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Note: Im a broke student trying to help people play heimer so if you want to help me with keeping me fed with pasta and instant noodles to survive another 2 years of University I would be grateful. xx

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4.png14.pngFlash + ignite - is best against 90% of matchups

4.png12.pngFlash + TP - Good For Split Pushing, Helping other lanes. 

4.png3.png Flash + Exhaust - Take vs Assassins like 238_64.png91.png 157.png Also vs Burst like161.png126.png55.png.

4.png1.png Flash + Cleanse - Take against CC that you cant dodge, 127.png 19.png22.png45.png.

4.png6.pngFlash + Ghost - Not my pick, you have ghost speed around turrets


4.png21.png Flash + Barrier - I never use it, but if u like it sure... If you want to bait people then use
4.png7.png Flash + Heal - I never use it, but if u like it sure... Good low elo vs dive champs +

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Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=64Ravenous Hunter & Taste of BloodTaste%20of%20Blood.png?width=64

Sustain! Sustain! Sustain! Ravenous hunter is really good at sustaining you through all forms of damage, especially from turrets and rockets as they both are considered individual attacks and heal for more than AOE, the earlier you get your 5 stacks from each person on the enemy team the better.
IN LANE: in lane it allows you to heal up the minion aggro when auto attacking your opponent as sometimes you can have minions follow you all the way to the tower.
Taste of blood further increases your sustain and its cooldown is the same as scorch cooldown so you know how often to cycle your poke with W and Autos... Every 20 seconds!


Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64ARCANE COMET! Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64

This rune is best on heimer because it is the only mage related rune has its cooldown reduced with other attacks, and heimers 5 heimerdingerw.pngRockets(W) are considered 5 separate attacks and so when you hit somebody with all 5 rockets early game it procs the rune and the other 4 rockets reduce its cooldown by half... Lategame when you hit all 5 rockets on somebody it fully reduces its cooldown so your next attack will proc it again and again! The easiest way to guarantee it hits is by using heimerdingere.pnggrenade(E) for a guaranteed hit. your turrets lasers also reduce its cooldown. when you buy crystal sceptor your arcane comet will hit them everytime.


 Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64SUMMON AERYSummon%20Aerie.png?width=64

This rune is so amazing vs melee because of the amount of times you can activate it, auto attacks, turret autos, any ability... arcane comet has a much longer cooldown compared to aery so, aery is better to use against melee champs, as you can poke them every chance they take to farm... 
A small tip towards making the most out of aery and her low cooldown is to walk forward as aery comes back to you so that you can collect her faster and then you're able to proc aery again, you want to get into a pattern of collecting aery and simultaneously throwing an auto attack and or ability.  


Perfect%20Timing.png?width=64Perfect Timing & Magical Footwear Magical%20Footwear.png?width=64 

950 Gold worth of items you will buy anyway, its honestly worth every penny, and vs burst champs or inescapable damage or CC or jungle gank, using all abilities and then using stopwatch stasis as they are about to damage you is the perfect thing, first buy a haunting guide3136.png for magic penetration and some hp. 

179.pngManaflow%20Band.png?width=32Manaflow BandManaflow%20Band.png?width=32
This ability really helps you sustain mana, every 60 seconds your next abilities mana is refunded and you gain 8% of your mana, so when your mana bar changes colour it is worth using your highest mana cost ability. It is also worth activating R without using it just to scare your opponent away. the more zoning from objectives or farm the better!


"Thunderlords is very"... I mean electrocute is very good with heimers kit as landing an ability is easy with shooting rockets in a fan, and the last two attacks can be from your turrets auto attacks, abilities and even ignite!. or landing a stun and the beams hit them, just do not forget to splice auto attacks in-between! for more damage.

---------------------Other Runes to try! ----------------------

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32Perfect Timing - FREE ZHYONAS ACTIVE FROM LEVEL 1 - With heimerdinger the longer the fight is around your turrets the better. Always have this Rune against burst champions like lux99.png and definitely against Zed238.png and Vlad8.png.

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Q > W > E > W >>> MAX Turrets & ULTheimerdingerq.pngheimerdingerr.png >>> THEN Rocketsheimerdingerw.png >>> THEN Stunheimerdingere.png

spread them in the triangle of death - (Turrets Placed in an exact triangle all just within each others range. So they cant kill all your turrets in 1or2 spells.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.48.42.jpg
Side note: It is worth keeping to one side in lane and keep warding the side your closer too, so that it only gives the jungler one side to come from and you'l have it warded, If they gank from the other side they have a long way to walk and that gives you more than enough time to then get back to tower or do the 2man standoff!!

then whilst Stunned/Zhonya you can Prime Ult (R)heimerdingerr.png and line up your UltimateStun (R+E) so that it stuns both the jungler and enemy midlaner, that extra half second can decide whether you live or die!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Confident Start

Core Items

    1. First Buy!
    2. Powerspike + wards!
    4. Mid Game for Teamfights
    My Usual Full Build S8

Situational Items

    if u need to push vs AP
    Only buy if you have magicpen
    if you need to survive AP/Heavy CC
    High Hp Enemy Team
    Against Burst like Zed/Kat
    Against Healing like Swain/Vlad
    I cannot stress the importance of vision enough... If your jungler is being invaded, ward it. if your jungler is invading, ward enemy jungle!

>>> You need to provide the team with what the team doesn't have <<<


Item Discussions

3116.pngCrystal Sceptor, The amount of control crystal sceptor provides because turretsh28gevolutionturret.png will proc the slow, its permenant slow and its excellent for so many scenarios, and it provides you with HP.

3060.png Banner of command, the way to win as heimer is objective control and pushing. How do you push against someone like anivia who just presses R and clears whole waves. Well this is where banner of command comes in... When you promote the minion it becomes immune to magic damage allowing you to push without struggle (against AD, buy ZZrot instead) as a first item when your doing the push build.
Also, banner can be used to push other lanes if the team groups mid to push. it can also be used to push with the team if they clear waves well.

3157_32.pngZhonyas is "thé" item for heimer, this item provides both good stats and the active has saved me personally more times than i can count ranging from blocking syndra ults to stuns and Vi ults.

Against Zed you can block the trigger from his ultimate by using zyonyas 1 second after he ults you

When to use it: 
-It should be used to block the most damage possible that they cant get back, so just as they are using a projectile or spell that they cant use again if your not hit by it... Eg Lux Ult, VelKoz ult
-It should be definitely used if its going to keep you alive (so dont forget about it!) Eg. your tower dived by a kha zix and he knows he can kill you, as he jumps on you you stun(E) then rockets(W) then maybe one auto, and just as the stun ends you use zhonyas, all the while the tower kills him.

My usual situation as im always pushed... I have all the turrets up and the midlaner is coming forward probably because the jungler is just about to come, Now if there is 2 of them, the best ult to use is the Ult+Turret But you have to decide in that moment, Who can kill me more, you have to look at everything from what the midlaner still has to who is ganking you, A combination of zone and high dps, slow, with zhonyas if they both commit you will get a double kill, if you have killed off the midlaner and the jungler is melee you can run around turrets to evade him if you have burned your cd's/Low Hp

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You can Juke her Charm by placing a turret so you take much less damage, Pre6 she is easy to kill or push out of lane to underlevel, but past 6 her mobility is annoying so keep turrets up and keep her within them taking damage if she tries to all in.

Keep the turrets to the sides of the minion wave, so she cant ahriorbofdeception.pngQ both the wave and your turret, If she starts auto attacking your turrets punish her, use rocketsheimerdingerw.png and autos if you have minion/turret protection.

The best time to attack ahri is just after she has used Q.

Autoheimerdingere.png(E) Auto is another easy trade



4.png14.png + 3341.png 

Pre 6 is your time to keep her under her tower, push her out of lane and push down her towers, ALERT TEAM IF SHE ROAMS! 
For your mana item buy morello's to reduce her healing when she goes under 40%3165_32.pngAnd make sure you have flat magic resist glyphs.

Please dont forget, Her ultimate dashakalishadowdance.png, Will place her behind you, so make sure you position your stun propperly

If she hides in her shroudakalismokebomb.png(w). Then start placing turrets around the edge of her bubble and use sweeping lens3341.png, to reveal her also. And stay closer to the direction of her tower if she thinks of flashing you are in range



first buy banner3060.png, to stop her push.

Max Rockets(W) First after taking 3 points in turrets, She can just clear your turrets with her ult, When she is in Egg form just place the turrets around her and save the stun for if she does come out of egg form.



3102.png get Banshees veil, and more MR!

Annie does have alot of burst so take abyssal sceptor as she also needs to get close, make sure your trying to land the E,W just after she uses the stun on a minion maybe.

If she knows she cant get near you, please make sure to be ready to flash if you think she will flash infernalguardian.png to kill you


Aurelion Sol


Use your Rockets(W)hextechmicrorockets.png in a spead when he is flying over the mapaurelionsolE.png as damage stops him.

Keep yourh28gevolutionturret.pngTurrets in a line and not grouped up so he cant catch more than one with his aurelionsolW.pngPassive.



first buy banner3060.png, stops his push 

Azir Will freely take your turrets so place them back so you can fall back on them and when being aggressive place them very far forward, but make sure he hasn't got his dash,

He is a sustained damage auto attack based champion so landing direct stuns as he is auto attacking is a must and makes it much easier, 

Same turret pushing applies when he makes his own turret, place your turrets just as the tower starts hitting the Siege Minion

Take 3 Points in Turrets (Q) And then Max Rockets(W) and shoot them in those brief periods that he is auto attacking.




Place turrets just as he tries to grab you so he grabs the turret and not you :) Its sometimes worth letting him grab the Ult Turret so his team takes the damage from it, if you do get grabbed then try land your stun then ult turret and use zyonya and hope your team get there in time or flash/heal

if your at the enemy base place your turrets in like a wall at the steps and tell your team to stay behind your turrets so nobody gets grabbed




Keep the turrets spread out, place the turrets back and to the sides of the minion lane so he has to expend additional mana if he wants to kill them. Dont let him take out 2 turrets with one W-E , Also Dont let him stun you, Place a turret just as he tries to land his Q on you. DONT STAND NEAR YOUR TURRETS IF HE ULTS YOU AS IT WILL MORE BOUNCE BACK ON YOU FOR MORE DAMAGE



First buy banner! 3102.png


She Will just Q Spam all your turrets so take 2 points in them and max your W first

Letting her land her Q so she moves forward to fangcassiopeiae.png spam you is a good way of baiting her when your jungler comes, her E is a click ability so landing a stun should be easy.




keep yourself within your turrets and keep them spread out and mostly on the Left hand hand side (of the way your minions come in) so she cant curl it into hit you or your turrets aswell, The second he dashes to you, land the Stun(E) then Rockets(w) and or Ult+Rockets or Ult Turret if the jungler is about to be on you aswell.

 the tanky build is also good vs her with 3.png+3060.png




Its all about the early game, 3174_32.pngAthene needed for some mr, Keep your turrets in a line, so he cant hit more than 1 turret with his Q

When he hits you with Q, walk to the side
When he throws W, Walk to the side - he will most likely place the stun over the turrets so if you know your going to get stunned, place Ult Turret because that cant be stunned.

If he jumps in then jumps out, make sure you are nowhere near his ult shadow because he could re-engage with it and the aoe damage killing all the turrets.

best time to land your stun is when he blinks onto you, if you land a stun then use UltRockets and ignite, because if he is alive from it, the ignite will half the health he gets from his ult




4.png3.png > First Buy banshees veil if you want to be really safe. Also buy Zhonyas

Now this can go both ways, From the second you enter lane you better make it yours... punish him for every creep... auto and walk back... rinse and repeat... Remember that he will most likely Q you first, so the second he does that stun behind yourself and punish him

Fizz will most likely roam, MAKE SURE YOU ALERT YOUR TEAM. and don't forget to push!




Keep the turrets away from the minion wave his clears an area very fast.

Take cleanse4.png1.png if they have alot more damage elsewhere in the team.




Absolutely spread the turrets out and keep them away from the minion line so he has to burn mana to kill them, his ult is annoying as it pushes the turrets aside too.

Buy 3165_32.png Morello to reduce his healing



4.png3.png, Keep your turrets away from the minions, first buy armor3191.png1056.png and another dorans ring. 

When he jumps on to you in melee, please do not forget to stunheimerdingere.png thenheimerdingerw.pnghim as he is landing and walk out of his melee range while he is stunned. Exhaust if you think it will keep him there long enough to be killed by turrets.




Keep the turrets back and out the minion lane, if she lands her snare on you... she will definately snare you so place a turret and keep walking back... but keep the turret inbetween you and her so she cant Q you afterwards




Karthus takes your turrets away instantly so keep them at the back and away from the line the minions go down and max W. If he gets his Super Slow wall on you its worth placing a turret or 2 and land your stun as his Q does channel so he temporarily doesn't move. Dont forget to use zhonyas to block his ult damage out




Dont let this guy do anything, Punish him if he tries anything... dont let him take a minion without a few autos and a face full of rockets. he will most likely only jump on you if the enemy jungler is there so place the Ult Turret and Stun rockets ignite him. Dont Run... he can catch up... so stay near the turrets




Pre 6, its about punishing her for taking anything, if she tries to be stupid as to Q-E-W, make sure your fast enough to stun(E) and Rockets(W) and some AA.

After 6, Always save then stun for if she ults to cancel it and then Ult+Rockets (W) her.
If you do end up using the stun, stay back so she has no chance to deal anything on you





Kayle goes both ways, she can take the towers out and heal up any minor poke and/or try and be aggressive as to try and Land a Q and autos on you, in that case you need to Stun and Rockets back, Other than that Start with the towers spread



First Buy Abyssal Sceptor 3001_32.png And dont let her in range to use Q.

Leblanc is a pain, A good leblanc will always land the early QW combos, if your fast enough to stun her as she uses W then GJ but keep your eye on where her W Jump back patch is so you can stun her as she jumps back land the W and ignite if needed as she has no escape. You can also bait her QW, and try and time the stun on her W Back patch when she jumps back

After 6, dont be in her Auto attack range... let her come to you because she can always retaliate, Juke her Snare(E) by placing a turret just as she shoots it, IF SHE ROAMS THEN ROAM OR PUSH!

It is worth taking ignite against her and use on her at about half hp so you know which leblanc to be hitting after she splits into two, But be careful she can flash while in stealth!

[TIP] If your engaged with her and her passive activates and you still have your Ult(R) and Rockets (W). Sometimes its worth using Ult+W to kill both her and her Clone



4.png1.pngCleanse u need, that ult is annoying.

Keep your turretsh28gevolutionturret.pngon one side of the minion wave, and stand on the other side so you can poke with rocketshextechmicrorockets.png and auto attacks. this forces her to expose herself to Q your turrets

Build banner3060.png soon as poss, it stops her pushing. (banner minion immune to magic dmg)




Keep the turrets Spread apart so her E isnt taking 2 turrets at a time, She has low base hp so keep landing poke and zone her off farm, If you know your going to get hit by a Root(Q) of hers it is worth placing a turret so your taking the secondary root as its duration is less.



Pre 6, you have good zone and keep pushing, if he really just wants your towers dead then just take 3 points in turrets and max W first for poke/zone

7.png heal or barrier, but heal has some movespeed if you need to get away

After 6, if he is good he will try land the silence, the DOT pool and then ult, it is best to place the ult turret, maybe stun if you have time and then zhonyas after. Another thing you can do is if you know he is going in to ult you... throw your stun so that just as he starts his ult your stun breaks his channel. Just make sure he is taking turret damage if he does ult you.


Master Yi


Master yi jungle is a "pain in the Alpha Strike" it will instantly kill your turrets because melee characters deal amplified damage onto your turrets as well as the additional damage his Q does to minions, (which the turrets are classed as)

Neat Trick - when Yi alpha strikes you and your near the tower, as he goes invisible flash under the tower so he lands with you and stun on yourself so he gets stunned as he lands, this means he takes tower damage and you get a free kill




Morde is melee so at level 1 keep your auto poke up, dont let him take free E's on you... he will be confident enough with his sheild to run up to your towers and Q them so just as he Q's them Land your stun and Rockets... 

His Shield... Heimerdingers rockets deal reduced damage after the first one hits. BUT against Mordekaisers shield they all deal the full damage... You can blow his whole shield with a level one W

best time to attack him is the inbetween wave periods where there isnt minions for him to gain a shield from




Put the Turrets within your minions so she doesnt spear them all down, you can use your turrets to take the spears damage so your not hit by it, if she does hit you and shes pouncing in... punish her.. stun, rockets, more turrets ignite so on, If she does get her Hunt debuff thing on you then make sure your near turret and your ready to stun her the second she is on you.




Orianna has more zone than you.... Take 3 points in turrets then max rockets(W) and poke, keep your turrets at the back or even warding the side bushes.

Or try and dominate from level one




Dont see much of him mid but he has low range, so punish him for using Q's on your turrets with Rockets in his face! Zone him from farm and try push

If he does root you, he will be standing there landing all his spells so its worth landing your stun and walk away while landing rockets on him

Clears well, Take Abyssal vs him



Push him hard!, keep him under his tower! keep vision though

Swain the Pain, Pre 6 just dont let him land the root and keep the turrets up front and zone him off farm.

After 6 he will try Ulting towards you as the jungler comes, its worth igniting him straight away if your going to stay to fight to reduce his healing

best disengage is the ult stun.

3165_32.png Morello is best to take against swain as it will half his healing when he tries to ult you, Also Combine with a later pick item of 3151_32.png Liandrys to shred him as he is high hp.



Make sure jungler ganks just after she uses her stun... and DONT PUSH TOO MUCH UNLESS SHE IS ROAMING

She is a total Anti heimer.... She will Pick up one turret, put it on another and Q them both... or hit you with your own turret, 

What you can't do: 
•Dont use Ult turret, because If she has a brain she will know to pick it up and throw it away, if she has used the skill recently then do so.
•Dont Max turrets she will just Q them all, Take 3 points in it after maxing rockets(W)

What you can do! : 
•First buy zhonyas to use just after she ults you so you can block the damage
•Zone her with Rockets and stun
•make her waste her mana early by placing turrets right up front as it only costs 20mana for you and like 60-100mana for her



Taliyah likes to roam with her ult so you will need to shove hard and she deals only AP damage so early 3060.pngbanner.

Keep your turrets in a flat perpendicular line and dont group the turrets, her Q is AOE so it will deal alot to your turrets, she is all AP abilities so get a banner of command to push against her

Early Boots, just enough mobility to dodge her knockup can save you from alot of damage.



First buy items> raptors cloak2053.png and armguard3191.png.


Pre6 - Stay within your turrets and don't take his Rake(W) poke, If he jumps on you walk just behind him or to the side to miss the rake damage and then stun,

After 6 he can Ult to get away really easily so its worth ult+rockets and ignite if you land a stun. Most cases he will jump on you because the jungler is ready to come too. if you think you can take them, then Ult+Turret and run them around your 4 turrets, heal when needed and flash if you really need to get out




Place turrets just as he tries to hook you so he hook the turret and not you :) Its sometimes worth letting him hook the Ult Turret so his team takes the damage from it, if you do get hooked then try land your stun then ult turret and use zyonya and hope your team get there in time or flash/heal

if your at the enemy base place your turrets in like a wall at the steps and tell your team to stay behind your turrets so nobody gets hooked




Ap Trist mid, if they are good will know the Level 3 Hop,E,Ignite and keep autoing... first blood everytime so careful... she can outrange the turrets aggro so she can take them down so keep the turrets at the back but still able to farm for you, Take Barrier or teleport in this case because most times you'll just end up being low health so you can recall and tp back into lane


Twisted Fate


Twisted fate needs to get near you to do anything so zone him hard, if he is really committed to stunning you with his Yellow Card and if you know he will do so, then land the stun so both stuns go off at the same time, as you both come out walk to the side a bit and rockets on him to stop you taking damage from his Q

In Skirmishes around the map try and stop him trying to teleport with your stun

If your running away with low hp, and he is going to land near you to finish you off, Place turrets as you walk and even try and land a max range stun, then Ult+Rockets




Veiger will just free stack on your low hp turrets so keep them back a bit and spread out, he has one of the lowest base hp's in the game so zone him with rockets and try and Ult rockets him level 6

Make sure the jungler ganks just after he tries to stun you with the walls of death




Save the Stun for his Ult, Keep the turrets out of the minions because when he W's the minions you dont want the turrets to die with them, Stand behind turrets to not get his Q damage.

Burn his flash early with jungler and then land a good stun and ult rockets to finish off as you hit 6




Viktor can freely take your turrets with a Q and auto because he can and any poke he gets it blocked by his shield, so its worth keeping the turrets back, early game he is more DOT so only go near him to poke, try not to get into auto attack range

Its worth flashing if he tries stunning you as the jungler comes

New Viktors damage hasnt changed much, but his scaling and empowered ablities just help him that little bit more, 




Vlad just takes the turrets for fun, Hard early poke is what you need, even a gank from jungler at level 2-3 so he cant escape in his pool

use your zhonyas to not take the secondary damage from his Ultimate

Max Rockets first after taking 3 points in turrets

Use Morello to reduce his health steal 3165_32.png
Use 3157_32.png to block the end of his ultimates damage if your low




Keep the turrets out of the minion line as he will align himself to kill the turrets whilst pushing down the minions, Place a turret to not get stunned by his E and try to cancel his ult with your stun, and only try and dodge the last one of his ults with zhonyas

Dont forget to stun him if he goes into ult form, if he starts walking down the river, follow him to cancel his ult if he tries to help other lanes




Depends on the yasuo, but punish him for taking any minions and if he dashes on you try and land your stun, Sometimes pretend to walk up to him so he thinks your going to throw something at him so he uses his wall, Dont let him kill your turrets without getting a face full of grenade and rockets,

When im in a 1v1 situation with yasuo and he has his 3rd Q and he tries to knock me up to ult, i will flash to the side but going closer to him, then land the stun, ult rockets or turret depending on if other people are coming. Its about catching the yasuo off guard so he doesnt try and block your damage with his shield. If he has used his shield for something, you have a small window of opportunity to be very aggressive and not let him touch any farm.

Zhonyas can be used to dodge that last Q or ignite burn, if he dashes on you around 6 as the enemy jungler comes out its worth staying by the turrets, landing the stun and  then placing the big one right as they are about to get you and then land the rockets and start walking towards the enemy tower so it keeps them in the turret range, if they are still alive by this point then flash back over them to the opposite side of them a so they have to walk back over the towers to get to you, if they are low they might try flash out of them or onto you in desperation so try ignite or heal and run them around the towers or rockets again

If he Ults you under the tower, land your stun, rockets and an auto attack then use zhonyas if you have it, then walk away.

if he is chasing you and he is within Q range... every 1.3 secs just walk to the side quickly to dodge his Q, its worth it 



3.png<< you can take whichever you prefer. Farm and stay safe untill zhonyas3157.png... gg, if they first pick it then take barrier because he will think he is good

Keep the turrets up front and zone and poke and push, dodge the Shadow double Q combo and if he is dumb enough to try land a few autos on you then its worth stunning and walking back around your tower.

When he ults you, the second he comes out of his ult, land the stun, rockets and EXHAUST and then the ult turret because when he is ulting you, he is committed to trying to kill you so he will try hit you with Q so as you walk away just side step it, if he is still trying to get you at this point just keep auto attacking cause the turrets will finish him off

Use Zhonyas 2 seconds after he ults you so you dont take the second execute damage from his ult

Neat Trick - If your near tower and he ults you, as he is invisible flash under the tower and he will land there with you, land the stun and the tower takes half his hp too.




Ziggs will take out your towers so max rockets and take 3 points in turrets first.

Poke and zone, get him low mana and get a gank, its worth following him round by jungle when he tries to get blue cause a ziggs without blue is much easier.

Dont stand to close to your towers cause he can use the towers to deal the explosion damage on you



    134.png134.pngBAN SYNDRA134.png134.png + 105.png105.png BAN FIZZ 105.png105.png     

------------------The First Minute-----------------

Place all 3 turrets ontop of eachother next to wraiths and at 1:30 auto attack the closest one once then walk to lane. This will kill one of them. This gives you level 2 from the first wave I take heimerdingere.pngGrenade(E) second and I try to land it straight away so my turrets also hit with beams. If you want to be risky you can also do it to the enemy red buff or wolves.

------------------The First 10 Minutes----------------

TIP - Heimers Auto attacks are so slow that you are able to attack somebody that is under their tower, and walk out of tower aggro range before it hits them, an easy trade vs melee and attack range as they are about to focus a minion.

TIP - Your turrets will attack whoever you are attacking... whether that be in any situation remember to auto-attack who you want the turrets to hit, A gear cog will show on your auto attacks

TIP - Auto Attacks proc thunderlord too!!!! small combo> Auto, Eheimerdingere.png, Auto

Im gonna make propper videos soon, this is just to show some tings fam

How to be annoying 101...
Blue Buff/Jungle Zoning, use your turrets to zone opponents that leave lane to take blue ect, make sure to push the lane, while they walk around so they miss out on XP and gold.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.59.03.jpg

How to be annoying 102.... - DO THIS AT 3:15 THEY WILL 90% BE THERE
If you really want to piss off the enemy jungler then heres how you do it, Place your ward by enemy wraiths as you push and just as he is about to finish off wraiths you take it!, They will most likely be low and don't make it too obvious... but it will make him/her want to come and gank you more! if they are low enough you can get an easy kill.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.49.56.jpg

During The first 10-15mins i have found that the best positioning for the turrets is in line with the 2 forward fire pits on either side of the lane, it is perfect because it absolutely restricts the opponents area of movement, the turrets are positioned where the they will push the wave and when the next one comes along the turrets arent attacked by the enemy minions because the ally wave just meets it ahead of them.

-When Pushing down towers the optimum way of doing it is to place the turrets Just after the tower has started hitting the cannon minion (the big minion) because if you place it before that the tower will finish killing whichever one it was killing then it will 1 or 2 shot your tower making it a waste of mana.
-the same principle goes for placing the Ult+Turret down to push really fast, you place it just as the tower starts hitting the cannon minion, this can be done when the enemy midlaner is also in lane because they either cant farm or have to deal with the turret, in both cases they will loose farm so ++ for you. 
-Make sure you clear any minion infront of your turret under enemy turret so it starts focusing the enemy turret. 
-If you have banner of command use the active at this point and the cannon minion gets a lot of hp and stays under tower for a much longer time
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.50.06.jpg

When your at this point where you have gone down the tower you have to start deciding, All i would say is dont push down the next tower if you don't have Zhonyas or Crystal Sceptor, so what you can do is roam! your best bet is to get a kill top best case with jungler, or take objectives. When i take the first tower i will go top and bot and take both of those towers, at that point i'll group up and take objectives Drake/Enemy blue ect.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.51.01.jpg

--------------------MID GAME------------------

Now you can solo dragons using the 4 towers (3 Towers + Ult Tower) it is High risk High reward, and only worth doing if you survive... so the best way to do it is to.
1. Ward Behind so its not smited/stolen or Control Ward it
2. Place all 3 turrets but where it brings the dragon out keeping one tower slightly to whichever side you cant see enemy in lane
3. place the Ult+Turret behind the Dragon right next to it, so the dragon focuses it and Ult turret tanks the damage
5. This same setup can also work on baron past 20minutes if you have person who can tank it for 10 seconds while you melt it.

Place Ult turret closest to the dragon and facing away from the other turrrets, and dont forget your pink

With 3060_32.pngBanner of Command you can farm 2 lanes at once, when your teams start grouping there probably isn't people actively staying in top or bot so activate the banner of command active (Promote) so it will freely push and give you the gold on its kills top or botlane, you can also use it when all in team to push down towers quicker as it tanks the turret aggro alot more. Versus AP midlane put it midlane, versus AD midlane put the promoted minion toplane if there is an ap Top, good for pushing with Baron buff also.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.57.33.jpg

---------------Time Saving---------------

Dont bother walking round to take enemy or ally objectives, you can just do it over the wall, if invading you can also use them as free wards, and also at the start if you are nice you can have all 3 turrets tank the first buff for jungler so they start level 2 full hp.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 17.01.27.jpg

Ult+Rockets heimerdingerr.pngheimerdingerw.png on a whole wave Only if >>
-The wave has just arrived and you want to recall.
-The Enemy midlaner has roamed and you want to get pushing the tower.
-Saving the Nexus, Shoot the rockets in a spread.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 17.00.21.jpg

When Ganking one of the sidelanes first ask if they or where they warded and second you get right behind them and make sure you completely block there exit. so that means walk around the back and place one turret in the lane and one in the bush, so they will panic... then go and take the enemy. because even if they try and evade you the turrets will pick of the last remains of health they have left or you'll get at least a flash out of them.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.54.15.jpg

This my fellow dongers is called a TURRET BUSH PARTY! , Dont forget to invite them, it can be done at level 2 to kill the enemy jungler taking his second buff or any other stage of the game to 100-0 them, what you do is you first make sure your not sitting on a ward because that would be funny, and then you place all 3 out, and either bait them or have someone else get them to your doorstep and then just as they reach the edge of the turret range circle you land the stun, they will be shooting the beams at this point to, and if its just one use the Ult+Rockets to instakill or ignite after to finish off. If its a whole team then its worth placing the ult turret or using the Ult+stun if you know they will catch up to you... the best thing i find this exact spot is best for when your team are doing baron and you can wait for that unlucky soul thats off to ward baron.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.52.39.jpg

-------------------Additional Tips------------------

-When levelling your Turrets(Q) the damage of the turrets of course goes up, BUT the turrets already placed on map will not level. So when you upgrade your Turrets you need to replace the existing turrets so your not fighting with level 1-2 turrets against a level 6+ opponent!

-If the enemy ranged minions are just out of range of the turrets, auto attack the enemy laner and it will draw them forward, but make sure to keep walking back so they dont constantly hit you

-If your fighting against a team that you know just focuses down your UltTurret (R+Q) Then its not worth using it, Instead make a decision to use the Ult+Rockets if a single target needs to be killed. 

Another decision is to Ult+Rockets In a spray onto a whole team, as it will chunk them down alot, Or if they run onto you or they are running away its sometimes worth using Ult+Stun

Auto Attacking Tip - On a scale of azir to karthus... heimers auto attack level is about heimer.... its quite slow so you can auto attack melee characters under there towers and as it animates, walk back... you'll have just enough time to not get hit by the tower, this can be done in the lane also to not get minion aggro for hitting a player.

Logical Things... If the person you are playing against is really far back, and looking scared to take CS, but then all of a sudden they seem more confident it means your probably being ganked, At that point you decide wether to do the 2v1 or to back off. The decision needs to be based on how much damage the enemy jungler and midlaner can deal? Are they level 6? How much mana has enemy midlaner got? Are you pushed? Has he got summoners? Because 9/10 the longer the fight the higher the chance you will win it. so staying in and amongst your turrets is the safest place

Synergy Champions Back to Top

20_64.pngNunu - bloodboil.pngBLOOD BOIL WORKS ON ALL HEIMERS TURRETS, IT DOUBLES YOUR ULT TURRETS DAMAGE! - Dont forget to remind your nunu! And during seiges if you have a 3060.pngbanner empowered minion

59_64.png Jarvan IV (4) - is good with Heimer for his CC, The Knockup he provides allow you to easilly land a stun or vice versa, And the best thing about him is his ultimate allows you to place turrets all around so whilst they are trapped in his man cave they are getting crazy amounts of DPS, and if they have no flash or mobility... its a guaranteed kill...

35_64.png17_64.png Shaco or Teemo (OR BOTH) - These 2 cretins make the best Turret bush parties, Teemo brings the shrooms and shaco brings the jokes XD, Where teemo places mushrooms keep your turrets near because the combination of the mushroom DPS and slow allows your turrets to take so many more hits, and for Shaco's Jack in the boxes they provde some cc for the turrets to land free shots.

Any Champ with Teleport - Tell whoever has on your team that has TP, to try to teleport to your Ult+Turret or your turret if they are teleporting into a fight so that it cant be damaged briefly, it will still continue to shoot, but it will take no damage.

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