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All Guides Irelia Guides [6.21] "My blade is at your cervix" Destroy the enemy top laner (In-depth guide, get to diamond in one season) [Match ups to be added soon]
2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png or 6.png ?

I always take 4.png. Some people have been talking about taking 6.png over it since the buffs to it. It might be a matter of preference though. I say, if you want to, try it, you might like it. Here are some things to take into consideration:

- Irelia is pretty easy to gank early.  4.png helps you escape ganks better. Your Q's make it easier for you to chase the enemy down so ghost will not be THAT much more useful in that aspect. Also you can do some fancy Flash + E combos to enexpectedly stun the enemy. 
- On the other hand 6.png has a lower cooldown and scales pretty well into midgame. But I do not use it myself. Your call.

12.png or 14.png ?

95% of the times I take 12.png over 14.png because it gives you way more map pressure to make plays around and help your team if they are having trouble. Also, since Irelia is not the strongest early game champion you often might get out-damaged, pushed under tower. Then you can recall to heal/buy and teleport back to lane to not lose any minions. But in lower divisions (Bronze - Gold, maybe up to low Platinum even) I suggest you take 14.png.

I also might consider 14.png  if I am against annoying lanes that are hard to kill or have a lot of healing, like 23.png106.png114.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are the masteries I run generally. But you can switch some up. I suggest instead of having predefined mastery trees, you try and learn to click your own masteries every game. Here's what you can do based on preference:

Ferocity tree:

Double Edged Sword vs. Feast:
Double Edged Sword - More damage
Feast - More Sustain, helps you stay in lane longer. Take this over Double Edged Swords if you are against stronger early champions and just want to be able to farm and stay in lane longer.

Vampirism vs. Natural Talent:
Vampirism - Against, better sustain against tougher lanes.
Natural Talent - More damage later on

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor:
This one really depends on your play style. 

Bounty Hunter - If you are an RNG fan and want to take a gamble, you will deal more damage every time you kill a new enemy (Up to 5% if you kill everyone on the enemy team), but this is really aiming high and late. You can do this if you teleport around a lot and try to make plays on the map.
Oppressor - My personal preference, as Irelia has a stun and a slow on her E. This is safe damage you can always be sure of. 

Resolve tree:

Recovery vs. Unyielding
Recovery - Better sustain early
Unyielding - Tankier later on

Explorer vs. Tough Skin
Tough Skin - My personal preference, 2 damage reduction on every basic attack is quite a lot and adds up over time especially against champions who rely on auto attacks.
Explorer - 15 Movement speed is not that bad either. This way you can escape from ganks a lot easier and make more plays on the map, especially when roaming mid. This is not my play style but if it is yours, take this.

Runic Armor vs. Veteran's Scars
Veteran's Scars - 50 Health is A LOT of health to have extra just from masteries. Very good for early game
Runic Armor - Scales better into the late game when you have some points in your W and your R. It heals you for quite a bunch.

Abilities Back to Top

E - Against melee champions
Q - Against ranged or if you want to just farm

R > W > Q > E - Most of the games
R > W > E > Q - Used to be a thing before Q and 3078.png buffs. Not as good anymore in my opinion.

W is your main source of damage. You turn on your W and you murder everyone with 75 true damage on every auto-attack (If you have maxed it - you're level 9). This is also the reason why you take so much attack speed from runes.

If you are having trouble in lane early, I suggest putting a few points into E for longer stun. Other than that, always max W first. Put a point in your ult whenever possible (Lvls 6, 11, and 16).

Max second:
Why Q over E?

Ever since they lowered the cool down in your Q and made it easier to get cool down reduction, it helps you a lot. So if you have max lvl Q (Level 13) and 40 CDR, you get 3.6 cooldown on your Q. This makes you an unstoppable chase monster and no one can get away from you.

People used to max E second over Q which isn't too bad because it gives you a very long stun (2 seconds) and it makes everyone cry when you flash stun them and kill them before the stun wears off. The problem with it though is ADC's who get QSS. They can just cleans your stun and then you're screwed and all those points went to waste, so max that Q, it's much better now!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I take this 90% of the games. Gives you a lot of sustain (health and mana) and some extra damage on your auto's. Just be careful when you run out of potions, you don't have any fighting items, you're better off recalling to refill if you want to fight.
    Take against strong early champions if you're having trouble. But once you're more confident and know you can't die early, take corrupting potion.
    Strong fighting potential early but less sustain. Give it a shot, see if you prefer it over corrupting. I personally don't but that's just my opinion. Experiment!

Core Items

    Absolute must get every single game! Rush that trinity force.
    Pick one of these boots after trinity force. More information on the choices is below.
    After boots, try to get your CDR to 40%. So one of these (Depending on the runes you have)
    One of these for extra tankiness. Banshee's against magic damage, randuin's against physical.
    You might consider this before trinity force if you're having trouble against a mage top
    Consider this if they have a lot of healing (Soraka, Sona) or if you are against healing top (Aatrox, Trundle, Volibear), you might even take this before Trinity Force)

Situational Items

    Other armor/health option, the extra movement speed is nice and extra damage on first auto helps you get those Q resets!
    Get this as last item if you lack the damage. (As game drags on, Irelia gets weaker and might need the more damage later on)
    Decent on Irelia as you will usually be in the middle of the enemy team, trying to murder their squishy targets, you are very likely to die. This makes your engages somewhat safer.
    Another 10% CDR item if you aren't building Frozen Heart nor Spirit Visage.
    Very good chasing potential and gives a lot of health
    Good damage choice if you're against a lot of magic damage and you're doing well in lane
    You might take this if your team is full AD and you need that armor shred. (You can shred pretty nicely if you land a good ult)

Irelia is a bruiser, which means, you're best off building one or two damage items and then get tanky. 

REMEMBER guys. This is very important! No game is ever the same, you will want to alternate your builds and build what you need. People often stick to the same builds every game, especially in lower elo and build items that are completely useless. Know your items, learn what to build!

What tank items to build?
You look at the enemy team and build accordingly as you progress through the game. The three damage types you need to know about and how to counter them are:

True Damage - Build health!
Physical Damage - Build armor!
Magic Damage - Build magic resist!

You need to keep track of who is fed on their team and what damage types the enemy deals. (If you don't know that, remember: When you die, you press tab and it shows you the damage types that were dealt to you). Here is an example. Say the enemy team looks like this:

Top: 2.png - physical/true
Jungle: 23.png - physical
Mid: 1.png - magic
ADC: 51.png - physical
Support: 40.png - (Janna deals no damage, come on...)

So you look at their team and start thinking oh, well. That's 3 physical damage dealers and one magic damage dealer. So you decide to build a lot of armor over MR. But then you destroy Olaf top, Tryndamere gets rekt in the jungle. Annie goes 15-0 and Caitlyn is 1-3. Now you need to take the fact that Annie is very fed into consideration and build MR even though it's just one champion. Otherwise you will get destroyed!

1st Item:

Almost every game you want to start off with: 3078.png. It is an amazing item for Irelia. Gives her all the necessary stats she needs. Damage, health, movement speed, mana, cool down reduction. She can also proc it very easily (She can activate her ult 4 times and each activation procs Trinity Force). Trinity Force also procs on your Q's for that extra damage and reset potential.

Other options before 3078.png:
3155.png - against mages (127.png17.png10.png50.png etc., also very good against 86.png as his ult deals magic damage unless 
you're the villain)
3091.png - I don't normally get this, but it's very good if your enemy top laner deals magic damage and has little armor as well as when they can't kite very easily. I might rush this against 8.png. Pretty good item considering how cheap it is.
3123.png - against healers (266.png48.png106.png8.png50.png)
3153.png - Tank shred item. Risky to get early but helps you win lanes against tough-to-kill tanks. The only two enemies I would ever think about building this item against are 54.png and 106.png. Although try to stay away from it, as it is quite expensive and not very useful in teamfights. If you want to teamfight, you will need Trinity Force. Getting both of these will take quite a while as they are both very costly and even when you do get them, you will be squishy for a long time until you get tanky items.
1001.png - You might get basic boots before finishing Trinity Force as they are cheap and the little extra movement speed does not hurt.

2nd Item

You almost always want to finish boots as the second item, get one of these:
3111.png - Get these if they have a lot of CC (stuns, roots, taunts, fears etc.), e.g. if the enemy has 25.png14.png12.png 
3047.png - If they have a lot of auto-attackers or if you want that extra tankiness for auto-attack based toplane enemy (58.png2.png23.png)
3009.png - If the enemy has a lot of slows 22.png17.png34.png20.png or if their mages are likely to build 3116.png
3006.png - Attack speed option if you lack it or if you're doing very well and the other 3 boots don't seem viable against their team.

3rd Item

One of these:
3110.png - If the enemy has a lot of auto-attackers and you did not get 10% CDR from the runes
3065.png - If the enemy does not have a lot of auto-attackers and they have some magic damage.
3133.png - Get this for the CDR if you aren't getting any of the two above items. You can later finish it off with 3142.png.

4th Item
One of these:
3143.png - For extra armor and health
3102.png - For extra magic resist
3022.png - For extra health and if you want more chase potential against slippery targets (67.png81.png). 

5th item
One of these:
3742.png - For extra armor and health + movement speed
3026.png - For extra armor / magic resist and better engages
3075.png - There are usually better options. I would only take this if they are full AD and/or have a lot of auto-attackers
3083.png - Consider this if they have A LOT of true damage, like 67.png11.png122.pngother than that, I wouldn't recommend.

6th item:
The game usually does not drag on for this long but if it does, you can probably notice your kill potential going down here, so get this beauty for extra damage:

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali




Start E, take Q second. 

Try to predict his aatroxE.png E's and dodge out of them with your ireliagatotsu.png Q, try to stay away from him before level 4, then you can start fighting. Make sure to go for all ins. Don't let him heal back up after a fight. You can consider getting 3047.png and/or 3123.png before your core if you are having trouble. 

Be careful after level 6. His aatroxR.png R is a big power spike. If he ults, back off if you can and wait for it to wear off. I suggest fighting him at levels 7 or 9. 

Keep an eye out on his blood well. (The bar underneath his health). The more full it is, the more attack speed he has. So try to fight him when he doesn't have that much. Also if it's RED, it means he has his passive up (He will revive after he dies). If it's WHITE, he won't.

Other than that, this is generally an easy match up and unless you're behind, you can out-damage him in all ins. Just make sure you don't let him heal back up with his aatroxW.png W.




Max R > W > Q > E

Pretty straight forward match up.
Try to stay out of her range when she marks you with akalimota.png to not get poked even more. You should be able to sustain her poke early on without any trouble, you can ireliaequilibriumstrike.png + auto her if she gets too close or if she comes in to pop the mark. You can start going for longer trades after level 4. It's good practice to have a 2043.png in your inventory if you need it to counter her akalismokebomb.png but do not spend too much gold on pink wards. Only use it in close fights or if she might have a chance to escape otherwise. A good Akali will try to bait out your ward and then back away. Do not use it if it's not necessary!

A little about me, how I got from Silver to Diamond in one season and how you can too! Back to Top

A little off topic from Irelia and getting a bit to the whole meaning of the clickbait title of this guide.

When I started playing League of Legends, I got myself to Silver 2 after my placement games. Then later on I dropped down to about Silver 4 and started alternating between Silver 4 - 1. I played the whole season trying really hard to get to Gold but ended up being Silver 1, Promo games: 2 wins and SHAZAM, season ended. I was a very sad person that day and angry with myself knowing I played for so long and still remained in the same elo where I started. So I thought a little bit about that and decided to put my tryhard pants on for the next season. Just like that, I managed to reach Diamond several months before it ended. Then I stopped playing and dropped to plat due to inactivity (So no Diamond frame for me) BUT I WAS THERE! I DID! 

My current peak is Diamond 3 because I don't have much time to play anymore, but the least I can do is tell you what I did when I did!

So if you are like me. Determined to do anything it takes to get that Diamond. Here are a few things you need to realize. They might be difficult to accept but the moment you do, everything will get easier:


1. You are bad

Yes, you are. Don't... no.. I know.. I KNOW. You are bad. Accept the fact. The reason why you're bronze/silver and not gold is not because your team mates constantly feed. Not because you have trolls on your team. It is because YOU do not deserve to be gold. It's time to stop blaming everyone else and instead focus on yourself. Think of it this way: There are plenty of challengers who do "Unranked to Diamond series" or "Climbing from bronze". And they win 80-90% even (100%) of the games. These guys will have the very same teammates like you. The only difference is, they know how to win those games even with bad people. YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS. You will never change the way your teammates play. But you can change the way you play. Learn how to carry bad teams. Unless you go 10-0 in lane, you have no right to blame the loss on your team. And even if you do 10-0 and still lose, don't blame your team. There is still space for improvement, think of what you could've done better.

I see this SO MUCH in low elo. Say you're playing ADC, you push under the enemy tower and your support does not ward. You get ganked by the enemy jungler and you die. What do you do? Of course blame the support! NO! Wrong! That's what a bad player would do. A good player would not even be under the enemy turret without a ward. They would NICELY ask the support if they could ward. If they don't happen to have a ward, you back off. You MOVE AWAY from the dangerous situation and try to farm from safe distance.

Same things happen all the time with other lanes "Oh, the enemy jungler ganked me 3 times, my jungler didn't gank once for! Boosted jungler noob report, you suck."  <- This is what a bad player would say. A good player again, learns to stay safe, learns how to play 2v1 against the laner AND jungler.

Some games you play top, stay in lane, get ganked constantly, the enemy midlaner roams / teleports to your lane and no one from your team helps you. This is not their fault. YOU shut your mouth, swallow your pride and learn. LEARN how to win even when no one helps you and the enemy team has set up tents in your lane.

2. Attitude is everything

It hurts me on a spiritual level what I see in some games. People give up so damn easily. Sometimes your team gives first blood. The enemy goes 1-0 and they afk. They start crying, saying games are unwinnable. Remember this, my friends. EVERY GAME IS WINNABLE. Every single one. I have been playing this game for 3 years and I have not once pressed 'Yes' on that surrender vote (Yes, I'm one of those). Never ever do that. I have won games that looked far worse, we were 10-40. 15 minutes in our inhibitor destroyed while the enemy still had all turrets. But we kept our cool, stayed together and thought as a team. These games become even easier to win than when you're about even because the enemy gets so cocky and they start playing really badly. The only thing holding players back is their attitude in those situations. 

Sometimes games go really bad for you. You are in lane, go 0-9 and the whole world seems to be against you. But try to think of it this way: "Is it really this bad? Maybe my other team mates are doing well. Maybe we can still win. " Stay positive and you will win a lot more!

AND REMEMBER: If you can, try to keep the team spirit up. Say stupid jokes when things go bad. Whenever someone does something well, you say "Good job". Whenever someone does something wrong you shut your filthy mouth and desalinate yourself. YOU DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THAT POOR PERSON. If you do, they will tilt even more and play a lot worse. Sometimes a single sentence said in team chat can lose the game for you. Be very careful with what you type and if you get annoyed with what everyone else is saying, just mute. Just. MUTE. It's the best thing in this game, the mute button. Use it and use it a lot. I rarely go a game where I wouldn't mute at least one or two people. Do it. In lower elo I suggest using the '/mute all' command. It increases your win chances by at least 150%, trust me, I know my percentages.

3. Play to learn, not to win

Loosen up, take it easy. People are always so tense, especially when they are in promos or whatever. If you try super hard to win, you won't. Your main goal should be to learn, not to win. If  you lose a game, that does not mean you failed. If you learn nothing from it, that is when you failed. Keep this in mind when you're playing. I remember when I finally got to Gold. I was super happy and then I played more for fun and to improve rather than to "try to get to play". I didn't care much about that at all.. I suddenly found myself zooming through gold in a matter of weeks and shazam Platinum. I was like wha? Did I just get plat? Damn son, maybe I really am good at this game.

THIS was the point when everything started going downhill. I realized I was good and I thought to myself: "Hey, maybe I can get to diamond". So I started tryharding and playing to win again. I would get angry if I lost promos and I just kept losing and losing. So I decided to stop and think what I'm doing wrong. I realized that I'm just too full of myself and forgot point 1 in this section. I AM BAD. I also stopped trying to win. I try to learn. At this stage I don't even realize when my promo game are. I just play them like regular games. Try and do the same, it will save you from a lot of unnecessary stress.

Every time you die or lose a game. Try and think about: "Where did I go wrong? What could I have done better? Maybe I should've warded more. Maybe it was a bad idea to jump into 3 enemies. Maybe I should have looked at the map a bit more. Maybe I need to improve my farming. Maybe I just got outplayed and need to improve my mechanics..." Even when you go 10-0 and lose because "your team fed a lot", try to think how you could've maybe helped them. You possibly should have roamed more, or you missed a good TP opportunity that you didn't realize. Try and think about this every time something goes wrong instead of blaming your team. It never does you any good to blame.

And finally. Remember that you won't learn everything over night. These things take time. Just because I got from silver to diamond in a season, it does not mean I was not playing a lot. I WAS. A ton. Be patient...

General League of Legends knowledge Back to Top

If you really want to improve. Here is a list of things you need to know about. You need understand how they work and how to improve on them.

1. Objectives

Understand objective control. What to do and when to do it. This is the general objective order you should look for:
Nexus > Inhibitor / Baron > Elder Dragon > Turret > Rift Herald > Infernal Dragon > Ocean Dragon > Mountain Dragon  > Cloud Dragon > Enemy Champion kill > Farm 

Note that these may vary depending on the situation. For example, if you have just aced the enemy team in the bot lane, you might want to take Dragon over Baron as Baron is further away and it would take longer to get there. This could be dangerous if the enemy respawn timers are low or you don't have enough damage to kill Baron quick enough.

Remember to always push advantages. When you have gotten some kills. See what objectives you can get. I often see people chasing after one last enemy when they got 4 kills when instead they could take two turrets. Learn to prioritize and not tunnel vision on kills. People especially in lower elos focus on kills too much.

Accept losses and try to get something from it instead. Say for example, as a top laner, you split away from the team. Your team dies 4vs5 and you have the enemy pushing your mid turret. What do you do? A bad player recalls and tries to defend their base. But usually... dies and doesn't help anything. Instead you can keep pushing and maybe take a turret in the top lane yourself. This way you get at least something in return. << REMEMBER! If you do this in bronze/silver, you will get flamed. People will be pinging you and telling you to recall. Sometimes it's better to return, but very often it's not. So just ignore them!

2. Map awareness

Look at your map. JUST LOOK. You need to look at your map a lot. So many people don't do it but you should try and build a habit. Once you do, life gets so much easier. Just move your eye to that buttom right corner of your screen every 2-3 seconds. Learn to do this. In lane you need to know where the enemy jungler is. If you are planning on fighting the enemy top laner and you see the jungler appear in the bot lane. You know you are safe. I suggest practicing this along farm practice. Go to a custom game, no bots, just minions. Farm and look at the map occasionally. 

3. Minion control

This is very important and so neglected very often.
Your main objective in this game is to get strong. Stronger than everyone else and then push that to your advantage by getting turrets / inhibs / the nexus. Minions (and jungle monsters) are your source of experience and gold. This is what makes you stronger. Kill those little crackers and deny the enemy. You need to learn when you can afford to back. When to push. When to freeze. I suggest watching SoloRenektonOnly's videos on youtube. He knows this stuff very well and explains it quite clearly.

Here are some videos:



4. Mechanics

This one is simple. Learn your champion. Know your champion. When fighting the enemy, never go: "Oh they are op, can't do anything" or  "They counter me" Think what you can do better. You can always outplay someone. Make sure you are comfortable with your champion... learn Irelia

Why Irelia? Back to Top

Because it's Irelia

Irelia - Combos and How To Play (Match ups to be added) Back to Top

Irelia combat basics and combos:

Things to keep in mind:

W - Is your main source of damage. You fight when you turn it on. You back off when it's on cool down, simple as that. Avoid fighting without your W.
You can also turn on W to heal (e.g. when you are under turret and getting poked. Use it on minions. It heals you a lot more then)

Q - Resets cooldown every time you kill an enemy unit with it (champions, minions, jungle monsters). Use this to your advantage. Watch your Sheen/Trinity force procs and when you gapclose to the enemy, try to Q onto low health minions first to get the reset. Then you can use your Q again for the enemy. You can also use it to dodge out of different skillshots or abilities (These Q's have saved me so much from Illaoi's tentacles). You can also ward jungle camps over walls and Q to safety if you're getting chased down.

E - Stuns the enemy if you are lower OR SAME HP% as them. Remember this. People often forget it works for SAME health too and then they wonder how I stunned them when we were both full HP. If you're not lower than them, it slows the enemy. 

R - Shoots out 4 blades that damage the enemy and HEAL you for every enemy hit. In fights, position yourself so that you can hit the enemy champion AND their minions. This way you will heal as much as possible. You can also use it to bait the enemy into diving you. This ult heals for quite a lot so keep that in mind.


Early on (especially at lvl 1) if you took E first, you try to walk up to the enemy, E + Auto-Attack them and walk away. This way you can throw in some damage and get to safety before they wake up from the stun. Remember to always return some damage when the enemy strikes first. This is generally what you want. Wait for them to hit you, then you E + auto, to ensure the stun.

At level 4 you can start fighting with two points in your W. Just E, turn on W, throw in some auto's and back off. 

For all ins:
If you are sure you can kill your enemy and they need to run away, you E, turn on W and start autoattacking. You can use ult one or two times to hit the minions and then Q onto the minions to help you stick to the enemy for longer. Attack for as long as possible before using your Q on the enemy champion. You don't want to engage with your Q and then when they get away you have no way of chasing after them. Always save your Q for the very last moment or when your W is about to run out (Remember Q applies the W true damage).

If you are unsure whether you can kill your enemy. Save your ult, try to bait out the enemies core fighting abilties (E.g. Ult or Ignite) and then back off. Wait for your cool downs to come back up and then you can engage again.

For maximum damage output in prolonged fights and if the enemy is fighting you instead of running away:
Turn on W first and wait with your E. You can use it very late in the fight to surprise the enemy (Especially against Fiora, try to be unpredictable with your E or she can riposte it). Time your E and ults so you can get more Sheen/Trinity Force procs. 

For squishy targets/assassinations:
If you have Trinity Force finished, you usually can turn on W and then Q onto a CASTER minion to instantly kill it from full hp. This gives you a very good way to gapclose and keep your Q cool down. So if the enemy ADC / MID gets too close to a caster minion, you turn W on, Q onto the minion. Stun the enemy champion and start autoattacking. If they flash/run away/jump away, that's when you Q again. Like this, they have no way of getting away from you that easily.

Early Game (levels 1-9):

In general. Irelia is not the strongest in her early game. Against most match ups you will want to try to stay back and farm until you reach at least about level 4. Then you can start with longer trades. Especially levels 7 and 9. You are very strong then!

Mid Game (levels 10-14):

At this stage of the game, you are very strong. Especially if you have finished your tri-force. Try to focus on objectives. Ask your jungler for help to get Rift Herald. That thing is op on Irelia! (Really helps you get those Q resets). Try to kill push your turret and roam to steal enemy jungle, gank mid or teleport bot lane. You are very strong here, push your advantage.

Late Game (levels 15-18):

You slowly start falling off as carries and supports get more items and they can kite you off more easily. If you start feeling like you're having trouble kill the enemy squishies. Get more damage or Frozen Mallet for the slow. In team fights you should try to make picks on strained squishy targets but remember to stay close to your team if you need back up. If you are very behind, you can stay with your back line and peel for your adc/midlaner instead of diving into the enemy team. Also consider you are very good at splitpushing. Try to do that. Make sure you stay safe and keep your eye on the map at all times. 1v1's should not be trouble for you unless the enemy is very fed or it's an annoying unkillable tank.

Some videos:

Using your abilities to escape. Notice how I use the ult to heal and the Q resets to get into safety from Singed:
Again, clean kill and escape. Notice my usage of ult and Q's: 
See what happens when people try to dive Irelia:
Remember you can also use your Q to dodge abilities:
Again, nice usage of Q resets and some jukes to get to safety:

There is no counter... Back to Top

Lastly. Remember guys and gals. There is no counter to Irelia, for Irelia is the master of all the other pleb champions. When you lose a lane, it's not because you were countered. It's because you did not play it properly like you should have.

For when you lay thine eyes
Upon the match up guides
Thou shalt see that they are green
Green, thus easy, is what I mean

What now? Back to Top

Now you go and play Irelia.

I suggest you watch some videos. Irelia Carries U is an NA Challenger Irelia OTP. Watch his YouTube channel: , he also has a pretty decent guide in here. I suggest you check it out as well:

The main reason why I made this guide is because I think ICU's is a bit stale and needed some upgrades, especially for the match up guides. Other than that, can't argue with that guy. He knows his Irelia. Go and learn!

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