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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

Basic spell for every situation.

  • Can be used defensively to save you when you're positioned poorly
  • Can also be used offensively to secure a kill/get into position to kill


Saves you from dangerous situations.

  • Can help you win 1v2 situations or win your team a team fight if you exhaust a priority target
  • Makes it much easier to land your ch1concussiongrenade.png stun.


Useful for when your team needs help, I don't recommend it however.

  • 4.png Twisted Fate bothers your team with ultimate. 
  • Instead of taking teleport, I prefer pushing quickly and taking towers down.
  • For heimerdinger, teleport is not good spell. need time to do something.


If you think you can overwhelm your lane opponent take ignite.

  • It makes you do more damage. but I think 3.png makes it easier to solo kill the opposing laner, so I think 3.png is the best choice.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Wanderer : When you're roaming, it makes you move a lot faster (3%! = same with quints move 3%)

But savegery is also useful. It is on you!

Assassin : Increases your damage during laning phase and it's very useful in 1v2 situations

Merciless : You deal a lot of damage and Merciless helps bolster that damage, you don't need mana regen especially once you finish your mana regen item

Precision : Increases your spell damage throughout the game, and helps your auto attack damage during laning phase

Intelligence : Helps you keep your turrets up and allows you to use your ultimate more, however I think precision is more useful because you have enough Cooldown Reduction as is

Thunderlord's Decree:

This mastery can be activated with your auto attack, h28gevolutionturret.png laser attack hextechmicrorockets.png each rocket, ch1concussiongrenade.png grenades, 

upgrade!!!.png h28gevolutionturret.png(ultimate turret) auto attack and laser attack.

You can proc your Thunderlord's easily, all you have to do is hit 3 hextechmicrorockets.png rockets


Recovery : Increases your HP Regen, and combined with your passive really helps you sustain well in lane

Explorer :You move faster when you're in a bush or in the river (15MS!)

*Why not take Tough Skin??. . .  2 damage is negligible..

Runic Armor : Increases your health regeneration and increases how much you heal from Dangerous Game

*Why not take Veteran's Scars?. . .  HP regen is more useful.

Perseverance : Bolsters your Health Regen even more (Heimerdinger's basic HP regen is very high!)

*Why not insight??. . . Perseverance is just too valuable with all of the health regen we have

*Why not Ferocity?

Thunderlord's Decree is an extremely good keystone for Heimerdinger.

Deathfire Touch vs Thunderlord's Decree

During laning phase AND team fights Deathfire Touch doesn't deal as much damage as Thunderlord's Decree.

Thunderlord's Decree is really easy to activate. So make sure you use this mastery!

Ferocity 12 vs Resolve 12

Heimerdinger's Basic HP regen is really high. With 12 points Resolve is just much more effective.

Abilities Back to Top


heimerdingerpassive.png Techmaturgical Repair Bots

Gives HP regen to your turrets h28gevolutionturret.png and allied Champions

Your passive doesn't apply to yourself, Heimerdinger just has high base health regeneration.

With your masteries and buying some HP regen items, your HP regen goes up a lot.

h28gevolutionturret.png H-28G Evolution Turret

Basic Skill for Heimerdinger.

Keeping your turrets up and running is key to making your laning phase smooth. By setting up your turrets properly, your turrets will be hard to destroy and push your lane easily.

| In Lane |

Turret's role during the laning phase is pushing the lane. I think there's no correct answer on how to properly position a turret.

What you need to do is just keep these principles in mind.

Are you cleanly pushing your lane?

Every 30 seconds a minion wave arrives, and that need to be controlled.  Setting turrets in the back with charged laser will help you when your lane is suddenly pushed against you\, when you meet another threat (like the enemy jungler, or support and so on)

When you push your lane, you need to clear minions fast and cleanly. That way your turrets won't be damaged, and you can attack your lane opponent more freely. Also you can keep your health high.

Allied Minions, Heimerdinger, and Turrets

When you push your lane, your lane opponent won't do nothing, he'll either freeze the lane or try pushing with his abilities.

Make sure your turrets, minions, and yourself do not get hit by the same abilities.  If you get hit together with wildcards.pngtormentedsoil.pngviktordeathray.pngand so on, you can't keep your health high, and you could lose your turrets or give first blood.

If your opposing laner uses skills to destroy your h28gevolutionturret.png, then he has less wave clear power. you can do damage to him using h28gevolutionturret.pnghextechmicrorockets.pngch1concussiongrenade.png+ auto.  The same thing happens when he tries using his skills to clear minions.

Set up your turrets according to what your opponent's abilities are

If you set your turrets together at one point, you will push your lane much faster, also allowing you to farm with ease.  It also makes it easy to put good damage on your lane opponent.  If you meet 39.png, she can't easily use her ireliagatotsu.png  to destroy your h28gevolutionturret.png.  However, once she level up her ultimate  ireliatranscendentblades.png you should start spreading your turrets out or else they'll be destroyed easily taking any lane control and kill pressure you may have had.  Against 24.png, turrets do more damage but can be stunned by  jaxcounterstrike.png.  To counteract that put a little distance between your turrets.   Against  64.png, it's very good to group your turrets.  However against long range AoE like 56.png you should not. You can use your 3.png you can reduce their damage to save your h28gevolutionturret.png and maybe score a cheesy kill.

| Team Fighting |

 74.png has very good objective control(dragon, baron nashor) because his  h28gevolutionturret.png can be set up at the same time and drop them quickly.

After setting up turrets in front of the enemy team's tower your opponents will feel daunted. They either let the turrets damage or take down the tower, or come in range of the turrets.  If they come in your turret's range, you can have a big advantage in a fight.

h28gevolutionturret.png are good for defending your carry, it can also be used to damage the other team.  It's very important to keep your turrets alive to deal the most damage. You want to avoid hitting champions like 12.png with ferocioushowl.png you mostly want to try to deal damage to their biggest damage threats(mid, adc, fed top laner).

| Blocking Skills with your Turrets |

Heimerdinger doesn't have to hesitate to deal with 111.png53.png412.png  hook champions, or 60.png76.png straight projectile CC/Damage champions. You don't have to play the mind game with them. Just move where you want to go confidently and use your h28gevolutionturret.png to incoming projectile's way.  If you don't have enough stacks to use your h28gevolutionturret.png, you can use your upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png(R-Q ultimate turret). 

One tip for blocking these abilities is to not use it in reaction to the wind up of their ability.  Instead, when you are in range, you can set turrets down predicting their skills thinking in your opponent's shoes.
Doing so, you are fine even with flash 4.png against blitz's hook rocketgrab.png to not use your 4.png
If you feel like you're going to get skillshots thrown at you from the fog of war you can still just set up your turret to block it.

| In Heimerdinger's Turret System |

If you want to do well with heimerdinger , you need to know your turret's mechanics.

  • h28gevolutionturret.png's stats are based on your champion level.  So even if you put points into your turret, your turret will still have the same stats at that level.
  • h28gevolutionturret.png's auto attacks are pure magic damage ( applies magic pen3020.png etc. 3116.png20% slow, not on 3151.png3285.pngetc.)
  • h28gevolutionturret.png's laser attack is skill damage ( applies magic pen3020.png etc. 3116.png40% slow,  3151.png3285.png is used. 3092.png stack used, Thunder lord mastery stack stocked.)
  • upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png's(R-Q) both attack are skill damage.
  • If h28gevolutionturret.png hits champion, you get aggro from tower **
  • h28gevolutionturret.png's targeting system 
 1. Something attacking heimerdinger
 1. Heimerdinger attacks with auto attack or ch1concussiongrenade.png
 2. Something near turrets. 
 You can see hexagon on champion which means turret is targeting that.
  • You can control h28gevolutionturret.png's laser attack with your auto and ch1concussiongrenade.png. targeting, timing. It's not perfect however.

hextechmicrorockets.png Hextech Micro-Rockets

Hitting is important

Moving your cursor closer to Heimerdinger causes your rockets to spread out, the farther your cursor is away from Heimerdinger your rocket spread will tighten, to a single spot on the very edge of the skillshot.  Even if you full hit this skill, it's just average damage compared to your other skills. Try your best not to miss this skill, it's very vital.

Each rocket counts as a proc for Thunderlord's and Frost Queen's Claim  3092.png, so you can get all 3 gold charges and proc thunderlords in a single skill.

You can use this skill for to clear minions, attacking enemy champions, and so on. If your first few rockets will kill a minion in the way of a champion you can use this skill to penetrate through them.

ch1concussiongrenade.pngCH-2 Electron Storm Grenade

Trash damage, projectile speed, range and so on. But if you do not hit this skill, you die.

This is the most important skill when it comes to staying alive on Heimerdinger.  If your lane opponent or the enemy jungler is going aggressive on you if you miss this skill you're likely dead.

This skill takes a lot of experience to get used to because it has an awkward animation and slow projectile speed.  Make sure you get lots of practice in so you can be confident when using this ability.

Using your grenades on champions that are already affected by CC is a very good.  It works well with Frost Queen's Claim's  3092.png active ability.

If you shoot your grenade into a bush/fog of war it will give you vision where you shoot it.

upgrade!!!.png UPGRADE!!!

Heimerdinger's R skill

I will explain it briefly: 

  • upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png Dive kill ,Sieging tower, Best DPS
  • upgrade!!!.pnghextechmicrorockets.png Sniping single target, Dragon(Nashor) Stealing, + skill moves with your heimer.
  • upgrade!!!.pngch1concussiongrenade.png Initiating, Counter initiating, Disabling multiple people,Long distance harass(last hit), Clearing wave in distance.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best item ever..

Core Items

    Normal Core item set
    as a first core
    as a first core
    as a first core
    as a first core, when you need mana
    lets go more ap
    for magic pen
    one example

Situational Items

    need armor early
    need mr early
    well. mr early for banner
    for survive really!
    you can go anything as a last item

Heimerdinger can go various item.

As a first core, you can go 3092.png 3060.png 3027.png 3165.png.

3092.png really nice item.

Its unique active, passive is really good with heimer. you can earn gold more then 1000gold.

Ghosts chase something. So you can notice gank, chase and slowdown your opponent laner. It means you can hit your skill more well.

3165.png . . . not good then 3092.png

When you meet like.. 36.png you can go this item but still it is really not good thesedays. Because frost queen's claim is so powerful item!

3027.png sufficent HP,MP and ability power

It gives heimerdinger HP,MP and AP. You can use skill more so you dont have to mp regen item. Also you can tank more attack. 120AP is really amazing.

3060.png fast tower pushing getting some MR

You can push really fast with this item. Also It is good with new buff which get from Rift Herald.

10% dmg up, +40 ms, 40% AS to your minion, also give splash damage to siege minion.

If you go this item, you'll need MP regen item. get with 3092.png. Or just you can skip and go 3116.png. If you can control your MP or have blue buff

3116.png Really Important item for heimerdinger ! ****

Gives 20% slow on h28gevolutionturret.png normal attack, 40% slow on laser attack. upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png have 40% slow on normal, laser attack!

You can see this item's power when team fight happen. Giving slow everything, your opponent team take stress from slow.

Also it gives HP which is short to heimerdinger.

3089.png Just for amplifying your ap

3135.png Damaging Penetrating MR.

Choose these items thinking opponent team have mr, killing tanker or damage dealer.
Well, you go these items in the end anyway.

3157.png Actually I dont like this item.

I go this item when I really need.

while I play heimerdinger, my mind is having position which heimer don't get hit. And giving best damage to opponent team.

Using this item in center of team fight is fine.. but your turrets can be destroyed so easily. Also you can die easily.

3285.pnggives 10% ms.. O.o that is all.

Also applies rylai on unique passive.

3211.png When you cannot stand ap attack. like to 134.png101.png268.png and so on.

You can go just 3060.png. If you go this item, you can upgrade it to 3102.png

2053.png When you cannot stand ad attack. like to 238.png41.png and so on.

It gives armor and HP regen. compared to 3191.png really effective.

later sell this item.

Well, before you read matchups always remember this.

  • Champion is not hard. just really annoying!
  • If your turrets are destroyed easily, get CS! lane push! get MR,armor item and set turret in front of your opponent champion and fight! Use your 6 timing well!
  • If opponent laner have better skill in everything then you and have knowledge on heimerdinger, you can be beaten easily.
  • If you got killed and lost some CS(EXP), you can be beaten so easily with every champion so you need not die for sure.
  • Gank calling is really important for beating your opponent laner!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Corki
  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Ezreal
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Kennen
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Malphite
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Quinn
  • Renekton
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Trundle
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed




here is ahri.

just evade.. ahriseduce.png! using your moves or h28gevolutionturret.png.

rushing 3060.png  is fine.. but always think.

your boosted minion is damaged from ahriorbofdeception.pngtrue damage.

4.pngahriseduce.png     ,     ahritumble.pngahriseduce.png  anything! just never get ahriseduce.png....




Well. problem is your h28gevolutionturret.png can be destroyed with disintegrate.png easily.

and nothing!

just always notice annie 4.pnginfernalguardian.png!!!! make sure you evade!

take 3060.png push everything.

also annie is really weak to gank. call your jungler and supporter!




he'll destroy everything with azirW.pngazirQ.png.

what you need to do is not dying before 6. and when you get 6 call jungler and kill him.

makesure your h28gevolutionturret.png  is not destroyed by just azirW.png.

if azir want to destroy that, he need to use azirW.pngazirQ.png.

and evade azirW.pngazirQ.png combo.

choose item 3211.png or 3060.png to tank some damage.

if you can't sustain your turret, you need to use your h28gevolutionturret.png in front of 268.png




he have powerful damage.

not that hard compared to other champion.

block brandblaze.png with h28gevolutionturret.png or just evade

just.. brandwildfire.pngcan bounce with your h28gevolutionturret.png care

evading brandfissure.png would be easy! also sustaining your turrets.

3092.pngmight help you with slowing him. easy kill




well; you have 3.png.. so taking damage would fine.

make sure your turrets do not die together with minion or something.

rushing 3060.png would be fine.

end your lane asap and go to teamfight phase!




mid corki.

full of damage. . !
that is all.

just like normal ad carry push your lane hard.

not that hard.. just care the boosted carpetbomb.png ..! powerful roaming or destroy your lane.




He cannot destroy h28gevolutionturret.png with one dariuscleave.png.. at least he need to use two times!

Makesure yourself not dariusaxegrabcone.pnged...

After 6, if he cast dariusaxegrabcone.png on you. use 3.png and upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.pngch1concussiongrenade.pnghextechmicrorockets.png!

Evade dariuscleave.png axe's blade part, :D..




this champion is easy. why?

with ekkoQ.png he clear the lane.. not with your h28gevolutionturret.png

sustain 3 turrets and push your lane

just care ekkoW.png then you will not die.




mid ezreal!

ezrealmysticshot.png will destroy your h28gevolutionturret.png easily.

so set turret behind minion. sometimes you can tank instead of your turret.

this champion use mana a lot... push tower and go teamfight phase

ezreal need time to up! if ezreal gets kill or enough time game would be hard.




Fiora is Monster

Early game is fine before she get 3074.png

After that monster she'll destroy you! she scails you

with 1core 2core 3core you cannot stand her

answer is going teamfight phase asap




easy matchup before he gets fizzmarinerdoom.png.

always evade that skill. even with flash!

you can hit him easily. but he can evade your ch1concussiongrenade.png with fizzjump.png. care that situation...




well; I recommend to ban this champion for sure......

current OP champion in teamfight

to heimerdinger, even hard on lane because h28gevolutionturret.png just destroyed by parley.png.

what you can do is just call jungler as many as possible and kill him.

destroy raisemorale.png with auto attack.

if he gets 3057.png your turrets will be destroyed with parley.png!!

push tower asap!




literally easy.

just evade illaoiE.png. destroy her passive.

you just push everything! with your turret.

if she use illaoiQ.png to destroy your turret...

just hit her hard with your skills.




If Irelia gets item it became really hard so early is important.

like irelia get 3155.png 3156.png or just 3124.png ,3078.png .

your turrets will be destroyed so easily with ireliahitenstyle.pngireliagatotsu.pngireliatranscendentblades.png.....

you can just stack your turret in one point before irelia get ireliatranscendentblades.png.

this makes your lane push more easily.

I really recommend to use 3.png. For saving 74.png and h28gevolutionturret.png.

If you get some kills and have damage item it would fine.

destroy turret and go to teamfight phase




Just Normal matchup.....

no hard things. just when jax jumps and cast jaxcounterstrike.png stun him!ch1concussiongrenade.png

taste him with your power! upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.pnghextechmicrorockets.pngch1concussiongrenade.png

and everything.. would be fine

just makes sure you don't die to 24.png :D




Everything is fine just without his powerful poking  E-Q cannon.

If you evade that... easy!

just use 3.png when he comes into you with hammer jayceQ.png and stun ch1concussiongrenade.png




This matchup is hard because laywaste.png destroy h28gevolutionturret.png really well..

Eventhough your turret is destroyed really well, you need to push your lane.

Set turrets with minions or backwards anyway in not destroyed way!

Call jungler even supporter. If you scail him with item, lvl game would be easy.




easy. no problem on lane.. but problem is on teamfight phase.

kassadin cannot kill you! without jungler's help.

push turrets as many as possible :D

use 3060.png ^^ :D




just normal top laner...

not that hard things.. for sure!

because with only kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png he cannot destroy turret well.

so just you can stack turrets in one points.

when he comes in with kennenshurikenstorm.pngkennenlightningrush.png. Just 3.pnghim!




Normal matchup....

Be care 2lvl leblancchaosorb.pngleblancslide.png combo. it damages a lot.

If leblanc wants to destroy h28gevolutionturret.png, she cast leblancchaosorb.pngleblancslide.pngleblancsoulshackle.png other skills.

Use that timing well. She don't have skill!

You can just finish her with ch1concussiongrenade.pngupgrade!!!.pnghextechmicrorockets.png combo.

Block leblancsoulshackle.png with h28gevolutionturret.png, easy.




Lissandra have powerful push skill, and powerful CC.

Makesure your turret isnt destroyed with your minion by lissandraQ.png.

Always care lissandraE.pnglissandraR.png , lissandraE.png4.pnglissandraR.png or 4.pnglissandraR.png.

Take CS! everything would be fine.




Well, normal skills... normal matchup 

She have lulue.pngluluq.png combo.

If you move well you can evade.

Also care that combo on minion or turret..

If your health is high, you'll not die that easily.

O.O Normal!




I've never seen this champion thesedays in KR server.. but seems NA people like this.


Just be care ufslash.png. You need to evade that skill with 4.png!!!!




Voidlings and alzaharmaleficvisions.png destroy your h28gevolutionturret.png. So Kill voidlings to slow the push.

If you get CS, fine.

Call ganks, cause malzahar cannot escape well.

If you get alzaharcallofthevoid.png, he might use 4.png  alzaharnullzone.pngalzaharmaleficvisions.pngalzaharnethergrasp.png  so be care.




Hmmm.. just CS farming plz.

tormentedsoil.png destroy your turret . do not stick minion and h28gevolutionturret.png together..

darkbindingmissile.png evade this with moving or h28gevolutionturret.png.

If you do not have 4.png. morgana can use 4.pngsoulshackles.png so care..... plz

Everything fine :D




If you meet AP nasus, more hard because your turret is destroyed more easily with spiritfire.png.

What you need is destrying turret asap. nasus just scails you with time and gold!

Early game is fine. If he comes to you, use ch1concussiongrenade.pnghextechmicrorockets.pngh28gevolutionturret.png damage!

Call jungler for dive.

end lane and go teamfight phase. Speed up your tempo!




this champion is monster

full of damage, and full of tank.

@_@....... h28gevolutionturret.pngand minion  should not be destroyed together by olafaxethrowcast.png.

If you call gank and get kill... reallllly nice

If olaf comes you with olafragnarok.png use 3.png.

you'd better evade olafaxethrowcast.png as many as you can.

in teamfight, everything would be fine...




Like normal ap mages....

This champion do not have special thing.

Just care orianaizunacommand.png!.... and orianadetonatecommand.png

If oriana destroy h28gevolutionturret.png with orianaizunacommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png attack her with skill

Evade orianaizunacommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png...

Not that special :D




Well; just sustain your h28gevolutionturret.png well..

3.png is important

What he can do is just poke with pantheon_throw.png and pantheon_leapbash.pngpantheon_heartseeker.png.

MIA call! pantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png because this roaming is so powerful.

he cannot destroy your h28gevolutionturret.png early with pantheon_heartseeker.png

need to hit pantheon_throw.png at least 2 times. :D so.. it would be easy..




Not that powerful to heimer..

Just her roaming is so powerful. so always mia call.

You can block quinnQ.png with h28gevolutionturret.png (especially blind attack.)

Take 2053.png if you hit hard. give you more tank

Destroy tower! that is all~!




Renekton have many AOE Skill.

So you should not stick your h28gevolutionturret.png together.

Like normal top laners.. push , get CS, and hit him!

Care renektonsliceanddice.png4.pngrenektonpreexecute.png :D

If you do not have enough item this champion will destroy your turret so easily...

so get CS well.




If you take brush.. much more nice...

Rengar have 2 types.

Damage rengar and Tank rengar.

Tank rengar is really annoying because you cannot kill him well and you cannot save your turrets well.

need CS and gank call

But if you are meeting damage rengar, you can kill him! and more nice to save turrets with your damage.

If he comes to you 3.pngand kill him.

Always have  2043.png !  for rengarR.png.

Also mia call well. He can roam reallly well




Riven is full of damage!

lane fight would be fine

but care rivenmartyr.png!

rivenfeint.pngrivenfengshuiengine.png4.pngrivenmartyr.pngriventricleave.png will destroy you. always ready to use 3.png.




Nobody use this champion thesedays actually.

He cannot destroy your turret easily.

....... So this champion can be easy.

What you need to care is just dangerzone rumblegrenade.png. You should block it with h28gevolutionturret.png or just evade with moving..

Also care rumblecarpetbomb.png :D!





This Champion is Super OP champion

You need to ban!!

you can push and farm against this 13.png, but problem is when he get 3070.png3027.png even with 3010.png...

you'd better end your lane asap, because to get this champion you'll need many CC

good luck :D





3060.pngbuy this

push unitl inhibit :D

but sometimes you need to cancel his 12.png or shenstandunited.png




Easy top laner.. so simple!

If he over farm!

take CS with your h28gevolutionturret.png. not with tower!

if he wants to fling.png you

let's stun him! ch1concussiongrenade.png attack! hextechmicrorockets.png





Care crypticgaze.png stun!

enrage.png this skill can knock back h28gevolutionturret.pngupgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png (even ulted turret!)

Care cannibalism.png ult..

If you push your lane well with your turret everything would be fine :D




Just throws your turrets so hard...

The problem is how you make turret set just this syndra will syndraW.png your h28gevolutionturret.png and destroy it with another h28gevolutionturret.png,using syndraQ.png....

You need MR item to stand damage. like 3060.png3211.png.

But if you think you can just kill 134.png with jungler or something you dont have to go MR.

Just Keep her HP low. then would be fine

Remember, upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png turret can be syndraW.pnged. So care!




This champion can one-combo you with 4.pngtaloncutthroat.pngtalonshadowassault.pngtalonrake.pngtalonnoxiandiplomacy.png.

Take 2043.png always to see talonshadowassault.png

What he have in lane is just talonrake.png. He need to do everything include lane push, hitting 74.png and destroying h28gevolutionturret.png.

What you need to do is just lane push, keep attack 91.png with ch1concussiongrenade.pnghextechmicrorockets.pngh28gevolutionturret.png!

And his roaming is really powerful, MIA call plz.




This champion is hard

Because this champion can scails you with some MR item.

trundleE.png trundleQ.png So powerful CC and damages.

Need call jungler************** important!

With his passive skill he can recharge his HP!

Teamfight phase would be fine.

Just get CS well, call jungler, wait the teamfight!

Well, btw if he do not have enough MR, easy to kill :D

And trundleE.png can block your escape way.. Always think that.


Twisted Fate


This champion is not picked for beating you.

In other words, 4.png will destroy your team with destiny.png!

destiny.png is so amazing skill. 5500range teleport :D

You need to win this champion!

pickacard.png blue = mp, red= slow and AOE dmg ,yellow = stun
If he gets yellow card care.. jungler cam come to you!

wildcards.pngmake sure this skill isnt hit with minion, 74.pngh28gevolutionturret.png.

MIA call is really important. Also you need to use ward well! to see where 4.png goes.

Remember again, this champion is not hard, but roaming is monster!

Use 3060.png and push everything!




Thesedays nobody use this champion.

Just think like time attack.

In early, 45.png cannot stop  74.png. Use everything! 3060.png, calling jungler and so on!

If you give some time, your h28gevolutionturret.png will be veigarbalefulstrike.png stack :(

Fast Phase!




Normal mid lane champion with burst damage.

If you are in viktorgravitonfield.png, after 1.5 second you will be stunned so escape asap.

viktorpowertransfer.pnggives viktor shield and powerful next attack. o.o

What you need to care is just viktordeathray.png. Main damage skill early :D

Call junglers.. and push your lane well.

Take MR item  3060.png or 3211.png :D if you have hard lane..




Hi! Vladimir. Who use this champion thesedays!

He scails you with item. vladimirtidesofblood.pngvladimirtransfusion.png will destroy your h28gevolutionturret.png.

Use your 6 timing well.

If you think you can kill him well, take 14.png. He'll die using vladimirsanguinepool.png :D




....... have nothing to say.

evade skills!

block xerathmagechains.png with h28gevolutionturret.png or just evade!

3060.pngtake this and push everything :D




he destroy your turrets really well. @@ so hard..

but he have low HP. you need to hit him out saving turrets!

If he gets 3155.png you cannot kill him easily sad... this yasuo is more hard.

Always care yasuoW.png, your ch1concussiongrenade.png can be gone easily.

When he cast yasuoE.png, try hit ch1concussiongrenade.pngwith stun. if you hit, you can hit 157.png with h28gevolutionturret.pnghextechmicrorockets.png also some upgrade!!!.png upgraded skills. yasuo is not tanky.

If you sustain your turrets well then would be fine.




Normal AD caster!

If he destroy h28gevolutionturret.png with zedQ.png! hit him hard!

zedW.pngthis skill can jump himself with shadow. also uses zedQ.pngzedE.png.

Evade zedW.pngzedE.pngzedQ.png if you can.

If he comes with zedR.png stun backwards ch1concussiongrenade.png when he comes!

Using 3.png would be fine. Make you alive more time.

If you have 3.png, he'll have hard time to get you.

More comments on Matchups Back to Top

There is no easy champion to heimerdinger. Hitting skill shot is really hard, and skill has really low damage.

Real problem is h28gevolutionturret.png. After remake, heimerdinger depends on that skill really.

h28gevolutionturret.pngtakes extra damage from jungle camps, minions, champion's auto attack. I feel like it takes dmg even from champion's skill shot. In skill tool-tip, everything is not written. But it is truth.

So it can be destroyed easily. Not like azirW.png, and long time compared to raisemorale.png.

Setting range is poor, also on damage and AP amplifying.

Anyway, Fighting against heimerdinger means fighting against turret. Literally fighting against AI.

If opponent laner have better knowledge on heimerdinger, more you can be beaten easily.

If your turrets destroyed easily, what you can do is seeing CS coming in to your tower and losing your game.

When you have same position (level, item and so on.) at least you can use your power. So not dying and taking CS is really important.

In game play Back to Top

First given 1m 40s time is really important to heimerdinger.

Usingh28gevolutionturret.png, you can have 2 action with that time.

| Using Turret in your lane |

When you think you cannot sustain your turrets well, your lane and so on, you'd better use your turrets in your lane. with 3 turrets or at least 2 turrets, you can push your lane very smooth. it means you can have advantage.

| Taking Jungle Camps |

This is Normal. Heimerdinger can take jungle using 3 turrets or 4 turrets with little time using and small HP loss. you cannot get lvl 2 instatnly, but after take 1 minion you still get 2. you can have 6 compared to opponent laner one minion wave faster.

Taking nearest jungle from your lane is fine. Sustaining your turrets as 3 is effective for taking jungle camps.

For raptors, set your 3 turrets together in brush ends point. Make your laser hit 4 raptor and get 3 small things tanking with heimerdinger.When big raptor have 2/3 or 1/2 HP, just out and go your lane.

For gromp, after setting 3 turrets, heimerdinger takes damage 2 times. after your first turrets destroyed and next turret get hit, set your new turret to tank gromp. Use auto attack and get out. last turret will end gromp with laser attack.

For golem set your turrets 3 turrets together in brush ends point(it's important when you get golem because of aggro reset.). set new turret like when you get gromp and hit golem. 

You can hunt wolf, red, blue with this way. Especially when you hunt red/blue, you need to tank more so you use 1 potion. Taking that is fine but always care opponent team's presence.

| 6 timing |

Heimerdinger's 6 lvl is powerful because you get upgrade!!!.png.

If you did well with your lane fight, opponent laner's HP is lower then 2/3, and you have sufficent turrets to push lane easily. You can dive opponent champion who is hugging tower.

just set upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png ( h28gevolutionturret.pngh28gevolutionturret.png ) next to your opponent champion.ch1concussiongrenade.pngstun and use hextechmicrorockets.png, auto attack and out. You can use also 3.png.

As soon as your turrets hit that, you get tower aggro. So you'd better have high HP anyway(using potion before dive).

When you have jungle, talk him go back to tower. When opponent champion escape from your turret-dive skill, jungler will get that.

You can also finish with  ch1concussiongrenade.pngupgrade!!!.pnghextechmicrorockets.png     upgrade!!!.pnghextechmicrorockets.png    upgrade!!!.pngch1concussiongrenade.pnghextechmicrorockets.png.

| Against gank |

When opponent jungler gank you, heimerdinger sometimes get one champion and die, win 1vs2 or escape. In advance, lower your opponent champion's hp, sustain your turrets well. If you know gank timing, it's so nice. Evade skills using h28gevolutionturret.png (like turret blocking.). lower damage with  3.png and stun with ch1concussiongrenade.png. After heimerdinger get upgrade!!!.png, you have more damage with upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png , upgrade!!!.pnghextechmicrorockets.png.
Playing with confidence will upgrade your play! 

| Winning Plan |

Because Heimerdinger is Zone-Control champion, winning way is somewhat set. First, in lane fight, having some advatnage take many CS. And clearing object like tower,dragon,nashor.

If opponent team have poor laneclear or with team, you think you can push tower with power just push. Especially in sieging tower, use upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.pngh28gevolutionturret.png. Not only it tanks tower's attack and skill shot, but also it damages tower and opponent team. 

When you hunt dragon, make your single turret tank the dragon.

Sometimes you use your R-Q to get opponent team's buff.

Rift herald is easily taken by heimerdinger when you got 9 with ult and 3 turret charged.

Make your ult turret tank first, hitting the eye set turrets 3 together and use your skill. After ult turret is destroyed, 3 turret will tank so turn around and hit the eye again.

When you take nashor, if you think you can get that before opponent team come, use your R-Q not saving that and use every turret. you have great damage to object. If you have good tanker or something, you can beat 20minute nashor with 2 people. 

| Team Fight |

In teamfight you need not die. Because not dying means your h28gevolutionturret.png is alive, you can shoot ch1concussiongrenade.pnghextechmicrorockets.png.

  • upgrade!!!.pngh28gevolutionturret.png Dive kill ,Sieging tower, Best DPS
  • upgrade!!!.pnghextechmicrorockets.png Sniping single target, Dragon(Nashor) Stealing, + skill moves with your heimer.
  • upgrade!!!.pngch1concussiongrenade.png Initiating, Counter initiating, Disabling multi people,Long distance harass(last hit), Clearing wave in distance.
Remember this again! It just summarizes heimerdinger's team fight.

When opponent team come, hitting by 3 h28gevolutionturret.png and ulted h28gevolutionturret.png is nice.

With R-E, damaging more then 3 people and poke damage dealers with W is really nice also.

Taking Jungle in detail (with video) Back to Top

^ Raptor
^ Wolves
^Red Brambleback
^ Rift Herald

Turret in the Brush Back to Top

Heimerdinger can assassinate someone! in the brush! (RED DOT is place where you set turret)


In this minimap, nice point is redbuff jungle, also near raptor!

This works for person who wants to get raptor just walking there and also who wants to get red! (especially AD carry!)

Usually they are just click on the camp and do nothing, and they are killed!

What you need to do is h28gevolutionturret.pngh28gevolutionturret.pngh28gevolutionturret.png setting 3 turrets in one point.


When they are come in the brush which is full of your turrets! just ch1concussiongrenade.png stun and upgrade!!!.pnghextechmicrorockets.png burst your damage!   

Advantage on Heimerdinger (Funny Things!) Back to Top

Heimerdinger is Simple Champion!

What you need to do is just setting h28gevolutionturret.png :D

Not like this champion 92.png rivenfeint.pngrivenfengshuiengine.png4.pngrivenmartyr.pngriventricleave.pngriventricleave.png ......

hextechmicrorockets.pngch1concussiongrenade.png These two skills need prediction. that means, you need to move well. Playing this champion improves you with moving!

Your role is supporting team, not carrying!

74.png gives your team safe area, the turret-zone!

Your mission is planning what to do, ordering team to do something.****

Do anticipated teamfight! It'll make your game more smooth, and make you fun with game!

Why did I started to play Heimerdinger? Back to Top


I was just playing teemo at season 2 :D

But riot gave me 2week heimerdinger champion rotation.

That champion was really fun! that zone-control

I keeps playing that champion now :D


  • Easy = no control,combo like 92.png
  • Powerful object control
  • Your own friend h28gevolutionturret.png protects you :D


  • No fancy play
  • Easy to be beat without h28gevolutionturret.png
  • Simple can be boring

Heimerdinger Playing Video ( top , mid ) Back to Top



About My Self. Back to Top

Before start this section, Thank you for reading my guide!

Hi, I'm PhaseKiller. You can just say Phase.

I'm Heimerdinger player in korea. I'm Challenger in korea , and NA is current Mastertier.

I did my best to write this guide @_@.. I get feedback!

You can watch my play at I stream there. I get question about game |+_+|
Again, thank you for reading @_@..

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