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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Teleport + Flash 


I'd recommend taking teleport if you have a lane you're having trouble holding or that you really need to pay attention too. Plus this also gives you roaming potential to snowball other lanes and take objectives elsewhere.  


New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

18 - 0 - 12



After every basic attack or spell, you will gain stacks of Fervor, this is a great keystone since irelia is an auto attack based champion, meaning her auto's will do more damage.


Attack speed is a great stat for Irelia

Fresh blood

deals attitional damage based on champ level on 1st attack


Irelia has built in sustain, so this will give her a little boost in lane sustain wise, Natural Talen isn't really needed as i feel that stats aren't that great for her.

Battle Trance 

Increased damage when i combat, max 5% .. gaining 1% per secand out of 5 when in combat. 

Battering Blows

Extra armour pen, yes Irelia has true damage, but the rest of her spells like her Q, R and her auto attacks are physical damage


12 - 18 - 0



A really good mastery, vs ranged champions / champions who need to run because of your all ins. You gain movement speed when you deal 30% of the targets max HP..... now combine that with items like 3044.png for even MORE movement speed, those champions who like to run, are not going anywhere.... good vs champions like 150.png , 126.png , 85.png and 104.png etc etc. 

Abilities Back to Top



 Passive: Ionian Fervor - Reduces the duration of CC effects near enemy champions, pretty much free tensity. The tenacity increases the more champions she's near (max 3 champions).

- 1 champion = 10%
- 2 champions = 25%
- 3 champions or more = 40%  

Blade Surge - Irelia dashes towards enemy unit, dealing physical damage, if Irelia is to kill the target with Bladesurge, the cool-down is immediately refreshed and refunds some of your mana. 

Hiten Style -  Passively each auto attack Irelia makes will restore health

On active Irelia deals bonus TRUE DAMAGE in addition to her current physical damage and the health restored per auto is doubled

- THIS is what you'll commonly max first in a lot of match ups

Equilibrium Strike - Irelia either stuns or slows her opponent depending on her and your opponents health, dealing magic damage.

If her target has a HIGHER % of health , the target will be stunned
If her target has a LOWER % of health, the target is slowed

- THIS you may max first before W vs champions like Riven, Jax or Ryze, so you can hold them in place for a long time while you burst them down. This is something you'll tend to do for MID LANE Irelia.

 Transcendent Baldes - Irelia summons 4 blades, firing them one at a time in a line dealing physical damage. She restores her health each time a blade passes through a target. 

25% for enemy champions and 10% for minions


What to start with?

Starting E (Equilibrium Strike)

Well, starting with E (Equilibrium Strike) is the safest option. If an enemy decides to engage on you early, or you run into trouble i.e. from an invade you can stun your opponent. Take Q at level 2 with you started with E.

Starting  Q (Blade Surge)

Alot of Irelia players tend to start with Q (Blade Surge) because it allows you to farm easily early. I'd start Q first if you against RANGED match-ups.

Walk in and out of the brushes to avoid harassment and Q to creeps when you can, then take E at level 2.


Skill Order

W - Bonus true damage increased each level up (75 max per auto) in addition to your AD stats and higher sustain. 

E - Longer stun duration to stick to targets + magic damage

R - Like any other ultimate max it at levels 6 , 11 and 16. Higher damage, lower cool-down and increased sustain.

Q - You typical will want to max this last, since you won't be building that much attack damage, plus her other abilities are more beneficial to max before hand. You tend to want to use Q as a farming tool or cap closure. 


W OR E Max?

General it's your own personal preference, both or good and better than the other in different situations.
90% of the time you'll be maxing W as it's more common, extra true bonus damage on hit as well as the sustain increase. 

Against heavy combo champions like 92.png or vs ranged for Mid Lane Irelia, maxing E will be better in this situation. Reason for this is that fully maxed stun will last up to 2 seconds, what exactly will your opponent do in that space of time? nothing, so it's free damage for you right there. You'll have to be fairly passive until you get your 3057.png where you can really shine but it's worth the results.  

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Jungle Camp Start
    Vs heavy AD match ups
    3 Potion sustain start

Core Items

Situational Items

    vs heavy ad
    vs AP's and heavy CC teams
    example build
    Example Build 2

Starting Items 

2033.png - This is the start you'll go almost all the time. This is a much safer start due to the amount of potion sustain you have, so you'll be able to stay in lane for a fairly long time. It also allows you to be more aggressive since you can out-trade and out-sustain your opponent. You're fairly weak as Irelia early levels but level 4 and onwards you can start absuing the power spike you have, the flask will allow you to be more aggressive as you'll most likely have more sustain than your opponent.  

 first back into Mid game Items

3078.png is a  must buy for Irelia, especially in 6.11 with the buffs it got. With this and the changes to 3078.png there's no need to rush a 3124.png or even build one anymore. Vs ranged or tanky matchups you want to build into a 3044.png to catch opponents and stick to them as well as being tanky, followed by a 3057.png for burst OR 3101.png for more consistent damage thanks to the attack speed. 

3078.png - Must buy Item

3153.png - Patch 6.23  this got a decent buff, 8% max health damage, pretty nice vs the tanky champions as a second damage item.

3071.png - I know what you're thinking .... ''double phage item'' ... yes that's only ONE thing it provides, most of Irelia's damage is physical, and wth this you gain armour shred stacks, plus CDR and HP, decent item to buy building damage whilst remaining a bit tanky.

3026.png - A 2nd chance in life basically, makes it a little bit harder for you t be focused.

3748.png  - Can be a secand Item, Irelia's wave clear isn't all that great, but for split pushing this will work rather well. Irelia works well as a good split pusher and 1v1 champion, her wave clear lacks but this will help to give you the full package of a split pusher. 

The rest are tanky items on Irelia, which are pretty much self explanatory, depending on what damage related comps you are vs will depend on which one of these you will build. 

3143.png - VS Heavy Crit

3110.png - VS Attack speed related champions, e.g. ADC's, Vayne twitch etc

3742.png - Standard armour item + movement speed

 3065.png - VS Heavy AP match ups, self healing boosts and CDR



Why no  3124.png  anymore?

While Guinsoos was a very strong item before the changes to it, it's not so much the case anymore, the build path consists of a 1037.png and a 1026.png which are both 875 - 840 gold items and don't give Irelia any strong spikes compared to the components of 3078.png.

In addition to the build path you now need a 1043.png which is a 1000 gold item, so the build path it too expensive now including the completed item cost of Guinsoo's, and it's as strong in terms of damage anymore, plus with the buffs to 3078.png it's pretty much outclassed now. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Alistar
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Gragas
  • Hecarim
  • Illaoi
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kennen
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Nasus
  • Nidalee
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Renekton
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Shyvana
  • Singed
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Udyr
  • Vladimir
  • Wukong
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick
  • Zac



Aatrox got reworked, so the match up is a little different.

Try not to get poked out by too many E's  aatroxe.png it's a little weaker in terms of damage than it was before but it is his main poke tool.

Fight him when his passive his not full or less than 3 bars, once his bloodwell is full he gains extra damage, attack speed and a revive which can turn fights around pretty quickly, so the best time to fight him is when he has no stacks, no passive or extra damage he's a sitting duck, all he can really do is run away.

The advantage you have over him is that you have better and faster burst, Aatrox will eventually take over in the later levels or when he gets a 3153.png as his 1v1 is difficult to beat.

If he attacks you with full stacks, dodge his aatroxq.png if you can, stun him and run away .. don;t fight him unless you can burst him quickly as he will refresh the stacks back to full if he takes damage from you. 



Quite a skill match-up, I don't find Akali too threatening pre 6, but do be careful of her Auto attacks when she places her Q onto you. You be able to start to win trades at level onward, I wouldn't activate your W whilst she is in stealth. 

Keep a 2043_32.png handy to keep vision of her, but be wise when to use this as they are now visible season 4 and can destroy them. An alternative would be to upgrade to 3364_32.png, this may set you back however you can keep constant vision on her in her stealth. 

Try and grab an early 3155_32.png to survive her burst if you're struggling. 




I don't find this match up to be that difficult to deal with, you can trade evenly with him pre 6, after that it's pretty much a pain to kill him in lane. 

This is pretty much going to be either be a lane with non-stop trading and harass or a lane where you MUST be on your toes, as one knock up and headbutt can set up ganks pretty easily and knock you out of position and catch you off guard. 

Grab a couple of 1055_32.png's into 3057_32.png and you should be able to trade evenly with him.




AP Cho'Gath can be annoying due to his damage and sustain and will tend to build tanky health items as well as stacking his ultimate. 

Avoid his Q's if possible and go aggressive levels 4+ when you see an opening and farm as much as you can, you'll be better than him late game. 

Q dash to him or near by low enemy creep to avoid his Q damage, all he'll be able to do from there is silence you, however you would have already landed most of your combo by then.




Levels 1- 3 you will have a difficult time, so don't try and trade with him early or you'll just die from his damage, ignite and bleed. Avoid harassment from his Q's early, even if it means missing 1 or 2 cs, he will try to zone you. 

Levels 5 - 6 and on wards up to level 11, you have to look for openings where you can trade with him, for example if he pulls you in, E stun him, W, aa, aa, Q, aa and back away, assuming he's not already snowballing you. 

You will out sustain him naturally from your W, grabbing an early 1053_32.png will help you heal from his harassment even better. Grab a 1055_32.png and an early 3057_32.png to increase your damage output, you'll drop him almost instantly. 


Dr. Mundo


Since the new mastery changes, Mundo has made his way into the summoners rift.

Pre 6 he's not that difficult to force out of lane or kill, but when does he reach level 6 he can be a real pain.

Try and snowball as early as you can pre 6 then you should be fine, avoid his cleavers too.

For this match-up i'd start 1055_32.png x2 and 3057_32.png , you should be able to burst him down. Take 14.png summoner spell to deal with his annoying health regen. 

Start Items: 1075_32.png + 2003_32.png x1 OR 2041_32.png + 2003_32.png x3

Recommended Runes - AD Quints
Masteries - 21 - 9 - 0




Early on  Ekko out damages you

Level's 4 onward, you should be able to out Trade him

Be aware of his ekkoW.png positioning, as it can screw you over in terms of trades as he'll get a full combo off for free if he ever stuns you with this. 

Also careful of your positioning when he has his ultimate ekkoR.png, careful not to place yourself within his clone, because damage. 




Fiora is decent at 1v1'ing her opponents and is quite a terror. 

Early levels tri E her and one auto, it hurts her pretty bad. Level 4, it gets a little easier for you to put damage on her, until level 6 where she will become a harder to kill due to her damage increase and heal.

Key things to be aware of. The position of her passive that's on you (the weakness) AND her riposte, never let her stun you and try to bait it out if you can. 

3047.png will be pretty decent vs her.




Pretty annoying now with his re-work.

Pre level 4 will be pretty difficul, try not to get cheesed early levels 1 - 3, as his damage is higher than yours.

Careful of his barrels which he can spam, not getting out poked by them as well as fighting in them, or you'll get screwed over.

3047.png Great item vs him in lane




Garen is pretty strong early and will build tanky, which is quite bad for Irelia, but it's not a hard match-up for her to win.

Once Garen comes charging at you with his silence, Activate W and Stun him just before he lands it, you are able to trade blows with him with auto's + your bonus true damage when silenced. 

Most Garens will push with their spin, or just hide in the brushes waiting for a chance to silence you. Don't fight him on low health, his uli hurts quite alot. 




First few levels will be a little painful with his level 2 - 4 harassment.

Like any normal ranged match up, play safe until 4, Q to low health creep stun and combo from there.

It will get annoying when he double jumps away, but your combo CD's will be a hell of a lot shorter than his jump will be be.

Pay attention to his rage bar too, as his Mega Gnar can change a duel around quickly. 

Run armour Quints, grab  3057_32.png to burst him quickly and early 3047_32.png if he's becoming an issue 




So this is a thing now ....

Its annoying as hell in the first few levels, but once you get higher in the levels, it gets easier to out trade him. Be careful of his early damage as it will be stronger than yours, most tend to start body slam and drunken rage and cheese you at level 2.

He has great sustain and quite a few tools to get away from you so he's quite the pest to finish off.

Play safe early levels, avoid his barrels which isn't that hard to do, grab 1055_32.png x2 and a 3057_32.png and an early 3111_32.png if his damage is becoming an issue and you should be fine. 




Try to avoid as many of his Q harrass as possible, if he's able to hit you can sometimes retaliate with an E stun and an auto.

Level 1 - 6 you may struggle but after 7 you should start to take over providing you don't die before hand otherwise this matchup will be a hell for you. 

One thing to keep in mind, most Hecarims run 12.png + 14.png, so be careful about his ignite if going to early all in trades. 




Can be an ok match up or a living hell for you if no experience vs her.

Avoid fighting her until atleast level 4, like with any typical match up.

Try to avoid as many illaoiQ.png harass as you can, she will aim this a creep you're about to last hit, and i found the hit box is a litte weird. 

Standing behind creeps or just being a jumpy frost butt will make life harder for her to land a illaoiE.png, if she manages too, it's ok to fight her but make sure you're not near any near by Tentacles. 

Also, do not EVER try to fight her when she uses her ultimate illaoiR.png, she will just a 100-0 you, and it's pretty much impossible to fight her, as she will deal a tone of damage and heal herself after each Tentacle hits, Q away if you can or walk away and kite.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan isn't too hard to deal with, he's strong early on between levels 1-4. 

Avoid his Q's if possible as well as his E Q combo, bait him into using then go aggressive, he'll have nothing up to defend himself, other than his W or flash at worst. 




Depending on how skilled the Jax is, you can have an ok or a hard time against him.

You'll want to start E at level 1, E him when he gets close, auto and back off. Normally a Jax will start with counter strike or empower. 

When you get level 3-4, you can trade with him nicely and win the lane if played correctly. Main goal is to bait his dodge / stun, a good jax will activiate this when you use your W, or a bad jax will use it regardless. Wait for his counter strike to ware off, then you can easily jump back onto him and attack him with W activated without fear of him dodging your auto's.

The biggest issue is after level 11, where its very difficult to straight up 1v1 him, you basically can't fight him anymore unless you're snowballed to hell ^^




Early on, Jayce will have an advantage due to him being ranged and melee. A decent Jayce will try to poke you down with auto's.

You'll want to play passive untill around level 4 or 6, Q to a LOW HEALTH creep beside him (so it refreshes on kill), W, E and auto him. Jayce will knock you away afterwards, Q back onto him providing it refreshed.

OR Q onto him when he changes to ranged stance, he has no way of knocking you away and you can keep up with him, plus you have around 5 seconds until he can swap stances.  




Similar to the Jayce match-up, Kennen will have an early advantage.

Avoid being poked too early, Q to low health creep, E, W, AA, AA, AA.....he will lightning rush away, but you can Q back onto him.

With your passive, Kennen can't CC you for very long


Lee Sin


Early levels, Lee will out damage you and try to cheese you, similar to what a Riven would do. Can be easy yet really annoying at the same time, especially if he starts E. 

You will win trades levels 4+, just don't let him all in you before hand, he will out damage you and can snowball the lane pretty hard if this is the case. However, most lee sins will build into tiamat into hydra, and will be very squishy. Double Dorans Blades and Ninja Tabi into sheen, you should be fine. 




This is either going to be a farm fest or mana usage match up. 

Malphite is pretty good against Irelia due to him building tanky and his grand slam reducing attack speed which really sucks for Irelia.

Dash in and out of brushes and take cs when you can, like you would against a ranged match up to avoid too much harass, auto him to be rid of his shield, then begin your combo, providing he doesn't reduce your attack speed.  




This is not quite a difficult match-up as it appears to be, you can farm easily however so can he, which isn't a good thing.

It's pretty difficult to stop him from farming as Irelia, however it is possible.
What I found most effective was to start Q, and take 2 points in your W at level 3, active Hiten style, and auto him over and over, then  Q auto. Easy harass, and 2 early points in Hiten Style, is so powerful. You should be able to force him out or kill him.

Don't keep auto attacking him when he uses his W, your attack speed just drops to i'd auto once, then Q auto.

Consider going 1075_32.png x2 to match his sustain along with your W, then rushing into 3057_32.png to increase your damage output. 




This match up depends on the skill of the player of the Nidalee, bruiser Nidalee is quite annoying with her auto attacks, as for AP Nidalee, well dodge her spears.

You'll want to play this match up similar to how you'd play vs Jayce / Kennen.

Keep in mind she has heal, don't pop your ignite too late or be greedy. An early 3057_32.png will allow you to drop her almost instantly or force her out of lane at least. 




First couple of levels will be a little tricky as he'll have the advantage.

After level 4, you'll gain the upper hand, so you can start trading with him pretty easily, providing you stay relatively health and punish him back if he goes aggressive on you.

If he uses Reckless Swing on you, use E to land a guaranteed stun onto him, active your W, auto attack him a few times, then Q auto him towards the end of your W active of when he runs away. 

1055_32.png x2 along with 3047_32.png will help you pretty well in lane.




This match up is a pain in the ass, with his constant spear spamming and his passive blocking your auto attacks and being up again after her stuns you...

Farm passively early game, deal with this similar as you would against a range champion, farm when you can and walk in and out of the brushes to avoid too much harass. 

Don't make the stupid mistake on engaging when his passive is up or when his stun is avalible, if he stuns you, you can try and trade with him, E, AA (take his passive away) , W, AA, AA, Q, AA.




For this match up, i'd recommend taking Armor Quints and AD marks, starting with cloth 5.

You'll want to play safe and freeze the lane as much as you can, even if it means missing a few creeps early, Renekton is an early game monster and Irelia doesn't reach a strong point until level 4.
This will get easier as the match goes on, plat safe early, don't die to him alone in lane, you'll out trade him later as he does fall off whilst you get stronger.
Build a 1055_32.png x 2 and into 3047_32.png, this lane should get easier. 

Start Items: 1029_32.png + 2003_32.png x4

Recommended armuor Quints




Rengar's damage is nothing to laugh about, if you play recklessly and let him come at you from the brush with his passive. 

Best way to deal with him early is to either:

- Keep him pushed so he can't harass you with his passive from brushes
- Freeze the lane
- Stay away from the brushes so he can't jump on you

Levels 8-9 you can trade with him and kill him, if not sooner if you get am early kill.




50/50 match up, Riven will try to cheese you early because her early game is way stronger, so play as safe as you can early and avoid trading with her early.

Levels 4+ you should be able to even the trades, but be careful about her having level 6 before you, avoid fighting untill you have yours.

1055_32.png --> 3047_32.png --> 3057_32.png, you will out-trade her, providing its stays even or if you gain an advantage.




Rumbles early game is pretty weak early, you can trade and go for a kill as early as level 2 if you wanted. 

Don't be greedy by trying to dive him when he hits level 6, his ulti hurts.....alot...

Grab some early mr if he starts being a pain




Like any typical ranged match up, it will be pretty difficult early levels 1 - 3. After level 4, this match up should be pretty easy to deal with providing you avoided as much of his Q poke as possible. Start Q and dash in and out of brushed to farm safely and avoid harass. 

Q to low health creep near him, W and auto him over and over, and Q back to close the gap. One of these match-ups i'd take movement quints for so he can't kite you with his spells. 

Recommended Runes - AD or Movement Speed Quints




A tanky champion over all and now a better duelist due to his rework.

Dealing with him will be similar to old shen, only his W shenfeint.png will be an issue, where he will dodge every auto attack.

Try not to get taunted as much and be aware of his W cool down and Sheild passive. Long as his W's down he's free trades and harass.

Avoid fighting him early levels if possible, his Q does hurt.




I don't find this match-up to be pretty difficult, you have everything what shyvana doesn't have, cc and sustain.

You can trade with her early level 1, spamming E and an Auto when she gets close, but be careful at levels 2-3, hers is stronger than yours.

Level 4 onwards, you should have no trouble against her, E the moment she charges at you, activate W , aa, aa, aa, Q, aa.

1055_32.png x 2 and an early 3057_32.png is pretty much a GG lane. 




Signed is a pretty easy match up early on, you'll beat him.

Later on is where it becomes more difficult, he'll build tanky making him harder to kill and will split push most of the time.

Avoid his poison when possible, rush 3057_32.png or 3153_32.png for all in kill potential. 




Can be a little difficult yet somewhat easy at the same time.

Against most matchups you can E auto them early for harass but It's not as recommended to do so vs Trundle.

His Chomp can be a pain however it's won't effect your W true damage what so ever.

Level 4 - 5 you should be able to make decent trades against him, but I'd not quite try for all ins unless you're fairly confident you can kill him, as his pillar and his ult especially at level 11 can screw you over a little bit.




Depending on how you play this, this can be an ok lane, you'll win early on, mostly pre 6. If he gets a slight lead, then this will get worse as the game goes on and be tricky to kill and deal with in terms of split pushing.

Trade with him early at levels 4+, play a little passive until then, and always ignite him near the end of his ult, an early 3047_32.png or 1031_32.png along with 1055_32.png x2 will help you in terms of blocking his AD damage and sustaining in the lane keeping healthy.




Udyr is pretty strong against Irelia in the early levels, he will tend to go Tiger stance and hit you twice and just drop you, never trade with him early levels.

Whoever is to get the first kill will control the lane, be sure that is you either from help from a jungler or out playing him, level 6 on wards you can out trade him due to you having extra sustain and you have a ''true ultimate'' unlike Udyr. 




I find this to be one of the most annoying match ups of them all, whilst Irelia is decent against Vlad, his early game is stronger, and you will have troubles vs him if he pokes you hard early. 

One of those match ups where i'd consider taking MR Quints against him or life steal. 

By level 6 you should be able to all in him, i'd also rush  3153_32.png to keep up with his sustain, heal from his poke and allow you to keep on him, which is Vlad's biggest weakness, gap closures. 




50/50 match up, don't let Wukong get the first kill onto you, or he will continue to snowball the lane.

Irelia will beat Wukong, due to her damage being higher and you having sustain in lane, only trouble is his decoy, if played smart will out play you. Levels 8-9, you'll easily out trade him depending if he's not way ahead. 




Haven't played vs a lot of Yasuo top lanes and he's mid 90% of the time.

From my experience, as long as you don't get poked and cheesed pre level 4, this isn't a really difficult match up. E him when he gets close, auto him to rid of his sheild passive, W, aa, aa, aa, Q back onto him if he dashes or runs away, you should outrade him easily. 




Surprisingly, not the hardest match up for Irelia.

Irelia can keep up with his sustain and out damage him at level 4 on wards. 

Yoricks mana is garbage early on until he get a tear where he becomes annoying to deal with, run into the brushes to avoid damage from his ghouls.

He's weak early and easy to gank so I wouldn't fear him too much.




The difficulty with this match up is that:

- He relies on health
- Passive makes it harder to kill him
- No mana or energy so he can constantly abilities. 

Walk onto his bloblets when ever he casts a spell so he can't regenerate health, grab some early sustain and farm safely. He's on of very few that will be able to out trade you at level 9 on wards. 

Introduction Back to Top

 Hi there

I hope you'll enjoy this guide for all you new and veteran Irelia players out there, please feel free to comment any likes or dislikes and what you'd like me to add, please do keep them constructive.

39.png has been my go to champion since season 2, safe pick, very strong mid to late game.  
She doesn't have a ''true counter'' there's always a way around a match-up, her sustain, damage and her kit in general makes her an awesome champion to play.

She's not too hard to pick up, some of her advanced tricks may take a bit of practice, i'd highly recommend picking her up if you're looking for a safe and strong top laner.  

About me

BladesOfMight EUW, currently Diamond 5 season 4, ending season 3 at Gold 2.

You can follow me here:

Twitch -  I don't stream (YET), but I'm hanging around and Modding small channels :)

I've mained Irelia for a while, I play other champs on the side like Jayce, Akali, Leona, Janna, Shyvana, Zed and Syndra basically anything that's fun and strong. 
I main Top and Mid mostly, roles that I'm best with.  

I tend to stick to just using 2 champions, Irelia and Jayce but I spam Irelia more often than not depending on what mood i'm in when trying to gain elo, at the same time leaning Mid lane with Zed and Syndra who i also enjoy, just expanding my champ pool a little bit XD 

Early Game Back to Top

Irelia is pretty weak early on in the game, but still possible to win lanes early on in the game. It's important that you snowball your lane, to reach your mid game power quicker as she does fall off late game.


Levels 1 - 4

Depending on your match up, you'll want to start with either E (vs Melee opponents) or Q (vs ranged) as explained in the ''abilities'' section.

Take W as your 3rd and 4th spell level up, go aggressive when you can other wise play passive and just E your opponents if they decide to engage onto you.


Levels 4 - 6

By now you should have skilled 1 point in Bladesurge ( Q ), 3 in Hiten Style ( W ) , 1 in Equilibrium Strike ( E ) and start leveling your ultimate when you hit level 6. 

Irelia will hit a bit of a power boost and will allow you to make some plays and take down opponents. Activate Hiten Style, AA, Equilibrium Strike, AA, Ignite, Transcendent Blades, AA, Blade Surge, AA, AA. 

 Try to freeze if you can to grab that early farm, your goal at the start is to play safe and survive the early game. Also freezing will help you keep ahead in farm and make it harder for their jungler to gank you and easier for your jungler to gank them.  You can follow up on ganks easily enough too, which is another reason why it's a great way to control your lane. 

Mid Game Back to Top

At this point you are one of the most dangerous champions in the game, with a 3078.png as your first major item. With that, Irelia is just strong, you are super mobile and you can catch people of guard just by melting them with your insane damage, she is good at initiating fights where opponents are simply not ready for it. 

Keep in mind though, Irelia is not a true tank and shouldn't really be the first to start team fights, you'll just be focused down and killed easiy, your main goal is to focus the squishy targets e.g. the enemy ADC which Irelia is good at doing. Let your allies poke your opponents down and follow up from engages.

If you're ahead, Irelia can make a decent split pusher and can 1v1 almost anybody, try hiding in brushes and randomly catch opponent off guard in 1v1 situations. You'll most likely win if you're ahead but don't get too carried away, your team still needs you.  

End Game Back to Top

Irelia will start to fall off here, not massively however, you'll still have decent damage but now's the time to start countering your enemy team comp by building a little tanky. 

Like in mid game, Irelia is super good at killing squishy targets e.g. the enemy ADC, but should still not be the first to go in. Late game is always situational, so however you choose to build in terms of tanky items will depend on the enemy team comp ( see items section ), so there isn't much to say really. 

Irelia is also decent at protecting her own ADC, which you also have to bare in mind. She's one of the best bruisers to kill enemy ADC's but many make the mistake of rushing in recklessly for the AD, leaving everyone else to target your ADC without much protection.  

Few Little Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Trading in Lane

- Pay attention to low health ally minions, your opponent will come in for last hits. Auto him a few times then disengage. Your opponent is most likely to re-engage onto you, use E > W > AA > AA then Q back onto them if they attempt to run. This way you're punishing them for csing in lane.

- Be aware though also of low health enemy creeps too, you don't want to harass opponents when they try to cs and miss your own, you'll still take him low, but he'll still get that creep and create a lead over you as time goes on.

- Vs Ranged / Disengage champions for example like 126.png , he can engage onto you with ''To the Skys'' and knock you away with ''Thundering Blow.'' Against champions like Jayce and other ranged champions, it's more difficult to walk up to them and get some free autos and E them in their faces, you need to close gaps. 

Q'ing straight onto them however isn't the best way, if they have no escapes or disengage, fair enough, but Jayce does, if you just jump on him, he'll knock you away with ''Thundering Blow'' and you have no other way to re-engage onto him. 

So, how do you do it? wait for an enemy creep to get low close to Jayce, Q onto it, then use your combo, E > WW > AA > AA . At this point he will knock you away, however with the cool-down refreshment from Blade Surge you can Q back onto him for more damage. 


Last Hitting Under Turrets

Pretty much all about timing and knowing your damage.

- Melee Minions = 2 hits from Turret > One auto attack or a Q
- Ranged Minions = 1 hit from Turret > One auto attack > Q 

Try not to use your Q to often if you can help it, Irelia's mana isn't so good early so you don't want to drain it too quickly. 

Grabbing an early 1055.png will make last hitting under turret easier, you only have to wait for 1 turret hit then an auto attack or a Q.     

Updates Back to Top

14th January 

- Runes and masteries with Notes
- Abilities with Notes
- Match ups
- Introduction

15th January

- Early Game
- Mid Game
- Tips and Tricks

Febuary 2014

- Match up Notes - ALL champions
- Items Notes
- Mastery Edits
- Approved Guide

March 2014

- Runes Edits 
 Armor Quints
 AD Marks

102_64.png Match up and notes
266_64.png Match up and Notes

April 6th

- Added 13_64.png Match up
- Added 19_64.png Match up
- Added 157_64.png Match up
- Added Recommended Runes and masteries for each Match up

April 7th

- Moved 3153_32.png to situational with explanation
- Added 3142_32.png to item list, with explanation 
- Few little touches, banners, editing etc

April 6th

- Matchups - Edits to 126_64.png and 24_64.png notes, reworded and hopefully a little more clear ^^

April 11th

- Match ups - Edited 114_64.png and 23_64.png notes
- Match ups - Difficulty changes to 122_64.png (hard - red ) , 114_64.png (easy - green ), 23_64.png (hard - red) , 36_64.png (easy  green) and 85_64.png (easy - green)

April 14th

- Summoner Spells - 7.png added to situational spells, replaced with 21.png.  
- Matchups - Edited 64_64.png matchup notes 

April 15th

- Masteries - Changes to 21 - 9 -0 mastery page
- Changes to mastery 9 - 18 - 3 Notes

April 20th

- Items - Moved 3047_32.png and 3111_32.png to situational
- Items - 3006_32.png added to situational items with notes

April 23rd

- Items - Core items, edits to building order, item builds and also changes to the Item NOTES

- Items (NOTES) - Took into account of my personal experience in lanning phase, what to buy on first back, build ups to items and situational items. 

1055_32.png x2 - First Back
3078_32.png - first major item
- Followed by mid game items
3153_32.png + 3142_32.png moved and added to mid game items.

April 24th

- Matchups - Changes to 98_64.png and 92_64.png matchup notes 

June 10th

- Item - 3074_32.png - edited Hydra notes
- Items - Edited core items section, extra notes, different builds etc- Item 
- Match Ups - Edited 2_64.png notes, better description and advice 

June 19th

- Item -  Added 3091_32.png to item list due to it's recent buff 4.10

June 26th

- Mastery edits  

July 9th

- Added 79_64.png match up

July 14th

- Tweaks to notes in Items selection 

August 13th

- Items - Starting items - 14.png and 12.png spell choices, what items to start with, with explanation. 
- Items - 1028_32.png + 2003_32.png x2  as a possible start to lane phase with explanation 

September 1st

- Runes - Changes to runes, with explanation and recommended choices

October 2nd

- Match-ups - Added 12_64.png and 150_64.png match ups 


July 7th - (ok so it's been a while since i touched this guide XD )

Since a lot has changed I have made some changes to moslty notes, items and max skill orders.

- Abilities -  Changed notes, added when to max E or W in certain situations

- Items - Edited the 1055_32.png and the 2041_32.png starting items notes

- Items - Added 3105_32.png  and  3190_32.png to the situational items 

September 1st 2015

- Matchups - Re-written 114.png and 41.png match-ups

November 27th 2015

- Complete re-work on ITEMS, MASTERIES AND RUNES.  

December 18th 2015

- Changes to masteries since 5.24 patch. 

- Added 120.png matchup as regards too Koolaidman47  


January 7th 2016

- Added 48.png matchup finally :) 

Febuary 12th 2016

Ok, some big changes, adds and edits in this one, MAINLY the matchups... 

as you may have noticed in the matchups I had recommended runes and masteries and item starts in which to take for the match ups, I have therefore removed those for reasons of them being Outdated, and i didn't realise until now that they're still here :P

-  Updated Reworked shen match up 98.png

- Added 420.png match up

June 12th 2016

- Complete make over of the items

September 14th 2016

Soo.... it's been a while :D my bad

- Added 245.png match up finaly which i should have done long ago, not played vs many since banned or never played 

December 4th 2016

Clean up on missing images, changes to items, added 3153.png to items + buff and 3071.png
Added Storm raiders mastery Page too

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