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2 years ago

Irelia Statistics for Tsalamagewski

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

When i play top lane 39.png i always take 12.png because it is just sooo good to have, helps you get a lot of farm that you would otherwise miss, you have pressure on other lanes (can gank bot if they ward and circumstances allow it) and gives you a better advantage than other summoner spells

But i prefer 14.png when i play 39.png mid because the lane is smaller and you want to burst your enemy laner as fast as possible as they tend to be squishes with a lot of burst so it's good to carry that extra little damage with you just in case

4.png is the spell that you should always take, no matter what lane or matchup, it's just too good. You can engage or disengage for a kill or to save yourself from certain death and can get through many walls and terrain (*cough* *cough* 59.png's  jarvanivcataclysm.png) and that's the reason i prefer it over 6.png on her.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

39.png is a champion with lots and lots of damage and you have to take advantage of that the best you can, so i go 18/0/12 with fervor of battle.

Fury: I take fury because 39.png is an auto-attack based champion, she needs to land her autos, the more autos she land and the faster she does, the more damage she will do, so it will be easier to beat the enemy laner. It synergizes with your ireliahitenstyle.png

Feast: I honstle take that because i don't like the other two options on her, she is not a support, she has enough damage and she is pretty squishy early so the other two options are not so viable in my opinion.

Vampirism: Lifesteal has always been good on 39.png so it's good to have some, remember, it's all about the autos

Oppresor: Well you have a slow/stun on your ireliaequilibriumstrike.png so you can take advantage of that mastery reaally often and deal that extra bit of damage, bounty hunter is more of a mid/late game mastery and it's more beneficial than oppresor only if you have killed at least 3 individual enemy champions at least once so i don't think it's worth it, especially in a losing game

Battering Blows: I think i don't have to explain anything here, ad champions prefer armor penetration, ap champions prefer magic penetration

Fervor of Battle: That is one of the best masteries for 39.png as she can really easily stack it up and deal tons of damage without any mercy if the enemy laner does a single mistake, it gives you lots of damage per auto-attack and along with her attck speed and ability to stick to the enemy, it is a deadly weapon in your arsenal

Unyielding: You want that mastery for the extra tankiness as you will build off-tank most of the time so it's crucial to have armor and magic resist later in the game especially if you are the only one building tanky.

Tough skin: Not such a great mastrery in my opinion but Explorer is pretty useless for 39.png and you can't say no to a bit more tankiness

Runic Armor: You already got lifesteal from vampirism so this is good to have, also with this mastery you get lost of healing from your ireliahitenstyle.png's passive which gives you a lot of sustain in lane, which you'll need to shatter your opponent.

Insight: Too much cooldown reduction on 4.png and 12.png/14.png to ignore

Some people prefer tank 39.png and go 12/0/18 grasp of the undying but i don't think it's worth it, you lose a lot of damage for just a little more tankiness

Others recommend 12/18/0 thunderlord 39.png but still i think it's not good enough. While it has a lot of damage and can help against squishes, you can do more with fervor because you can land a lot of autos and it doesnt have a cooldown so it's more beneficial in the long run. Also the cunning mastery tree isn't that great for her

Abilities Back to Top

ireliapassive.png Ionian Fervor:
This passive is a pretty neat one, although it is not notices easily, you gain bonus tenacity depending on how many enemies are near you, 1=10%, 2=25%, 3+=40% which is massive. Also, the more enemies there are near you, the stronger the thing above 39.png's head glows while it doesn't glow at all when you are alone.

ireliagatotsu.png Bladesurge:
This one is probably the flashiest 39.png skill, you dash to your target and deal damage to it, pretty cool huh? well, it gets even cooler! if you kill your target with ireliagatotsu.png then you completely reset its cooldown and you get refunded some of the mana used. Couldn't get any better, right? Wrong! ireliagatotsu.png also applies on-hit effects so it's an even more usefull ability and one of the reasons 3057.png is such a good item for 39.png . There are plenty ways to use this ability. First of all it makes farming really easy, ireliagatotsu.png is the reason 39.png is the number one champion at farming under the turret, with your reset you can get all the minions if you don't missclick/misscalculate. Another way to use it is to get closer to your opponent, as i said, closer, not directly at your opponent. Aim for a low-health minion near your enemy laner, dash to it to get your skill reset, then stun/slow your enemy and startin beating the living shit out of him, use your ireliagatotsu.png again to last hit him so that you get extra style points or when he tries to get away in order to stick to him. Lastly you can use it as an escape if you get chased, if there is an enemy minion or a camp towards the way you are running to, you can jump to it and see the dissapointment in the opponents' faces that lost a turret for nothing.

ireliahitenstyle.pngHiten Style:
This might be my favourite 39.png skill. It's pretty unique and really strong. ireliahitenstyle.png passively gives you some health per auto-attack. That's cool, pretty useful. But when you activate it is when the real fun begins! when activated, ireliahitenstyle.png doubles your healing from autos and gives you extra true damage, if that's not a blessing then i don't know what is. I almost always max this ability first because it's just sooo good, at max level it currently gives you 75 true damage per hit. Isn't that a bit low? well..not realy. This is the reason you build attack speed on 39.png, because the more autos you land, the more true damage you do, if you land 4-5 max level autos with it, you basically just ignited them and you keep on hitting them until they fall down and you get the gold. Since ireliahitenstyle.png deals true damage, 39.png pretty good at beating tanks early on, no matter how much armor or magic resist they have, true damage is true damage. This ability is also pretty good for farming under turret. We all know that for melee minions, you let turret hit them twice and then you last hit but for caster you have to hit them once before the turret and once after it. Well if you let the turret hit a caster minion once, then if you hit it with your ireliahitenstyle.pngturned on, you last hit it so it makes your life easier. This ability is a really strong one in 1v1s and mostly the reason 39.png is such a good duelist. But if you have ireliahitenstyle.png on cooldown, you'd better not get in any trades unless you are really fed or 100% sure you can win it even without it. Always hold it for when you engage your opponent unless you want to push really fast or farm under turret, it's a very valuable tool.

ireliaequilibriumstrike.png Equilirium Strike:
This one is a conditional stun, it can either stun your opponent from 1 to 2 seconds depending on the points you've spent on the ability or 60% slow your enemy for the same amount of time. But how does it work? Well, it's pretty simple, if you have the same or less percentage of health than your opponent, then it stuns it, otherwise it will slow it. Watch out! It's not health points, it's health percentage, you might have 600 hp when full and the enemy might have 3400 when max. If you both are max health and you use ireliaequilibriumstrike.png on him, he has 2800 hp more than you but you are both at 100% hp so you will stun him. The same applies when you have more max hp. You want to use this ability to stun your opponent, the condition of this ability is one of the biggest reason you don't want to ireliagatotsu.png directly to your opponent, he will lose hp and you will not be able to stun him. You jump to a nearby minion instead  and instantly stun your opponent so that you can chunk him down while he is idle, that gives you a huge advantage over your opponent because you deal about half or more of the enemy's max health and then he can start moving/casting

ireliatranscendentblades.png Transcendent Blades:
This is your ultimate, it's not bad, it doesn't have much damage though, it's more of a utility one if you think about it. You throw 4 blades, You throw the first one, then you have 1 sec cooldown, you can throw your next one then and for every other ones you have 0,5 sec cooldown. It has a really low cooldown and for every blade you gain heal equal to 25% of the damage you did to each enemy champion and 10% of the damage you did to minions and camps. The most important reason you use this ability is honstley the 3057.png proc as it can proc it 4 times, once with every blade. What you want to do is  after you get close to your enemy use this to proc 3057.png as many times as you can, which means you have to wait about 3 seconds between each blade you throw so that you prov it every time. Also you can use it to clear a minion wave really fast when you are about to go back to base and your minions are close to reaching the enemy turret

I almost always take ireliagatotsu.png at level 1 because it helps me farm and lose the least minions possible but if you are good at farming you could get ireliaequilibriumstrike.png first and ireliagatotsu.png at level 2 so that you can stun-auto your enemy laner at lvl 1 for a good chunk of their health.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Much sustain, worth the money, gives mana too and also applies burn, one pot to rule them all

Core Items

    balance ad and ap, you are doing good but it's still close game overall
    balanced enemy ad and ap but you are behind in score
    ad only enemy team
    ap only enemy team/ap with irrelevant ad
    stompin like there is no tomorrow (not recommended, better play safe)
    enemy ad with just one, kinda irrelevant ap champion

Situational Items

    get insted of bork if you are the only tank
    get when in front and enemy has some ap but not much, get hexdrinker and upgrade as last item into maw
    get that after full build, you are already tanky so you need some extra damage and the lifesteal is good
    Could work but it's not that good, really low damage and you don't build much health in comparison to other champions
    Good item on Irelia, can get when in front, you need mr but dont wanna go full tank or as a last item
    you can get that at very late game if after you sell your boots if your team really needs you to tank a lot and do a lot of damage
    dont let it fool you, it gives as which is good but the crit is completely unnecessary, there are better options
    Good item, just not that good on irelia, still can get it if you wanna go full ad
    Not that good, really expensive, needs many stacks, not usefull on teamfights, no reason to get it anymore
3078.png Trinity Force:
The no1 39.png item, this is where all your damage comes from (except your ireliahitenstyle.png), your kit is made in a way that you proc spellblade all-day and all-night long. Plus it gives you attack speed, attack damage, health and mana which you need them all. You rush this item, usually sheen>phage>stinger and you are a killing machin till about 30th minute.
Actually i haven't tried yet the new trinity but porbably phage>stinger>sheen if you have tank opponent in lane, otherwise probably same path

3110.png Frozen Heart:
Get this if you are really in front and need armor, it gives you plenty and reduces the enemy's as so your difference is even greater

3143.png Randuin's Omen:
Get this if you need armor but not really in front, gives you good health, armor and lowers crit damage so it's good against adcs and 157.png

3065.png Spirit Visage:
Really good MR item for you as it gives you cooldown and increases the healing you get from your ireliahitenstyle.png

3053.png Sterak's Gage:
Better item than it seems, get it after you have gotten your first two tanky items, gives you great amount of shield and a bit of damage, it might make you tankier than an armor or a magic resist item

3155.png Hexdrinker:
Good versus ap if you are in front and still want some damage, it makes you kind of tanky but it's not enough on it's own in most games

3153.png Blade Of The Ruined King:
Second best offensive items for 39.png now that 3124.png got reworked, it gives you a lot of attack speed, it gives you lifesteal and deals percentage health damage per hit so it's really good to have, i get it last to increase my damage.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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It's not that hard of a lane really, he has to push lane all the time so that he keeps his passive but that's not a problem for you, you can farm under turret, at level 5 or so you can beat him easily, just watch out for his poke early in the game. Also don't be greedy, if he dies but has his passive, back away unless you are sure you can kill him on the spot. You already beat him once in an all in, you can wait a bit and do it again




This lane can be really annoying, you want to be a bit carefull especially early on, if you get caught to her ahriseduce.png she will get about half of your health without you being able to answer, just stand behind minions and after lvl 4 you can start trying to all-in her, beware of ganks




Can be found both at top and mid, if the 84.png is bad, it's gonna be easy, if not you might have a hard time. You both are really weak from levle 1-3 but at levels 4-5 you are clearly stronger. After level 6 be careful, whoever has got the advantage might be able to snowball off the other




really squishy champion, doesnt have mobility, wait till level 4 and you are golden




Can be really easy early on as she is not that strong, you have to be careful though. Try to beat her as many times as you can before level 6 because then she gets huge burst. As always, level 4 sounds the best time to all-in




need to juke his soldiers as much as you can because they hurt a lot but other than that he is pretty easy, he is squishy and pre-6 he can't save himself easily. Post-6 be careful as he can get you to his turret with his ult and you might die a horrible death




You have to beat him kinda early because his all-in potential gets huge as time passes by, especially if he has ult. It's almost like a male annie but he can stun you easier. Juke his skillshots so that you don't get stunned and it's pretty easy after that, if you don't, good luck




Can get really tanky, he is strong lvl 1-3 and lvl 6 so dont touch him, lvl 4-5 you can beat him kinda easily if you dont get hit by all of his abilities, lvl 7-11 still have the upper hand but after that you probably won't be able to kill him




It should be a breeze pre-6, build your advantage by getting 2-3 kills early on and never be afraid of him again




This lane is all about patience. He abuses you, he harasses you, he shoves you into your turret and if you give him a kill he dives you and kills you at lvl 6. It's not that bad though, lvl 7-11 you can beat him with a 3057.png if you play it right, which means not getting hit by his dariuscleave.png even if you are 2 kills behind. Also, dont overcommit, it's good enough if you take his 4.png or force him back.




She mostly wins lanes my getting tankier than her opponent early on and recieving less damage than them. But you have your ireliahitenstyle.png which deals true damage so you should be ok, she is really weak pre-6


Dr. Mundo


Dont get hit by his infectedcleavermissilecast.png early on, or he might burst you down unexpectedly quickly. After lvl 4 you do a lot of damage to him but not enough to 100-0 him, take him to 50% hp and then every time you have all your skills off cd charge at him until he dies, he cant really kill you unless you mess up




This is a really tricky matchup, you are at a disadvantage. lvl 1-2 you have to watch out for his ekkoQ.png and ekkoE.png. lvl 3-5 you win and have to beat him to win lane, you need to all-in him whenever you have the chance, but beware of his ekkoW.png you'll have to back off and then go in again,if you can, also dodge a ekkoQ.png or two. lvl 6 he is stronger, you can't burst him down quick enough so that he cant use his ult and your difference in power is not that great that you'llbe able to beat him nonetheless, if you are even at lvl 8, maybe you should prioritize farm. All in all, dodge his ekkoW.png and ekkoR.png and beat him early. If he goes ap instead of tank it will be a lot easier




Watch out! She is really strong early in the game, lvl4-5 and 7-9 i think you are stronger but you have to be careful, dodge her fiorariposte.png if you can and you can beat her pretty easily if you dont take too much minion aggro. I think she is stronger lvl 6 so dont try to go for a kill if you are not already in front. Level 7+ you can beat her again though




You have to be carefull lvl 1-4 as he is really strong, his fizzjump.png does a whole lot of damage and can make your ireliagatotsu.png or ireliaequilibriumstrike.png miss so you lose a lot of damage. From level 5+ you are stronger but you must not be hit by his fizzjump.png no matter what. Also you should use your ireliaequilibriumstrike.png after he has used his fizzjump.png to be sure




Honestly, i think this matchup is really easy, lvl 1-3 he does insane damage but if you dont get poked too much, then you outdamage him but in one condition. You must always dodge his raisemorale.png no matter what, it's ok if you lose some farm, you will earn it back in kills if everything goes well




This is one of the hardest matchups for 39.png as she cant really dominate lane unless she gets 2 kills really early before lvl 6. If he charges you with garenslash3.png you can tun him, then turn on your ireliahitenstyle.png and start pounding him. Dodge his garenbladestorm.png because he does extreme damage. Up until level 4 you want to stay as healthy as possible, after that you can beat him 1v1 even if you take straight up all of his garenbladestorm.png damage but you won't be able to kill him. He will back off and heal so you are at a disadvantage. Level 6 he can beat you because if you get to 25% health it's k.o. for you but level 7+ you are stronger again. You can beat the lane most of the times if you don't take unnecessary damage. Ask your jungler for help lvl 4 and you probably win easily though




She is not that hard, you just have to not get poked my her lissandraQ.png early on which is trickier than usual as minions dont save you either. Also she has an escape with her lissandraE.png and plenty of regen with her lissandraR.png so if it's a close fight you want to wait until you get some hp and then fight her. Other than that, she doesn't have that much damage so you can deal with her. Oh and never dive her, you'll probably die




In this matchup you should either get an early advantage (kill her at lvl 4-5) or wait until you have 3078.png and are level 7/9 as she can use her luluw.png and lulur.png to gain some buffs and slow your damage output down so it is pretty hard to kill her at first. Most of the time she will instantly use her luluw.png so you want her to use it and then you activate your ireliahitenstyle.png otherwise you miss a lot of valuable seconds of true damage. It can go either way




She hasn't got enough damage to beat you, except for lvl 6 where she can burst you down but only if she lands every ability. They are all skillshots so you should be able to juke at least one, then jump on her and annihilate her. Then you go back, get items and repeat




Not my favorite lane to be honest. He has a slow with his seismicshard.png and his passive makes your as slower and slower which means you have to do short trades and thats not what 39.png usually does. He can't really kill you though if you dont mess up and he has extremely high mana costs so you should be fine




He hasn't got that much damage but his skills are pretty annoynig. They are all jukable though and you have mobility so he should miss most of them. Watch out for his passive as it blocks plenty of damage so you probably want to auto him first once and then start your usual combo. His alzaharnethergrasp.png can kill you though as it suppresses you for a really long time and hurts pretty bad so consider getting a 3140.png as first item

Early Game Back to Top

Early on, survival is the name of the game. All you want to do from levels 1-3 is not die to your enemy laner, because, honestly, you are pretty weak at that point of time. Of course you could grab a kill and get a first blood or whatevah if your opponent does some serious missplays but most of the time you just want to get through this phase as healthy as you can and with the most cs possible. Either try to freeze the lane at the center or if your opponent is really stronger than you (ex. 58.png or 122.png) then just let him push you to your turret and farm there safely until you outscale them and become stronger. After you reach level 4 or so, you can start going aggressive against your laner, depending on who is your opponent you might wanna wait a bit more or go in ham even from level 3. If you can kill your laner early on, that's great, you'll most proably be able to do it again next time he comes to lane. If not, just focus on farming for your 3078.png which, ideally you would have completely built at 11-14 min. Don't forget to farm as 39.png really depends on lots of farm and gold early on to be the terror she can be later on.

Mid Game Back to Top

You are at about minute number 18. You have built your 3078.png and probably finished your boots and got the opponent's first turret. At this point you can probably beat everyone in the rift in a duel and be happy about it and try to force such things. If you are ahead of your top laner, you can maybe even 1v2 him and the enemy jungler which is always really fun to do. What you want to do now is start building tanky and either continue pushing if the other lanes are also doing pretty good so that you can take another turret or two, or you want to start roaming, make your pressence felt and help your team get ahead, take turrets and secure objectives. This is your peak so you want to utilize it the best you can. Try not to start team fights yet as it's not your strongets point, though some skirmishes could be pretty nice, especially if you can start with a stun and beat one of your enemies before he even has time to react

Late Game Back to Top

The game is pretty close so the late game has come. Most probably, you have built full tank after 3078.png or you have gotten 3153.png as your last item. Now your role changes, you are not the strongest person in your team anymore, your adc is. Now you are a tank. So, what you wanna do is stille get objectives and turrets and if you teamfight you either wait for your initiator and then go ham against their adc or apc and eradicate it from planet earth (planet urf? where does League take place?) while you absorb damage from your enemy untill you go back out again and wait for your skill to come off cooldown to contribute again if you are about to die or if are still in decent healt, go for the next enemy damager. If your team doesn't have an initiator then you get to take that role. You wait  for a good chance to appear and then you either stun the overextended enemy and watch them melt from your carries or you dive straight into the enemy carry if you think it is a good idea. A good way to do so is when there are enemy minions near there, you activate your ireliahitenstyle.png and then ireliagatotsu.png to a caster minion next to the enemy adc. You one-shot it so you have your cooldown back and you can stun the enemy carry since you are both full hp. The carry won't have time to respond, most likely, by the time the stun wears off, the adc is dead and you are fighting 4v5 in your favor. Congrats, you just made the teamfight a whole lot easier for your team.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


- Has a skill than has its cooldown reset in certain occasions which makes farming really easy
- Best under-turret farmer
- Beautiful auto-attack animation
- Really fun to play
- Mid game you activate beast mode
- Excellent duelist
- Can snowball
- With the right combo, you can 100-0 most opponents so it's easy to get kills
- Amazing tenacity
- Has some mobility with her ireliagatotsu.png
- She is Irelia


- Really reliant to farm
- She can be kinda useless if behind
- Has weak early game
- Hated by most League players
- You rely almost solely on your ireliahitenstyle.png and 3057.png proc for damage
- Not that good wave clear
- Not the best team fighter

Why Irelia Back to Top

Why should you pick 39.png ? Well, she is a champion that can deal an unexpected amount of damage up until even late game just by building 3078.png and can take a lot of damage because she goes full tank after that which in a way makes you a tanky assassin which is pretty unique in this game and the reason i love playin her. Also she is a lane bully that can make the enemy laner ragequit if played right which is always fun and she can carry games if needed.

Notes Back to Top

I know i haven't put a lot of mathcups yet, i am planning to add more very day, i just wanted to realease this guide really bad since it is my first one and i want to find out what people think about it. If you liked it feel free to comment and tell me what you liked the most about it and if you didn't then please comment and tell me what i could have done better and where you believe i am wrong, every comment is appreciated. I hope i can help you with this guide. PEACE!

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