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Hello everyone. For a long time I have been stuck at silver/gold elo, so if this is your case, then this guide is for you. Recently I discovered 420.png for myself and in one week I climbed from gold to Diamond 5. The reason I decided to write this guide because she is a ridiculously strong carry and surprisingly there is no decent guides on her.


There's nothing special about summoners, I usually grab 4.png12.png. Sometimes instead of 12.pngI go for 21.png. That usually happens when I'm about focus on destroying top, because then I will most likely have to fight 1v2 or even 1v3, and in that situation 21.png is obviosly a better choice. But most of the times you want to take 12.png, since it gives you a big advantage in the late game.

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  • Sorcery - increases the damage from your main damage ability - illaoiQ.png
  • Double Edged Sword - worth adding 3% more damage considering how much damage you do when illaoiR.png 5 people.
  • Natural Talent- more damage to your illaoiQ.png.
  • Bounty Hunter - more damage to your illaoiQ.png.


  • Savagery - easier wave clears
  • Assassin - a lot of times you will be fighting solo vs 2-3 opponents, absolutely a must. 
  • Meditation - a lot of people can be surprised by picking this over Merciless talent, but trust me without mana 420.png is useless and does no damage at all, because you simply can't use your spells.
  • Dangerous Game- extremely useful talent. Often times you will be low on mana and kills/assists will restore you some mana plus heal you.
  • Intelligence - cdr is very important for 420.png because she gets most of her power from her spells. With cdr cap you will have your illaoiE.png approximately on 7 sec cooldown, which means you can make 2 champions vessels at the same time.
  • Thunderlord's Decree - best option for her. 420.png 's main power is about bursting people down with tons of damage, and Thunderlord means more burst.

There is an alternative version of this build. Instead of 1st branch you go for 3rd with runic armour. The main advantage of this build is more healing, which is super cool for her. You also get some other cool things like a bit more defense and smaller cd on your summoners. You will need to be a more tanky as you go about diamond, since players are getting better there and they will be trying to crush you since earliest levels. 

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So the main damage ability is the slam. There is a bunch of ways to make tentacles slam.
  • You can either use yourillaoiQ.png 
  • If you have spawned tentacles nearby you can make them hit the enemy with your illaoiW.png spell. If there is a few tentacles around - it's better to use your illaoiW.png instead of illaoiQ.png since you will get each tentacle to slam. Also keep in mind that your illaoiW.png has range, so you can either reach ranged targets or even dodge spells with it. You can also jump over small obstacles like 59.png's jarvanivcataclysm.png or 34.png's crystallize.png with your illaoiW.png. It's also interesting that once she jumped up in the air with your illaoiW.png - she will deliver the damage even if the target has already flashed away. 
  • Another way you can proc slams is your illaoiE.png. Once you pulled out a spirit - all nearly tentacles will hit it. This is why you want to do it near your tentacle preferably. 
  • Of course you can also use your illaoiR.png to proc slam hits. Ulti will also spawn a tentacle for each champion that is near you when you are pressing r even if there are already other tentacles (spirit counts as a champion). The reason why 420.png is such a strong fighter is because she does this: illaoiE.png>illaoiR.png>illaoiW.png .
  • Keep in mind that each time a slam hits an enemy - you get healed on 5% of your missing health. With my final build I have about 3500 hp with Spirit Visage - I don't want to do any calculations here - just know that the heals are insane as long as you keep slamming. 


  •  Gets strong after lvl 6 and up to 18
  •  Has a lot of damage
  •  Has a lot of healing
  •  She can easily zone enemies without even being ahead. When hitting  illaoiE.png she gets free damage on her opponent, free healing (because a spirit is considered as a champion and slamming it heals 420.png) and zoning the opponent and access to free farming.
  • She is very strong vs melee champions, because you can do is: pull out a soul > press r > press w > press q if they are not dead yet. When the enemy stay near you when you do this - both him and his soul take damage from ult slams. It means that the damage is taking extra 40-50% additional damage depending on how much AD you have (damage echoed from the spirit to the enemy champion scales with your AD). Even if the enemy survives - he will still become a vessel. Your ult lasts for 8 seconds - it means for this time all tentacles hit 50% faster and all the tentacles will smash on that pure vessel-guy. It is interesting that while your ulti is still up and someone is a vessel - he can't see where the tentacles will slam. I don't know whether it's a bug or not - but I like it;)
  • A little tip: make sure you don't miss your illaoiE.png - if you don't - you can easily kill 2-3 people solo. Plus your ult spawns an additional tentacle for the spirit, as it is considered as a player. 
  • In late game, as you finish building your defensive items, you will become an insanely strong tank who can easily go on 5 people and not worry about dying. That means along with insane damage you gain insane tankiness. With all that heals you get you will probably see enemy team wining in all chat something like "balanced" or "omfg this champ". That's another fun part of playing 420.png.


Basically in most games I go for complete pushing top lane. Before killing 1st tower, I most often have to fight vs my opponent and the jungler. Usually it's not hard. But pushing 2nd tower will most likely attract 3rd person - the midlaner. This means I will have to fight 1v3. The thing is, if their setup is right, It's easy to kill 2-3 people, but if their champions are "bad for me", I will most likely do nothing and die. 
Weak sides:
  • Early game till lvl 6. There are a lot of top laners, that are way stronger at the early levels and often times you need to play defensive at this point of game. A few examples to watch out under 6 would be 92.png39.png23.png.
  • Ranged champions. As simple as that. If their top laner and jungler are both melee, they can't stop me ever. If their whole team is melee - their inhibitor will be down on 18th minute. The reason is simple - I can do that tentacle party I described above - e>r>w>q>w>w>w>easy. The situation gets whole different when they have ranged champions. First of all, it is harder to land illaoiE.png, but even if I do, because they are far away - they only take the echoed damage, which is usually around 40-60%. That's not going to give me a kill. Sometimes you can hit illaoiE.png and kill some squishy targets, like 67.png/133.pngfor example, but in general when the enemy team has lots of ranged stuff, you can't expect to snowball unless they are just bad. That is probably the most important thing to consider. 
  • CC. Stuns/fears/silences/roots are very bad. This is because 420.png's insane tankiness is based on her healing, and to be able to heal you need to hit enemies with slams. CC just reduces the time you can do this, that's why you will die way faster. Most disgusting champions: 9.png/112.png'/16.png/basically ranged champions with cc is double cancer.
  • Champions that postpone death/avoid damage. For example: 23.png/10.png/105.png. We are talking about carrying games here, and right now you should be imagining yourself fighting 1v5. In fights like that you don't want to have champions who can kite around without dying. You need to burst people down or at least make them run far. Even 1v1 23.pngis one of the most annoying champions to face. IT's very hard to snowball vs him.
  • 4. Champions with dash/charge/avoid spells. The reason is because illaoiE.png actually has a small cast time, and if somebody dashes onto you, they will simply avoid illaoiE.png, which is not good since this is spell is your big advantage in any kinds of fights. Same thing concerns "avoiders". By avoiders I mean champions like:
  1. 157.png - yasuoE.png and yasuoW.png. Counter #1. This is your permoban every time you can. Trust me.
  2.  105.png - fizzpiercingstrike.png and fizzjump.png. Counter #2. This is an extremely difficult match up. 
  3. 58.png Watch out for this champion, if he's decent - he can easily destroy you. 
  4. 39.png  - ireliagatotsu.png. An average 39.png is free elo, a good one is hard to play against (don't worry, there are no good 39.png players under diamond)
  5. 92.png - rivenfeint.png .Average 92.png is free elo, a good 92.png  player will most likely destroy you since she can dodge everything (again don't worry, because there are almost no good 92.png players under diamond)

420.pngPower spikes

A power spike of a champion is a time, place or a situation where the champions becomes way stronger.
I would say 420.png has 3 types power spikes.
The first one is a bit weird - she gains it when she spawns lots of tentacles around. At that point illaoiE.png+illaoiW.png combo or just illaoiW.png spell can be deadly dangerous, so she becomes very strong when she gets surrounded by many tentacles. Probably that's why top is such a good lane for her.
The second power spike is lvl 6. That's the point when you don't have to be afraid of the jungler and when you can start pushing intensively. 
The third type of power spikes is based on the items. The first power spike is after she builds Black Cleaver.. The next one is when she builds Sterak's Cage. The third one is after she builds Spirit Visage. All these 3 items work extremely well on 420.png, and I'll discuss them in the next section.

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If you have question - feel free to leave a comment. - I want to stream unranked>diamond climb. Let me know if you want to see it.
Thanks for reading;)

Item importance Back to Top

In my opinion, every item that I am using is very useful for 420.png . Let me help you understand why:

Black Cleaver:
300 hp - more survival early (which is important since early she is weaker than any other time)
armor reduction - any physical damage (including tentacles) cut enemy's armor. Another reason - top is often played by tanky champions. Without black cleaver you might just not have enough damage to take them down.
Sterak's Gage:
Probably the most important item for her. She has lots of damage and healing. 

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