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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner Spells

4.png + 12.png : Standard toplane summoner spells.

4.png + 3.png : 420.png is a champion made for 1v2's and 1v3's and in order to win those, you need to have the time to land all your spells which all have huge windups and then get 1 or 2 illaoiW.png off. Exhaust will simply allow you to negate an opponent's damage in those fights and allow you place your combo basically for free and win 1v2's or 1v3's really easily.

4.png + 21.png : Although it might seem troll, 21.png can be really helpful when you're up against burt heavy champions. In this case, 21.png serves the same purpose as 3.png except that it will be more used at a baiting or damage mitigating tool. Illaoi's tentacles heal her based on %missing health and since 21.png acts as a shield, you basically get a burst of instant effective health (shield) and also benefit from being low hp which means more heals. Barrier also has a lower cooldwon that exhaust.

12.png + 3.png : Illaoi is a champion that uses the "nest playstyle" which basically means that you're especially strong when fighting on your own turf but weak when outside of your zone. This signifies that in order to fight efficiently, you want your opponents to come to you and not vice versa. The only reason you would ever want 4.png on 420.png is the execute the illaoir.png + 4.png combo. But more often that not, even if it looks really good on paper, this combo doesn't really do much on its own. Most of the time, you'll find yourself not dealing any damage due to opponents simply walking out of your ultimate as a result of 420.png not bringing any Crowd Control to the table. So when you have the opportunity to snowball your lane and draw people to you, swap out 4.png for 3.png. When running no 4.png you shouldn't be looking to play aggressively before level 6. Constantly check your minimap to spot the enemy jungler.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top



illaoie.png : Best spells to max by far. Allows you to poke for free, sustain, and lowers the cooldown which gives you more room for mistakes. This also is the spell that does the most damage when it comes to all-in if you hit both the spirit and the actual champion. And since you're going to build 3812.png first, you're not going to need illaoiQ.png lvl 5 to one shot the backline of a minion wave.

illaoiq.png : Second best spell to max as increasing tentacles damage also works for all of your other abilities.

illaoiw.png : Putting a point in this ability only increases the damage by a little bit so it's not worth investing in it early. Max it last.

illaoir.png: And obviously put a point in your ultimate whenever you can.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Generic starting item. works everytime. good mana/health sustain and useful all throughout the game.
    Start with this when you feel like you won't have problems during the early phases of the laning phase. Beware that you don't have as much mana sustain with this opener so don't mindlessly spam.
    best defensive opener on illaoi. with this + hp/5 runes and perseverance, you can practically ignore any poke done to you early game as you will sustain it back up via health regen and tentacle healing. really good
    Combined with health regen quints, this should allow you to sustain through the damage of most ranged matchups. Also works as a shortcup for zzrot rush.
    can be a good option if you're facing double ad opponents (Top and jungle).

Core Items

    Works really well as a core item. gives you everything you want. damage mitigation, sustain, ad and cdr. really solid first buy even more so when running spellvamp quints.
    When not building triforce, missing E in 1v1 situations basically means death. Having that 200% sheen proc not only utilizes Illaoi's insane base AD, but the attack speed allows you to speed up your W animation in melee range so you can actually fight back when you miss your E which is going to happen. and with the 20% CDr, this item became even better. Also allows you to demolish towers when left alone.
    Also a really solid first buy. Works especially well when you're opponent is building armor early on. The combination of ad cdr and health is what really makes this item good. It helps you survive burst more reliably in order to get your combo off.
    Choose between these boots according to the situation you're in.
    Rush these items against ranged matchups that you can't really kill. It allows you to perma shove your opponent and often get the first tower gold. The resistances combined with the health regen also makes you pretty much unkillable as long as you don't suicide. Also gives you the opportunity to use your items on a sidelane and push another for even more pressure.

Situational Items

    One of the best items for illaoi especially with triforce. Increases your already super high base ad, and gives you the defensive stats necessary to really be hard to kill in teamfights after you place your combo.
    if you need magic resistance, this is what you want. good stats, reasonable cost and increases your deaths dance and tentacle healing.
    Good choice when you want to abuse a full ad team comp. the early cdr and sheen proc will allow you to still deal very good damage and you will be next to impossible to kill. the slow also really helps against mobile champions and the low cost with allow you to spike really fast.
    personal favorite of mine. works well everytime and even better against auto attack reliant champions. makes you a 1v1 monster.
    At first, i thought that these items wouldn't be needed because of black cleaver, but when playing against tanks, lord dominiks allows you to deal 1k+ damage only with deaths dance and your E due to the Giant Slayer passive (hidden op on illaoi against tanks imo). Truly insane. And obviously Mortal Reminder when facing Vladimir, Mundo, Swain etc...
    if you want to have fun with crit builds. The passive also increases your W range for better dunks. I've been messing around with this item a lot and i really like it. the extra range on your W really makes up for the lack of mobility and allows you to gap close really effectively.
    75% movement speed for sticking power or when you lack engage. I also found the Eternity Passive to be really useful. You never run out of mana and your spell spamming gives you even more health. Pretty good item.
    almost a must have against a lot of melee champions. the slow allows all your tentacles to hit your target and makes it almost impossible to miss E. Gives illaoi the cc she needs in order to deal reliable damage. Also helps if they have very mobile champions.
    if the only thing standing between you and success is a cc, build this to shine
    Items like these function best with Illaoi because they allow you to make full use of your %missinghealth heal from your tentacles. So eventhough I don't build malmortius very often, it is a good item on illaoi. (keep in mind that you can't build both these items anymore since their passives are linked).
    I would only buy this item with triforce and if the enemy team is composed of a lot of squishy members. The sheen proc combined with this item's active can result in a lot of burst damage which can be helpful. But if you don't feel like you will be able to burst someone down with autos reliably, there are other items that will do more for you for less gold.
    When running Thunderlords, and using the precision mastery, stacking flat armor pen can be really devastating and these items provide just that.
    Must have against auto attack reliant champions. THe slow also helps your tentacle hit your targets more often than not.
    When facing double AP opponents in a manageable lane, build these 2 items first and combined with spellvamp quints and 18 points in the resolve tree, you will be unkillable. Add malmortius if their team is ap heavy for even more sustain.
    Good alternative to randuins when you see yourself chasing people. Eventhough that's not what Illaoi is meant to do, the initial slow after using W can help land E afterwards.

Here are a few item builds :

My Favorite Build as of 6.21 : 3071.png3047.png3022.png3078.png3053.png3072.png or 3026.png

The Classic : 3812.png3047.png3078.png3026.png3065.png3053.png or 3075.png (When not running 20% CDR in your rune page)

The Classic² : 3812.png3047.png3071.png3065.png3053.png3075.png (When not running 20% CDR in your rune page)

Defensive/Classic build (with Stormraider's Surge) : 3071.png3111.png3143.png3156.png3026.png3748.png (Really good 1v5 build)

The Tank Melter : 3812.png3111.png3036.png3078.png3026.png3156.png or 3053.png (Splitpush oriented, good at everything from 1v1 to 1v3 or even 1v4 if their support is melee)

Lose Lane Win Game? : 3812.png3047.png3065.png3143.png3053.png3026.png (Sustain Tank build. Decent amount of damage and really resilient if not focused down)

Fun Crit Build : 3078.png3094.png3031.png3111.png3156.png3143.png (doesn't work as well after they changed the W damage to %MaxHealth) - Cap your CDR with runes when using this build.

Armor Pen Thunderlords : 3812.png3111.png3142.png3053.png3147.png3071.png. (One shot build)

I Hate Yasuo : 3812.png3047.png3075.png3078.png3022.png3065.png (Really good build against mobile champs)

Deathfire Illaoi Type Build : 3812.png3111.png3071.png3156.png3026.png3139.png

(These are just exemple builds, you can tweak them all you want to find your fit. I don't do exactly the same builds myself).

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Yasuo



When facing Fiora, use Grasp of the Undying and take W lvl 1. Starting the laning phase this way will allow you to have the upper hand during the early levels. Stack your Grasp and then go in for a W. Stay near your tentacles and spam your W on her so she is forced to trade back inefficiently. To land E against her, use her vitals. You KNOW that she will try to reach for a vital point with her Q so try to predict when she's going to go in and E at the right time (takes a little bit of practice but gets easier). After lvl 6, do not ever fight her if you don't have your ult up and avoid fighting her if you miss your E (unless you trade it for her riposte or if you're pretty fed).




Pretty easy lane. Run Health Regen Quints, and start 1054.png. This will allow you to sustain through most of his damage. I really enjoy taking stormraider's surge against 41.png because the only way he can survive your combos is by running away while he slows you with cannonbarrage.png or raisemorale.png. And since he's really squishy, proc'ing Surge really is a piece of cake. Other than that, just focus on landing illaoiE.png and you will destroy the lane.




Matchup super reliant on you hitting illaoiE.png just like 24.png. If you don't, just run away because she will beat you unless you useillaoiR.png in which case she can just back off and make you waste your cooldown. Use your illaoiE.png during her ireliaequilibriumstrike.png animation so you are guaranteed to land it.




Only tricky part of this matchup is that his jaxcounterstrike.png completely negates your illaoiW.png meaning that if you try to hit him with it and he has his E activated, you won't do damage, tentacles will not Slam and you will lose the cooldown. What you need to do in this case is LAND YOUR illaoiE.png (if you don't just back off), use your illaoiW.png on the spirit so you still damage him (hopefully with tentacles slamming both the spirit and 24.png), and once his jaxcounterstrike.png runs out, destroy him.




If the 157.png knows what he's doing, it is probably your worst matchup. His yasuoE.png allows him to dash all over the place which makes it almost impossible to hit anything unless you predict where he's going to yasuoE.png to. He can cancel your illaoiW.png with his yasuoQ.png tornado, and wins auto for auto trades. The best thing you can do against him is farm and scale. If he's looking to all-in with yasuoR.png, block his knockup with illaoiR.png and try to turn the fight and maybe kill him. If you feel like he isn't very experienced, try poking him down with illaoiQ.png and illaoiW.png and you will eventually win. Most important part of the matchup is to block his knockup with your ult.

Introduction Back to Top

Hey guys I'm The Serpent and I'm here today with an 420.png for you ! Enjoy !

Laning phase - READ FOR MATCHUPS Back to Top

Matchups :

Against Melee Champions (AD) : Stand near a tentacle if you're looking to trade. Just back off if you miss illaoie.png. Use your opponent's cast animations/times to guarantee you landing illaoie.png (For exemple against 39.png, wait until she starts her ireliaequilibriumstrike.png animation before starting yours so you are guaranteed to land illaoie.png and win the trade). Other than that, laning against melee matchups should be pretty easy. Don't play too agressive before lvl 6. Don't hesitate to get items like 1031.png when both their jungler and top are AD to really abuse of the stats and be really hard to deal with.

Against Ranged Champions (AP) : Farm safely early game. Try landing illaoie.png for good sustain and poke damage. Don't jump on them unless your jungler is here or if they're 1 illaoiw.png from death. If you can't land illaoie.png in lane, just farm and you will win eventually. Same as melee matchups, if you notice that both their toplaner and jungler are AP, get 1057.png or 3211.png first to ensure your safety in cases of ganks. Rushing splitpush items such as 3512.png or 3060.png can help you farm and even allow you to get the first turret gold.

Against Poke Champions : These matchups aren't that hard if you play them correctly. Just run Health Regen Quints or SpellVamp, and consider getting 3010.png before 3812.png for infinite sustain. Start with 1054.png and take perseverance in the Resolve Tree and you should sustain through most of their damage. So basically, if you don't feel confortable laning against certain champions, you should take flat runes and Health Regen Quints (especially with Doran's Shield). But to be honest, I really prefer running scaling runes because as long as you hit your skillshots, doesn't matter if you have scaling or flat runes, you will be fine. But then again it's just a matter of preference, if you feel like you can completely stomp a lane, you should of course take flat runes to dominate the early game and potentially snowball.

Hard Matchups :

Since all of 420.png's matchups are pretty much the same, I only listed the hardest ones in the "Matchups" section. So check it out for details.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Here are a few things you need to know when playing 420.png :

1. You can channel your illaoir.png animation and then 4.png
2. You can queue orders with tentacles meaning that if one is already slamming and you use illaoiW.png, the tentacle will double slam (the second slam is also slightly faster than the first one so it can surprise your opponent).
3. Landing illaoie.png and killing the spirit will cause nearby tentacles to slam even if you don't illaoiw.png. (Spawning tentacles will also slam at the spirit).
4. You can cancels CC's like powerfist.pngufslash.png,blindmonkrkick.png and other displacements with illaoir.png if you time it correcly.
5. You can kill a Champion by hitting the spirit generated by illaoie.png if the actual champion is lower than the spirit and if you have enough AD.
6. After landing illaoie.png, try aiming your illaoiq.png at both the spirit and the champion for unexpected damage.
7. Don't overextend too much in grouping situations to land illaoie.png because if you miss, you most likely will get collapsed on.
8. You can dash over small walls with illaoiw.png and thicker  ones if you build 3094.png.
9. Once you feel confortable enough with 420.png, don't hesitate to provoke 1v2's and 1v3's because you will most likely win them.

10. If you feel like the enemy team has too many tools to deny you any decent damage in 5v5 teamfights, you should try to splitpush because you will win most 1v1's or 1v2's and probably will be more efficient if you can somehow outrotate the person defending your splitpush and rejoin your team.

Combos Back to Top


If you have 4.png and you're looking to dive someone under turret, here's what you need to do : 
                1. Land your illaoie.png
                2. Damage the spirit to about 5-10% HP
                3. Once the spirit is low enough so you can kill it with illaoir.png, channel your illaoir.png animation, and 4.png in a way that your ult damage will kill the spirit and hit the guy you're looking to dive at the same time. This will instantly spawn 2 tentacles which will automatically swing at the champion because killing the spirit made him a vessel.
                4. Follow that up with a illaoiw.png for another illaoipassive.png and he should be dead. If not just use illaoiq.png since the target will be slowed from being a vessel.


The best spell rotation you can do in 1v1's or 1v2's or even 1v3's in melee range is the following :

               1. Land your illaoie.png
               2. Use illaoir.png (in this order because having the spirit will spawn 1 extra tentacle and as I explained earlier, even spawning tentacles will swing at the spirit so you basically get 1 free Slam)
               3. Follow that up with as many illaoiw.png as it takes to finish him off. Use illaoiq.png after your first illaoiw.png and then spam illaoiw.png as much as you can.
               4. Try using illaoiw.png on the actual champion so if your target doesn't get instakilled and manages to run away, the spirit has more health than the champion and you can finish him off by killing the spirit. And when you're in 1v2's or 1v3's, just hit the closest champion with illaoiw.png so you get illaoipassive.png off and sustain.

Tentacle Setup During Laning Phase Back to Top

How you should place your tentacles :

Defensive Setup : Having 3 tentacles setup this way allows you to instaclear waves and it also makes it impossible for the opponent to trade against you in the middle of the tentacles even if you don't land illaoie.png. Works best against melee matchups.

Offensive Setup : Place tentacles this way when you're hard shoving your opponent in. This allows you to land illaoie.png while your laner is last hitting under turret and get some significant poke in. Forces him to either miss CS to break the spirit or take a lot of damage.

Defensive Setup against Ranged Champs : Use this one against ranged champions. it is similar to the first one except that you don't place a tentacle to your turret. This allows you to place 2 tentacles further back so you can land your illaoie.png and poke your opponent while csing under turret. It also forces him to commit and extend really hard if he wants to destroy them.

Other Good Illaoi Players Back to Top

Other 420.png players to check out

If you're looking to compare what I do with some of the best 420.png players in the world, you should check out :

           - Maulface from NA
           - 추억의먹거리 from KR
           - Maknoon (3년만의휴식) from KR

My Stream and Conclusion Back to Top

Thanks for reading !

If you like 420.png and want to see some live action, I'll stream whenever I can at (awildyordle because I was a 78.png main before she got reworked).


I recently started streaming A LOT MORE OFTEN on so don't hesiate to drop by and ask questions in chat !
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