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5 days ago

Illaoi Statistics for The Serpent

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner Spells

4.png Flash & 12.png Teleport: Standard toplane summoner spells.

4.png Flash & 3.png Exhaust : 420.png is a champion made for 1v2's and 1v3's and in order to win those, you need to have the time to land all your spells which all have huge windups and then get 1 or 2 illaoiW.png off. Exhaust will simply allow you to negate an opponent's damage in those fights and allow you place your combo basically for free and win 1v2's or 1v3's really easily.

4.png Flash & 21.png Barrier : Although it might seem troll, 21.png can be really helpful when you're up against burt heavy champions. In this case, 21.png serves the same purpose as 3.png except that it will be more used at a baiting or damage mitigating tool. Illaoi's tentacles heal her based on %missing health and since 21.png acts as a shield, you basically get a burst of instant effective health (shield) and also benefit from being low hp which means more heals. Barrier also has a lower cooldwon that exhaust.

12.png Teleport & 3.png Exhaust : Illaoi is a champion that uses the "nest playstyle" which basically means that you're especially strong when fighting on your own turf but weak when outside of your zone. This signifies that in order to fight efficiently, you want your opponents to come to you and not vice versa. The only reason you would ever want 4.png on 420.png is the execute the illaoir.png + 4.png combo. But more often that not, even if it looks really good on paper, this combo doesn't really do much on its own. Most of the time, you'll find yourself not dealing any damage due to opponents simply walking out of your ultimate as a result of 420.png not bringing any Crowd Control to the table. This combo is just 420.png's way of contributing to a situation where she should not be able to and eventhough you sometimes may get really good results from that mechanic, I can tell you from experience that at some point, you will realize that it is simply not enough. So when you have the opportunity to snowball your lane and draw people to you, swap out 4.png for 3.png. When running no 4.png you shouldn't be looking to play aggressively before level 6. Constantly check your minimap to spot the enemy jungler.

 1.png Cleanse : Really effective against champions like 150.png or if the enemy team is composed of champions with hard CC such as Lulu's Polymorf, Twisted Fate's yellow card etc... I would only suggest taking it when you feel like you can use it at maximum effectiveness.

New Runes Back to Top


At first, I did not really like the new runes for 420.png because it always felt like no matter what tree you decided to use, there would at least be 1 wasted slot, one rune that you could not take advantage of. Thankfully, after many tweaks on several runes and the release of 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32, it is no longer the case.


420.png is a particular champion. She was designed in a way that allows her to overperform every single champion in the game in one single aspect at the cost of being able to shine in all the other situations. In simpler words, this means that instead of having a balance of damage, mobility and crowd control, she was exclusively given damage.

To help you understand the logic behind everything, we are going to take 2 champions, in this case 122.png and 420.png, grade them on damage, mobility and crowd control and analyze the different possibilities in order to understand why players choose one option over another.

122.png has very high damage, decent crowd control when in range but limited movement.

420.png has ridiculous damage, but virtually no reliable crowd control of movement ability.

In my grading system, being at 100 means that the champion has an efficient way of utilizing the aspect in question, being over 100 means that the champion is vastly superior to most of the other champions in the game and being under 100 means that the champion has blatant weaknesses in that area.

After considering everything we end up with :

122.png  Darius :

Damage : 150 --> Bonus AD from passive, high base AD, high ratios and base damage overall + true damage ultimate.
CC : 75 --> Grapple with dariusaxegrabcone.png, slow with dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png, but bound by the short range of the character.
Mobility : 60 --> No particular movement abiltiy but is able to cast dariuscleave.png while moving and has a many tools to overcome that problem which is something I will cover rigth after.

420.png Illaoi :

Damage : 200 --> Very high base AD, very high AD ratios and base damage on all abilities.
CC : 10 --> Only CC you have is a small slow from killing the illaoie.png spirit.
Mobility : 30 --> Although illaoiw.png provides some mobility, all your other spells have relatively long cast time which means that you would not be able to move for a good 2 seconds if you were to use them all in succession hence 30.

Time to put our brains to use. You've probably seen many 122.png players run Phase%20Rush.png?width=32 over 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32or/and  6.png  along with other movement speed items. The reasonning behind this is that 122.png already has a lot of reliable damage with the AD from dariuspassive.png, the armor penetration of dariusaxegrabcone.png and the true damage from dariusexecute.png which lead to the question 'Does he really need more damage?'. On my scale, 122.png' mobility is at 60 and players have found that it is in fact possible on that specific champion to overcome that weakness with keystones, summoner spells and items which would in terms, again on my scale, bump his mobility numbers over the optimal value removing mobility as one of his weaknesses. Indeed, 122.png can very easily proc Phase%20Rush.png?width=32, and has the option of running 3800.png and/or 6.png making him virtually unkitable even with 4.png or similar movement abilities.

420.png however, does not have that luxury. Although it is very possible to run 6.png and all the other movement speed items in the game on her, 420.png's windups on abilities are so huge that it would not make a significant enough difference to nullify that weakness the way 122.png was able to. Therefore, rather than using all of your ressources in bumping her mobility value from 30 to 70 which is still way under the optimal value, it is my belief that going all-in on her strength with 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 and Last%20Stand.png?width=32 putting her damage value at 250, is a much better choice.

As for the other rune choices, Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 and Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 provide infinite sustain, Absolute%20Focus.png?width=32 allows you to one shot the caster minions despite building 3078.png and Last%20Stand.png?width=32 coupled with Triumph.png?width=32 are just really good 'pop off' runes that 420.png specifically can use at maximum efficiency.

It is arguable that Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 can be swapped for Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 but in my opinion having added sustain is better that the extra tenacity but choose what you prefer.

As you can see, 420.png makes very good use of ALL the runes selected and you will see a little bit further in the guide that they also synergize very well with the item build.

Kleptomancy.png?width=64Kleptomancy and Glacial Augment Glacial%20Augment.png?width=64

As 420.png, we have all experienced those moments where we are several levels/items ahead of everybody else but can't quite win the 1v3 or 1v4 scenarios because your target dodged a tentacle slam or because you are just missing 'something'. Although kleptomancy works well with illaoie.png, It is my belief that 420.png's problem isn't the lack of gold or damage, but rather her inconsistency. Meaning that it is almost guaranteed that at some point, you are going to miss illaoie.png or that your target will dodge several tentacle slams and having the extra stats from Kleptomancy doesn't really contribute to alleviating that issue. Let us not forget the fact that not having 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 makes building 3071.png mandatory.

Furthermore,13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32's synergy with illaoiw.png and 3078.png (check section in question for more details) makes 420.png's damage MUCH more reliable despite it not providing a slow or anything besides damage simply because the true damage turns your illaoiw.png into a nuke whithout hampering all your other ways of doing damage.
As for Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32, although the slow makes everything easier for you, I just think that 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 is too good to pass up when you have the ability to substitute Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32 with items like 3022.png.

All the other Keystones are not good because they either do not do anything for you or you have no reliable way of utilizing them.

Your defensive options 

There are times where going with a more defensive setup can prove useful especially against poke lanes. If you feel like it is the case, use the resolve tree as secondary and run Second%20Wind.png?width=32 with Revitalize.png?width=32 for great sustain. Second%20Wind.png?width=32 Helps against poke and Revitalize.png?width=32 increases the healing from your tentacles.

If it turns out that you will need a lot of tenacity, combine Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 from the precision tree with Perseverance.png?width=32.
Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 and 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 are also really good options if you are afraid of dying to early ganks from high damage champions like 121.png or 164.png.

If you feel like you are going to be splitpushing the entire game, Demolish.png?width=32 can help demolish turrets especially with 3078.png.

Last but not least, we have Conditioning.png?width=32. Basically free defensive stats. I would only recommend taking this rune when going with the resolve tree was more of a preference rather than a requirement. Meaning that you aren't going to be heavily pressured during the laning phase and can afford to wait for the 10 minute mark.

Abilities Back to Top



illaoie.png : Best spells to max by far. Allows you to poke for free, sustain, and lowers the cooldown which gives you more room for mistakes. This also is the spell that does the most damage when it comes to all-in if you hit both the spirit and the actual champion.

illaoiq.png : Second best spell to max as increasing tentacles damage also works for all of your other abilities.

illaoiw.png : Putting a point in this ability only increases the damage by a little bit so it is not worth investing in it early. Max it last.
illaoir.png: And obviously put a point in your ultimate whenever you can.


Note that with the way Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32, it can be valuable to put a point in illaoiq.png level 1 just so you can start stacking it without putting yourself in any danger. If you decide to get illaoiq.png level 1, take illaoiw.png level 2.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Generic starting item. works everytime. good mana/health sustain and useful all throughout the game.
    Best defensive opener on Illaoi. Damage mitigation, hp regen and on-hit damage to help you last hit make this item a must have against poke heavy laners.
    My favorite starter. AD and HP to help in early trades, no more mana problems thanks to manaflow band and lifesteal to later syngergize with bloodline.

Core Items

    When not building triforce, missing E in 1v1 situations basically means death against a serious duelist. Having that 200% sheen proc not only utilizes Illaoi's insane base AD, but the attack speed allows you to speed up your W animation in melee range so you can actually fight back when you miss your E which is going to happen. And with the 20% CDr, this item became even better. Also allows you to demolish towers when left alone. Trinity Force is even better now with the way in interacts with Conqueror (check said section for more information).
    Choose between these boots according to the situation you're in.
    Must have after getting Trinity Force. Those 2 items combined with conqueror acting as your armor penetration will make you extremely hard to deal with. Enemies can no longer avoid tentacle slams thanks to the slow, and the extra AD and HP will come in handy in fights.
    Now that conqueror is a thing, this item is probably your best defensive option because of its interaction with conqueror (check Conqueror section for details).
    One of the best items for illaoi especially with triforce. Increases your already super high base ad, and gives you the defensive stats necessary to really be hard to kill in teamfights after you place your combo. Really good synergy with trinity force and conqueror.
    This is what you should be aiming to have as quickly as possible IN THAT ORDER.

Situational Items

    if you need magic resistance, this is what you want. good stats, reasonable cost and increases your deaths dance and tentacle healing.
    To build in duel scenarios against champions like Fiora or Aatrox (that rely on some sort of lifesteal to be effective).
    No longer needed thanks to conqueror.
    if you want to have fun with crit builds. The passive also increases your W range for better dunks. I've been messing around with this item a lot and i really like it. the extra range on your W really makes up for the lack of mobility and allows you to gap close really effectively.
    If the only thing standing between you and success is a crowd control effect, build this to shine.
    Items like these function best with Illaoi because they allow you to make full use of your %missinghealth heal from your tentacles. So eventhough I don't build malmortius very often, it is a good item on illaoi. (keep in mind that you can't build both these items anymore since their passives are linked). Currently however, Malmortious gets greatly outshined by steraks.
    I would only buy this item with triforce and if the enemy team is composed of a lot of squishy members. The sheen proc combined with this item's active can result in a lot of burst damage which can be helpful. But if you don't feel like you will be able to burst someone down with autos or W's reliably, there are other items that will do more for you for less gold.
    Same as the last whisper items, building this reduces the effectiveness of conqueror making them not worth it.
    Must have against auto attack reliant champions. THe slow also helps your tentacle hit your targets more often than not.
    Still a really good item on Illaoi. Only reason I don't prioritize it anymore is because conqueror converts 20% of your damage into true damage which doesn't from this item's passive.
    Really good because of their synergy with conqueror and Illaoi's W (Check Conqueror section for details).
    Really good option if you are snowballing or as last item.
    One step further than Phantom Dancer but the same logic applies here.
    Haven't tested it enough to give a definitive opinion but looks really good. Essence Flare allows you to have an even lower cooldown on your W during your ultimate if you manage to auto reset properly. Also makes it so that your E is almost off cooldown by the time you are done with the one already there not to mention that it also caps your cooldown reduction.

Final Build Orders :

The classic

1055.png1055.png3057.png3078.png3047.png or 3111.png3022.png3053.png3193.png3026.png or 3143.png or 3065.png

Classic w/ Essence Reaver :

1055.png1055.png3057.png3078.png3047.png or 3111.png3022.png3508.png3053.png3193.png

Fun risky crit build

 1055.png1055.png3057.png3078.png3047.png3053.png3094.png or 3046.png3031.png3026.png

Situational items


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Camille
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
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  • Irelia
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  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kayle
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  • Renekton
  • Riven
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  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Swain
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick



Very easy lane. He doesn't really have any kill pressure on you throughout the entire game because you will always out damage him. Note that you can cancel his aatroxq.png knockup with illaoir.png.




Fairly simple matchup. Your illaoie.png reveals her while in akalismokebomb.png and you outdamage her all throughout the game as long as you land it. Keep in mind that her akalishadowdance.png puts her behind you so throw your illaoie.png accordingly.



Tricky matchup. When you get used to playing against her, you can guarantee landing illaoie.png by using it when she uses camillee.png. Avoid trading against her when she has her camilleq.png active. Focus on landing illaoie.png consistantly and you will win the all-ins. However, be careful when trading because camillepassive.png combined with all of her other buffs will likely result in you losing trades. Only trade when you land illaoie.png.




Impossible matchup. Her having no cooldown on cassiopeiae.png allows her to almost instakill your the spirit, her cassiopeiaw.png prevents your from using illaoiw.png, and she can stun you mid air if you somehow think that you are in a good position to fight and decide to jump on her. The only way to win this is to somehow bait her into wasting cassiopeiaw.png, dodging her cassiopeiar.png stun and every other ability. Consider buying early magic resist so you can resist her poke and try to out teamfight her. As hard as this matchup is, keep in mind that she is very squishy and that with 3078.png and a surprise 4.png, you may be able to catch her off guard.



Very easy lane. Just be careful about his silence because it prevents you from using illaoiw.pngwhich links your entire kit together. Other than that, he doesn't really have any kill pressure on you and you most likely will be able to bully him if you manage to land illaoie.png.



Play passive until you reach level 6 because you will not be able to out trade him early on. Don't hesitate to trade HP for the lane push (you get hit by Q but while standing in the minion wave so the lane pushes towards you). Once you're level 6, focus on landing illaoie.png and you will win every time even with a level deficit.


Dr. Mundo

Once of the easiest lanes. He doesn't have any kill pressure on you and has no reliable way of escaping your illaoie.png.



Can prove himself to be a hard opponent to beat because of his mobility and the fact that his ekkor.png can give him his entire health bar back. Play passive early and avoid getting stunned by ekkow.png and focus on landing E after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situation.



She can fioraw.png your illaoie.png, use fioraq.png to avoid tentacle damage, deal more than 50% of your health in true damgae with fiorar.png. Needless to say that this isn't an easy matchup. The best way to fight her, is to cast abilities at her in order to figure out how she uses fioraw.png and then cast your illaoie.png accordingly. Keep in mind that fioraw.png decreases your already painfully low attack speed so if you get hit by her Ripose, DO NOT cancel your auto attacks because it will make you lose an otherwise won all-in.




Really annoying lane because of his gangplankqwrapper.png poke and gangplankw.png sustain. Consider taking 14.png so you can kill him early. If you manage to do so, you will most likely snowball the lane. If you do not manage to get an early lead, try to push and get him under turret to eventually get tower first blood and focus on denying him his gangplanke.png combo with illaoiw.png1054.png can also be an option if you choose to play defensively. Beware that he outscales you and can affect the entire map with gangplankr.png so try to make something happen so he doesn't take over the game. Putting an emphasis on early game sustain might be a really good option especially with most 41.png running Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 at the moment.






Farm lane for Illaoi. Try missing as little CS as you possibly can, focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations. Do not attempt to fight him after missing illaoie.png because you will get kited and killed. 



You can trade against her early by standing near tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat her in all-in situations. Remain vigilant of her ireliaq.png mobility because she may trick you into using illaoie.png on nothing. It is also important to know that running out of her ireliar.png will disarm you preventing you from using illaoiw.png.


Jarvan IV

You can counteract his knockup with your illaoir.png. You can trade against him early game by standing next to your tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.




Only tricky part of this matchup is that his jaxcounterstrike.png completely negates your illaoiW.png meaning that if you try to hit him with it and he has his E activated, you won't do damage, tentacles will not Slam and you will lose the cooldown. What you need to do in this case is LAND YOUR illaoiE.png (if you don't just back off), use your illaoiW.png on the spirit so you still damage him (hopefully with tentacles slamming both the spirit and 24.png), and once his jaxcounterstrike.png runs out, destroy him.



Not much you can do in this lane. Only good point is that you can cancel his jaycethunderingblow.png displacement with your illaoir.png so if you manage to land illaoie.png and he uses jaycetotheskies.png on you in a trade attempt, surprise him with a well timed illaoir.png and potentially get a solo kill.

Other than than, avoid take too much poke, try to stay even in CS and always try to land E on him while not wasting too much mana on other abilities.



Try to farm as much as you can early. You will win the lane if you can land illaoie.png consistantly. If not just try CS'ing and wait for the moment you land your illaoie.png before taking action.



Beware that his stuns break your illaoiw.png meaning that you will star the animation but will stop right before jumping. Be conservative of your mana and try to land illaoie.png as best you can. Remember that he doesn't have a way to get you off of him once you illaoir.png + 4.png after he becomes a Vessel from illaoie.png so you can easily surprise him with that combo if you manage to land multiple illaoie.png and illaoiq.png in a row and get him low enough. If you're struggling, consider getting early resistances and try to stay even in CS



Very easy lane. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.



Same as Malphite, easy lane. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.



Very easy lane. You can trade against him early game by standing next to your tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.



He's most likely gonna shove you to your turret by spamming nasuse.png. Counter that with your own waveclear. Focus on landing E after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations. The only difference between 75.png and the other tanks is that if you considerably mess up, he will be able to kill you so do not get too cocky.



Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.



Be careful early game because his olafaxethrowcast.png spam can be lethal. Other than that, once you're level 6 focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.




Same as other tank matchups. Only things to note is that he has really high base damage so be careful when trading against him early game. His brittle debuff when proc'ed can cancel auto attacks so be careful about that aswell. Note that you can deny both his ornne.png and ornnr.png knockup by properly timing illaoir.png.



Get early 1054.png so you can sustain through his damage. Land as many illaoie.png's as you can so you can win trades. If you're not able to, focus on farming. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.



In her current state Poppy proved herself to be a difficult matchup. She can literally negate your illaoiw.png with poppyw.pngpoppye.png and poppyr.png (which not only cancels the auto attack but puts your ability on cooldown). Not to mention the fact that she does A LOT of damage while not having to invest gold in that stat. 

Deal with her like any other easy melee matchup but avoid casting max range illaoiw.png on her because she will cancel it, dont stand near walls for obvious reasons and do not overcommit because her shields make her decevely tanky.



Farm lane unless you can land illaoie.png. If you do next to a tentacle, you will win trades.



You can trade against him early game by standing next to your tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations. Note that his renektonpreexecute.png counts as 3 separate hits so it will almost instantly kill the spirit so keep that in mind.



She has a lot of ways of cancelling your illaoiw.png so be careful about that. You can trade against her early game by standing next to your tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations. Her burst damage can be surprisingly high and hard to deal with especially if she runs 14.png so avoid getting cheesed level 1 and try to predict when she is about to get level 6 so you do not get all-in while being level 5.



He's going to try to push you in with rumbleflamethrower.png. Try to counter act his push with your own waveclear and farm till 6. Once you're 6 you will win the all-ins if you can land illaoie.png.



Very easy lane. You can trade against him early game by standing next to your tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.



Only difficult because since Riot changed the way Singed's poison ticks, your spirit disappears in under 1 second when he's in your face. Furthermore, his megaadhesive.png prevents you from using illaoiw.png. Your best bet is to stay next to your tentacles and away from him so he does not get the change to trade back when you hit illaoie.png. Note that you can counteract his fling.png by properly timing illaoir.png.



Due to the fact that you can cancel his sionq.png and sionr.png knockup with illaoir.png and that he's a very immobile champion, Sion is a really easy matchup. You can trade against him early game by standing next to your tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.




His poke is very annoying. Try getting early sustain 1054.png and consider running resolve if you still struggle. His swaine.png and swainw.png are both really easy to dodge so if you can consistantly do that and land illaoie.png, you should win all-ins.



Very easy lane to beat 1v1. Farm safely till level 6 and you will be ok early game. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations. Be careful when teamfighting against him because trundlepain.png will make you very squishy.




One of your worst matchups. He can stand toe to toe with you early game because he deals a lot of damage and since 420.png's only strength is damage and that undyingrage.png prevents you from killing him, your best bet is to try to burst him down somehow and kite him back when he has his ult on. 3143.png can help with the kiting part. Try to land as many illaoie.png as possible to wear him down and possibly win the early game.




He can block your illaoie.png with yasuowmovingwall.png, slide through minion waves which makes it impossible to land skillshots on him unless you predict where he is going to go to and does a lot of damage.

Hard matchup overall but winnable one. You can cancel his tornado knockup with illaoir.pngwhen he tries to all-in and since you max illaoie.png first, your ability will have less cooldown than his yasuowmovingwall.png meaning that if you use it off cooldown, he will not be able to block it which can result in a lot of damage.

Do not get baited into using illaoir.png  too early because he can dash away right after you cast it resulting in you having to play back for the next few minutes.



Easy lane in general. Don't get trapped by his yorickw.png when he has ghouls up and you will be fine. You can trade against him early game by standing next to your tentacles. Focus on landing illaoie.png after level 6 and you will be able to beat him in all-in situations.


I am a human being that sometimes makes mistakes/changes his mind. This is why I am going to add a section that will describe the evolution of my thought process. Some of the things may solidify my current opinions but others may differ. If it is the case, I will explain what changed in said section.

Introduction Back to Top

What's up guys, I'm Jodd also known as ''The Serpent''. I started playing League of Legends in season 2 as a jungle main but I quickly switched to toplane when I fell in love with pre rework 78.png. I got to masters during season 4 with her but honestly fell of the wagon when she got reworked. Fortunately, I found my love for the game again when 420.png got released. I am the only player to have reached top 50 Challenger by playing 420.png through the good and horrific matchups and was listed as number 1 Illaoi worldwide in both season 6 and 7.



Eventhough I have been playing less League recently, I still think that my way of thinking about 420.png and the game in general make still make me the best.

Laning phase - READ FOR MATCHUPS Back to Top

 1. How to play the laning phase as 420.png

Against Melee Champions (AD) : Stand near a tentacle if you're looking to trade. Just back off if you miss illaoie.png. Use your opponent's cast animations/times to guarantee you landing illaoie.png. Other than that, laning against melee matchups should be pretty easy. Don't play too agressive before lvl 6. Having 2 1055.png should allow you to win most trades and sustain very easily during the laning phase. Don't hesitate to get items like 1031.png when both their jungler and top are AD to really abuse of the stats and be really hard to deal with.

Against Ranged Champions (AP) : Farm safely early game. Try landing illaoie.png for good sustain and poke damage. Don't jump on them unless your jungler is here or if they're 1 illaoiw.png from death. If you can't land illaoie.png in lane, just farm and you will win eventually. Same as melee matchups, if you notice that both their toplaner and jungler are AP, keep in mind that you can  get 1057.png or 3211.png to ensure your safety in cases of ganks. If you decide not to run13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32, rushing splitpush items such as 3512.png or 3060.png can help you farm and even allow you to get the first turret gold.

Against Poke Champions : These matchups aren't that hard if you play them correctly. If you are really afraid of not being able to ge through the laning phase, do not hesitate to trade Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 and Absolute%20Focus.png?width=32 for Second%20Wind.png?width=32 and Revitalize.png?width=32 along with the HP from the tree for more sustain.

2. How to waveclear as 420.png according to your situation

Waveclearing under pressure or when you are pushed in :

As you can see in this clip, I simply wait for the minions to come at a safe distance and as soon as they are in range of my tentacles, I use illaoiw.png on the frontline and illaoiq.png on the backline resulting in instaclearing the wave for less than 100 mana and in under 3 seconds.

Aggressive waveclearing :

We know that tentacles can only spawn at a certain distance from each other. So in order to clear the wave, I stayed next to an already existing tentacle to keep one in stock and when the minions arrived, I rushed next to the wall to spawn a new tentacle which I then use the same way I did before to instaclear the wave and get 122.png under his tower which is going to allow me to put pressure on him.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Here are a few things you need to know when playing 420.png :

1. You can channel your illaoir.png animation and then 4.png
2. You can queue orders with tentacles meaning that if one is already slamming and you use illaoiW.png, the tentacle will double slam (the second slam is also slightly faster than the first one so it can surprise your opponent).
3. Landing illaoie.png and killing the spirit will cause nearby tentacles to slam even if you don't illaoiw.png. (Spawning tentacles will also slam at the spirit).
4. You can cancels CC's like powerfist.pngufslash.png,blindmonkrkick.png and other displacements with illaoir.png if you time it correcly.
5. You can kill a Champion by hitting the spirit generated by illaoie.png if the actual champion is lower than the spirit and if you have enough AD.
6. After landing illaoie.png, try aiming your illaoiq.png at both the spirit and the champion for unexpected damage.
7. Don't overextend too much in grouping situations to land illaoie.png because if you miss, you most likely will get collapsed on.
8. You can dash over small walls with illaoiw.png and thicker  ones if you build 3094.png.
9. Once you feel confortable enough with 420.png, don't hesitate to provoke 1v2's and 1v3's because you will most likely win them.

10. If you feel like the enemy team has too many tools to deny you any decent damage in 5v5 teamfights, you should try to splitpush because you will win most 1v1's or 1v2's and probably will be more efficient if you can somehow outrotate the person defending your splitpush and rejoin your team.

11. Sneak tentacles in brushes to surprise your opponent with a illaoiw.png + Slam combo.


Combos Back to Top

Dive Combo :

(all credit goes to The Abactor for this video)

If you have 4.png and you're looking to dive someone under turret, here's what you need to do : 
                1. Land your illaoie.png
                2. Damage the spirit to about 5-10% HP
                3. Once the spirit is low enough so you can kill it with illaoir.png, channel your illaoir.png animation, and 4.png in a way that your ult damage will kill the spirit and hit the guy you're looking to dive at the same time. This will instantly spawn 2 tentacles which will automatically swing at the champion because killing the spirit made him a vessel.
                4. Follow that up with a illaoiw.png for another illaoipassive.png and he should be dead. If not just use illaoiq.png since the target will be slowed from being a vessel.

Standard Melee Range Combo :

The best spell rotation you can do in 1v1's or 1v2's or even 1v3's in melee range is the following :

               1. Land your illaoie.png
               2. Use illaoir.png (in this order because having the spirit will spawn 1 extra tentacle and as I explained earlier, even spawning tentacles will swing at the spirit so you basically get 1 free Slam)
               3. Follow that up with as many illaoiw.png as it takes to finish him off. Use illaoiq.png after your first illaoiw.png and then spam illaoiw.png as much as you can.
               4. Try using illaoiw.png on the actual champion so if your target doesn't get instakilled and manages to run away, the spirit has more health than the champion and you can finish him off by killing the spirit. And when you're in 1v2's or 1v3's, just hit the closest champion with illaoiw.png so you get illaoipassive.png off and sustain.

Tentacle Setup During Laning Phase Back to Top

How you should place your tentacles :

Defensive setup :


Having 3 tentacles setup this way allows you to instaclear waves and it also makes it impossible for the opponent to trade against you in the middle of the tentacles even if you don't land illaoie.png. Works best against melee matchups.

Offensive Setup :


Place tentacles this way when you're hard shoving your opponent in. This allows you to land illaoie.png while your laner is last hitting under turret and get some significant poke in. Forces him to either miss CS to break the spirit or take a lot of damage.

Defensive Setup against ranged champions :


Use this one against ranged champions. it is similar to the first one except that you don't place a tentacle to your turret. This allows you to place 2 tentacles further back so you can land your illaoie.png and poke your opponent while csing under turret. It also forces him to commit and extend really hard if he wants to destroy them.

Conqueror and its interactions Back to Top

13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=64 Conqueror 

13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32's tooltip states : "Entering combat generates one stack every second for the next 3 seconds. After reaching 4 stacks, your enxt basic attack within 3 seconds against an enemy champion grants 10-35 AD based on level bonus attack damage and converts 20% of your damage to champions to true damage for the duration. Entering combat will refresh the triggering attack duration. Melee champions refresh the bonus damage duration when going in combat by affecting enemy champions.", which is pretty straight forward.

However there are still a few things that you need to know in order to understand why I chose that rune setup to build those items and why it would only be effective with 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32.

The first concept to grasp is that true damage conversion takes effect BEFORE all damage reduction calculations. Meaning that if you had 1000 AD and auto attacked a champion with enough armor to reduce your damage by 100% while conqueror is active, you would still deal 200 true damage which is huge. Now that we have that information, we can start thinking about synergies.

Since the true damage calculation occurs before taking armor into consideration, the higher your damage number against a target with 0 armor is, the more true damage you will deal regardless of how high the target's armor actually is. This is why 3078.png and 3053.png are such good items on her with 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=323078.png sheen proc with 420.png's insane base AD empowered by steraks combined with her illaoiw.png damage can easily lead to 300 to 400 true damage hits with only 2 items since all of those things combined heavily bump the damage number (against a 0 armor target). This is also why building singular crit items like 3046.png3031.png or 3094.png is now really good. To give you an idea, I recall having 550+ true damage illaoiw.png hits only with 3078.png3053.png and 3031.png. The same also goes for 3748.png proc if you save it for when 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 activates.

The second concept which is a simpler one, is regarding 3193.png. The only thing there is to know about its interaction with 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 is that the 60% damage reduction is again only taking effect after the true damage calculation meaning that you can have 3193.png active and still have 550 true damage hits if your items allow it.

I hope all of this makes sense because it is really important as it will allow you to think about builds and even come with things I had not thought of.

My Issues with Teleport Back to Top

12.png Teleport 

This summoner spell itself isn't by any means bad by any means. I just think that it is in many ways wasted on 420.png. Whenever I run 12.png, I only use it to get back to lane because unless there is a GREAT ward and the opponents are overextended. The reason is that when teleporting, you abandon all your tentacles meaning that if you miss your E and/or do not have 4.png, it is very likely that you will either die or end up not contributing to the fight. It is however true that with 3078.png and 3022.png being our core items you now have some crowd control to bring to the table, I still feel like playing to your strenghts is the smarter move. Not to mention that most of the time, your teammates will not be able to tell what represents a good opportunity for you to 12.png and will bait themselves into bad fights or get frustrated when you do not show up. I would just rather take 14.png for early kill presure or 3.png / 1.png / 21.png to make the 1vX fights easier to win.

What picking Illaoi implies for your team Back to Top

As I briefely previously explained, 420.png is a champion that adopts the "nest playstyle" meaning that you will ONLY be effective where your nest, in this case tentacles are.

With that in mind, you should look to provoke your opponents and bait them into ganking you so you can win 1vX's and allow your team to take objectives on the other side of the map.

This video is the perfect example of the nest playstyle in action. As you can see, I played that as badly as I could have by missing illaoie.png and still won due to the fact that I fought on my ring and with my rules.

I myself very rarely group as 420.png. I strongly believe that it is more valuable to go in a sidelane and 1v3 leaving your team in a 4v2 rather than making a 5v5 especially if you are ahead or if your team is losing.

Synergies Back to Top

420.png synergizes well with anything that can keep her alive or help her stick to champions

427.png : Shields after shields, he just keeps you alive with iverne.png. Not only that but he also allows you to get in melee range of your enemies by proc'ing ivernq.png.

117.png : Same as 427.png, this champion offers a lot of utility. Shield, movement speed, bonus health. All around great fit.

44.png : Taric is honestly a godsend when it comes to keeping you alive. His ultimate prevents your from taking damage while allowing you to deal damage yourself. Also has a stun to help you secure kills and a shield on top of everything else.

113.png32.png432.png59.png and all the other characters in the game that have the ability to prevent people from getting away whether it be by blocking their paths or stunning them. If you notice that your team has champions that can set you up, you should look to group and get a good fight as it will probably be your win condition in that particular game.

As you can see in the clip below, 59.png successfully locks down 2 members of the red team which allows 420.png to pick up an easy double kill.

Is Illaoi Overpowered? Back to Top

We've all seen those clips of 420.png 1v5's. We've also all heard people say that she is overpowered. Let me show you why those allegations are untrue.

In this video, the 420.png player was only able to acquire the pentakill because the following factors were present :

1. He landed illaoie.png on the AD carry in the middle of his entire which RARELY happens.

2. He only started taking damage after he'd already had his illaoir.png off which should not happen against enemies that have any awareness whatsoever.

3. Tristana then walked back in which got her instakilled by the first tentacle slam.

4. Illaoi already had 6 kills and built full damage which is really important because as I said earlier, he only started taking damage he had already used all of his abilities which means that despite being squishy, he was given room to set himself up.

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying that this was not a good play, I am merely you showing that many things need to happen perfectly for such a spectacle to take place.

Other Good Illaoi Players Back to Top

Other 420.png players to check out

If you're looking to compare what I do with some of the best 420.png players in the world, you should check out if you are looking to get inspired :

           - 1987plls from KR
           - DirtyMobs from NA
           - d0m3ry from EUW


My Philosophy Back to Top

Here are a few concepts you need to have down before beginning your journey :

1. Just because you are higher rank than someone doesn't mean that you cannot take anything from them. For example, I constantly take ideas from lower division players because there always is going to be something that someone has thought of that I have yet to.

2. Be confident in your gameplay. Constantly try to outplay.

3. Do not hesitate to speak out loud when playing because it will likely make your decision making clearer. Talking to yourself may sound weird but it allows you to combine muscle memory (right clicking, last hitting), with an enhanced thought process which will put you on the path to victory.

4. Finally, remember that 420.png is a champion that requires both the player and the opponents to play around her own style. If you do so and they do not, you will most likely win fights and vice versa. 

Evolution Back to Top

6/10/2018 :

After getting back into the game and doing some more thourough testing of both 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 and Kleptomancy.png?width=32, I have come to the conclusion that these 2 runes both have their places. I used to think that 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 was the only relevant choice simply because 420.png's only strength is having high damage numbers and 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32's bonus AD and True Damage would help you build upon that foundation and make 420.png into an unstoppable beast. However, eventhough 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 may be the absolute best rune on paper, taking it over Kleptomancy.png?width=32 is not without implications. Indeed, 420.png is a champion that HAS TO stay ahead of the curve meaning that you need to get a lead during the laning phase somehow, someway. And as it turns out, there will be times where the extra damge provided by 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 will not be enough to kill your lane opponent maybe because you do not get to activate it effectively in fights or because you are having trouble landing illaoie.png in that particular game (because if you do not kill your opponent or get a massive CS lead, you are not getting ahead therefore not doing good). If it is the case, you will find yourself in situations where you come up short in every way possible. The point of this argument is that for 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 to be used efficiently, you need to be able to destroy your opponent at all cost which is why I now consider putting 3 points into illaoiq.png early on for more consistant poke, and taking 14.png for added kill pressure (the damage difference between level 1 and 3 illaoie.png is negligible early levels). But again, there will be times where no matter how hard you try, you will simply not be able to kill your lane opponent of gain any kind of advantage; and this is where Kleptomancy.png?width=32 comes in. With Kleptomancy.png?width=32, eventhough you lose out on a lot of damage, you are able to gain a lead by using illaoiw.png on your opponent or by hitting the spirit with Spells + Autos which in terms makes getting a lead much safer and easier. Furthermore, the Inspiration tree gives you a lot of sustain options which not only helps you survive in lane but also gives you more room for mistakes and more opportunities to poke (thanks to 2033.pngBiscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 and Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32).

TLDR; PLEASE READ IT but if you really do not wish to : 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 is the best on paper but sometimes things do not happen as planned. So if you do not feel like you will reliably be able to get a lead off of the laning phase even with illaoiq.png max or/and 14.png, try opting for Kleptomancy.png?width=32 so you do not have to pressure yourself into killing your lane opponent to get a significant lead.

Contacting me Back to Top

If you have questions about 420.png add me on LoL. I'm The Serpent on EUW. For business inquiries, contact me at

My Stream and Conclusion Back to Top

Thanks for reading !

Remember that everything I said in this guide fits my playstyle and that you can make adjustments. There are many different ways of playing 420.png and that even if I objectively think that this is the best way to do so, you can still change it up. 

If you like 420.png and want to see some live action, follow me at but my upload speed being what it is, streaming is kind of a tough task (working on upgrading).
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