning, even if it can look strange to waste your surival skill to farm but if you know you are safe it can help you to push/depush really fast (it oneshots ranged minions with some lvl and ap).



Cost : 100 mana
Range : 280

Heimerdinger invents an upgrade, causing his next spell to have increased effects.

Makes next basic ability free and gives it bonus effects. Reactivate to cancel.

H-28Q Apex Turret: Places a Turret that deals 80/100/120 (+30% Ability Power) Magic Damage with its cannon and 200/270/340 (+70% Ability Power) Magic Damage with its beam for 8 seconds. It has splash damage, immunity to disables, its attacks slow targets by 25% for 2 seconds, it receives 20% of a beam charge per attack, and it doesn't count toward the Turret limit.

Hextech Rocket Swarm: Fires 4 waves of rockets that deal 135/180/225 0.45/0.45/0.45 Magic Damage each. Champions and Monsters hit by multiple rockets take reduced damage, max 500/690/865 (+1.83 AP).

CH-3X Lightning Grenade: Throws a bouncing grenade that discharges three times, dealing 150/200/250 (+0.6AP) Magic Damage. Both the stun and slow areas are larger and the slow is improved to 80%.

This ultimate allows you to upgrade the next ability you will use. Keep in mind that the cooldowns of the abilites remain the same. For example, if you just used your W, you can't use upgraded W before the cooldown gets refreshed. Keep also in mind that you can reactivate your ultimate to cancel it (for example if your ability is on cooldown or the enemy dead, etc.)

Don't forget that the dmg of the differents upgrades do NOT depend on the upgraded level. At lvl6, the upgraded W will do the same damage if W has 1, 2 or 3 point in it. Do not hesitate to use spells that are not much leveled if the situation requires it.

H-28Q Apex Turret

You will most of the time use this upgrade to maximize your dps. The beam of the upgraded turret hurts a lot and all its attacks are aoe. It makes this upgrade the best for teamfighting, to 1v2 the enemy top laner and jungler and of course to 1v1 your oppenent in long fight. The autoattacks of this tower also slow the ennemies and that's why this is a really good spell to peel while dealing a lot of aoe dmg.

Hextech Rocket Swarm

Nothing new it is "only" an upgraded W : you won't send 5 rockets but 4 waves of 5 rockets = 20 with higher dmg and lower damage reduction. This is a very good spell to burst down an enemy carry. However, it is pretty difficult to land all the rockets if the target is not stunned/feared/snared/rooted. It will also reduce your dps because of the absence of the upgraded turret.

CH-3X Lightning Grenade

You will most likely use this less than the other two but it can be very useful in some situation such as big chases or leak from 2/3 ennemies. You can also use this in close areas in teamfights to stun a lot of people (do it if your team have enough dmg afterward and of course if it follows you).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best start

Core Items

    Zhonya won't necessarily be your first item but you will take it at some points
    Recurrent choices

Situational Items

    These can find their way to your build
    Full build example : the peeler donger
    Tanky/cc build
    Poke build

This section will contain the basics of the itemisation.

Since a couple of patches the itemisation of ap mages has got really diverse so that there isn't A most build that you have to take every single games. I will try to review the majority of the items that are interesting (or not) for Heimerdinger & right after I'll show a couple of example builds.

Strong items :

3157.png : excellent synergy with your turrets, this is a must have at the moment. Besides the additionnal cdr that it gives now is really appreciated.

3001.png : The magic resist added to the armor of the zhonya's hourglass gives you really decent armor & magic resist as well as  20% cdr.

3116.png : I tend to take this item more & more as it procs on turret aas & gives you a good chunk of health which fits the tank meta pretty well.

3089.png : Always a good item : tons of ap

3135.png : often required in the current meta as people tend to rush MR against double ap team (which occurs frequently if you play Heimerdinger top).

Good items : 

3285.png : poke oriented, slightly less effective since dmg nerfs but still decent. Keep in mind it gives you movement speed so if you have to be mobile consider to take this.

3165.png : against heavy sustain teams (with a 16.png or a 36.png for example). It also gives you additionnal cdr.

3027.png : if you just want to be a moving pack of hp (with 3116.png) that brings your team heavy CC. Fits your item set if your team is late game oriented.

3152.png : it gives a mini-dash (which can be useful in tons of situations) & additionnal burst

3030.png : for additonnal cc.

First thoughts : 

As we can see, most ap items can find their places in your build. It's time to make a choice & it will depend on the role you are playing on your team & of course the enemy team composition.

Example builds (see above for the build) : 

Standard build (the peeler donger)

This is probably the build you will take most of the time : it gives you magic resist, armor, cdr & health as well as rylai slow, zhonya & magic penetration. The real downside of this build is the lack of mana regeneration & additionnal poke dmg. You won't be able to sustain a long siege if you don't have a blue buff so keep that in mind.

The build path is typically :

3157.png => 3001.png => 3116.png against ad/tank in lane (the last 2 items depends on the game)
3001.png => 3157.png => 3116.png against ap

Tanky/cc build

This build has one purpose : annoying the enemy team and this for 2 reasons : on one hand  you are tanky (at least decently) & you can tempo really thanks to 3157.png. On the other hand, if they try to ignore you, you will just keep them in place (3116.png slow, 3030.png slow, ch1concussiongrenade.png stun). This build is really necessary if your team lacks of hard cc (for example with a 76.png jungle & a  16.png support).
Build path : 
3027.png first then 3001.png & 3157.png (for the order see above, I'll tend to take 3157.png right after 3027.png if I'm not too much in trouble during laning phase). The order between  3116.png &  3030.png is up to you.

Poke build

The main objective of this build is to give you mana regeneration, cdr and luden's echo. The problem with this build is that it requires a good positionning as you aren't tanky at all & you will likely be on the frontline to throw dmg at the enemy team. Also you have no 3116.png so that you have no escape at all.
Build path : 

3165.png => 3285.png & 3001.png

Morello first because it is a relatively cheap items.
The choice between 3285.png & 3001.png depends on the situation. If your team seeks to group & siege quickly you might want to rush 3285.png. If not, 3001.png is the best option to keep laning.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Akali
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  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
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  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
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  • Zed




He is melee and ad.

It is a easy lane but keep focusing 
Split your turrets and avoid to get poked by his e
Dodge his q if he tries to set up a gank

Run 3.png will make it even easier




Easy if you play correcly

Pre-6 she won't touch you and you will be able to hurt her very hard.
She has nothing to set up a gank so you don't have to worry about that
After-6 don't make the mistake to travel far from your turrets : she can easily one shot you. If she jumps on you when you are in turrets' range you just have to land your e and she will lose more than 1/2 of her hp

Take 3.png might safe your life and is very effective against the jungler.
Think about picking 3364_32.png and 2043_32.png so that she won't be able to recover in her W




Boring champ, he will destroy your turrets with his soldiers without any problems.

He outpokes you and he has escape.

Play safe with 12.png and ask for help to your jungler

Since Azir's nerfs, the match up is a bit easier. Also, we don't see him at the top atm.




Split your towers as much as possible or they will get rekt immediatly.

Be careful to stay in range not to get silenced + dmged by his w.




He is melee and kitable 

Don't get hooked and he won't do anything the whole game

6.png can be useful to kite him
3.png if you are afraid of him
12.png if you don't feel like you don't need any of the two above

However, if he gets ahead, you are really fked so think about warding and not greeding.


Dr. Mundo


It might be a little bit harder than you could think

He can destroy turrets with his q without taking any damage. However he will eat your rockets and bit by bit getting low.

If he all-ins you at lvl 6 just dance around your turrets and he will die or just flee away

14.png take this to reduce his regen from ultimate




His lane pushing is really hard so you might have trouble zoning him. If you play correctly he should not be able to kill you as he won't have the necessary ap. If he builds ap, he won't be able to withstand your firepower.




Just stay near your turrets and there won't be any problems.

Be careful when you come back into the lane because she will try to all in you (the damage she can deal are amazing)

3.png is the best spell in this match up (try to exhaust her before she ulties)

The 2 important things in this match up is : not to get poked (too much) by her vitals & not to stun yourself by her W fiorariposte.png.

As she dashes in to proc her vitals, just auto-attacks & dance around your turrets. If she wastes her W stun her with your grenade ch1concussiongrenade.png.

The key point post lvl 6 is not to waste your ultimate with some E + R + W combo that she will counter no matter what. Wait for her to make a mistake and push the lane as much as you can. Be careful about ganks cause you won't most likely be able to survive a 1v2.

Fiora's nerfs made the match up a bit easier since her W fiorariposte.png cd is longer



Play this matchup like if you were against an ad champ.

Don't eat free dmg from his e and if he q's in then just stun him your grenade

Split your turrets to avoid them to be destroyed with a single e from him

3.png to minimize his burst





Even if he can kill your turrets with his q he will run out of mana pretty fast even more if has to heal after eating your rockets.

Maxing Q will allow you to outpush him & make him farm undertower (he has nothing to push really fast).

You might need to take a 3165_32.png to spam rockets and to reduce his w
12.png or 14.png or 3.png are 3 good choices. Exhaust might be slight worse cause he will remove it with his oranges removescurvy.png.

The key point in this match up is his barrels : as ranged, you have to destroy them everytime you can. He will have to chose between harassing you or destroying your turrets so don't stick around them.

The lvl-6 can be really dangerous. His ultimate will destroy all your turrets and leave you severly injured. If he lands barrel around that time, prepare yourself.

Be careful that he will outscale you no matter what which means that you will be the one playing defensively once he gets his 3078.png (& his 3031.png).



Split your towers because of his e

Never run away stay near your towers

Focus on the jungler if you get ganked

3.png He's melee and has no dash (exhaust him after he used q to clean slows)




Fatman is more and more present at the toplane

This match up is pretty hard for different reasons :
  1. He outsustains you from his passive
  2. He can destroy your turrets with his q safely
  3. His e+w combo will hurt you a lot
  4. His ult can send you far away from your turrets and kill these
Max W instead of Q and stay far from him. Farm safely, rush 3174_32.png and take 12.pngto be able to back quickly




He can easily clear your turrets & all in you at lvl 6 since he will probably have 14.png. However, if you play safe, you should be able to farm easily and make him stay top for a long time (since you push really fast he can't really roam as much as he would want to).




60-40 match up : you want to push as much as you can and split your turrets.

You have to dodge his E illaoiE.png otherwise he will punish you hard (stay behind your  minions).

You just have to be careful not to get all-in'ed  when you come back to lane or when he does come back full hp with new items.

Do NOT consider 1v2 against him & the ennemy jungler cause their combined burst/cc is too much to handle.

The key point in this match up is destroying her tentacles as well as dodging her harass (which should be easy as she will have to use her Q to kill your turrets/farm).




Just outpush her undertower to poke her safely afterward

Keep your turrets grouped before level 6 then split them

Be careful of her all-ins when you come back into the lane and/or your turrets are not placed yet

Try to predict when she jumps to stun her as she arrives

3.png use it as soon as she jumps on you so that she will take a lot of dmg before being able to reply

The change of 3078.png made her stronger than before & you might not want to trade her from lvl 7 to lvl 10 as it is her biggest powerspike.


Jarvan IV


Avoid getting poked by his q is the first important thing

If he e + q's in then just fight him back he will take more dmg than you

Split your turrets

3.png is the best to counter his all-in/burst




You can deny him easily the first lvls.

Stay near your turrets that you can pack at one single point.

If he jumps on you just e where you are and your turrets will do the rest (stay just far enough from them so that they won't get stunned with you)

In late game you can 1v1 him only if you have all summoners up and your zhonya. Don't place your big turret immediatly and stun him in your turret's range, he will back to come again 5s later, wait to be sure that he can flee back before exhausting + ultying him

3.png if you are not confident enough or you want to 1v1 him in late game
12.png to avoid him to splitpush




He will just kill your turrets with his aa and outpushes afterward

As soon as you have no turrets left just b and farm with your w.

He can 100-0 you once he has 3134.png

Max W > Q and build 3191_32.png before getting 3165_32.png. Finish 3157_32.png asap after Morello
Play safe and farm with w is the only thing to do without any help from the jungler

Picking up 12.png will help you keeping the touch in cs

PS : you can outpush him before lvl 4 with 3 turrets early placed




Like against most of ap champs max W over Q and keep the distance

Run 12.png and rush 3174_32.png




She is ranged and the aoe from her e will delete your turrets

Max W and rush 3174_32.png to farm safely

12.png if you will try to trade her

6.png if you know you won't get outtraded and that you want to be able to run to kite




Even if he is ranged you can try to do somethingwith this matchup

If you see that the lane is going well just max Q over W and keep pushing

If he took the advantage early on just max W and farm with it

Rushing 3174_32.png is a good idea in both cases
12.png to back fast




Haven't played this match up a lot but he hasn't much tools to deal with you, just be careful not to get outnumbered as his R kledR.png can bring a lot of allies with him. He also brings a lot when it comes to setting up ganks so be carfeul


Lee Sin


Just keep your turrets split and poke him with w every time he will farm

If he hits a q on you, don't panic and get rdy to stun him with e.

TIP : if you are far from your turrets and that he q + q you then just flash back in your towers and stun him. He will have to flash away or just die because he will be too far from his own minions.

Don't get hit uselessly by his e

3.png to stick him into your turrets and minimize his q + r + q combo




Max W > Q and farm safely

Be careful at her all in lvl 6

12.png for max sustain and rush 3174_32.png

Anticipating her dash to stun her with your e is the key to stay safe




Max W over Q and trade her back when she speeds up to e + q you.

You will outsustain her because of your passive but try not to get poked by random q

3174_32.png is a must have in this match up

12.png to be safer & have some presence on the map.
14.png if you want to try to kill her with your jungler (I do not recommand this)

The keypoint in this match up is the wave push. You absolutely want to try to even push her (which won't be easy). You won't be able to kill each other during this laning phase so don't even try to.




One of the only easy match up against an ap champion

Your passive will regen his q harass

You will outpush him with your turrets (split them to avoid the r + e combo)

He won't be able to one shot you at lvl 6 but be careful he can set up a gank easily

Max Q > W

12.png if you want to follow him in his roaming
3.png to give you more chance to kill him and maybe 1v2 the jungler and 54_64.png




One of the most easy match up (you won't die for sure but you need to be really agressive so that he won't farm too easily).

Max Q > W and camp his tower

If he tries to farm or q one of your turret just e + w him and he will take a lot of dmg

14.png to kill him again and again

3165_32.png might be a good option if you have to spam e and w. The passive is also very appreciated again nasus because of his passive and ultimate.

The lane will essentially be afk farming tho.




Even if Nidalee is a ranged champion, you will able to fight back with your rockets (I would max them). I think 14.png is a good choice to try reducing her heal and give you an additionnal way of finishing her (since she can run away really fast).




Just e + w when he jumps on you

The turrets will do all the work

Stay far from him not to get poked by his q and outpush him with the turrets

3.png not to get all-ined

Extra 2003_32.png will be useful




Deny her as much as possible (don't hesitate to AA)

Pack your turrets and stay near them

E + w when she jumps on you and your turrets

14.png to kill her easier




I ranked this match up as difficult because it is unwinnable. What I mean by that is that you won't be able to kill her or take a serious advantage in lane if she plays properly/

What you wanna do on this lane is using your h28gevolutionturret.png as a pushing tool & maxing hextechmicrorockets.png to dmg her. Here are the reasons why :

1) she can blind your turrets which might reduce significantly your dps
2) as she quinnE.pngs you, you will know for sure where she will land which means you will be able to land your hextechmicrorockets.png fairly easily
3) she can't destroy your h28gevolutionturret.png as a ranged champ.
The key point on this match up is not to take bad trades early on (or she will snowball hard) & to try to push the lane as much as possible to prevent her roaming (what she will try to do h24 so ward your lane !).




Split your turrets (but like really, his q radius is bigger than you expect, especially under ultimate)

Outpush him so that he can't jump on you

Be careful with his e through minions then e + w + q on you, it hurts. If he does tho try to stun him BEFORE he can stun you (while the dash in other words)

3.png to prevent him to go rambo at lvl 6




Pack your turrets and stay next to them

Stun him when he jumps in and launch some fancy rockets

Make him farm undertower

3.png to avoid to get os'ed at lvl 6 or later in the game. Best spell to protect your adc in teamfights




Split your turrets because of her q and w

Don't waste your mana by using your w on her shield

If she jumps on you just stun her (if you stay far enough she will have to use her shield, once she did use your w)

Be really careful at lvl6 she has a huge burst (don't let her get her 6 before you)

3.png don't lane without this unless you are 36_64.png




Try to constantly push him undertower, Rumble doesn't like that

Everytime he tries to q or e your turrets use rockets or aa to poke him down

You will have to autoattack a lot during the laning phase

Since 14.png and 3.png are useless in this match up just chose between 12.png7.png & 6.png




He can't trade with you early on

Just push him undertower so he will waste a lot of mana to farm.

Everytime he uses q to attack your turrets just w + aa him

12.png to cancel his harass and avoid getting outleveled

You can max Q or W depending on your preferences and how the lane goes (if you get behind, you should max W).

Just be careful not to get 100 - 0 by his full combo. If he tries, he will be pretty immobile which will allow you to stun him with your E ch1concussiongrenade.png.




Avoid his taunt and have fun it is a free lane




Split your turrets because of her w and dragon form

Everytimes she tries to w to attack you, turn around your turrets and e + w her.

At lvl 6 be careful, she can kill 1/2/3 easily with her ultimate and the aftereffect will be bad for you

3.png to slow her down and fix her into your turrets

Try too outpush her




Easy matchup since you can stun and dmg him everytime he tries to circle poison you.

14.png can be useful to reduce his regen from his ultimate.

Be careful of the ganks tho




Even match up, you got to be careful not to take too much dmg from his E. If he Q and you can't dodge just use your E and you are safe, same story with his E + W combo.

Split your turrets and do not stick just behind them because he will E them.

Keep in mind that he can E away your turrets.

You will most likely not be able to kill him so focus on farming & putting pressure on him




Easy/Medium : the key factor of this match up is trundle's E ability trundleE.png. If he catches you with it you have to make sure you land your own E ch1concussiongrenade.png to stop the trade.

Don't consider 1v2 against him, he's really tanky thanks to his ultimate & will regain life as he destroys your turrets




Stun him if he e's in and split your turrets

3.png will help you a lot




He will outsustain, outpush and outdamage you.

Don't try to trade him

Max W > Q and farm safely

12.png is required




Stun him when he charges in and everything is gonna be fine




He can be really annoying but you should be able to outpush him & be safe. split your turrets (enough for them to avoid his circle yasuoQ.png) but not too much so he can't dash through them to create distance)




Take 3.png, avoid his q and outpush him

He will obviously kill your towers with his w q e combo. If he does, just aa him a lot because he won't have anything to fight back

As soon as he ulties you, just use your own ultimate and you will win the trade.

The match up is medium because he has a lot of outplay potential & if he gets ahead he will snowball really hard.

Heimer throughout the game Back to Top

Here is a part to talk about Heimerdinger during the different parts of the game (early, mid and late game and of course teamfights). I will try to show you what are your different objectives depending on the situation and on the moment of the game. For example, a lot of players don't know what to do when they did already take the top tower and when the drake is down so that they are doing nothing constructive and are losing their advantage. 

Early game

Unlike a lot of people think, the early game of Heimerdinger is not good at all. Indeed, his rockets do not much dmg before getting some ap and lvl and his turrets are really squishy at the start of the game. From lvl 1 to 7, they have less than 300hp which means they can be destroyed really easily with some range abilities (such as 98_64.png's Q or even 68_64.png' E). That's why during the early laning phase, you want to push really deep to avoid getting attacked/all-ined by some champions (92_64.png for example). Even if the turrets are weak, it is made up by their number (3) and by 74_64.png other abilities. The problem is that if you don't push, since they are squishy, your turrets will be destroyed fast and as you know, you can only put 1 new turret at the same time before your lvl5. If you lose 1/2/3 turrets uselessly, your oppenent will be able to push back and it will be really difficult to get an advantage back.

To avoid all these problems, like I said in the "Turrets placement" section, I always try to put 3 turrets on the lane before the minions wave arrives. It will allow you to take the advantage by pushing. If there were an only one piece of advice I could give for the early game as Heimerdinger it would be pushing, pushing and pushing. It has multiple benefits : your oppenent can't reach you unless getting hit by your minions wave and your turrets, you will farm easily with your turrets and your vis-a-vis will have to farm undertower which is quite difficult for some champions at low levels.

Of course, this intense early pushing will lead to a gank from the ennemy jungler. This early gank (usually at lvl3) can lead to different situtations. If you have 3 turrets well placed (you should split them because a lot of junglers have aoe abilities, like 62_64.png , 64_64.png and254_64.png), and all your summoners spells up you will be able to 1v2. To succeed in this operation, you will have to play very intelligently. At the moment, your oppenent is undertower and you just reached level 3 (and you leveluped E). It means that it will be the ennemy jungler that will attack you first. He will normally be squishier than the toplaner, that's why you have to focus him. Your turrets will use their beam on him and he will get already low, if he keeps going forward, then just stun him into your turrets range and launch your W. Of course, it is a 1v2 (if your own jungler didn't come) so you will need to 3.png the other guy to stay safe. This is very theoritical but do not underestimate the power of the donger. Also, if you have to dodge some skillshots or big abilities (like 92_64.png's W or 254_64.png's Q) do not hesitate to flash STAYING near your turrets. If you are good enough, you can easily turn around your attacking turrets and wait for your ennemies to get killed or to back. I will try to post some clips where I do some 1v2 successfully.

Mid game

Your intensive early push will finally pay : you have finished your first big item (3157_32.png most of the time) and you are about to destroy the first top tower. Even if you did not attack it yourself, the minions that reach most of the time the ennemy tower would have done it for you. Once the tower is down, you have 2 possibilites to continue the game. Note that the mid game dmg of the donger are really amazing if you have your first items soon.

Pushing further

If you have a big advantage on your oppenent, you can keep pushing the toplane to the next tower and by this, putting a lot of pressure to the ennemy team that will need to send you 1/2 other guys to kill you. Moreover, even if you will probably die, you will able to pick up 1 or 2 kills with these 1v2/3 fights because of the upgraded turrets, 3.png and of course 3157_32.png. Be sure that when you will be fighting all the ennemy team, your allies would have taken drake or mid/bot tower(s). This strategy is only efficient if you are ahead enough and that you know you will able to deal with a lot of ennemies at the same time. Don't forget to buy 2044_32.png and 2043_32.png to ward the ennemy jungle to be prepared if they gank you.


Like every toplaner, when you get the tower top, you want to roam to help other lanes or your team to get big objectives being 5v4 against the ennemy team. When I try to roam, I usually do this path : after pushing the toplane really deep, I back and go mid as soon as possible to push the tower with the midlaner and the jungler. Afterward, I go back to the toplane to push it again really deep (to avoid losing my own tower top) and then I comeback mid to force a drake. If there is no ways of getting any objectives, just stay top and put pressure so that the ennemy jungler will be forced to come. It will give the possibilty to your team to be 4v3 to get kills (especially bot).

Just keep in mind that Heimerdinger is not mobile at all which means you will rely on your teammates to set up for ganks. However, I don't recommand to roam as Heimerdinger for kills. This champion is a king for securing objectives but not to be a kill machine. If you see that all first towers and drake are down, stay at the toplane, you will earn more gold than what you would have done by roaming.

Late game and teamfights

Your way of playing will depend on what your team needs. If you need map pressure or if they have a splitpusher, you will need to splitpush. If your adc is fed and deals tons of damage you will stick with him to peel for this face. If the ennemy team wants to siege a lot, you will focus on poking them. The only thing that is really important is playing objective, thing for what Heimerdinger is excellent. Stay with your team, play the objectives and your role. If you know what you have to do in teamfights and that you don't get caught, everything gonna be alright.

If you want more information about your role in your team, check the section below.

The role of Heimerdinger Back to Top


A lot of players have already asked me why I am playing Heimerdinger and sometimes they were even thinking that he is useless. Also, they often told me that he was not in the meta and that he had no utility in the team. All these questions and remarks made me added this part to the guide to clarify what is that role of our favourite inventer.

To me, there are 3 ways of playing Heimerdinger whose one fits better with the toplane.

Anyway, during the laning phase, these 3 ways don't affect the objective of Heimerdinger during the laning phase : denying as much as possible the ennemy top laner. It is well-known that bruisers (or offtanks if you prefer) need gold (to buy items) to be tanky and effective for teamfights later in the game. The objective of the donger will be then to delay a maximum the core build of his oppenent to make him being weaker than normally. I think it is clear, let's go deeper.

The 3 roles

The peeler donger

The first one (my favourite) is the peeler donger. You will do all what you can to protect your adc from the ennemy team. If you take a look at the skillset of Heimerdinger, it is quite adapted for this role. The grenade will keep the ennemies calm while your 3 turrets and the big one will manage to destroy their frontline. Afterward your adc will kill them all.

Pros :

  • You are very useful all the game long
  • It is a very safe way of playing because your ennemies will focus the adc and not you
  • You don't need to land your skillshots to be effective
  • You will earn a lot of honnor from your team

Cons :

  • You rely on your adc to win the game : if he sucks it will be harder to win the game
  • Less funny way of playing since you only defend and try to be focused
  • Less rewarding (KDA, etc.)

The splitpusher

It might be surprising because of the lack of mobility but Heimerdinger is a great splitpusher. His turrets coupled with his w make him a really fast pusher. Moreover, with 3 turrets placed correctly, noone will be able to 1v1 you. As soon as they come as 2 or 3, your team (if they are not retard) will take nashor or other objectives. 12.png will bring you back in fight and 3060_32.png will help you to push faster (with its active).

Pros :

  • Really funny to play (1v2, being alone free farming, etc.)
  • It makes the ennemy team crazy
  • Really efficient if played correctly (you can take inhibitor if you win your 1v1)
  • You will be really farmed (which means you can stop splitpushing to assist your team)

Cons :

  • Team reliant : if they don't take objective when you 1v5 you will lose the game
  • You might get flamed ("fking donger can't group")
  • It can be risky in late game if you get caught stupidly
  • Unapplayable if you are behind

The real mage

You can play Heimerdinger like another mage. Indeed, his w allows him to play pussily by poking and poking. To play the donger like this you need to rush3174_32.png or 3165_32.png to be able to spam your rockets as much as possible. I won't teach you how to play a poke champ but it might be different in teamfights. Generally, you will try to use your upgraded W to oneshot an ennemy carry. Even if you will lack of dps afterward, if you can oneshot their adc it is worth (even if you die).

Pros :

  • You can solo carry a game
  • You will compensate an optionally useless midlaner
  • You will enjoy the burst
  • The ennemies will get mad because of your poke

Cons :

  • You rely A LOT on skillshots (W and E)
  • You will need someone else in your team to peel for your carries
  • If you fail the upgraded W you will be useless a whole fight
  • High risk of getting caught when you try to poke
Note that you can switch from a role to another during a single game. If you see that they have a lot of heal (because of 44_64.png , 16_64.png or37_64.png for example), don't take any risks with poking. If you see that your team can't take objectives, don't splitpush. If your adc sucks ********, don't peel for him and try to kill their carries. As you can see, Heimerdinger is a very flexible champ that can fit in a lot of team composition

About me and conclusion Back to Top

Who am I ?

I'm some random diamond 1 player who fell in love of Heimerdinger since his rework. I am 19 years old and I'm from Belgium. Since English is not my first language, I hope you will be indulgent with all the mistakes I will have made.

About my stats with Heimerdinger, I have around 60% winrate with him in ranked games (only at the toplane) in 30 games. Even if I don't have 250+ games with him, I played 50+ games with him in normal games and I think I'm good enough to write this guide. As you can see, my number of kills and assists are pretty low while my KD is positive. It is due to the fact that I like splitpushing with Heimerdinger without 12.png. It explains why I don't have much kill participation but I can assure you that the ennemy team is sometimes truly impressed.

However I dont play him as much as I used to but at the same time my game knowledge has improved a lot (I brought a couple of modifications recently) which means that all the match ups should be up to date.


Heimerdinger is very flexible champion that can play different role. Quite unknown, a lot of players don't know how to play against him so that you can cause a massacre. You can easily bully ennemy champions at the toplane and after that being a real teamplayer. I think the donger is one of the champions that are easy to play but hard to master. He has a high skillcap since you have a lot of ways to outplay your oppenent. He's also unbelivablely funny to play (espcially in 1v2 situation) and very useful (even when your team is behind).

Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions about this guide. Thank you so much for reading.

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